TracFone LG 600G review – Part 3

LG 600G Review – Final Thoughts

This phone may be perfect for some users, but the w376g might be a better choice for others

This is a follow up to my previous posts about this phone. So, if you haven’t yet read the first two portions of the review, you might want to check them out by clicking on the links: Part 1 or Part 2. And, if you’re a new visitor to this blog, you may want to subscribe to receive free updates by clicking on the link at the top right corner of this page. Now, on to the rest of the review.

[Edit: this phone is now available for $16.99 from TracFone. Click here for more details.]

Earlier, I discussed the camera and web browser. Rounding out the “entertainment” section of this review are the games. A version of Sudoku and an interesting game called “Reversi” are included on the LG 600G. One cool thing about the Reversi game is that it has the option of two-player, head-to-head play. So it could be fun for you and a friend to pass time occasionally.

The bluetooth feature also makes available another interesting option on this phone – it is possible to download games from the internet to your computer, then transfer the game files to the LG600 via bluetooth. I tested this out with a free version of Tetris, and was surprised at how easy it was. I probably won’t use this feature again until I learn a little more about the potential risks (I don’t want to ruin my phone by installing malicious software). But it’s nice to know the feature is there.

One feature that isn’t available on this phone, though, is an FM radio. It’s an option on the w376g, but not on this one. I won’t miss it much, but others might.

Finally, there are a few more organizational tools that some people might like. I like to stay organized, but at the same time travel as light as possible, so I really like having these features. The calendar offers the option of setting appointments (up to 100 storage slots) and adding daily tasks (up to 50 total). The alarm clock is another nice feature, with the option of setting different tones for different alarms. Both the appointments and the alarms can be set to repeat in various patterns.

The phone book has a very large capacity of one thousand entries. Within each entry are fields for mobile phone, home phone, email address, group, picture, ringtone, anniversary (I’m assuming this is a poorly translated reference to birthday), and memo. I should point out, though, that the picture assigned to a particular contact will be displayed as the caller ID only on the INTERNAL screen, but not the external screen. Still, though, I think the phone book on this model is very robust.

Rounding out the list of tools is a notepad feature, calculator, tip calculator, world clock (tells the time of various cities around the world), stop watch, and unit converter. I won’t take the time to explain these items further, as they are pretty self-explanatory.

Finally, here are a couple of other random tidbits that I could have included in the previous sections of this review, but I didn’t discover until after the relevant portions were posted:

  • The alarm function continues to work even when the phone is turned off. This really seems to be a handy feature to me – if you set the alarm for something, it must be important, right? So it should work even if you forget to turn on your phone.
  • The ringtones could be a little louder for my taste. It seems that the Motorola w376g ringtones are quite a bit louder. Further, the LG 600G has no “Vibrate & Ring” mode. You must choose either vibrate, or ring, but not both. This doesn’t make much sense to me.
  • The voice recorder can record up to 10 minute segments. I was able to record a 9+ minute segment and then transfer it to my computer using bluetooth (in under a minute). It’s not CD quality by any means, but for dictating notes or reminders, it worked really well. You even have the option of renaming the file after it’s saved on the phone.
  • The battery life for me, on fairly heavy use including a some bluetooth, is coming in around 3 days.
  • Also worth mentioning here: this phone is also available for Net10, as I pointed out in a previous post.

Overall, I am pretty happy with this phone as an all-around device. I guess the biggest compliment I can give it is this: for almost 4 years, I’ve held on to my trusty Nokia 1100 and passed up many opportunities to upgrade to new phones that I tested. Of all those phones to have come out since the 1100, this is the first time that I have very seriously considered replacing the old blue Nokia. And I think I will end up making this my “primary” phone.

But, there are some pretty important negatives that might make the LG 600G a bad deal for people who use their phones differently than I do. Here is a rundown of the positives and negatives about this phone. In parentheses behind each bullet point, you’ll see a reference to the portion of the review where I discuss that point in more detail.

The Negatives:

  • Sound quality is inferior to the recent round of Motorolas (w175, w260, w376g)
  • Doesn’t ring as loudly as I would like
  • The viewing angle of the screen is limited (image is distorted if viewed from too great of an angle)
  • The charging and headset cables are not universal – must buy cables specifically for this model.
  • Cost – at the time of this writing, $80 for the LG 600G vs. $50 (sometimes less) for the w376g
  • Web browser is restricted to what TracFone offers (same as w376g)
  • Mp3 ringtones cannot be downloaded from TracFone
  • No FM radio

The Positives:

  • Very attractive design
  • Lighter and sleeker than the w376g
  • Excellent signal reception
  • External display
  • Bluetooth can transfer files to and from other BT devices
  • Camera works well for my needs
  • Hands-free speaker phone
  • Phone book is flexible and stores up to 1000 entries
  • Double Minutes for the life of this phone upon activation (same as w376g)
  • Flexibility to create your own ringtones in a couple of different ways
  • T9 predictive text editor (much better than the iTap offered by Motorola models
  • Good organizational tools such as calendar and alarms

As you can see, there are plenty of positives AND negatives abou this phone. Because of that, I can’t give it a whole-hearted recommendation because it all depends on how you use your phone. If you’ll use your phone only as a phone, and don’t care about custom ringtones, transferring pictures to your computer, or texting, I recommend the w376g because of its superior sound quality and lower cost.

But if you want the T9 editor for texting, if you’ll take a lot of pictures that you’ll want to get off your phone, if you want to create custom ringtones, if you’ll make great use of the organizational features, or if you just plain love the look of the LG, then this phone may be for you. I fall into the latter category. When I initially bought the phone, I had planned on testing it for a while and then selling it on eBay to recover some of my cost. After carrying it around for a few weeks, though, I don’t think I can part with it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to subscribe to receive free updates by clicking on the link at the top right corner of this page. This will ensure that when I publish more info about this phone, the w376g, and other TracFone topics such as great deals and new bonus codes, you’ll find out about it right away.

312 thoughts on “TracFone LG 600G review – Part 3

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  2. Can entries be transferred from a computer address book to the TracFone LG 600g via bluetooth (especially phone numbers)? If so, will this work cross-platform . . both PC and Mac?

    Does the SIM reader you reviewed have software for a Mac?

  3. I could`nt find anything in the LG600G owners manual pertaining to using or activating the (hands free speaker) feature. Did I simply overlook it or is one just supposed to know how to put this feature on? In some other phones I`ve noted a icon on the keypd indicating the speakerphone activation mode. Please advice.

    • Phil,

      On my Moto 376, the hands free speaker icon didn’t show up until after the call was connected.

      How did you get an owners manual for you LG600G? I didn’t.


  4. @pd1 – I don’t think the particular card reader that I suggested has Mac support. However, any SIM card reader should work in the same way, so I would suggest to simply look for a reader that comes with Mac software.

  5. I forgot to mention in this review that this phone lacks voice-activated dialing. As far as I know, this feature is not available on ANY GSM TracFone, but is available on the LG 3280 CDMA phone. I was fairly surprised that on a phone with this many features, voice-activated dialing is not available.

    (If you’re looking for the LG 3280, you can find details on a great deal on that phone here:

  6. @ Phil – The speaker phone can be turned on only during a call. When a call is active, push the right soft key which is the “options” menu. The first choice under that menu activates the speaker phone.

  7. Okay, I gather you mean the upper right key above the camera key? When I hit that, That brings up the (messages) menue and #1 is new message followed by #2 which is inbox. Am I in the correct menue que? The complete options menue with icons 1 thru 9 is reached by hitting the upper left key which starts with prepaid?

  8. Thanks for responding to my question on the voice dialing.
    Since I’m shopping around for a good prepaid service, your blog has been a great source to me. I’ve been looking at both TMobile and Tracfone, it looks like Tracfone will get the nod
    I just have to make my decision on which phone, either the LG 600g or the Motorola w376g.
    Since I’m in a GSM area, those are the two that are under consideration.

    • I have a new Net 10 with an AT&T sim card
      I do not like this phone and still trying to figure out how the texting letters work
      No straight and simple like the W 375
      This phone works and will sell it for 20.00.
      Net10 will not take it back.
      I do not know if the phone has a problem or is it me but I have no manual to tell me how to text.
      I start and it generates it’s own words

      • Vegas – you can change the text input method on the LG 600g. It sounds like it is currently set to T9, which is a way of predicting what you are trying to type. If you want it set to the manual method, go to the text entry screen and press and hold the “#” key for a few seconds. In the upper right hand corner, you should see it change from “T9” to “abc.” Then you can enter your text messages the way you want to.
        Although, I also would encourage you to give the t9 method a try for a while – once you get used to it, it can really save you time.

  9. “Further, the LG 600G has no “Vibrate & Ring” mode. You must choose either vibrate, or ring, but not both. This doesn’t make much sense to me.”

    Actually, the phone does have Vibrate & Ring, you just have to look around a little. You have to go to Settings > Audio & Ringtones > Alert Type > Ringtones > and make sure the second choice is selected. And there you go. I actually got this phone after a “mishap” with Tracfone, and I personally prefer it over the w376, even though I prefer the feel and weight of the w376.

  10. In regards to Phil’s above question.

    The only time you can activate the speaker phone is when you’re in the middle of a call.

    While in the middle of a call, simply press the top right softkey, accessing the options menu, and the first option you’ll see is the ability to turn on the speaker phone.

  11. Also, you mentioned no Ring and vibrate.

    If you go into Settings, and then to Alert Type, you can go into the Ringtones sub-menu, and choose Ring and Vibrate.

  12. Ok, call me out there, but how do you get bluetooth to send files to and from the computer,(bt computer enabled). The lg600 is not yet in my area, but tracfone said it will be very soon (no date given). I would like to have everything ready for it when it does, I love the create ringtone options you stated. thanks for the help

    Oh and what free programs did you use to convert the ringtone from mp3 and such

    Again Thanks for the info and all your work you do (blog) to help us and keep us up too speed!!!

  13. @Bill – You very well might have CDMA coverage in your area too, even though TracFone doesn’t offer CDMA phones on their website for your area. To find out for sure, you can go to this link:

    Then, enter your ZIP code and look at the list of phones on the right side of the page. If there’s a column listed as “National Coverage,” That means that there is CDMA coverage in your area (probably using Verizon’s network). Click on the model number of one of the phones (LG3280 for example) to see what the coverage looks like in your area. Or, if you happen to know someone in your area that has a Verizon phone and receives good coverage, then you’ll be able to use a CDMA TracFone in that area.

    If you decide to go with the LG 3280 phone, here’s how to get a nice package deal on that phone:

    @Aaron – you need to have some sort of bluetooth manager software on your computer. In my case, since I use a USB Bluetooth adapter, the adapter came with a software CD. If your computer has built-in bluetooth, I’m guessing it probably already has Bluetooth software installed. I could be wrong, though. As far as making ringtones, I hope to put together a post on this sometime soon. But I used audacity as my mp3 editor to resize the file, paring it down to just the portion of the song I wanted. Then I used something called Mobile Media Converter from a company called MIKSOFT to convert the pared-down mp3 file into a .amr file, which is the file type used by the LG 600G.

  14. Hi Anthony and Jake
    Thanks for pointing that out. I knew it seemed like there must be a way to do it, but I obviously overlooked that menu. It’s great to know that it’s possible – I’ve already adjusted my phone.

  15. Like I said before… I currently have the LG225… I can only have 3 ringtones on my phone… anytime I want to add another ringtone… I have to overwrite one of the ringtones that I already have. I also can’t take more than 5 or 6 pictures (in 640×480 size) total without having to email them all to myself, and then delete them from my phone in order to free up space to take more pictures.

    How much room does the LG600g allow for storage… both for ringtones… and pictures?

  16. Thanks for the info, As far as i can tell my computer does not have bt on it already or it is hidden very good. So would a Bluetooth USB Dongle work instead or do i need a data cable to tranfer files, also I have a plantronics headset would it work with the Bluetooth USB Dongle. this headset was very cheap and work very good with my w376g, but it does not come with softwareor cable for computer. Any ideas or a bt product with software and cable suggestions that I can buy together

  17. @ katie – This phone appears to have 4MB (4096Kb) of built-in memory. Some of this memory (maybe 1800 kb) is devoted to the ringtones, wallpapers, and, I think, games that come pre-installed. That leaves over 2000 kb available for your use. For reference, a photo on the highest resolution and highest quality level consumes 20 kb. A high-quality ringtone may be 30-40kb. The biggest drain on the memory is probably going to be the voice-record function. I recorded a nearly 10-minute audio segment to test it out, and it was just under 800 kb. So you should have plenty of space.

    @ Aaron – A BT dongle will work for transferring files between your phone and computer. Here’s an example of a USB Bluetooth dongle for under $10 from – it looks very similar to what I have on my Vista PC.
    I didn’t read closely enough to see if it comes with software, but if not, search for “Bluetooth manager software” (free).

  18. Back again..All is working..In answer to Aaron the doogles are available just about everywhere and the one PBushx2 listed is pretty much like all of them. Ebay, Fry’s, MicroCenter all have them for under $10. I have a couple and they all work the same. You have a Icon on the taskbar notification area. You click on it and a dropdown menu come up with several things but the 2 you are interested in are “Receive a file” and “Send a Files”. I have been able to download and upload pictures both from camera in the phone and pictures I have on file, plus contacts, ringtones, games and just stuff! The phone can act much as a small flash drive. Also you can exchange these file with other phones which have BT..IE contacts pictures etc and you don’t have to use the computer as a third member. I have also been able to pair with Car built-in BT hands free system and that seems to also be working fine. All in all am very pleased with the phone. Great reveiw by PBushx2..he talked me into it.

  19. Thanks for the review. Since you can finally create custom ringtones (hooray!), can you assign a particular ringtone to a particular caller?

