Motorola w376g TracFone Review – Part 1

Motorola w376g – A TracFone with Bluetooth is finally here!

Motorola w376g

Motorola w376g

If you are on the fence about buying the new Motorola w376g bluetooth TracFone, but are waiting for a review to make a more informed decision, here, it is. This post is Part 1 of my in-depth review of this phone. You can find part 2 here, and the final section, part 3, will be posted soon. To stay informed, though, you may also want to subscribe to receive my future blog posts automatically in your email. To subscribe click on the link to the right of the title of this post – it’s free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Okay, here’s the review: I bought this phone two weeks ago as an upgrade to my wife’s V170. We were both quite impressed with the appearance right off the bat. It is silver, slim and shiny, a very stylish design resembling that of the very popular, but much more expensive, Motorola Razr. The screen is clear and bright; a drastic improvement over the V170. Overall, I’d have to say this phone looks less like a TracFone handset than any other model offered by the company. I know there are TracFone users out there who maybe take a little ribbing from friends over the appearance of their inexpensive phone, but I promise that won’t be the case with this attractive device. Click on the picture for more details on this phone:

Beyond the beauty of the exterior, the dimensions and controls appealed to me as well. The size and weight of this model are the same as that of the earlier w370 model:
Size: 3.90” x 1.8” x 0.7″
Weight: 3.35 ounces
It fits in my pocket more easily than the v170, v176, or c139, all of which are bulkier. The w376g is also similar in size to the Nokia 1100, 1112, and 2126 models.

Click on the picture above get more details from TracFone about this phone.

When you flip open the clamshell, you’ll see that the button options are the same as on the w370. I actually liked the feel of the buttons on this model better than on the w175g, which I reviewed in an earlier post on this blog. While the w175g has a very glossy keypad, the 376 actually has a slightly more user-friendly surface, in my opinion. I’ve found that my fingers didn’t slip around as much on this keypad, and I like the slightly raised lines separating the individual keys. I also found the phone to be well-balanced in the open position, making one-handed texting easier with this phone than the w175g.

One complaint about the buttons, though – the single-touch web browser key seems unnecessary to me. No matter where you are on the menu system, if you inadvertently click the web browser button, the application will launch. If you don’t cancel, and then confirm that you want to cancel this action, the browser will open and start deducting units. While I have quickly grown accustomed to the keypad and don’t accidentally open the browser any more, I would prefer to have the option of disabling this key to prevent unexpectedly deducting units.

Now, on to the function of the phone:

I was able to EASILY transfer the old phone number and remaining minutes from the V170 in about 5 minutes using TracFone’s website. I had done the online transfer in the past using phone numbers that I didn’t care all that much about, but I was a little nervous this time since I would have been in hot water with my wife if I lost the number she’s had for 3+ years. But, everything worked flawlessly again and within five minutes my test call to her number went through to the newly activated w376g.

I’ve made several calls with this phone, as has my wife, and we both been very happy with the sound quality. It is on par with the recent w175g TracFone, which features “Crystal Talk” technology from Motorola. Another positive of this model is that the elongated flip phone design results in the mouthpiece being positioned very close to the mouth of the user. In my opinion this feels more natural than many of the previous “candy-bar” style TracFones, which leave the receiver several inches from your mouth and give the feeling that you need to shout in order to be heard.

Signal reception was also very good on this handset, comparing favorably to my old reliable Nokia 1100. In fact, the signal on the w376 was always as good as, and sometimes better than, the 1100. I did encounter one particular hiccup in the reception, when I stepped from an AT&T dead spot into an area with a very weak signal. At that time, the Motorola did not immediately find the network, instead responding with a “Call failed” error message. However, as soon as I canceled the error message, the handset once again connected to the network and was ready to make calls. I’ll continue to monitor this error and report again on this blog if the issue continues to cause problems.

I also had the chance today to talk to my wife while she was using the w376g at her office. The phone worked perfectly, whereas her old v170 sometimes didn’t even receive calls while she was in her office. At best, she’d have to get up out of her desk chair and stand next to the window to have a decent conversation. With the new phone, our conversation was perfect as she sat comfortably at her desk, without having to move around to try to get better reception.

Now, as I mentioned at the top of this post, I am breaking up my review into two parts. My plan was to focus on the more functional aspects of the phone with this first post, then come back in part two to go over the more “fun” topics such as the camera, games, etc. But, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the ringtone capabilities, so I’m going to address that here before I wrap up this post. Next time, definitely by the end of the weekend but hopefully sooner, I’ll come back to cover the extras: bluetooth , camera, radio, web browser, office tools and games.

I’ve never really been that concerned with getting a phone based on the ability to get cool ringtones. But since the w376g gave me the option of getting mp3 tones, I had to try it out. I first went into the web browser to look through those offered by TracFone’s mobile web storefront. The how-to steps are included in the phones packaging (and surprisingly well-done by TracFone’s standards), so I won’t go over the instructions. However, I will say that I found that everything worked as described. I was able to download a ringtone in a few minutes. If you want to buy a ringtone from TracFone, you’ll have the option of either paying $2.99, or deducting 8.97 units from your phone. I chose to have units deducted, after that I just had to follow the instructions on the screen to set up my new ringtone.

As someone who has always used the stock tones on all of my past phones, I was pleased to have these extra options. There are a few things that might concern others, though. The only way to get an mp3 ringtone on your phone is to buy it from TracFone, either using the w376g’s built-in web browser, or on You’ll have to pick from the nearly one thousand options they have available. But if you’re looking for a very specific song, you might not get exactly what you want.

And you won’t be able to download your own tones, as both the USB port and the bluetooth functionality on the Motorola w376g are crippled by TracFone. So you’ll have to choose from what they offer if you want mp3 ringtones. I have heard reports that you may be able to get custom polyphonic ringtones transferred to your phone by sending them as email attachments from your PC to your phone, but I haven’t been able to get this to work personally.

So, I guess the bottom line on the TracFone ringtones for the Motorola w376g is this: if you’re buying the phone mainly for the mp3 ringtones, you may be disappointed with this model. But if you want to have the newest, most feature-rich TracFone available, I’m willing to bet that you’ll be able to find at least a few ringtones from TracFone’s offering to meet your needs.

Okay, that’s it for part 1 of the review. I’ll be back with part 2 before the weekend is over. If you can’t wait, you can check out more details from by clicking on the picture of the phone higher up on this page.

NOTE: Part 2 of this review is now complete, and you can find it by clicking here.

295 thoughts on “Motorola w376g TracFone Review – Part 1

  1. Thanks for posting this. I am looking for a new phone and wasn’t successful on getting good review info until I came across yours. Thanks.

    • Am trying to replace my old nokia that still works but is on its last legs, can’t sign a contract and would like to use the sync technology in my Ford Escape. Will this W376g work with the
      sync technology? Thanks.

      • Hi Dog Lover
        I am not familiar enough with Ford Sync to know whether it will work with this phone. I would say you could reasonably expect it to work for audio transmission, but I don’t know whether it will interface with the contact list contained in the phone.

  2. Pbushx2

    I also want to thank you for this review.

    Although I had already ordered the w376g, I really wanted some information about the phone from a nice, reliable source, and since you own the phone and condut yourself very politely, you have fulfilled my longing.

    I look forward to part two, and I am going to add you to my feeds.


    P.S. I was able add an mp3 and a custom wallpaper jpeg to my old Tracfone (a w370 that was retired because of a battery ailment) by emailing two seperate emails to my phone from my computer with the song and wallpaper attached.

    The phone email format is [Ten Digit Phone Num.], and is easy to get if you send an mms from your phone, to your computer, and then reply with the attachment from the computer.

  3. Good writeup. What I am curious about is what you can do with the bluetooth. I understand that you can use a bluetooth headset with it. My car has the capability to communicate with a cellphone via bluetooth – will this phone work with it I wonder?

  4. I bought the W376g, but sure hope that your next review will help explain how to use some of the advanced features – the “Tracfone Guide” which comes with the phone is nearly useless. It doesn’t explain how to transfer/send photos to your computer. I also tried sending a text message to an email address, and it won’t work – I get a message that I should “send it from your outbox.” Only there aren’t any instructions on sending anything from the Outbox.

    For others thinking of buying this phone, note that you need a wired earpiece plugged in to get FM radio reception. You can then listen through the earpiece OR the built-in speaker (which is nice), but the wire serves as an antenna and won’t work otherwise. Good news: you can find compatible wired earpieces at your local 99¢ store.

    Other observations: my phone has a long “lag time” when I’m entering a phone number…and I’m not super-fast. If I punch in a 10 digit number, the phone will have to “catch up” with the last 4 numbers appearing…which is a pain in case you got any of them wrong.

    Additionally, in my area I was unable to transfer service and phone number from my old Tracfone to the new one using the website. I had to call Tracfone service (gulp!) and ended up with a new number for the new phone. Not a big problem, but not as smooth as I’d hoped either.

    Too early for me to pass major judgement on the phone, but my initial response is to have some misgivings. On the plus side, it’s got a nice heft, and seems to have a clear screen and good sound. And maybe, once SOMEone explains how to use the advanced features, I’ll even consider it a great phone!

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  6. I currently have the motorola w370 and can downlioad mp3 ringtones from tracfone. I am intersted in purchasing the new w376 butam leary because it doesn’t state anywhere that youcan download mp3 ringtones onto this phone….It would be nice if you could hear the ringtones available for the phones beofre you purchase them…thanks

  7. Hi Jakarina
    I have the w376g, and I can confirm that it accepts mp3 ringtones just as the w370 does. To hear the ringtones before you purchase them, you can go to the TracFone website and listen. To find the ringtones at the website, go to, click on “service and support,” and then on “ringtones and more.” There you will be able to find the ringtones that TracFone has available, and you can listen before you buy. Unfortunately, the search function on the site was a little messed up the last time I looked, but hopefully they’ll get that fixed soon and we’ll be able to search for ringtones more easily. Until then, I guess we need to go through the available tones page-by-page.
    But, the w376g can definitely use mp3 ringtones.

  8. It appears to me that the picture above is of the W370, not the W376g as stated above. The W370 had Icons on the outside to indicate a received message among other things. It seems they skimped on this feature on the 376g. Am I correct? I can’t understand how they could add Bluetooth and a camera and remove this feature. I haven’t found any mention of this phone having or not having this feature anywhere else. I am currently using an LG225, and I don’t want to downgrade to a phone without even external icons.

