TracFone LG 600G review – Part 1

LG 600G Review

Another Bluetooth TracFone

[Edit: this phone is now available for $26.99 from TracFone. Click here for more details.]

For the second time in as many months, TracFone has released a new bluetooth-equipped phone. I had so much fun completing my review of the w376g that I had to rush out and get the LG 600G as soon as I could in order to review it as well. As I did with the w376g review, I’ll be breaking this review into three parts. [NOTE: As of August 18th, you can access part 2 of the LG 600G review by clicking here.] If you’re a new visitor to this blog, you may also want to subscribe to receive free updates by clicking on the link at the top right corner of this page. Now, on to the review.

First, let’s go over the features that set this apart from other TracFone models:

  • Flip Phone design
  • VGA Camera
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Phonebook with up to 1000 entries
  • External display
  • Double Minutes for the life of this phone upon activation

 There are a handful of other features that may be important to some, and I’m skimming over them initially. Basically, though, if any previous TracFone had a particular feature, odds are that it’s available on this phone as well. I’ll get to all the extras later on in the review, too.

Much like the Motorola Bluetooth phone, the appearance of this phone is far better than any of the older TracFone models. I really like how this phone looks. I personally prefer it over the w376g, but that definitely is a matter of your personal taste. The LG 600G is slightly wider, and maybe 3/8” shorter, than the w376g. They are about the same thickness, and the Motorola is slightly heavier. The color, shape, and external screen on the 600G are the biggest differences in the appearance. The Motorola is silver and rather narrow looking, while the LG is a glossy black design with smooth, rounded corners and edges.

Another nice feature is the external screen, which allows you do view the status of your phone without flipping it open. This small screen displays a lot of info in a small space, including date, time, signal strength, battery meter, new message indicator, and ringer volume level.

As I said above, I am really impressed with the visual appeal of this phone. In my review of the w376g, I wrote “…this phone looks less like a TracFone handset than any other model offered by the company.“ Well, that distinction for the w376g didn’t last long, as the 600G surpasses that model attractiveness. And, you won’t find the word “TracFone” anywhere on the outside of the phone. (When the 600G is flipped open, however, you’ll see the TracFone trademark below the main screen).

Speaking of the screen, I found that the internal display to be quite nice – equal to the screen on the w376g. Regarding the keypad, I found it to be good, but not great on the 600G. I actually slightly preferred the numeric keypad on the Motorola. Whereas the Motorola has raised ridges separating the number keys, the 600G sports more rounded, glossy keys. However, the arrow pad and the clearly marked “OK” and “clear” keys on the 600G definitely worked better for me than did the comparable keys on the w376g. So I guess that’s a toss up in terms of usability.

But in terms of texting I have to give a slight advantage to the Motorola for a reason that might at first seem like a disadvantage. As I noted earlier, the Motorola is slightly heavier. This actually seems to work better for me when I do one-handed texting and other use of the phone, as the w376g seems to balance in my hand more steadily.

However, the major downfall of the w376g in terms of texting is the use of the iTAP predictive text system, compared to the T9 system used by the LG as well as older Nokia TracFones. If you’ve never used either of these, or have always used iTap, you might not notice a difference. But if you’ve used T9 significantly, you’ll definitely prefer it to iTAP. So in that area, the advantage goes to the LG.

And, before I move on, I’ll get to one more complaint about the keypad. Just like the w376g, the 600G has the single-touch web browser key. This may be a problem for some because, if you accidentally press the browser button, the browser application will open and begin deducting units (on both this phone and the w376g) However, it is not as problematic on the 600G since the button only functions if you are at the home screen when you press the browser key. Further, if you do accidentally start the browser, the option to “cancel” is clearly available on the screen. Both of these last two points are improvements over the w376g.

Now let’s get to what a phone is supposed to be used for – talking. The sound quality on this phone is good, but not great. I compared the 600G with the w376g by calling some people first with the LG, then with the Motorola. In my testing, the Moto produced a crisp, clean sound compared to the LG, both for me and for the person on the other end of the line.

The LG was not bad, but definitely finished in second place behind the Motorola in my opinion. The sound of the 600G seemed to pretty accurately reproduce the voice of both parties at an adequate volume, yet it sounded rather distant – almost as if I were holding a thin layer of cloth between my ear and the phone.

Another area where I had difficulty was that the receiver on the 600G seems very sensitive to wind noise. I experienced this problem outdoors, obviously. But, I also noticed it when having a regular conversation indoors. It seems that the microphone picked up the movement of air from me breathing. Now I’m a pretty healthy, physically fit person and I wasn’t breathing heavily or anything, so this really surprised me. I’ve never had this problem with any other phone, and it was quite annoying when I could hear the “noise” created by my own breath. After a few minutes on the phone I was able to adjust the position of the phone to alleviate the problem, but it was still annoying.

Another point you may want to consider is that the 600G excels in the area of signal reception. Wherever there is even the faintest signal, this LG picks it up and is able to make and receive calls. It may even be a little better than the w376g. Two thumbs up in this area.

Now, after reading the last few paragraphs, you might be completely turned off to this phone. If you plan to use the LG 600G only as a basic phone the vast majority of the time, then I would suggest that the Motorola w376g is probably going to be a better purchase for you – especially at roughly half the price. But if you are interested in other features, stay tuned for future installments of this review. This phone does have some great redeeming qualities beyond sound quality, but they’re not the sort of things that all TracFone customers will make use of. Here is a list of the topics I plan to cover in future segments of this review:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ringtones and Wallpapers
  • Camera/Voice Recorder
  • Web Browser
  • Games
  • Calendar/Organizer
  • Phone Book

I’ll be getting to these and other areas of this phone on a new post within a week. [NOTE: As of August 18th, you can access part 2 of the LG 600G review by clicking here.) Again, if you haven’t already done so, you may want to subscribe to receive free updates by clicking on the link at the top right corner of this page. This will ensure that when I publish more info about this phone, the w376g, and other TracFone topics such as great deals and new bonus codes, you’ll find out about it right away.