  20. Thanks so much for the helpful response about the SIM reader (and also for your great reviews). I’m still unclear whether anyone has been able to transfer phone numbers from their computer address book to the LG600g via bluetooth.

  21. Yes, you can choose specific ringtones for specific callers.

    Regarding the use of bluetooth to transfer contacts via bluetooth, I’ll have to test it out. Here’s what I have so far: on the LG 600G, contacts are in the .vcf file format. Many SIM card readers retrieve contact lists from the SIM card and save those lists as .csv files. There’s a website that supposedly converts csv files to vcf files. I assume that the vcf files could then be transferred to the LG 600G via bluetooth, but I haven’t tried that yet. I’ll have to try it and write about it, hopefully in a new blog post, hopefully by the end of the week. if you want to try it out, here’s the site that claims to convert the files:
    Again, I haven’t used this site myself, and I have no idea about who created it or how it works. proceed with caution.

  22. I am not really interested in the Bluetooth functionality and just want to know can you get pictures off the LG 600g phone to a computer with any other method???

  23. rjjfritz – the only other way to get the pics off of the phone besides using Bluetooth is to email them to yourself from the phone. Which of course uses units, and costs money. Using Bluetooth to do this does not use any units at all. There is no other way to connect the phone to a PC – unfortunately no slots for micro SD cards or such, and no USB connectivity (for PC)…..

  24. Is there a way to get the Sim Card Reader ($3.63) Hong Kong special to work with Vista? I have been trying for a week. Thanks
    P.S.- It works great with XP.

  25. First off thanks for the great info!

    My biggest question is can this phone once connected via bluetooth to my PC accept or interpret my address book form Outlook into the pohone numbers of the phone? [do I have to drag and drop numbers into an LG configured phonebook? Still WAY better than inputting manually….] I currently have Net10, [great program for my use minute wise so I want to stay with them.], MotoW375 and the thing won’t allow it to be recognized by my PC, even with Motorola software. It’s the single thing I want-need most. I presume if the Tracfone can do ti the Net10 one will as well.

  26. It’s been a while since I’ve used a V170, so I can’t say for sure, but if my memory serves they are pretty comparable in terms of sound quality.

  27. Mike – Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I used the software that came with the SIM reader, and everything worked fine on both my machines – one Vista and one XP. So I’m not sure what to tell you. Sorry! Maybe someone else has some input?

  28. Thanks mate for the reply! So then a “simpleton” question………can you litterally copy and paste info from your address book into the LG phonebook, using the keyboard once bluetooth connected?

  29. I checked the space on my Motorola 376 and it has Label: phone, free:75kb, used: 1056kb, total 1131kb. I have 12 downloaded ringtones on that. Then there is the polyphonic ringtones I have downloaded and it says Label: additional storage device. Free: 7700.0kb, used 278.0kb, total: 7978.0kb. I have 5 polyphonic ringtones there. When I downloaded the polyphonic ringtones I don’t even know how they got to where they are.

    Does the LG 600 offer storage for the phone and also the additional storage device like the Motorola376?

    I really appreciate all that you are doing with your blog. It is very helpful to us all. Thank you for your prompt response.

    Thanks again

  30. Maybe I am missing something..The LG600 has 2 contact list…one is the “PHONE” and the other is the “SIM”. If I copy the PHONE list to the SIM I only get the “MAIN NUMBER” copied to the SIM if I have more than one number listed to a person. If no “main number” is set then it still only copies the first number in that person to the SIM. What am I doing wrong here?? Or is that the way the LG600 works??

  31. How many pics can fit in this phone? I have an LG 225g and it hold only less than 50 pics. If this phone has good memory than I’ll definitely buy.

  32. Hi David
    This phone appears to have 4MB (4096Kb) of built-in memory. Some of this memory (maybe 1800 kb) is devoted to the ringtones, wallpapers, and, I think, games that come pre-installed. That leaves over 2000 kb available for your use. For reference, a photo on the highest resolution and highest quality level consumes 20 kb. So this works out to 100+ photos. Also, you can transfer the photos to your computer via bluetooth, so you won’t have to store them all on the phone forever.

  33. Excellent job with your site…straight-forward and quite useful information. Thanks for helping me with my phone choice…
    If appropriate, here is some info I have found while trying to get the least expensive cell phone service, with infrequent usage:
    Carrier Cost/Minutes bundle Cost/Mo Mins/Mo Min/Day $/Min
    ——– —————————– ——- ——- —– ——
    Tracfone $139/yr,800mins, dbl mins4life $11.50- 66 min 2.2 $.17
    next yr $ 99/yr,400minsx2=800 mins $ 8.25- 66 min 2.2 $.12
    Net10 $30/60 days, 300 mins $15.00-150 min 5.0 $.10
    VirginM $20/mo, 200 mins $20.00-200 min 6.6 $.10
    VirginM $20/90 days, .20/min when used $ 6.66+(minsx.20) 0 $.20
    The first four all roll-over-minutes until service is ended.

    P.S. nothing beats my old analog 1990’s deal: $.25/min if used.

  34. Thebob – Thanks for your analysis. What makes prepaid great, in my opinion, is that there are so many different possibilities that fit different usage patterns. So Net10 may be perfect for one user, while Trac may be perfect for another. However, this variety also adds complexity, and it can be difficult sometimes to sort it all out. Thanks for your analysis on this. I’d maybe like to learn more about Virgin myself, and hopefully add that to the blog at some point. But TracFone fits my needs so well, I really don’t see any need to change for my own use.

  35. I am wondering how you got the game you mentioned in your review working. I downloaded a game for the phone which had a .jar and .jad extension. I then transferred both of these files over to the phone using Bluetooth. When the phone receives the file it puts it in the “My Stuff > Other Files” area. There doesn’t seem to be an option to install or play the game either from that folder or the games folder. Is there a special way to do it?

  36. I’ve got a quick question regarding bluetooth connectivity! Can you also send your inbox/outbox messages to your PC using this phone?

  37. Hi cStreeks
    I don’t think it’s possible to send text messages to your PC via bluetooth. You should be able to accomplish it by forwarding the the text message via email, though, but this would also deduct airtime.

  38. Joe – I deleted that game from my phone already, and unfortunately don’t recall exactly what I did to get the game to work as I was writing the review. It seems that I just opened the game file directly from the “my stuff” folder, and no further installation was needed. Could this be the case?

  39. It doesn’t appear to be, at least for me. In the Other Files folder, the only options I have are to Send the file via bluetooth or Multimedia Message, delete it, rename the file and move to a folder (can’t move it to the games folder).

  40. Joe..If you click on the Jar file in the My Stuff folder it will compile the game in the Games folder. Not real fast but it will.

  41. Thanks Richard! Out of all the buttons I pressed and all the options I tried, I failed to use the obvious one…the OK button. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Yes, very fine review indeed except for one thing… This phone does not exist!

    I bought one to replace my Motorla C261 because it went through two batteries in less than a year. I had the same problem with a RAZR before too so I decided to give up on Motos all together.

    I have the new LG 600G on my desk and am waiting to have my old number transferred. In the meantime I have a few questions about functionality and also wanted to order a few accessories. I visited only to find that they don’t acknowledge the existence of the 600G. I also tried to find aftermarket retailers selling 600G accessories but I couldn’t find any. Does this phone just use the same accessories as the Chocolate?

    There has been a lot of talk about blue tooth but what kind of functionality does usb offer?

    The TracFone guide is nice and easy to understand but where is the manual?

    Someone should also point out that data services are charged in dollars, not minutes. If you use minutes then they are prorated according to the last card that you added. So if you have double minutes you will also spend twice as many for data. If you plan to use a lot of data services you might consider adding a 30 minute card right after adding a larger card so that you get the lower rate. The data services are pretty lame anyway though. If I could get to my gmail it would be another story.

    I like that the current date shows up on the phone instead of your service expiration date. That was really annoying on the Moto.

    When are phone companies going to learn? We need a timer on the phone! The stopwatch is nice but who really uses it? I know it has an alarm clock but that is not the same as a timer. How hard is this to do? Surely the presidents at LG, Moto, Nokia,etc. have at one time or another thought, “I would like to watch TV while baking these cookies. I’ll just use my cell phone to alert me when they are done. Hey, what the…?” How many years has handheld technology been around now and still not one product that comes with a built in timer.

    Anyway, I’m not a hater. I think I will really like my new LG. It’s especially cool since it’s existence is denied by it’s parent company. 600G, the illegitimate child of LG.

  43. Hey guys, two quick questions if anyone can help.

    1. “I should point out, though, that the picture assigned to a particular contact will be displayed as the caller ID only on the INTERNAL screen, but not the external screen.”

    So, if I don’t have a picture assigned to a caller, when they call will anything at all flash up on the external display, like their name? I would like to see who’s calling without having to flip my phone open.

    2. This really isn’t important, just something I’ve gotten used to with my Motorola W370. When you get a text message, does it tell you who it’s from before you open it? Mine will show “1 new message from (name here)” when I flip my phone open and I like it because if I don’t feel like reading what that person has to say, I don’t waste minutes. 😀

  44. one last question, really! I just spoke with LG reps on the phone and they tell me that contact information cannot be entered into the phone contact list using my computer once it’s synced up with the phone, unless there is some 3rd party software which supports that, which I cannot find……..Is this your experience, data can only be entered on the phone directly through the phone keypad?

  45. I have downloaded the manual for the LG600g phone and see that there is an email gateway that you can use to send a message to an email address.

    However, the manual doesn’t explain how to actual send the message.

    I want to know how to send a picture from the phone to my email address????

  46. Hi Jefferson –
    I have tried a couple different times, although half-heartedly, to add contacts via bluetooth, with no success. If I ever figure it out, I’ll definitely post it here.

    RJJ – I just tested this out on my own LG 600g, and I was able to sent a picture via MMS by doing the following:
    1. From the main screen select “Menu,” then choose “My Stuff,” then “Graphics”
    2. In the Graphics section, move to the photo you want to send. Then press the right soft key (“options”)
    3. Go down to “Send As,” and then press the right arrow key.
    4. Select “Multimedia Message” and press the “OK” key
    5. Select “Send to” and in the “To” box, enter the email address that you wish to send the message to.
    6. This worked for me, and deducted only 1 minute. But, I did have one more hurdle once the email was delivered to my email account. I had to manually add the extension “.jpg” to the end of the attachment in order to be able to open it with a picture viewing program. I’m not sure if this will be the case for everyone.

    Hope this helps!

  47. My 600G does not make or receive calls unless there is a little G next to the signal indicator. Whenever I try to dial a number I immediately get a message that says “Emergency Calls Only”. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? This is a deal breaker for me because the phone does not work at my home even though I have 5 bars. I just spent 2 hours on the phone with Tracfone trying to resolve the issue. They did not seem to be familiar with the problem and then finally said that my phone did not have coverage in my area. This sounds like BS to me but what else am I supposed to do? I don’t know much about cell phones but my first guess is that the phone needs to be unlocked.

    Tracfone doesn’t have an answer for me so I’m really hoping that someone else does. I really like this phone and don’t want to send it back. If I do, I may give up on Tracfone all together.

    Please help.

  48. Hi- thanks for the review. I was just wondering, how many inbox/outbox messages can both phones (the LG 600G and the w376g) store? And how many pictures can they store?


  49. For either phone, I’ve never run out of memory on the message boxes. Regarding the photo storage on the LG, it has 4 MB of storage. For more details on what that means, check out this comment:

    And for the photo storage on the w376g – the phone details inside the photo menu shows that there are 7978 KB available. On my wife’s phone, she has 17 pictures in the memory, using just under 10% of this. Most of those pictures are taken at the highest quality setting, and therefore use a lot of memory. Going off this total, I would estimate that you can expect to get about 150 pics at the highest quality settings, or more at lower quality levels.

  50. Steve,
    I have a suspicion that the 600G is intended to only work in areas with GSM coverage. Your signal indicator may be seeing 5 bars of CDMA coverage, but no GSM coverage.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    As a potential buyer, this and the coverage maps on tracfone and Net10s site concern me. According to them, you either have coverage, or no coverage. The coverage areas consist of metro areas and interstate/major highway routes.

    I’m in Iowa, and it’s pretty easy to get off the beaten path, and out of the “coverage” area. Will this phone work in an area that is only serviced by a CDMA tower??

  51. Hi Chris
    I responded by email directly to Steve, rather than in the comments, and hope to get a little more info before I respond publicly. My suspicion is that the phone may have a SIM card that is incorrect for Steve’s ZIP code, but until I hear from Steve again I won’t be able to confirm that.
    To answer your question, this phone will definitely NOT work in areas with only CDMA coverage. It would be equivalent to trying to pick up an FM radio station while using an AM-only radio.
    I’m in a suburban area with pretty good GSM coverage, but for my relatives in northern Wisconsin, I recommend CDMA phones because Verizon’s network is better there. I don’t know for sure, but I would suspect the same is true of Iowa. If most of your friends/neighbors/relatives have Verizon (or Alltel) phones, you’ll want a CDMA TracFone. If they have ATT or T-mobile, and are happy with the network coverage, then GSM is the way to go.

  52. Hi.

    I’m a first-time cellphone buyer. I have never needed a cellphone… until now whereas I need one for a new job. My family all use and recommend TracePhone.

    I haven’t decided whether I want a barphone or a flipphone. TracFone’s selection of phones on their website seems… limited. I’m currently debating between the Motorola C261 for a barphone, or the LG 600G or Motorola W376G for flipphones.

    I want to thank you for your reviews of both of the flipphones. They were excellent and informative.

    However, I do have some questions. I’m particularly interested in their texting abilities. In the case of the LG 600G, I’m also interested in knowing more about the external front cover screen.

