Motorola EM326g Review Part 3

This post is the third in my series of Motorola EM326g review articles for this blog. If you haven’t yet read the other parts, I strongly suggest you start here:

Motorola EM326g


Now, on to the third installment of the EM326g review:


This phone is as “connectible” as any I’ve tried for TracFone or Net10. It can connect to your computer by bluetooth OR USB cable, allowing for transfer of files in either direction. And the cable type necessary for connection is a mini-USB , which is widely available. In fact, if you have a digital camera, odds are that you can use that same cable to connect the EM326g.

I was also able to connect the EM326g via bluetooth to my LG 600g phone, and send ringtones and pictures between the two devices. I WAS able to receive a .amr (real/mp3) ringtone from my 600g and set it as the tone on the EM326g, so that’s very promising. If you have friends that have mp3 or amr ringtones on their bluetooth phones, I think you’ll be able to get those tones from them if you want. And of course you can get free mp3 tones from other websites, but I’ll discuss that later.

Here’s an important note – I’ve already had several people contact me to inform me that Net10’s site states that this phone does not support file transfer by either USB or Bluetooth. However, that is simply not true. As I stated above, I’ve done all sorts of file transfers, and they work great. That leaves just two explanations: 1) it’s simply a typo or, 2) a more sinister, conspiracy-theory explanation might be that Net10 simply states that they don’t work in order to avoid tech support calls on this issue in the future. For example, if someone called wondering how to transfer files, the customer support rep could simply say “I’m sorry, your phone doesn’t support that function.” End of call. Anyway, that’s just a theory, but rest assured that file transfer works fine with either USB or Bluetooth.

But one thing where I think we’ll be disappointed again is the potential to use the phone as a modem for dial-up internet. I do have a little hope as within the EM326 menu there’s an option to set the USB connection to “USB Modem” (the other alternative is “USB Disk, which allows the computer to see your phone and memory card as a storage device).

I set the phone to USB Modem and played around with my phone’s networking settings to get it to dial out through the phone. However, I didn’t have any luck. It is possible that installing the appropriate driver on my PC would allow the USB connection to be recognized as a modem. My web searches for such a driver, though, also came up empty. If I learn any more about this, I’ll post it right away.

As far as other connectivity, I don’t think this phone should have any problem connecting to any of the Bluetooth devices you might wish to connect. I haven’t tried pairing with any navigation or GPS systems, but considering how unrestricted the bluetooth seems to be, I don’t think it should be a problem.


Beyond the mp3 capability, the next biggest advantage of this phone over others in the Net10/TracFone lineup is the superior camera quality. Whereas all previous camera phones from either of these brands have offered a maximum resolution of .3 megapixels, the Motorola EM326g produces 1.3 MP images. This, in theory, should produce a fair 4×6 print. I haven’t yet tried printing a pic taken with this camera, but I will do so, and report the results here. To help you evaluate picture quality for now, here’s a picture I took using the EM326g:

Picture taken with Motorola EM326g
Picture taken with Motorola EM326g

It’s also important to many people to be able to transfer photos from the phone to a computer, without having to use airtime to do so. This is especially true with the EM326g due to the higher-quality photos produced. As I reported above, files can be sent to a computer by either bluetooth or USB, so that’s a definite positive with this model. Another option would be to save the photos to a microSD card, then use that card to copy the files to your computer.

The camera can do up to 4x digital zoom, but does not have a flash, so indoor pictures might not turn out as well as outdoor shots. Unfortunately, the EM326g is not capable of recording video. You can take pictures, and record audio, but not at the same time.

It does, however, also include a basic photo editor and cropper. This may be helpful if you want to send an MMS message of a photo you just took, and need to do some editing before you send it off.

I”m going to wrap it up there for now. My next post, which I’ll publish later this week, will cover the mp3 player, organizational tools, games, and ringtones. When I publish that post, I’ll also post a link to it from my Motorola EM326g Review Index Page.

[NOTE: Part 4 of this review is now available.]

