Samsung T401g Review Part 3


Part 3 of my Samsung T401g review is here. There’s a lot to talk about with this model, so this review is long even by my standards. For those of you that just want the overview, I’ll be back with a summary next week, so feel free to skip this one. If you’re seriously interested in this phone, though, take a read through – I’ll think you’ll find some things that interest you.

Also, note that all of the info related to this phone will be posted here on my Samsung T401g Review Index Page.


Without a doubt, this is the most capable camera I’ve tried yet for Trac/Net10. It takes photos at settings up to 1.3 megapixels (1280×1024), as well as lower resolutions if you choose. As I’ve said previously on this blog, the 1.3 mp resolution should provide enough detail for some 4×6 or maybe 5×7 prints (photog enthusiasts, please correct me if I’m wrong!). However, like most camera phones, this one lacks a flash, so any photos will end up looking muddy if there isn’t adequate lighting. Here are a couple of pics I took with the T401g on the highest resolution; first an outdoor shot, then a pic in standard indoor lighting situation:

Photo taken using the Samsung T401g

Photo taken using the Samsung T401g

Picture Taken with Samsung T401g

Picture Taken with Samsung T401g

The T401g camera also offers the following options

  • timer (3, 5, or 10 second delay)

  • single, multi, and mosaic shot

  • white balance including settings of automatic, daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, and cloudy

  • special effects such as black and white, negative, sepia, emboss, sketch, antique, moonlight, and fog

Once a photo is taken, you can attach a voice note, which is an interesting option. There are also a few editing options you can add after a photo is taken. These include: black and white, sepia, negative, blur, sharpen, sketch, posterise, and solarise. You can adjust the brightness, color, and contrast; rotate or flip the image; or add a frame, emoticon, or clipart.

And of course there’s the camcorder option on the T401g, a first for Net10 phones. It is definitely fun to have the option there, but the resolution is just 176×144. I recorded a couple of test videos, and they looked somewhat blurry or pixelated even on the phone’s screen. Of course, displaying the video on a larger screen only aggravate the problem. So you probably wouldn’t want to rely too much on this camcorder, but if you’ve got nothing else it is a nifty little feature to have. Here’s an example video I recorded using the T401g.

One great thing about the Samsung T401g is the variety of options for getting pictures off the phone:

  1. Email: Of course, there’s the old standard of emailing the photo to yourself, using up your airtime in the process. One picture that I sent cost a total of 3.5 units to send, and the file was resized from 330k to around 90k in order to fit in the message.

  2. Bluetooth: If your computer has bluetooth, that’s an easy way to upload pictures from the T401g. While viewing a photo, select “send via blutooth” and it will be sent to your computer.

  3. Memory card: If you have a microSD memory card installed (and they’re pretty inexpensive, so it makes sense to have some extra memory), you can manually move any photo to the memory card, then remove the memory card and use your computer to copy the image off the memory card.

  4. USB – For some reason, this only works if you have a memory card installed – the USB cable I have could read only the memory card, not the phone’s internal memory. But it was still an easy process then to copy files from the memory card to my computer – just drag and drop.

  5. I haven’t tried this personally, but when viewing any photo on your phone, there’s an option to “print via bluetooth.” My assumption is that if you have a Bluetooth-enabled printer, you could print directly that way.

Mp3 player

The Motorola EM326g attracted a lot of attention earlier this summer for its mp3 player. Well, the Samsung T401g actually does a better job of it, in my opinion. In my review of the EM326g, I noted that the audio quality wasn’t the best. That is not the case with this model.

The Samsung T401g mp3 player produced very nice sound quality. I compared the audio output to my PC using windows media player. I listened to the same song, using the same headphones, and to my ears they sound very similar – rich, full sound as compared to the flat sound I noticed on the EM326g.

The setting options within the player are fairly limited. There is no equalizer function to adjust the sound, but there are ten playlists of 50 entries each that can be customized by adding songs manually.

I was also happy with the wide volume range. On the Motorola, the volume moved up or down too much with each click on the volume adjustment. As a result, I was sometimes stuck on a volume that was too loud, yet if I adjusted it down it became too quiet. So basically, my ideal volume was often somewhere in the middle of two settings on the Motorola dial. The Samsung allowed for much finer volume adjustment.

The built-in speaker actually played the music at a respectable quality, and good volume. I would compare it maybe to an old AM radio – not great, but not terrible. If you’re listening to much music, though, you’ll want to listen through a different set of headphones or speakers. Unfortunately, that brings me to something I didn’t like.

The audio output jack is a Samsung proprietary connector, which means that listening to this device through headphones is not as simple as plugging in the headphones you already own. Instead, you’ll need to either get separate Samsung-branded headphones, or find an adapter to convert from the Samsung jack to a standard 3.5mm jack. I got this one for about $6, and it works pretty well: It seemed like the fit wasn’t quite right when I first plugged it in to the phone, but I haven’t had any problems with it coming out.

Another issue that I had with this particular adapter is that on my headset with a built-in mic, the mic didn’t work through the adapter. So you might want to look for something different if you want to use the same headset for listening to music and talking on the phone.

And, as I mentioned in a previous segment of this review, there is the option of using bluetooth for audio playback. As far as I can tell, and bluetooth stereo headset should work with this model.

Anyway, aside from needing to buy the adapter, I was very happy with the mp3 player.


The next thing people ask about when I review new phones is the quality of the browser. It’s probably no surprise here, but once again the browser is limited to Trac/Net10’s version of the web containing ringtone downloads, headlines, sports, and weather, and not much else. The browser seemed pretty slow when I tried it, similar to any of the previous Net10 phones.

The organizer functions are also pretty standard, offering the exact same options as the Samsung T-series models that were released last spring. Here’s what I wrote about those:

The organizational tools are pretty standard among modern phones. The tools menu offers the following:

  • Alarms – St up to 3 different alarms, with the option of making it repeat for any combination of days you choose. You also have the option of changing the tone from 5 pre-loaded tones (but not custom tones), and unlike the “calendar” function, you do have the option of settingup a snooze.

  • Calendar – This function offers quite a few features, with the ability to enter an appointment, anniversary (meaning a repeating event, I guess), task, or miscellaneous items. The calendar can then be viewed by day, week, month, or item type. The calendar can store up to 100 items, and repeating events (i.e. the same item occurs every day at the same time) take only one memory slot regardless of how many times it repeats. I did have a couple of minor gripes with this function, but they may not be of great importance to you: 1) I couldn’t find a way to set the default entry mode in the calendar subjects to be T9 entry. Every time I set a new calendar event, I had to switch to T9 before proceeding, and 2) I could not find a way to set a “snooze” function on the calendar events.

  • Calculator – This calculator is the easiest to use of any cell phone calculator I’ve ever used, mainly because each function is assigned to a specific key, and the map to those keys is displayed on the screen at all times. Also, the calculator allows for parentheses to be used, which means you can do some basic algebra on here if you really want to.

  • Tip Calculator – Enter the total cost of your meal, enter the tip percentage you want applied, and then enter the number of people splitting the bill (if applicable). The calculator then will determine the amount to be paid by each party.

  • Converter – Another very handy feature. Convert between different units of Currency (although I’m not sure how the phone determines conversion rates on this one), length, weight, volume, area, and temperature.

  • Timer – Enter a time and the timer will count down, alerting you when the time as elapsed.

  • Stopwatch – Count-up type timer, with up to 30 splits possible.

  • World time – Find out what time it is around the world.

  • SIM app. – I haven’t played around with this yet because I didn’t want to risk disabling my phone, but this appears to be the function that can unlock the phone for use on other services. With TracFone or Net10, though, it’s important to note that if this feature is indeed functional, there will be no going back to TracFone/Net10 if you do unlock it. Anyway, I suspect that the phone cannot really be unlocked, as has been the case with all phones released by TracFone or Net10 in the last two or three years.

Another feature that’s going to be important to some people are the ringtones. While this phone comes with a selection of ringtones, it’s also possible to download mp3 tones from Net10 (at a price). But more importantly, users can play their own mp3 files for ringtones. However, in that case the file must be under 300k for it to work.

There are a number of websites that offer free ringtone downloads. If you do this, I recommend downloading the file to your computer, then transferring to the phone by bluetooth, USB, or memory card.

One extra that is still missing, and something that I’ll continue to complain about until it’s available on all new phones, is voice dialing. The new LG CDMA phones that just came out have it, and in my opinion it’s a big safety feature as well as a convenience.

Well, if you’ve read this far, thank you! This might be my longest post ever. I’ll be back next week to summarize everything and go over anything else that I think of between now and then. If you have any suggestions of anything else you’d like me to cover, please make note of it in the comments section below this post and I’ll do my best to get to it. I’ll also try to get my pictures of this model posted over the weekend.

If you’re looking for more of my info about this phone, check out the Samsung T401g Review Index Page.

207 thoughts on “Samsung T401g Review Part 3

  1. Thanks for the reviews!
    How fast is the texting on each keypad, especially in comparison to the lg 600 ( which after 10 months, I can now out-type)?
    What’s the fastest tracfone for texting?

    • The texting on the QWERTY keyboard for this phone or the r451c is, at least for me, faster than t9 on the LG 600g or any other model. However, I can’t outpace the 600g either. Do you mean you type so fast that you have to stop and wait for the phone software to catch up? I’ve never had that problem. In fact, I would have said that the 600g is as good as it gets for texting on a TRacFone (at least until a QWERTY phone comes out for Trac).

    • Thank you for reviewing this phone! And, a big thank you for making a sample video for the video recording feature. Both me and my dad will be getting one soon.

    • Yes, there is a zoom on the camera – it is marked by levels 1-25 of zoom, but to me it looks like it’s about 2x zoom at the most. And it’s digital zoom, not optical.