  9. Hi David
    The image above actually IS a w376g – you are correct that it is very similar to the w370, though. The only way to tell them apart from a distance is that the external icon strip on the w376g is narrower than on the w370, and the w376g has the little camera lens at the top. Also, on the keypad, the circle at the top with the directional arrows is silver on the w376g, and black on the earlier w370.
    And, I guess I kind of answered it already, but the w376g DOES have the external icons similar to the w370, so you’re in luck. I think this is a very handy feature, and have made use of it myself. I commented on this in part 3 of my review, which you can find here:

  10. This w376g bluetooth can only pair with earpiece or headset. It will NOT work with your car’s (any vehicle) bluetooth system at all according to TracFone tech support. They said it doesn’t have the “software” to pair up to the car’s bluetooth system but they are working on it and hope to roll it out in couple of months. I bought this to replace my wife’s old TracFone Motorola V170 phone hoping it can hook up to her car’s bluetooth. They also told me there’s no way to download all the contacts in the old phone to the new. Another feature my wife doesn’t like with this w376g is if a call comes in, she’ll have to hit the “send” button to get the call whereas the old V170 does it automatically when flip-open the cover–one extra step I feel it is unnecessary. The speaker phone is pretty decent and volume control works too. TracFone is planning to update their website to clarify the limited bluetooth capability of this phone since many bought this phone recently thinking it would sync up to their car’s bluetooth system.

    • Mine works!!! I sell Hondas and have ”paired” it with all of the vehicles Honda makes with Bluetooth available.

    • I was able to pair up with my car’s bluetooth system. However it would not transfer my phone book from the TracFone to the car’s phone memory. I think this is a TracFone limitation and not the Motorola phone itself.
      Any suggestions??

      • Bill – the w376g cannot transmit data by bluetooth, so you won’t be able to set up your GPS to work that way. Sorry to disappoint.

  11. Thanks pbushx2.  This does look like a great phone, and the deals from TracFone only seem to be getting better!  I guess I didn’t see the camera on the phone either.  Other photos of this phone I have seen show the icon area as grey. It’s funny by the way; I have never seen the LG225 available in any store, only online. And this one I haven’t seen yet either.  Thanks for the great help.

    • .30uinits for standard EMS(Text).

      As for MMS… I just got off the phone with Tracfone and they told me for a MMS( multi media / Photo) it depends on the size of the file and size of the message. They said 1.0 to start then .50 increments more as time ticks by. ”The avg. MMS uses 1.5 to 2.0 units” they said.

  12. I bought the W376g phone yesterday. No one has been able to hear me when I place a call. I hear them fine but they can’t hear me. Its the same if someone calls me. I hear, they can’t. So far , no one knows whats wrong.

    • I also had trouble with someone hearing me when I placed a phone call. When I called home to my husband it took about 60 seconds before he could hear me. I contact TraFone 3 different times and finally returned the phone to Wal Mart. Thankgoodness I didn’t stop my old Motorola V60i phone. Had the year minutes that I purchased transferred to my old phone. When I make calls on my old phone from the same location – the party on the other end can hear me right away.

      I had trouble getting the TracFone staff understand my problem. My main concern was even after I asked for someone the third time that spoke & understood better English didn’t help. I even asked for the Manager on duty and they decline stating let me try and help you. I ended up frustrated and gave up returning the phone. I’m now looking at the LG600 or SamsungT301G but would have to order then local store do not have them. So would have to order online. They would have to mail them back if I have trouble.


      • Shari, I’ve done battle with the customer service folks many times- they’re very friendly, but they don’t speak English very well.

        Try contacting their Customer Escalations department. They have the contact info buried on their website, but each time I’ve called I’ve gotten a very helpful and friendly English speaking person who was able to assist me.

        Here’s the contact info, just for future reference:

      • Shari –
        That must have been a very frustrating experience. Thankfully for you, all the minutes were transferred back to your main phone. One thing I noted, though, is that your old phone is a CDMA model, while the w376g, 600g, and T301g are all GSM models. This means the phones use two separate networks.

        Forgive me if I’m telling you something you already know, but this could be the reason for your problems. Your statement that “local stores do not have” these models was a tipoff to me that possibly your area does not have great GSM coverage, and that’s why the stores don’t sell those models.

        If you haven’t already, perhaps you’ll want to take a look at my old post about the differences between CDMA and GSM:

  13. I’m really confused about the icons on the front of the w376g. I just bought one from Target and came home and after reading these reviews was really surprised that my w376g does NOT have the cool icons on the front of the phone. It looks just like the one at the tracfone site at this link:

    Can anyone explain why some w376g have the icons and some don’t? It it a matter of buying online vs. retail? I’d gladly return my phone and wait the 3 days shipping to get the useful icons on the phone. Thanks!

  14. You don’t see the icons until your phone is ringing, or you have a text message, or voice mail, or there is a reason for one of the icons to be displayed. You cannot see any of them at all until then. So have someone call your phone, or send you a text message, and I am sure you will see the icons show up.

  15. ortizmro, thanks for the reply but I don’t think its an issue of not having received a text msg or voice mail. The strip on the front of the phone I bought at target is fundamentally different from the one picture above in this review. The one pictured above has a clear black plastic strip where the illuminated icons display (once needed). The strip on my phone and displayed in images at the tracfone site is solid grey and no icons are displayed on the strip even once there is a text msg or voice mail. Thanks.

  16. Hmm OK I thought you said it looked just like the one at Tracfone (which is where I got mine). Sears now has these phones – on sale for $39.95 so maybe you could return it and try getting one at Sears if you have on nearby. I looked at them and they look just like mine. Sears also have a new Tracfone called a LG600g – looks very promising as well. Same features as the w376g but also has an external display.


  18. I have to agree with GM. I just received my w376g today and the picture posted by Pbushx2 above shows the green, yellow and blue icons, which I assume when incoming calls come in, each icon lights up accordingly. My new phone does not have those icons. When I went to the TracFone website, it shows exactly what I ordered. A phone with one icon at the top. I have to assume that Motorola has discontinued those phones with the 4 icons. All I will say is congrats to those who have them. That feature of the phone is not a big deal to me but it would have been nice to have. Pbushx2 where and when did you purchase your w376g? That may shed some light on this issue.

  19. Great review I was looking to see if this particular tracfone was compatible to reciev ringtones via bluetooth. I am very glad you mentioned that it does not so that I dont waste my money. Thanks Again.
    Sinceraly yours, Daniel

  20. Ok im an idiot, I spoke too soon. Please disregard my last reply…. the icons are there. They just seem to be invisible till used

  21. Bought the Tracfone W376G and paired it with the 2008 Infiniti G35. It paired up flawlessly using code 1234. I have heard Toyota models are having problems. Still trying to figure out how to transfer numbers from the w376 phone to the cars Bluetooth, to solve the problem of work extensions. Example: 123-456-7890 ext.123

    Will follow up with any updates.

  22. I received my W376g about 2 weeks ago and then called the support to transfer my present phone number & minutes to this phone from a LG 3280. The LG did not have SIM card and this 376 does so that was a problem and they had to send me a new SIM card. Took 4 days for it to come and then installed new card and got hold of support again. They walked me through the transfer process without any problems.
    After reading many articles about sending and receiving pictures from the phone or back to the phone from E-mail. I did some experimenting and found that when I sent my pictures from phone to my E-mail addy using the MMS feature I have not had a bad send yet and I’ve probably sent 25 pics from the phone to my E-mail already.
    Same when sending resized (640×480) picture from my E-mail to the “” the picutre has came to my phone with no problems thus letting me use any of them as Wallpaper.
    I’m in NW Pennsylvania and if I send a camera picture from my phone to my E-mail as a mms it comes into my E-mail program as from “my phone” so at least in my case everything is working through the AT&T system in this area.
    I have also sent text (SMS) messages back and forth to and from my E-mail program and by sending to the phone using the addy of: “”
    The text message sent to the phone must be kept under 170 characters or I noticed AT&T cuts it off.
    I hope this info is of some help to anyone using this phone. No problems so far for me.
    Best Wishes

  23. Hi Jerry
    Maybe others will chime in here with some comments, but I’m not the best person to answer your question as the LG 225 is one of the few TracFone models I’ve never used personally. I can tell you that I was VERY happy with the sound quality and signal reception on the w376g. In my opinion, it also has a better shape/form factor than the 225, but that’s a matter of personal preference. The final thing to consider is that the w376g can also connect with a bluetooth headset, if you would make use of that.

  24. I bought the w370 in May then Tracfone came out with the 376 blue tooth version. Has anyone paired the 376 with an after-market blue tooth installed in their vehicle? I was thinking of getting one for my Honda CRV and upgrading my Motorola w370 to the new blue tooth compatible 376.

  25. GM, the message icons are only useful for the first couple minutes. Not sure exactly how long but they eventually stop blinking and you’ll still need to flip open the cell to see if a message arrived.

  26. So far, it’s been a nightmare. I just purchased the 376 as an upgrade to my older Tracfone model. Tried transferring the number and the minutes online with no luck. Dreaded calling Tracfone, but it was my lucky day because I actually understood my tech’s accent. Unfortunately, I HAVE TO WAIT 2 WEEKS BEFORE THEY CAN TRANSFER MY OLD NUMBER AN MINUTES! And until then…both phones are dead! If I hadn’t so much invested into the minutes, I would not even consider it.

    So while I wait, can someone answer a couple of questions about the 376:
    1. how do I activate the “hands free” option?
    2. storing phone #’s to the phone directory offers extra features such as photo ID and distinctive ring and speed dialing which storing to SIM card does not. Why would/should I store numbers on SIM card?
    3. Is there an inexpensive way (besides ebay)to acquire the accessories – car charger and headphones?

  27. Hi Pete –
    Here’s the best I can do to answer your questions, maybe someone else can add to what I have to say:
    1. You can turn on the speaker phone only when a call is active. In other words, you must be talking to someone in order to switch to speaker mode. Also, if you have a headset connected, the sound will automatically go through that headset when a call is made or received.
    2. The SIM card can be removed from the phone and used in a SIM card reader to copy the contact list. This might be useful in the future if you upgrade to another phone and want to easily transfer your phone book details to the new phone.
    3. This phone uses the same charger as the Motorola Razr, I believe, and I’ve heard that people have found universal chargers for the Razr for $1 at a dollar store (may have been Dollar Tree, although I’m not sure any more). Also, check out this other recent post regarding my w376g battery tips:
    Finally, I’ll be following up with another post hopefully later this week about a little kind of home-made car charger that I was able to put together, so stay tuned for that…

  28. Hi,

    I bought a new Tracfone W376g, and whenever some of my friends calls me it reduses the talk time. Is it correct.

    Are they charging for incomming calls also?

    Please help me

    Thanks In Advance

  29. Yes talk time (incoming and outgoing) reduces your units (minutes). So does using text messaging. This is all normal. Making a phone call (once you connect) immediately takes away 1 unit, then each minute of talking reduces your units by 1 per minute. Text messages only cost .3 of a unit each way.