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102 thoughts on “Motorola EM326g Review Part 3

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  2. The Motorola EM326g seems to have all the qualities I’m looking for in a new phone. Even though there’s nothing wrong with my current Motorola W376g, thanks to your reviews the EM326g just keeps getting better and better! I may just have to switch to Net10 if it doesn’t come out as a Tracfone soon. Thanks for the in-depth reviews. The camera seems especially nice compared to the W376g, it was a much sharper image. I can’t wait for Part 4 to hear about the MP3 player and other great features!

  3. Hello and thank you so much for the great reviews! I recently got my EM326 and absolutely LOVE it, but I have a question about connectivity. I have been able to connect the phone to my PC both via bluetooth and USB, and I’ve been able to send pictures FROM the phone, as well as upload music TO the phone. However, I could not send pictures FROM the PC to the phone either way. When I uploaded pictures to the Pictures folder via USB, they didn’t show up in the phone. Do you have any advice on how I can do this?

    • Luisa – I know that I did this, but I don’t remember exactly how and at the moment I don’t have the phone in front of me. I think that the pics defaulted to the SD memory card, not the phone’s internal memory. Might that be at the root of your problem? I also don’t recall if there’s a way to change the save location of files copied from a computer.

      • Hi,

        Got my EM326G today. I have not activated it yet. Just been reading through your posts and all the comments. I have not activated the phone yet. I have a very busy and long day tomorrow and don’t want to be struggling with a new phone. At this point I’m just familiarizing myself with the features and taking people’s advice about some of the settings etc. I cannot get the Bluetooth to connect to my laptop. Will that not work (or attempt to work) until I’ve activated the phone? The phone blinks the bluetooth icon on the screen but nothing seems to be happening on the laptop. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Lara – I don’t recall exactly, but I think my bluetooth worked before the phone was activated. however, due to the wide variety in available computer operating systems and hardware configurations, I can’t really get into how to make it work with each individual system.

      • No worries. I figured it out. Just because we have the bluetooth software loaded doesn’t mean we have the bluetooth component – which we don’t. USB ones are available for reasonable prices (I saw one for as little as $2.49). So I’ll pick something up in the next day or so. I was surprised to see how much the USB cable was if I wanted to go the cable route. Thanks for checking though.

        On another front. I initially had trouble with my SIM card. First it was loaded backward (as several other people’s were) but secondly I had to push extremely hard to seat it. That was what I wanted to call attention to. I actually had to use some utility type tweezers and press into the notches (very small on the edge of the card) on the card to get it all the way in. I didn’t feel any difference in the card’s position or did I feel it move while pressing on it – but in some tiny way it must have – because before I used the tweezers it was saying load SIM and after it was working properly. After hearing what seems to be a fair amount of people saying they have defective SIMS – I thought I’d throw that out there to maybe save people the hassle of having to call (heaven forbid) Net10 to order another SIM if the one they have may be fine it’s just not quite in all the way. Hopefully I’ll get around to activating the phone tonight. If I’m wanting to port my number and my minutes about how long does that usually take?

  4. In looking at your photo it seems to be 500 x 375 pixels. My info suggests a 1.3 MP camera should produce a photo of 1280 x 1024 pixels. Is it possible to publish one of that size or perhaps email me one?

    • Don, I will publish a full 1.3 mp photo and include it in one of the upcoming parts of the review. The first one I put up got compressed when I uploaded it to wordpress. My mistake – thanks for calling it to my attention.

  5. NET10 Phones just keep getting Better and Better all the time. I have the LG600g and it is an awesome phone because of the ability to transfer files to and from the phone via Bluetooth and now they come out with a phone that can transfer file not only via Bluetooth but also via the much faster USB port at least I hope it is fully USB 2.0 and not just USB 1.1.

    Then they throw in a 1.3 MP Camera MP3 Player and FM Radio, what more could you want in a Prepaid cell phone? Maybe a Flash for the camera but that would just add to the cost of the phone and not really be that usefull since most Cell Phone Camera’s flashes are just a led light that does not really help much for inside picture taking.

    I did not think they would top the LG600g so soon but they did.