    • I’ve only tried 2gb myself, but I’ve heard of others using cards as big as 16gb (I believe they were high capacity, i.e. microSDHC). There’s also speculation that even 32gb would work, though I haven’t heard of anyone actually using a card that big).

  2. Can you copy MIDI files from a PC to the phone and assign them as Ring Tones and can you assign separate ring tones to each contact?

    • I was able to copy .mid files to the memory card, using USB cable, and set them as ringtones. And, yes, this phone DOES allow a separate ringtone for each contact.

  3. umm i was just wondering…. well first let me say this phone sounds amazing and seem’sz like it would be great to have well as i was wondering can you by any chance make a video review of this because i think that would be amazing!! thank yu :)

  4. My Q is about the SIMM card. I have a sim for t-mobile, can I use this in the phone since it’s a gsm phone. Your review is great but for people like me I need things spelled out.
    Please get back soon.
    Thanks for your help
    Dave C. Stout

    • Dave – Sorry I didn’t get back to you so soon over the Halloween weekend – I hope this info is still useful to you…
      Any phone sold as a TracFone or Net10 phone can be used ONLY with the service it is sold as. Further, even among Net10 phones, you cannot swap SIMs. A net10 or TracFone handset can work ONLY with the SIM that you bought it with, or a replacement sent to you by Trac/Net10 customer service.

      • I plan to buy this phone, Samsung T401G, and I have a Net10 phone and sim card. Would I be able to use my current sim card to put in with Samsung T401G (I will be buying this phone off Net 10). Please let me know asap. Thanks.

        • Den, this phone will come with a new SIM card, and you’ll be able to easily transfer your current net10 phone number to the new phone using Net10’s site.

        • They should transfer. After all, you’ve paid for them! But just to make sure you are covered in case something goes wrong, I would record some info about the old phone in case you later need to prove that you had those minutes on your phone. Here’s an old post about “emergency preparedness,” including how to protect yourself against a lost phone. It also applies in your case, so I’d recommend you record the information explained in this post:

  5. The one feature that is missing sadly is the ability to install free JAVA games and programs via the Bluetooth like you can with the LG600g. I copied a JAR file which is a Java program that runs on my LG600 to the T401g and it did not allow me to install it, just transfer it via Bluetooth to a PC or another phone or move it to thememory card or deleted it. I was hoping it would support a more advanced JAVA and allow more complex programs then the LG600 but I guess not. I was hoping it would support programs that have time based events that would activate at a preset time or times.
    Running Free Java Programs was one of my major wishes for this phone.

    • Dallas – I’m similarly disappointed about this. I don’t know why it was possible on the LG 600g and on the EM326g, but not on this Samsung model.

    • On a PC, create a Gmail account and send a mail to yourself with the JAR files attached. Go online on the Samsung T401g and access said Gmail account. Scroll to the bottom and choose to view page in HTML. Access the mail sent and go to the attachments. Click on the JAR file and your phone will ask to download and install. Choose yes. I had over 50 games on my phone. A lot of cool ones can be found at

  6. Another annoying thing about this phone is that you have to acknowledge the transfer every file from the phone to a PC if you use Blue Tooth to get files from the phone to a PC, this is annoying. Why did they think that was a good idea? Why not have an option in setting to either always ask or always allow Blue Thoth transfers like with LG phones or at least when another device requests multiple files have 4 option, Yes, No, Yes to All or No to all. Blue Tooth is so slow so it’s annoying have to baby sit the phone waiting for it to prompt you for every single file transfer.

    I guess Samsung has poor cell phone interface design, if only LG made this phone.

    • I figured out how to stop it from Nagging for every file you transfer from the phone to the PC, there is a Bluetooth Security option you can disable, I guess with all this talk about Bluetooth Hacking of Cell Phones Samsung desided to put a security feature in the phone to help limit or prevent hacking of a persons phone via Bluetooth.

    • One way around this is to just load the files you want on the phone to an SD card using your computer and then put the SD card in your phone.

  7. Does anyone know where do download the manual for this phone that is better then the piece of crap that comes with the phone that is basically a No Duh book that does not tell you anything you can’t simply figure out tour self very easily.

    • Dallas,
      I’ve downloaded the manual from a site yesterday for Samsung T401G. Give me time to find where it is and I’ll get it back to you today.

      • I’ve downloaded it and read the entire manual but I still don’t know what the Alert On Call is under Sound Settings, Extra Tones is for. What is the difference between that and The Connection Tone?

  8. I have two questions for you:
    1.) Can the browser be locked, such as it can be on Net10’s slider phone? I know it’s the same way… where the soft keys cannot be changed, but on the slider, you can lock the browser by going to the settings menu and making it require a passkey to use the browser. Does this phone do that also?

    2.) Does the phone ring when you receive a text? That probably sounds like a stupid question too, but on the slider, it only beeps when you receive a text. You can’t set a custom ringtone for texts. There are just five tones (or silent/vibe) that you can pick from. Can you use real ringtones with this phone’s texting?

    Thank you for your help. I may be getting this for myself as a Christmas present (ha ha) because my slider’s buttons are malfunctioning… Sometimes they work fine, and sometimes I have to press them a few times to get them to work.

  9. Oops, those aren’t my only questions after all. I have a couple more.

    1.) How sturdy is this phone? I have the em326g (slider I mentioned previously; couldn’t remember the model), and it feels rather flimsy, as if the front piece is not completely attached to the back piece. This didn’t bother me at all until I held a friend’s Blitz. That is one sturdy telephone! The front is sturdily attached to the back piece. And by “front,” I mean the section that slides up.

    2.) How quickly do pictures load? Even after formatting my memory card and therefore having nothing on it, my em326g takes at least 20 to 30 seconds to open a photo or even save one that I’ve just taken. I want to be able to flip through the photos, not choose one from the list and wait for it to load. Is this one any faster? Did I just get a dud?

  10. It’s on sale at hhgregg for 39.99 where I got mine. The ad says Tracfone but it’s a Net 10. The only problem is I am being charged 5 cents per text. Net 10 is advertising that this phone offers 3 cent texting. Customer service and technical support have not been able to give me the correct codes to change it.

    Our Price:$39.99
    SRP: $79.99
    Save: $40.00

    NET10 Samsung T401 Prepaid Wireless Cell Phone
    Model No: NTT401
    What to get the person who has it all? How about the mobile that has it all. The Samsung T401G is a sleek slider with a full QWERTY keyboard, music player with microSD support, and text and picture messaging. It’s also stereo Bluetooth enabled, boasts a 1.3 megapixel camera and video recorder, one-touch messaging shortcut key, web browser, and quick search. What’s not to love?

    * Includes 300 minutes and 60 days of service upon activation for a $30 value
    * 10 cents a minute for local, nationwide long distance and roaming
    * Text messaging only 3 cents per message
    * Slider with full QWERTY keyboard – The full QWERTY keyboard lets you express yourself more easily through text messaging, and it slides back out of sight when you’re done
    * Music player with microSD™ support – Get your favorite tunes on the phone. And with the microSD™ support memory card, you can upgrade the amount of memory space you want
    * Text and picture messaging – A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why the text and picture messaging is a must-have
    * Stereo Bluetooth® enabled – Get great sound and wireless convenience – all at the same time
    * Web browser
    * 2.1″ display (176 x 220 resolution)
    * 1.3 megapixel camera
    * Up to 5 hours talk time
    * Up to 15 days standby
    * Video recorder
    * Embedded JAVA™ games
    * JAVA™ download
    * Voice memo and voice mail
    * Up to 1,000 phone book entries
    * Personal informaton management – Calendar, To do list, Clock, Worldtime, Converter, Calculator, Memo book, Stop watch
    * Call functions – Multiparty and Dialed/missed/received calls

    • To get the 3 cents a minute texting, you HAVE to do what I did… call their customer service and complain. When you reach the service person, remind them firmly multiple times that the box and the ad both say 3 cents a minute. They will ask you for your information and then “confirm” that your phone is “properly” charging you 5 cents a text… continue to press that it is supposed to be 3 cents… then they will ask if they can put you on hold to speak to their supervisor… tell them it’s okay and when they return they will give you the codes to change the phone… :) I discovered this was the only way from multiple other forums…

      • No, I didn’t have to do that. I did have to call twice … the first rep gave me the runaround. The second one knew what to do.

        It is probably easier just to call back until you get someone who knows how to fix it than to call in with a complaint and fight with some customer no-service person.

  11. I got mine for 30 plus tax. It seesm cool compared to my lg300. Does anyone know if it will play videos like if i download a tv show can i load into the phone and watch it work or something. LIke CSI or house md.

  12. Please advise, Is there anyway to adjust the T401g phone settings so I can know who incoming text are from before I view/am charged for them? thanks!

  13. the browser on these net 10 versions is NOT locke down totally. You can get to;;, and Yahoo mobile…First, open the browser from the main menu, NOT the browser button on the front of the phone. then, when the browser is open, click on ‘options’, then ‘go to URL”, and type in the MOBILE url, such as The hit send. When it gets to the login page, ypou acn save it in your browsers ‘favorites’ folder, and next time you want to go to it, you just open the browser, go to favorites, and click on the site you have saved as a favorite…With yahoo mail you have to set it up a little different. open your yahoo mail, click on the link at the top right of the page that says ‘get Y mail on your phone”, then enter your mobile number there. You will get a text with a long URL on it. Write it down, then, using the “Go to URL’ link in your browsers options, enter it all manually and hit send. then you can scroll down to ‘mail or messemger’ and get to these functions. I can read my entire yahoo e-mail inbox from my Net 10 phone there. of course, these sites do NOT have pictures like a full site, but have white backgrounds with text, but you can read coments, e-mails, etc., and thats all I need…make sure to save the yahoo link under yer favorites in your browser options as well….there ya go, internet on a Net 10 phone thats not tracfone or Net 10 supported info…

  14. The MP3 Player DOES in fact produce MUCH BETTER sound then Motorola EM326 & the Samsung T401G is also able to maintain a
    much more reliable Bluetooth connection in both Mono and Stereo
    BT connection….

