Bluetooth TracFone now available – Motorola W376g

I meant to post this a week ago, but somehow I got the draft finished and missed the steps necessary to actually publish it and make it available for viewing. Here it is:

The long-awaited Bluetooth Tracfone Motorola W76g is now available from This phone is the most feature-rich Tracfone ever, featuring a slim design, camera, Double Minutes for Life, mp3 ringtones, web browser and, most importantly for many readers, BLUETOOTH capability.

And, Tracfone is still offering free shipping at on orders of only $35 or more. Click on the image below for more details:

Above is a pic of the banner you’re looking for from To find it, click on the image above, then enter your ZIP code. If you’re own zip won’t work, you can try one of the following:

10001 New York
54701 Eau Claire, WI (T-Mobile Area)
77002 Houston
90101 Los Angeles

The appearance of this phone is the same as that of the W370, which is based on the design of the popular RAZR and KRZR. For those of you that have been waiting for a Bluetooth option from Tracfone, it’s finally here. I haven’t heard yet of anyone that has actually tried it out, so I’d be thrilled to have a first hand review of this phone. Please post in the comments section if you have tried it out.

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  1. Hi Matt
    Sorry for the delayed response here, as it’s been a busy weekend and I wanted to give you a meaningful answer. However, I can’t seem to find where I saw that mp3 ringtones are supported on this phone. Perhaps I’ve made a mistake on that. I have a W376g on its way to me sometime this week, and when I get a chance to play around I’ll post again on what I find.

  2. I just got my bluetooth tracfone and unable to pair it with the handsfree bluetooth system on my Toyota Highlander. Any suggestions? Will this phone pair with all other HFP devices?

  3. I just got my bluetooth tracfone and unable to pair it with the handsfree bluetooth system on my Toyota Solara. HELP???

  4. When you say MP3 ringtones, does that mean actually downloading them from tracfone’s website, or from your computer via the USB port? Does the W370 have MP3 ringtones? And is the USB port enabled or disabled?

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  6. Hi Jo
    [Update: after further review, manyusers have been able to pair their w376g’s with their in-vehicle bluetooth systems and GPS devices.] You can disregard the following comment:

    I’m very sorry to report that after contacting TracFone I’ve learned that this phone will likely NOT work with most bluetooth systems that are incorporated into vehicles.. Is this a deal-breaker for you? The phone does seem to work quite well with bluetooth headsets, and there are decent headsets available now for right around $10, if you know where to look.

  7. Thanks for the information. Since the car is only 8 months old, I will not be buying a new car. I will use a headset witht he W376g.

  8. For both the W376g and W370, mp3 ringtones must be downloaded from TracFone. You can also create your own ringtones and email them to your phone, but they must be in the .midi file format.

  9. Does anybody know if you can transfer the pictures from the W376g tracphone to your computer? If so, how?

    The w376g apparently has a hard-coded access code of ‘0000’ (4 zeroes). On the car’s bluetooth change the access code to ‘0000’.

  10. Toyota and Motorola w376g bluetooth pairing suggestion.

    The w376g apparently has a hard-coded access code of ‘0000′ (4 zeroes). On the car’s bluetooth change the access code to ‘0000′.

    This is a Motorola issue and not a Toyota issue. I have it working on my Prius; transfering phonebook entries is another problem, however.

    I inadvertently responded eariler to the MP3 question with my bluetooth suggestion. Sorry!

  11. Hi Chris
    The big office supply stores (Staples, Office Depot, Office Max) often advertise bluetooth headsets for around $10 after rebates. For example, a couple of weeks ago I picked up an Aptiva brand headset for $50, with a $40 rebate to bring the total down to $10 + tax.

    Also, earlier this year I grabbed a Motorola HS350 for $10 from They feature new deals every day, so you may want to check in there occasionally to see what’s new, if you’re trying to snag a great deal.

  12. Tom
    I don’t know if your car’s bluetooth has the same pairing process as the 2008 Prius, but it should have some similarity.

    In the car’s bluetooth settings screen there should be an entry called ‘access code’ or ‘passkey’; change the code offered up by the car’s bluetooth with 0000 and register noting the ‘device name’. Ignor any instuction to enter code into phone as the w376g is hard-coded with 0000 and the w376g won’t permit change to the code.

