TracFone or Net10 Success Stories?

I’ve received a number of comments lately from people wondering how they can return the favor after I’ve helped them with TracFone and Net10 questions. Well, I’ve finally come up with an answer – I hope it isn’t too demanding.

My main objective with this blog is to help people save money. Right now, though, I’m mainly just reaching people that already have a prepaid phone with one of these companies. I’d like to do something to spread the word about how TracFone and Net10 can help people save money. That’s where you come in.

If you or someone you know has switched to TracFone or Net10 from another provider, could you take some time to share your story? Here are some ideas to consider:

  • How much money do you save each month?
  • How difficult was it to switch?
  • Have you persuaded anyone else to dump their expensive contract phone and join the prepaid world?
  • Do you pay significantly less than your friends and family?

If you have a story that can help demonstrate the potential savings of prepaid, I’d love to hear it. Please share it in the comments section by clicking here. I’ll read through them and share some of the best, and maybe learn a little bit about how I can reach out to Post-Paid wireless subscribers and convince them to make the switch.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

25 thoughts on “TracFone or Net10 Success Stories?

  1. Since switching from Nextel/Sprint to Tracfone, we have saved 70.00 a month. We went from a monthly plan to Tracfone because we rarely used 150 minutes between 2 phones. We bought 2 tracfones with double minutes about 6 months ago and are on track to save AT LEAST the 70. per month. I factor in that 1 phone will perhaps need more minutes before the year is up. If that phone doesn’t require more minutes then the savings will be 81.00 per month.

    It took 3 days for me to roll-over (port) my number from Sprint. The hold-up was with Sprint, not Tracfone. As soon as Tracfone had the number, they emailed me and it was instant as soon as I called Tracfone.

    Tracfone’s customer service is TOP NOTCH!!!!!

  2. My wife and I were paying Verizon almost eighty dollars a month for two phones, including taxes. I searched the Internet to try to find a better deal, and TracFone looked good. The coverage map indicated we would get service in our area, so I bought a Motorola W370 TracFone at Dollar General. A short time later I was delighted to discover constant coverage from our home in North Texas to Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas…..but that’s not all. I was astounded when I got a good signal on my TracFone about half a mile inside Santa Elena Canyon! This is on the Texas-Mexico border on the Rio Grande River, a long way from any cities. That sold me on the service, and I bought a second phone, a Motorola W376 with double minutes for life, at WalMart. I also signed up for the value plan that gives us 50 minutes on one phone (100 minutes because it has double minutes for life) and 30 minutes on the one we use least. With 130 minutes a month we never have to buy additional minutes, and this costs us just $17 a month, including taxes. What a difference from Verizon, and as far as I can tell the coverage is identical.

    • td – I’d really like to recommend it to anyone who uses more than 300 minutes per month, but as far as I know it’s still in the test phase – as I understand it, they could pull the plug on it somewhere near the end of the near. And I don’t want a bunch of people to switch to it because of my advice, and then have to deal with the headache of switching again if they do happen to discontinue the program. Hopefully we’ll get more info on it soon, though, and if we do I’ll of course post about it.

  3. Started with tracfone when their customer service really sucked….. Stuck with them because best price for what I need…. customer service got better…. now it’s in the toilet again… read my rant!

    Story of several months of grief. 10% of my calls I cannot answer?? It rings….. open the phone up… keeps ringing???? Push buttons… try everything will not answer. No number comes up any place….? Caller has even left me a message, it’s not there many times??

    I call back the person whom I was waiting to call me…. and yes it was them. I’m standing in the SAME PLACE when I call them back. Ask them to call me again…. works fine.

    OK….. lived with this for several months… then one day get a land line call… I’m in bed, need to drive out to some woods to rescue a friend that’s trapped under a piece of equipment he is operating. I’m beating it through the woods to his location…. he calls… CANNOT ANSWER!!!!! So I think it’s time to fix this OK?

    Tracfone gives me codes to enter…. blah blah blah… No fix.

    OK…. they send me a new SIM card…. more codes and blah blah blah… No fix.