133 thoughts on “TracFone LG 600G review – Part 1

  1. Great review, just what I was looking for. I was debating between this and the Motorola, looks like I’ll be going with the LG.

  2. I just got this phone, only for net10. I love it, but after receiving some files through bluetooth, I could not use them for ringtones or listen to them. So I settled for using the voice recorder to record songs for ringtones. However, when I recorded songs, I listened to them and they sounded very strange, and sped up in some places in the song. Thank you for the review, I hope you check these things out on the phone.

  3. I ordered this phone through the tracfone website and i am trying to find a crystal clear hard case to fit it. Do you know another LG model that is basically the same so that cases would be interchangeable.

  4. here’s the deal,i bought this phone at my local kmart.i got it activated,everything worked fine ,until i tried to save a picture. i took with the phone,to my phonebook id it kept saying write error and wouldn’t save it.any ideals why this is happing.

  5. @Adam – from my basic testing, the bluetooth seems to be less restricted on this LG 600G than on the Motorola w376g. But I will have to do more testing to be sure. I’ll post on the blog when that testing is done.

    @Kelli – Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have not tried the file transfer by bluetooth yet – I have to get bluetooth added to my computer first! But when I do, I’ll try some different files and report how it works. Also, regarding the recording, I also did some experimenting with making my own recording and then setting it as a ringtone. I also experienced the speed/jumbling issues you described. So I deleted the file and tried it again, and it worked the second time. I have no idea why that was the case, but I guess I would say just try it again and hope it works the next time around.

    @Stevo – I don’t know what models this matches up with in terms of size and shape, but I have a couple of suggestions. First, I would look on eBay. Sellers there are notorious for listing every possible model that is compatible with a particular accessory. Alternatively, I would go to a brick-and-mortar store and ask for help. My local mall has a cell phone accessory kiosk, and I’m guessing a place like that would help. If you find something that works, please do share your experience with us. Thanks!

    @Buel – I think this should work with your camry – other users were able to get the w376g to work with Toyotas, and the LG seems to have less restrictive bluetooth settings than does the w376g.

    @Tim – I tried to replicate the steps that led to your problem, but was unable to do so. Could you maybe describe step-by-step the keys that you pushed to arrive at your problem? Maybe that way I, or some other user, could follow along with your steps and offer better suggestions for a solution.

  6. ok i will try,step 1-save contact info to the phonebook,save it to the phone not sim.step 2-save contact phone number.step 3-save contact email,and ect. step 4-when you come to phonebook picture,go into graphics and get pictures you have taken and set it for your phonebook picture ID.once the picture is in the picture box hit save ,the promblem is when i save it, write error comes up first then it will say saved ,but it isn’t saved.i contacted net -10 they sent me a new phone,it did the same thing.i contacted LG they said it could be the software.

  7. @Slim Jim – Yes, you can transfer photos to a computer using bluetooth, if your computer is equipped with bluetooth. Close to a year ago I picked up a “Bluetooth USB Dongle” for under $10, with the intention of using it to pair to a BT headset for use with Skype. But, I never got around to installing it until tonight. When I did, I was able to connect my LG 600G via Bluetooth to my computer, and transfer pictures and audio recordings FROM the phone to the computer. However, I have not yet been able to send from the computer TO the phone. I’ve heard this is possible, but haven’t figured out yet how to do it using my set up. I think it may be a problem with my cheap-o software, though, as I’ve seen elsewhere on the web that people have sent images from a computer to the LG600G. Anyway, I’ll be doing a better write-up of this testing in my next blog post – review part 2.

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  9. Thanks @pbushx2 for the responses. Picked up an LG600G at the local kmart this morning (thanks @tim reed for mentioning you could get it there). I would usually just order online, but Tracfone always seems to ship fedex with signature required…Which for me means a 20 mile round trip to the fedex depot to pick it up since I’m never home to receive the delivery. Nowadays that trip is costly!

    I’m pretty happy with the phone so far…it’s certainly a major leap forward from my old Moto C139. I transfered my number and remaining minuted and activation from my old tracfone easily via the web site. The last time I tried it with a real person and it took well over 2 hours on the phone with them before they got it right. Thankfully the web site worked flawlessly this time.

    I have successfully moved photos both to and from the phone over bluetooth. I just used the Microsoft Bluetooth File Transfer wizard built in to Windows XP. No special software.

    I have a couple of minor complaints:

    The accessory/power port is on the side of the phone instead of the bottom. My car has a nice holster for your phone while it’s charging, but it is designed for the cord to exit the bottom of the phone, not the side.

    Also, I a have not been able to find a way to add multiple phone numbers to a single contact. I am getting the idea that this is simply “not something you do” on modern phones. My ancient (mumble, muble, forget what model) phone used to allow you to assign multiple phone numbers and give each a little icon showing whether it was home, cell, work, etc. So you’d only have to enter “Bob” and list three numbers instead of “Bob Cell”, “Bob Home”, etc. Having to enter three separate contacts for one person seems silly, but my last 3 phones have all required that. (Or I’m too clueless to figure it out, which is also possible…)

  10. i can’t believe that i’am the only one having a issue with this write error thing.i’am talking about pressing the down key,contact list comes up,it says no contacts, hit the new key,at the top it says new contact,then it says memory,sim or phone use the phone memory.after that it says name. put in name then it says type mobile,home,work,fax,other.put in whatever, then it says number put in a phone number,after that email,after that group,then it says picture,in the middle of that box it says no the bottom it says save on the left or options on the right.go into options then it gives you #1-no picture#2-graphics#3-new photo#4-cancel. this is what i do,go into #3-new photo,hit the ok key,camera comes up take a photo,after that it will say set on the left or delete on the right, hit the set key the photo you just took shows up in the box at the bottom it will say save on the left or options on the right hit the save key that when the write error comes up, also i notice when recieving calls sometimes there no info on the screen after you open the flip just a blank screen

  11. adam iam glad it’s working for you i bought the first phone at kmart, net 10 sent me a second phone it did the same thing they sent me a third phone it did the same thing. ive tried three phones they all did the same thing maybe its were i live i dont no

  12. @tim – I did my test on a Tracfone, not a net10. Perhaps it’s a bug in the net10 firmware that does not affect the Tracfone.