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  31. I just got the phone you’re talking about (it took more than 10 business days to get my number & minutes xferred and my therapist says I just have to let that frustration go…) anyway I’m probably missing something so excuse my ignorance (new to this technology)- how do you make voice calls, bluetooth or otherwise? My old tracfone (Nokia) allowed me to speak the name of the person I wanted to call and dialed/connected and I thought that is what bluetooth is all about, too. I can’t see how to associate a spoken name with my phone book entries. When you talk about “making a call” using bluetooth how do you do that or do you have to actually dial using the phone and then use the headset to talk?
    (again, sorry of this is a really lame question)

  32. Hi Herb
    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the feature that you are referring to is “voice-activated dialing.” Unfortunately, for some reason, most of the newest TracFones do not have this feature any more. For the life of me, I cannot begin to figure out why TracFone would remove this feature. But, whatever the reason, you’ll need to use the phone’s keypad to select someone from your phone book. As I said, I’m sorry I have to deliver the bad news. As for bluetooth, many people prefer it because it allows for newer “hands-free devices.” This is a requirement in some areas for people that wish to drive and talk on the phone at the same time.

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  34. Could you please tell me if the keypad is lit for this phone?
    I commute by bus, and often can’t see the numbers on my samsung (unlit keypad.) I find it highly annoying!

    Would appreciate any help you can give me.

  35. James – that’s never occurred to me to change that setting, but now that you mention it, I don’t think it’s possible. Hopefully someone else can prove me wrong, though.

    Andy – Yes, the keypad is illuminated whenever the screen is illuminated. It should easily be usable in dark places.

  36. Has anyone tried checking the format (Kbps, hz, stereo/mono etc) of the mp3s from and then encoding a song to those specs and sending it as an mms back to the phone to see if that works?

    • Billdoor-
      i hate to tell you bad news but this phone has mms adaption, which means that it will delete mp3’s and other certain file types…

  37. That’s a great thought, Bill. I’ll have to take a look at my wife’s phone when she’ll let me, to see if I can figure it out. Maybe some other users on here will do the same. If I remember correctly, though, that info is not available at least from the website side of things. I’ll take another look, though.

  38. In response to Jerry re the LG225– It has an external display for incoming call info. It also has 4 bands so it can be used in most countries outside the USA. The Tracfone Motorolas have neither option. My LG225 can only carry 8 pictures and my Motorola W376 with Bluetooth headset capability probably maxes out at around 100 pictures so that is a distinct advantage. Those are the major differences that most folks would notice.

  39. I have this phone and I still cannot believe Motorola could have produced such a piece of junk. Yes junk! It’s so frustrating to use and poorly laid out I cannot figure out why anyone would say this is a great phone. I hate it so much I have considered tossing in a blender and mailing to motorla with a bill for putting such a piece of junk. This thing is right up there with GM cars! JUNK!

    • Joe, I absolutely hate this phone also! I had to change phones because I needed a bluetooth compatible so I could use it hands free in my new car. I hate the buttons, I hate how user unfriendly it is. I don’t know how many times I accidently hit the start browser button. Never happened with my old one. My old phone – even if I didn’t know how to do something, I was able to figure it out because it made so much sense. This one – awful. Right now I am trying to figure out how to change the text message alert. I only get one little tone and often miss my text messages. I think it might not even be possible to change this alert. Makes no sense! Does anyone know if there is another option for a bluetooth enabled trac fone? I am ready to switch no matter what the cost!

      • Hi Mary Kay
        The LG 600g is another bluetooth TracFone that offers bluetooth, though it’s currently not available online. You might find it in some stores. It should be around $30. The Samsung t301g is a similar-priced phone, and also offers bluetooth. That one is available on TracFone’s site. Both of these models are not quite as good as the w376g when it comes to audio quality or signal reception, however.

  40. Wow, I’ve never come across anyone else who so despised this model. Have you owned a previous Motorola phone? As a long-time Nokia user I found the menu layout to be unfamiliar, but I thought the menus were quite similar to other Moto models for TracFone.

  41. I think for 29.95 its a pretty good deal. If you don’t like it blend it up and go get an Iphone maybe.

    Can anyone tell me the suffix for my phones email? doesn’t work for me.

    • The problem with the I Phone is the monthly charge. Just need minimum minutes and that’s why I go with Tracfone.

  42. Does the W376G tracphone come with any free ringtone options that can be selected from a menu on the phone?

    I can’t seem to find. I know with the last TracPhone I had I was able to select from a few.


    • There definitely are pre-loaded ringtones, but I don’t have the phone in front of me at the moment and can’t recall off the top of my head how to do it. I will try to remember to borrow my wife’s w376g at home tonight and get back to you.

  43. Thanks for the review, it is informative. I purchased the phone but I have the following question if you could answer.

    How can I use this phone with another carrier say ATT or Tmobile? Would it be possible to unlock it?

    • Hello, I’m sorry that I didn’t make this clear in the review. This and all other TracFone handsets are pretty much irrevocably locked to TracFone’s system. You will not be able to use them on another carrier. There were some exceptions with prior models, but those exceptions ended up costing TracFone lots of money, so current models are not so easily unlocked. I haven’t explored it myself at all, as I prefer to use TracFone’s service anyway, but I’ve yet to hear of anyone successfully unlocking this model.

  44. Christina – This phone does have pre-loaded tones that you can set as your ringtone. To find them, go to Menu->Settings->Ring Style->Then the second option (the title of this option will changed depending on what your first option is set as).

  45. I’m just considering a Tracfone (probably the 376G), but I wanted to compliment you on the civil way you respond to both rational and irrational posts. In this day and age of illiterate opinionated writers, it’s refreshing to see a host who treats his readers with respect. Thank you.


    • Hi db –
      Thank you so much! That really means a lot. I think that the web would be a much friendlier place if people would write and interact virtually as if the other users were next door neighbors, not anonymous screen names. I try to conduct myself that way, and it’s really nice to hear that you appreciate my style. It really made my day. Thanks!

  46. Someone at the top of the reply list said something about being able to send mp3 ringtones to your phone by using your e-mail. I can’t figure out how to make/acquire the ringtones and get them to my e-mail in the first place. Has anyone figured out exactly how to do this? If so please reply back. Much appreciated!

  47. Does anyone know if accessories for a Motorola W385 phone will work with a Tracfone (Motorola) W376g? There are many items for sale on eBay for W385 phones but, not many for a W376g. I would like to buy a rapid charger for my son’s phone and I found one for a W385 which costs $3.45 with free shipping on eBay. Also, one seller has “Brand New USB Data Cable + CD for Motorola Razr V3 /CD driver” for $3.49 with free shipping. I’m wondering if the CD would un-cripple the W376g and add extra features. There are many other items being sold on eBay for W385 phones too. Thanks in advance for your ideas.

    • The w385 uses the same charger as the w376g. However, the data cable will not work for the w376g – others have reported trying this, but the phone would still not “un-cripple.” For $3.49, maybe it’s worth it for you to try, but I definitely would not have high expectations of success. If you do try, though, good luck to you.

  48. pbushx2,
    I clicked on the link you posted but when i did it said that i do not have permission to preview documents. Do you have any idea how to get to the link?

  49. I am looking for a tracfone that gets good reception throughout most of the major highways of the US. I seldom use my phone however, I would like to have it work if I needed it too. My computer is Blue Tooth but I do not know what that means. It would be nice if I could take photos and plug my phone into the computer to download. I do not care about special rings. I am looking for dependability and reception. I do not text; I need reading glasses so it would be real nice if the key board was easy to read if I could not get to my glasses. Is the W376g a good choice or would you select something else. (The camera is not necessary if I have to pay to use it). I really just concerned about being stranded on the side of the road with a phone that will work).

    • Hi Sandra
      I think that you would be best served by an LG 3280. It’s not a camera phone, nor is it overly stylish, but it is durable, reliable, and uses Verizon’s network. (For more on the different networks and types of phones used by TracFone, you might want to check out an old post comparing GSM and CDMA TracFones, here.)

      And, best of all, you can currently get the phone, plus an 800 minute, 1-year, double minutes for life card, all for $96.99, and you can also get 300 bonus minutes by using a code from my database. For more info on the LG 3280 deal, click here.

  50. I am posting this in response to reading most of the above messages. I spent considerable time on WalMart’s website (where I purchased this phone) in order to ensure it would work in my zip code. After 3 or 4 different attempts (all positive) I was assured it would work (I’m in VERY rural New Hampshire, near Canada). I paid 30.96 (29.99 for the phone, and .97 shipping (came in 4 days from Indianna). The phone was advertised as having a camera and Bluetooth-enabled. The phone arrived and didn’t work (because my area doesn’t support phones with SIM-cards I was told by Tracfone). I merely selected a more metropolitan-based zip-code, and it worked perfect! I have multiple icons on my front-strip (I know that the charging, and v-mail work), the camera works, the browser works, etc.
    My reception is great, and I believe them when they say “crystal clear” communications, given my neck of the woods.
    This phone did NOT come with anything on how to explore the various goodies found on it (which I find by accident). Tracfone seends the standard “charge it-turn it on-fill it with minutes” pamphlet, so some help with this would be cool.
    So be careful when they (Tracfone) say something “won’t work”. It will work, they just don’t want you to know that it does.
    Additionally, this phone had a visual coverage of about 90% of the US, while the LG600 (the one I REALLY wanted) suffers about 30-40% less coverage, nationwide (this is for TRACFONE coverage, paid cellular may be different!).

  51. Great site, thanks for your efforts on it.

    I’ve had a Tracfone for several years now, oddly I’m something of a techie, but not a cellphone fan. Regardless, it’s time for an upgrade. The Motorola W376g looks promising, and I won’t say I’ll never use any features, but with less than perfect ears, sound quality is paramount, and a flip phone for convenience, with everything else well down the line. The W376g looks great, but your thoughts?


    • Mike W. –
      Sorry for the delay. I can tell you without a doubt that the w376g is the best TracFone I’ve ever used in terms of sound quality. If that is easily your highest priority, then I would say the w376 is definitely a great choice.

  52. Hi I am a 73 year old novice with cell phones—I purchased a Tracfone Motorola W376g and for the love of me I cannot figure out how to load up to 250 names and adresses in the unit —Can anyone help????

  53. I have had my Tracfone Motorola 376 for about a month. It performs very well in call quality and the network has very good coverage in all my stomping grounds.

    My one concern is the fact that I can go to my call times and the total of all my call is 30:09, yet 63.4 have been deducted. This includes only .6 minutes for two text messages.

    I guess it’s good that I got double the minutes for life, this makes it almost even but still to Tracfone’s advantage. Even if you add in ringtime, there’s no way I’ve used more than double what my timer on the phone states.

    Based on what Tracfone is deducting for my calls, I will be using double what I thought I would. I generally use 30-45 minutes a month and figured a 60 minute/90 day card would actually last me 90 days because with double the minutes for life, I would get 120 minutes. Not going to happen, unfortunately.