  6. Hey gang. I just got my 2 gb micro sd cards today. The phone creates a directory structure on the card, with subdirectories being “java”, “melody” and “picture”

    Some things to pass along:

    Connected the phone to my computer via USB and copied some mp3 files to the “melody” directory. Plugged in some earbuds and hey, it doesn’t sound bad. There doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the bass/treble/surround sound modes or anything but it works pretty good.

    I also copied over some mp3 ringtones, and selected them for use from the micro sd card. They work, but the volume on them is not as loud as the standard tones. I may try converting them to wav files and bumping up the volume level when i convert them.

    I had taken some pictures when i first got the phone and they are saved to the built-in phone memory. I don’t know how you can transfer or access them via USB. If you insert a micro sd card, and change the camera settings to save pics to the card, then you can copy them right out of the picture directory on the card to your computer hard drive.

    that’s all for now..jack

    • I’ve tried “maxing out” the volume on MP3 files I wish to use as ringtone, but I also found them not to be as loud as the stock ringtones.


  7. Don D. – with my 2 gb micro sd card in, and the picture quality set on highest and resolution of 1280 x 1024, it reported a capacity of just over 1000 pictures on the card.

  8. Amazing reviews on the Motorola EM326g! It’s really nice to hear about all the qualities and how they work before purchasing a phone. Great work! Anyways, do have any idea if the EM326g will be available on Tracfone?

    • There are a couple different places on the TracFone site where the EM326g, but not the important one (i.e. “for sale”). And it’s possible that those instances where it does show up are simply due to Trac and Net10 sharing some resources. I would be very surprised if TracFone doesn’t release an mp3 phone before the holiday season, though. Whether it’s the EM326g or a completely different model, I don’t know – I have heard a few rumors of a Samsung QWERTY/mp3 phone coming down the line.

  9. Thanks for reviewing this phone, have you tried the web browser yet? My son had a net10 phone two years ago that had a browser, but he could never get online due to some java errors. But I assume this phone can get online.

    • Mike – I’ve only tried it briefly and it worked, albeit very slowly. I think that the slowness was due to me being in a weak coverage area. I’ll give it another try and include my findings in a future post.

  10. I’m a big Net10 fan!

    I dumped my AT&T phone and got out of my cellphone contract when the company changed its terms. (Did you know that if they do that, it voids the contract? They don’t tell you that, but I saw it on the Consumerist site and it worked! No termination fee too. Haha.)

    Anyway, I got a prepaid Net10 phone and everything is 10 cents a minute… even International calls which is great since my son is traveling right now.

    But the best thing about this is that there aren’t any bills and I know what my costs are because I pay upfront for my calls. It’s great!

  11. hi i was wondering if this phone has unrestricted internet access and also how long does it take for the phone to lock after it is closed. Icurrently have the samsung t301g on tracfone and many times my phone has connected to the internet when i slid it in my pocket because it hadn’t locked yet. This is a hassle. thanks

    • The web browser is restricted to Trac/Net10’s version of the web. REgarding the lock, you can specify the timing of the lockout – 2, 4, 6, or 8 seconds.

      • thanks. that iss very helpful. i was also wondering if slotmusic cards will work on this phone. in case you don’t kno what they are they’re sandisk sd cards that come with songs on them when you buy it. thanks again

  12. What kind of headphone jack does this phone have? Do I need to get an adapter, or can I use standard headphones?

    • This phone uses a standard headphone jack (3.5mm). The jack is shared between the stereo headphone output and the headset, so if you want to use a wired headset to make your calls, you will probably need an adapter or special headset since most headsets are 2.5mm.

    • Trent – I just answered someone else about the headphone jack, so I won’t duplicate that. Regarding the flashlight, the Motorola EM326g does have a “lantern” setting in which the screen turns all white. It gives off quite a bit of light.

  13. slot music works very well with this phone..(it doesnt work in t mobiles renew phone with a microsd music player) so that was a good question. the slot music sounds great with bose headfones I like it better than some plain mp3 players

    • What is Slot Music? Is it some kind of Java program and can it be downloaded?I think I found some info on it but it sounded like you have to buy Micro SD Cards preinstalled with music on them. When I checked the compatibility wizard it did not list NET10.