    OK…. so they tell me it’s BAD BUTTONS ON THE PHONE!!!!!!! Send me a refurb… No fix.

    THEN AFTER ALL OF THIS……… THEY TELL ME… Oh this is known issue…. cannot be fixed. So I’ve had my re-furbed fone for a week or so …. and it just stops working all together!!!! All I can do is take the battery out and but back in to make it work for a few minutes…. then it poops out again…… yes it’s fully charged and I cleaned all the contacts!

    They tell me it’s the battery and they will send me new one. I tell them to GET STUFFED!!!!! Send me a NEW phone. I went out and bought a new LG600 same day myself. Called back and asked if they could comp me some air time for the hassle? They said 100 minutes… told them to get stuffed again. I have bought six crapfones over the years for myself and as gifts…. and gotten four of my friends to purchase as well.

    Oh….. when they sent me the re-furbed phone….. when it arrived Fedex! They tuned off my service on the phone I was using!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 50 miles up north working outside on a vacant million dollar lake home, the owners are coming in from Colorado in two days… and I cannot call my boss to be sure I’m doing the job right!!!!!

    Needless to say I’ve had it with Crapfone!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me vent….. send this to your friends!!!

    • Hi Rick
      Thanks for sharing your experience – it’s always good to get both sides of the story. One thing that I wasn’t clear on from your message: is the situation now resolved? Also, was it specific to that model of phone? If so, which model? I’d like to update my reviews to encourage people to avoid that model if it’s a problem that might happen to others.

      Finally, on a more personal note, I’m also from Wisconsin and get “up north” quite a bit myself. I find that the CDMA coverage has historically been better there, but GSM seems to be improving all the time. For me personally, and of course I’m kind of a nut qabout this stuff, but I carry two different phones when I’m traveling up north – one GSM that is my main phone, and then a CDMA model that has a long due date on it but not many minutes. That way I’m covered either way. If you would like some tips on how to do this cheaply, please send me another message from the “about” page near the top of this blog. I can respond directly to you then and we can maybe help work out some of the issues you’ve experienced.

      • First off….. thank you so much for this blog! it has been a great help to me…. and others i have past it on to. Your providing a great service for the technically challenged such as myself.

        No…. this issue has never been resolved. Finally… they admitted this is a known issue and CANNOT be resolved. it just makes me very Madd to have been jerked around so long.

        My phone is the LG600G. Friend has same phone… same issues. Other friend has a motorola… same issues. So it’s not the phone it is the carrier.

        One beacon of light in this fetid chum bucket of tracfone bullflop, is a stellar sales person… in of all places a Sprawl-Mart! Has been the ONLY knowledgeable human to give me and other friends that I have sent to him… answers and straight talk form the get-go. Given us phone numbers for customer service that rings once!!!!!! no 30 minute holding patterns…and a real person answers, no button pushing and enter this and that.

        But sadly… he cannot fix the network SNAFU or the policies put in place by the powers that control tracfone.

        I am sticking with tracfone because of price…. but not liking it. THANK YOU for letting rant on about this.

        • Rick, thanks for responding, I’m glad we could have a dialogue about this. Do you happen to know your underlying carrier? Check your SIM serial number – if it starts with 890141, you have AT&T. If it’s 890126, you have t-mobile. And if it’s t-mobile, that could be the root of the problem, and there should be a solution that I can offer.

          Either way, I would be likewise miffed with TF for allowing this “known error” to persist.

          Finally, look for an email from me directly regarding a CDMA alternative. If you’re relying on spotty service for your business, having a backup phone, with a different carrier, in the glove compartment could be a big help.

          • Hey Patrick,

            I did purchase the LG200C that is CDMA….. love this phone! As I did the 600G…. but this one seems to work!

            I get only one bar at home with it… two at most… but so far it works like a champ. Many nice features, even nicer than the LG600 in some respects. Thanks to you entirely for the heads up on this.

            Past on the Sim card serial # info to my friend that has several LG600 phones in the family. They did have the hookie SIM cards. He called TF and they put him on hold for 10 minutes…. hoping he would hang up but he stuck it out! Got to talk to the SUPERVISOR…. They jerked him around… and as yet it is to be resolved. His service is MUCH worse than mine ever was. Cannot place calls…. gets dropped… terrible.