    I’m still happy with the phone and the service but people should be warned that the minutes disappear much faster than you use them!

    • Hi Gary
      Thanks for sharing your experience. This is something that cell phone users should be aware of – TracFone, like all cell phone companies that I know of, will always round up to the nearest whole minute when charging you for a call made OR received. So if you talk for 1 minute and 3 seconds, you will be charged 2 minutes of talk time. Or, if you talk for 1 minute and 59 seconds, you will still be charged the same 2 minutes. This can definitely be frustrating, but it’s pretty much a fact of life. If I’m mistaken and someone reading this know of a wireless company that charges in smaller billing increments, please let me know.

      • Thank you so much for the link to the manual!
        I purchased the W376g after years with the V120 but was disappointed by the lack of a manual.

        Also, how do I transfer my old TracFone number, minutes, & end date on the website? You said it only took you 5 minutes.

        (My parents changed theirs using customer service ended up more than 3 days w/o the use of either TracFone.)

        Thank you for a well written review.


  54. I just recieved my w376g in the mail and it does not have the outside notifiers. Instead, it is silvery and kind of like a thin mirror. I don’t think your picture is the w376g.

  55. Never mind. I just put mine in the charger and it did have pictures that lit up on the outside. However, it is silver and not black. Sorry about that.

  56. Arrrrrgh! I am frustrated with the handsets!

    The C261 is nice but the KNOWN problem of LOUD incoming calls that need to be adjusted on the fly (and this is the only way) deems the phone intolerable.

    I bought my wife and I a W376g, because the camera sounded fun, but the MMS is too glitchy and battery life terrible.

    I am resigning us to the durable and good quality, albeit primitive, W175g.

    I love the Tracfone plan, but the phones leave much to be desired.

  57. ps, Called tracfone and they said my mms messages weren’t working because my browser wasn’t enabled yet. They said they’d try to resolve that and gave me credit for all my mms attempts. If I can mail pics, I might keep it. I like the feel of the phone (AND side button for ringer volume – big drawback to the W175g).

  58. Ok, sorry for cluttering up the comments, Pbush, feel free to eliminate these ramblings. I had to turn the phone on/off and all worked fine. I’m such a dummy. If the battery holds up, I really like the w376g, maybe there’s a better replacement?

    • No, I don’t think it can. At least, no one that I know of has found a way (an many have tried). But, if you accidentally start the browser, you can always close the phone to quickly exit the browser and avoid losing units.

  59. As a new C. F. I. (cell. phone idiot), and lucky inadvertant purchaser of W376g who lacks the experience to make comparisons, I “need” to know if the W376g can interface with my laptop (which is another big challenge to me). Technology? (Grrrrrrrrr!)
    On the back of the packaging for the 376 in fine print below the “PHONE FEATURES”, there is an advisory “This phone does not support PC connectivity via Bluetooth or USB, yet I am almost certain that a USB cable with the connection that fits the 376 was included in tha package (I was excited and anxious to try out the phone, and did not take inventory attention when I ripped into the packaging). A friend has suggested that since the “plug” on the USB cable is the same as the one on the charger that also came with the phone, that maybe it is just an alternative way of charging the 376. Any ideas or oppinions?

  60. I wanted to buy a ringtone for my 376, but it seems from what you have written, it is not possible to transfer it to my phone. Am I correct?

    • Alan – as far as I have seen, and I’ve seen a lot, if you want to get a ringtone for that model the only way to do it is by purchasing it directly from TracFone, either via their website or the browser on the phone (but minutes will be deducted for the time you spend using the browser). You cannot buy or download tones from a third-party website and then transfer them to your phone, unless you use midi files – which are NOT mp3-quality files. Here’s an old post I wrote about sending midi ringtones to your w376:

  61. hey i just got this pone like ummm 5 day s ago it is an ok trac phone i guess i have never had one but is this pone related 2 the razer in any way??? cuz it seems simaler thanxs!!???????

  62. Thank you for your review. I am having a bit of a problem with my W376g. When I went to search for phones to buy, my zip code of 12196 yielded a “COGSM4” for the market area in the url. But the phone came with a GSM 5 designation and and a T-Mobile SIM card.
    Shouldn’t I have gotten a AT@T SIM card? I called TracFone and they didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. I asked for a new SIM card and am waiting to hear back. The phone goes from zero to three bars with respect to reception at my home and I had trouble accessing the data services.

    • Yes, an AT&T sim card is what you need. Be persistent but polite inyour dealings with TracFone and they should eventually give you what you want.

    • I don’t think that there is any available port on the w376 to attach an external antenna. The Motorola V170, which is currently available through TracFone’s site, does have a removable external antenna, I believe.

  63. An update on my situation – I was persistent in asking for an AT&T SIM card. I waited a week and they sent another T-Mobile card. I called and I again explained that I needed the AT&T SIM card, and that my area zip code 12196 shows that I should get it. (COGSM4)
    Some history – When I originally activated the phone this month, it was with a T-5 SIM card. At that time I didn’t know the difference between a C-4 and a T-5. I then ported my Sprint cell phone number over – it only took two days and they sent another T-5 card. I called and specifically asked for a C-4 card, but instead received another T-5 today.
    CS now says that phone number that was transferred was a T-Mobile phone number. The phone number has always been a Sprint number. They said that I would have to change my phone number in order for a C-4 to work. That doesn’t seem right to me. Anyway – after checking again, they said they were sending a C-4 and made no mention of changing the phone number.
    I also asked for them to send it out today. Each card they sent out took a week to get here (FedEx) from the phone call.

  64. so i have the w376g and i downloaded a ringtone from and when i try to play it it says “media format not support” whats up with that?!

  65. Hi, great review. I was just wondering if you or anyone else knows if the phone works outside of the US i.e Canada?
    My friend is having a long holiday in Northern America and Canada and is looking to buy an inexpensive phone to use whilst there. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance :)

    • Hi Lucy
      Unfortunately, this phone will NOT work in Canada. I’m unaware of any prepaid services that cover both the U.S. and Canada.

  66. Hello, I was curious if there is a code I can type in the code entry mode section of my 376 that will re-enable my ability to download my own ringtone via bluetooth or text? I know the process has been crippled so that tells me that the information is still there just not active. Or perhaps is there a program I can load into the phone from a third party that will update my scroll list that will do the same thing?

    • Hi Roman
      I’m unaware of any code or program to do what you describe. Many people have tried to work around this limitation, but I’ve yet to hear of anyone having success with it.

  67. I was curious, if I contact Tracfone and ask them to convert the MMS messaging setup to read download recieve all instead of download defer, will they do it if I imply that I would like to remove the parental restrictions?

    • I think the only way to find out would be to call and ask. I’m not sure that’s something that TracFone can do remotely though. If I understand you correctly, it sounds like this limitation is a part of the phone, not the network.

  68. Alright, so I live in Vermont, and tried to buy this phone off the tracfone website. However, it didn’t come up as an option…so I bought it off and it arrived yesterday. However, as I tried to transfer my number and minutes from an older tracfone to the new one, i guess an error occured because I live in an area where it doesn’t have coverage. At this point, Vermont even has the iPhone to work…why wouldn’t the W376g not work here? I was wondering what the heck I can do to fix this…because it seems like a pretty good phone and the tracfone I have now is pretty bad. Any suggestions?

    • Amelia,

      We ran into the same issue, but checked before ordering the phones. All you have to do put in another zip code. From what I know the phones do work up this way. We live in northern nh an hour and 15 minutes from the canadian border. My father lives an hour and half south of us and his zip code has this phone as an option so we are going to use his.
      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Danielle! I did that and now it works. But do you think there’s a way for me to change the area code to 802, which is VT’s area code? I’m sure people move all the time, so do you know if I could just change the area code? The one problem is that people will be so used to using the 802 area code and not use the one that I have.

  69. Hello and thank you all for such useful comments. I’m about to buy the w376g phone but just had on question before buying a track phone. Do you know if there is any tracphone on the market that would offer free texting? pbushx2 you mentined that yours is free for text messaging right? is that phone still available? thanks so much for all your hard work you’ve put into this VERY informative website! Bless you.

    • Hi Jessica
      I no longer use it, but my old Nokia 1100 had free INCOMING text messages. You’ll still pay .3 units per outgoing message, though. The Motorola V170 also has free incoming. Both models are a little “dated” in terms of features and visual appeal, but both are still available for sale. The V170 is actually on the TracFone website for free when you buy a regular-priced 60-minute card. The 1100, if you want one, might be harder to find. I know my local dollar store still has a few on the rack for $9.99.

      • Ahh the good ol’ moto V170. I will never forget it because the visual style looked so old. i will confirm though that it does have free incoming text messages.

  70. Richard – On the w376g, when you make a call, the right “soft key” will display “”Spkr On” – just press this during your call, and it toggles the speakerphone. Press again, and it turns it back off. You only see this option during a phone call.

    Jessica – the following phones are known to have “free” incoming text messages:

    Nokia: 1100, 2600, 3390
    Motorola: V170, C155

  71. Thanks for the info on the speaker phone. I also had a problem with reception on my phone. I read your comments about the sim card and checked mine. I had a t-mobile card. I called tracphone as you suggested and got a new AT@T sim card in three days. Thanks for your help. This is a GREAT web site!

  72. Thanks for your answer. I’ve read so many great comments about the 376g phone here. I bought one and I am so happy with it. THe sound is so clear as was mentioned here. I’ve had the battery charged for 3 days now and it’s still shows completely full. I think the key is to charge it over night or for a very long time the first time. I’ve used Tracphone customer services in the past with another phone so I have experience with it. It’s true that many of the customer representatives are from south america (depending on the time of day you call). I’ve called to speak with them in english and also in spanish. It’s so amazing how the same representatives can be so much courtious and so much helpful and sound so much professional when they speak in their native language. I was surpresed by their great manners and politeness and I was so pleases with the help they provided. I know this may not help too much for those who do not speak spanish but I just hope that we all understand that it’s not it may be a language barrier issue more than the actually professional caracter behind that customer service representative. Good luck to all.


  73. One comment I wanted to make is that when I bought the phoen, the package came with a card that had a different Serial number than my phone’s serial number so when I tried activating it online, everything went well but it did not activate MY phone. I called customer services and they showed me how to look up my Seial number on my phone: *#06# That’s when we realized that the number on the card did not correspond to my phone and they helped me activate it using my actual serial no. I don’t remember if it was mentioned here before that today I learned that you get 20 minutes if you activate this phone online but only 10 if you activate using customer service. Also, it is much faster to activate it online because on the phone you need to spell out every single letter on your name, e-mail and adress.
    One last question I have, does anyone know how to disactivate the browser option? I won’t be using that and I’m also afraid I will or my children will push that by mistake. I pressed it and while it just lasted 3-5 seconds, it already deducted .50 cents. :(

    Thanks. Jessi

  74. I went on a different blog and found this info very useful
    My wife sent my phone a test text using the info below and then I was able to reply and insert a picture from my phone back to our computer.