    When I was using the Moto EM326 my BT connection would drop out for no apparent reason “dozens of times” thru out the day or simply quit & force me to re-pair the devices… But now with the Samsung T401G… a week so far and not a Single dropped connection ;-)… Plus the music sounds so much better even thru a Blutooth Stereo connection on the Samsung…

    I have several BT Stereo Headsets and most of them are Motorola brand…. But they somehow don’t play nice with Motorola phones, yet have no problem whatsoever with Samsung phones… I can even fast-forward & rewind using the BT Headset button when paired with Samsung… that’s not the case at all when paired with a Motorola.

    However… there are a couple of things with the MP3 Player on
    Samsung T401G that I wish were better….

    1. You can’t play tracks directly out of a folder (Come On! Samsung! That’s so easy to do!!) …. Instead, you must add the songs to a playlist if you want continuous music. Browsing & playing thru a folder would only play 1 track at a time (annoying)… Though it’s fairly easy to add the files to the lists…. everytime you switch memory cards, you must re-create the lists since the file links would be broken.

    And unless you create the playlists by adding your Music folders 1 at a time in order…. by the time you get to list #5 out of the total 10 lists… you would probably have forgotten which album folders you’ve added to which list or if you’ve added that album folder at all…. This is especially true if you use a High Capacity microSD card and carry lots of music folders with you. Samsung also does not let you browse/play by Artist or Album like the Moto EM326 does.

    2. My songs are showing up in the memory card folder (on the T401G) in Very Unpredictable & Weird order :-( … They do not show up in the correct/usual Alphabetical order & every Album folder of mine have the track# at the begining of each song…. But for some strange reason…. they all show up in my phone’s Music folder in random orders under each folder (often backwards like 13, 12, 11… ) w/ no way to Re-Sort them on the phone.

    I’ve tried creating New Folders on the Memory cards using the phone menu & move the files over… but they STILL would not re-arrange themself into the commonly used Alphabetical order.
    This one is REALLY driving me CRAZY since it’s like forcing you to shuffle your songs on the playlist… Unless, of course if I add 1 song at a time (in order) to the playlists to make them appear on the list as it’s supposed to be on the original album… but that’ll mean “a Couple Thousand” clicks to fill the entire 50 song x 10 lists… Insane!!

    The Samsung T401G does have more options while play the music
    with several different shuffle/repeat options… But my above problem is “Already” “Force-Shuffling” each Album for me… Does anyone else have the same problem as I do with the files not showing up in Correct Order?! I’d really like to know if anyone have any tips/tricks on this one…. Thanks in advance….

    3. You can’t seem to do Anything else while the Music Player is
    active… Can’t text, can’t type a note…. none at all…not even look at another playlist w/o stopping the music :-( You can however at least see the current time if you go to Options & select Shortcuts which would display the current time on the upper right corner… Thank God!

    And I assume that it’ll auto pause or stop the music if you have a call coming in… I’ll have to try to call myself tomorrow to experiment it a little more.

    Over all…. I do like the Samsung T401G much batter even just in the MP3 Player department though… It produces much better sound than the Moto EM326 & has no problem whatsoever playing any of my AAC music files which account for the majority of my music library right now…. So no more endless converting!

    The lacking of a standard 3.5mm jack is a little put-off-ish but does not really bother me since I mainly use my stereo bluetooth headset with the phone which let me connect to either the phone or my other iXXX for music. And the bluetooth connection is rock solid on the Samsung T401G for sure 😉

    I was never really big on texting… but now with the Qwerty keyboard…. I’m slowly really getting into it since it’s so much easier to text with it. The bigger screen helps a lot, and the reduced 3 cents texting rate is another big plus. I’m getting used to the bulkier feel of the phone and am getting to really like it since it feels more solid in my hand… I was constantly afraid of letting my Slider phones just Slide out of my hand while using it since they are relatively small for a guy’s hand.

    So even the T401G is somewhat bulkier… the bigger screen and the convience of the keyboard for texting, entering text into notes, contacts… or even to save you airtime while browsing the web… all these advantages can easily outweigh the few short comings… At least for me.

    Now I only wish that you can “lock” (or at least move it) that annoying “Browser” button cause no matter how fast you go press “End” after accidentally pressing the “Browser” button…. at least 1 minute of your airtime is up in smoke… Oh, well…. nothing’s perfect.

    I hope some people would let me know about my #2 complaint if they’re also having the same issue…. Especially if there’s any tips or tricks to make the file behave/auto-arrange normally as it should.

    But over all, Samsung T401G is definitely the best feature-rich phone so far in the Net10 Family in my opinion. 😉

  15. Two questions for anyone who might know…

    1) When you send or receive text, does it flash messages on the display like “0.50 Deducted” etc., like the LG600. To me that is annoying and I wish I could turn it off (on the LG that is)

    2) When they say text messages cost .3 units per message, is that really .3 units or 1/3 of a unit? In other words, for every 3 units, do I get 9 texts? Or 10 texts?

    • Yes, It does flash “0.30 Units Deducted”. It charges 0.3 unit per txt…. and not 1/3 of a unit…. so you’ll get 10 txt msgs out of every 3 units.

      • My T401G is charging me 0.5 min. per text. I spoke with customer “service” tonight. They had me text “T” to my own phone to fix it. It didn’t. Then they gave me a code to program in. Still no luck. Then the rep said that because I had transferred my phone number from another Net10 phone, I was still being charged the 0.5 min., like with the other phone. He said the only thing I could do to get down to 0.3 min. was to change my phone number(!).

        That really surprised me; I hadn’t read that anywhere. That’s a very strange “gotcha”. Anyone else heard this? I’m going to call back another day, and hopefully the next rep will be able to fix it.

        • Ed – I think that’s a bunch of BS – changing your phone number should have nothing to do with how the phone deducts minutes for your messaging. The phone number is a network thing, while the deducting of units for Net10 handsets is all managed by the phone itself, not the network. So what I’m saying is there should be no connection between the phone number and the messaging rate.

          I’d definitely say try again another day.

          • hi ive bought two of them over the last two mounths and trans both from tracphone i did have the .5 tex problems with both phones so they have not fixed it yet. theres only two of net10s with.3 on tex mes, i think they dont want diff. chips or have to progam just those plus they get more of your $$$$$$$$$$$ till u get it stright they did fix mine with the four or five codes the first time .i must have gotten the two smart ones ech.time

  16. You mentioned listening through a blu-tooth stereo headset. I have the Alpine PND-K3 GPS ( my truck. It is blu-tooth capable. Could I listen to the MP3’s via blu-tooth through my GPS, which is plugged into my trucks stereo.

    I am considering this phone for my 2 kids, ages 14 & 12. I am also wondering the duribility of the sliding apparatus. Does it feel like it can be slid 1000’s of times and not fall apart?

    • The ability to listen to Stereo Music via Bluetooth depends on the Bluetooth Services Profiles that your GPS has….

      Under the Bluetooth menu of your GPS…. it should have a section that lists all the available services/profiles… If you see Bluetooth Stereo among the list… then you would be able to listen to music via a Stereo Bluetooth headset.

      If you can’t find the service/profile list on the GPS… try to check the manual & see what services it supports… If you see Blutooth Version 2…. then you’re OK with Stereo. But if it’s Bluetooth version 1.x then it generally does not have the ability to do stereo.

      One general rule of the Bluetooth is that whatever the service you’re trying to utilize… Both devices (the Broadcast end & the Receiving end) need to support that service…. I don’t know how you’re getting the BT Stereo signal into your Truck’s Stereo unlass your Stereo system is capable of receiving Bluetooth Stereo signal. Most Bluetooth Speaker Hands-Free setup for cars/trucks usually only support Mono & not Stereo…. So don’t forget to check the available services on Both ends.

      In terms of the Sliding mechanism… you don’t have anything to worry about. Samsung has pretty much “perfected” the sliding feature… They’re actually the 1st company to invent the “Sliding” type mechanism. When you slide open the T401G… the entire thing is still very solid… it simply does not wiggle or anything like that at all. I also have another Samsung slider phone that I’ve been using for over 6 years now & it’s still smooth as butter.

      On the other hand… I’ve come to dislike the “Flip” style phones which is definitely more fragile then sliders in my point of view. They tend to just “break in half” when you accidentally drop them even if it’s just a small drop (especially when they’re in the Open position)…. which has happened to a couple friends of mine.

      The bottom line is that as long as your kids don’t let the phone suffer any “hard drops”…. which would kill “anything” anyways… you have nothing to worry about.

      So far I’ve been extremely happy with my Samsung SGH-T401G… The entire thing feels very solid open or closed. The almost one-piece construction of the front key pad (where all the numbers are) actually provided a big advantage in my opinion…. it’ll repel any accidental spills or light rain since any liquid or dirt has very few places to sip into the phone itself.

      Even though it’s slightly bigger than the phones I’ve used in the past… I feel it’s actually more solid to hold in your hand. And having a Qwerty keyboard simply makes it so much easier to text or to input any information into the phone… so it’s a very good trade-off for me.

      I got my Samsung SGH-T401G during the Black Friday sale @ BestBuy for $39 (which means I’m only paying $9 for the phone considering you get $30 worth of airtime with each new phone activation) After playing with it for a couple of days…. I like it so much… I actually went back to BestBuy b4 the sale ended and bought a second one as a spare. $9 for a solid phone… why not?!