    1) Is it possible to hook up these phones’ texting abilities to IM clients such as AIM or MSN/Windows Live Messenger?

    2) Laura already asked the very exact questions I wanted to know with regards to the external front cover screen, but I did not seem to find a reply to her questions in this review’s comments.
    … Have you found a possible method of applying a picture to the external screen when someone is calling?
    … When you receive a text message, does the phone display whom had sent you the message on the external screen?

    3) Finally, which would you recommend… a barphone or a flipphone?

    I’m looking forward to your reply.

  53. Thanks so much for all the great info!! Well on quick question can u change the picture on the front screan? If so how?

  54. Hi Krystal
    I don’t think the external screen pic can be changed. Am I understanding your question correctly? You want to change the image that you see on the smaller screen, when the phone is closed, right?

  55. Where is the coverage map for this phone? You used to be able to pull up a map for each phone but I couldn’t find it. So is it confirmed that this phone has no CDMA capability? Since my last talk with Tracfone my phone no longer shows the G in the reception bar area when I’m in town but the coverage has not changed. What really bothers me is that when I am at home I have 5 bars but it won’t let me call. It seems to me that it would only pick up signals that it can understand. I’m really not that far out of town and I have traveled around quite a bit and found many places where phone had the same problem. I have a hard time believing that the coverage can be this bad. It seems like something else would be the problem. Here’s another really annoying thing. If I am in an area that is between the two different towers I may or may not be able to make the call. Both towers can be giving me 3 or 4 bars but if it decides to talk to the wrong one I get the Emergency Call Only message. I can hang the phone up and try again and if it decides to talk to the other tower I get through. So I may be in range of a tower that it will work with but the other tower will interfere with my calling ability.

    The problem seems more to me like I don’t have permission to use that tower. I read something about tracfone trying to make it illegal to unlock phones because they would lose a lot of money. I wonder if preventing the unlocking of phones is also what could be keeping me from be able to talk to this tower. Maybe LG can help.

  56. Hi Steve
    I responded to you directly via email, so you may want to check that out. To get the best coverage maps, i’ve found it’s easiest just to go directly to the website of the underlying provider, meaning the company that actually owns the network. TracFone primarily uses the networks of ATT and T-Mobile for GSM, and Verizon and Alltel (soon to be part of Verizon, I believe) for CDMA.

  57. Hi inetknght
    I’ll try to answer your questions here –
    1. I don’t think it’s possible to add anything to the phone that works with the IM clients. But, within each IM client there might be an option to forward IMs to your phone as text messages. In that case I think you MAY be able to reply to those text messages to get the IM sent back out to your IM buddies. Try googling “Instant Messenger to Text Message” or something like that. You may also have to play around with it a little. I’m fairly sure it’s possible, though.I personally have my yahoo and gmail emails forwarded to my phone via text message. I get only the first 120 characters or so, but it’s usually enough to tell who the message is from and what it is about.
    2. I haven’t found a way to do either of the two things you mentioned with the external screen.
    3. I like flip phones because they prevent accidental dialing, the screen stays nicer, and when you use them the mouthpiece ends up closer to your mouth, which feels more natural.

    Finally, one point about text messaging. The LG 600G uses T9 predictive text, which is widely considered to be superior to the iTap predictive text system used by Motorola.

  58. Thanks for your TracFone Blog. I have been using a C261 for the last couple of years. The problem I have is I loose reception at my home by a block or so. Unpredictable in-and-out signal. At times it has taken over half an hour to send a text. I went with the LG600 only because of your reception rating. I would have preferred the W376 for what I needed besides reception. I hope I am happy with my choice when it arrives. I dig your unbiased reviews!
    The other reason I’m writing this is to let you know about the deal I just got today 10-04-2008. LG600 through Walmart Online just $49.97 plus $4.97 shipping, or even FREE “ship to store” (then you go pick it up). Anyhow I’m sending you the link so you can pass it on to all your readers. Thanx Again Brian M.

  59. I am a bit disappointed that the LG600G has room for 1000 contacts, and if you just happen to have that many, you have to MANUALLY type the data into the phone via the keypad….one….by….one.

    What were they thinking?

    In this day and age who the hell has time for that?

    It has BlueTooth for crying out loud!

  60. For AIM there is a setting called mobile IM… if you set this up with your tracfone number you get IMs like text messages, it costs the same. You can reply to these and when you get an IM. Each screen name has a distinct six digit number, which you can save for later texting straight to the IM… I hope this is useful.

  61. Free transcription service works great with TracFone.
    Transcribes your short voice-messages to text Free.
    Sends copy to email, others, or back to you as text reminder in future.
    Extremely accurate transcription. Link to site:
    Not a promo for Jott, I’m just a terrible typist with a not so good memory for upcoming events and it helps me. Thought I would pass it on.
    Brian M.

  62. Is there a web site or anything that i can download bluetooth to my computer? If so is it free?

    Can you get on the internet from the LG600g? Or is it like all the other tracfones and takes you to the tracfone page?

    And thanks so much for all the great info on your blog it was VERY helpful.

  63. Hi Krystal
    Bluetooth requires special hardware – a bluetooth Transmiter/receiver. You can get an adapter that plugs into your USB drive to add bluetooth to your computer. This is what I did. Here’s a comment I made about the dongle in a different post:
    Also, as you mentioned, the internet is limited to TracFone’s site. Not very worthwhile in my opinion.

  64. I currently own an older tracfone. I plan to buy the LG 600g and transfer my current tracfone phone number to it.

    My question is, will I still get the Double Minutes on the LG 600g, even though I’m transferring another tracfone phone number to it?

  65. Hi Garret –
    Yes, you will definitely get the double minutes on the new phone, despite transferring your old number. The double minutes apply to the phone, not the phone number. Hope this helps!

  66. Ok guys, I have one for you to try. On my w376g my brother sent me a textmessage with a GIF animation file in it and it worked. Now I have not tried to send one to my lg600g yet. I dont know if it will work or if you need a certain file size, but this is something to try. The info from the text mess. is below…

    size: 50.01kb
    type GIF animation
    Resol. 127×99

    If you find out if this works on the lg600, If you can send via bluetooth, please post. I will try to work on this and report back.

  67. Based on the review here and the comments I purchased an LG600G from Target today…and it’s going back tomorrow.

    I discovered a couple of things about it I can’t live with.

    First – When someone mentioned here that you can get to the speaker phone after the call was made, I didn’t understand it meant “after the call was answered.” I am used to my w370 phone being able to go to the speaker after the number is dialed. The 2-step method after the call is answered here is not to my liking.

    Second – I can’t find a way to add “pauses” to a phone number and then more numbers. That is I want it to dial an office number, pause for it to answer, and then dial an extension. Easy with the Motorola, no can do with the LG. i.e. I can’t call my office and have it dial my voice mail box in one step

    Third – Want no wall paper…no can do. No “no wall paper” option. I guess if I delete all the wall papers it would achieve the same thing, but…

    There are a couple of other irksome traits I found in only a few minutes of experimenting, so I decided I will avail myself to the return policy.

    Now my TracFone rant:

    When I transferred my number, minutes, etc. to the LG everything went smoothly. Less than an hour later I decide the LG is not for me and I try to reactivate my old 370. No can do because TRCFONE DISABLES THE SIM CARD IN THE PHONE!!!! THIS IS PURE AND UTTER BU**SH**T!!! The only way to reactivate the phone is to wait for TF to send another one. There is no reason for this restrictive behavior. there si nothing on the web site saying they will do this, either.

    It is bad enough that you can’t use the SIM card from one TF in another. That is why you have them…so you don’t have to re-enter the 2100 or so phone book entries when you upgrade your phone. But to deactivate the SIM in the phone it came with is totally unacceptable. I am on the edge of becoming an ex-customer over this issue after 7 years.

    End of rant.

  68. Hey everyone,

    Patrick was able to help me via email with my issue concerning not being able to connect even though bars were showing. I thought he might want to post the answer himself but he is apparently busy right now. I will pass the short answer along in case anyone is hanging on the answer.

    The area I live in is covered by T-mobile and AT&T towers. The SIM card in my phone was a TF64SIMT5 which is a T-mobile card. For some reason, Tracfrones with T-mobile cards do not always work with the AT&T towers. The solution was to have Tracfone send me an AT&T SIM card. The number on the AT&T card they sent me was TF64SIMC4. The new card works perfectly.

    Now for the rants and warnings which I will try to limit only to the useful information. Should this happen to you, make sure that they send you a new SIM card. Do not let them talk you into trying anything else like sending a replacement phone. Do not let them deactivate your phone unless they are ready to immediately reactivate it with the new SIM. Make sure that the CSR makes a note of how many minutes you have, your double minute feature, your one year activation, etc. If they lose your minutes it can take hours, or even weeks to get your minutes back. Make sure you take notes on every phone call complete with date, time, and ticket number. Keep a record of everything you buy from Tracfone including bonus codes that you may have used. If anything goes wrong, this information may help you to get your stuff back sooner than later.

    Tracfone CSRs are always polite and patient. They try to resolve all issues in one phone call. The problem is that sometimes you can get a great CSR or a terrible one and you won’t know the difference until the damage is done. The first CSR claimed that I did not have coverage in my area on this phone. It was the wrong answer but became the official answer from Tracfone once she put the note in the phone’s records. After talking the second CSR into helping me, she talked me into having my phone deactivated and to wait for a replacement phone instead of a new SIM card. She claimed that the phone would be an identical LG600G but the phone that came in the mail was an LG200. CSR number 3 reactivated my LG600G and sent me a new SIM card but could not return the lost minutes to me. This is not the first time that I’ve gone through the lost minute ordeal with Tracfone. Last time, they wanted me to deactivate the phone for two weeks so that they could verify that I had the minutes I claimed to have. There is a whole other story there that I won’t go into. This time, they wanted to deactivate my phone and send it back to them for two weeks. I said no and waited for the SIM card. After receiving the SIM card, I waited til Saturday morning to call CSR number 4. CSR number 4 was one of the good ones. It took a couple hours but he was able to reactivate my phone with the new SIM, get the double minute plan put back on the phone, and get my minutes back. Unfortunately I still lost my phone number and now have a new one to remember. Total time on the phone with Tracfone was about 6 hours.

    I’m not trying to talk anyone out of Tracfone. It is still my carrier of choice and even though this customer experience sucked it still wasn’t as bad as how I feel after talking to a Cingular rep. Besides, if everything goes smoothly you never have to talk to a Tracfone rep. If you do, just remember to keep records and be sure that you are comfortable and ready to be on the phone for awhile. If you are skilled at the art of knowing a good rep from a bad one then hang up on the bad ones as soon as you can.

    • Steve Thank you Thank you Thank you I’m going thru the same thing now They told me to callback tomorrow after calling them twice today They said it could take 72 hrs since I had my phone number and minutes transfer to the new phone Tomorrow I will ask for a new sim card Do Ihave to ask for a AT&T sim card ????? I do like Tracfone I think for my use they are the way to go

      Thanks again


  69. Just wanted to let you know this phone is available for $49.97 at I just bought it, and love it. I know it normally goes for $79.99, so any of you that plan on buying this phone and don’t have issues buying from Walmart: it is a great deal. I just got mine and I love it.

    Thanks for a great product review :-)

  70. Hey, I’m also having an issue with my Net 10 LG 600g. I saw a couple of people asking the same question, but it was never answered.

    I am having the “write error” issue whenever I try to assign a picture as a picture id. I sent an email to Net 10 and hopefully get an answer. I was wondering if anyone else was having this same issue and if they found out what is wrong.


    • Hi, I’m having the same problem. I don’t know whats wrong. Is there a fix for this? Bev p.s. mine is a tracfone lg600g.

      • Bev –
        I think it’s something like, you need to have pics assigned to all your contacts. As soon as you have one without a pic, then try to assign a pic to the next, you’ll get the write error issue. Maybe it’s worth creating a generic pic for “everyone else” as a way to work around this issue.

  71. When I called Tracfone to inquire about Bluetooth functionality on October 22, the tech support person told me that the 600G does not support phone to PC transfers except through SMS. The reason I am buying the 600G is primarily as a backup to my camera that I use daily on the job, so a Bluetooth PC transfer would be a big plus. Does anyone know if this is the truth or their usual line.

  72. I got the lg 600g from Target for $60. No walmart nearby and didn’t want to wait for the mail.

    It’s great so far, I’m having a blast playing around with ring tones and pictures.
    Anyone know how to download java games to the phone?

  73. Hi Don
    I think this falls under the category of “usual line.” I have definitely been successful in sending pics – lots of ’em – from my lg 600 to my PC. Now the resolution on those pictures is another issue that you may want to reconsider. I don’t know what your purpose is in taking the pictures, but if you’ll want to view them anywhere other than on the PC or phone itself, the quality on these pics isn’t too great.

  74. Patrick,

    Thanks for your quick response and excellent blog. I purchased the 600G from Target as Walmart was out. This would be a backup camera to my small Casio. I need to only produce a 3 x 5 photo for documentation purposes, so the 640 x 480 will suffice. I do wish Tracfone would incorporate the 1.3 megapixel sensor that the LG Chocolate uses. Maybe in the future.
    I am replacing the Motorola V-170 so I have had a chance to compare the 600G with the V-170. The received sound quality is far superior on the 600G than the V-170. My transmitted signal also seems to be superior judging from the responses of people I have called.

    Many thanks for all your hard work,


  75. My wife bought me a V170 for a present two months ago, which so far has served me well, but your reviews have me hankering for a photo-capable unit. The 600G sounds tempting, with the active bluetooth features offered. Two questions please…

    Q-A: The V170 has free incoming text which greatly reduces unit usage for me. (I’m cheap.) What Tracfones currently offer this feature?