  14. Regarding the issue of mp3 ringtones not having sufficient volume level, I have a solution.

    I noticed that the Windows Sound recorder is not what it used to be in Windows Vista, so I found a free program that will work called Wavepad.

    You can open your ringtones, edit and amplify them and then save them as mp3 again. I would go with the maximum amplification of 400 Percent.

    • That is great info. I’ll definitely have to give it a try for some of the ringtones I’ve already got and see how much of a difference it makes. Thanks for sharing it!

  15. Thanks for reviewing this phone. I’m planning to switch to Net10 from a (Sprint) RAZR V3M, and need to know if there’s some way to transfer my contacts/phone numbers from the V3M to this phone, either directly (via Bluetooth) or via synchronization (USB) between the phone and Outlook (or Phone Tools, or whatever). Any intelligence on this subject?

    Thanks again!

    • I haven’t found a way to sync a contact list directly to the EM326g, but there is kind of a work around. I don’t know how the sprint version of the V3M works, but if you can get that contact list onto a computer, you can then use a SIM card reader to copy that list to the SIM card for the EM326g, then either use the SIM card to copy them into the phone’s internal memory. Sounds more complicated than it is. Here are a couple of posts I made a while back about using a SIM reader:“SIM+Card+Reader”

  16. Hey, thanks for the tip: would have thanked you sooner but never got an e-mail telling me you replied, so I plain just forgot.

    Just got the phone activated after the lengthy porting process (6 business days), during which I had a full 24 hours “dead zone” — Sprint phone canceled, but new Net10 phone not yet fully active. You could ring it, but the minutes weren’t on the phone yet so no ability to answer. Finally was able to complete the port via the Net10 website.

    Just one more question, if I may: I’m very technical, but a Bluetooth newbie (never used it). I see you were able to use it to transfer ringtones to the 326 from another. I’d like my custom ringtones from the V3M to work on the 326. Can you point me to instructions on how to do this?

    Again, thanks for great write-up on this phone!

    • Figured out the Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the two phones won’t transfer files between one another (transfer fails soon after starting), but I was able to get the ringtones on the phone via USB. Also, the SIM card reader idea also won’t fly, since the Sprint phone’s CDMA architecture doesn’t use removable SIM cards (it’s integrated onto the V3M Razr’s PCB). So, gotta do the contacts manually.

  17. Hello! Thank you very much for the review it was VERY helpful.

    I preiviously, well i HAVE, a Motoroal 375g and it has very little memory for picture i take. I would say it stores aproximately 20 depending how “large” they are.
    Basically I am asking how many pictures approximately the EM326g can hold. I constantly have “not enough memory” for pictures so I was wondering if i whould have more memory on this phone versus my old 375.

    [i hope that was not confusing]
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • With the Motorola EM326g, you can store your pictures on a microSD card. The phone will accept a card up to 2gb, and you can find a card of this size for $6-$8 if you look on discount tech shopping websites or eBay. With 2gb, you should have no problem storing all the pictures you want. Plus, with the EM326g, it’s easy to upload the pics to a computer via bluetooth or USB, so you can store and view them more easily that way.

  18. I can not get any phones to read my phone with bluetooth and I can not get mine to read anyone elses? What am I doing wrong, we both go into bluetooth and turn it on and go to find me and click it and it says “something” in 3 minutes then i wait and wait, and it never finds anything then the blue blinking thing at the top turns red? Please help!

    • Hmm, I don’t know. I tried it with just a couple phones, but it worked with those. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this?

  19. Great phone for the money – works well, sleek, well made.

    There is one thing that i did not see mentioned which to me is a BIG DEAL.

    If you want to use the music player in your car or on your home stereo via a patch cord between the phone and the device, you will likely have problems.

    For whatever reason the phone will not recognize most patch cords and continue to play the music via the internal speaker.

    I tried 4 or 5 different patch cords and none of them would turn off the speaker and play the music to the device I wanted.

    I am on my third phone as I returned the other 2 feeling the jack was faulty and it does the same thing.