  13. adam hey man you could be right,another thing when you recieve calls,on mine you can see who is calling on the external screen,but when you open the flip trere’s nothing there on the screen minute-minder is’s just a blank screen this just started happening,so i might get my moto 375 reactivated.anyone having these two promblems with their NET-10 LG600G

  14. adam hey man you could be right,another thing when you recieve calls,on mine you can see who is calling on the external screen,but when you open the flip theirs nothing there on the screen minute-minder is is set to answer on send’s just a blank screen this just started happening,so i might get my moto 375 reactivated.anyone having these two promblems with their NET-10 LG600G please let me no

  15. Re: the LG 600G review…

    You mentioned that the date and time is displayed in the external window. Is the date TODAY’S DATE or the INFERNAL EXPIRATION DATE?

  16. when i recieve a call,on the external screen,the person that is calling the info will come on it.for example it will say annie cell when i open the flip their nothing there,no minute minder which is set to on if you have the call set to answer on the send key you should see the minute minder working while the call is in progress

    • I’m having tons of trouble with the Net10 version of this phone as well. Let me save a couple contacts with pictures but after that, every time i try to save a pic to a contact it says ‘write error’. Also, can’t connect to the web. it deducts a minute or two, and then says i was not authorized to view the webpage and tells me to go to (on the phone) but the link is unclickable.

      • Had the same problem. I fixed it by going into my browser settings, clearing the cache and the cookies. Haven’t had an issue since.

  17. Thanks for the review, I was actually just trying to decide between this phone and the new Moto one. I’m really accustomed to an external display with all that info, so I think I’ll have to go with the LG.

    Okay, it looks like there’s a camera button on the outside. My current phone has one, and it always turns the camera on when it’s in my pocket, which drains the battery. Has that been a problem for you? Does the new Moto phone have an outside camera button?

  18. @Buel – The date listed on the external screen is today’s date.

    @Joe – Neither of the new Tracs have a camera button on the external portion of the phone – only on the inside of the clamshell.

  19. Sure appreciate the reviews. I too am trying to decide between the LG600g and the Moto 376g. I am very hard of hearing, so I wrote Tracfone to ask which has better sound on the receiver. They said the 376g did, especially when using the hands-free feature. Problem is, I would really like to be able to use the Bluetooth feature into my computer, a feature the 376g lacks.

    So, my question, is do you think the LG, using the hands-free, and/or, a really good Bluetooth headset, be adequate for the hard of hearing? Please advise. Thanks.

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  21. @T. Bass – It’s really hard for me to say without knowing that much about you, but in my opinion the speaker phone is pretty loud on this phone. I’m not sure if you mean that you would be holding the phone close to your head, but in speakerphone mode, in order to get adequate volume out of the phone, but when I set it on the highest volume setting and held it 6-8 inches from my ear, it literally hurt my ear. My ear is still ringing, in fact!
    I also just now tested the phone using a bluetooth headset on which the ear piece rests inside my ear, and again on the highest volume setting it was uncomfortably loud in my ear. This testing was done with 2 energetic kids and their “Little People” music playing in the back ground, so it was fairly loud, but not to the level of highway car noise. Again, since I don’t know your specific hearing level it’s really hard for me to say how this would work for you, but I thought it was quite loud. Maybe some other readers will chime in with their own experiences.

  22. Thanks so much for the reply. Sounds like it would do the job. My hearing is not good, but the loss is mostly confined to higher frequencies (like, a woman’s voice). Guess I’ll give it a try, and if I don’t like it, I’ll have 30 days to return it. Thanks again.

  23. I’ve noticed that the LG 600C and 300C both have much less coverage than any of the other phones (using area code 35806). Does anyone know why this is? There is hardly any coverage for the central US at all, and very spotty coverage for the West coast. Only the eastern part has decent coverage. Those of you who have bought this phone, how is your coverage, and what region of the US do you live in?

  24. Hi Wanda
    That’s very strange, I’ve never noticed that on the coverage map before. What I can tell you from my own personal experience, across the state of Wisconsin, is that my LG 600G works everywhere that my Nokia 1100 and my wife’s Motorola w376g work. I can’t really understand why the coverage map for this phone would be different than any other GSM phone – they all work on the same network (in this case, the ATT and T-Mobile networks). I’m really baffled by this. But, as I said, based on my experience it work well every that my other GSM phones worked, including in areas not shown as having coverage on TracFone’s map. That’s really strange. Maybe others will be able to share their own coverage success stories.

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  26. @ Wanda

    Hmm. That is honestly very strange. The LG 600g should actually get better coverage compared to the Nokia 3390, as it has both GSM 850 and GSM 1900. I honestly think those coverage maps must be wrong. You’ll notice they seem to be drawn poorly, not as high clarity JPG as the Nokia 3390 map, and when you click on “zoom in” it won’t load. Perhaps they are using an outdated map for the LG 600g coverage map, just as a template?

    I don’t know. If I’m even in a white area, I’ll see if I have coverage or not.

  27. Bluetooth question.
    My LG LG600G can connect to my laptop, but I am not able to transfer files.

    On the computer (WinXP) I went to Control Panel, Printer and other hardward, Bluetooth devices, Phone and Modems, Device: LG6006G is listed as enabled.

    On the phone I went to settings, bluetooth, Paired Devices, I see: 1, laptop. If I click on Browse it says: Connecting — Request failed.

    On the computer, if I go to My Network Places, View Network connections, Personal Area Network — it lists Bluetooth Device. If I click on View Bluetooth Network Devices, I get the message: No bluetooth devices or computers that support personal area network have exchanged passkeys with this computer. To add a device click Add Bluetooth Device Wizard. It then says: Search and the Windows can’t find any Bluetooth Devices.

    If I then go to the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard, it says LG LG600G already connected.

    What am I doing wrong?

  28. Hi Sandy
    I can’t answer this question personally as I’ve used separate software for connecting via bluetooth, rather than the system software control panel. Hopefully someone else will be able to chime in here, though.