            TF is a GREAT value for the $…. but why oh why can’t they get it together in other respects? This info you are providing for others such as myself is a life saver! A very sincere thank you!





  5. My wife and I were both on Verizon. We are basic cell phone users at a total of about 400 minutes per month. This included taxes and ALL minutes for normal use, weekend use, promotion use, etc. Our minimal contract with Verizon cost about $70/month after everything was factored in. I got tired of spending nearly $850 per year for so few minutes of use, mostly just for convenience, so I created a spreadsheet to account for everything and see how to save some money. Based on this blog, we switched one Verizon phone to Tracfone and kept one Verizon. We changed the Verizon plan to their cheapest program of 200 minutes/month at a senior citizen rate (even though we are not seniors, Verizon “offered” this to keep us.) We got an LG600G with Double Minutes for life for Tracfone. Without changing our use pattern at all, we are saving $25/month or $300/year, even after the senior rate with Verizon. The ONLY reason we kept one Verizon is because we travel out of the USA frequently, and it is convenient to be able to call TO the USA from overseas. You can’t do that with Tracfone. If we decide to switch the second Verizon to Tracfone, I expect to reduce our cell phone costs to $30/month.

  6. My Success with Trackfone

    By Lorin Miller

    Chapter 1

    Hello to all you “prepaid” phone people. We are the latest pioneers to the world of technology. I have a story to tell of my adventures, I hope you find it informative and not too boring.
    I am retired and living on a fixed income which has caused me to be much more creative with my money in order to spread it through my monthly expenses. I had experiences with a couple “contract” cell phone providers, through my work place. The employer had a contract with the phone provider, which left my only with a nominal monthly charge, and no limit on the calling I did. When I retired I lost that benefit, and found myself facing some pretty hefty monthly fees.
    My first experience with a provider was shocking. The fee for the phone service was $39.95 / month, which was almost double the price of my no frills land line, but given the flexibility and status of having a mobile phone was not over the top. I did have a 1 year contract and that ubiquitous penalty for quitting short of the end of the contract.
    So, you might expect my surprise when my bills started arriving with charges of nearly $60.00. I discovered that my $39.00 cell phone included a state tax, a federal tax, a phone tax and a Bolivian Tramway tax, all of which resulted in a monthly fee that I would never have agreed to had I known. Needless to say, when my contract was up I dumped the service much to the chagrin and confusion of the provider. That was 10 years ago, and I still pet monthly promos to try and set me back. They even offered to drop the Bolivian Tramway tax!
    So, you see my interest in a phone that I saw at Walmart. Where my old cell phone was the size of a small car battery which threatened to pull off my cloths at the waist band clip, and suggested I was pregnant if I had it concealed under my jacket.
    This phone was about the size of a jumbo pack of chewing gum, and weighed even less!
    It was a Motorola W260g Tracfone. For $16.00 it included a bonus “double minutes” for life offer, a wall and car charger, a camera, and would even figure my tip at restaurants. Needless to say, I bought it, brought it home, charged it and then called the auto registry at Tracfone. Walla! I had a functional phone, with a number of my own and 20 minutes of complimentary call time over the next two months.
    I was going to be cheap and stretch my minutes over the two months, but as I played with the phone, I decided that I really liked it, and for $8.00 less then my landline fee, I had two months use of a cell phone! I bought a one year card for $99.00 which with the double minutes gave me 800 minutes and a year to use them up. That amounted to $8.00 a month!
    I used it for six months flawlessly. My State recently banned hand held cell phones for vehicle drivers, and I was interested in the wireless ear pieces that some phones came with, to I looked for one of those for my phone, but alas discovered that the technology for wireless is called “Bluetooth”, and my phone didn’t support Bluetooth.
    Back at Walmart, I did discover that for $30.00 I could get an LG600g Tracfone, no bigger than the one I had, which had Bluetooth, and did everything except start my coffee in the morning. I also found I could transfer my number and my minutes from the old phone to the new one, so I went for it!
    The call to Tracfone’s tech dept was a little frustrating. You cannot talk to a Tracfone tech without first going through the dreaded multiple choice phone options, then giving your name, rank and serial number, phone number etc.
    I found myself talking to someone who I am pretty sure must have been in Bombay, or Sri Lanka. He spoke rapidly in what I suppose was broken English. I only knew he had asked me a question when he would pause for my answer. I had to ask him to speak slower and clearer, and repeat the question. After several tries I finally gleaned that he wanted me to recite the serial number for my new phone. Then he asked me to take the phone apart so that I could read him the number on a SIM card.
    The Sim card is apparently Tracfone’s link to my phone. It is about half the size of a postage stamp, and the 19 digit Sim number was so small that I had to get a good magnifying glass in order to read it. The tech person then told me that neither the serial number nor the Sim number were correct for my phone. It finally dawned on me that he was talking about my old Trackfone. Once again I explained that I wanted to transfer the number and minutes from the old phone to the new phone. This necessitated my once again taking the phone apart to read him the serial and Sim numbers. Then I had to take the old phone apart and read those numbers to him. Periodically he would put me on hold for several minutes. I eventually wound up with the new phone having the correct number and minutes.
    Once again the phone performed flawlessly, although it did seem to be a battery hog compared to the old one. In standby mode the battery would last perhaps three – four days between charges. I carry it in my purse, so there were several instances where I went to use it only to find that the battery was too low to make a call. I bought an after market battery, which did seem to extend the life of the standby mode.