      So if you decide to go with this phone…. Watch out for any sales b4 the Holidays… It looks like BestBuy often have deals on Net10 phones these days… Good Luck!!

  17. Though I’d share a link where I’d just ordered the Headset Adapter for your Samsung T401G…

    It currently on sale with Free shipping for $1.50 after using Coupon Code ‘cf31201″ (Valid till 12/16)…

    They also have quite a few other things for this phone…. Just search under Samsung Gravity T459 & you’ll see the entire list.

    I’m not affiliated with this site, but have ordered from them before w/o any problems.

  18. Can someone tell me if it’s possible to access the internal memory of the phone so I can drag n drop files where ever I want? I want to change the message tones to one of my own, but I don’t see an option for this. There are options to set your own ring tones and alarm tones on this phone, but none to change the message tones to something other than the 4 rinky dink tones that came preset.

  19. hi everyone,
    ive read virtually every review there is to read on this phone, both in writing and video. it sounded so nice that i went out and bought one for myself. i was amazed, i couldnt believe that this was a prepaid phone, it was almost too good. i bought it at walmart for 59.88 on a weeklong sale. it is wayyyyyyy better than my old tacfone motorolla w376 which lagged for the 2 hours i turned it on. im 15 years old and virtually everyone at my high school has a nice phone, i felt left out =(. but no longer. how awesome is this. my little sisters (ages 11 and 13) were so envious. i talked my mom into getting them one christmas but she was reluctant saying she dosent want to spend $40 a month on a plan with a two year contract. so i explained to her that it will only cost her $15 a month and $60 for the phone which came with two months of minutes already. and she was amazed. she even said that she is going to swith to net10 which her cell phone. i love net10 and i love this phone even more, it is also awesome that it has a mp3 player, saves alot of room in my pocket ya know.

    hey here a tip for getting the best deal on net10 minutes
    1. go to the net10 website
    2. enter you zip on the phone page
    3. buy the lg 300g that comes with the phone, 300 activation minutes and a 300 minute card
    4.procede to checkout
    5. use coupon code 34567 for $3 off
    6. use coupon code 44477 for $5 off
    7. pay with credit card
    8. enjoy you just got 300 minutes and free phone with another 300 minutes all for 22 dollars plus tax

    hope your happy

    btw sorry for people without a credit card but this wont work for you

      • Hey, P:

        I got the deal w/ Free Shipping & Accessory Kit…. The included case fits T401G perfectly….

        However… Net10 told me that you “Can Not” Add/Transfer the 300 mins that comes with the new phone to an existing Net10 phone line since it’s meant as a Bonus for “activating a new Net10 line”….

        Have you or anyone actually had Net10 transfer the 300mins from a Newly Purchased phone to an existing phone line successfully?!

        Thanks for all the help!!

  20. Great Tip!! …. I think I’ll do the LG & “Prepay” for the next few month… $22 for 600 mins w/ 4 months of service (and an Accesories Kit?, too) …. It’s a no-brainer….

  21. Hi pbushx2,

    Thanks so much for the great reviews! I lost my Moto EM326g phone (which I really liked) a few weeks ago and needed to buy a new one. I was so excited to be able to buy the Samsung t401g on Best Buy for the same price I bought the Moto EM326g. I have begun the process of transferring my number and minutes from my old phone and waiting for that to complete. However, I’m having one major complaint: I can’t set the date or time on the phone!! Is that normal if a phone is not activated? When I go to the Set Date & Time screen, it only allows me to modify the date & time display format, not the date and time themselves. Please let me know if this will correct itself once the phone is activated, or whether I’m doing something wrong.


  22. Update: My T401G has been activated with my old number, and I got both the 300 activation minutes AND my old minutes back. When it was activated, it automatically set itself to the correct date and time. Also, I HAVE been able to get to mobile websites with the browser; so far I tried Facebook, Yahoo and CNN. It’s pretty slow and it eats up minutes, but it can be useful if you need internet access in a pinch. I am currently trying to set up the mp3 player and will let you know if I succeed. :-) Thanks again for the reviews!

  23. Hi again,

    Sorry for so many posts, but I’ve so far been unable to transfer any files to the T401g via an USB connection. In fact, I can’t even get the computer to recognize the phone with an USB connection. And yest, I do have the options set to USB mass storage! When I connect the phone with an USB cable, the computer displays the connection icon and sound, and it shows up as “Removable disk” on My Computer. However, when I double-click “Removable disk”, I get “Please insert a disk to drive G:” I tried using the Samsung PC Studio program, but to no avail. I don’t yet have a microSD card, though I’ve ordered one. Any suggestions??


    • You’ll have to wait for the MicroSD Card…. You can not access the Built-In Internal Memory via any methods which is typical.

      You can only store files like Music, Videos… on the MicroSD Card to play on the phone… Once they’re stored on the card…. then you’ll have the option of moving it to the Phone Memory using the menu options on the phone.

      • I don’t think you can even with Bluetooth….

        Being able to access the Internal Memory (other than operating it thru the phone’s menu) meaning you’ll be able to See/Delete/Replace the Built-In Ring Tones, Apps… etc… Which I don’t think is possible on 99% of cell phones…. Unless you Hack it (which usually voids your warranty).

        From what I know… almost all phones w/ a Memory Card slot basically operate on a PC like a Card Reader therefore w/o a Card inserted… it’ll show nothing. Of course I could be mistaken…

      • You Can access the Internal Memory of the Phone Via Bluetooth because I have done it in XP using BlueSoleil and in Ubuntu Linux using the built in Bluetooth Software.
        Of course you can’t access the default ring tones or pictures or the 2 games, but you can add your own MIDI or MP3 ring tones to the user accessible portion of the internal memory as well as add pictures to the internal memory via Bluetooth. You can also copy the pictures you take with the camera from the internal memory to your PC via Bluetooth. I’ve done all of this on the t401g and the LG600g (the LG600g has internal memory only, no Micro SD Memory card option).

        In order to have access to the t401g’s internal memory you first have to you have to set up the phone so it will make the files in the internal memory visible to Bluetooth devices and you also have to make the phone discoverable and turn off the security option if you don’t want to have to acknowledge every single file transfer just don’t forget to turn the security option back on before going out in public if you don’t want hackers to get access to your phone or make it so the phone is not in discoverable mode any more.

        Even my Verizon LG8360 allows access to it’s internal memory via Bluetooth for everything but ring tones and games unless you buy Data Pilot for LG Phones. I also had a LG Wave that I could copy files from it via Bluetooth but had to use a USB Cable to copy files to it.

  24. Thanks for all of your hard work in putting these reviews together. Your reviews helped me in choosing the t401 over T-mobile’s Samsung t349. I’m already a Net10 user and excited about upgrading my phone. I hope you are receiving some form of commission for helping to market for Net10 and this phone! Great job!

  25. Many Thanks for such a thorough review. Your vids were also detailed and helpful. The comments from other posters were helpful as well.

    I would have liked to be able to add more java games to this phone as well. I did some searching and found this website:

    I thought someone a lil more savy in this area than myself, might be able to apply what the person mentions to the Net10 Samsung T401g. It could be that Samsung cell phones in general have an issue with Java installing rather than Net10 crippling the feature.

    I would think that if Net10 had the featured cripple by home users they would have more games online for purchase, such as they have ringtones and graphics…no?

  26. Does anyone know what the lil ( S ), ( 1 ), ( A ), ( S )( A ), screen icons are that appear when you use the music player?

    They are accessed by using the up mode on the directional button ( the silver square one surrounding the “OK” key ) while in music player mode..

  27. My guess is it has something to do with a repeat feature, 1 is repeat the currently playing track and A is repeat all tracks in the play list but I have no idea what S means, it can’t mean Stop because you can’t repeat something and then stop because repeat means to keep doing something over and over.
    Maybe the S is the first letter for the Chinese word that means Random?

    • yea, I was able to use the ( 1 ) icon to repeat a song and I assumed the ( A ) was for the entire play list to repeat because if you look closely there are two small arrows on both sides but I tried with no luck to figure out what the ( S ) and ( S )( A ) combined are for.

      Maybe someone can figure it out or get the answer. I know I tried Google but came up with nothing.

      If I have time in the next couple days I may call Samsung directly and ask the support desk.

    • Hmmm, I can see the use of ( S )( A ) for “shuffling” the entire playlist but how does ( S ) shuffle just one song? I mean, isn’t this phone set up to either play the entire playlist or just one song? I see no way to choose ahead of time 3, 4, 5 ect. songs for playing.

      Anyway, thanks for the info.

  28. Ok, I know many people have asked about getting around the Java issues with this phone to load games ect.. Until someone can find a way ( or maybe not) to get around that, here’s a nice site for quality mobile games that will work on the Samsung T401g.

    So far, I have personally downloaded and played the Zelda game ( high quality). Some/many games listed probably wont be compatible with the phone so you will have to try for yourself.

    The best thing to do is go to the following link using your computer to see what is available. That way you also follow the path to where the download is located to save your minutes when using your phone.

    With your Samsung T401g, you can enter the web address through your browser and surf directly to where you want to go.

    Works well and fast download! I personally was hoping to find a nice quality Reversi/Othello for this phone but the ones listed on the this site aren’t compatible. If someone comes across it please post a link ect..

    website for games:

  29. Ok, I found another site to download very good quality games. At this site I found that Reversi/Othello game I was looking for. The game is “3D Othello Deluxe”. Nice game! You need to register but it’s very simple with no detailed personal info asked. You just need a working email so they can send a confirmation email to validate your account.