  29. This is really a great review. I will wait for the next installment of the phone, period, before purchasing any phone. They both sound good. But, since the quality increases with every production/version of the phone(s) by Net10/Tracfone, I think the best thing for me is to wait for your NEXT review. Thanks again for a really complete and thoughtful review.


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  31. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know I bought a new LG600 tonight, activated it then went out to Tracfone to add a 200 minute card and tried to use the promotional code 56471 and it stated “Expired”. Just wanted to let you know. Take Care, Fran

    p.s. I did use promo code 53886 and got 50 bonus mintues :)

  32. So, am I to assume that the LG 600 is much better than the LG 225? I’m trying to decide between the two.

    I can get the LG 225 for $39.99 with a free accessory kit and free double minutes for life.

    I cna get the LG600 for $49.99 without the free accessory kit and with free double minutes for life.

    Is the LG 600 that much better?

  33. Hi John
    I’m not the one that has to spend the money, but in my opinion the bluetooth is a nice extra feature. I’ve actually never used the 225 though,so I can’t compare the two head-to-head.

  34. I recently purchased the LG600G, however I have to send it back to Tracfone. I’m not sure if it’s the phone being defective or just a characteristic of this phone. While I can hear people that call me just fine, anyone I call tells me that they have a hard time understanding me. They say it’s a little garbled, funny sounding, definitely not crystal clear.

    Has anyone else ever complained of this? I like the phone itself, but if this is how they work I’ll probably buy a Motorola W376g.


  35. Hi Heidi
    I definitely prefer the w376g for voice quality. I didn’t have the same experience of people telling me that they couldn’t hear me with my LG 600G, but the quality on both the incoming and outgoing audio was better on the w376g. Unfortunately, there are a couple of other trade offs with the w376g if you decide to switch. First, texting is better with the LG due to a superior predictive text system as well as a lower lag time between the pushing of the buttons and the appearance of the characters on the screen. Second, the bluetooth on the LG allows for more functionality such as transferring pictures, ringtones, and applications between the LG 600g and other phones, or BT-enabled computers.

  36. I am debating on a phone to get. I am between the LG 600G or the Motorola W175. I think I will go with the Motorola W175 because of the glitches with the LG. The information helped a lot. Thank you.

  37. Puffinman – I guess I didn’t mention that in the post, but I should have. One of the best features of TracFone, in my opinion, is that you get the advantage of using the best networks, without having to pay the higher price (typically) charged by those network providers. In the case of this LG 600g, and all GSM TracFones (any phone with a SIM card, basically), you will get coverage wherever there is a signal from ATT (formerly Cingular) or T-Mobile.
    With the CDMA phones, you have the advantage of using the Verizon network.
    So, if you want to figure out the true network coverage, you could google “coverage map” plus the name of the provider. Or, if you know anyone that has service from one of these companies, ask how they’re coverage is.

  38. Thank you for your wonderful reviews. You write clearly and it is very easy to understand. Your reviews have helped me decide on my next phone… unless they put out another before I buy : )

  39. Hey sandys… don’t try to do it like that, it won’t work… if you’ve paired it to your computer, then just right click on the file you want to send to the phone and go to send to > LG600G and a confirmation message should pop up on the phone. Same goes for sending a file from the phone to your computer… go to the file you want to send on the phone… go to options and send to > “your computer name”
    Hope this helps

  40. Just wanted to say great job and thanks for all your help.Its B.S that tracfone gives you little or no idea on how to work the phone.Ived found a few things or how they worked thanks to your help on here.Thanks a million and do keep up the great job…Rick

  41. I’ve had mine for a while and I would like to point out some serious problems I’ve had with it.

    Before owning this phone I had a Kyocera Lingo which still works perfectly fine and wish I could go back to if it weren’t for the fact that the LG 600G works perfectly with bluetooth.

    I can’t get reception in most areas at the airport where I work as well as in my apartment and the apartment’s parking lot which makes me wonder what would happen if I didn’t have a land line. When I install games it tends to crash and I have to restart the phone and sometimes it activates the camera for no reason during installation. I’ve had problems with people being able to hear me so I’ve had to speak very loudly into the mouthpiece. I own a bluetooth headset but so far I haven’t had an acceptable excuse to go around looking like an idiot talking to myself. The phone has no room for a memory card which sucks because with bluetooth capability I wanted to have more room to fit all the ringtones, wallpapers and games I downloaded.

    Now, I’m happy that I can use a file manager on my computer to access my phone from anywhere in my apartment and transfer files to and from the phone without having to even touch it. Getting game installation files and pretty much anything else is as quick as dragging and dropping. I’ve managed to pair the phone up with my Lingo and my coworker’s so we can share music and pictures, I just wished the 600G would play mp3. If anyone knows a way to flash a music player onto my 600G I would be happy.

    I haven’t had the problem of accidentally pressing the web button but playing games, even block breaker, is difficult. I like the fact that the phone has an option for vibrate and ring at the same time. It is good that this phone uses a sim card as well making it easy to transfer it to any other phone using one.

    So my biggest issue with this phone pretty much is how often it drops calls in certain areas. Not only that but if I manage to find an area with a bit of signal and try to send a text, it charges me for it even before it has sent completely so if I lose the connection before it has finished sending I end up wasting credits. That is a big problem.

    Just wanted to point these things out.

    • Hi Fran
      Thanks for taking the time to share – hopefully it will help others to decide whether this phone is right for them. I do have a question about your old phone, though. I googled “Kyocera Lingo,” and it looks like that is a model offered by Cricket Wireless. Was Cricket your former carrier? If so, that could explain a significant portion of the problems you are experiencing with reception. Cricket operates on a CDMA network owned by Leap Wireless, while the LG 600g from TracFone uses AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s GSM networks. So your new phone and your old phone use two completely different networks, which probably means that the phone itself is not the main problem with your reception issues. I can’t say for sure, but I would be willing to bet that Cricket has stronger coverage in your area than does AT&T or T-mobile. Do you think this could be the case?

