New phone models – Samsung R451c, Samsung T401g, LG 290c, LG 220c, and LG 100c

Picture of Samsung T401g for Net10Picture of Samsung 290c for Net10 and TracFone

EDIT 10/15/09: The SAMSUNG R451C is now available for sale directly from Straight Talk wireless, and they’re offering free shipping too. Click here to check it out.

EDIT 1/22/10: I’ve completed my reviews of these phones. You can find my review info on the following pages:

Samsung R451c (Net10 and Straight Talk)

Samsung T401g (Net10)

LG 290c (TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk)

LG 220c (TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk)

LG 100c (TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk)

As some of you have pointed out in the comments section, there are some new phones showing up on TracFone’s and Net10’s website. This is big news in several aspects.

First, I’ll go over the phone models themselves: showing on both the TracFone and Net10 sites are the LG 290c, LG 220c, and LG 100c. The Net10 site also has two new models that are currently NOT listed on TracFone’s site: the Samsung R451c and Samsung T401g.

Picture of Samsung R451c for Net10The big thing that jumps out at me right off the bat is the “c” at the end of 4 of these model numbers. In recent years, the final letter at the end of a TracFone or Net10 model number has indicated the type of network used by the phone – “g” refers to the GSM network, while “c” refers to CDMA.

All the new releases over the last two or three years have been on the GSM side. All of the available CDMA models lack in the newest features such as bluetooth, web browser, and camera. In some parts of the U.S., a CDMA signal is all that’s available, meaning that people living in those areas who want to use TracFone or Net10 service are forced to pick from a very basic phone lineup.

At long last, it looks like that lineup is about to be refreshed, assuming we can rely on the naming structure to accurately indicate what type of technology will be inside these new handsets.

Picture of Samsung R450The other big news is that the two Samsungs appear to offer another feature that many of you have been requesting for some time now: a full, slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung R451c appears to be very closely related to the r450 Messager, which Samsung produces for MetroPCS and Cricket. In addition to the QEWRTY keyboard, the r450 offers bluetooth, a 1.3mp camera, mp3 player and microSD memory card slot. [edit: I’ve begun my review of the Samsung T401g here.]

News on the Samsung T401g was harder to find, but speculation on the web is that it will at least include a QWERTY keyboard and possibly an mp3 player as well. Based on the naming structure, it would seem that the T401g would offer at least some advantage over the T301g, which was released for TracFone earlier this spring.

As for the LG models, the 290c looks to be a slider, the 220c a flip phone, and the 100c a basic candy-bar design. As I mentioned earlier, though, they all seem to be CDMA phones, meaning they’ll be potential upgrades for those of you that own the LG 3280 and 200c or the Kyocera 126c.

I should also issue a couple of disclaimers here: in the past, we’ve seen situations where a phone appeared on both the Net10 and TracFone site before release, but then was offered for only one of the two services. This was true of the Samsungs released this spring; to this day, each model is available only on one of the two services. Further, since Straight Talk is a sister company to TracFone and Net10, it is possible, though unlikely in my opinion, that one or more of these models could be headed for Straight Talk ONLY.

Further, the appearance of these phones on the websites does not necessarily mean that they will be released shortly. In the past, it’s taken as much as a couple of months before a phone was actually available for sale.

That being said, I think it’s safe to say that we can look forward to some new phone options by Thanksgiving at the latest – in time for the height of the Holiday shopping season, which would seem to make sense for Trac and Net10 from a business perspective. And of course, as you know, I’ll keep you up to date on this news and get reviews out to you as soon as I can.

Also, as you can see throughout the post, I’ve included a few pictures of the new models. I apologize for the poor quality; they are simply screen shots from Net10’s and Samsung’s sites.

Picture of Samsung 220c for Net10 and TracFonePicture of Samsung 100c for Net10 and TracFone

73 thoughts on “New phone models – Samsung R451c, Samsung T401g, LG 290c, LG 220c, and LG 100c

  1. so wait…the two with the QWERTYs are only listed on the net10 site?

    …not tracfone’s?…

    …really?=[ If they only offer them for Net10 people like they did for the em326g, I will be EXTREMELY disappointed. The fact that my Lg600g doesn’t have the keyboard is the main turn off for me.

    and given that I prefer texting over making a short phone call from a financial perspective, the full keyboard would be a great asset to me. One of the biggest reasons I chose tracfone over net10 was because of the lower texting rates.=/


    • Excuse my premature and ignorant prior comment. After checking both websites, it seems that both have all 5 phones listed in their downloads section.

      Upon even further inspection, it seems that Net10 has ANOTHER phone that Trac does NOT. The “Motorola 234g”

      Now judging by this model number alone, I presume that it is a step down in functionality from the 326g.