    I finally went and bought an “ipod” brand patch cord and Bingo it works – but just a FYI many cords wont.

    Funny thing also, I have 4 sets of head phones and every one of them shut off the speaker and plays music through the headphones – so why wont the patch cords do the same?

    The other anoying feature is that the two main shorcuts can not be re-programed. Yes you can lock the browser button (thank god), but you can not reprogram it to be “camera” for example. So if your like me and you dont use the browser, it is pretty much worthless.

    Good phone though, you will like it!

    • Curt, thanks for the tip regarding the ipod connector. I’ll have to try that out. By patch cord, do you mean an extension, or a cord that translates output to a different kind of connector?

  20. ok I can not find anything out about what the chat button is, I thought maybe it was to use yahoo or something like that, but everytime i go to it it has a sceen just like my texting does and then 5 places to put in a phone number, can someone please explain what this is to me, and how its different than the message (texting) thats already on the phone? Thanks so much!

  21. Ocia, I’m not sure exactly what that function is for. I looked at it a little, then decided it was probably something I would never use. If someone else knows, please share!

  22. Hey i have a problem with my phone, when sending pictures to my face book, i have to TYPE in the EMAIL ADDRESS everytime i send a picture.. is there a way to store the email address i need to send the photos to so i dont have to go thru typing it for each photo.. love the phone but hate doing this each time.



    • You don’t need to send them through an MMS–that is a MAJOR waste of minutes. Simply get a mini usb connector or a bluetooth dongle (unless you computer already is bluetooth capable.) And viola! you can put your pictures on your computer for free and transfer files onto the phone as well.

      • matt is right about the waste of minutes. However, if you’re note near a computer, I guess you’re stuck entering the address everytime, which is a pain. I tried a bunch of tricks to try to get it to save the address, including saving a draft message to use as a template. None of my ideas worked. One final thought that I have, is that you could setup an easy-to-remember gmail account, something like for facebook pictures, then set that new account to auto-forward to your facebook upload email address. I wasn’t aware you could post to facebook by email, though, so keep in mind this might not work.

  23. Could someone tell me how to get pictures from my 326 phone to my pc. I have the usb cable. When I plug it up to my pc it reconizes the connection, but doesn`t do anything else and my phone starts charging. What am I doing wrong? There is only one place to plug the cable into my phone and its the same place where I charge it. Please help out someone who isn`t very smart.


    • Eters –
      It’s possible that one of your settings is preventing your phone from connecting correctly. Go to your phone’s menu, and navigate to settings, then “USB.” Then make sure “USB Disk” is selected, and try once again to connect to your computer’s USB port. From there, it should work just like a standard flash drive, and you can use your computer’s Windows explorer function to drag-and-drop pictures from your phone to your computer.

  24. hi i was wondering how the internet and downloading things work? how much money does it cost to go on the internet or to download things?

    • Internet and data usage is deducted from your regular airtime balance. You will be charged for the time that you are “online,” which if I recall is about .5 airtime unit per minute of online time. If you want to download ringtones from Net10, you’ll have to pay for the ringtone, plus a little extra for the online time it takes to download the file.

  25. The Motorola Slider EM326g Getting Started guide leaves a lot to be desired, especially for a newbie with this cell phone and all its neat features. The information provided in Pbushx2’s Weblog has helped a lot, but if someone could point me to a more complete description for the use of features like the browser, voice notes, etc. it would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Lara – sorry I missed your comment last week – I didn’t see it right away. Hope the number transfer went well. If you’re still waiting to do it, it should take 10-15 minutes on line, and the transfer should be complete within 24 hours, often much less, or perhaps as much as 72 hours, though that’s unlikely. It all really depends on what type of phone (and SIM card) you’re transferring from.

    • Hi – well I went through the online process and the system tried to tell me I had 1100 mins – when in actuality, I have 5000+. Needless to say I cancelled that out and called. Surprisingly – the wait was short, the call was quick, the rep easy to understand, the connection good etc – the system did in fact show my correct number of minutes so the rep took care of the transfer. Well – I waited more than 72 hours before I called back and what a coincidence as I was on the phone again for the second time the transfer went through.

