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First the deals, but if you have a bluetooth phone, especially one you’ve purchased just recently, be sure to read on for more tips on setting up your contact list. Walmart is currently offering a couple of bargains, if you can find them. They have the Net10 T401g, with an accessory kit, for $60. This price is NOT available online.

There is also a bundle deal featuring the Samsung T301g plus DMFL, a year of service, 200 bonus minutes, and an accessory kit for $69.88. This deal is available online, and in stores if you’re lucky enough to find it. Also, there is a rumor that in CDMA areas this same deal is available on the LG 290c but that one is NOT available online and at this point I would call it “just a rumor.”

Now, for the other tips:

After going through the comments on these phones and reading more on various forums, I’ve learned a few more things about the two new Samsung phones I’ve reviewed recently. First, on the T401g, I took the advice of some people who posted in the comments section and tried harder to access extra content on the browser. I was able to get to Facebook, Yahoo! mail, and Gmail.

I did this by using the search bar at the top of the browser homepage. I typed in the name of the site I wanted to access (i.e. “Facebook”) and clicked on the first link that came up in the search results. In each case I was able to get in to the site. I even sent an email from my Yahoo! account just to make sure it worked. Everything worked great. Others have said that you can go to sites that have a dedicated mobile portion by typing in the URL of their mobile site, such as for Facebook’s mobile version.

Some people had success that way; I had better luck searching for the site name. In either case, once you’ve been to a site it will show up in your history so you can click through to it that way. I have not tried this personally with the r451c, but I’ve read that it works the same way.

The next feature I discovered is using bluetooth to transfer contacts between phones. I was able to send my entire contact list from my T401g to my r451c. I also tested with the LG 290c, 220c, and 600g, and was able to receive contacts by bluetooth on all of those phones as well. How to easily transfer contacts has been an ongoing question among people upgrading phones, and it looks like bluetooth will be a solution for those people.

With so many different phones, I can’t possibly explain exactly how to do this with each model, but I’ll explain what worked for me: I first paired my T401g with the phone I wanted to send the contacts to. Then, I went to my contacts list, chose “options,” and “send business card via…” and then “bluetooth.” After that, I could choose to send just the currently selected contact entry, all contacts, all contacts saved on the phone, or all contacts saved on the SIM. These menu options will vary among phones – on a few other phones I tested, I was able to go through my contact list and check a box next to each entry I wanted to transfer. And on the EM326g and 600g, I could only send contacts one-by-one, but it was still better than entering them by hand.

The phones send the contact list as .vcf files, which might also be referred to as a vCard file or “business card.” If you are having trouble finding the correct menu option on your particular phone, you may want to look for one of those.

This is also interesting because .vcf is a pretty universal standard for contact info. This opens the door for some interesting possibilities of transferring contacts by computer. For example, I like to keep my master contacts list in my Yahoo email account. I was able to download all those contacts in a single batch, with the batch zip file containing a separate vcf file for each contact. I then sent a few of those contacts, one at a time, from my computer to my T401g. It may take some tinkering, but I think this should be possible with most phones that accept “push” bluetooth services, including the t401g, r451c, 290c, 220c, 600g, and possibly the EM326g.

Even if your old phone doesn’t have bluetooth, I think this should work if you have another way to get the contacts list to your computer (such as with a sim card reader). You could then convert that list to vcf format, then send it over to your phone. Even if you have to do some typing on your computer keyboard, for example by manually entering your contacts from your old phone into outlook or an online email service, it should be easier than manually entering your entire list into your phone.

I hope this is helpful to some of you as you upgrade phones. Like I said above, I can’t provide support on how to do this with specific models, but hopefully this is enough information to give you an idea of what’s possible and get you started in the right direction. If you have success transferring files this way, please do share your experience in the comments section of this post (including the “transferred from” and “transferred to” devices).

Finally, before I go I wanted to point out a comment made by “Billy Zimmerman” regarding how he was successful with syncing contacts on his from his new Straight Talk Razr V3a:

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  1. oh yeah i’ve been going on the mobile web for a while now on my samsung t301g and got on facebook, the sims, and hulu and youtube but wasn’t able to watch any videos. I had to go on them using the tracfone search bar and had to go on the mobile version of facebook, but no pictures showed up on any of the pages!

  2. As Lexi said above,

    The T301g will also allow you to access outside websites. I could get to and log in to Facebook and Yahoo mail. They all had a link on the bottom of the page to add to my MEdia Net Homepage, which is showing that AT&T’s internet access is showing up on Tracfone. But when you get to the MEdia Net Homepage, you can’t click on the links (403 Forbidden) but you can get to your saved ones (Facebook, Yahoo, etc.) I was also able to get to JSOnline’s (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) mobile website by typing it in Tracfone’s searchbar. This is a big step forward on Trac’s web browser!

  3. You can access outside websites on the Motorola W376g, I was able to get on to facebook’s mobile web, and log into my account.

