KMart TracFone clearance sale

It seems as though some KMart stores have begun a clearance sale on a couple of TracFone handsets. Some people have reported finding Motorola V170 TracFones for just $2, while the LG 3280 has been found with a price tag of just $5.

Either of these represents a pretty decent bargain even if you only use the phone to get the 20 bonus minutes and 60 days of service on activation, then immediately transfer those minutes and days to another phone. Another option, if you can find one of these bargains, is to keep the phone around simply as a backup. Either way  I would recommend grabbing these deals if you can.

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  1. If you can’t get the special $2 or $5 deals and are only purchasing aircards for the time (don’t need the minutes), wouldn’t it also be economical to purchase the $10 tracfones I see at drug stores and transfer the 20 minutes and 2 months? This way you get 2 months for $10 instead of paying $19.95 for 3 months.

    • Hi John
      YOu are correct that the phones themselves can be useful sources of service time if you don’t use many minutes. However, possibly a better deal than buying two of the phones alone would be to order 2 package deals from TracFone.

      The packages I am speaking of include a V170 phone plus a 60-minute card for $20. So get two of those, and each phone will receive 60 days on activation. Plus each card includes 90 days. So you will get a total of 300 service days for $40 plus tax.(and up to 400 minutes, depending on which bonus codes you use and whether your phone has DMFL).

      To find these deals, go to TracFone’s order page here:
      Then enter your zip code, and you should see a deal with a V170 + a 60-minute card. If you don’t see it, you can start over and use a different zip code (53703 worked for me recently).

    • rob – TracFone and Net10 are sister companies, but you definitely can NOT use Tracfone pin numbers on a net10 phone, or vice versa.

  2. Which kmarts are having these clearance sales? Are the clearannce phones usually in the same area in the store as the regular phones?

    • Hi Tom – I’m not sure on that. I don’t have a KMart near me, so I can’t check for myself either. Hopefully another reader can get that info for you. I’ll be traveling to a city with a KMart in a week, but if these deals do exist, I doubt they’ll last that long.

  3. I read on another blog that there is a limit of about 50 TracFones one can have on their account (active and deactivated). After which TracFone will red flag the account preventing any further activations or online purchases of phones. This prevents people from buying phones on sale, just for the minutes, and selling them.

    For example, that Xmas deal from TracFone’s web site on the Motorola V170 with 120 minutes for $17 (w/$3.00 promo discount code). Buy the phone just for the minutes, dump the phone and use the minutes on another phone already activated. It was a great deal of which I bought one.

    I read that TracFone tracks activity via the persons name, account, address sent to, phone numbers and/or credit card numbers. Any one or a combination of, can be used to identify the purchaser. Adding to their limit of 50.
    I certainly will try anything that will save me a few dollars, but I rely on my cell phone and TracFone is my provider of choice, so I don’t want to jepordise my account.
    Any thoughts on this?

    • Jeff – That’s a good point. I’ve had a couple people ask me about the “blacklisting” that TracFone seems to do to some customers. I’ll try to work my knowledge and thoughts on that subject into a future blog post. In the mean time, here’s something that might be helpful from TracFone’s site, which appears on the checkout page:

      “If you have purchased Tracfones in the past but have not yet activated them, we may prohibit you from purchasing additional Tracfones until all of your previous Tracfones have been activated.”

  4. Went to Two different Kmarts yesterday, and they did not have any phones under 9.99 and these did not come with any airtime. They also did not have a spot on the rack for either of these phones. You can read the labels and it tells the phones that go on the empty racks.

    • Thanks for reporting back. Looks like it may be more limited as far as which stores still have these in stock. FYI, though, ALL new TracFones will receive 20 minutes of talk time and 60 days of service when you activate them (20 minutes for activation via, 10 if you call their 800 number to activate). It may not specifically state that on the package, but that is TracFone’s official policy.