    The phone email format is [Ten Digit Phone Num.], and is easy to get if you send an mms from your phone, to your computer, and then reply with the attachment from the computer. Also found a user guide site

  75. Jessica – unfortunately, there is no way to turn off that browser button. Unless you want to actually open the phone and physically disable the button – some have actually done this (I have not). If you want to try something like this, the thread that describes this procedure is here (look for posts by “brewmasterthis”):

    Like I said, I haven’t tried this. My best advice – if you ever accidentally hit that browser button, just close the phone. It immediately cancels everything, and you shouldn’t get charged anything. I have accidentally hit that button only once or twice, and I just closed the phone, and didn’t get charged any units.

  76. After being told my W376g phone can’t send pictures by the dreaded tech support I found this info very useful
    My wife sent a text message to my phone using the info below and then I was able to reply and insert a picture from my phone back to our computer. Pictures were sent succsessfuly

    The phone email format is [Ten Digit Phone Num.], and is easy to get if you send an mms from your computer to your phone and then reply with the attachment from the phone.
    Also found a user guide site

  77. Thanks.I will follow your advice with regards to the browser by just closing the phone right away. Again, thank you for this site. It helps to know I can keep coming back if I encounter any issues in the future with this great phone. I’ve had it for about a week now and I love it. It feels great to just be paying for what I really use. So far I’ve used 5 minutes. I got the Value Plan montly plan of 9.88 (10.65 or so with tax) and I got 100 minutes with the double minutes for life. Defenitely more than enough for me!! Love his plan and love this phone!!

  78. A couple of questions as I just got two of these phones. My signal from the new phones is terrible in my rural area. However on my old tracfone c139, I had a terrific signal. The sim codes are different on the old phone it ends in CA on the new phone it ends is TS. I don’t know how to tell if a sim is Verizon or ATT. Can you tell me the difference and if I need to order a new sim?

    Also, I cannot browse on my phone. Both on the website and on my phone when I hit the browser button, it states that the service isn’t activated yet. Is there a delay in how long it takes to activate? It took 24 hours to be able to make a phone call. Could it take longer to activate the browsing? Called CS and they didn’t have an answer but I don’t think they understood me.

    Thank you!

    • Hello – You definitely ended up with t-mobile sims in your new phone. The numbers you referred to are actually “C4” and “T5,” which refer to Cingular (which is now ATT), and T-Mobile, respectively. You should be able to solve both the coverage and, probably, the browser problems by calling customer service and insisting on a new ATT SIM for each phone. They may be hesitant to give you what you want, but just be firm that your coverage with the new T5 sims is unacceptable and you are not satisfied with the current coverage.

  79. Can’t say for sure that AT&T is “always” better – if your phone works fine (i.e., you get 4 or 5 bars of signal strength in your area), and your data services all work fine (i.e., you can send/receive pics, and you can access internet) with a T-Mobile SIM, then you should be “good to go.”

    I had only 3 bars of signal strength, and my data services did not work at all with a T-Mobile SIM in my w376g here in SW Okla. So I called Tracfone, and they sent me an AT&T SIM card, and now I almost always have 5 bars of signal strength everywhere now. So it just depends on your experience. From what I’ve read, though, many others have reported that the AT&T SIM was a significant improvement over the T-Mobile SIM in their phones.

  80. I had a couple of questions regarding reactivating my 376g. I used it for about 2 weeks and wasn’t happy with it so I purchased a CDMA Kyocera which I love (yeah, I’m pretty basic). Unfortunately the Kyocera doesn’t get a signal in the one place I need it most….at work. My first question is…can I transfer my Kyocera number to the Moto? I wasn’t sure because I am going from CDMA to GSM. My next question is….do I have to buy an airtime card in order to reactivate or can I transfer all the minutes from my Kyocera to the Moto to activate it. I did try to transfer online, but they asked for an airtime pin.
    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Pepper
      it sounds like you’ve already deactivated the Moto. If that’s the case, you will need to purchase and add an airtime card in order to reactivate, I believe. However, they should be able to transfer the number for you. You will also need a new SIM card, which TracFone will do for you free of charge if you call and explain what you want to do.

  81. I know this question has been asked before, but i can’t seem to find it. I just received my new sim card from tracfone which was requested last wed night. The phone is activated and all and i amtrying to find the info to transfer my minutes from my older phone. How do i do this?

  82. There IS a way to shut off the browser button. You go to ‘settings’, ‘personalize’, and ‘home screen’. Then you choose ‘home keys’ and scroll down to ‘left soft key’. You can change it to anything you want. I made that key ‘camera’, and I changed the right soft key to ‘messages’.

    • Hi Deanna
      That works for the left soft key, but I can’t seem to find a way to do the same thing for the dedicated browser button – the one that looks like a little globe, below the left soft key.

  83. Hey, for ringtones now, all the tracfone site gives you is how to do it with your phone… there any other way to do it?

  84. Also, I want to lock my phone….but when I go to lock it it says enter unlock code….and I don’t know the code…Is one given to you in the packet the phone came with?

  85. Regardng The phone book for the motorola 375g you state that the LG600g had entry fields for mobile phone, home phone, email address, group, picture, ringtone, anniversary all under one person does the 375g have that?

    • Lynn – there are not so many options on the w375. You can enter one number, and then designate whether it’s home, mobile, office, etc., but each contact can have only one number stored to it. (If I’m incorrect on this, someone please correct me).

  86. Cae – The “Enter unlock code” window is where you enter the 4 digit code that you want to set as your unlock code. Just enter your 4 digit code (which will display in asterisks), and after you enter the 4th digit, you will see “OK” display above the left soft key. Select the left soft key, and that accepts your unlock code.

  87. Probably already posted somewhere but I was having trouble figuring out why the pictures I sent to my email wasn’t working. I realized that the picture comes with no file format when you email it to yourself. So if that happens to you just add a the .jpg extension to it file. Windows will then open it as a jpeg.

  88. to cae i’ve been trying to figure that out haha and i just figured out that the original unlock code for the phone is: 1234… then the original security code for the phone is: 000000. Hope that helps it helped me i’m happy i figured that out by myself :))) lol

  89. Now can anyone tell me how to unlock these tracphones? (so that i can use my verizon sim card with them) please and thank you :)

  90. I bought this phone to replace my W376 phone since i thought it would be nice to have Bluetooth so I can do hands free in my truck. What mistake that was. I guess when you add Bluetooth and a camera you have to give up something, apparently the marketing folks at Motorola decided that reception was not as important as a camera.

    I can place both my W376 (non bluetooth) and W376g (bluetooth) phones right next to each other and the older non-bluetooth phone shows 5 bars while the new W376g has no reception. I get great reception with it in the city but none just 12 miles out. The old phone gets reception anywhere the new W376g is just plain useless unless you want to take a picture, but then you can’t send it to anyone, no reception.

    • Hi Nick
      This doesn’t sound quite right. First, are both models the w376g? There are no w376g models without bluetooth, so I’m a little confused by your wording. By chance, did you mean that your old phone was a w370, which looks very similar to the w376g but has no camera, and a wide black strip down the front instead of the shiny metallic strip of the w376g?

      Now, for your coverage issue. I’ve posted this in a couple of different comments already, and hopefully it will help you too. I suspect that your coverage issues arise from having a different type of SIM card in your new phone compared to what was in your old one.

      To figure out what kind of sim is in your phone, navigate to the “prepaid” section of your phone’s menu, and look for the “SIM Serial Number” option. Select that, and look for the first six digits of the serial number. If it starts with “890141,” you have an AT&T SIM. If it starts with “890126,” then it’s a T-Mobile SIM. If I had to guess, I would say that your new phone probably has a T-Mobile SIM, and the old was AT&T. This has been discussed quite a bit around various internet forums, and the consensus is that T-Mobile based SIMs provide far inferior roaming capabilities in TracFones. Assuming that’s the problem, the good news is that you can call TracFone and request a free AT&T SIM to replace the T-Mobile SIM in the new phone, if you tell them that the T-Mobile SIM results in unsatisfactory performance. Try this number: 1-800-339-9345. Be persistent and tell them that you are not happy with your phone using the current SIM card. They may resist at first, but if you persist you can get what you want.

    • Nick-
      I didn’t have that problem with mine, although when i enter my childs school i noticed i had no service at all. Just about anywhere else in the state of South Eastern Wisconsin Iv’e had good reception. I have yet to travel out of Wisconsin’s SE vicinity yet.

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  92. can this tracfone be activated anywhere because i just bought one the other day and tried to activate it but was told that it was not compatible with the area. Whats up with that!

    • That is possible. Not all phones work on all networks, and not all networks cover all areas. BAsically, this phone will work on networks provided by AT&T or T-Mobile. If those carriers don’t provide coverage in your area, this phone won’t work for you. This may be the case if you are upgrading from an LG 3280, LG 200c, Kyocera K126, or Nokia 2126, among others. I think this is the likely case.
      Another possibility, though extremely rare, is that the network does cover your area, but TracFone won’t let you activate it there. If this is the case, you might be able to activate using a nearby ZIP code. Of course, then you might get a number that isn’t local to you.

  93. Hi I saw somewhere on your site how to retrieve voice mail via land line and now cannot find it, could you please tell me where to find this info. Thanks

    • Lynn – you just dial your cell phone number on the land line and wait till you hear the greeting, then press the * key, enter your password, and you’re in.

      I turn off my cell phone first to make the process a bit faster (don’t have to wait for the cell phone rings this way).

  94. Thanks for the info, but now I want to know if there is a way to set up your voice mail other than using your phone. If you use your phone, won’t that cost you minutes? I thought I could use the land line but was told the person I was calling had not set up there voice mail yet.

    • Lynn – you do have to initially set up your voice mail from your Tracfone. It doesn’t take long at all, so don’t worry that you are going to use a bunch of minutes, and it’s just a one time thing. I think I used just one minute in setting up mine. So just set it up (by using your Tracfone), then use the land-line method of checking your voice mail (when possible) to save your minutes.

  95. I just bought this 376 phone the other day. It’s been almost 3 days trying to transfer my old number and minutes to this phone.
    The guy told me it would take up to 72 hours for this. Thank God my Son has his virgin mobile prepaid I can rely on until mine is ready to use. I can’t believe it’s taking this long!!

  96. Should the w376g not have caller id when someone that is entered into your phonebook calls? Mine says unknown caller even though thier number is in my phone.

    • Lynn – this phone should have caller id working correctly. Does it display “unknown caller” for every person that calls you, or just some of them?