  42. Thanks so much for taking what must be a huge amount of time to keep this blog informative, interesting, and up-to-date. It allowed me to make my decision to buy the LG600g over the Moto bluetooth. However, since buying the phone over a week ago, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone with Tracfone trying to solve the problems I’ve had with the phone. First, I couldn’t get to the internet so I had to put in a whole lot of codes to get that to work. Then there was no voicemail. It took six days before that problem was solved. It might have had to do with transferring my number from a previous Tracfone. They never told me what the problem was.
    Now I’m questioning the Bluetooth capability. I have a Navigon GPS system and the phone is able to pair with the GPS, but the GPS can’t make the phone dial. Tracfone says that it isn’t a capability. They said that the phone cannot be used to make calls by Bluetooth, only receive calls hands-free. They also said that there is no capability of directly transferring files between a PC and the phone. The only way to get photos from the phone to the PC is via email. I told Tracfone that I have heard to the contrary (via your blog and other videos and reviews on the web), but they said it wasn’t true.
    I ordered a Bluetooth adapter from the internet, but haven’t received it yet. I also downloaded some free Bluetooth file manager software in anticipation of receiving the dongle.
    Is Tracfone right? Have they blocked the phone/PC communication path or are they just CYAing?
    I specifically upgraded the phone for the photo transfer capability. If it won’t work, this has been a big waste of time and money. Please let me know. And if so, am I doing the right things to get the file transfer to work.

    • Hi Herb
      I’m very sorry to hear of your trouble with this phone. I also recently had problems with voicemail not transferring to a new account, so I understand how that can be frustrating.
      Regarding the bluetooth capabilities, I haven’t tried it with a wide range of devices. But those that I have tried have been fine. So I’m afraid I can’t help you there. But I CAN tell you that I have definitely been able to transfer files from my LG600g to my computer, using a cheap bluetooth adapter on the PC. I was able to send files in both directions without a problem. So, I think that TracFone is probably just CYAing there, so that if people call with problems they can just say “Our records indicate that the phone does not support that function,” and not have to spend company time talking about it. But you are definitely headed in the right direction to transfer photos. If you have any questions, post back here and I’ll try to help you out.

  43. dude you guys rock these reviews just what i needed thanks a bunch
    oh and i’m about to get the new lg any reason i shouldn,t

  44. I know your probably thinking didn’t this doe doe just post something but after reading some more of your oh so awesome reviews i just had to ask a few questions like can you really download games to your tracfone and if so which ones
    and by the way the way i have no idea what i would do if someone didnt make this site so thanks again

    • I was able to successfully download one game, I believe it was Tetris. I’m sure there are others available, I just didn’t look for them. As far as comparing this to the new Samsung, well, that’s anyone’s guess since there aren’t any details about the Samsungs available yet.

  45. Thanks pbushx2 for hosting this blog. It is very useful and I used it heavily before buying the LG600G. Just some notes for your other readers from my experience.
    1) voice quality (grade D); very poor for the receiving end, I have received several compliants from the person I’m talking to. Conversely my reception sound is very good so it is misleading. I complained to Tracfone and they sent a replacement with identical performance. I complained again and they switched me from Tmobile to AT&T and still identical performance. I believe it is just the nature of the LG phone. The microphone has some kind of built in noise leveling circuit that will cause your voice to sound “stuttery”, like the first letter of every word is at 1/2 volume, the middle of the word is normal and the last letter is dropped off. I have not tried using a bluetooth headset yet and I am hoping this fixes the problem.
    2) bluetooth (grade A); cool and works. functionality depends on the services you have running on the PC. Basic services provided by Microsoft will allow transmit and receive on a file by file basis but no browser.
    3) texting (grade C-); I agree the phone is too light to be quick. To me the T9 is totally useless, if it doesn’t match your word, you have to switch it off and then type it manually. This happens on 90% of the words so what’s the point. Also no SMS message to email accounts, you must use the Multimedia to send to an email account (ie: 1.5credits instead of 0.3). And there is no way to save an email address in the contacts book, only numbers allowed.
    FYI: your email to the phone is
    4) camera (grade C); if you hold the camera dead still you can get a passable pic but normally it is just a blurry mess.

    Overall: I’ll give it a C, just an average. It has some cool new stuff but it is very disappointing for the sound quality. I think I’ll keep it and hope the bluetooth headset helps. If you just need a phone to be a phone then take my advice and DO NOT buy this phone. You will only be disappointed, keep your old trusty phone.

    • Hi mbs
      I think I’m pretty much in agreement with you on your assessments. If you’re the type of person that likes gadgets and “cool new features,” then this phone might be perfect for you. If you just want a basic phone that sounds good, then the Motorola w376g is probably the way to go. And, as far as the emailing, I’ve been able to send emails via SMS. I also wrote a post, in case you missed it, about emailing with TracFones. In the comments on that post, many people posted about their experiences sending emails with their own phones. Perhaps it would be helpful to read through those comments and see if anyone discussed the 600g there. Here’s a link to that post:

    • When you are in T9 Mode and it predicts the wrong word, simply press the “Down” arrow button on the keypad and it will go to the next most common word.

      I hated Motorola’s input design and got the LG 600g b/c of the T9 which I love!

  46. I was having trouble with T9 on my new LG222 – not recognizing any words too. Then I figured out why – it was set for Espanol (ES) not English (En) – when I changed the language I was surprised how many words it recognized without using the directional keys to scroll.
    Anyone know how to send email FROM the phone TO a computer?
    Or when dialing a new number, what the “P” relates to when you hold down the “#” key?

    • Hi Ed-
      I’m assuming your email question is in regards to the LG 225. For my 225, I simply type the full email address into the “to” field, and the message is delivered correctly to the email address. And, I believe that the P generates a pause in the dialing. This might be helpful, for example, if you are dialing into a phone system that plays a short message or a tone and then prompts you to enter a PIN number or password. Using the P, or multiple Ps, you could program the PIN or password into your phone book.

  47. okay, after reading your reviews…i have realized i would want to purchase the LG 600G. but i dont know where to purchase one. any ideas?

  48. What is the reason Tracfone disables the USB Ports, to sell a phone such as the Motorola W376G then reduce the functionally by 50% is really stupid.