    On the w376g access the ‘settings’ menu selecting ‘bluetooth link’. Select ‘find me’, then select ‘audio devices’ and the screen should provide a menu listing the ‘device name’ for the car’s bluetooth noted earlier. Highlight and select the device name and pairing should begin.

    • Thanks for this info. I just used it to hook-up my tracphone to my 2011 Subaru outback. I had may laptop open to read your instruction and I guess the car’s bluetooth found that too although I have no idea what that means but the car now knows “Johns Macbook” I guess I’m in the 21st century now.

      Thanks again.

  13. I contacted Tracfone directly, it doesn’t support mp3 ringtones, but it does have a built in FM radio and many other great features. There is a Tracfone that supports MP3 ringtones, but you lose a lot of the feautres including the radio and camera I believe it is the Motorola W370.

  14. I have had same problem pairing the W376G to a 2007 RAV4 system. However, with no other devices paired I cannot get to “set passcode” prompt….can only initiate pairing sequence which subsequently fails. Is there another way to change the passcode or can I register a different phone first then maybe get into “set passcode”?

  15. DON’T BUY THIS PHONE FOR USE WITH TRACFONE!!! Tracfone charges 0.5 units each time you access the web. This on its own is fine…BUT…there is a web browser acess button just to the left of the “left arrow key” that each time you hit it or in most cases accidentally hit it you are automatically deducted 0.5 units. My child went through 80 points in one day while playing the tetris game on in. She would accidentally hit the browser button instead of the left arrow key.

    To my knowledge there is no way to disable this key so basically this makes this phone VERY expensive or basically useless for all practical purposes.

    • you can change those buttons that appear on the main page of the phone so that the web access is not pressed accidentally. i did that a lot before i found out how to fix it. this is certainly not a reason to not purchase this phone.

      • Hi Tiffany
        Thanks for the comment. It is possible to change the left and right soft keys, but not the button below the left soft key that looks like a globe, right? That button, I believe, is hard-wired to the browser application. However, if you ever do accidentally activate the browser, you can always end your browsing by closing the phone – usually before any airtime is deducted.

  16. w376g Bluetooth pairing:

    The w376g will only use passkey of 0000; there is no way to set it to another code and 0000 will be automatically used when pairing.
    The car’s bluetooth settings screen will be the likely location to set the passkey for the car which should be set to 0000 before registering and subsequent pairing. Cars of different makes/models will use different bluetooth implementations. Compatibility issues abound, but the w376g should be compatible with most implementations within the last two or three years.

    I’m temporarily out in the remote outskirts of Tucsan with only a dial-up connection, otherwise I would search for the bluetooth implementations for the makes/models involved. I can cook dinner within the time Yahoo Mail loads. Maybe I can get into town and to a Starbuck’s for faster access and a decent cup of coffee.

    I’m not familar with the details of various car bluetooth implementations — what do the owner’s manuals provide?

  17. I was finally able to pair my 2009 Toyota Matrix with the Motorola w376g. The Matrix software doesn’t allow a password change until after the pairing process is complete – this seems to vary from model to model. The work around is to use another phone that is not hard coded, and pair it first. Then go into the vehicle’s Setup and change the password to 0000. I had one of the tech guys at the Toyota dealership walk me through it, but he hadn’t encountered the problem of limited access to the Setup / password change. So he borrowed a co-worker’s phone and used it for the initial pairing.
    Works fine now.

  18. Tom

    Good sleauthing!

    I’ve heard of others doing that, but it seemed odd — odd or not, it worked.

    This may work with RDW’s 2007 RAV4.

  19. I’m also wondering about how you transfer pictures from the phone to your computer? Is there a way to do a direct (and free) port to the computer, or are you forced to email the pictures to yourself? If it’s the latter, I think I saw that it costs 1 unit per picture PLUS .5 units per minute of transfer time – though I don’t know how long such a transfer takes (and would really like to). Is there anyone out there with the W376g who can specifically address the camera-to-computer question? Thanks!

  20. this phone will use real ringtones just ones from tracfones site you have to listen to em and the r the shorter version i have got a few ofem

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  22. I am having the same problem with accidentally setting off the browswer by hitting the browser button to the left of the enter key. I hit my back button real fast and keep going till it goes back, but sometimes I get deducted. Yikes!! Please let me know if any of you figure out how to disable the browser button.