  5. Yes pbush I did noticed that wording when I bought the V170 in December. Is that to say, that I can buy a discounted phone just for the minutes – activate it – the next day transfer the minutes (and the 60 days?) to my “main” phone number – and deactivate the discounted phone?

    Also, I bought the V170 as a Xmas gift for my Grandson. Over the years I have accumulated over 2500 minutes on my TracFone which I have gotten at various promo deals and minute card sales. I would like to transfer ‘some’ of my minutes, maybe 60 each month, to my Grandson’s phone. Can that be done? [I added his phone into my account upon activation.]

  6. Hi. It is my first time at this blog arrived at through surfing for many long times in answer to ?s I have about my recently acquired W376g tracfone. After trying to reinvent the wheel by purchasing the usual relatively useless PHONE TOOLS and bluetooth software, provided along with several Bluetooth dongles in various shapes and sizes, some of which approach the obsene in this beholder’s eyes( all luckily at greatly reduced cost),here I am at your blog trying to increase the functionality of my tracfone. One observation regarding my W376g is that it appears to have a third port on the front face of the phone at the lower right below the flip up section of the phone. It is relative well obscured by a round gray rubber plug which one could easily mistake for a blemish unless one is curious enough to take the plug out. The plug can be seen in some pictures of the cellphone and not others. It is not referred to in tracfone writen marerials, instructions or tutorials. It is definitely a port as I determined by removing the plug with the point of a sharp pin. So now I am wondering if this is the gateway to paradise, behind which are solutions to all the W376g to PC intercommunication blockages. On the other hand it may just be an inoperable vestage or perhaps worse the proverbial “box” of “Pandora” and potal to hell. Do you know what this port is for?

    • Hi hhh
      I’m sorry to say that I’ve never even noticed the plug that you are talking about. My wife uses the w376g as her main phone, and all week I’ve been meaning to look at it when she gets home from work, but all week I kept forgetting. Now she’s gone for the weekend, so I’ll have to try to remember on Sunday. Anyway, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much about this being a possible solution to any of those communications problems. My guess is that it would only lead to frustration, but I hope I’m wrong. Anyway, maybe it’s worth a shot – what if Edison had given up on the light bulb to avoid the frustration?

  7. Hi: I am planning on going to Mexico, can I just put a new simm card in a LG600G when I get to Mexico? Any suggestions?


    • Hi Wanderer
      TracFone handsets are restricted in such a way that ONLY TracFone-issued SIM cards will work in the phone, which makes them pretty much useless for international travel.

  8. IF anyone finds a LG 3280 onsale that cheap, let me know where. There are only 3 phones that work in my area, and that is one of them. However they are still selling for 50.00 around here. my areacode is 48743

    I can get a 10.00 one, but they specifically state that only 3 work here, so im hoping to find a used one or someone that has actualy found one at kmart for the 5.00.

  9. Regarding the quantity limit on prepaid phones per individual, I was told back around 9/11 by the Tracfone service people that the government put a restriction on the number of these types of cell phones a person can have. It is because these are the types of cell phones that terrorist buy; there is no tracing to who really has them. As an example, look at the movie “Bourne Ultimatum” when Jason Bourne is in the train terminal and buys the prepaid phone (He actually had to buy two phones but they only show him buying one. He slips one into the pocket of the reporter and keeps the other for himself. Yes, here I’m being “that picky”; just something I noticed). I use this as an example because I personally don’t know any terrorists. Or at least I don’t think I do! 😉 though there were three gas stations nearby that were closed down because of their terrorists funding ties. I had bought their gas on a few occasions but was never taken in for questioning.
    I was also given the impression that the number allowed was WAY less than 50 but I find that hard to believe because there are some businesses that would need to have more. Though economically it would be a bad choice to have Tracfone as their carrier at $0.33 per minute. I suppose that is why they have started some of their “plans” recently. Just some thoughts.
    BTW the new Samsung T301G is viewable from Tracfone’s activate menu. Pretty nice! 😀

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