    Q-B: How do I explain the (impending) demise of my V170 when the tire prints will be so evident on the outside of the case?

    Thanks for all you do!

  76. Hi Scott
    I’m cheap too! I still use the Nokia 1100 as my primary phone because I get a lot of texts each day, and that free incoming benefit saves me a LOT of minutes. Unfortunately for people like us, TracFone hasn’t included the free incoming feature on any phone newer than the V170. So you’ll have to decide whether having the cooler phone is worth not only the cost to upgrade, but also the additional minutes spent receiving texts. For me it’s not worth it. But maybe the next latest-greatest phone that TracFone releases will have me switching.

  77. FYI: the LG600G does NOT support text alerts (weather, banking alerts, college campus emergency notifications, etc.). Tracfone, as well as a lot of people probably, think that if a phone supports text messaging it automatically supports text alerts (especially since I’ve yet to see a description of any phone that states, specifically, ‘text alerts AND text messaging.’ But the fact is NONE of the Tracfone LG phones support text alerts – ONLY text messaging. This is coming from an LG supervisor who claimed they provided all the necessary literature to Tracfone and therefore Tracfone should know this. But they don’t. Not even their supervisors know. I found this out the hard way, trying to retrieve banking info on my LG600g phone, and my wife found out but not being notified of an event change at her campus.
    Again, ALL Tracfone Motorola models support text messaging AND text alerts. The LG Tracfones supports ONLY text messaging. So I was forced to return both LG600g phones that I’d gotten for myself and my wife and ended up going with the Motorola w376g which does have SOME Bluetooth ability (though the LG600g is WAY better on BT functionality, allowing for file transfers from phone to pc.) but more importantly to us, supports text alerts.
    Keep that in mind for those yet to make a decision…hope it helps.

  78. Thanks for sharing that info, Jacob. I, for one, had no idea that there was even a distinction between text messaging and text alerts.

  79. Great review.
    Would you know what band/bands this phone works on?
    850 – 900 – 1800 – 1900 ?
    I need to know because some of the areas around here only have 850mhz, so the motorola w376 doesn;t work. I need at least a dual band phone 850/1900.

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you

  80. Hey,
    I’ve tested out the Bluetooth capability on a friend’s computer and it works amazingly! Very nice feature!

    However, if your computer, like mine, is not bluetooth enabled and you need to order a bluetooth dongle. DO NOT ORDER FROM DEAL EXTREME. A link to that site was posted here and I ordered from it. Only after the order could I see that it was coming from Hong Kong! It took them a week to process the order and it is almost two weeks from shipment date and still not here.

    Just thought I would warn you all,

  81. I just purchased a LG600 but have not activated it yet.
    In the Settings menu under “Date and Time”, there are only options for Date Format and Time Format. I can’t find a way to “Set” the date and time and there is no option for Auto Update.
    Can you help me with this matter?


  82. Hello,
    After having my Moto w376g for 3 months and countless times of wanting to throw it against the wall, I’m quite ready to part with it. > >

    So I’m wondering: Does the LG 600G have a place to hang charms, just like the right side of the w376G phone?

    Also, on the w376G, while text messaging, I’ve noticed a lag between when I type the letters and when they finally appear on the screen. Is that just my phone, am I texting too fast, or is it common? And does it happen on the LG 600G?


  83. Marie – if I remember correctly, the clock on my 600G was set automatically when I activated the phone. I have not messed with that setting since.

  84. Teuki – the LG 600g does NOT have a place to hang charms. It is, however, better with texting than the w376g. The w370 had a severe lag, and the w376g brought a slight improvement in that area. The LG 600g does not have that lag, and also features a better “predictive text” method than the w376g. Unfortunately, the LG also has somewhat inferior voice quality. So which model is better for you depends on how exactly you use the phone.

  85. My friend sent me a one of her ringtones over bluetooth. She dosnt have the LG600G but i figured it would still work, when i looked at the file in My Stuff in the Menu it wouldnt let me play it as a ringtone or anything, whats wrong?

  86. It might depend on the file format. The format of the pre-loaded ringtones on the LG 600G is .amr. You may need to get the ringtones into that format in order to play them. I think that .wav files will also play, but I’m not sure if they can be saved as ringtones for incoming calls. I could be wrong on the wav files, though.

  87. okay,next to the ringtone that they sent it said mp3 file and it was in the My stuff – Other Files. and in the Audio and Ringtone part of my stuff next the ringtones that were already on the phone they say MID file. Do i need to transfer the MP3 ringtones into MID, and if so how?

    Thanks, Jake.

  88. Also i would like to know if i can just buy a USB and transefer my downloaded music onto my LG and thewn just use those as ringtones. Ive been searching for a while but i cant seem to find anything. Also i dont know if this factors in but mine is Tracfone and i dont think it has anything to do with Net 10.

  89. Hi Jake
    I don’t know of anyone yet that’s been able to transfer ringtones or anything else via USB, but you can transfer between your computer and your phone using bluetooth, if you computer has bluetooth. If your computer does not have bluetooth, you can get something called a USB dongle for about $5, and that will give your computer bluetooth ability. For more details on all of this, including step-by-step instructions of how I created my own ringtones from mp3 files, check out this post:

  90. Hi Jake
    I haven’t personally used that exact item, but the reviews look pretty good and overall, it looks similar to the one I use.

  91. Yea, that’s the dongle I bought too. Just got it today and it works just fine. You need to download bluetooth software, I used Blue Soleil.

    One thing though, you better be willing to wait for almost a month if you order from that site. It’s in Hong Kong… and they take a while to process orders.

    Matt K.

  92. I’ve not had that problem and I haven’t heard of it either. I would suggest calling into Net 10. It sounds like a parameter was set incorrectly.

    Matt K.

  93. Last week I bought the LG600G on sale from a local Target store. I was Googleing the model (LG’s web site does not acknowledge this model), and came across your blog. Reading Parts 1, 2 & 3 on the LG600G Review has really helped me get a greater understanding of my new phone.

    In a response to a question (9-7-08), you commented that you had deleted the games on your phone. I would also like to delete one or both factory installed games to free up additional memory space. There is no option to delete the games, how did you do it? Also, maybe I would want to transfer the games instead to my computer via Bluetooth to store on my hard drive for future reinstallation back onto my phone if I later decide I want the games back. Can this be done?

    I’m a 7 year Tracfone customer. So your Blog is an exciting find for me. Unfortunately I found your Blog to late to cash in on the Shopko minute card deal. Thanks for a great Blog.

  94. Hi Jeff
    Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully I’ll be able to share more deals soon, and you’ll be able to cash in those. The Shopko find was a good one, though. And, I should add, one that was first called to my attention by a reader.
    Regarding the games on the LG 600 – unfortunately, I have to disappoint you here. I have never attempted to remove the factory-installed games from this phone. I think that in that comment I was referring to the fact that I had once installed non-factory java games I found on the internet, and then subsequently deleted those non-factory games. I apologize for the confusion.

  95. Hello,

    I just bought a Iogear bluetooth USB and was trying to connect it to my LG 600g. The computer recognized the phone and tried to connect. However, my phone prompted me for a passcode. I tried a bunch of different passcodes, even tried resetting it, but none of them seemed to please the bluetooth connection.
    What I’m wondering is how I can figure out what my passcode is.
    I was hoping someone could help.

  96. If I remember correctly, I think that for me it didn’t matter what code I put in, as long as I entered the same code for both the phone and the computer when prompted for the respective codes. My first suggestion is to do something like 0000, and see if your computer then asks for you to put in a code as well. If so, try 0000 on the computer as well. Hopefully that will solve it. If not, I think that 1234 is a common default code as well, so try that. Also, is it possible that your BT adapter came with a code already programmed into it, and now you need to match that code? Maybe your Iogear instruction manual has info.

  97. To all interested readers of this LG600G Blog:

    I’ve only had the 600G about 3 weeks when it stopped working today.
    First the 2 minor issues,
    -The 13 day battery standby time as promoted on the TracFone site….. I was only getting about 6 days. I thought, not a big deal, the phone has a lot more going on than my simple Kyocera 126c did, which could easily get 2 weeks on standby.
    – Yesterday may have been a tip off that something was wrong with my LG. From the phone, I subscribed to a one day Internet access. About 3 minutes/units was immediately deducted. I went back to a news story teaser to open the expanded version to read (paid Internet access required), and was taken back to the subscription page. The phone or TracFone didn’t recognize I had already subscribed. I lost 3 minutes with nothing to show for it.

    But the killer was today……… I saved a picture I’d taken to a phone contact (when that person calls the picture will display). While in the contact edit menu for this person, I scrolled down to the memo window. The text input area was completely blacken, only the cursor was seen blinking. I tried entering text but nothing showed. I pressed the left save key to exit the edit menu and the phone went into the Save changes mode, this usually lasts about 2 to 3 seconds and goes back to the contact list. It stayed in the Save mode!

    I couldn’t key out of this Save mode, I also couldn’t turn the phone off. I removed and reinstalled the battery to reset and turned the phone on again. The LG600G logo displayed on the screen and froze, the phone would not boot up any further. I repeated removing the battery to reset several times with the same result.

    I called TracFone. They said to remove the battery and the SIM Card, wait 5 minutes, reinstall and turn the phone on. I did, with the same results. I called TracFone back, they ran a call check on my number and determined it was an internal fault in the phone. They are sending me another LG600G free of charge in a week without me asking for a replacement. With a return postage label for sending the dead phone back. This is good customer relations on TracFone’s part but as another Post stated earlier, they send the phone by FedEx with proof of signature required, I’m not at home during the day so I have to drive 15 miles to a FedEx depot. And now I’ll have to enter all my contacts into the new phone one at a time (it took 3 days with the dead phone), because all my contacts were save to the phone to take advantage of the expanded menu options, not the SIM Card.

    I remembered how many minutes I had before the phone died and TracFone will credit those minutes and my service end date to the new LG. I asked 3 times to verify that the replacement was going to be a NEW phone not a remanufactured, CS assured me that it would be New.

    This is not a complaint Post. I like TracFone and I like the LG600G, my first flip, my first camera phone. I think the sound quality is very good. And look forward to using the Bluetooth to transfer files to and from my computer with the phone. I bought the Bluetooth dongle and the SIM Card Reader for my computer as mentioned in this Blog from ($12.43 for both w/free shipping, no tax & prompt delivery).

    I’m lucky this happened during the ‘break-in’ period or I’d be stuck with repair cost, return postage or buying a new phone.
    Has anybody had problems with this phone?

  98. I havent had any major problems with my 600G. It tends to have a terrible signal and people say im too quiet on their side. (my phone’s microphone is not very good). I’m not sure if thats an issue with my phone or all the phones.

  99. Nice site you are a big help!
    I recently got a LG600G.
    Iread the limited manual.
    I am having a difficult time setting a picture with a phone
    number. And also a ring tone. Any ideas?

    Thanks Jeff (Oregon)

    I live in the woods just a few miles off the I-5 corador.
    No reception at the house, but down the road it works fine.
    I had U.S. Cellular it worked fine here, do you know if they use there towers?

  100. -RE: John
    I did not get any negative feed back on my 600G’s sound quality or lack of volume from ones I called. I hope that doesn’t change with the new replacement phone TracFone is sending me. As far as signal strength, in my area of Southern Calif., the signal was always strong. But I didn’t travel far from home to test distance.

    And when using my Bluetooth headset with the phone, I was told I came across clear. Although it felt like I was talking into the breeze to myself.

    -RE: horsman
    Since I’m still waiting for my replacement phone to arrive, I don’t have a working phone in hand to go through the steps accurately, but as I recall there is 2 ways to set a picture to a contact…..

    The way I did it was go to My Stuff / Graphics / choose the pic you want to associate with a contact / press the right soft key to enter the sub menu for that pic / there is a option to SET AS.. / the chooses I think are: SET AS.. Wallpaper or Contact. Choose ‘Contact’. The menu then takes you to the Contact List, choose the contact you want the picture associated with. Then you are taken to that Contact’s Edit page, scroll down to the picture viewing box and after a few seconds for the picture to load, you should see the picture you’ve chosen.

    The other option, which I didn’t use; from the Contact’s Edit page, select Options on the right lower corner, from this sub menu you should see an option to SET.. a picture to the Contact.
    I was only able to Set one picture when my phone froze and died.

    Ringtones should be about the same: My Stuff / Audio & Ringtones / select the ringtone / select the sub menu on the lower right / and you should see a SET AS… option. The rest of the procedure should be about the same as with pictures.

    I can’t speak as to what towers are used in your area. I know in my area of Los Angeles, TracFone uses the carrier of AT&T for my LG600G (I assume that means the towers also). I found this out be simply sending an email to myself from my TracFone. In the email, check out the Sender and you will see your cell number and carrier (e.g. [your #]{“att” is my carrier}. But with my old Kyocera 126 phone the address was [cell #]

    I know in my house one bedroom is a dead zone, the rest of the house and neighborhood has good reception. Just the way the waves travel… go figure.

    Hope this helps.

  101. I was just wondering if theres a way for the external display on the LG 600G to stay on?! instead of going to black screen even when the phone is on?! not a big deal but would be cool.

  102. Pbushx2: thanks for this site and all the great info. I’m wondering if anyone has transferred a LANDLINE phone number to their tracfone and how it is working for them?

    I’m ready to cancel my landline and do the tracfone only, but am a little hesitant. I was planning on buying the LG600 or the motorola376g for this purpose.

    Anyone? thanks : )

  103. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the sound quality for the phone. I currently have the v170 phone and I am content with the sound quality of it; is the LG 600G really that much worse?

  104. Hi Sheila
    I am not aware of a way to keep the external display on. If you are able to figure it out, though, keep in mind that your battery life would probably suffer quite a bit.