  23. Hey all,
    Great site. Thanks for the heads up.
    Everything worked first try with my 2005 Acura TL.
    Based on this site, I set the passcode to 0000, then
    told the phone to discover audio devices and it found
    the HandsFreeLink, I gave a name for the phone and it
    paired with no hitches. Me so happy!!!! No more Gophone.
    Also, don’t buy RAZR’s off ebay. My experience over a
    year ago was less than desirable.

    Note on the web access. Come on, at 0.5 units per minute
    when you buy double time for 100 minutes. That is one of
    the better deals you can get for data transactions. I for
    one plan on using it. However, I doubt I’ll let my kids
    play with the phone (duh). Rose, children want to surf
    the web, are you crazy?

    I recommend this phone and Tracfone very highly!
    Thanks again for the website, Pbushx2.

  24. We really appreciate you blog, very nice and informative.

    Everyone knows the W376g manual is useless. Please advise which plug to use for wired headphones for the FM radio. The manual states 3.5mm plug, that’s wrong. Which is the correct 2.5mm plug, the one with with 2 black stripes or 3 black stripes?

    Thanks, Aubotha

  25. Hi Aubotha
    I’m not exactly sure on this. I don’t have stereo headphones with a 2.5mm plug. I tested using a single earbud+mic headset, and that had two black bands on the 2.5mm plug. But, I don’t know if it would be different for stereo?
    if you have a radioshack nearby, it might be worth a stop there to ask. And if you end up with the wrong thing, they have a pretty generous return policy, too.

    Can anyone else help Aubotha with this question?

  26. Hello~

    I was wondering if this phone has a place to hang charms and such?

    I’m thinking that it’s on the right side of the phone, since I couldn’t find any pictures of that side.

    Also, did Tracfone disable the USB plug?

  27. Thanks for the comment, Nana. This is further proof of how valuable comments are on this or any blog – I NEVER would have thought look for a place to hang charms, until you asked. But, lo and behold, it’s there. Near the hinge on the right side of the phone, as you suspected, is a small hook around which I suppose you could hang charms. I didn’t test it as I have no charms to hang, but I did try to snake a mangled paper clip through there and it seemed like a pretty tight fit. If you could help me out, which you mind telling me how people generally attach charms to their phone? Is it generally with a keyring (which I think would be difficult on this model), or perhaps a lanyard of some type (maybe easier), or a special thread? Thanks for any input you can offer.
    Also, you are correct in your suspicion that TracFone disabled the USB function on this phone. Some readers of this blog have noted in the comments section that there is a way to force your computer to charge the phone, but no one has yet found a way to enable data transfer via USB, as far as I know. I will be following up on these issues in a future post, though. And you might also want to read part 3 of my review, as well as the comments section, for my discussion of the USB issue:

  28. Thank you so much!
    I was so worried about that, but I’m very happy that they did make a place to hang charms.

    Actually, charms are attached by a string like..

    If you can see, you just push the end through the hook and put the charm through loop that was made. : D

    So if I wanted to use ringtones that, say, I made, and I got them into a .midi file, how would I transfer them to the phone?

    Also, there’s no way to transfer pictures to the phone either, but you could set photos taken with the phone as your wallpaper, right?

    Sorry for all the questions. ^^;;

  29. The only thing that bothers me about this phone is you can not save phone numbers on the SIM in order to transfer them in a new Tracfone if there is a problem with the old one. Maybe one day they will improve this feature.

  30. Hi Sharon
    I had made a post a while back about a SIM card reader that some people have mentioned as being a good value. The idea is that you use the SIM card reader to copy your contact list from your old SIM to your computer, then copy the list from your computer to your new SIM. I purchased one of these myself, but have not yet had a chance to test it out. I will post when I do test it, hopefully later this week.
    If you want to find the item, here’s a link to my original post:

  31. Hi Nana
    You are correct about the ringtones being in a midi, but there have been mixed reports on whether people are actually successful sending a midi file to their phone via email attachment. This is another item that’s on my list of things to figure out regarding this phone. Not sure when I’ll get to it, though, so there’s a good chance a reader of this blog will come up with a solution before I do. I hope!

  32. Can anyone tell me what accessories, i.e. car or wall charger, earphone, etc. comes with the W376g from Tracfone? Thanks, Lou

  33. hey everyone

    I think I’ve found out a way to change that LEFT SOFTKEY everyone has been concerned with.