    Chapter 2

    I was paying for a land line, as much to be able to access the Internet as to use it for a phone. More and more I was finding that files I wanted were simply too huge to download via dial-up speed, so I upgraded to digital hi-speed cable. I could not afford to maintain both a land line phone and the high speed cable, and with the cell phone now meeting my phone needs I didn’t need both. I had read that it was possible to transfer my landline number to the cell phone as a part of discontinuing the landline service.
    With trepidation, I called the Tracfone tech people to see what I could do. Thankfully the person I got spoke better English, and in a fairly short time the line line transfer was set up. I was told that I would need to upgrade the Sim card for the new number, and that it would arrive ASAP by Fed Ex. I was also told that with the new Sim installed, my phone would once again be functional. By the first of the following week the new Sim arrived as promised, and once in the phone, the phone worked great with my phone number of 40 years. I was pleased!
    The land line phone no longer crowded my desk, and without the land line fee or the dial-up internet charge, It wasn’t terribly much more expensive then the previous costs. I had mobile cell phone and High-Speed Internet. How much better could it get!

    I suppose that if I had left well enough alone, things would have be OK, but being a good sanitarian, I passed the old phone on to a friend who’s budget is also tight. I told her she would have to register the phone with Tracfone, and buy minutes, and I showed her how to replace the Sim card if necessary.
    Several weeks passed, and one day I got an E-Mail from a friend telling me that my phone number was giving a message that it was no longer in service. I checked my phone to discover that it said I had an unregistered Sim. I tried to call Tracfone to see what the problem was, only to find that except for 911, my phone was dysfunctional.
    I sat down and wrote a detailed E-mail to Tracfone explaining that my phone didn’t work. I reported the unregistered Sim message, and told them that I didn’t have another phone, so please correspond via e-mail to tell me what to do. After a couple days I received a return E-mail which said;


    I wound up having to go to my public library in order to get a phone to call out on. To make a long story shorter. I wound up with another middle eastern tech person who didn’t speak good English. I eventually asked to speak to someone who I could understand, which got me to the tech persons floor supervisor who if anything spoke faster and poorer that the person I had initially talked to. From that point on, you might as well go back and re-read my earlier interaction with Tracfone.
    I eventually pieced together from what this person was telling me, that they had no record of my having the 40 year old land line number, and that neither my serial number nor my Sim were correct for my phone. Working from past experience, I asked if my old cell phone’s serial number and phone number matched my phone, it I was correct.
    I believe that when my friend called to registered her phone, someone dropped my number and phone as incorrect.
    This was a Saturday, so I was told to call back on Monday. By that time the people in the library were giving me dirty looks for tying up their phone for 30 – 45 minutes, so I hung up.