    Anyway, back to where to go and what to do. You can search out games you are looking for or browse for games by starting off at the home page of: Once you find a game you want click on it and the page for the game itself will list a “Download ID”. Record that number. Then using your Samsung T401g, enter the menu and scroll to the Browser icon. Click it and scroll down to “Enter URL”. Click on that and enter the wap address directly. The wap address is Then hit Go on your phone.

    Once the page loads, enter the “Download ID”. It will then ask you to enter your login info. Once you log in, hit download and boom it will download where it needs to be into your phone.

    I’m sure there will be some/many games that wont work with the Samsung T401g so you will just have to check for yourself. The entire process of using the browser on your phone to enter download info, login, and actually download the game into your phone should take you roughly 2 to 3 minutes tops( at least this has been the case for me).


    • jasper, thanks so much for that info. I’m planning on doing a post about java on the t401g in the near future, as soon as I can get some time to play around with it for myself. I’ll definitely check umnet.

      • no problem pbush. The umnet is much much better than the mobilerated. There are about 1850 to 1900 games listed on umnet as well as having ringtones, wallaper ect..

        In case anyone has a problem locating all the games, just click on “Games” at the top of the umnet page. That will bring up a page listing some games. Just below the last game shown there is a eBay advertising banner ( not sure if the banner changes to a new company) and right below the banner you will see the “page number” listing along with a ” Oldest” and Pre” listing. These are all the listed games per page. If you know the name of the actual game just use the search bar at top. Just remember to list game in the drop down menu.

        Something else to consider when looking for games is the resolution. The Samsung T401g uses 176×220.

        Dallas, I’m not sure why you are having issues. Could it be that you don’t have a strong signal. Obviously, the stronger the signal the faster the webpage will load and the faster you will be able to download.

      • My problem is not that it won’t download fast enough, my problem is I can’t even get to the Webpage. Why would a weak signal cause a forbidden error.

    • How do you go to these Web Sites on the t401G? Whenever I try to go to a Website by using Menu 5, 3 and then enter a URL and hit OK to “Go” to the Website it connects and then pops up a message “Forbidden” and won’t let me go to the site but still deducts a minute for connecting to the cellular network.

      • What I’m trying to tell you is that a weak signal can cause all kinds of problems.

        Compare to the days of using your desktop and trying to surf the internet on a dial up connection. Quite frequently the page would just stop loading and give you an error message but those using a broadband connection would be able to get to site without any problems.

        Are you sure you typed the web address in correctly? Also, you can save web addresses in your “Favorites” category within the Browser menu ( which I do) so you lessen the risk of mistyping a web page and losing spare minutes.

        For the heck of it, have all your info ready ( “Download ID” login info ) and try it outside or in an area where you clearly are getting a full signal and see how things go.

        …and yes, Net10 will always make the deduction whether the page you want loads or not.

    • hi jasper can i go to this web site on my home comp. and down load these games and ringtones to my sd card then install it in my phone and transfer them to the phone in the right places for games and ringtones .or would it be best with the usb cable that i dont have yet. thanks

  30. Dallas, have you found any solution for your “forbidden” error problem? Are you able to access the “mobile web” from Net10 at the same time that you’re getting the forbidden error? In other words, am I understanding you correctly that you can access the Net10 “mobile web” but not “real” websites?

    • I Still get the Forbidden error when I try to access any sires “real Sites” but not when I go to NET10s sites through the Browser button or in other words I can only access Net10’s Pages.
      The Exact error is ” http: error 403 forbidden”

      I get 3 to 5 bars depending on where I stand.

      Maybe they are starting to catch on to what people are doing and will soon block everyone from going to sites other then what they pre determine are acceptable.

      I’m low on minutes anyway and can no longer afford to buy any more minutes so I will have to let my service end until I find employment.
      Since the phone is such a great phone I’ll just keep it and get a new number when ever I decide to reactivate it.

  31. Dallas, I’m wondering what exact page you are trying to access at UMnet. From a lil Googling, I found the “http: error 403 forbidden” is generated from the “website” you are trying to access. I’m assuming with lil knowledge I have on this subject, that this in no way comes from something Net10 has done.

    As I tried to explain ( perhaps too quickly), is that I surf UMnet’s site using my regular home computer to read through games. Click on the game I’m interested in which takes me to the actual game page that lists the “Download ID”.

    After I have the “Download ID”, I use my T401g and go directly to the UMnet wap address: The wap address loads fast and I enter all my info and the download starts and finishes.

    Are you getting this error/forbidden message directly from the wap address or are you first trying to visit UMnet homepage? Have you tried going to any other websites to see if they load ( i.e. yahoo, myspace ect).

    I understand you have no minutes available to test things out ( hope thing get better for you soon bud). I was wondering in general how many other websites ( if any) you may have tried.

    For me personally, I have no problem accessing any website page I have entered. To date I have downloaded and stored approximately, 25 games and 3 apps into my T401g. I have downloaded many more than that BUT only to find the game or app had an error code, the game wouldn’t load properly or the phone just wouldn’t recognize the download ( phone self deleted it, never stored it in the games folder).

    When I first bought and activated this phone, I had also purchased the “LG300 reconditioned phone” with free 300 minute card, which is available on the Net10 website ( for a total of 600 minutes) and transferred the minutes to my new T801g. That gave me a total of 900 minutes from the start. I used some of those minutes to load it with games and wallpaper ( to make the phone more user friendly for me). I also wanted to test the phone online. For me things have worked out great! I hope this is the case for others as well.

    P.S. It makes no sense to me why Net10 would in any way want disable surfing feature from some of the phones. The use of web access with the phone is just another avenue for them to make money. I’m sure they will make much much more money with people wanting to surf the net than they would with a much smaller group of people wanting to head to their online store to buy the few games and wallpaper they have listed. Surfing the net on the phone can chew up minutes fast for them.

    • Jasper, I just tried it now, and to my surprise I also could not access the site. I don’t know why; I thought in the past I had accessed a variety of non-Net10 sites from this phone. I am also now getting the 403 error.

  32. The Samsung T401g is now available with unlimited calls, texts and web for $50 a month. The negative is that apparently you need to specifically buy the Net10 phone preset up for the unlimited plan. Not sure if the prepaid card version can be converted…time will tell. It looks like retailer Target has the exclusives on this phone. Visit the Target website and enter your zip to see if it’s available.

    For me an unlimited plan isn’t needed at this time but I’m sure for others this may be what your looking for. They should have let people more aware of this before they purchased the prepaid card phones.

    • hey jasper your link to target about net10 unlimited it shows target:error and page unavailable.
      so can you change it or fix thanks

  33. hi im thinking of trying the net10 t401g i like the other one like this one tha has yhe voise calling but they said it will not work in the brandon ms. area. Can any one tell me if the 401g will bluetooth to att or bell south phones to get songs and ring tones from them and be able to use those as your ring tones or are u stuck to buy net10s ring tones

    • Yes, you can use bluetooth to transfer files (photos, mp3s, ringtones, etc) between this phone and other bluetooth devices, including non-Net10 phones.

      • This includes to and from a PC if it is Bluetooth equipped and you can access the internal memory of the phone as well as the memory card from a PC but you have to set up the phone to allow Bluetooth access of it’s internal memory and memory card, by default it blocks access of it’s internal memory and memory card and if you don’t want it nagging you for every file transfer you have to disable the security option.

  34. Does anyone know the speed of the USB Port on the phone? I just got a USB Cable and it’sa lotslower then my other USB devices which are USB 2.0. It’s only going at 546 KBs.514

  35. Can anyone tell how to download music to the mp3 on the phone? I have the memory card, usb transfer cable and the bluetooth toggle. I put the phone in mass media, connect usb to pc and phone, still not recognized. what can I do?

  36. hey pbush just wondering if you can make a video on internet browsing for the samsung t401g and one for textnig also on the samsung t401g thanks email me the video if you can


  37. Has net10 blocked visiting other mobile websites?

    does the mobile web for the t401G work for ebay, mapquest, or google maps (or similar directions site)?

    can you create web url favorites, without being connected to the web?

    have net10 fixed the texting billing rate problem, or do you still have to contact them to get the rate changed from .50 to .30 units per message?

    can you still get free web access with the Motorolla EM326, or did they fix that?

    If I buy a used net10 phone (really cheap), can I get a new sim card from net10 for free? Would this be safe?

    Would be awesome if they release a phone with wifi that lets you access the internet for free at hotspots, I’d be on it for sure.

    • Net10 has not block any mobile sites that I’m aware of. It works for ebay and, but if I remember correctly google maps is very hard to read because it displays strangely.

      Yes, you can create favorites without being connected.

      I don’t believe the .5 text message problem has been corrected.

      The free web access on the 326g still works as far as I know, but I think it’s risky and haven’t done it in a long time.

      I think you should be able to buy a used Net10 phone – just make sure the previous owner removes it from his/her account. It could cause problems, though, like just generally being difficult to transfer your old number and getting the web to work, stuff like that.

  38. OK, I just had to share this info. Since I purchased my Net10 Samsung T401g about six weeks ago I have been trying to figure out how to get free Ringtones, Games, Java Apps, etc. on the phone and today I came across the following info:

    It really works, I have already downloaded and installed a couple of games, a wallpaper, and even an App that all loaded and work just fine. Try it out and let me know if it worked for you as well.

    Enjoy … MosesX

  39. Is there anyway to change the banner? I can remove the minutes and amount of days of service but I’m not able to change the banner.

  40. i would like to be kept up to date and any new that is found that you can do you with the samsung t401g because own one and i got mine on black friday and i went in at 8 or9 am and there was plenty there still

  41. Ed:

    You need to call Net10 back & get another Customer Service Rep. He or she will give you 4-5 long codes to input to ur phone & that’ll fix your problem. I’ve done this twice myself on Samsung T401G phones.