    Go into Settings, then to HOME SCREEN (select)
    There is a menu item called LEFT SOFT KEY..that seems to be set for Web Acess. YOU CAN CHANGE IT TO another setting!!

    Give it a try and see if it works for you. Just got my phone today..still waiting to be “Live”.

    Good luck and let me know if it works for you.

  34. Thank you, Would you know of any good CDMA Tracfones…I have a LG 3280 that works in my area, only I wanted some better features.

  35. Unfortunately for you, the LG 3280 is about as good as it gets for a TracFone CDMA phone right now. I haven’t heard of any new CDMA phones coming out, but when I do I’ll post it on this blog.

  36. why do people say this phone can’t do mp3 ringtones? It comes with one. If you listen to the tone called “cool” it has a person talking which is clearly not midi, and if you go into properties of that ringtone, it says mp3. In fact, the tracfone website lists a bunch of mp3 ringtones you can buy for it. (haven’t tried that yet.) But the phone certainly has the capability of mp3 ringtones since it comes with one.

  37. The only way to get the photos is to send an MMS message to yourself at about 3 or 4 minutes each. USB and Bluetooth do not work. Also, be careful, as when I had them change my number, they switched me to a service with no MMS, so for me now I have no way to send the pictures to myself at all.

  38. Thanks for the tip on the Left Softkey. I changed mine to the FM Radio since I don’t have any plans on browsing with the phone.
    Great blog. I just got my phone today and waiting or it to be ‘live’. It’s too bad there’s not any way to transfer the pictures via USB. Hopefully, Tracfone will provide a quick update to the Bluetooth issues with vehicles. It’s going to hurt them here in California if they don’t get it fixed. But Bluetooth works great with my Jawbone II.

  39. Was unable to change the passkey to 0000 on my 2008 Sienna. Went to the dealer and the customer service rep used her bluetooth phone to solve the problem. She paired her phone using the default passkey of 8754 shown on the Sienn’a bluetooth system (enter passkey command)by keying that passkey into her phone. Then all the menus discussed in the manuel were available. She then changed the passkey in the Sienna’s bluetooth system to 0000. I then was able to pair my Motorola W376g with the Sienna’s system. Hope this may help others who have the same problem.

  40. That’s very helpful, Bill. Hopefully, you’ll save others a trip to their own dealers as a result of your post. THANKS!

  41. I am incredibly pissed. I bought this phone because it looked good and it said Bluetooth enabled without any indication as to limitations. After taking a LOT of pictures with it, I know find out what all of you already know… that one can only EMAIL pictures to get them off the phone.

    Can someone please tell me what kind of a scam is that?

    I have tons of photos in there… is there any other way to get them to computer or disk without having to email each and every one? I bought a 450 min web deal for 900 min total and if I end up chewing much of that up just to get some photos off my phone, this is the LAST I’ll ever be using tracfone again.

    Seriously, what kind of a joke is a camera phone where you have to email each and every damn photo to yourself to get it off the phone?! And why aren’t people more irate about that than I’ve seen… or are they and I just missed it because all reviews seem to think the camera is great but I’m totally pissed now.


  42. I don’t think that a SIM reader will work – I am pretty sure the pictures are saved in the memory of the phone itself, not the SIM card. Can anyone else here prove me wrong? (I don’t have the w376g available to check for myself).

  43. Ok, so how do you get the pics off the SIM? I can’t seem to find a way to do this.

    Also, how were you able to confirm that the pics are on the SIM?

  44. I was playing around with this phone about how to lock the phone for unauthorized usage but it did not work. Does everyone know whether this feature is disable by Tracfone? Many Thanks.

  45. I was so mad at TracFone for the web button eating my minutes, I took a T5 torx bit, unscrewed the back of the phone, pried it apart a bit, and took a fine tip pointy pair of tweezers and destroyed the round foil popper button on the circuit board. To boot, I also carefully ripped away the tiny rubber tip underneath the web button on the key plate side. Ripping out the tip actually now makes the web button depress just far enough to activate the left hand arrow button and the feature assigned to the left button will pop up instead of that *($# web browser!

    They wouldn’t give me back any of my minutes, wasted 2 hours of my time pounding on them to disable the feature on my account to no avail – so screw you jobu TracFone, I did it myself.