  105. Teresa – I don’t know of any TracFone users that use ONLY Tracs for all their communication needs. I also have not had the experience of transferring a landline number to a TracFone. I guess if you go through with it, you’ll be the guinea pig for us all LOL. One thing to consider, though, is how easy it would be to get your number back to a landline if things don’t go smoothly. I guess if you’ve done the math and figured out that you’ll save money by doing it that way, then go ahead. However, I would also be hesitant, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. I guess I do have a couple of reasons – I’ve never had a “network busy” message on my landline phone. My landline is linked to my address in case I ever need 911 services. I use my landline 500 minutes per month or more, which would get expensive with Trac. But if these don’t pertain to you or are of a lesser concern, then I guess I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

  106. Katie – I don’t think that the sound quality on the 600g is much worse than the V170 – they are probably pretty comparable. I do know that they are both inferior to the w376g. But if you were happy with the V170, I *think* you’ll be happy with the sound quality on the 600g.

  107. Have had my LG600g for around a month now and am pretty pleased with it. Have loaded all the contacts a for whom I wish to have I have the most information, including email, multiple alternate phone and especially use of the memo field to key in an address. I am replacing my older Tracfone and my PDA with this phone.

    One question: this is the only phone I’ve owned, including other LG phones, that doesn’t automatically space between area code, and again between 3rd & 4th digit of phone number. Not a big deal when you hit Send to call, but not so hot when you want to read the number or just copy it. Manually inserting a space just inserts 0s or +s. (Three taps does not give me the space.) I tried putting an asterisk in those spaces but the number wouldn’t connect that way. Ideas??

  108. RE: pamsaunt

    I to have the same annoyances with the lack of a hyphen in my contact list numbers. Its just plain hard to read the phone number… And I have also tried the asterisk, space and + trick to no avail. This is the only phone I’ve had that doesn’t hyphenate the phone numbers.

    But the reason I’m writing is, you mentioned the memo field in the Contact menu to key in an address. **Have you had any problems with this feature?** Read my November 16th post above. I have had problems with the memo field being blacked out. The only thing visible was the blinking cursor, I could not view anything that I was typing into the box. And then when I pressed the Save key to exit the menu, that’s when the phone entered into the Save mode indefinitely and froze up.

    I called TracFone and they did send me another new 600G at no cost. But 7 days later I noticed the memo field was again blacked out with this new phone. I charged the phone but the result was the same. I called LG Customer Support at 800-793-8896. They walked me through what they called a “Hard Reset” of the phone.

    Hard Reset:
    – With the phone on, remove the battery.
    – Press and hold the power/on key for 10 seconds.
    – Insert the battery and turn the phone on.

    This worked, the memo field was again white and I could type in it. [Note: The Reset did not erase my contacts or reset the phone to the default settings.]

    But about 15 hours later the same thing happened AGAIN. I did the Hard Reset again and that cleared the memo field. It’s been 6 days and so far so good (I check it everyday now). This is the second 600G to do this, the first, from a Calif. Target store and my current phone from TracFone. I’m concerned that if this is a problem with this model, maybe I should return the phone and try another brand while I’m still in this 30 day trial window.

    pbushx2, do you have any insight on this problem?

  109. Hi Jeff,
    I was thinking of trying to call or email LG about the phone’s lack of “inter-digital spacing,” for lack of a real term. Will let you know if I come up with anything. I may also try one of the LG forums too, and see if I get lucky.

    I’m afraid my comment on use of the memo field was a bit garbled. I got interrupted and didn’t finish that thought before moving on the the above one. I have not had the disappearing memo field issue.

    FWIW, I was trying to say that I use the “phone” field for those folks for whom I want to have more in-depth info than just one number, including the memo, and the SIM for others. This allows the phone to be a fairly complete address book PDA, including the calendar and reminder alarm, which I have not yet tried to use. I tried copying all the phone data to the SIM to have a back up, but discovered that the contacts list then showed multiple listings for every contact. That is: Jane home phone, Jane work phone, Jane cell phone. So as soon as I buy a dongle and activate the bluetooth, I’ll send a list of all the contacts to my PC as back-up.

    Keep on sharing, everyone, and thanks pbushx2.

    • >pamsaunt December 4, 2008

      >I was thinking of trying to call
      >or email LG about the phone’s lack
      >of “inter-digital spacing,” for
      >lack of a >real term. Will let you
      >know if I come up with anything.

      pamsaunt, did you ever try this? I, too, find the long numbers hard to read.

  110. Hi,
    I just received my LG 600G and was starting to input my contacts and I too did need to do a hard reset and now my memo is white. The question I had is on Dec 2nd pamsaunt said she was able to insert addresses in the memo screen and I have tried to do the same thing but it will only let me insert letters and not any numbers. Can I so something to be able to use numbers?

  111. simply….,
    I too had a hard time getting to the numbers, but they are the fourth option on each key – or the fifth option on the keys that have four letters. I think I counted wrong more than a few times before giving it to my niece, who finally got it to work for me, doing precisely what I thought I had been l doing all along. I have since had no problem entering numerics in the memo field.

    Now if only we could get spacing between the area code and digits 3 and 4 of the number.

  112. I have not had the same experience with the memo screen going black. But then, I haven’t used my LG 600g as my primary phone, and don’t have a very extensive contact list on that phone yet. It certainly seems to be a problem with the model, though, based on the number of different handsets on which it has occurred. Very strange.

  113. Pam, Thank you for your response. I tried your method and sure enough it works. I feel a little guilty because I have a brand new Motorola w376g that is only 3 months old and I could not put the address, cell, home & work numbers in it. I purchased the LG because I had another simple model that allowed me to input everything into one area. Then I got the LG600G and tried to put everything into one place on this new phone and guess what it did not work until I called and found that I needed to save it to the phone and not the SIM card. When I found that it worked I tried the same thing on my Motorola and it also worked. I now have 2 camera phones and am trying to decide what to do. I love the fact that the LG has Sudoku in the games and that it has a task menu as I use them all the time. I probably will keep both just in case I loose one to have a backup. Thanks again!

  114. Regarding sim cards etc., I too have upgraded from the venerable Nokia 1100 to the LG600g and I have some questions. It’s been a while, but if memory serves, when first setting up the 1100 I had to insert the included sim card into the battery compartment, though that could have been on an earlier Nokia Tracfone. There was no such option with the LG. I don’t know much about these so my questions are as follows: 1. Should there have been a sim card to be installed with the LG or are they integral to this phone? 2. Is there any way at all of transfering the numbers from the 1100 to the 600g?


    • You are correct that the 1100 has a SIM card. So does the 600g. You MAY be able to transfer the address book between the phones, IF the contacts from your Nokia were saved to the SIM card, and not to the phone’s internal memory. To figure out where your contacts are saved on the Nokia 1100, go to Menu>Contacts>Settings>Memory Status. There, you will be able to figure out how many contacts are saved to your SIM, and how many are saved to the phone itself. If you have a bunch saved to the SIM, you can use a SIM card reader to copy the contacts from the old sim, and then to paste them onto the new SIM. Here’s a post that I wrote about how to do this, with a link to a cheap SIM card reader:

  115. Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely be looking at that reader. One other question though: Can you recommend an inexpensive <$30 but decent bluetooth headset? I found a MOGO dongle for 9.99 which is great, but I’d like to find a headset now. Thanks!

  116. Incidentally, I purchased the LG600g after reading all 3 parts of your review and I’d like to thank you for the clear and detailed info. I’ve been using Tracfone exclusively for my wireless needs and that small blue 1100 was my favorite until I tried the 600g. I wish all reviewers were as informative as you. Again thanks!

  117. K, total newb here… i got my tracfone 600g. Got my mac to talk to it via bluetooth. Is there a way to add, edit, etc contacts directly via this connection…or what tricks do I need to do?

  118. I was wondering which phone-the Motorola w376 or the LG 600g takes better pictures? Also if it is for sure possible to email the pictures to your computer from the Motorola w376.

    • I think they both take pretty comparable pictures. To be honest, neither model (nor most phones, for that matter) take pics that are good enough to produce quality prints.
      And, regarding emailing the pics, I know it has definitely been done successfully. I can’t say for sure how many people have had problems with it, though. Maybe some others can weigh in and share their experience with sending pictures.

  119. Carphunter wrote: i got my tracfone 600g. Got my mac to talk to it via bluetooth. Is there a way to add, edit, etc contacts directly via this connection…or what tricks do I need to do?

    I don’t know about anything specific to the mac, but you have to have the contacts in .vcf files first. Yahoo mail contact lists can be exported to .vcf files for free. Once you have the .vcf files and have Bluetooth on, visible, and contact allowed on the paired devices, you should be able to use the “Wireless File Transfer” from the Bluetooth on the computer. The info should automatically be stored in the contact list on the LG.

    By the way, if you can get your current contact list into .csv format (Mozilla Thunderbird can help with that — at least on a PC) then that can be imported to Yahoo, and then exported to .vcf format.

    Speaking of file formats for the LG600G, does anyone know what format the LG notepad uses? I would like to transfer all of my notepad files from my old palm, just like I was able to do with the contacts.

  120. Susan Thank you.

    Dumb question though…. where do i transfer the file to? Which folder? there isn’t a contacts folder available to me.

    Also, am I to assume then that I can’t go the other way with this transfer? phone to computer? I ask because i’d like to keep the whole list clean and that may mean push and pull it from the phone on occasion

  121. Hello all.Does anyone know if there is a way to delete the wallpapers and ringtones that came with the phone?They have it set were you cant do this!I have my own wall and tones and need theirs gone for the space.Pbushx2 I used the program you used to convert mp3 to amr and the sound was horrible,did you ever find one that converts better for the sound,or is the speakers just not that good?Any help would be great!Thanks………

  122. My lg600 let me save photos as picture id then about 2 wks later I would get the message – write error – when trying to save to phone numbers.Returned that phone got another,same thing with the write error.I called tracfone after an 1 hr of the customer service rep having me try everything with this phone,she tells me they will work on it and in 24 hrs it will work, if not call back.Well I had to call back, after another hour of trying the same stuff as the night before she tells me the phone does not have that option,of course I blew up,wasting 2 nights in a row. Anyhow I asked to talk to her supervisor and gave him an earful,he is sending me another phone and I will send this one back.He guarantees me this one will work, probably just to shut me up. I hope it works.Has anyone who has this problem had it solved?? If so HOW??? Thanks

    • Hi, I have the same problem. It worked fine at first but now I get the write error. So now I have some contacts with picture IDs and others that don’t. Does anyone know how to fix this? Bev.

  123. Yea, I’ve had that problem too. It’s very strange. I actually had them hang up on me. I’m tempted to try again. Only difference is that mine is a Net 10. It’s interesting to know that TracFone’s also have this problem.

  124. Matt I havent received the new phone yet,but if write error happens on this phone I might call lg directly heres the # if you want to try 1-800-793-8896. Good Luck. I may call tracfone corporate offices first

  125. Is there any way to make the default save to (contacts) device be the phone instead of the SIM card? Every new contact I put in I have to change the save to from the SIM to the phone.

    • Hi Rick
      It sure seems like that should be possible, but I can’t find a way to do it. I can see how it would be frustrating though. Hopefully someone else with this phone will help you out with this question.

    • Hi Josh
      I don’t recall the specific website, but I was able to find some games by first looking at the version of java that is on the phone, then searching google for “java games” along with the java version number.

  126. Hello all,
    First I would like to thank you for this great website. I am not computer savvy or do I know anything about cell phones. I had an old v 170 motorola tracfone and wanted to up grade. After reading all I could through this website I chose the lg600.
    I do not have service at my home so I went online to activate the phone. After 2 attempts I was successful at getting it activated. I had 968 minutes left on the old phone. When I turned on the new phone I had 2000 minutes and had been give 2 more months of service(I had a year card on the old phone).
    Was able to take photos and email them. But decided I did not want to waste minutes so I purchased a bluetooth dongle from ebay. It was one from Hong Kong. Cost me .55, that included the shipping. Received it in less than two weeks. With my limited computer knowledge I was able to get it up and running and now am able to transfer photos through the bluetooth.
    I again want to thank you for an informative website. I love the phone and the more than 1000 minutes was worth the 46.99 price tag.

    • Wow Ken, that’s great. Thanks for taking the time to tell everyone how the phone has worked for you – hopefully your input will help someone else facing a “which phone should I buy” decision down the road. Very curious about those extra minutes, though. That’s better than any bonus code I’ve ever heard of! Must have been your lucky day – I’ve never heard of anyone hitting quite that big of a jackpot in the “TracFone Lottery.” Congrats!

  127. Carphunter wrote:
    Dumb question though…. where do i transfer the file to? Which folder? there isn’t a contacts folder available to me.

    Also, am I to assume then that I can’t go the other way with this transfer? phone to computer? I ask because i’d like to keep the whole list clean and that may mean push and pull it from the phone on occasion

    Sorry it took so long to reply, I was out of the country for a while and didn’t have time to log on.

    What I did with the .vcf files was to make a folder on my computer to put them. Then in the Bluetooth file transfer window (on the computer) I dragged them all to the pane for files to be transferred, selected all and then sent them tot he phone. The phone automatically put them in the contact list. You do have to have the devices (computer and phone) paired and visible, and set the phone to allow transfer. One annoyance was that the transfer seemed to time out after a certain amount of time and I had so many that I had to do several transfers to get all of the contacts into the phone. Still much less work than typing them all in using the phone keypad.