    The person you talked to was an idiot which happens quite often when you call Net10. Next time… if the person sounds “remotely” like he or she does not understand your problem…. or telling you to “try” things for a fix…. Immediately ask for a supervisor…. Don’t waste your time…..

  42. I am also getting the http error:403 forbidden when I try to access websites on my T401G. I called Net10 customer service and they opened case number. She said they were going to have to reprogram my phone and it would take 4 hours. I’ll let you know how it works.

  43. I ended up getting transferred to Tracfone support at 1-800-816-0663. After 48 hours I can now access worldwide web pages (www) but, still can not access non www sites. Time to call Tracfone again.

  44. Does anyone know where I can get a good pair of speakers for my T401g? I would like to be able to use them to play mp3s while we travel.



  45. According to the Net10 service guide(Your phone can play MP3 and AAc files. Before you try to play music files, u need a usb cable, Micro SD Memory card(up to 2GB only). Is this true about the 2Gb card I’ve seen other posts that u can use up to 16GB?

    • andrew, I have heard of people getting 16gb cards to work just fine, so I don’t know why the manual says 2gb. Just to be on the safe side, you could make sure to buy your card from a place that allows hassle-free returns. But I’m pretty sure you won’t have a problem.

  46. I’m getting a 2gb Micro SD card with a USB reader off ebay for $6.

    Anyway, my question is: Can I load mp3’s directly to the card using the reader then plug the card into the phone without any issues?

    • Dave – make sure to first put the memory card in the phone, and the phone will format the card. AFter that, you should be able to see which folder to put the music in. If you just put the music on the card first, you’ll run into problems because the phone won’t know where to look for the music. It only looks in the music folder it creates during the format process.

  47. For those interested, I was able to upload and play movies/videos. You have to save them in the 3gpp format with the H.263 codec. I recommend the eRightSoft Super application. The phone did not support the H.264 or MPEG-4 codecs or any other resolutions higher than 176×144 but, it does support AMR-wide band.

  48. I am looking to buy a new phone and was looking at the T401G. One topic I cannot find out about (even email Samsung product support who replied contact net10 about phone features) was entering contacts with the QWERTY Keyboard. Can you enter and edit contact information using the QWERTY Keyboard? Or must you use the regular phone key pad.

  49. Hey PBUSHX2, just ordered one of these on-line for my daughter’s birthday. I was wondering if there is a ringlet for a strap on the phone?? BTW, great info!! Thank You!

  50. Hi,

    Thanks for the great review… it has been most helpful. Can you use the QWERTY kepyboad to type in entries to the calendar or do you have to use the number pad?

    Thanks again!

  51. Thanks for the info… I called Samsung and they said I could not use the QWERTY keyboard to enter info into the calendar. I would tend to believe a user first though. Do you use the calendar? I am basically looking for a NET10 phone with a calendar. I am not a big “texter”, but I want to be able to enter info into the calendar easily and not use the number pad to do it. In your opinion, would I be better off with this phone or the other model (can’t recall the number at the moment) that looks like a Blackberry.

    Thanks again!


  53. Has anyone figured out how to get the phone to display whom a text message is from before you open so you don’t have to spend .3 units on usless spam messages you don’t want? Net10 Cust no-service tells me that’s the way the phone is mfg’d and there’s no way to change it.
    BTW: I had to go through the routine to get the phone to charge .3 instead of .5. You just have to be persistent and ask for a supervisor. They have the codes to fix it. Don’t let them tell you it’s .5 per test

  54. Does anyone know if the plug on the side where you charge the phone supports Stereo audio if you buy one of those headphone adapters? I got a package of 2 of them on E-bay for 3.98 but when I plugged in my headphones the audio did not sound like it was stereo, it sounded flat plus it was a real tight fit and required a bit of force to insert it fully or remove it and it caused the protective covering on the plug of my ear buds to slip off.

    Is there an official Samsung Stereo headphone adapter or a third party that supports true Stereo for this phone?

  55. I posted a question earlier but for some reason it isn’t showing up anymore…anyway, I was just wondering if I need a memory card and a memory reader even tho I have bluetooth on my laptop and on the phone.

    • Hi Jaclyn
      It depends on what you are trying to do. If you just want to transfer one picture at a time between your computer and phone, bluetooth will be easier. If you want to download a bunch of pictures, or add mp3s to your phone, a memory card will be much faster. The phone takes a microSD card, and often those cards come with an adapter to allow them to plug into standard SD card slots. You might have an SD card slot on your computer already. If not, an adapter would be a good idea. You should be able to get one for just a few bucks on a site like, meritline, or dealextreme, or even eBay.
      Another option is a samsung USB data cable – search one of the above sites for Samsung USB data cable – look for the same model that’s compatible with the Samsung Jack. This should also be under $5, and will allow you to transfer files to and from the memory card without physically removing it from your phone.

  56. Hi…I’m considering this phone with Straight Talk. Is the browser better on ST than NET10/Tracfone version? Thanks!

    • Hi Susan
      I don’t know the answer to that question regarding this phone specifically as I’ve never used the Straight Talk version, but on the other phones where I’ve tried both ST and Net10/Trac versions, the browser has been the same.

  57. Hi. What specific USB cable do I need and where do I purchase it? Since I am only using it for the mp3 player, do i necessarily need to purchase the msd card as well? Thank you!

  58. Hi, i bought that phone with the $45 dollar unlimited talk and text and data plan for 30 days through straight talk, so i was wondering..will i be able to access facebook and myspace on that phone with the unlimited data plan? it would be awesome if i could go on facebook and myspace on my samsung phone. Please let me know..thank you!

  59. hey i got the 3 day ground shipping throiugh fedex for my samsung phone order, does anyone know if i will get it exzactly 3 days or are they usually late? if its correct then i should get my phone on thursday.

    • Ruby, you should have gotten a confirmation email with a FedEx tracking number that you can then use to follow the progress of the phone to your door. I usually get mine in 3 days, with the day you place the order being day zero, if that makes sense.

  60. Hey everyone, great help on reviews. I do have a question though. I tried several ways of changing my wallpaper. It seems any custom wallpaper I use will fit nicely when the phone is ‘closed’. When I slide the phone open the wallpaper doesn’t fit properly in the ‘landscape’ view, even though the DEFAULT wallpapers react accordingly. Is there any way to fix this? P.S. I hate the fact that we can do almost everything but change the text message sounds. lol!

  61. Recently switched from Tracfone W376g to Net10 T401g because I wanted a qwerty keyboard. So far reasonably happy though there are some niggling issues. Disappointed in the non-standard USB plug and charger. Will get over it once the cables I ordered came in. Had a heck of a time getting Bluetooth working. Was desperate to do that so I would not have to type all the phone numbers in using the phone’s keyboard. Finally got it worked out.

    My laptop is running Win7 and did not have built in bluetooth. Like many I have a little bluetooth button that plugs into the USB port and cost less than $5 on eBay. Has worked fine for syncing my Palm TX. It recognized my T401g without problem but Windows couldn’t seem to extract any data from it. I tried adding Widcomm and BlueSoleil drivers without success. I noticed one message here about New PC Studio from Samsung. Downloaded a couple of different versions of PC Studio without success. Finally found a reference to New PC Studio on the Samsung site. Turns out you have to lie to them and tell them you have a true smartphone of theirs (I think I chose the T459) before they will offer you New PC Studio. It’s a pretty big download, too. But once I installed it my PC recognized the phone and offered to sync the data from it just fine.

    Wish I had been able to suck the data off the W376 as easily but I’m halfway thru typing in the data and it synced just fine.

    • Hi Paul
      Thanks for sharing your experience. This will be great news to other t401g owners. What data were you able to sync from it? I have never used PC studio, so I don’t know what it looks like.
      Thanks again, this is great stuff!

    • Wright, I know you ditched the t401g, but you did get it to talk with the New PC studio. How? Did you use bluetooth? That is what I used and it won’t talk. It complains about another program using it. Or it asks for a password…it wants me to connect via a ‘pc connect’ icon in the phone but the phone does not have that icon too. I tried my phone’s password and the typical quad-zero, but nothing. My t401g won’t find the studio but it does find my computer (always could though).


      • Little hard to remember the details now, thru the fog of time and annoyance. Yes, I connected thru bluetooth but found that rather slow. I had ordered one of the USB cords and that was MUCH faster.

        Make sure you are using NEW PC Studio. The one I used is version 1.5 and has a square blue icon with the letters NPS in it. When I tried their PC Studio software, which is up to version 3.5 I think, I had the ‘port is in use’ problem.

        Also, I am running windows 7. The password it asks for is offered up by the PC when connection is being made and has to be typed into a corresponding box on the phone when it responds. Or, at least, that is how I remember it.

  62. I was only doing contacts but it had icons for pictures and music and calendar, I believe.

    At the moment I am a bit unhappy with Net10 because I only get 1 bar at my house (sometimes not that) and less where I work and they don’t seem sympathetic as long as I can make a call from my house when talking to them. Went thru much the same thing with Tracfone and SIM Cards early on. We’ll see if they straighten up and fly right anytime soon.

  63. Hi Paul
    In my experience, the w376g is the best-ever Trac, Net10 or Straight Talk GSM phone when it comes to signal reception. I would say it’s definitely better than the t401g for reception, but that difference probably isn’t enough to account for a huge drop in signal. I know you’re pretty knowledgeable about this phone stuff, but I have to ask the question – is the SIM card in the new phone the same carrier as in the old phone? I.E. was one t-mobile and the other ATT, or are they the same. If this question doesn’t make any sense to you, it might be interested in reading the following posts:

  64. Yes, I have a T-mobile SIM and Yes, I am convinced that is the trouble. I have not yet been able to convince Net10, however.

