TracFone minutes – big-time airtime sale at Shopko

First, I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you that make use of the “Comments” section of this blog to share your knowledge. I have learned a great deal from all of you, and it’s great to see the interaction among readers to solve problems and share info. Keep it up!

Now, on to the subject of this post – reader “Grandma M” was kind enough to share this info. Shopko is in the midst of a three-day sale (ending Saturday, August 30) in which they are offering TracFone 120-minute cards for just $14.99, or 50% off. Grandma M wrote:

“Shopko is having a 3 day (Thurs thru Sat.) sale of 120 minute Tracfone cards for $14.99. They normally sell for $29.99 so I thought it was a mis-print, but it was true. I bought a few today just to have on hand.”

So, she’s officially confirmed the deal! (And if you want to see for yourself, you can find Shopko’s ad circulars online here:

If you have a Shopko nearby, this would be a good time to rush out and stock up. If you have a phone with double minutes for life, and use a bonus code for 30 or more bonus minutes, this should get your minutes for under 6 cents per minute.

Speaking of bonus minutes, I’ve once again been neglectful of updating the bonus code database. I’ll try to get to it before the end of the weekend, though, so you can refer to it before you add some of those 120-minute cards.

Happy shopping, and thanks again to Grandma M for sharing this deal. It’s a great one!

6 thoughts on “TracFone minutes – big-time airtime sale at Shopko

  1. Pat,
    Caught me off guard. In todays world I assumed I would be ordering a few 120 min cards and see now that Shopko doesnt sell online.
    I have never heard of them till your post and see that the closest store to MD is WI. Excellent deal for those nearby one.
    Thanks, and keep up the great info.

  2. Note on Shopko $14.99 120 min tracfone card.
    Fri Aug 29,08 Shopko store Green Bay,Wi Went to buy couple of but sign by cards says mistake in advertizing ad. Sorry. 120 tracfone card is on sale for $24.99 Reg $29.99 NOT $14.99. Was ad mistake.

  3. I just bought an LG600g and THEN found this page! I thought the phone standby was 13 days (as on the Tracfone web) but the packages says 4 days. Hmmmm

    Also, you can set the phone to ring & vibrate: settings/audio-ringtones/alert type/ringtones: choices (1) rint, (2) ring & vibration, (3) ring after vibration.

    And you can’t increase the volume of your text message alert(bummer) and you can’t set the phone to speaker until you have made a call.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. We have a town 20 miles away with 2 Shopko’s. We went to the closest one first and it had a sign up saying mistake in ad and the correct price was $24.99. Then we went to the second Shopko and they had the sale price of $14.99. So we bought a bunch of them. Thanks.

  5. Hi,

    I bought a new Tracfone W376g, and whenever some of my friends calls me it reduses the talk time. Is it correct.

    Are they charging for incomming calls?

    Please help me

    Thanks In Advance

  6. I have a lg600g butt I can’t find anyway to download any games, all the web sites dont say tracfone at all , the phone has memory and java script butt i dont know how to get any games do you???? jd at if you have an answer

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