    In order to be able to speak to the tech rep from my home, I wound up buying another prepaid cell phone ($30.) Since that time I have had two additional 30 – 60 minute sessions, one with lousy English and finally one who was actually articulate in his speech. Unfortunately they still can’t find my lost phone number, although it does appear that they understand the problem. It’s been two weeks since this started, and I still do not have use of the subject cell phone. They promised me that last Friday they would have the problem solved, and to call if there was any more difficulty. Nothing happened and when I called, it was like they had never heard of me, and we had to do the whole reciting number and waiting on hold thing again. That was yesterday, I was finally told to give them until Monday to solve the problem … To Be Continued!

  7. I am, unfortunately, held hostage to a two-year contract with T-Mobile. Nevertheless, I have three Tracfones; one on the AT&T network and two on Verizon. The TracFones have proved to be invaluable when I travel. When I am in Omaha the T-Mobile coverage is horrible. I rely on the TracFone when there is no coverage on my TM phone. On the back roads of southwestern Missouri my TracFone LG200 saved the day when I needed directions to get to a friend’s house. Since a TracFone can be maintained for less than 7 bucks a month, it makes sense to have multiple phones on different networks when travelling.
    I turned an elderly friend of mine onto TracFone. He was paying $55 a month to AT&T for a phone he rarely used. Now he is saving well over $40 per month by keeping a TracFone on hand for when he goes out of the house. Here’s a tip: Give a TracFone to someone with mobility problems to keep in his or her pocket. It’s much cheaper than those Lifeline-type services that rely on microphones and speakers placed around the house.
    Hey kids….it’s a no=brainer!

    • Hi John
      Thanks for sharing your story. Your comment about the T-Mo contract came to mind when I read this:


      Word came down yesterday that starting July 27th, customers will start receiving snail mail notifications stating that effective September 1st T-Mobile is increasing their per minute overage charge. In an effort to better align with the competition as the email states, T-Mobile is attempting to ensure that customers receive the best value by notifying them if they are on a plan that is not in line with their usage. We are still trying to clarify what customers means, though we told it means all postpaid, nongovernmental, non flex-pay users but we’re waiting for clarification.

      The answer to the question at least some of you have already started asking yourself is yes, T-Mobile is stating customers affected by this change can leave ETF free. Though again, we emphasize details are still coming forward and we can’t saying anything concrete until we learn more.

      * FlexPay and Business/Government specific rate plans are not impacted by this change. * Overage for Single Line rate plans under $59.99 will increase to $0.45. All other Single Line rate plans will increase to $0.40. * Overage for pooling rate plans under $89.99 will increase to $0.45. All other pooling rate plans will increase to $0.40 * The average increase for customers who have usage charges is expected to be $3.34. Certain customers affected by this rate change will be notified via direct mail beginning July 27 and will be able to cancel their contracts without incurring Early Termination Fees.

  8. I was a Sprint customer (local company, we live in the Kansas City area) for ten years; two phones, 500 shared minute plan, around $50. Last six months or so, any calls on the second phone showed up as separate charges, not “shared.” I always called, got an adjustment. Then last month, my 500-shared-minute plan suddenly appeared as 250 minutes without explanation and I was charged for 86 minutes used on the other phone, while traveling.

    Sorry, Charlie. We usually use our phones around 30 minutes a month, combined, except when I travel. Sprint’s not smart enough to have a “really low usage / emergency standby program,” and even their two pre-paid services (Boost and Virgin) fall short. I’m happy with Tracfone Family Value Plan, two phones about $17 including tax.

    Any issues? Yes, had a glitch when registering one of the phones (LG600C) it wouldn’t “take” and it took, oh, an hour on the phone working through five “departments” without immediate resolution. (Following instructions, in each “department,” keyed in a lot of numbers without result.) Got a case number; waited a day, the problem was resolved. And I have 100 minutes on one phone, 60 on the other, more than I’ll ever use.