  46. LOL, that is GREAT. I love your problem solving ability, and especially enjoyed your narrative describing the procedure and your problem with TracFone! Do you think this is something that the average person could do, or is there a risk of ruining the phone?

    • I used an X-Acto knife and carefully sliced the button on three sides, enough to lift the button up and reveal the actual button underneath. I then used the X-Acto to cut around the metal button and lifted it out. I pushed the “face” button back into place, started up the phone, and VOILA! No more browser! A bit of blue light leaks around the button’s side, but a small price to pay, I think. I lost only 1 minute to the dang browser. First one, I didn’t realize what was happening. The second, I was trying to find an option to cancel the browser, and accidentally started the dang thing… Good riddance!

  47. i bought the motorola w376g yesterday. i am really wanting to use the bluetooth. i dont know how though. can anyone explain to me how to make it work soo i can get the songs that i want on there?? i just dont understand.

  48. For those of you that are having with the web button on your W376g phone being inadvertently pressed, rather than corrupting the keypad, I suggest you go to the Motorola website and download the free owners manual. It will explain how to change the setup for that button from web to other functions. It is a far better manual than the one that comes from Tracfone.

  49. Hi Behrcat. Thanks for sharing this great tip – I was unaware that it was possible. Actually, I just looked at the manual again and I have to admit that I still can’t figure it out. Could you point out where in the manual it explains how to disable the button, or maybe even put the instructions into a comment? I know this is something that is on the mind of a lot of w376g users.

  50. Listen up W376g owners – there is no way to disable the browser button by conventional means. Sure you can find a way to reassign the upper left softkey, but the browser button which sits below the softkey cannot be disabled or reassigned via the menu.

    That said, the solution posted by RealAnswers is the only way to permanently disable this button and protect your precious tracfone minutes.

    I just finished modding my W376g and here are tips for those who want to do the same. Don’t attempt if you don’t feel comfortable working with small fragile parts.

    Before doing anything else you need to remove the front cover. If you can do this, taking apart the W376g is easy. The front cover is that smallish gray curved plastic piece about 1″x2″ below the keypad. It slides down (away from the keypad) and is held in place by a plastic tab centered on the microphone. If you push down hard on the front cover while wedging a small flathead into the crack and pushing, the cover will slide off. This is the hardest part of the whole operation and you must remove it in order to get to 2 hidden torx screws underneath. If you can’t get the front cover off, there is no point in going any further and no harm done.

    You will need a T5 torx bit. I didn’t have one but Home Depot sells a hobby set for $6. The price really doesn’t matter because you’ll be returning it when your done. No sense having a tool for one time use.

    Next, you need to remove 6 torx screws. There are 4 under the battery cover and 2 under the front cover.

    Carefully separate the back cover from the phone, again using a small flathead to assist with leverage. There is a small ribbon cable between the flip lid and the circuit board so be careful not to break it. Remove the rubber keypad and put the circuit board back. This make it easy to cut out the silver disk while protecting the ribbon cable. Using an exacto knife, remove the clear plastic layer over the sliver disk and then work the blade underneath the disk itself and lift it out. The browser button is no more. For good measure, you can also cut off the small rubber nib under the browser button on the keypad with your exacto.

    Replace everything as you found it and make sure the rubber keypad is seated properly under the metal tab before sealing everything up. Power it on and test to make sure everything works except the fraking browser button.

    Hope this helps.

  51. Brewmasterthis –
    THANKS for sharing that info. It was very generous of you to take the time to write out all the details, and I’m sure that others will be able to benefit from it.
    Thanks again!

  52. I just poured some crazy glue into the browser button so the button wont depress and has been disabled. This retains the aesthetics of the phone without any signs of blunt force trauma. Pour the glue carefully and in very small quantities so that the glue does not seep into other parts and complications arise. It took me about three drops. Also the Motorola H12 Bluetooth Headset works like a charm with this phone and matches the looks completely. Just got one for under $45 the other day. A little pricey but worth it considering the sound quality and noise reduction technology. Have fun and use those minutes wisely.

  53. Hi Sanjoy
    Thanks for that great tip as well. Did you follow the disassembly procedures from the post above, or how did you get the glue into the button? I guess I’m having a hard time visualizing where exactly the glue needs to go.

