TracFone Airtime Deal at KMart

Sorry to bother you with my third post this week, but there is another great deal that I need to share with you.

If you happen to have a KMart near you and don’t mind braving the crowds during the after-Thanksgiving sales, you might be able to score a fantastic deal on TracFone airtime cards. KMart’s advertising circular for their Friday/Saturday deals shows that ALL TracFone airtime cards will be sold at 50%. I’ve never seen anything like this, so now is the time to stock up on minutes.

To find the ad I’m referring to, follow this link:

Kmart Ad for Friday, Nov. 28 and Saturday, Nov. 29.

The TracFone info is near the top right corner of the page. They also offering a Motorola W260 with accessory pack for $9.99, as well as a cheap Bluetooth headset for $9.99, also shown on the same page.

If you can’t get to a Kmart, I’ve also heard that Walmart will honor competitors’ ads. So if you prefer to do it that way, you can take in a copy of the KMart ad and ask Walmart to match Kmart’s price for the phone or airtime. I don’t know Walmart’s rules about matching prices though, so you’ll have to check on that for yourself.

Hope this helps you save some money. Happy Thanksgiving!

10 thoughts on “TracFone Airtime Deal at KMart

  1. I called the Kmart in Manhattan, KS. They told me that the “half price” in the flyer refers to the phone (was $19.99: sale price $9.99) and then adds that airtime is available from $19.99 to $139.99. He told me the airtime cards were NOT on sale.
    It was too good to be true.

  2. I called the Kmart in Sioux Falls, SD and they told me the same thing. It is NOT the airtime cards, but the phone that is 50% off.

  3. I went to Kmart in Indianapolis, IN and spoke with manager they would not honor 50 % off on airtime cards. Will contact Indiana Attorney General and file a complaint about Kmart deceptive advertising. Also went to Walmart they said they will honor only ad’s with price for price and not % off competitor ad’s. So no luck in Indiana

  4. That’s a little ambiguous in the ad but my local Kmart here in Florida is definitely charging full price for the airtime cards today, Black Friday. Hey, nobody bats 1000 but your blog is great, keep posting.

  5. Same in Indiana, printed sale flyer had only one phone 1/2 off, not
    airtime cards. Store employees told me the same. I did buy a 60 minute card (at another store) last night and used code 52967 for the extra 100 minutes free. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Walmart doesn’t price match items listed as so-many-percent-off.
    The flier has to have an actual price listed, so the printed ad
    from the internet didn’t work for me there either.

  6. I could not get my K-mart to honor the 50% sale. If you click on the TracFone ad, the screen that comes up has the phrase: 50% off airtime: 19.99- 139.99. I have emailed K-Mart because this is false or misleading advertising.

  7. I think the issue here is that when one looks at the online ad, and you click on the ad to look at it more closely, it has the following wording:

    TracFone® prepaid color flip phone with BONUS accessory pack
    50% off airtime: 19.99–139.99

    I think that could be misinterpreted as indicating that the airtime is included in the 50% off offer. But looking at the ad itself (without clicking on it) and looking at it in hardcopy on Thurs, it’s kind of clear that the 50% off didn’t include the airtime cards.

  8. The ad for K-Mart said:
    TracFone® prepaid color flip phone with BONUS accessory pack
    50% off airtime: 19.99–139.99

    I called K-Mart and the clerk told me that the 50% airtime was just for the one phone they had on sale. She said that K-Mart doesn’t ever put the airtime cards on sale, only phones that come packed with an airtime card inside.

    On a positive note, I was able to use the 52967 promo code, so all is well!

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