    Yes you can push the contacts from the phone to the computer. I haven’t found where you can do them all with one command, though. While looking at a contact, select “Options”, then scroll down to “Send via”, click “OK”, then select “Bluetooth”. That contact will be sent to the paired device (your computer) in .vcf format. It will show up in your bluetooth inbox. Yahoo will also let you import the contact from the .vcf format. I’ve decided to keep my master address file on yahoo since it imports and exports to the correct format. The only problem is that I’m storing street addresses on the phone in the memo area, and the .vcf cards from yahoo list that info as address not memo. What I intend to try some day is copy the address to the note area in the yahoo book and see if that transfers correctly to the memo area on the phone.

    Hope that helps, and if you find out any more by trial and error (which is what I did) then please let me know.


  128. Is there a way to increase the number of rings before a call is automatically sent to voice mail? I often fumble around finding the phone in my purse and miss the call.

    • Hmm, I unfortunately don’t have the answer to that. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the number of rings ’til voice mail picks up is determine by the network, not the phone. I just don’t know how to change the settings of the network (your network is either AT&T, or T-mobile).

  129. FYI: The LG600 will pair nicely with the Bluetooth in a 2009 Nissan Versa. No problem with sending or receiving messages via the Nissan’s Hands-Free Phone System.

  130. Two Questions:

    1. I have just recently gotten the lg600g and I really like it. However one thing I have noticed about the phone is that when I am calling someone else, sometimes rather than the phone making the traditional ringing sound for me, it just beeps (as if making a busy signal). The beeping stops when the other person picks up, just as if it would stop when ringing. Sometimes it does this beeping thing and sometimes it does its normal ring. It is really strange and I was wondering if anyone else’s phone does this as well?

    2. I noticed on one of your more recent posts you had talked about sending emails from your phone. Is there any code you can type in so you can send instant messages from your phone as well?

    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Laura
      Regarding the “beeping” problem, I can’t say that I’ve experienced that myself. Maybe another reader can comment?
      And, sorry I’m not very helpful here, but I also don’t any much experience sending instant messages. It sure seems like it should be able to be done, but I don’t know what’s required to make it work. I would suggest checking in the help menu of your IM application/service.

  131. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog also for a while now and decided to get the LG600G which I really like, I’ve found a couple of things quite by accident, one of which Rick asked about earlier “is there a way to enter a contact directly to the phone” – yes, when you go to contacts, add new contact, it immediately takes you to the name area, hit your arrow up about the “ok” button and it allows you to change it to phone from SIM. The second thing I found is when I make a call if I press the “ok” button immediately it puts the phone on speaker phone and I don’t have to wait for someone to answer first. I haven’t found an easy way yet to use the speaker phone when receiving calls, I have to go to options, etc.
    One problem I have been having and am wondering if anyone can tell me why or what I can do is, I can be on the phone, the call gets dropped and when I try to redial, I get a message that states “emergency calls only” and I can’t redial – any suggestions? this has happened quite often with the LG600G.
    Thank you for all your help and knowledge!

    • Hi Carol
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this phone. Unfortunately, I don’t have any personal experience with the “emergency calls only” problem, so I can’t help you with that. But hopefully another reader will see this comment and help you out.

  132. Regarding the “write error” when trying to save a contact where you added a picture…

    Initially the picture worked for me and showed up on the main screen when the person called. This happened to be my 1st entry. Then I made some changes in the address book and pictures. Now I get the write error all the time and no pictures will save/display.

    When calling normal tracfone support they told me the phone did not have this feature. I knew better since I saw it working.

    I called a tracfone support person at 800-876-5753 who told me that there is a bug in the address book which causes this error if any of the previous address book entries doesn’t have a picture. The work around is to delete all of your address book entries (might want to send to a PC via bluetooth first). Then as you add an address book entry put in a picture for it. Make it the picture you want forever because his experience was that if you change it later you’ll have this write error problem again. Make sure all of your address entries get a picture as you add it.

    Note: I have not tried this since it sounds like a lot of work and difficult to keep working. If somebody does try it, please post if you have success.

    I hope this helps.

  133. Is there any way to turn off the minute display, service days and tracfone on the mainscreen?
    Is the address book people are referring to called the contacts?

  134. Pbushx2, I’m still using a Nokia 1100 as well. On the 1100, while using predictive text, you press the star key to move on to the next word. I found that to be extremely convenient. Honestly, it’s my favorite location for a button of that function. I think that on the LG600G, in order to go to the next word, you need to press the up or down buttons. That leads to my question. Is there any way to assign the next function to the star key? And, if not, how difficult is the transition from the Nokia 1100 to the LG600G?

    • Hmm, I don’t have a 600g in front of me at the moment, so I don’t know about the “next” function. Overall, though, I would say that the transition wasn’t too bad going from the 1100 to the 600g, although I never did use the 600g as my “full-time” phone. The biggest disadvantage, by far, was the loss of free incoming text messages that I enjoyed on my 1100. I also really liked the flashlight – I have 3 small kids, and at night I liked to use the flashlight on the 1100, which was always in my pocket, to navigate the house without stepping on any tiny toy pieces.

  135. Ouch. The lack of free incoming texts is kind of a deal killer for me. I primarily use it for texting. I like having the light as well, on the 1100, but I suppose if I really needed the light, I could just use the backlight for the screen. Thanks pbushx2.

  136. Looking into purchasing this phone,…this is probably a really dumb questions & might have been answered (though I didn’t see the answer). I have an older tracfone & looking to upgrade. You can use REAL music as ringtones right? So tired of being made fun off when my “beeping music” goes off!!! Would you recommend this phone over the w376g? Looking for real music ringtones & a camera phone – don’t really text.

    • Hi Kathy
      On this LG, you have the option of creating your own real tones, as I described in a previous post here:
      The problem is that you can’t buy any tones from TracFone the last time I checked (several months back). Conversely with the Motorola w376g, you can not create your own tones, but you CAN buy mp3 tones from TracFone. Their selection is fair, but not great, so if you want a very specific song , there’s a chance you might be disappointed.

  137. GREAT blog and information. You provide a fantastic service. Many thanks!

    Now, a question. I live in an area with U. S. Cellular CDMA coverage. The LG 3280 is not offered in my area, but I have an opportunity to buy one elsewhere. Would Tracfone give my any trouble if I want to activate the phone in my area? Would I be able to port my existing Sprint number to this phone?

    Thanks VERY much for your help.

    • Hi Jim
      You PROBABLY won’t have any trouble activating your phone there, but I have had occasional problems with TracFone telling me that I can’t get a number in a given geographic area due to limited availability of new numbers. You SHOULD be able to activate the number their though. As far as porting the number from Sprint, I believe that Federal law requires that the porting be allowed; that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy, though – it could take several days (or maybe even more). In the end, it should work though. Let us know how it works for you – I don’t think I’ve ever heard from someone porting in a number from Sprint.

  138. Is there a way to keep the external display showing the time constantly without having to push a button? Our cheaper tracfone displays it constantly and so did both my old phones.

  139. I just bought a cobra cb with bluetooth so i can use my phone using the cb mic. does this bluetooth phone work with this unit? I have read the this phone only works with bluetooth headsets and will no work with new cars that have bluetooth..

    • Hi Mike
      I can’t say for sure whether the 600g will work with the CB you have, because I’ve never tried it myself. However, I HAVE heard that many people have been able to pair this phone with a variety of different navigation systems, both built-in and after market. In fact, I’m unaware of anyone that was not able to connect to a car system. Can you give me a link to where you read that?

  140. Hi Mike – That site is wrong, as far as I know. I have heard many people say that they were able to connect to a navigation system, and no one has reported that they were unable to connect.

  141. Mike, I read that review and it is way off base on the BlueTooth capabilities. I played with the pairing awhile and discovered 2 profiles; one for connecting to a headset and another for pairing with a hands free car kit. I am having problems using all functions of the car kit but I think it is because the LG 600G does not support those functions. One function is Voice Dialing and the other is Audio Caller ID where the car kit states the callers’ number.

    The article is also dead wrong about the pairing with a PC as I have paired with my PC and have sent to and from the phone by Browsing the BT Directories the LG 600G set up on my PC. The Browsing function is performed at the phone.

  142. I have the LG 200C phone and have recently purchased the LG 600G. I would like to port my phone number from the 200C to the new 600G. Is this a possibility or because of the CDMA vs. GSM it won’t work?

    • Hi Pam
      If you have GSM coverage (usually provided by AT&T or T-Mobile) in your area, then you should be able to switch over to the GSM phone.

  143. On my LG 3280 when entering a contact number you had a option for adding a pause for dialing a ext. Is there anyway to add the pause and ext # in the contacts on the LG600g I’ve been through the user manual didn’t find anything or over looked it.
    Why couldn’t they print the manual and include it with the phone. My 3280 came with a manual and with a lot more information. I have ONLY dial up available. Attempts to download I would get “file damaged can’t be repaired.” Had to get someone with high speed internet to download and print.
    I do have to admit they did improve the T9.
    Thank for the info I have gotten from your blog. I’ll be returning for more.

    • Hi Bea
      On the T9, you can program a pause by holding the “#” key for a second or two. Welcome to the site – I hope I, and the helpful commenters, can continue to be of assistance.

  144. I wanted to let people know that the LG600G I have had problems with was finally resolved when I read the following in one of the posts above. Thanks Steve and Patrick.
    It was all base on constantly getting the, Emergency Call Only Message, on my Tracfone.
    ***** Quote
    “The area I live in is covered by T-mobile and AT&T towers. The SIM card in my phone was a TF64SIMT5 which is a T-mobile card. For some reason, Tracfrones with T-mobile cards do not always work with the AT&T towers. The solution was to have Tracfone send me an AT&T SIM card. The number on the AT&T card they sent me was TF64SIMC4. The new card works perfectly.”
    ****** UnQuote
    I am located in central New Jersey and receiving the proper Sim Card, TF64SIMC4, finally resolved all the problems with the phone, no thanks to Tracfone. I spent over 5 very long phones calls with Customer Support with no success. After demanding they send me the SIM Card that I specified finally the phone works.

    I know this is late in the message thread but it sure solved my problem. I hope this helps some one else.
    Lou D.

  145. I just received my lg 600g today and I am wondering if there is a way to remove the “tracfone” banner on the screen and replace it with my name, for example.

    Thanks for the great Blog.

  146. I have a Net10 LG 600G, My friend sent me some ringtones to my phone with bluetooth… but I cant seem to get them set as the ringtone on my phone. the ringtones he sent me show up under “My Stuff” and then “other Files” But they do not show up in my list of ringtones, and it wont let me play back or set any of the ringtones I recieved by bluetooth. Anybody know what Im doing wrong? I have had lots of other phones with bluetooth, but this one doesnt make any sense.

  147. Just purchased an LG600G and am thoroughly enjoying it. I had a Nokia 1100 which served me well and is as good as new. Any suggestions as to how to recycle or give away my old Nokia?

    Thanks, Ken

    • Hi Ken –
      In my area, many schools accept old phones and ink cartridges for fundraisers. Also, Staples and perhaps some other office supply stores have similar recycling programs.

  148. Thank you.Right after I asked the recycle question, Best Buy, in their Sunday ad, said that they recycle old phones. I’ll miss my little Nokia 1100, but I think I made the right choice with the LG600G. And your website was a major factor in my choice. Thanks again!!


  149. Hi, I just got my Lg600g. I have tried using the T9 function, and am wondering if there’s something wrong with my phone. I have tried to type a simple “Hey” and T9 came up with “Giddy”. “Hey” seems like it should be a more probable match than “Giddy”. Also, I am interested (as the above poster, Bea, is) in inserting a pause one of my contact numbers. You said it could be done in T9, but I’m having trouble with T9. Any suggestions?

    Thanks a ton. This blog is awesome.

    • Hi jstutz
      I think that the problem you are running into with T9 is that you only need to type each key once, regardless of whether the letter you want is the first, second, or third letter listed for that key. In your example, to type “Hey” you would press 4-3-9. I think you are probably pressing 4-4-3-3-9, which results in “giddy.” Hope this helps. As far as the pause, that is done when you are entering the contact number, in which case you should be in numerical entry mode, NOT T9.

  150. Thanks, you’re right, i was pressing multiple times. I see how it’s done. Would you perhaps know how to add the pause in numerical entry mode?

    Also, do you (or any other readers) know how you can set the texting to show you who has texted you, before you open the text (and get charged for it). It seems rather odd that any phone would withhold the identity of a texter until after you opened it, got charged units for it… and scrolled down to the bottom of the text before you can see who sent it.

    Pbushx2, you are very kind to help so many phone owners. LG and Tracfone should put you on their payroll. :)

  151. Haven’t had time to read the hundreds of comments on all three parts, so I hope this isn’t redundant. I have decided(if I can do it) to pass along my old Nokia 1100 to my mother-in-law. It is deactivated, since I got an LG600G. Is this possible? I have taken everything off of the 1100, so it’s pretty much as it came out of the box(or plastic!). Does Tracfone allow this, or must I just recycle it? Your blog has been a HUGE help and I thank you!

    Thanks again, Ken

  152. Hi folks. I have the 600g. When i get a text, my phone DOES NOT give the identity of the person who sent the text, until i open it (and am charged units) and scroll to the end of the text. Is this normal?



  153. While I’m at it…

    Ken, yes, tracfone lets you reactivate a phone.

    and Comilita, from what i’ve read on this blog, there is not a way to connect the phone using a USB cable, but you can buy and adapter…called a “Dongle”, i think…that will give your computer Bluetooth capabilities.

  154. jstutz – sorry, I was MIA from the blog for most of the last week, and I apologize for leaving you hanging. I, personally, have not been able to view the sender without opening a text message. It’s the same way on the LG 225, and it’s highly annoying.