    With the W376G I originally had a T-mobile Sim and it was lousy but finally got TF to send me an ATT and it was fine.

    Many strange things with the Net10 phone. Within a couple of miles of my house there are places I can dependably get 4 bars of signal but the ‘No Signal’ icon is also displayed and attempting to make a call gets an ‘Emergency Calls Only’ screen.

    I still had a few minutes left on my Tracfone, so I called them to have them assign a new phone number to it so that I could make calls. They wouldn’t do it. They insist that they must send me a new Sim card. Which I am sure will be a T-mobile. Bizarre.

    Thanks for the article on SIM cards. I will definitely do my research on zip codes next time.


  65. Well, phone is headed back to Net10. They were adamant that I had good service in my area (even though they could not make my phone ring) and I had had enough. Once it is returned and my refund processed (I lose the cost of shipping it back to them) I may make use of your SIM card info and buy one retail with an ATT SIM. I do like the phone, if only it would make phone calls.

  66. Hello pbushx2,

    In this your 3rd installment of the T401G (Net10) Samsung phone I noticed that you list 5 ways to copy the pictures from the phone to the computer. Number 4 is below…

    “4.USB – For some reason, this only works if you have a memory card installed – the USB cable I have could read only the memory card, not the phone’s internal memory. But it was still an easy process then to copy files from the memory card to my computer – just drag and drop.”

    By “Memory Card” did you mean SIM Card? I realize there is a slot for a Micro SD Card, but that can be read by most computers using a “Micro SD to SD Adapter” so that’s why I’m wondering if you’re referring to the SIM Card.

    BTW – when using the USB Data Cable do you need to have some type of software to copy the text messages from the SIM card to the PC? Or is setting changing the “Phone Settings” USB Mode to Mass Storage sufficient to be able to copy Text Messages from the phone (specifically the SIM Card) to the PC.


    • Hi Again Amy
      The Memory card I refer to is the MicroSD. If you want to pull pictures directly fromt he phone without removing the card, you’ll need to have a card installed, if that makes any sense. I also added a response to your previous question that should give more info on the syncing software.

  67. As expected, when the new Tracfone SIM for the W376g arrived, it was a T-Mobile. About worthless at home and business. Works in other places. Annoyed.

    Still haven’t received refund from Net10.

  68. Samsung New PC Studio And Net10 Samsung T401g

    You must use the “New PC Studio” (there are two other similarly named products). I could only find it at the Samsung India website (link below)

    It does talk to the t401g. But you must load the Studio first before you try talking to windows with the phone via bluetooth. (That was my mistake. Studio thought another program was conflicting). So, the Studio instead of Windows 7 sees my phone. When you connect it will ask for a number, just pick 0000 for both the phone and the Studio.

    This means: you can transfer all data files, music and video. And you can transfer the Schedule! But it seems buggy as the time/date I put in (eg. 7am) ends up being 2pm?! But it can export and import the calendar but not as ical (wh/ google uses). So you’ll need yet another converter for the calendar–sigh.

    It refuses to sync the memo and messages (sms/mms). Not sure why. Guess t401g was not high on Samsung’s priority list to sync w/ computers.

    Hope this helps.

    • It also converts video to MP4. And it has an Outlook sync that mostly works (a few events did not transfer and the week view is off by 7 hours, but the day view shows the correct time).

      Hopefully, this three comments sum up the uses of the New PC Studio for the t401g.


      • Hi Shawn
        Thanks for all the helpful info on the New PC Studio. Very helpful!
        One thought – I think we in the US are about 7 hours off of the Greenwich Mean Time zone – could your outlook syncing problem be related to that?

      • Pbushx2–good thinking, but not sure why that would be: my cell phone has the right date and time (automatically of course) and my computer has the right date and time (outlook should follow my computer). But I’ll check more into it.

    • This program is pretty cool for backing up your Phone Book and transferring ring tones to the internal memory of the phone but if you have Linux and a Bluetooth dongle you can use the built in software to transfer files to the memory card and internal memory but it can’t access your phone book so you use PC Studio and VM Virtualbox running XP to transfer and backup your contacts.
      With Virtualbox and guest additions you will probably have access to your Bluetooth Dongle even if you could not find drivers for it with XP running directly on your PC as apposed through Virtualbox.
      I guess PC Studio only works with Samsung Phones because I tried to access my LG phones and got a connecting error.

    • JMC,
      You can definitely do it using bluetooth. First pair the old phone (which has the contact list) and the new phone that needs to have the contact list added to it. Next, open the contact list on the old phone. Go to options>send business card>bluetooth>All contacts. Voila! It will send them over to your new phone.
      Also, there’s been recent discussion of using a USB cable to sync with your PC, and transfer contact lists that way. Check it out here:

  69. Everytime I try to put a ringtone that I bought onto the memory card so that I can put it on my other phone, “Copy to Memory” is not highlighted on the menu screen. I just want to find a way to put the ringtone on the memory card. It also says its locked and I don’t know how to unlock it. I don’t have a usb cord for this phone and I think it’s just a waste if I buy one. Is there any possible way to do this. And I also created a folder in the memory card in the songs and music file. Thank you.

  70. Is there a way to move my contacts from my Verizon phone – Motorola Razr V3a – to my Straight Talk T401G? Also, how can I install Opera Mini on my T401G? I downloaded both version 4.2 and version 5. 4.2 gets halfway thru installatino then says it cannot connect to the internet. Version 5, after installing, gives me the error, “Java Game Error”.
    Can you help?

  71. I’m reasonably happy with the T-401G. I actually like it more than my old iPhone in many ways. The interface is a bit clunky but after awhile you get used to it, and it does what I want, which is give clear, audible calls, good signal reception, custom ringtones and bluetooth headset capability.

    There are a few annoyances, one major one is that darn browser function, which I have hit numerous times by accident and have lost a minute every time. The proprietary audio/charging plug is also an annoyance, and the lack of customization for most tones is disappointing too though at least you can change the ringtone.
    The worst thing has to be NET10 itself. As expected, the text messages were being charged 0.5 instead of 0.33, so I called them and after what seemed like an endless series of long codes punched into the phone, it finally charged me the proper amount for text messages as stated on the box. Shame on you NET10. Now if only they would round minutes UP rather than down.

  72. Shawn,pbushx2,
    I downloaded pc studio from your link. it recognizes the mass storage and ican down load mp3s to the pc. But when I try to download my phonebook or scheduler I get a message that my phone does not support phone book. Also it never asked me for any passcode either. Got any ideas?

  73. Ok, wife and I dumped big dollar AT&T (1 Razr v3 and 1 Trio680) for StraitTalk and a pair of Samsung T401G phones. We use Mac OS X. FoneSync and iSync Plugins would probably work for me as my contacts are in Address Book, but no support for the T401G. My request is in there now. Still we need to get the wife’s old Razr v3 contacts to her T401G? I did get microSD for each and thought maybe some kind of export import, but have found nothing reliable. Any suggestions?

    • Could not find anything native for Mac OS X. Our Macs are all pre-intel machines; i.e. Motorola G4 and G5. I do use iEmulator for limited XP needs. Using that with a Bluetooth connection would be gawd-awful slow. I also have a Toshiba Tablet PC running XP which I use as a really “smart” graphics tablet connected to my PowerMac (Tablet PC was cheaper than a Wacom Tablet with screen). Used the RAZR v3 driver from the MOTODEV and the Russian software to port the wife’s 23 name and number contacts. I have 150 contacts in OS X AddressBook with complex entries that include direction notes to the contacts business/home. Exporting is easy enough, but matching the limited field content of the T401g with my CSV was a bit of a task. Still, it is done. I do use iSync daily for scheduling meetings and such. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the iSync patch for more Samsung phones or treat my Tablet as a really big Palm Pilot.

  74. i miss the good old days when i could actually modify my cell to MY taste,the samsung slider from straight talk is pretty tough!is there any mods to come?

    • Glenn: I recall reading elsewhere that it refers to the type of carrier service you are using (ATT&T vs. TMobile).
      Nothing to worry about.

    • Hi Glenn, sorry this is such a late reply, but I believe that G refers to the type of data connection – G is GPRS. Some Trac/Net10/Straight Talk models run on enhanced GPRS, which is a slight step up from regular GPRS. This enhanced version would show a “e” instead of a “G.” The next step above that, I believe, would be Edge, which would be indicated by an “E.”

  75. I currently own the Samsung t301g for tracfone, and I hate it. It’s getting so calls I make or recieve are fuzzy and garbled, there’s no texting ID, it sometimes deducts minutes when I open a sent text or a text I know I already opened, it is now blocking texts randomly and I have to turn the phone off and back on again to get texts (sometimes even that doesn’t work), there is no way to get the photos off the phone (am I correct?), and today it started telling me it couldn’t connect with the SIM card… so I had to take it out, put it back in, and see if that worked.

    Will the Samsung t401g work better for me? I think it looks amazing. I have read all three of your posts on it so far, and I am only getting more and more impatient! :)

    Another thing- can you explain to me how the minute-cards and Unlimited card work for net10 versus tracfone?
    Am I correct in thinking that net10 is better for someone who talks/texts 200 minutes/month or more?

    Thank you!

    • Return it. At least with Net10 I could call in a replacement. I think Tracphone owns Net10 or vice-versa.

      Also: Net10 is more clear: 10cents a minute (not so many points, etc.). That would be 150 min. a month the last I saw.

      Or: get virgin mobile for 25$/m unlimited text/data and 105 min./month (that’s what I have currently). And you can get a smartphone with virgin.