      Also here’s a picture:

    • I am also looking forward to the full keyboard phones. The Samsung Slider phone we got from Tracfone was complete trash. Anyway i thought i would let you know the LG 600g has a newer antenna on it. I didn’t think it meant much until i got the Samsung slider and it failed to send every single message. Anyway i believe we will see a full keyboard phone soon.

  2. the samsung t401g is going to be gsm because it has a sim card this can be seen in the technical suppor section (serial number than click on ? after that go to samsung t401g and click install phone battery which also shows how top install sim card)

  3. Pete – that 234g has been showing for a while now, I guess I might not have mentioned it on the blog, though. With the 326g and the 377 to choose from, though, I don’t know that the 234g would fill any gaps in the net10 lineup.

    As for the Samsungs showing on TracFone’s site, I hadn’t noticed that. I was just going by the “activate phones” screen, and the Samsungs don’t show up on the TracFone version of that page yet. It’s anybody’s guess as to which services will offer these new models, it seems.

    • The Motorola 234 could fill a big hole in Net10 and Tracfones line-up, a full featured candybar phone. I would love to purchase a phone with the features of the 326G but I don’t want a slider phone. I know this form factor is in fashion right now, but I don’t see that it has any advantages over a simple and robust candybar, or the old-school flip phone. I see no reason for the complication of a slider unless it slides to reveal a full QWERTY keypad.

      I like the mini-USB used by Motorola and which hopefully will soon be a standard interface for all phones. Add in that my W175, W376, and old Verizon KRZR all use the same battery, and I have even less incentive to buy anything but another Motorola.

      Why can’t companies agree on a couple of standard batteries and a standard interface? Because they want to sell you new accessories for every model of phone.


    • is the samsung r451c really available on tracfone?? It’s currently not on their website. Please let me know if it is and where.

      • I don’t think it’s currently available anywhere online other than STraight Talk’s site. It shows up on BestBuy’s site (in the Net10 version), but I don’t think it’s actually shipping out yet for some reason.

  5. i went to straight talks website and the samsung r451c and lg 290c along with lg 100c are listed : ( but hopefully they still come to tracfone at least the samsung t401G or Lg 290c

  6. on cnet they show a video in which they say the samsung messanger for metro pcs has a 2 soft keys. soft1 and soft2 and on net 10’s website the in the samsung r451c download section it say the samsung messanger mus be slid open it’s a candybar but since it slide out it has a qwerty keyboard and it says press soft1 or soft2 for the downloads. and it also says keyboard : ) here are the links—>;lst

  7. My head hurts. I want a new tracfone; I am overwhelmed with choice. I would love one with a QWERTY keyboard for easier texting and I would also love one that has BLUETOOTH that will work with a computer AND an FM radio…oh, and MP3 would be nice, too.

    Will something like this be coming along during the holiday season?

    If something with a small bit of video capability came along to “go with,” I’d be in hog heaven!!!!!!!!

  8. I saw on the webstie when I was checking my min there is a black button next to where you enter your phone number. I quess this is used to determine what phone you have and saw the 451c. So it could be ready for straight talk here soon

  9. My local Walmart has the LG 220c with life time double minutes for $20. They said they got them in yesterday. I’m going to get one tomorrow and will report on it.

    • Hose B –
      Did you pick up that 220c yet? I’m wondering what you think of it. So far I like it. I didn’t get the DMFL version, though – that would definitely be a plus. Also, lack of a camera is going to be a problem for some people I’m sure, but not that big of a deal to me.

      • pbushx2:

        Noticed your note on having the new LG 220c cellphone. Since you actually own this phone and in hopes you’ve tried the texting features on this model, I’d like to ask you a question that a friend of mine has been trying to find an answer to for several days and can get none at all. He’s asked Tracfone and has been given 5 or more different answers, and has been told by different agents that they don’t have much knowledge or information on this phone as it’s so new. { Odd to be selling a product you don’t know much about }
        Anyway, what he’s attempting to find out is why, when he is going to text an e-mail address and has to type in the address and name of the person first, that after doing so…. a certain amount of ‘characters ‘ which sould be applied to the message section of this option, is used for the e-mail address and name? Example: On a certain e-mail address he wishes to send a message to, when he begins, in the right hand corner of the LCD screen, it states 0/160. But when he enters the address and name of the individual he’s texting and is ready to write the text, it says 21/160. Already, before he’s even had a chance to write the text, he’s been deducted 21 characters he could be using for the text. The longer the e-mail address and name, the more characters are taken away. Other folks who have Tracfones and even other service providers, have never heard of this occuring.
        Can you let me know if your LG 220c does the same thing if you’ve attempted to text to an e-mail address?
        Tracfone has told him: 1. His phone is working properly. 2. His phone needs to be replaced. 3. They don’t have a clue what he’s talking about….. and on and on.
        I told him I’d see if anyone out there could possibly supply me some information if they have the same model phone and are having the same issues with this phone as well… and more importantly, if his IS working properly or not.
        Your response, when you find the time, would be much appreciated, and maybe I can give him the answer that’ll help him, coming from someone who owns the same model phone.