  49. Mar 19, 2009

    Subj: LG600G

    Reply To ‘tim’ :

    ‘tim,’ you’re not the only one that is having the ‘write error’
    problem on this cellphone when trying to save an ID photo to
    anyone on the contact list. My sister and I have had this problem on four consecutive cellphones. Two of them worked fine for a couple of photos, then the ‘write error’ occurred. Finally, all of them had the ‘write error’ problem. The Tracfone technical people tried to solve the problem but were unable to do so. It appears to be a flaw in the microprocessor which disables this feature in probably a good percentage of these cellphones. If one sends this phone back to Tracfone to be serviced, they might be able to replace the existing microprocessor with an updated version, one that may correct this recurring ‘write error’ problem. Tracfone has informed me that the next improvement to hit the shelves will be the LG3200. It will be sold at Walmart stores in late April, 2009. Perhaps this model will correct most of the problems encountered here on this board.

    Wishing you the best of luck, Tony —

  50. Could you help me with an issue with my LG600 tracfone? The tracfone website and their voice help cannot. (The website reply is that ‘because this is complicated, please contact us via phone.” The people who answer the phone can’t help, and they all say they are “referring this to their supervisor and within one hour it will be fixed.” That is NOT true! It is NOT fixed!)
    My tracfone works just fine otherwise…’s easy to use, connects in areas where my old tracfone got no reception, and the voice quality is good. EXCEPT…….it will not let me hear the ringing or my party answering, nor my party hear me on the first call that I make after turning the phone on. I turn the phone on, wait sometimes as long as 10 mintues when I know FOR SURE that I have reception (almost 5 bars wherever I am). I then either manually put in the number I wish to reach, or connect through my pre-programmed contact list. Then, I hear nothing, but yet the timer indicates that the call is proceeding. So I hang up and dial the number again, and it goes through immediately. Now the strange part…..first, the person I’m dialing always says “Did you just try to call me? My phone rang but no one was there so I hung up.” This problem occurs wherever I am dialing the call… home, in the city, airport, on the road, wherever. It is NOT the mute button, I AM in an area that gets reception, I DO know how to dial and send a call. So no one can figure this out. Has anyone ever had this experience? I’m losing valuable minutes because of this issue and hope it can be resolved soon. Thanks for any help you can give!

  51. hiya pbush ty for blog
    i got an LG600g and activated 5 days ago
    maybe someone can adress the issues i have??–n that by doing ‘steps’ lol us seniors kiss (keep it simple stupid)i set a tone for voicemail and after calling net 10 n setting it up i get a tone that i have a voice mail but how do i get to that?
    i type in the code i have for it but never get the voicemail
    also i saw a blog/info about how to set email up on my tel by using the numbers which alpha the word email–but i cant find where it was. will someone who knows reiterate the info?
    everyone who interacts with the blog adds to the blog users understanding of the tel capabilities–even questipons asked. you all keep up the good work

    • Sorry for the delayed response – been working hard on reviewing all those new phones coming out. Anyway, I’m not quite sure I understand your question about the voice mail. Are you saying that you cannot retrieve your voicemail from your 600g? If that’s the problem, what happens when you try to listen to your voice mail?

      Also, here’s a post I did a while ago about emailing from your cell phone:

  52. can you put a signiture on a regular txt message (SMS) or not. I haven’t been able to figure it out. (a signiture on the tracfone lg600g by the way)

    • Josh – yes to both of your questions. As to whether you can save sound files to be used as ringtones, that depends on the file type. mp3 has not worked as far as I know, but .amr and .mid files do work on this phone. I think there are free programs and/or websites that can convert mp3 to .amr files for free.

  53. Does the LG600G display your phone number to others when you make a call? I don’t want my phone number displayed to others when calling out. Am I able to get that feature?

  54. I have a used LG600 that did not come with a book. I am trying to sync it with my bluetooth headset. It keeps asking me to enter a password once its found the device. I have tried the last 4 digits of the phone number, 1234, 1111 and none have worked. Does anyone know the password? Thanks

  55. 2 questions:
    is the net10 version of the lg600g made by or the exact same phone as the tracfone lg600g or are there variances between the functionalities of them?
    i saw a place once in the blog where it told how to set up email with a tracfone. using those steps i have not had the success witth the net10 that the tracfone version is reported to have/ can you repost please and ty

  56. If I try to put the sim card from my old (but oh so good and still working) Tracfone Nokia 1100 into a new LG600, will I:

    a) get to keep and use my existing phone number
    b) get to have the double minutes associated with the LG600?

    Thank you for this great site and the service you’re rendering to us Trackies!

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  58. Thanks so much!

    New problem…is there any other size this phone is compatible with so I can get a snap-on faceplate? I tried ebay but no luck. Anyone have success?

    Thanks so much for this great resource!

  59. Question re: voicemail on LG 600. I keep getting collection calls apparently for someone who had my number before me. The phone does not ring, but these calls go directly to my voicemail–no number shows up on the display. To find out who the voicemail is from, you have to connect and use minutes. All voicemails I have received have been from this collection company. Is there a way to block this number or not have it automatically go to voicemail.


    • Did you set it up to block these calls?

      Keep in mind that you can also check voice mails from a landline phone – dial your TracFone #, then press * when you hear your voicemail greeting. Then enter your pin number, and you’ll be in the system.

      • Where do I check if the call is blocked? I personally did not, and have not found out any way in my browsing the keypad to block calls.


        • I’m also unaware of any way to block calls, but I thought perhaps you had a way that I didn’t know about. I guess I don’t know how to explain this one.

  60. I just got the phone and had the Moto 375, I had to buy new minutes (300) for $30.. So I looked on the Net 10 web page they had a mothers day special on the LG phone for $39 with 300 ($30)minutes and Free Accesory packg ($15) and Free Shipping $7 so I got the phone for aHome Reviews Car GPS (Navigation) Garmin car gps (navigation) Garmin StreetPilot c550 good price… I Wanted it because O bought a Garmin StreetPilot c550 that has Bluetooth … I tried it this weekend and it works great no problem in paring up with my phone..

