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Here’s a cool cell phone trick that you might not have tried before. Many people don’t realize it, but each sms-capable cell phone can also send and receive emails, at the same price per message as normal text messaging.

It is possible to send an email directly from most TracFone models to  a regular email address. This is what works for me: create a message that you will send to “36245” (note that this spells out “email” on your phone’s keypad). In the body of the message, first type the email address you wish to send a message to, followed by a space. After that, you can just write your message. Then, send the message to number 36245.

You can also use this to determine the email address of your phone. Send an email from your phone to your email address, and look at the address that appears in the “from” field. It should be something starting with your phone’s ten-digit phone number, area code first. This will be your phone’s email address, which you can now use to send messages from your email account to the phone or, even better, give your phone’s email address to your friends to allow them to send you a text message from their email.

If you plan to make use of the ability to send messages to email accounts, you might also want to take advantage of your phone’s text message “template” or “save draft”  function to save typing on some commonly-used addresses. This way, when you want to send a message to a common recipient, you can save the time it takes to type out the email address, and at the same time eliminate the chance that you might forget the address.

It should be noted that all text messages will be limited to 160 characters per message. If you go over this limit, part of the message may be deleted, or you might end up with multiple message (i.e. part 1 of 3, part 2 of 3, part 3 of 3, etc.) if you attempt to send a message with more than 160 characters.

I should also point out that I have not tried this on ALL TracFone models. Those that I have been able to get it to work on include the following:

  • Motorola w175, w260, and w376g
  • LG 225 and 600g
  • Nokia 1100

I had trouble making it work with a Motorola C139 and an LG 3280. If you have been able to get it to work with these or any other models that I’ve not tested, please share your experiences in the comments section. Thanks!

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  1. Gotta tell you, tried this PC to fone, and fone to PC. worked both ways ,and didnt deduct units either way. Done with a nokia 2126i, best lil candybar fone i’ve found.
    thaks for yer tips,brw,almost lways come in handy

    Have you heard of Pamida 60min card special 15.00 deal?

  2. I tried this trick with my Motorola w376g. Didn’t work. I am wondering what the different options under create a message mean. sms/ems and mms.


  3. Some phones at least will send emails even more easily. On the Motorola W376g, for example, I can create phonebook entries classed as email. Rather than a number, the entry contains an email address. Then I simply send the text message to that phone book entry. The same tricks work for MMS, too. I use this emailMMS trick to transfer ringtones and wallpapers back and forth between my computer and the W376g.

  4. This trick works on my V176

    The only problem is when I receive an email from a computer it shows up as FROM:1001001000102 and if I reply to it, it goes nowhere. I have to enter the email address in the reply message followed by a space and send it to 36245

    It is a neat trick though and may come in handy. Once,I had to make a call in a remote area and could not, but, I was able to get a text message out.

    Carl L

  5. Have been doing this with the Nokia 1100 for a while. The best part about the 1100 is that you can *receive* emails for free.

    Another way to send email from the Nokia 1100

    1. Create a text message the usual way.
    2. Select “Options”, “Sending profile” then “Email Settings”
    3. Enter the email address of the recipient.
    4. Select “OK” (this sends the message directly)

    Make sure that the phone is configured correctly. Go to “Messages”, “Message Settings”, then “Email Settings”. Make sure that “E-mail Server” is set to 36245 (which spells “email”). Several Nokia 1100 phones I looked at, had this set to 362 — add 2 more digits and you have this feature enabled.


  6. Thanks for the tip…

    This works on my V170 w/ free incoming,
    also on my C139 w/ .3 deduct – probably per “message”.

    Happy New Year!

    Scott C.

    P.S. Referred my sis-in-law to you on Monday.
    Her new tracfone w/ dbl min + code 14938
    got 180 minutes for the price of 60.
    She’s happy to learn about your site!

    • Hi Joe – On the w376g, you can get the @ symbol by pressing the “1” key 7 or 8 times until it changes to the @ symbol.

  7. Since I couldn’t get my W376g to work with the Weblog directions I tried Hop-Frog’s suggestion. That doesn’t work either, but probably for a different reason. Because my email address is more than 24 characters, I couldn’t create a phonebook entry.

  8. I noticed in your article about email that you had used the LG 225. And I remembered that you ordered one. Have you had time to form an opinion on how good it is? Thanks.