  97. pbushx2,

    Maybe you could help. On the Tracfone Motorola W376g how does one delete messages in the Inbox and how does one delete entries in the Phone Book.
    Thank you

    • Bill – Go to inbox, highlight the message you want to delete, and press the menu key (center of the circle). The first option is “delete.” Similarly for the contact list, go to your phonebook, higlight the entry you want to delete, and press the menu key. Delete is the third option.

  98. I think I got the caller id worked out. I had everyone under general and when I switched the numbers to personal it started identifying the caller. Who would have thought that would have made a difference. This is my first TracFone and basically I am happy. Hey, I have been through all of the menu, is there someplace that I can change the date and airtime left to black numbers?? right now mine are black with a white outline and very hard to read. Thanks

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  100. Pbushx2 This is very good site. I have never been able to view a picture that has been sent to me. All i get is a red X. How do i get to view these? Tried to save content but get memory not enough. I see in add storage i have 7882KB of free space. They are in jpeg format at 284.1 KB.

    • Hi Alaskan –
      I think that the file you are trying to view might be too large. I would try it with a smaller file (try around or under 100kb for starters).

  101. I’ve just bought a W376g and my Wife trashed the manual. How do I get another one. Does any one know.

  102. I totally agree with a previous writer who complimented you on your courteous and intelligent writing style. It is a pleasure to read your reviews and your responses to others in this day and age when so many are quick to be insulting or dismissive. Great job…It’s nice to know there are some people out there who still have some class!!!!

    • Hi Colleen
      Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m very happy to have courteous people like you that are reading what I write – otherwise my writing would be pointless!

      • I know i am kind of rambling, but i just had a question. When you go to office tools there is a “sim app” option. Do you have any idea on what it is? Also in past experience i would not enter any codes into the phone unless you know what you’re doing because i did that on my moto w260 and it fried my phone which is why i currently have a w376g.
        Thank you in advance, and also thank you for having this great website up.

      • randomdude – I haven’t had the courage to play with the SIM app on any of my phones – I’m afraid of “frying” it like you mentioned.

  103. Im planning on getting this phone this week or next week caint wait im 13 and im getting it for back to school 😀 school is starting in 4 weeks and im going to the 8th eight. (CANT WAIT) FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL SHOPPING!!! xD

  104. I still own this phone and I just discovered that in fact you can change the browser key, go to the main menu, settings, personalize, home screen, then home keys. From there you can change the directional keys and the top soft keys. I did’nt know about it, until I just stubbled upon it today.

    • Hi Joe
      That works for the soft keys as you mentioned, but you can not change the button that has the picture of a globe on it. That one will always open the browser.

  105. A problem with my w370: if somebody call me 3 times from the same number and 3 times from other number, my w370 only can show me 6 missed calls and the last number and I don’t know who was the first, second, third….. calls.
    Please let me know if this w376g doesn’t have the same problem.

  106. For some reason my w376g does not display the name on received or dialed calls. When I receive a call it displays Unknown Caller even though their number and name are in my phone.

    When I dial someone from the phone book, it does not display the name in RECENT Dialed Called list either, Name Unknown.

    I tried changing the Category of a few numbers to Personal as another member did, with no effect.

    I also tried numbers stored in SIM, no effect.

    I thought this was working correctly when I first obtained this phone a couple of months back??????? Don’t recall when it stopped working.

    Maybe some background helps. I originally copied numbers from my V170 to the W376g SIM. Since I was getting close to the 250 number limit, some time later I moved all numbers from SIM to “Phone”. Then I put any new number in SIM since I have all the old numbers already on a file on my HD. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the problem or not. I don’t recall whether the problem started showing up then or not.

    Thanks for your help.

    • I copied all of my Phone memory entries back to SIM. Deleted all entries from Phone memory. Still caller ID names did not appear in the appropriate places.

      Next, I powered off my cell phone. I waited about 30 seconds and powered it back on. Everything works!!!!!!

      Now I’m wondering if I only needed to power off/on to get it working again???? I don’t normally power off my W376g. Maybe I didn’t need to do the copy and deletes. I don’t know. Who knows??? When I get some time, I’ll try some experiments.

    • I have the same problem with everyone in my phonebook showing up as unknown caller & have tried EVERYTHING…what the heck is going on???

  107. I need to change my old w370, but I’m looking for a tracfone mobile, it has to have the funtion,
    I can see every missed number call,beyond the most recent call.
    Could you tell me which one?

    • The w376g tracks received calls, a list of up to 20. The oldest calls are deleted as new calls are added. I imagine there are other Tracfones that do this as well, but I can only speak for the w376g since that is what I currently have.

  108. Thanks for your thorough review of the W376. It helps finalize my decision to buy the phone. Like you guys, I was initially impressed with the look and learning about features/functionality from a real person also helps. I’ve been looking at TracFone b/c of the international long distance capability. I have a lot of family in Cananda and calls to there are the same as local calls. Also, I’m able to create up to three local Canadian numbers for friends/family. When they call the local number the call connects to my Tracfone. They pay for the local call, and I am charged at the standard rate of one unit per minute. Can’t wait to try it out!!!

  109. I want to thank you so much for this wonderful weblog. I currently have a w376g and am quite pleased with it. You have answered so many of my questions, and in a very professional manner. So nice to have someone as pleasant as you answer and help us with our cell phone experiance’s

  110. I just received this phone from Tracfone. I have charged and activated it. It seems to have a random glitch and I was wondering whether anyone else had this happen. It seems to occur after the phone has been idle for a couple hours. I flip open the phone and see nothing but a white screen. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get out of it. I tried calling the phone from my land line and it rang but still had a white screen. I couldn’t answer the call. Not good. The only fix I found so far is to turn the phone off and back on again. Anyone else have this happen? I’m hoping it’s just a setting somewhere.

    • Andrea – it sounds to me like you have a lemon. I would suggest trying to get a replacement by calling TracFone. That is not a glitch that I’ve heard of before.

  111. I’m still trying to figure out how to send my pictures to my e-mail on my W376g. I keep thinking I’ve done it but it never shows up in my in box.

  112. i am none hear to complain…why does doesn’t any of the companies that sell tracfone carry a full keyboard for texting
    with their phones?

    • I hear this a lot, and I know a lot of people are hoping for a qwerty phone soon. I haven’t heard of one coming yet, though.

  113. Bought this phone but sad that I did. It cannot download mp3 ringtones unless you buy them from tracfone which is a real drag because tracfone only has a few ringtones. The bluetooth does not work. There is no way to download pictures taken with the phone to you computer unless you e-mail each one to computer.

    • You are right about the mp3 ringtones and the fact that you have to email pictures to get them off of the phone.

      However, Bluetooth works in some ways – you can use the phone with a Bluetooth-enabled headset device, and you can hook up the phone with some Bluetooth systems in cars (such as Uconnect), but the w376g Bluetooth does not support connection to other phones or to computers.

  114. The Motorola 376g is a piece of garbage. I bought one August 9 to replace my previous Tracfone, which still worked perfectly well after three years but was looking ancient. Despite initially charging it as instructed in the user’s guide and by the customer service rep (whom it took me 25 minutes to reach by phone, since of course I was unable to activate the phone via Tracfone’s website), the phone has never held a charge. I have had to recharge it every 48-60 hours, and it takes 12 hours for it to completely charge. I have been given the runaround by Tracfone via their email and their phone support. The phone is now completely dead and will not recharge. Thanks Tracfone, for the phone that lasted three weeks.

  115. Don’t know if anyone is still watching this site.
    I have learned quite a bit by reading all of it.
    I have sent pictures to my computer with success.
    I have a couple of questions.
    I sent a picture to my phone by mms. I got the email
    with no problem. (It was sent as a file attachment)
    When I looked at the email, it only had “play” as an
    option. I did not see a way to add it to my phone or
    download it. I checked the additional downloads and
    can’t find it. I can’t even find the message now.
    So, when I email myself a picture, how do I get it
    so that I can use it as wallpaper.
    Second question. To test sending my computer a picture,
    I took a couple of random shots. They are stupid pictures and I would like to get rid of them, but again, I see no option for deleting them after they have been saved. Thank you, Bill

    • Bill – I think the circle “menu” key has the answer to both of your questions. To delete the pictures, when viewing a pic press the center button of the directional keypad, and “delete” should be one of the options that pops up. Similarly, when viewing an MMS message, press the center circle key to display options. “Save Content” should do the trick, I believe. It’s been a while since I’ve tried for myself, however.

  116. Sorry if this is duplicate, but don’t see orig. post. I just purchased a W376g direct from Tracfone. Only my 2nd cell, 1st also tracfone. 2 ques. when I received it, powered it up, the screen said service would lapse if minutes not added by 01/01/2001. I thought I was buying a newer, upgraded phone. Any ideas on this? Does a newer mfg phone give me better reception? Bugs me to buy what appears to be a 9 year old phone. Also, last phone I had, came without battery being charged. This one, had 2 bars already charged. Do you think they sent me a used phone? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  117. “unknown caller” try adding the area code. My son would come up as “unknown” untill I added area code to his # in my ph. book. His area code is the same as mine so I didn’t enter it in the ph. book. Sending pix.—I needed to select MMS before the pix. could be sent .

  118. Thanks for the help, you were right. It was easy to download.

    I have tried reading all the posts, but I might have missed
    this one. I was at a website which had a free ringtone.
    I know that you are not suppose to be able to download a ringtone
    from anyplace other than tracfone, but the message I got from
    the website left me with a question.
    They sent me a text message and it said that I could use
    WAP to get the ringtone. While I know pretty much about computers,
    I know nothing about mobile phones. I googled WAP and read about
    that. (web browser) I found a website that said the w376g had
    WAP. The message that I got in the text message was
    “For Mobile, use the WAP service link sent to this phone.”
    I didn’t see a link attached.
    I guess I can’t use the w376g for this, or can I?

    • Bill – you won’t be able to do that on the w376g. The hardware for mobile web access (and downloads) is there, but the TracFone firmware severely restricts which sites can be accessed by the w376g, as well as any other TracFone handsets to this point.

      • I figured out that you can go onto myspace’s mobile website( But it will not show any pictures,videos,or audio,just text.

  119. There’s all this talk about MP3 this and MP3 that….

    Did anyone consider that they don’t use MP3 format, but WAV format instead?

    I sent a .WAV to my Motorola W376g and it played.

    Try it out and see what happens.

    • JJ – you are right about that. If I’m not mistaken, though, aren’t wav files quite a bit larger than mp3 files? Other than that, I think you are correct. YOu just might have to store a few less tones if you use the wav option. thanks for sharing.