      I have been able to get the bluetooth to work. It is doing some weird compression thing on the pictures however. Any ideas? I am able to fix it in photoshop – but I’d rather not have the extra steps. Also – anyway to change the default format from a *.bmp to a *.jpg?

      Anyone have any feedback on the opera software? I tried the Net10 browser for about 5 mins – and didn’t see what the fun in that was. It was SO slow – the visuals were terrible – what do people use it for?

  27. Lara – the browser is pretty useless except for the occasional weather report or if you’re really bored and want to kill some time reading news or sports stories. But then you’ll kill more time waiting for the stories to load, and as for weather I prefer to text the term “forecast” followed by my zip code to google (send to 46645).

    I have seen a few scattered reports that this phone can handle Opera Mini, but I’m very hesitant to spread that rumor as I don’t want to be responsible for a bunch of people getting their phones shut down, which is what I’m afraid could happen if people are doing a bunch of web surfing without getting minutes deducted.

    • I’ve given up on the idea of the browser in any form or fashion. I just don’t have an interest in it.

      I am however interested in your photo settings. That was the main reason I wanted this phone. I have mine set to the highest DPI and the best quality and the image I ended up with a JPG that’s 320×240. It’s 4.44 inches x 3.33 inches and 72 DPI a far cry from the pic you posted. What am I doing wrong?

      Thanks again.

      • Lara – Sorry this is so late. I don’t recall the exact settings, but somewhere in the camera options you can adjust the setting to 320×240, 640×480, or 1.3 mp. I don’t have the phone with me right now, but I’ll try to remember to take a look at it this evening and see if I can sort it out.

      • I’ve the got 1.3 selected already. The other option under camera set up is Quality. What setting are you using there? I have Best selected right now.

        I’m using bluetooth to transfer the files – could that be changing something? Are you ending up with *.BMPs or *.JPGs? At first they were BMPs but there was a weird compression issue. I can fix it in Photoshop, but I’d rather not have the extra step.

        Thanks again for trying to help me.

  28. Yes, I have 1.3 and Best selected as well. Mine are .jpegs. Do you have your photos sent to the card memory as opposed to the phone memory?

    Perhaps you could try to help me too… I am able to send files and images from PC to phone via bluetooth but not the other way around. The phone recognizes the PC connection under history but cannot find it when actively searching. The only way I am able to use bluetooth from PC to phone is by right clicking on the image or song ? send to > bluetooth then selecting the phone.

  29. Just received this phone and cannot lock the browser button – nothing listed under lock application in security settings. Any ideas?

  30. Has anyone synced the Motorola EM326g blue tooth with a Garmin GPS? I currently own an Verizon LG EnV and a Tracfone Motorola 376g. Both of them will sync up with the Garmin 660 but only the Motorola’s phone book will show up on the Garmin. When I receive a call on the LG EnV from a person in my phone book, the Garmin will show the name of the person who is calling. If the Motorola is synced with the Garmin, only the phone number will show up on the Garmin. My question is: Will the Motorola EM326 phone book show up on my Garmin?

  31. Does anyone know if you can listen to Mp3 on this through a “phone” bluetooth ear piece or do you have to have the 3.5 mm wired headset connected?

    • so far i have discovered u do need headphones or u can listen through ur loudspeaker. I have invested in 2 bluetooth headsets and both have been unsuccessful in connecting to playing music for me. Hopefully we will get our answer lol.

  32. Guys I just got the 326 phone for Christmas and am having some problems. When I try to blue tooth it asks for a pass word and I dont know the pass word. My book doesnt say anything about it and I cant find it in options on the phone or tools. I also can not get my pc to recognize my phone. I have motorola phone tools and it says that it doesnt need an update.


  33. Just picked up the em326g about a week ago for thirty bucks I needed to recharge my net 10 Nokia 1600 anyway so basically I got the phone for free. Well not exactly for free I did get a memory card, anyway I’m really liking it love the Mp3 and camera it took awhile of hunting and experimenting to figure out what was what even with the downloaded manual. Figuring out file transfers especially with the phones taken pictures took awhile but all is good now.