  155. Ken – To add to jstutz’s response, to reactivate your 1100 you will probably need to get a replacement SIM card. TracFone will supply this to your for free. You’ll need to call their 800 number and tell them what you want to do. And, when you do reactivate, you’ll need to add an airtime card. You won’t get the 20 free minutes or 60 days of service that comes with the activation of a brand new or refurbished phone.

  156. That’s ok, pbushx2. :)

    I believe this is an issue with the model of the phone, however, Tracfone is sending me a new one anyway. I told them i was concerned it’s the model, not my particular phone, but they said it SHOULD be showing the ID when the “mew message” prompt shows up.

    The annoying thing is, I suspect it’s just the way they made the L600, in which case i don’t want it…so that means i’ll have to return the next one too. Oh well…

    Off topic, I called the corp. headquarters, and the guy i was talking to INSISTED that if my phone sim started with 890141, it was a T-mobile sim, NOT an AT&T…which is contrary to everything i’ve read on the web. I confirmed this several times with him. When we got off the phone, i went back online and saw, again and again, all over the internet, that if it’s 890141, it’s an AT&T sim. Weird. I don’t know why he’d tell me that.

  157. I got my new LG600G set up for service today and wanted to set up a security code so that no one else could make calls in the even I should lose my phone.

    The manual is not very clear on how to set up.

    I kept trying and entering 4-digit code numbers (the same one over and over) till I finally got a message “PUK code is blocked. Please contact your provider”.

    I called TracFone and they are sending me a new SIM card.

    Can anyone please give step by step directions to set up a security code to lock the keys from unauthorized use. I understand that the default code is 0000 and I was trying to change to 7373.

    BTW, what does “PUK” stand for?

  158. can someone help me just got the lg 600 & i can not receive or send picture text it keeps saying CHECK CALL RESTRICIONS the same thing happens when i try to connect to the web on the phone & trac phone was no help. also can someone tell me how to check to see if my computer has blue tooth

    • Hi Treva –
      Some people have reported problems using data services on TracFones that have t-mobile-based SIM cards. To figure out what kind of sim is in your phone, navigate to the “prepaid” section of your phone’s menu, and look for the “SIM Serial Number” option. Select that, and look for the first six digits of the serial number. If it starts with “890141,” you have an AT&T SIM. If it starts with “890126,” then it’s a T-Mobile SIM. If I had to guess, I would say that your wife’s new phone probably has a T-Mobile SIM. Assuming that’s the problem, the good news is that you can call TracFone and request a free AT&T SIM to replace the T-Mobile SIM in the new phone, if you tell them that the T-Mobile SIM results in unsatisfactory reception. Try this number: 1-800-339-9345.

  159. I’ve got my TracFone operating again. Now I need some help.

    Under Security there are 4 options:

    1. Lock Handset
    2. PIN Code Request
    3. Fixed Dial Number
    4. Change Codes

    How do I Lock the Handset? Do I select #1 and that locks it to require the default PIN of 0000? I’m afraid to do anything because the first time I tried to change the Code, I kept trying and trying until I had to call TracFone and they sent me a new SIM card.

    The manual tells some info but not how to do what I want to do. I simply want to Lock the Handset so that no one else can use it except me.

    I will eventually want to change the PIN code to something other than 0000, but first things first unless someone wants to detail how to do this.


    • Hi Don
      I’m not sure I can help you with that – I’ve never tried it myself. Hopefully another commenter can help you out.

  160. PS … I can not call TracFone because of a hearing impairment and I can not understand what those people who answer the phone are trying to tell me.

  161. I have successfully set up my phone to prompt for a security code when the phone is switched on.

    Now, I’d like to change the security code from “0000” to my own number.

    I go to “settings”, “security”, now what? Maybe selection (4) Change Codes ?? Or maybe “PIN Code Request” ?? Don’t know which ??

    My security code is “0000” which is the default and I want to change it to “7373”.


  162. Never mind. I read the manual again and it made more sense this time. I went ahead and successfully changed my security code. All is well. Thanks, Don

  163. Can not receive any photos from other phones. I can send photos I have taken to my friends, but can’t get theirs. Is there any way to fix this?

    • Kathy,
      Look in your phones prepaid menu and find the SIM serial number. What are the first six digits of that number?

  164. hiya ll again another question
    do i need a sim card reader to use bt?
    do i understand rightly that a sim reader will allow me to do exactly what?

    • The sim card reader will allow you to copy and/or edit contacts that are stored on the SIM card using your computer. So for example if you were switching from an old TracFone to a new one, and both had SIM cards, and the contacts on your old phone were stored on your SIM card, you could copy the contacts from your old SIM card to your computer, and then from your computer to your new SIM card, for use in your new phone.
      You do NOT need a SIM card reader for anything related to bluetooth.

  165. I read in an earlier post of this Log that the LG600 would not receive text alerts, such as those sent from a bank or financial instistution,or severe Weather Alerts etc…
    I am considering buying the LG600…so this is a big concern to me. If I’m not mistaken this is not a limitation of the phone, but rather a limitation of the carrier. My wife and I both have Moto C-139 phones currently…Her is thru T-Mobile,and mine is AT&T. Hers does not accept alerts via T-mobile….but mine being thru AT&T does accept allerts very effectively.
    Can someone…especialy if you have the AT&T SIM confirm this to be not a limitation of the phone but rather a limitation of the carrier.

    pb thanks for a great service………..

  166. I don’t think this has been addressed yet here (sorry if I missed it) …

    Without flipping the phone open, how do you know there is a voice message or text message waiting? Do you have to press the button on the side to activate the external display to see if there are messages waiting?

    It would be great to find a phone that has external display (like LG 600G) and external LED indicators for voice msg, text msg, batt low (like the Motorola W376G) … this is probably too much to expect!

    Thanks for the great blog.

    • RobC – yes, you need to activate the external screen as you said, before you can see any “new message” indicators.

  167. I didn’t see a search icon so I hope I’m not asking something that has already been discussed.

    I have my new LG600G TracFone in operation now and would someone please tell me what the Web Access is and if I have access?

    My service is with

    Thank you,

    • Hi Don
      I’m not sure I understand your question about this, but I’ll try. The web access allows you to view some information that TRacFone puts on its “mobile” website. There’s not a lot there, really, but some people use it to check the weather, read news headlines and sports scores, and/or download ringtones from TracFone.
      Also, this phone operates only on GSM networks, which are owned by either AT&T or T-Mobile, so your service isn’t with Verizon.

  168. I’m sorry if this has been answered already, but is the Tracfone
    LG 600G locked as sold, or can you just replace the SIM card in it with another that you might buy in another country while traveling, for example?

  169. Thanks. In that case my next question would be whether the phone can be unlocked with, say, a code purchased on eBay. If so, would one consequence be that it could never be used as a TracFone again?

  170. Jeff,

    I have 2 lg600 one on att and one on t-mobile and niether allow text alerts so I cant tell for sure but they dont work for me on either of the two carriers with this phone

    • Aaron,

      Thank’s for your post in regards to my question. That stinks!… I really wanted to try the lg600 out, but if it want receive TEXT ALERTS, I will have to pass.

  171. I hope I’m not asking a ? that has already been asked. Just wondering if I can transfere all my phone #’s from my v170 to the LG600g without starting from day one and putting each # in individually.

  172. On the LG 600G some say the phone book has entry fields for mobile phone, home phone, etc. How do you make it show whether it is a mobile, home, work number or whatever?

  173. I’m having a problem deleting voicemails from my LG600G. I don’t see any options on the phone for doing so, but there HAS to be a way. Doesn’t there!?

    Thanks, Ken

    • Ken – to delete a voice mail, you need to be within the voice mail system. The voice messages are stored on the network, not on your phone. So get in to your VM inbox either by dialing your own number from your Trac, pressing and holding “1” from your Trac, or dialing your Trac number from your landline phone and pressing “*” then entering your pin code. Once you are in your VM box, after each message you will hear a list of options that includes “delete this message,” which is 7.

      • Hi, You can also press 7 for a couple of secs while listening to the voice messsage. You don’t have to listen to the whole thing. If you press 7 even longer all your voice messsages will be deleted. Hope this helps . Bev

  174. Hi, Thanks for all the info on the lg600g. I learned quite alot.
    I am using bluetooth to send pics and wallpaper. I also tried Audacity and the Mobile Media Converter to make a ring tone. “On the cover of the Rolling Stone”. It didn’t turn out too bad but could have been better. All in All I love my lg600g. Thanks to you I am having much fun with it.
    p.s I clicked on a link on one of your pages for ringtones and my virus program picked up a virus. just thought you should know. It was an icon that said click here for ringtones. Take care and thanks again. Bev

    • Hi Bev
      Thanks for the feedback. Could you be a little more specific about where you came across the virus? I couldn’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  175. Hi, I have an LG600G which worked fine for about a month. Now whenever I make or answer a call it automatically goes to mute. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix this but have been unable. Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution? You can unmute it with the left soft key each time but it becomes a real pain.

    • Hi comptech
      I haven’t heard of this problem, but it sure sounds like a pain in the neck. Have you tried working with Net10 customer support on this? There may be a quick fix, or perhaps your phone is a lemon and needs to be replaced (which Net10 should do free of charge).

  176. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention in the above post that the phone I spoke of with the mute problem was on the Net10 system

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  178. LG 600 Net 10 with Bluetooth headset.
    Another opinion.

    I bought this to replace a Net 10 Nokia 1600.

    I bought this phone hoping for better reception since I live in a fringe area. Turns out that I still have to go upstairs to get a signal.

    Nokia 1600 sound quality seems better and maybe a bit louder.
    Nokia 1600 also rings louder and vibrates harder.

    The wakeup alarm on the LG 600 is very loud and will wake me up from a dead sleep which is hard to do.

    The buttons are not very intuitive for many functions so expect to spend some time relearning this phone. I was going to return this because I could not get the speaker phone to work. I finally got it to work by pressing the “OK” button. Getting it to vibrate while ringing took some time. Once set to ring and vibrate, the asterix key will toggle the ringer on and off while leaving it in vibrate mode.

    The Bluetooth headset sound quality sounds muffled but is adequate and very handy for driving. Much more convenient than the wired earphone sets that are sold for the Tracfone and Net 10 phones.

    I purchased a $20 Bluetooth mini USB dongle for my IBM XP thinkpad. I had to load the software that came with the Bluetooth dongle before I could access the folders on the phone. I was able to download photos from the phone but you must give the phone permission for every single photo. Very annoying. You can’t batch delete either.

    I could not get the phone to connect to my new HP 64 bit Vista Home Premium computer with built in Bluetooth. I’m sure it’s a driver or software thing with my Vista computer. I’m also finding out that lots of my old stuff will not work with 64 bit Vista.

    The Bluetooth headset was able to connect to both computers but was not able to connect to the sound card or do anything useful.

    The cameras highest resolution is only 640 X 480 “Super Fine’ with photo size ranging from 60KB up to 110KB. The photos come out fairly nice if taken in bright sunlight and if you remember to wipe fingerprints off the lens first. The better photos look good blown up on my 24 inch monitor. Low light and dark backgrounds tend to create compression artifacts in the dark areas. But hey, it’s a cheap camera phone and is fun and handy to have.

    • Hey John, thanks for the extra feedback. It’s always good to have more info, and I really appreciate you taking the time to share it with us.

  179. hello. ok the net10 LG600g is tedium to use. before i go further i recognize that its assets are strong enough to make it desirable.i have a couple probs. a guy said there was no back button and the respondent say the ok is that function. but say in contacts when i push ok doesnt take me back but into view/options of the redlight district.
    another issue is when i activated the tel i did voicemail too. however even when i put the numbers in it wont let me get it. (sorry i forget wut the message was) is using the web site effective in being able to activate voicemail? wud i first need to delete the present voicemail info? thanks respondents to my comment and questions.

    • Hi, I find that using the C (clear) button works to back out of a screen. Can’t help with your second question. Bev

      • plex – there is a section on Trac’s site, under support, that helps with voicemail. Otherwise, you should be able to call your own TracFone number, either from your Trac or any other phone, then press * when you hear the VM greeting. Then enter your pin #, and you’ll be in the VM system, ready to listen to and delete any messages.

  180. Thanks for the Hard work pbushx2 and am considering the LG600.

    1) I am a bit confused with statement “Double the minutes for Life”
    … Does that mean then 5-cents a min? from the standard 10-cents a min?

    2) The second is trying to decide significant differences of Trac vs. Net10? As live in Portland with maybe 12 contacts at 60-120 mins a month.

    Thanks any help is greatly appreciated.

    • orb,
      1) sorry for the confusion. The double minute for life feature applies only to the TracFone version of this phone. Net10 does not have DMFL.
      2) The thing about Net10 is that you must buy at least 150 minutes a month. So if you only use, on average, 90 minutes per month, you’ll start accumulating minutes on your phone. This will increase the effective cost per minute. In other words, you’ll pay $.10 per minute, but you’ll pay that for the minutes you use as well as the minutes you don’t. So you’ll be paying $15 per month, but using only 90 minutes, which means you’ll effectively be paying 16.67 cents per minute ($15/90 minutes). You could do better using a TracFone with DMFL and using bonus codes, and buying only the denomination of airtime card that best fits your needs at the time you need to refill.
      For more on Net10 vs. TracFone, check out this old post I wrote:

  181. Okay, I just got the lg600 Net10 version and I LOVE it! I refuse to spend a fortune on a plan so Net10 is the only way to go for me. I just wanted to share how I’ve been able to customize it. I do get the write error when assigning a picture to a contact but for all the other bells and whistles I’m overlooking it. I picked up a Bluetooth dongle and have successfully transferred files between my computer and phone. I created a custom wallpaper and added a few midis for ringtones. I couldn’t do any of that with my last Net10 phone. I also used a free online converter and converted an .mp3 song to an .amr and am using it for my ringtone. I thought it came out very nice. I love being able to transfer files without using minutes. Anyone know how to change the banner though? Mine says “Home” all the time. All in all, for the price, GREAT phone!