  9. Everyone who has successfully sent email from a GMS phone – who is your
    service provider? I have a W376 with a T-Mobile SIM card, and while I
    can easily send email _to_ this phone at ‘’, I
    have not been able to send email _from_ this phone by using any of the
    methods described so far, and some others. I have seen reports that
    T-Mobile is more problematic than AT&T.


  10. John W.
    I have a LG600G from Tracfone, and when I sent an email or text message to my email account to test the function on the cell phone – the message shows it is from my cell number with the suffix of I love the fact I can send a message to email accounts by text message, and it only uses .3 minutes as opposed to 1 or 1.5 minutes for regular email. Same goes for receiving emails if text address is used, per tips given on this site. Great minute saver tip.

  11. Pat,
    Thanks for the info. It appears that you have AT&T service on your
    LG600G. Has anyone with T-Mobile service succeeded in sending an
    email _from_ your TracFone?


  12. HELP its not working with my w376g. It didnt work at all by doing the email space & sending it to that #. It just came up with an error message. This phone is really getting on my nerves because this trick worked with no prob on my moms old phone. I DONT GET IT! I did finally got it to work by sending it from mms & using email that was in my phonebook but then it used up a whole minute to do it that way & when I sent it from my email it had to download the message on my phone to look at it. I tryed to send it from sms & it appeared to work but I never got the email. Its so frustrating! What am I doing wrong? Im wasting alot of minutes testing this. This phone also seems to take forever to send or receive a message my old shoebox size tracfone was faster.

  13. Maybe if I changed the end of the email address from mms ( to sms… I tryed this but it came back so Im just wondering for those of you that got it to work what is the end of your phones email address after @? That would at least stop me from having to download the message to view it maybe… now if I could just find out how NOT to send it from mms so I dont have to use a minute. Im starting to wonder if the LG600 would have been better (but the sound quality wasnt supposed to be good so thats why I went with this one). *sigh*

    Any advice would be great.

  14. I found this great manual on the web for the Motorola w376g. Just remember that Tracfone has taken out some of the features.

    Motorola w376g Manual

    Can someone post how to check details on text messages. Was able to do this on the 1100. Tracfone sent me these directions but #5 does not show up on my phone.

    1. Press the key below the word Messages
    2. Scroll to Text Messages and press OK key
    3. Scroll to Inbox and press OK key
    4. Scroll and highlight the text message and press the round menu key
    5. Scroll to Message details and press OK key

    Thanks, Lynn

  15. Same boat as Tiffany, I have a W376G with service from Tracfone and I have tried all the methods and I am unable to send even a text message from my phone to an email. Wasted a bunch of minutes and seriously considering downgrading back to my V170, at least all the features worked and I did not get charged to send a text both ways.

  16. Do you have AT&T or T-Mobile SIM cards in your TracFone W376g? I have
    a T-Mobile SIM card, and while I can send email _to_ my W376g easily
    (sending to ‘’), I have not been able to send
    email _from_ the W376g.

    I can easily send email from my LG 200c TracFone (CDMA), using my
    email address as the address; no necessity for prepending ‘36245’ or
    ‘500’, or entering the email address as the first part of the message.

  17. I have tried all the suggestions with my LG600. Every time I “send” a message a fraction of a minute is deducted from my minutes and I get a message “send failed.”

    Any suggestions?

  18. hop frog please help sounds like you got it mastered is there anyway we can email each other so you can guide me trough the process if i can conquer this i,d be in heaven thanks alot bud please respond if you can thank you

  19. hop frog i dont know how i did it but i can send email from my phone to my email adress but when go to to reply it doesn,t work :o( please help thank you

  20. I HAVE A TRACFONE EMAILS COMES UP ###@TRACFONE5.COM but where i wrote it said it came from a t-mobile carrier please help i tried replying back with tmobile adress still didn,t work :o(

  21. I tried this with my LG200c. I get a message on the phone that says it was successful, but I haven’t received the email on my computer. (I’ve check the Spam folder.) I wonder if it is just the area that I’m in? Maybe I can’t send text messages either – haven’t tried and I guess none of my friends have texting services on their cell phones.

    • Hi Robert – yes, you can do this. I did it just the other day with my LG 225, and it worked flawlessly. Others have had similar successes with the C261, w376g and the 600g.