  54. I am so annoyed at buying this phone and being unable to use the new MP3 Dongle I just bought from ebay!
    I hope the web browser is now a thing of the past if not I will be taking the phone apart to stop the dilution of my minutes.
    There is another page that keeps popping up with red lettering not sure if that is the web browser also, as I never look at it long enough to read it, but it is eating my min daily.
    Annoyed in NJ

    • Thanks for that tip, Tim. Brilliant in its simplicity. For me it was kind of one of those “smack yourself on the forehead” type moments. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself, but I sure appreciate you pointing it out. Thanks!

  55. I bought my daughter and myself each a Motorola w376g and just activated them yesterday. The activation process for mine took 20 hours. Hers was immediate. Mine won’t let me send pictures. She managed to send one picture to my son’s phone, so hers is better than mine. She sent several to my phone, but I couldn’t see the pictures, only a strange url type line of text.

    Her browser will open, but when I hit the browser key, it tells me that the network is down. Is my camera defective, or is there something I haven’t done? I want to share pictures!


    • It sounds to me like you might have a T-Mobile based SIM card in your phone, while your daughters has an AT&T SIM. Did you get the phones at the same time, from the same retailer? It seems that, for some reason, TracFone handsets on the T-Mobile network do not have data capabilities.

      To figure out what kind of sim is in your phone, navigate to the “prepaid” section of your phone’s menu, and look for the “SIM Serial Number” option. Select that, and look for the first six digits of the serial number. If it starts with “890141,” you have an AT&T SIM. If it starts with “890126,” then it’s a T-Mobile SIM. If I had to guess, I would say that your wife’s new phone probably has a T-Mobile SIM. Assuming that’s the problem, the good news is that you can call TracFone and request a free AT&T SIM to replace the T-Mobile SIM in the new phone, if you tell them that the T-Mobile SIM results in unsatisfactory reception. Try this number: 1-800-339-9345.

      If both SIMs are from the same carrier, I’m at a loss to explain this one. Maybe someone else here can offer some suggestions? Either way, it sounds like a call to customer service is in order.

  56. This is a great site.
    I paid aroung $70 for an LG225 about a year ago…now they are much less. I wanted the camera feature and bluetooth which I was told were possible with that model. After talking at length many times with someone at tracfone, who insisted I could use my bluetooth, I gave up. Why are these service guys untrained and difficult to understand?
    But here is my question, before I buy the bluetooth tracfone. Several service guys explained that the reason my daughter cannot receive my text messages nor I hers, is because she does not use tracfone, and texting can only be done from one tracfone to another. Can this be true?

    • Hi Dorothy
      It’s definitely possible to text message from a TracFone to a phone on another provider’s network- I’ve done it many times myself, using a variety of phones including the LG 225. However, the fact that you are unable to do so is, I would imagine, very frustrating. I also understand your frustration with customer support. The basic explanation is that TracFone outsources their tech support, as do many if not most large companies these days. So the tech support people are provided with scripts to follow. When a question comes up that is not specifically covered by their scripts, they can struggle to provide a good answer. But, at any rate, the LG 225 does NOT have bluetooth. The newer LG, the 600g, DOES have bluetooth, as does the w376g and perhaps a couple of new phones that will be available sometime this spring.

  57. Thanks for your reply. The script answers explain a lot. I guess I will attempt to text again, and see if I can figure out what the problem is.

  58. Just spent over 2 hours on the phone with tracfone. I was told they would put on 150 units I lost. When the units did not show up on the phone, I called them back. They refused to add the units saying I never called them. I spoke with a supervisor as well. When I get the money and the chance to leave tracfone, I will. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with.

  59. I have been able to get my w376g bluetooth connection with my Garmin nuvi 760 apparently OK. I get option to call home from the Garmin, and it works OK. However, I am unable to get the phonebook in the Moto to transfer to face of Garmin to facilitate calls to other than “home”. Has this feature been disabled in the Moto, or am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi Kensail
      Unfortunately, this feature is disabled with the w376g. I think that your only option is to enter the numbers you want directly into the Garmin. I don’t know much about GPS units, though, so I don’t know how that all works. But I do know that people have been unable to use the phone’s contact list through bluetooth.

  60. I’m reading of all the trouble in accidently pushing the “Web Browser Access Button” deducting minutes. I recently read a users blog and he stated it was easy to program this button for other functions, and could be done in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately he didn’t say how!!! Do you, or anyone know if this can be done and the procedure?