  182. Just wondering, I know there’s a ton of replies for this phone and I hope I didn’t miss it, but is there any way to reassign the soft/arrow keys like on the Motorolas, or to rearrange the icons on the menu screen? Thanks!

    • Courtney – I don’t think there is a way to reassign the soft keys. At least, I haven’t found it yet if there is, and I’ve looked a lot. I think you’re out of luck on that.

  183. Does the TracFone LG 600G have a voice recorder?

    To me, the voice recorder is one of the handiest features of my current phone. When I looked at TracFone’s offerings a few months ago, the LG 600G was the only one I found that had it. Now when I look, the description does not mention a voice recorder.

    • Rob – the LG 600g DOES have a voice recorder, and I agree that it’s a handy feature. I’ve previously used this function to record notes to myself, then send the resulting .wav file to my computer via bluetooth. As a side note, the new T301G also can record audio, and I think the LG 410g can as well. Neither of these can send the audio file by bluetooth, though.

  184. i was wondering (just got the lg600g) why my phone wouldnt tell me who was sending me a text before i opened it. i used to have a nokia and it would tell me which contact sent it. am i missing an app or is it not available. thanks!

    • g – this is one of the annoying quirks of this model (and many other new TracFone/Net10 models). It’s a pain in the you-know-what as far as I’m concerned, but that’s the way it is.

  185. can you change the banner from “tracfone” to something else? if so can you show me how to do that on the phone? I have the same phone its just from tracfone not Net10

  186. No vibrate and ring? That’s what mine is set on! menu/settings/1-audio and ringtones/4-alert type/1-ringtones/2-Ring and vibrate

  187. My son has had the Motorolla 376g for almost a year. I have the V170. I get great reception with my phone…usually 5 bars throughtout my house. He barely gets service. Sometimes he has to walk down the street and he never gets more than 3 bars. More often than not, when he is sending a text, it will deduct .3 units and then immediately lose all bars. It drives him crazy. Any ideas why this would be? Tracfone couldn’t answer my question.

    I am thinking of replacing his phone with the LG600g. I really hope it has better signal reception. The cell coverage map shows that i live in a good area for cell coverage for both the 376g and the lg600.

    • Hi Hallie
      I hope I can help you out here – I’ve posted this in a couple of different comments already, and hopefully it will help you too. I suspect that your coverage issues arise from having a different type of SIM card in your phone compared to what is in your son’s.

      To figure out what kind of sim is in your phone, navigate to the “prepaid” section of your phone’s menu, and look for the “SIM Serial Number” option. Select that, and look for the first six digits of the serial number. If it starts with “890141,” you have an AT&T SIM. If it starts with “890126,” then it’s a T-Mobile SIM. If I had to guess, I would say that your son’s phone probably has a T-Mobile SIM, and yours is AT&T. This has been discussed quite a bit around various internet forums, and the consensus is that T-Mobile based SIMs provide far inferior roaming capabilities in TracFones. Assuming that’s the problem, the good news is that you can call TracFone and request a free AT&T SIM to replace the T-Mobile SIM in the new phone, if you tell them that the T-Mobile SIM results in unsatisfactory performance. Try this number: 1-800-339-9345. Be persistent and tell them that you are not happy with how your son’s phone functions now, and you want an AT&T SIM. Let us know how it goes!

      • Well that is exactly right. He has T-Mobile and I have AT&T. I wonder why the people at tracfone couldn’t figure that out? Thank you very much for your help.

      • Got the new Lg600g. It came with the T-mobile sim card. I had to wait three days for the phone to “finish activating” before I could request a different sim card. The woman I talked to was determined to fix the phone. 90 minutes later, after exhausting all possibilities she finally agreed with me that it needed a new sim card. She then said it wouldn’t necessarily be an At&T card that they would send me and it wasn’t up to her. I asked her to strongly request the AT&T card in her report. I have a bad feeling about this:-(

        • hmm, that stinks. Good luck with your new SIM card. I don’t know why they would send you a new one if it wasn’t AT&T. If you get another T-mobile one though, I would just call back and threaten to switch to Virgin or Cricket or some other provider if you don’t get the SIM you want.

          • Well they did send me another T-Mobile sim card. I called customer service and they wanted me to activate the new sim card. I kept trying to explain the situation and finally hung up. I then called customer escalations at 1-800-876-5753 and the woman I spoke with immediately agreed with me and is sending the AT&T sim card. Whew…finally:-)

          • When I ordered my Motorola slider phone from net10 the Woman told me it would come with a AT&T sim card.
            It arrived with a T-mobile card
            I called the and their sending me a AT&T sim card.
            I also see their selling the W375 for $29.00 with a 300 minute card so I ordered 2 more.
            I have spares now and extra batteries and chargers and when they come in i’ll transfer the minutes to my other W375 phone.
            Sorry but I got the LG 600 and I just don’t like the phone.

          • Vegas – thanks for your contributions to this forum. I have a couple of follow-up questions for you. First, how do you charge a battery at a lower voltage? Is this something the average person could set up easily? If so, it might be a tip worth sharing in a separate post.
            Secondly, was the w375 w/ 300 minute card available on the Net10 site? It’s not showing up for me now, so maybe I missed it. If it’s on another site or at a store, where is it?

  188. Is there a way to ignore a call without opening the phone?

    I’d like to have the ‘answer mode’ set to ‘open flip’ but I don’t want to answer unknown callers.

    • Hi Joe
      I don’t remember for sure, but I’m pretty sure that you can silence a call by pressing the side volume button.

  189. I think I asked this question on the end of part two but here it is again:
    How do I assign different people to “groups”. When I try to do it and hit the options button it tells me no item to add. Does this have anything to do with storing names and numbers to phone instead of sim?
    Does anyone know why this does not come with a detailed manual instead of just the one that highlights the user keys?
    thank you

    • Hi Rick – you need to make sure the contacts are saved to the phone, not the sim. You can edit this by going in to the contact info, then select edit and under “memory” it should say “phone.”

    • Joe – you can turn off the airtime display by going to prepaid menu, then “airtime display,” then “off.” I don’t think you can reprogram the shortcut keys on this phone, but you could always just push left soft key (below menu), then 1, then 4, to bring up the airtime balance info.

    • GM – I guess that depends on how you plan to use the camera. I’m not sure if it was clear or not, but with the LG 600g you CAN get the pics to your computer, either by bluetooth or by mms message. Hope this helps.

  190. Does this phone give you a “beep” or other type of notification that your battery is low? I currently have the Motorola W370, and all it has is a light that shows that the battery is low. Not too great when my wife keeps hers in her purse all the time! It also doesn’t seem like the Motorola’s stay charged for very long, even with battery changes. I’ve been disappointed in finding that our batteries were dead, with the slightest indication that they were dying!

    • Rev_Rock – I’m currently using a 600g, and it does indeed have a warning sound when the battery is getting low. I don’t think it works if the ringer volume is set to silent, but other than that it will alert you if you’re low on juice.

  191. This is probably a crazy question, but is it okay to leave the phone plugged into the charger in my car. In other words, can it be overcharged?

    I’m guessing that it can’t be overcharged.

  192. Hello,
    I found this site by accident.
    Lots of good info here
    Just want to say I picked up a W 375 from net 10 and found I could send and receive text to the UK with it.
    They told me i’m not allowed to do that so they sent me another SIM card.
    It didn’t put a stop to it so I been sending text now for over a year
    Pictures do show up.
    I receive a URL then go on line and view the picture that way.

    • Thanks pbushx2,
      I played around with the LG 600 and also found how to space the words,caps,etc
      I have the Slider from Net10 on the way.
      I used the promo codes but was still charged shipping and my 3 day shipping turned into a 2 day processing time and now I see FED/X has it scheduled for the 9th.
      Thanks for the nice site you have here.

  193. Something that may be of interest to those looking to pick up an extra wall charger: the LG charger for the LG Chocolate and Rumor seems to work fine with my LG600G. It has a slightly lower output (DC) voltage (5.1v vs. 5.6v) but nevertheless it does charge the phone, at least so far. The attraction is that these seem to be a lot more common and can be had very cheaply (e.g. $2.99 including shipping, on eBay). Your mileage may vary!

  194. I found that tech support can be very bad with some people on net10 so this time I pressed # 3 for buying a new cell phone
    I told the girl that some guy had me on the phone for close to 3 hours then told me I still needed another sim card.
    I hung up the selected # 3 option for buying a new phone.
    The girl had me punch in a lot of numbers then I had to turn the phone on and off.
    Then I had to punch in another string of numbers and it showed my minutes and my new phone number.
    It took appx 15 minutes.
    Some Girls there are really smart and I give them a lot of credit.

  195. OK here is the link

    They do try to hide it
    Also the 75 page W365 manual is buried in that net10 site.
    To drop the charhing voltage go to Radio Shack and pick up a 1 volt dropping voltage diode an dcut the hot line and insert it,solder and tape it up.
    For the 30.00 the phine cones with a 300 minute card and a AT&T sim card,charger
    There refurbished but look factory new and can send text over seas
    Fis this blog because last night I tried 6 times and when the submit button did show I receaved discarded
    5th Special Forces
    Communication Specialist

  196. I’m looking at this phone for my wife who uses a cellphone only occasionally (perhaps a couple of times a month). Battery life is very important. She keeps the phone turned off most of the time so I want a phone that will power on when needed. I want one that will hold a charge for several weeks at a time. Will this model do the job or is there something else better? Rated life doesn’t tell me much; I want actual experience. Thanks.

    • Ed –
      Sorry for taking so long to respond. I actually just posted a review yesterday about the new LG 410g. It doesn’t have DMFL (at least not all of them – I’ve heard of some special packages at Walmart including DMFL), but it’s very solid as a basic phone and has EXCELLENT battery life – in my testing, I left it turned on for 12 days straight, and even used it a little bit in that time, before the battery finally died. If your wife is keeping the phone turned off when not in use, she might not need to charge the phone more than once every few months!
      Check out the review here:

  197. I went out and got the lg600g at K-mart the store was going out of business and got 20% off, so I picked one up the thing I like is the transfer of files from my computer to the phone via bluetooth, but some things I don’t like is no message indicator on the front of the phone it will flash when the message comes in but that’s it. You have to open the phone to see if there’s anything, and also no id on the txt messaging like on my w376g so if one of those random ads comes in I waste .30 min looking at it cause of no ID, also no indication of voicemail if there’s one waiting or not I’m starting to think about going back to my w376g maybe activate it with a new number and try to transfer the ringtones via mms, does anybody know if that can be done?.

    • SEnding ringtones via MMS has been very tricky in my experience. If you’re relying on being able to do this when considering whether to make the switch, I’d say stick with what you’ve got. It’s not likely that you’ll get those tones to work again on your w376g.

  198. I have the Motorola W375 model and when I send a text message, I must keep the phone open. If I close it, the message will go to my drafts box. When sending texts with the LG model, can you close the phone while the message is being sent?

    Thanks for all you reviews, I really appreciate them, and your review for the W375 helped me to decide on that phone about six months ago. Now, I’m looking to switch to Net10, and they offer the same LG model as does Tracfone.

  199. I just got this note from “Randy:”

    Don’t know if anyone else has tried it but I’m able to access and use Twitter’s mobile site ( my tracfone LG 600 without any problems.

  200. I use the LG600GP tracfone with the appropriate car battery charger. I recently left the charger plugged into the cigarette lighter for 2 days without starting my car.

    I had a new battery which I had purchased one year ago so it was a good battery in the car. But after 2 days of charging the tracfone, my car’s batter was dead and I had to have it jump started.

    I would like to know if a tracfone charger can run down a car battery when plugged in without starting the car for a few days?

  201. I recently purchased a Tracfone LG600G and the signal strength in my neighborhood is weak and eratic. I had the identical problem 3 years ago when I first purchased my Tracfone V176. I solved the problem by going to the ‘Settings’ menu and setting the network band selection to 850MHZ rather than 850/1900. Unfortunately, the LG600G doesn’t have this option. Can anyone tell me if the Motorola W376G gives you the option to select bands?

  202. Just ordered an LG 600 G from Net-10.

    Rec’d an LG 600 G B.
    Tactile feel of the keys is different from what reviewers have described.

    Is there a difference between these 2 phones?
    If so, what is it?


  203. 2 questions. Yesterday my LG600g was displaying a message that said I could only make “Emergency Calls”. My contacts were gone, all access to phone and account info was gone. I turned off the phone, opened the back, removed the sim card, reinstalled the sim card, assembled the phone again, turned it on and it was back to normal. Is this a sign of upcoming problems? Also what Bluetooth adapter do you recommend for a PC that doesn’t have one preinstalled? Thanks for all your work keeping this blog running.

  204. Hello Pbush, Awhile back you listed the number of someone at tracfone stateside that could help with problems. Could you relist that number please. Email me if you wish.
    I added airtime to my phone and was credited with it and now they are not honoring it.
    Please help,

  205. Thanks for all these great phone reviews – you da best!

    Is there any way to easily export texts to save them? I guess they can be forwarded one at a time but is there a bulk method, maybe with bluetooth?

    (Seems to be a 150 text limit?)

    [Think I left this post in the wrong spot a few days ago.]

  206. Can anyone tell me if you can use the voice recorder while making a phone call? As in record the phone call?? Thanks!

  207. My Dad purchased an LG600GB TracFone from Walmart, overall, he’s very happy with it. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a way to remove the “restricted caller” display that occurs when he uses the phone to call others, including his contacts. I’ve tried multiple sources, and TracFone is of no help. Any ideas out there to resolve this issue?


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