  120. I don’t remember the password for my w376g. I want to retrieve voicemail msgs via my landline. I tried the default 1234, and one other possibility. If I try 3 times (one more try to go), and it is also wrong, am I locked out? Or does that only apply to the security code? Is the password and the “security code” the same thing? There are several 4 digit numbers I might have used for the new passcode when I got the phone about 3 months ago — I’m trying them all. :-)


  121. I just got the motorola em326g phone from net 10. I was so excited unfortunately it did not work. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with them untill finally they said they would send me a new phone. This was the 3rd time I called them. I have been a net 10 customer for 3 yrs and have been very happy except they have cheap phones but, you get what you pay for. This is the first camera phone so I wanted it. It also has a radio and mp3 player. I hope this next one works.

    • Hi LC
      What exactly did not work with your old phone? Hopefully the new one gets the job done. If you have further problem, you may want to make sure the SIM card is installed correctly. The gold plates on the SIM card should be facing toward the body of the phone, so that you can read the SIM serial number when the card is installed in the phone.

      I know several people have reported receiving their Motorola EM326g with the SIM card in backwards. Keep in mind that this is a problem at the Motorola factory, not a problem caused by Net10.

  122. The W376g is currently on sale at my local ShopKo stores for $18.88!

    I am not sure if it is available in other ShopKo stores, as well, but this is a great deal. Better than the TracFone website price of $29.99.

  123. I have just purchased this phone and went online and transferred from my old V170 to this one. Are you supposed to switch the sim card? How do I get my old phone book into the new phone?


  124. I lost my Motorola W 370 ( Good phone) I now have a v 170 (not so good)
    K-mart has a W376g on sale for $ 14.95. I use less than 50 min per mo.,do not use text or pics.

    • Glynn Coleman – The w376g is definitely an upgrade to either of those phones. And the fact that it has the double minutes feature makes it an even better deal. They do not have this offer right now, but the best deal has been when Tracfone offers refurbished w376gs at its website along with a 60 minute airtime card for $19.99. I keep an eye on the Tracfone website for those deals.

      Don’t forget about airtime. You can use bonus codes to get extra time for airtime in any of the available denominations. Look at this site for codes:

      Or if you don’t want to fool with bonus codes at all you could just sign up for Tracfone’s value plan that gives you 50 minutes a month/30 days service for $9.99 a month – and automatically re-enrolls you each month. And unused minutes roll over each month.

      • Glynn Coleman – I forgot to mention that with the w376g, your minutes in the Value Plan would actually double – that is, for $9.99 (plus applicable taxes), you would actually get 100 minutes plus a month of service each month. Just wanted to add that clarification.

    • tj – is it about the size of a credit card, and is the non-adhesive side of it magnetic by chance? I think I have one of these that came with a Tracfone calendar – perhaps meant to hold one of their calendars (or similar such thing) to a metal surface.

    • teknosci – Yes, it does. It displays minutes to 2 decimal places, for example, 440.60 minutes. And deducts .30 minutes for an outgoing text message (SMS/EMS), and another .30 for an incoming text message. Be advised – if the text message is really long, you could get charged more than .30 minutes!

      • ortizmro– thanks for the info. All of my calls are voice but usually less than 1 minute and I would hate to have a full unit deducted for a 30 sec call.

    • teknosci – I need to clarify that Tracfone charges different rates for voice calls than it does for text messages. Regarding voice phone calls, Tracfone will indeed deduct 1 full minute for that 30 second phone call. Voice calls are deducted in whole minutes, whereas text messages are deducted in tenths of a minute (.3 for a standard SMS/EMS, for example). So when you make a call, as soon as the call connects, you get deducted a minute. The number of minutes deducted for a call will equate to the length (in minutes) of your call, rounded up to the nearest whole minute.

  125. Thanks for the tip on buying the $10 Tracfone as a means to get a new battery, AC charger, etc. I found a bonus pack that included battery, AC charger, car charger, belt holder, and earbug/mic, all for under $10 at Walmart.

  126. I bought this phone about a year ago. I’m a moderate texter, and I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with the texting capabilities of this phone as time has progressed. Other people may not notice this, and it may just be my phone, but whenever I push a key it takes a while for the screen to register anything. It’s not a huge amount of time, but if I’m texting a sentence I could be as far as three words ahead of what the screen is printing out, and I don’t even text particularly fast. This becomes a problem when the keypad incorrectly registers a letter and I have to go back three words to fix it, which is itself a hassle because the directional pad also registers very slowly. Click five times to the left, and a second later the cursor moves left five spaces.

    There seems to be some kind of inherent programming problem with my phone. Every button takes this same time mentioned above to register on the screen, whether it’s a menu button, exit, or directional pad, probably a result of the programmers trying to make stylish-looking graphics that the phone can’t handle.

    Another annoyance: at the end of a call, when you press the END button, a little symbol pops up on the screen that informs you that the call has ended. It then proceeds to show an animation of a phone hanging up. The whole animation only takes about 4 seconds, but when you’re in a hurry, as I often am, it is extremely annoying.

    The contact list has the same problem. You can press down on the directional pad 20 times, and in that time it will only move about 10 spaces. Then it will have to catch up, rather slowly, with the next 10 spaces once you’ve stopped clicking. And this is not exceptionally fast clicking.

    No other phone that I’ve used before, whether mine or a friend’s, has had these kind of delay problems. Even my first cell phone, a “brick,” was faster than this one.

    If you don’t care so much about speed, though, then this phone is probably fine for you.

    Hope this helps someone, I’d be interested to know if anyone else has experienced any of these problems with their phone.

    • Evan – I have heard about the first issue you mention – the delay in texting. I wish I could see a demonstration of what people are talking about. I also have this phone (for about a year and 3 months now), and I can now text pretty quickly. I don’t experience much of a delay at all from the keypad to what shows up on the screen (using the predictive text mode). I type in the “ab 1” mode, and I enter my words using the space key (the one to the left of the zero), and I keep typing. It goes pretty quickly for me.

      I quickly navigate thru my contact list by typing the first letter of the contact I want to go to (such as “T”) and the contact list quickly jumps to the “Ts.” If you have a lot of entries of Ts, you can even type the first few letters of the contact, such as “Ted,” and it will go directly to that one. Additionally, when you first go to the contact list, you can hit the up arrow to go to the bottom of the list.

      Easiest way to end a call is to just close the phone. That ends/closes/terminates everything. No annoying things to put up with.

      Hope this helps.

  127. Thanks for your review! I also inadvertently select the soft key for web access wasting my minutes. I don’t know if you found a solution yet (Im an old man and got tired of reading). I changed the left soft key on the home page. Settings/Personalize/Home Screen/Home Keys/Left Soft Key. I changed mine from web access to calendar. If I inadvertentl hit the key now … the free calendar function appears.

    • Jeff…Thanks for the tip. There are probably other great user suggestions here but this blog format makes it difficult to search out the gems.

  128. I got a motorols W175 tracfone and I really like it a whole lot and the free minutes
    you get every first part of the month and you don’t have to go and pay for minutes you can add as many minutes on the tracfone.

  129. how can i tell if my sim card in my tracfone w376g is t-mobile or at&t? I am currently getting lousy reception after having this phone for about a week. In my area t-mobile has a poor reception record.
    I called tracfone and after much discussion, they are sending a new phone, but unless it has an at&t sim card in it it will not work in my area.

    • Sam – an easy to tell is by looking at the first six digits of the SIM serial number of your phone. If it starts with “890141,” you have an AT&T SIM. If it starts with “890126,” then it’s a T-Mobile SIM. Select the Main menu button (center round button, then Prepaid, then SIM serial number.

  130. ortizmro,
    Thank you very much for the info. The sim card in my phone is a t-mobile. That would explain for the poor reception that i`m receiving. When the new phone arrives from tracfone, i will have to check that sim card and hopefully it is not another t-mobile. Thanks again, Sam

  131. I just noticed on my w376g that with the change of the year to 2010, it lists received call times, dialed calls, as 01/01/00. Is this a glitch?

    • Bill – appears to be. Mine is this way, too. I am going to contact Tracfone and try to get this fixed. Will let you know how this turns out.

      • Bill – I am told by an individual who has fixed all of my Tracfone issues (up to this one) that:

        “There is no fix for the date when you receive a call.”

        If I come across something else addressing this issue, I will post it here.

  132. Finally made the plunge a year later to a W376g, or at least I’m trying to. I went thru the activation process to transfer my old number and minutes and the new phone started working, but with a new number, slighly more time and the old phone still working also with the same minutes it had on it. Somewhere someone doesn’t have a phone I suspect, or at least a working one. Customer service was polite but hard to understand, spent half an hour the first time at which point they told me to wait 72 hours and see if it worked. Which it didn’t. Another call and they said yes, they had a record of my call, would I please wait 72 hours. After I finally got thru to the service agent that it had already been that long we spent over an hour trying to get it working. At which point he told me they would send me a new SIM card. They blamed it all on trying to activate it with a different zip code as the home zip. Well, it is different, I moved, but only about 25 miles. And if that was the problem, why was the old one still active? Frustrating, but they seem to be trying to be helpful. I guess it’s a good thing the old phone still works and isn’t my only phone.

    Mike W.

  133. Been thinking about this phone myself, but I have two questions. I have the W370 and while I like it the most aggravating thing I deal with it is the number of rings before the call goes to voice mail. Sometime when I’m driving or I have the phone in a different room I cannot get to it in time to answer it before the call goes to voicemail. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to change that. Does anyone know how to do that, or can it be changed on the W376? Also, I love the double minutes for life option, but if I transfer the minutes from my current phone does it double them also?

    • Chris L. – No, you cannot change the number of rings before the phone goes to voice mail. I think I read about someone once saying in a forum claiming that they got someone at Tracfone customer support to change this setting, but I’m not sure this was really true.

      As for the minutes, transferred minutes won’t be doubled – the w376g doubles minutes when you purchase them, but bonus minutes (as well as activation and transferred minutes) will not be doubled.

  134. Ok, thanks for the response on my questions. I’ll probably still get one as the double minutes for life option is just too tempting to pass up and it seems like a nice phone.

    • Chris L. – It’s a nice phone – I like mine a lot. Tracfone’s web site currently has the w376g for $19.99 – and they are offering free shipping. Additionally, use promotional code 23444 to get a $3.00 discount and that makes the phone $16.99 (plus applicable tax) – that’s a pretty good deal!

  135. Yea, I actually went to Wally World and picked it up yesterday for 19.99 along with a 120 minute card and transferred everything over last night on the tracfone website without any issues. I kept the same phone number, used one of the codes on your page and ended up with almost 600 minutes and then bought a ringtone off the tracfone site and now I’m happy. I liked the 370, but for some reason the speed dial never worked on it. This one works fine and I like the radio option, I had a earplug/mic for the 370 and it works fine for the radio on the 376 and I like how the radio shuts off when you get a call and then comes back on when you’re done with the call. Pretty happy with it so far. The DMFL was the real clincher though.