    The browser is about worthless IMO so I locked that key and shut down some other features I didn’t want. It took a little time and trial and error but I pretty much now have the phone where I want it. I don’t know much about Blue Tooth and don’t know that I’ll use it but it’s nice that I have that option with this phone.

    Only draw back is reception my Nokia was better but I still get a fairly good signal with the Moto and it wasn’t a deal killer especially for what I paid. All and all even without the deal after knowing what this phone has to offer I’d still buy it.

      • If I remember – there is a recommended “wait time” for the transfer (2-3 days maybe)? I waited that long and mine still hadn’t gone through. I called back and I swear it was like they just forgot about me and didn’t process my request. They processed while I was on the phone with them calling to ask “when will my tranfer be processed?” Coincidence? I think not. So – if you feel like you waited a legitimate amount of time – don’t wait anymore, call back.

  34. Hello. Nice Review. I have a question… Why won’t my mp3 feature “listen via bluetooth”? It has the option and i have purchased 2 different bluetooth headsets(a generic Just Wireless and a Motorola H385), and neither work for the mp3 player. This is extremely aggravating to have a feature i cant use. The bluetooth works great for phone conversations, but ultimately I would like to hear my music wireless. Can u please help me? Thank You.

    • Same problem here. Bought an Emerson, EM-227 bluetooth from Walmart for my em326g phone. It finds the phone easy enough, and allows for conversations no problem, but has problems playing from the Music Library.

      Music Library > Now Playing > Options > Listen via Bluetooth = “Unable to Connect EM227”

      If anyone has an answer, I’d love to hear it.

      • That is because it’s a Mono Hands Free Bluetooth devive. You have to get a Stereo Bluetooth Speaker system or one of those Bluetooth Headphones or combination Bluetooth Hands Free / Stereo headset device that looks like a hands free Bluetooth ear piece but has a second ear piece that plugs into the main hands free ear piece.

  35. Ok – so I’ve had the phone for 4 months and all the sudden the battery is for crap. Literally one day of just “on time” – not even making calls and it’s dead. What’s gone wrong? Can I get a new battery? Also – anyone know of a cover/case that works on this phone? The exterior is very slick, and I’d like it to be more grippy if possible.

    PS – all this fuss about me wanting this phone and I haven’t taken one picture since I posted with my questions at the beginning of October. Oy.

  36. I bought this phone for 59.99 at Walmart.

    I bought headphones and earbuds and all models with a universal 3.5 universal plug seem to work fine, although the jack is a bit finicky and needed to pull the plug out a nudge to get both L & R to work. All Maxell headphones and earbuds seem to work fine and can be purchased for $5 on the Internet, the dollar store or other cheapo outlets like Big Lots (Florida).

    I bought a USB 2.0 Male to mini-USB cable (5 pin) from CompUSA. $6.99 (Ultra brand). Worked fine when plugged in and phone indicated that it was charging. Changed the ‘Storage Devices’ to USB disk under: Menu > Settings > Phone Status and selected ‘Memory Card’ which was now visible after the card was formatted (see below). Connecting it to the PC, a removable disk is now visible. Make sure that you select USB disk under: Menu > Settings > USB so that the PC views the phone as a removable disk.

    Transferring music and pictures:

    I bought a 2GB micro SD card hearing that the phone would not support larger cards. Bought from CompUSA Centon brand 2GB $9.99 and installed in the battery compartment in the empty slot. When selected under ‘My Computer’ in Windows XP, or Vista, the Phone has three directories: Java, Melody (you can drag and drop mp3 files to and from this directory), and Picture (you can drag and drop jpeg and gif files to and from this directory).

    I formatted the card under: Menu > Settings > Format memory card.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Ken Niebling

  37. yes u can set songs as ringtones. just select the song and press options select ‘apply as’ under options and select ringtone. The title of the song has to be short though lol. like 2 four letter words or one. and u do need a 2-way bluetooth piece that specifically states “Stereo”. Thx for ll help!!!