  9. Was a Cingular (AT&T) customer for years. Plan was around $55/month will all fees. Switched to Net10 a year ago. I now pay $15/month for my cellular service for a savings of $40/month which is almost $500/year.

  10. Success with Net 10 ~ with only one minor disappointment.

    You may recall that I peppered you with questions last month re the porting of a landline number to Tracfone or Net10. I also spent quite a bit of time reading through your blog, which was completely and totally helpful in choosing my potential carrier, this being based on my expected usage and also the functions I was seeking in a phone.

    I was methodical. I was patient. I was successful! Here’s the Reader’s Digest Condensed version of my story.

    My landline was part of a package with high speed internet and cable tv. I was happy with the internet and tv, but not the phone. I use long distance rarely, yet was forced to pay about $50 a month (including “taxes and fees”) for my phone package. Were I to drop the long distance, the fee for my phone would go up! ACK! Not only that, but once the contract ran out on my phone/tv/cable two years ago, the overall charges have gone up twice each year.

    On to the search. My main concerns, other than cost, were the ability to port my landline to the new cell phone, and that I be able to transfer pics from the phone to my computer.

    An email to Net10 got me a positive reply from the Tech Department on the porting of a landline, along with steps on how to do that, and the assurance that the process would take “A FEW DAYS”. Net10 also had the Motorola EM326g with Bluetooth capabilities and the ability to hook directly into the computer. Sold! I ordered the phone and sat back to wait.

    The phone came in three days, as promised. Sweet phone, btw, and very user friendly (this from someone who hasn’t had a cell phone since the dark ages). I had read of great success in porting numbers between cell phones and land lines, with minimal delay, and I had an email from the Net10 Tech Dept stating that it would take only a few days.

    I began the online activation of my phone, but had to call customer service not too far into the process. The online registration indicated that it would take as much as 30 days to port my landline number!

    I called CS and talked in circles with a CS rep for about 15 minutes, carefully explaining that I had, in writing, a statement from their Tech Dept that this porting would take “several days”, not 30! I even told the girl this was my “business line” and the need to port the numbers was urgent. (Something I learned from your readers, btw. What a sly bunch they are!)

    I eventually got transferred to the Manager, but got nowhere with him. He didn’t care what the Tech Dept. said, it could take 30 days to make the change. Maybe less, but maybe not.

    Next I was transferred to the Tech Dept, and then to the Tech Dept Manager. Same story, all the way around. The party line was “there must have been a misunderstanding in the email.” Wellllll, I clearly stated that I would be porting a LANDLINE to a NET10 PHONE. What’s to misunderstand?

    All things being said and done, however, I had to initiate the process and sit back and wait. I was given a way to track the progress of the porting process, and checked the site twice a day for 9 days, when, VOILA!, the phone was activated with my old landline happily made new again.

    I have my snazzy new phone, I have my beloved old phone number, and I immediately found out how to set the alarm (was on a business trip – this proved to be very handy) and how to use the camera. Were you aware that the camera on the EM326g has several formatting capabilities, such as sepia tones, b&w, night shooting, and cropping? I’m loving this phone! Not to mention all the other fun stuff it’s got available.

    The slider is interesting, and texting! Heavens to Betsy, I’ve never had texting abilities before – I text all the time! Would that Tracfone had had this model of phone, I would have gone with them for the .02 savings per text, but what the heck. I will also look for a new model in the future that has a full keyboard. I know one will come along sooner or later!

    I believe I’ll be saving in the neighborhood of $35-45 a month. Guess I’ll have to let you know on that one. But I’m loving the freedom to communicate that I have now, as well as all the bells and whistles this phone provides.

    I’ve almost convinced my sister to give up her Verizon cell for a Tracfone. I’m certain to help her make the change next time I visit. Then on to the other sister!

    I’ve one question, though. Based on your reply to Rick (above) it seems I have T-Mobile as an underlying carrier. Any way I can change that that you know of? I would really have better coverage with AT&T or Verizon.