        Thank You,

      • Mark – my 220c does this also, as does the Samsung r451c. The Samsung T401g does NOT do that. so of the three phones I’ve tested, the two CDMA phones DO count the address as characters, while the GSM phone does not. I wonder whether it’s something to do with GSM vs. CDMA tech?

  10. OMG the samsung t401g is for tracfone it says so on samsungs website it has a 1.3 megapixel camera with video capture thats right video capture!!!!!! and it has a 3 row qwerty keyboard with a music player and micro SD support aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! OMG! Oh and it has bluetooth/ stereo bluetooth.
    Link ——>

    • Rolando – I just bought the Net10 version. I hope you’re right that it will come out on TracFone too, like the 600g is available for both. I haven’t opened the package yet, but it looks pretty sweet. Video?!?! Incredible. Trac/Net10 have come a long way in the last year in terms of their handsets.

    • saveonprepaid – I believe you’re somewhat misinformed, or maybe under-informed – anyone can order a CDMA phone, or dictate the type of SIM included in their GSM phone, by entering the correct ZIP to get what they want. For example, I live in a GSM area, but I can order a CDMA phone by telling TracFone that I plan to use it mostly in an area where TracFone sells only CDMA phones. In my case, this happens to be true since I live on the edge of a very rural area where there is no GSM coverage, but Verizon/Alltel has it covered fairly well. My own zip offers just AT&T-based GSM phones, but if I enter a ZIP for a few miles over, I can see (and order) the CDMA offerings. And the phone then be activated for ANY ZIP with CDMA coverage, NOT just the ZIP for which it was ordered.

      Perhaps this isn’t consistent with TracFone’s preferences in some cases, but I think we can all agree that they’d rather have a CDMA customer than no customer at all.

  11. Samsung R451C. Nice phone but NO WEB BROWSER. I guess it’s okay if all you do is text but I like my Gmail and without a browser….it’s a no go for me no matter how many minutes per month. You can only talk just so long. I prefer to get my emails and send email.

    • Flroida Gypsy – are you referring to the Straight Talk or Net10 version? I have the Straigh Talk version, and it definitely does have a browser.

    • my t401g has a browser but only goes to net10s website, it says 403 error when i try to access any other website, whats that all about?

  12. Thank you for your interest in TracFone Wireless. We are responding to
    your recent inquiry.

    Please be informed that TracFone Wireless does not currently offer a
    cell phone with a keyboard. However, our new service Straight Talk does.

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    To view a list of the cell phones that Straight Talk offers in your
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    Thank you for being a TracFone Wireless customer. We appreciate your


    TracFone Wireless

  13. is the samsung T401g a CDMA or the other one because ii have it and need to kno by the way is anyone else with the t401g noticinqq that the slidinqq top part is kinda wobbly when not slide opened???

  14. I have a query cdma, model sch-r451c with net 10. I have been with net ten for a year and a half no problems. i bought this phone 2 weeks ago and have never has the browser and sms working. I have called net 10 3 times and did everything they said and was instructed to wait 48 hours and then it should be working. never has worked. I love the phone but am very upset i cannot send picture messages. I cannot recieve or send picture messages. I dont understand. Does anyone have any suggestions about what i can do to solve this problem. I am sure it is in the programing of the phone or the settings. please help.

  15. I just ordered a Net 10 Samsung T-401 before I learned about Straight Talk. My questions is can I use the T-401 with Straight Talk? Better yet can I change at a later date?

  16. I have a samsung R451C through cricket. Since it is the same phone strait talk offers do i still have to buy a new phone if i decide to switch plans?

    • Hi Laura – Yes, you will need to buy a new phone. The Straight Talk service will work only on phones purchased with a Straight Talk label. As far as I understand it, the system can only activate phones if the serial number on the phone matches a list of pre-approved serial numbers in Straight Talk’s database. You MIGHT be able to call customer service and convince them to add your current ESN to their database, but I highly doubt it. The one to ask about this would probably be Elston, who I mentioned in a previous post. HE deals with TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk:

  17. Hi everyone; Wanted to know –can Tracfone’s LG 220/290 models be used with a Straight Talk Card. They are Not as Expensive. THANKS FOR YOUR QUICK RESPONSE/

  18. Sorry Guys/Gals; Finally read the very end comments–saw that Tracfones are NOT Compatiable with Straight Talk Cards. Thanks Anyway.

    • go to and when ur looking at the phone models, click the samsung gravity, it is the same exact shape as the t401g

  19. my phone company is t-mobile and when i went to walmart the samsung R451C Phone caught my attention, but the only thing is that t-mobile doesnt have this phone. i need to know if this phone has the SIM card holder or not! please help me out

    hopefully it will workout but the reason why i ask is because i had a jolt mobile phone and it did work with t-mobile!

    i hope i made sense

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