  38. I find my self in need of a new battery. The BD50 part #SNN5796B is a bit hard to track down. The closet that I have found is a BD50 With a part #SNN5796A is this the right battery?

  39. Hi – I’ve been a Tracfone customer for years, but am considering either this phone or the T401g on Net10. How does the reception on the EM326g compare to older Tracfone/Net10 phones like the Moto C139?
    BTW – Thanks much for the incredible amount of info here! You ought to put a tip-jar on the home page! :)

  40. so what would happen if say, i added a 16GB micro SD card to this phone? would i be able to use all of that storage space, or would i only be able to use up to 2GB anyway or what? please let me know.

  41. Very helpful site! I just received my EM326g and can not transfer music from my laptop. Windows 2007 tells me the devise is unrecognizable. any suggestions?

    • Hi Sharon,
      I have two suggestions:
      1. If I remember correctly, Windows will recognize the phone only if it has a memory card installed. Do you have a memory card in there? If not, you will probably need to get one anywya if you want to play music, since there’s not much internal storage for music in the phone.
      2. If you have a memory card, somewhere in the menu there’s a setting to change the phone’s USB mode. I think you need to navigate to Menu>Settings>USB; make sure that settings is set to “USB Disk.”

      If you are still having trouble, you might need to restart your phone to force the USB setting to take effect.

  42. Does anyone else have this issue with the keypad backlight – the numbers 6 and 9 (on the right) are brightest. It’s as if the LED on the other side wasn’t working.

  43. Hey, I’ve found the driver for the modem… If you’re still interested in seeing if you can use it as a modem, please let me know.

  44. Hello,
    So with the help of Windows 7 driver lookup, Motorola documentation, and some Google searching, I was able to find the drivers… the problem is, they’re different depending on the system you have (x86 has WinXP SP1/ WinXP SP2 or Vista Pre-SP/ WinXP SP3 or Vista SP1 or Win7; x64 has a different set of drivers). I have the former three drivers downloaded to my computer, so if you tell me which bit-number, OS, and service pack you have, and also some e-mail address to send them to (or I can give you mine first, so that you don’t have to post yours for everyone to see), then I can send the drivers to you. The problem is, I found the drivers to make it work, but then didn’t know how to access the internet using them, so I installed something along the lines of “Motorola Helper” (I can give you the exact name if you wish; it’s on a different computer), and when I connected the driver, it screwed everything up, so my computer doesn’t recognize the driver again: [[end of important information]]. Before, when I plugged in the phone I got the normal sound “Bup Beep?” (i.e. low quarter-note, high eighth-note). Now plugging it in gives “Beep-beep beep?” (i.e. three high eighth-notes), whereas unplugging gives the same “Beep? Bup.” (i.e. high-low quarter notes). The reason I described the sounds is because I had that problem before, but don’t remember how I fixed it; so if someone knows how to fix it right off the top of their head, they can post. But anyways, if you have any progress, maybe I can try again after reinstalling the OS (that’s the only way I know to make my PC recognize it again.) Thanks!

    • Hi A.
      thanks for taking so much time to explain this. I didn’t realize it was such an involved process! My EM326g is no longer active, and I don’t think I’m ready to reactivate just to go through all that. Maybe someone else will happen to read your post and take you up on the offer, though. Thanks again for sharing it!

      • Well, if you ever decide you wish to put the drivers onto your website or whatever, just let me know, and I can send them to you. Thanks for your time.

  45. I would like to know if it is possible to use the wireless internet, provided by Net10’s unlimited access card on Motorola EM326g, on my Vista PC or Vista Laptop? This would not be the same as using the phone as a modem for dial-up, but would transfer higher-speed wireless for PC use.

  46. Need help. I have an active prepaid (goPhone) with ATT. I like to use my EM326
    with my ATT number. Reason: I buy at ATT a prepaid card for $100.- for a 365 days with 1000 min. It is .10c a min. and $8.33 for a month. At NET10 minimum
    $15. a month with 150 min. I am 80 years old. I use the phone only for mergency. How can I use EM326 with ATT. It’s locked I am told). Thank to all.

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