      • Hi Colleen
        Shawn makes some good points. The only thing I would add is that Sprint (which Virgin uses) doesn’t have quite as good coverage as Verizon or AT&T. So beware of that when you consider your next phone. But the VM smartphone options are pretty sweet if they cover you where you need them.

        Also, I wasn’t clear on your usage – if you talk 200 minutes a month, and text on top of that, I’d strongly suggest looking at STraight Talk. Get the $30/month plan, which gives you 1000 minutes of talk time and 1000 texts. They also carry the t401g, or it’s newer “brother,” the t404g.

        Check it out here:

      • with virgin for $25 a month you get 300min and every thing else is unlimited or at least that wat they say. so if txt more then you talk i say go with virgin

  76. Has anyone had trouble with their t401g going into a reboot cycle? My wife tried powering hers up earlier this afternoon, and it shows the samsung logo, the tracfone logo, then it will power off for about 1 sec or so, then will repeat. It was fine yesterday. We fully charged the battery, tried removing the battery, but it continues this cycle. Will call customer service (samsung’s, not Net10 since it seems to be a phone issue, not a service issue). Just wondered if anyone else had issues…

      • Just to update:

        Tried Samsung’s customer service, and was directed to Net10 (figures). Called Net10, and was surprised at the experience – almost no hold time and talked to someone who tried to be helpful. They are sending a replacement phone, and we’ll send the inoperable back one to them. I searched for some time about this issue and came up with nothing. I’d be curious to know the problem.

        Thanks pbushx2 for your reviews and this site. It was your review that made me decide to buy the t401g for my wife to begin with. :)

        • David, Glad they are working with you on this. I think it was most likely just a lemon, and hopefully will be smooth sailing from here on out!

  77. Hello again – just wanted to give a further update. We received a replacement phone as promised, got it setup. My wife turned it off when the battery was low to save power, and the same problem occurred as the 1st one – the two logo screens, power off, and restart. Tried charging the battery, etc. Called Net10 again and they are sending another replacement – this time the t404 after I explained my desire to not try another 401. So we’ll see what happens. Thanks all!

  78. Ok. First of all, I want to point out how great this phone is for basic uses (Calling, texting, web, etc.), but I’m a person that likes to get the most out of my phone & to do this, I’ve been researching a lot about the Samsung SGH-T401G on Google so that’s how I got here…

    I’ve found many sites that help you customize your phone (,, & are my favorites in case if anybody else wants to use them as well).

    The only problem I have is that I recently downloaded this web browser app “” (which I highly recommend because it speaks for itself when you go to this link) & after I downloaded this App I could easily access it under “My Games” on the T401G, but once it loaded, the main page says “Connection failed”.

    Is there a way to get a connection with certain apps after downloading them to your T401G? I know that there has to be a way & if anyone knows how then please share the steps.

    Side Note: I also downloaded Youtube from “”, but it says “Connecting… Connecting to YouTube. This may take a few seconds.” when in reality, it’s never going to stop connecting most likely because of the same reason my UC Web won’t connect.

    & Thank you…

  79. Well it seems I might be a bit late to this party since I just got my T401G from Radio Shack this weekend. I had an old Net10 Motorola V117 phone and saw this phone and it seemed to have everything I wanted, and it was on sale for $29.95 so I got it.

    The first thing I wanted to do was to download my Outlook Contacts but much to my dissapointment there was no way to do it. I dreaded having to do it by hand, since there would surely be typos no matter how careful I was. I was dumbfounded when both Net10 and Samsung said they had nothing for the T401G.

    Another problem that I ran into was the phone didn’t recognize any om my MP4 files and only a few JPEG files. Net10 tech support was not very helpful on either the JPEG, MP4, or the Outlook problems.

    After some searching on the web I’m happy to report I have a solution to all of the problems and thought I post the info here.

    First off you have to download the New PC Studio from Samsung. There is nothing on their sit for the T401g phone, but I figured that since Net10 really doesn’t own any network, I’d search the ATT/Samsung combination. Sure enough the PC Studio is available for many ATT phones, here’s a link to one of them…
    Just select the “Software” tab and you will see: SAMSUNG New PC Studio,PC Sync (Software) (ver. Download it and install it.

    Then export your Outlook contact list to a .CSV file, and open it in Excel. Eliminate the extraneous fields and just keep the First Name, Last Name, and eMail address. Save the file in .CSV format, and then you can open it with the New PC Studio and import it. You can include more fields from Outlook if you wish, but they will not be transferred to the phone. There is a default Mail application where you can map the fields in the New PC studio to be sent to the phone. I connected with Bluetooth, and transferred the contact list no problem. The nice thing about New PC Studio is that you can edit the phone contacts on your PC and not have to fiddle with the phone’s keyboard.

    The other problem was with the JPEG’s. Turns out there is a limitation as to the resolution that you can display on the phone. Here’s what I found out:

    File Types:

    JPG Limit: 1280 x 1024
    PNG Limit: 1182 x 864
    GIF Limit: 1182 x 864

    Resolution Settings:

    1280 X 1024
    1280 X 960
    1182 X 864
    1024 X 768
    800 X 600
    640 X 480
    320 X 240
    176 X 144
    160 X 120
    128 X 96


    Caller ID Image
    Group ID Image
    Picture Mail
    Auto Scalable

    Most all of my images are a higher resolution than that and you can adjust them with a photo editor, but I found a much easier way. If you start up the app Media Manager, you can highlight any of the JPEG’s you want to have on your phone, and then transfer them using Bluetooth. The program automatically converts whatever they were to something that the phone can handle automatically so once the transfer is complete, you can view any JPEG on the phone. And as an extra added bonus, the Media Manager does the same thing with MP4’s. Any movie transfered with the Media Manager plays on the phone, no problem.

    The Media manager transfers the information to the phone’s memory which is limited to 50megs. So you will have to limit your transfers to 50megs at a time. But the good news is that if you get a 2GB SD card, you can move the files from the Phone’s memory to the SD card easily enough. I haven’t found a way to get Media Manager to transfer the files directly to the SD card, but that would be the best way to do it. Moving them is a small inconvience I can live with.

    Now I’m really happy with my Samsung T401g phone. Much happier that I was a few days ago.

    Al Kalian

  80. I thought I’d follow up on some new things that I discovered since the last post. I ordered a USB cable but it hadn’t arrived when I wrote my first post. It arrived today and I was looking forward to faster transfers. To be honest, I was quite dissapointed.

    The file transfers are very slow using the proprietary USB cable. It isn’t anywhere near USB speeds when connected directly to a computer using a regular USB cable. It’s much easier, and much faster to just remove the SD card from the phone and put it in a Card Reader and connect the Card Reader via a normal USB cable and you will get normal USB transfer speeds.

    Another problem with the USB cable is that you can only transfer files to the SD card, not the phone’s memory. So sending Outlook contact information doesn’t work. Furthermore anything that you do transfer to the SD card is transferred as it is on disk, even though you use the Media Manager. If the videos or jpegs don’t match the phones specs, you will not be able to play them. Unfortunately the Media Manager does *not* re-format the videos or images as it does when transferring with Bluetooth.

    So if you already have a SD Card Reader, you really don’t need the USB cable. It’s slow and cannot transfer anything to the phones memory directly, nor does it re-format anything to the correct phone specs.

    Sending via the Media Manager and Bluetooth, while slow, will re-format any video or jpeg so the phone will recognize and play it. But Bluetooth sends directly to the phone’s memory so you can transfer Outlook contacts, and any other files up to the 50meg or so limit. But it cannot transfer files directly to the SD card. So you will have to move the files to the SD card to make room for more. A minor inconvience.

    I also have some good news to report on durablilty of the Samsung T401g. After having it for less than a week, it slid off the counter, and dropped face down, right on the screen. (??) I anxiously picked it up off the floor, and turned it on. It started right up, not a scratch on the screen, and the phone was none the worse for wear after the 3 foot drop on it’s face.


  81. I’ve had the phone for a year now and continue to be pretty happy with it.

    Managed to hack together a vertical case. Don’t understand the popularity of horizontal cases. Just now found the link to such a case in the other review page.

    Before I created this case I was using one which did not hold it well and it dropped out of the case on a work site and got stepped on. The ground was pretty soft and the phone survived but the glass faceplate cracked. Have not been able to find a source for a replacement faceplate. Only a mild annoyance.

    Closest thing to a major annoyance is that I can’t get the phone out of the case without hanging up on the call. It appears that touching any button or slightly opening the keyboard hangs it up. (more than likely it is two touches but that is what happens) I would think there would be a setting to restrict the answer/hangup to a specific button or action but I cannot find such.

    OTOH, it was only on here I found the secret to putting it into standby – holding down the * key. I wonder if there are other such hidden tricks?

    Oh, yeah. For those of you anticipating the ATT vice TMobile SIM Card fight … Look up the section on reading the codes on the box and then buy it at Walmart where you can see the codes. Or, when you order from Net10, tell them it will be a gift to someone who lives in an ATT area code.

    Thanks for running this site. It is worth gold.


  82. More on hang-up buttons.

    When I set an alarm on the phone and it goes off, pressing any button other than what is normally the Menu button or the OK button puts it into snooze mode. All the keyboard buttons, the volume control buttons, the camera button. Opening the slider only works if you open it all the way. Still, it is near impossible to get it out of the case without pressing one of these.

    And once in snooze mode, I can find no way to shut it off without waiting for it to go off again.

    (Well, I can go into the menus and shut off the alarm function, but I want it to go off once a day, so I would have to turn it back on again.)

    So I end up holding it in my hand until it goes off again.

    Does anyone have any easy solutions?

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