  4. Thanks for the great info on this site. I found a Tracfone Samsung T301 bundle on sale at Radio Shack this week for $29.99. I was looking through the flyer online and noticed it(back page). It must only be available in stores as the site doesn’t list it on sale. Also I don’t know what areas are covered by the sale and the website doesn’t reflect the sale price, but if your’re interested in this phone it might be worth checking if it’s available in your area.

  5. Edit: Can I Got To Myspace Mobile If I Type In Myspace On THe Search Bar And Click On The Myspace Mobile Result? On A Tracfone Samsung T301G Prepaid

  6. Does anyone know how to put an internet viewer like opera mini on one of these phones? I have the t401g, and it would really be helpful to get on the internet faster and maybe not even use any minutes. Any help will be appreciated.

  7. How do you make the lg 600g connect to the samsung t301g via Bluetooth? I have both, will be doing a number airtime transfer in a few days and need to get some pics from the lg to the samsung. I already put all my contacts in by hand.

  8. To go to My Space mobile, open the menu page, open “browser”, then click on ‘options” , “go to URL” then type in It should open to the sign in page. remeber to hit ‘options again and save it as a favorite to get to it quicker again.

    One thing I have found on my new samsung, is that it needs almost full cell bars to get to net sites. If it doesnt have enough signal bars, the browser wont open and I get a message saying “Error 36, check data Restrictions’…When I move to a place with more bars, they open up again…

  9. I know this has nothing to do with the subjectline, but, just because of how great and conveniant the network and plan deals sound…sometime soon (between the end of this week, and the beginning of January 2010, I’m gonna switch from TracFone to StraightTalk). I’m gonna try (just for now)to get their Moto w385 and unlimited plan deal [mainly so I don’t have to worry about minutes as much any more, like I have to do with TracFone- whenever I wanna call, text, and browse the web]I just like to think of ST as a more improved version of TracFone haha! [just thought I’d share :]

  10. Thanks so much for publishing this info regarding transfer of contact list on Straight Talk. My husband is considering purchase of a new Straight Talk phone and was not looking forward to retyping all of his contacts. We tested the bluetooth between our phones, and it seems to be working great. (We only transferred two contacts.)

  11. Hello All, I was able to Bluetooth my entire Contacts list(161 entries) from a Blackberry Curve to my Mac laptop, then on to my Straight Talk(ST) Samsung r451c phone.

    Back story: My Blackberry would send all 161 Contacts, but my ST phone would accept only the first entry and no more… As a work-around, I sent all 161 Contacts to my Mac laptop from my Blackberry via Bluetooth, then sent all 161 Contacts from Mac laptop to ST phone via Bluetooth. Unfortunately my ST phone would accept only one contact at a time, which is a slow and tedious process, but definitely better than thumb-typing in all those Contacts, Cell+Home+Work+Etc. #s, and email addresses!

    My ST Samsung r451c phone indicates that it will send Contacts both individually and as “Mark All” option via Bluetooth. I tested the “Mark All” feature/option, but, at least with my ST phone, it will only send Contacts one-at-a-time. Maybe you will have better luck. The one-at-a-time issues I encountered could be related to using a Mac, vs. a PC.

    In addition, I contacted CelleBrite(, the company that makes the data transfer machines commonly used to transfer cell phone Contacts/Address Books, and they said that they are “working on a software update for Straight Talk phones and will be available in the near future”. Best Buy says they will transfer Contacts/Address Books for $10, though they might do it for free(like Sprint, Verizon, etc., retail stores) if they are not too busy and you ask nicely. Best of luck!

    • You rock!! I was able to set up the devices to recognize each other through bluetooth and then send all contacts. I was able to go phone to phone. I had a Samsung Instinct and went to the R451C. Thanks for the tip!

  12. I read above how someone transferred their contacts from their Blackberry to their Samsung R451C, but does anyone know how to transfer contacts from s Samsung R451C phone to s Mac computer? I’ve used Bluetooth to transfer photos, etc. but don’t know how to transfer my contacts so I have a backup.


    • Steve, I know longer have the r451c, but if I remember correctly you can do this by bluetooth. You’ll first need to make sure it’s paired to your computer. Then to go to the phone’s contacts menu, and view the contacts list. Then click on the “options” submenu, and one of the options is “send business card.” Then select “bluetooth.” Next you should see an option to send only the selected contacts, or some other groups of contacts including “call contacts.” That is the one you want. Hopefully I’ve remembered this correctly, but if not it should be something quite similar to that. The “send business card” is the place to start.

      • I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my question but my computer can see my phone as a bluetooth device and I added my computer to my phone as a “registered” device in the bluetooth menu but when I go to:

        Contacts > Options > Send Name Card Via Bluetooth > Mark All > Done > my phone comes back with a message that says: “No Registered Devices.”

        I also tried accessing my Contacts from my computer but the only folders visible for my phone (on my computers desktop) are IMAGES, MUSICS, SOUNDS. I even tried creating a CONTACTS folder from my computer into the phone but it keeps saying: “The last operation failed: bad request”

        Got any other ideas?

        I can see in my computers Bluetooth preferences that I am connected to my phone. I tried b

        • Hi Steve
          This is a stupid question, but is your bluetooth definitely turned on? Other than that, I’m baffled.

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