  61. Just bought an LG 600 at Target – price special right now at 29.95 with the double minutes. Have not opened it yet. I want the Bluetooth, but I’m concerned about the reports re voice quality.

    How hard is it to transfer the remaining time and minutes from the olf phone? Thanks.

    • Transferring the old number and remaining minutes to the new phone should be a pretty painless, quick process using TracFone’s website. Check out one of these links to step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this:
      If your current phone is a GSM phone (i.e. it has a sim card):
      If your current phone is a CDMA phone (i.e. it has NO sim card):
      Check out one of these pages BEFORE you activate the new phone.

  62. Thanks pbushx2! What a wealth of information. I bought my LG600g from the Tracfone website, it arrived quickly, and I was able to port my old (Cingular/AT&T) number and activate very easily via the website. At this point in my reading, I have only one question: I have downgraded from a Motorola Razr and liked the predictive text feature on the Razr … how do I activate that feature on the LG600?

    Now on to part 2 of your very informative review!

    • Hi Gisaco
      Firstly, thanks for the kind words. I always enjoy hearing that people benefit from the info I share. Regarding the predictive text, you can change to that mode by holding the # key while in text entry mode. In the upper right hand corner you should see T9abc appear after a few seconds of holding the key. You’ll probably also notice that the predictive text mode on this model is slightly different on the motorola. It’s a matter of personal preference, but most people seem to prefer the T9 mode to the iTap (Motorola’s version).

  63. Has anyone had a problem with the screen light staying on in dim mode all the time? Sometime on mine the screen light on the outer screen will stay lit all the time when closed, it’s not lit real bright like just after hitting a button but lit dim like it does before going completely off? I can fix it by turning the off and back on again. The phone seems to work fine other then that, it still makes and receives calls.

    • My screen has light issues, too, but not the kind you mention. It stays on only a few seconds when the phone is opened and if I’m not actively using it, it dims. I’ve tried to reset the timing of the light, to no avail.

      The larger problem I have is that when I turn the phone on, the very first call I make is muted (without my mute button being on). The person on the other end hears it ring, but can’t hear me talking…..and i can’t hear them talking, neither do I hear it ringing. So I hang up and dial again and then it works fine until I turn it off again; then when I turn it on again and make my first call, it once again does not work. I’ve solved around the issue by accessing my voice mail (by pressing and holding the “1” key for a few seconds) as my first call when I turn the phone on. I check the progress of that call with the number of seconds I’ve been on with it, and when it hits 2 seconds I disconnect. Then all subsequent calls go through normally. So the ‘fix’ isn’t onerous, but it is wasting minutes for me, and is rather annoying. Can anyone help? Am I the only one this is happening to? I’ve asked this question before, but received no reply and Tracfone hasn’t a clue.

      • Sounds like you have a defective phone if you are having a screen light issue and the phone being muted on the first call after turning it on problem , doesen’t Tracfone have some kind of warranty on their phones?
        Have you tried calling an invalid number like 123456789 so it will not deduct minutes to fix your muted phone problem? I assume that like Net10 Tracfone does not deduct minutes on calls that don’t get answered or you get a busy signal or get a recording that the number is not a working number or is a disconnected number.

        My LG600 is a Net10 but I don’t think that has anything to do with the screen light glitch.

      • A NET10 handset has a one year warranty
        provided by NET10 and all NET10 accessories have a 90-day warranty
        against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use by the
        purchaser. Warranty does not cover damage or failure caused by misuse of
        the phone or NET10 accessories

        I assume Tracfones have the same warenty since they are the same companey.

      • CJB,
        Call TracFone (I know: it’s a pain) and ask for a new phone if yours is still within the one-year warranty. After 7 months, I finally got tired of wasting minutes and driving my friends nuts. So i called and said I wanted another phone. They made me do a bunch of tests, then said they would decide if it was reception problems in my area and get back to me if I was going to get another 600G. Well, they never did email me, but I found a refurbished 600G on my porch a few days later. Unfortunately, they neglected to tell me they cut off my old phone and sent me a different phone number with the replacement. Then the new phone had a SIM card problem, which meant another phoneless week. Short version: my 2nd phone has never done that weird no sound thing. BE SURE to tell TracFone you want another phone but with your same phone number. Good luck!

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  65. Just wanted to vent my problems with this phone & the tracfone “help”.My phone # shows up on caller I.D. with somebody elses name.Called them & were told they were fixing it & it still isn’t done.Also can not text to save my life .I constantly get “network unavailable ” or service unavailable” or even “emergency calls only”.I did my homework on this phone before perchasing this model & to be honest I wish I would’ve just kept my older model without all the extras that suck anyway.This phone will only allow me to put music on here that is piano related .I tried downloading music per your instructions but to be honest they just sound like a horrible bootleg tape.Anyway I am currently waiting for someone at Tracfone to get back to me to see if these issues can be resolved.Lets all hope for small miracles cause I’m ready to use this stupid phone in target practice.

  66. I acctually have this phone i have had it for about 4 months and i like it so far it seems to hold up good and i like the way it looks it has a lot of features. I was just seeing if everything in your reveiw was correct and it was! and i accutally found something out about my phone that I did not know so thanks!

  67. mine caught on fire and almost burnt my house down but i caught it before it did much damage…and although it is melted all over the phone still works

  68. My screen lights up, but nothing shows up on it. I can make a call to numbers I know, but can’t see any info. whatsoever on the screen. HELP!

    • merrywhiterose – how old is the phone? It sounds like the display is faulty; if you bought it brand new and it’s under a year old, it should still be under warranty. If it’s a refurbished model, you have 90 days. Whatever the case, call TracFone Customer support (1800-867-7183). They’ll be able to help you out.

  69. This is disgusting. I live in a fairly large city, and the only phones that work here are the 4 worst phones tracfones carry. I really want the LG600g, and tracfone needs to extend there service to cover here (grand forks, nd)

    • MC – Sorry to hear of your frustration. I used to live near a city about that size, and had a similar problem to you. Keep in mind that Tracfone does not provide the coverage, they just contract with the network owners to provide service to us. Basically, TracFone is the “middle man.” In your case, this means that GF is probably covered by either Verizon or Alltel, but not AT&T or T-Mobile.