  22. I am now on a replacement phone from Tracfone and I can finally send MMS messages – sometimes. It always says message sent successfully to email, but I am finding many are not going through. My father has the same problem with his Tracfone, but with different email addresses. I can send to ones that he cannot and vice versa. Has this happened to anyone else??

  23. Do you know how to set this up with a Samsung t301g? I got rid of my LG600g because it is a piece of junk so I now want to know how to set it up with my new phone. 😀

    • I’ve sent a few emails with my T301G using the steps described above. I guess the best thing to do is play around with it a little, and see what works.
      How do you like the Samsung compared to the LG 600G?

  24. Thanks for the tip. I have another that I have not seen mentioned. You can get information assistance for just the “cost” of an outgoing and incoming text message by sending the message to 46645 (which is google without the ‘e’). Say you want the phone number of Mellow Mushroom in Foley Alabama. Send the text message “Mellow Mushroom, Foley Alabama” to 45545 and you’ll get a reply text from Google showing the address and phone number for the best pizza in town! Of course, you do run the chance of multiple hits, so try to be as exact as possible.

    • Hi again Gisaco. To enter the underscore symbol in text entry mode, hold down the * key for a couple of seconds until the symbols menu pops up. Then hit the down arrow once to scroll to the second set of symbol options, and press 4 for the underscore, then “ok.” Voila – you’ll have the underscore you need.

  25. I found the underscore. As you’re entering text, click on the right hand “soft button” for options and select enter symbol. There are 5 pages of symbols, and the underscore is on the 2nd page. Yay!

  26. Tried sending picture from 600G but wasn’t successful. Selected multimedia message, entered email address, space, attached picture and sent to 36245. On AT&T. What did I do wrong?

  27. Long hawl- I’m not sure, but I think with that model you can just send directly to an email address. Type an email address into the “to” field. You can switch to letters instead of numbers by pressing the “#” key while in the “To” field of the send message process.

  28. I have a Motorola W260g with TracFone service. In the message box, with repeated pressings, I did finally manage to get the @ sign, and entered the email address followed by a space followed by 5 characters. I sent it to 36245 and got the following response:

    “message unable to send”

    I then looked at the outbox and the message was there, with a status of:

    “36245: Sending Failed”

    I tried resending with the same results.




  29. Thought I’d relate my email experience with an LG600G. I was upgrading from a Motorola W370. All my email attempts were getting send failures until I discovered that the underlying carrier for my new phone was Tmobile instead of AT&T. I can now do SMS to my phone by using The key to getting SMS to work from phone to email was configuring the “eamil gateway” on the phone. Apparently the primary tmobile gateway in the US is 500 – it worked for me.

    If you try to get any help from Tracfone on this their only reply is that “Tracphone does not support PC connectivity”, a ludicrous reply IMO.

    For MMS email to phone I think one is supposed to use the tmobile gateway — but it only works partially. If you send text only via mms the text will arrive fine. If you attach a photo you will get the text, and a prompt for the left soft key “get”. “get” will initiate the download of the photo but it will fail with “communication error”. The same happens if you send to (Apparently tmomail is supposed to work for both SMS and MMS). Reversing this path gives the same results. If you try to send a photo to your email you will also get communication error while uploading the photo.

    My attempts to get an AT&T SIM for the LG have thus far been met with “Tracphone does not support PC connectivity” from customer support. But I will try once more to resolve this with Tracfone by getting an AT&T SIM.

    Both SMS and MMS worked fine for me with the W370 on the underlying AT&T network.

    I am not very hopeful that I will ever have MMS working on the LG600G.

    I am now in the process of obtaing a bluetooth dongle to get around the MMS issue. I am hopeful that it will allow me to move ringtones and photos between my phone and computer – since this appears to be my only remaining option.

    Comments, tricks, etc. welcome.

    • Hi Richard –
      I think you are right to try again for an AT&T SIM. Based on other user experiences, the T-Mobile SIMs have been problematic for SMS messages.
      Also, it’s worth considering whether you definitely want to send pics and tones via MMS. Bluetooth obviously is cheaper in that it doesn’t deduct any minutes.
      Let us know if you have any success with the new SIM.

