Motorola EM326g Instruction Manual!

Many, many thanks to reader “Bev,” who posted in a comment that she has found Motorola’s official manual for the EM326g. Many users of this new phone have lamented the poor documentation that came in the packaging with this phone. Further, the manual available on the TracFone website is also quite useless.

Bev, however, was able to navigate her way through the Motorola site and find an actual, full, helpful instruction manual. Granted it’s available in PDF format, so you’ll have to read it from your computer or waste paper by printing it out, but I think it will help a lot of people answer questions they have either before or after buying this phone.

Here’s the link:

And while I’m on the subject of helpful reference material for the EM326g, here’s a page put together by my friend Jim, who took the time to map out all the menu options on the 326g. I’m not sure if I’ve posted it yet, but here it is again:

I hope this helps some of you current and prospective EM 326g owners.

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23 thoughts on “Motorola EM326g Instruction Manual!

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  2. I had to go to the Motorola web site for a manual for the W376g,the info that comes with the phone from TracFone is a joke. Get the real manual from Moto.

  3. Hi, I used the link you provided to try to read the EM326G manual but it wouldn’t o[en for me. It said the file type was unknown. Can you help?

  4. I’ve tried to use a USB cord on the EM326g to transfer songs from my PC, but it keeps asking me for the software that came with the phone. And there was no software with the phone.Where can i find it?

    • You don’t need software. Go into your phone settings and choose usb.On the next screen make sure usb is selected.Maybe you can answer a question for me.What button is the one for speaker phone

      • I can not download any music on my EM326g phone. I plugged in the usb cord and seleted the usb modem because I do not have a memory card phone. It tells me I have a error. What can I do ?

        • Hi Bruce
          Sorry this is so late – if you are still looking for an answer, try the other option instead of usb modem – I think it is something like “mass storage.”

  5. Not sure where to put this, but I’m getting a new sim card for my e326 and for the life of me I can’t remove the battery panel. Is there a trick to it?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to review these prepaid phones and give others the opportunity to share our experiences and ask questions, pbush!

  6. scrambled – I think it helps if you push down on the “M” motorola logo in the middle of the battery cover, then push firmly toward the top of the phone.

  7. Thank you for your advice! I was able to remove the cover using every ounce of my puny strength while pressing the ‘M.’ :) I’m going to leave the cover off until I receive a 2GB card and I’ll install that and the sim at the same time. No need to tempt fate.

  8. I have a problem with my em326g. It will not let me save contacts on phone memory only sim anytime i try to switch it to phone it states memory full. I can not figure out how to correct this does any one have an answer for me. Thank you

  9. Just received the EM326g from Net10.

    Documentation from Net10 is pathetic, and the Motorola manual is not much better.

    I found the address book (contacts) function to be very confusing. For example, editing some aspects was a problem for me. It seems as though some menu items are missing. I selected a photo to show, but it never was displayed.

    HELP: Can anybody point me to a comprehensible writeup on editing the contacts? I found that the least confusing way to create one is to enter the number as though about to make a call, then click the “Save” menu button.

    That said, I got bluetooth working for hands-free operation in my car. And, via bluetooth was able to transfer a photo to my mac and mp3 file from mac to phone. First photo tests were not bad. The camera does OK in a normally lighted room if you hold steady.

    … Reed

  10. I don’t understand it! I Have a perfectly good 4GB MicroSD and Service Pack 3, WHY WON”T THE BLOODY THING WORK?! I payed for the extra features and it won’t even save my pictures!!!! I will kill this phone if it doesn’t start working!!!!

  11. Just bought this phone w/net10 service March 8 & was glad to find the instruction manual online since net10’s is not as detailed.

    I still have some questions though…

    When I lock the keypad (pressing & holding the star key) it locks, but when I slide the phone open it automatically unlocks. Is is supposed to do that? I’m used to a Nokia on which if you lock the keypad, you have to manually unlock it (but can still answer your phone.)

    I’ve tried phone lock, where you have to enter a passcode, but found that I can’t answer a call w/o entering the code to unlock the phone.


  12. I’ve discovered an option to block calls from certain numbers, and I added them to the list & they show as blocked, but the numbers are still able to call. Is there a trick to making the block number feature work?

  13. Signatures in outgoing texts…any way to do that? Instead of having to type your name (or whatever) at the end every time. I could swear I’ve found that setup in the menu but can’t find it now.

  14. Is there a way to do 3 way calling on Motorola EM326g? I called 1 party and they called another another party, but I can able to talk to only 1 person at a time and keep the other on hold but cannot conference all 3 at the same time.


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