6 thoughts on “Net10 300 Minute (card) for only $5?

  1. I’m looking for a prepaid phone, with no monthly bill, and no roaming charge. I’m looking at TracFone and Net10. Which has the best coverage? I’ll be traveling from FL to PA to IL, IA, NE, and places in between.
    Which of the two phones offers best coverage?
    Are both 10 cents per minute?
    Do you know of any special deals right now?

  2. Hi Dave
    Thanks for your question. Regarding coverage, Net10 and Tracfone will be identical (they’re actually the same company). Any of the newer phones from either service will provide free “roaming” coverage. If you only plan to use the phone while you travel, then stop using it, I would say go with Net10 since they offer 300 minute for free when you activate a phone. The deal described above will be the cheapest way for you to get a phone for Net10. Here’s the link again: how to get 300 Net 10 minutes and 60 days of service for only $5. $5 total for your entire trip is a pretty good deal, right? Anyway, here’s my post comparing Net10 and Tracfone:

    One other thing to consider is coverage of the various networks. For our purposes, there are two basic types of networks used by Tracfone and Net10 – CDMA and GSM. A GSM phone will work only on GSM networks (ATT and T-Mobile, among others) while CDMA phones will work only on CDMA networks (Verizon, Alltel, Sprint, for example). I wrote a post a while back discussing the pros and cons of CDMA vs. GSM for Tracfone. Here it is: http://pbush14.wordpress.com/2008/03/16/tracfone-cdma-vs-gsm/

    To summarize that post, GSM is generally very good, especially in cities and along major highways. If you’re venturing off into more rural areas, however, you may find some spots where the CDMA signal is strong but GSM is very weak or even non-existent.

    And as for deals on either service, just look at the links at the very top of this page.
    # TracFone W370 for $24.99
    # LG 225 for $49.99
    # Great Net10 Deals
    # New Net10 Deal

    Each of those describe the best current deals. Hope this helps!

  3. It’s true that Net10 and TracFone are the same company, but I would prefer Net10 because it is ALWAYS 10 cents/minute. With TracFone, you HAVE to buy a certain amount of minutes to get that same value and you get less minutes in the same amount of time for the same price.

  4. Hi AVMist
    I understand what you are saying and agree with it to the extent that Net10 is simpler than TracFone. However, with Net10, you are required to buy at least 150 minutes per month. If you don’t use that many minutes, TracFone might still end up costing less OVERALL, even though it costs more per minute. It all depends on how many minutes per month you will be using.

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