      • Here’s an update. I spent a lot of time with Tracphone support — approximately 1 hour every day for two weeks trying the same diagnostic techniques over and over until finally they updated my case to corporate headquarters in Miami. After two tries in Miami they finally got all the features of my phone working. I can send/receive SMS and MMS messages w/ ringtones or photos — it all works — and on Tmobile. When on Tmobile be sure to configure the Email Gateway to 500. A big tell that there will be messaging problems is that your browzer won’t work. Once they fixed this for me, everything started working — including Email SMS and MMS. I blew a lot of minutes on this problem but Tracfone reimbursed me for a total of 80 minutes while working this problem. I got a generic blue-tooth dongle and sending and receiving photos and ringtones works perfectly in this manner also. So now, finally I am quite satisfied. Tracfone would not work on my Email messaging problems per se but by keeping them focused on getting the browzer to work they finally resolved my MMS messaging problems by getting my browzer to work properly.

        Hope this helps any others with similar problems,


  30. I can confirm 2-way email text operation on a Tracfone LG600G.

    I tried the original method (above), but it didn’t work.

    Then I tried simply composing a message, then in the ‘To’ field I just put my email address, and sent it. It went through, and the received email said it was from [10-digit fone#] I sent an email back to that address and received it on my phone. I was charged 0.3 minutes for each of the sent and received messages.

    My phone did not report the correct sender for the received message – said it was from 1010100002.

  31. Rincewind is right: on my LG200, just using an e-mail address in the “To:” field of an ordinary message works, and only costs the regular text price. It shows up in my e-mail as having come from, and sending e-mail to that address does get it to my phone. I’m not real sure what circumstance would make this useful (compared with just TALKING ON THE PHONE or using the voicemail, *there’s* a radical idea), but I’m going to remember it.

  32. I wasn’t able to use the described method successfully to send email from my LG 600. However, I tested sending email to my tracfone using first, which failed, and then, which succeeded. I was able to REPLY to this message from my cell phone to then send text to my email IN box. Since I would use the workaround only to send email to myself (a to-do or idea), this method seems sufficent. I’ll just keep one text message from myself undeleted, so I can reply to it. Aesthetically unpleasing, but that’s the most I seem to be able to do at the moment.

  33. Thanks for the info! I just tried this on my LG600G and sent emails to PC and back. I was charged .30 each time, however.
    QUESTION: How do you navigate through the symbol pages? I never noticed there was more than 1 page. How do you get to the other pages? Thanks.

  34. finally got all my ducks in a row as far as setting up BT on my pc. i understand you have to set the same security code on the lg600g as on the pc but how do i find where to set it? if someone who knows will be kind and answer me please thank you

    • in_plex, usually you get the option on both devices, in my experience, so you just need to make sure you enter the same code on the computer and on the phone. I usually use something simple and easy like 0000 or 1234.

  35. I have a Motorola 376g. I can send email while I’m in the zip code I signed up with. But email I sent while 300 miles north never arrived even though minutes were deducted and the phone displayed “Message sent.”

    I have emailed and called Tracfone customer service about this; they are clueless in the extreme.

    Does anybody know how to know if email is available when out of your home zip code area?

  36. While I haven’t tried SMS yet, I can confirm sending MMS works from a Samsung T301G on T-Mobile’s network. I created a new address book entry containing only an email address, and then sent a newly taken photo to that contact. Total deduction was 1.50 units, and it took almost a minute to completely send the 66KB jpg.

  37. According to Tracfone CS, where you are determines whether email can be sent successfully. If you are in an area without the coverage required to send email, the phone will tell you the email was sent, units will be deducted, but it will never arrive

  38. I got it to work with a Motorola W376 g. I’m on ATT network.
    To send an email from phone to PC I also used the “to” field of recipient for simply entering my email address.
    I sent an email from my PC to the phone to “number” and it showed up right away too.

  39. I’ve noticed that when you receive your message in your email, it always lists the phone number with a “1” in front of it. When I removed the “1” leaving only ten digits I was able to message back and forth from my email to my phone vice versa. I also entered the “500” in the email gateway. (~_~)

  40. Did not work on my LG600G. Got “Sending failed”. Then again, my phone has a lot of things not working now… multimediadia sending/receiving, web access, etc. It’s getting irritating.

  41. I purchase a 60 tracfone on 12/31/2010 and I notice I didn,t get the double mins. my question is did it expired already.

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  43. tryiong to email picture from W376 to PC. Inserted picture, but when the 'TO' screen comes up- I can only enter numbers- not an email address- how do you enter letters. on said:

    Please help

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