  136. I’m almost a virgin at cell phones, prepaid or otherwise. The W376g was only my second unit, with the first also being from Tracfone. In re Tracfone, while its Customer Assistance staff are VERY (Sincerely?) polite, their accents/voice levels are somewhat infuriating. However, the English-as-a-second-language group is very common now in anything in the area of “Customer Relations” in almost all fields, so…. However, as for the W376g; THE ONLY “complaint” I could make on the unit is that it has FAR more features/capabilities than I could EVER use! I use my phone primarily….gasp….as a phone (i.e., an electronic device for communicating with persons beyond the range of my voice.) and find it is MORE than adequate and-in many ways- better than my land-line number. $19.99 plus tax at the Walmart General Store and I guarantee my next “units” will be purchased because my time period is running out, NOT my units. As I have always charged blindly ahead, I had already purchased this phone THEN located your excellent blog. I’ve learned a lot about THIS unit AND cell phones e.g. Oh; one other note: I HAVE used the camera feature once or twice and, admittedly, it does not produce Ansel Adams-level photos. Then again; I’m not Ansel Adams! Keep up the good work! Nice to have a place to access where you habla Ingles.

  137. I purchased the tracfone W376g and I’ve NEVER had a cell phone before, so it was difficult to figure out how to set things up since there was no manual to get information from. I’m finding this site very helpful to answer lots of questions that I’ve been having. I actually never use the phone but only wanted it to have handy in case of an emergency. So I’m wondering even though I never use it, I still need to re-charge it once a week. I’m wondering if I can just let it plugged it all the time and only unplug it to take it with me when I leave the house which is only 2 or 3 days a week. My question is . . . will it hurt for the phone to be plugged in all the time?

  138. Great review! Unfortunately for us, our trak phone seems to be defective and we can’t find our receipt to take it back to WalMart. Tech support has tried for over a week to resolve the issue, but I think the phone must just be defective. When making or receiving a call, the person on the land line or other cell phone can hear me, but I can’t hear a thing on the trak phone. Tech support had me turn up the volume on the side of the phone but this didn’t help. Please let me know if you can think of anything else I could try.

    • JoKen1 – your issue definitely sounds like a defective phone to me – that’s not something I’ve heard as being a common problem with this model. Some stores (I know Target, for one) will do a return or exchange if you can just provide a credit card that was used to pay for the defective item. So if you paid with a credit card, that might work out. Even if you paid with cash or check, it might be worth checking at their customer service desk. They’re usually willing to help.

  139. Guys…. I have a W370 tracfone and all I get on a picture text is a big Red “X”. What “pray tell”, is going on?

    Thanks in advance….

  140. I followed the manual instructions for e-mailing a photo to my computer, but I receive the message “send message failed”. I have a good digital camera, so I will probably never use the camera feature with the phone, but I’d like to know how to use it “just in case”
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Robert

    • Robert – Is this the first time you have tried this? Sometimes you just have to try it again, mine does this once in a while, then I just try it again, and it works fine the next time.

      • I have found trying again does work. Just make sure your signal strength is at least three bars.

        I also have found the .jpg image is small if you look at the picture, and choose to email/mms the picture. I cannot find an image I was sure I sent from the W376G to verify that it is truly smaller, but it looked smaller when viewed in my email.

        I found if I first begin an mms message, then choose to attach the picture, it is sent at 640 x 480 pixels and 96 dpi.
        Attaching the image, putting in a subject for the message, and sending the message is difficult for me. The menu does not seem to be simple to follow.

        No subject needed when I am just trying to get the picture emailed to me so it can be viewed!

  141. pbush-

    Great site. Couple of questions though.. 1st, I have an AT&T SIM which works great. But if I were to move (I live in NJ) do I necessarily have to notify tracfone? I only ask this b/c I wouldn’t want to have to change numbers, and risk them making me get a TMobile SIM which IS crap! Also, I can never add minutes directly on my phone. I always have to call CS and enter long strips of #’s into the code entry mode..

    • Hi Jonnie
      Don’t worry about your phone if you move – it should continue to work fine. The only problem would be if you move to a place with poor AT&T coverage.

  142. On the “white screen” that somebody mentioned maybe midway up these questions, could it be the “lantern” function that somehow got turned on. I can’t remember if it’s my 376 that has lantern or not (and it’s in the car so I can’t go look conveniently) but I think so.

    • beanie romahn – You can turn this feature off. Click on Messages, then press the main menu (center round button) and select the last item (Brwsr Msg Setup). Select the last item, and set it to “Off.” Then you will stop receiving browser messages.

  143. A perhaps somewhat naive question that-so far-I have been unable to find the answer to, either in re my W376g or cell phones in general. The most expeditious way I could think of to solve the-very REAL-problem of the wimpy battery was to simply purchase a cheaper Motorola cell and use it as a “charger”. A thought has now come to mind: Will frequent (defined as ‘a couple time a weeks’) PHYSICAL CHANGING of the battery damage/significantly shorten the life of my 376g? Towards this end the purchase price of a new phone would actually be an insignificant factor. Trying to deal with whatever the luck-of-the-draw brings forth from Tracfone’s “Customer Service” ( for transfer of existing number/units) might NOT. I actually thought that either Tracfone-or perhaps God-was punishing me, until I read some of the replys in this blog. Unfortunately-in this instance-misery doesn’t actually LOVE company.

    I actually find Tracfone-when working-to be EXCELLENT, but I feel their “Customer Service” could actually LEARN SOMETHING from, say, any of the major Airlines! Or the DMV!

    Anyway, anybody’s educated guess to my question would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thomas Snouffer – No, I don’t think you will reduce the life of your phone simply by changing out the battery, just be careful not to damage the battery or the phone in the process. I actually do this as well – I have a second w376g that I obtained thru one of the special offers that lets you get a refurbished w376g for free along with a 60 min card from the Tracfone web site. They are still running that offer, actually (in my area, anyway).

      • Thanks! It’s always nice to be “backed up” by somebody who is more knowledgable than I am (on cell phones, that’s nearly everybody!).

        Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels buying a “spare” phone for $20 is more effective than getting a new battery (from Motorola; almost TWICE that).

        NOTE: With the sole exception of the battery’s “shelf-life”, I am VERY impressed with my W376g! Due to abuse by music(?) and firearms in my teen years (a VERY long time ago) my hearing is TERRIBLE. Even so, the 376-at default settings-is completely within acceptable levels and works as well as my land-line. I have a cell phone strictly relating to the need to have constant contact with two family members in re medical situations. Even in the Wilds of Idaho-check ANY coverage map and you’ll see what I mean by that-I can depend on this phone should any emergency arise. For TWENTY BUCKS plus some Tracfone minutes!?! Dude! That’s the best deal I’ve seen since the ’60s!

        Thanks again, ortixmro.

  144. I am having a problem with seeing my screen when outside. Is there any way to adjust the brightness? When out in full screen I can’t read my screen at all. Thanks

      • twinsmomje – No – unfortunately this is a common problem with color displays. The only thing I know of you can adjust is the color setting, but it just changes the color and I don’t think it will help with the problem. That’s in Settings, Personalize, Color Setting, and then choose an alternative setting.

  145. Hello from Germany! May i quote a post a translated part of your blog with a link to you? I’ve tried to contact you for the topic Motorola w376g TracFone Review – Part 1 « Pbushx2’s Weblog, but i got no answer, please reply when you have a moment, thanks, Gedicht

    • Hallo Gedicht
      I would be happy to have you link over to me, and I’m interested in learning how Germans make use of the info I publish here. Please watch your email for a message from me directly.
      Best regards,

  146. Hi, I hope I’m doing this right. I’d like to know how to send a picture from my w376g to an email address? I just got the phone, and am confused about all the instructions for the browser. When I click that, am I acutally on the internet? Bear with me, I’m 76 years old, and I think I’m getting close to going to the “old folks home”. Thank you, Ed

    • ed parauka – Easiest way is to go to where your picture is located. I imagine you have it stored in the phone – so click the center main menu button, then select multimedia, pictures, additional device, then scroll to the picture you want to send. Now select the picture you want with the center main menu button. This brings up a Pictures menu – you want to select “Send in Message,” then press Select. Then you should see the picture – you can type in a caption if you want – if not, just press OK. Now you should see the Phone book – here you select a phone book entry (if you have the email address in your phone book), or select “One Time Entry” and manually type in your email address to send your picture. Then press OK, and then Send. Your message (with picture attached) should start sending.

      • Bernie W – sometimes this is a temporary issue – just turn off the phone, turn on and try again. I have had my phone do strange things and I just “reboot” it and it is OK again. Maybe even take out the battery and put back in.

        But if this doesn’t resolve it, then call their customer support – for best results, use the Customer Escalations number during “normal” business hours – 1-800-876-5753.

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  148. Very good phone right here. This phone goes hard for me. Yuh, i love this phone. Never had to worry about bad service or high bills using this phone. Thanks for a review that i could actually use! Although i will say that some of the people who have commented here do not know what they are talking about. Tracfone is a great provider and i love the service.

  149. I haven’t used many phones that have made me quite as happy as this phone. This phone really does work well for me and I love every minute of using it. Tracfone came up nicely for the consumer this time. I don’t even usually write reviews like this but i really do like this phone and i guess i just wanted to let you guys know it.

  150. This is a great phone company. I actually do not have the phones refrenced in this blog but i do have a tracfone. I will honestly say that getting a tracfone was my best decision in a while. Tracfone is cheaper and better than most other companies on the market to day!

  151. Tracfone has been a pleasantly surprising experience for me. I was expecting bottom-end service for the price that I got, and instead got this deluxe signal strength that was strong pretty much everywhere I wanted to go. The phones don’t really impress and forget about checking your email, but if you’re looking to call/text and save money, then tracfone is the way to go.

    • richardsnide5 – yes – the w376g is a good, basic phone for someone who wants good audio quality, reliable signal strength (it’s hard to beat in this area once you figure out what service provider works best for you), and who doesn’t use too many minutes a month. A w376g is still my primary cell phone – have considered NET10 from time to time, but I’m just to cheap to do it! I like spending $10 or less a month to heave cell phone service. I don’t hardly talk on a cell phone – just want to have it available “as needed.”

  152. How does a person reset the TIME on the Motorola W376g now that we are on Day Light Savings? I enjoy my tracfone very much and have had one since 2001. Don’t get too technical because I am 83. Thanks–Helen

    • Hi Helen
      Have you tried turning the phone off and then on again? The reason I ask is that I believe that phone will update the time automatically over the network. But sometimes it needs an on/off cycle to trigger it to check in with the network again.

  153. Anyone seen that you can now grab helpful tech support from their Facebook page? This is a huge relief because I once tried to call their regular customer support line and it was a disaster, they don’t speak English too good. Anyway, love it now because they fixed my issue and I can pay that low tracfone price.

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