  61. Eldon – on the w376g, there are two different buttons – the browser key, that looks like it has a picture of a globe it, and the left “soft key,” which is directly above the globe key. The left soft key can be reprogammed; the globe key cannot. Here’s how to change the left soft key, courtesy of the comment by PM above:

    Go into Settings, then to HOME SCREEN (select)
    There is a menu item called LEFT SOFT KEY..that seems to be set for Web Acess. YOU CAN CHANGE IT TO another setting!!

  62. I just used brewmasterthis’ excellent instructions to disassemble my W376g and then gently slice the silicon transfer nubs out from under the nasty little globe and email keys with a thin bladed Exacto knife. That worked like a champ. Thanks!

    The only thing that I will add to the already provided disassembly instructions is that there are two hooked plastic tabs on the back of the black plastic surround of the key pad that hook into ridges of the silver back piece. These hooked plastic tabs are located respectively just forward of the charge port and the headphone port. So, if you gently pry the silver sides just slightly away from the hooked tabs underneath it makes that portion of the detailed case disassembly process a little easier.

  63. Am having same problem with my 2010 outback, has anyone been able to solve this issue. Both Subaru and TracFone tell me the problem lies with the other guy, their system can not be changed, should add I am a not a Techno wizard so you may have to draw a picture. Like the phone but would like to use all the features.

    • when doing a setup for the tracfone with a toyota when you get to request to put access code into your phone change the access code on the GPS to 0000 and it will then try to connect again it worked for me. Good Luck

  64. Hello, new owner of the W376g here. Afraid to say that it says in fine print under the box that you can’t hook this up to a computer by any means, for picture/ringtone transfers anyway. Might be able to use a USB to mini-b cord to charge through the pc, but that’s just a waste of money. Pennies make dollars n all that. I managed to get some ringtones and pics onto mine, but I had to email them to myself from my yahoo address to my phone.

    I feel a question coming here so I’m going to answer ahead of time. First, add your regular email to your address book in your cell. Second, you send an mms message to it. MMS is kinda like email I suppose. Now, when you recieve it in your email on your computer, you should see from something like (

    Now you can send emails to your W376g. Hope it helped, sorry if it isn’t very clear. I’ll try to explain it better if there is any confusion.

  65. I have a w376g that has a cracked screen, and the sim is no good anymore. but there are messages saved on the phone that are very important i get back is there any way to retrieve them, i did buy another w376g can i take it apart and use the on control board that is inside. or is there any other way to retrieve those messages, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  66. Hi Mike
    I haven’t heard of a problem quite like this before. I’m sure there’s a way to get the messages off of there, but I think it probably is a question of how hard you want to work or how much you want to pay to get them. You could probably replace the old screen with a new one harvested from a replacement phone, or there might be detective type firms that have other techniques to get into the phone and download messages to a computer or something, but I’m not sure about that. If you do figure it out, please let us know.

    • if i do i willdefinatly post the results m thanks for your response, i will do whatever it takes to get them back, they are of great importance, they provide proof i need for gettiing custady of my son. So i will try everything i can do get them bac. thanks again

      • Mike, My heart really goes out to you. Check your email – I will be sending a message to you directly, so you can email me back directly if you ever need my help. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do, but I want to offer my assistance in any way I can.

  67. Just wanted to touch base, nothing really worked untill i got the idea to buy another phone smae model of course and swith out the mother boards inside, and i am pleased to say it worked i have recovered all the messages and pics. thank you again for all your help, now i have to wait for my court date and see what happens… thanks again…

  68. How do you transfer pictures from phone to computer we have Lg and I can’t find the pair device on the computer to transfer them can some one help me we have windows7

    • Hi Marilyn
      Do you have bluetooth turned on on the phone?
      Do you have bluetooth built-in to your computer, or do you have a bluetooth dongle?
      What model LG do you have?

  69. I am a grandmother with a regular Tracphone. Just bought a new vehicle and need Bluetooth to use the Sync stystem in it. My cell phone is mostly used for emergencies, etc. I have been very happy with my little Tracphone and because of my limited budget, I don’t want to pay high prices for cell phone services. However, I would like to use the great systems available in my new vehicle at a reasonable price for my cell phone! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Colleen

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