      As I pointed out in a post last week, it appears that there will be some new CDMA options coming soon, either for TracFone or Net10, or possibly the new Straight Talk brand, or some combination of those carriers. Here’s a link to that post:

      Also, here’s an old post I did discussing CDMA vs. GSM coverage:

  70. I got my 600G from Tracfone. I am not impressed. I have spent $80 in air time with 4 phone calls to tech support (yes, you have to use your air time to call them and they keep you doing the same things over and over again) and I still can’t use the phone. The screen says Emergency Calls Only. And now after waiting for my land line to be ported and talking with them, they won’t give me a refund. I’m out over $120 and still don’t have a phone. Thanks a lot Tracfone for nothing.

    • Susan – could you possibly use a phone OTHER than your TracFone to call their customer support? Do you have access to a landline? Since the customer support number is an 800 number, it would be FREE to call from a landline phone.

  71. I have a similar problem to Sandys. I can pair my phone successfully, but when I “Send Via” from the options menu my computer does not appear amongst the discovered devices. If I do not pair my computer with my phone, my computer appears on the “Send Via” menu, but I receive a connection error if I try to send the file. The only way that I have been able to get photos from my phone is to use the computer to browse the phone contents, and then transfer the files using the computer. Are you supposed to be able to send files with the phone to a computer?

  72. I switched over my airtime and number to my new lg600. It works great except my number does not show up on the phone. Apparantly the number that shows as my number is the number that was originaly assigned to the phone. I contacted customer service and was told to zero out the number and input my old phone number so it would show on the phone. I was given no directions on how to do this and cannot figure out how to do it. If anyone knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate your sharing of this information.

  73. will the lg600w work in my zip code area of 17740 jersey shore pa. i try to order it from tracfone and they said it was not offered in my zip code area. i did order it from but, will it work in the 17740 zip code area? tracfone said they try to activate it and see if it would work what do you think thank you stephen watts

  74. I got a data cable for my LG600 Tracfone so I could transfer photos to my computer. I plugged into the phone and computer, but can’t figure out how to transfer photos. Any suggestions?



  75. Hey Pbushx2,
    I am on my second lg600. I replaced the first one because when I went to make a call it would not ring. The party I was calling could answer the call and hear me, but on my end there was silence. So I bought another and the same thing happens. I have to make a call, then hang up and redail so I can get the call thru. This is on the first call of the day.
    Any thoughts on this problem.

    • I, too, have the same problem. Each time I turn my LG600 on and try to make a call, I hear nothing, but the other end can hear me. Because I already have all my numbers loaded into my phone and I like all the other features, I decided to not get rid of it. I work around the problem by pressing “1” to supposedly access my messages. But I watch the screen and when one second has elapsed, I end the call. Then the phone works normally for the duration of the time I leave it on. I figure that I lose one second of time each day, so in 2 months I am only paying for one lost minute. Sometimes life gives me lemons, so I just make lemonade! Works for me!

      • The only problem with that is they don’t deduct 1 second they deduct 1 minute whether you use 1 second or 59 seconds.

  76. This phone is driving me nuts! The volume button is on the side, so when you put it in your pocket, it changes. The worst thing about this is when you are talking to someone, suddenly they can’t hear you anymore! My husband has the same phone and it happens to him, too! DON’T GET THIS PHONE!!!

  77. I have the LG600C and like it so far, but I would like to know if it has a speaker feature. Not bluetooth but rather a speaker so I don’t have to hold the phone to my ear to listen but rather hold it in the palm of my hand and listen and talk. If so, how do I activate it prior to or during a conversation.

    • xbassman, If I remember correctly, you need to select an option for speaker phone once a call is connected. So after you’ve called someone and they pick up, look at the phone screen. I believe it is the right “soft” key, but I could be wrong. It might also say “options,” and then you’ll have to select speaker from those options.

  78. I used to be able to browse my phone and drag the “images” folder to my desktop to transfer the photos without having to answer “yes” to every file. It would just copy all the pictures and close when it was done.

    Then I reinstalled my bluetooth drivers, and now the phone asks me to allow every single file I try to transfer. It won’t allow me to copy the whole folder without asking me to allow each file. It’s annoying especially when I have 50 photos and have to press “yes” for each one. How do I get things back to the way it was?

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  80. any1 having a net10 lg600g know what the net10 way to set up email to/from tel to pc/pc to tel is? and thank you pbush for your blog. i rely heavily on it as resource

  81. pbush just wondering…do you know anything about the relatively new lg 900g for net 10? reading the specs i think it may get around the ‘frozen’ write error im having with the 600g. for the price of the 900g that’s ‘almost’ a smart phone im wondering if i should just go with a real smart phone…? anyone have the 900g?-what are the limitations of an almost smart phone in contrast to a real smart phone?

  82. I’ve been with net10 for over a year now and they just don’t have a plan suited for me, so I think I’m going with Tracfone. My time expires August 12th so I have a little time to make a decision on what phone will be best for me. Only problem is I have 1240 minutes left and can’t switch them over, but buying more air time will only prolong the situation. I also have a EM326g [never activated] that I can’t use with TracFone.
    I’d be better off going with a year airtime and buying time when I need it [double minutes] with TracFone than I would be to add net10 airtime, since I don’t use very much minutes. I’m using the Motorola W375 and like it pretty well, but again I can’t use it with TracFone. Can you suggest the phone that would be best in the long run? I like the flip style but I would also like to download pictures to my pc. Thanks, Jeff

  83. I have lately been getting a message on the screen of my LG600 “reading SIM card”, and I am unable to make a call. Yesterday I got a message “emergency calls only”. I have been shutting off the phone, taking out the battery and re-inserting it, then I am able to make/receive calls. Is my phone soon for burial?

    • Hi Barbara
      I think you’ll unfortunately have to call tech support on this one. They can look in their system and tell you what’s happening to cause this problem.

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