    Bottom line ~ thank you so much for all you do to keep us informed on the prepaid phone front. I’ve given my sister the links to pertinent blog entries to get her started on her own research, and I search through your archives all the time. In fact, I’ve got to look up the one where you explain how to “lock” that stinking Browser Button! You are the Consumer Reports – the Ralph Nader – of the moment. Carry on, and again, thank you!

  11. My wife and I are currently migrating from Verizon. Our combined usage is usually 200 minutes a month, except for when we go on vacation in Maine each summer, when our spikes. (No landline in the family cabin).
    We have a plan with 2 phones and 400 shared minutes, which works pretty well for us except for the price (average bill 70 per month), and the fact we get hit with overage charges one month a year.
    This year we started investigating pre-paid options, either as a way to cover our extra usage while in Maine, or as a full-time replacement. I bought 2 low-end phones, one from NET10, and one from Virgin Mobile, and our vacation was the “audition”.
    Virgin Mobile had the nicer equipment, but that was it. The NET10 phone got great coverage everywhere we took it, zero dropped calls, easy-to-use minute usage display, and quick and easy activation on the NET10 website. The Virgin Mobile phone had terrible coverage (including my home area!) and you had to dig into a sub-menu for minute balance.
    My wife’s add-on contract is now month-to-month, so I’ll be migrating her phone number to NET10 this month. (I’ll repost on how the number port went). When my portion of the Verizon contract expires in a couple month, I’ll move mine as well.

    • I think Net10 may have set a phone number port speed record. I purchased an EM326G at BestBuy during my lunch break (currently on sale for $50 there and at Sears), and started the phone # port process. I charged up the phone, and wrote down the tech support ticket number.
      After dinner this evening I went to the Net10 tech support page, and entered the ticket number. I wasn’t expecting it to be done, I just wanted the ticket number to be in my home computer’s website form history, so I could ditch the post-it note I had written the number on. But to my surprise the phone port indicated complete! Less than 8 hours!
      The steps to complete the phone setup after the port is done is not the most intuitive process in the world. But if you don’t try to get ahead of yourself and read all the instructions, you’ll be fine. The website steps were very detailed and easy to follow, but I recommend you do NOT use the Safari browser. If you’re on a Mac, use Firefox. Some of the website didn’t display properly in Safari.
      So far, Net10 has been all aces for me. Can’t wait until my other phone contract is up and I can switch the second number.

  12. Matt and Jen – Thank you both so much for taking the time to share your stories. Hopefully they will be helpful as others consider switching to Net10 or TracFone.

  13. I’ve had a number that for nearly 10 years so it is one I didn’t want to lose. I was recently a user of Cricket but was tired of paying for something I wasn’t using to any large extent so I made the decision to jump to tracfone as that it had been a good phone for my kids. I picked up a Motorola W376, charged it up and then ported my number over and in less than two hours had my number working om my Tracfone…

    The only thing I wish I could do is have a little bit better calendar on the phone as I was spoiled for several years with a company provided blackberry. When it comes down to it though saving money makes up for the missing features.

  14. Hi Rick
    I am very happy to have been able to help. If you get the chance, you might want to pass along my two recent “SIM Info” posts to your friend with the faulty 600g phones.
    And let me know if I can help out in any other way.

  15. have just switched to net10 about two months ago because my company has had to cut back and our company phones are full of restrictions. Was hard trying to find a cheap solution to all my problems as im a traveling business rep. Net10 was the cheapest prepaid and by far the best value for money. You have no national traveling restrictions and everywhere i have traveled so far i have not had a problem with signal. I enjoy the phone, it’s a nice simple phone with no hassle and reliability, but unfortunately im going to struggle answering around C.E.O’s but im ok with that because im saving enough money.

  16. i would say TOTAL success. I mean the amount of business they have you just gotten from my family and freinds. Once one of us got a tracfone.. we all followed pretty fast. we didnt like paying more money for the same service. So yeah tracfone has our business! but what i dont understand is how they make their money… i mean the price is so low. its almost impossible to see how they make a revenue.

  17. picked up a LG420 for $9.99 at Meijer from TracFone, I really needed a phone and could not afford these really high costs for phone’s. TracFone allows people like me with hardly any spare cash to be able to have a phone

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