LG 220c Review Part 1

As I’ve been promising, I’m finally ready to start posting my reviews of the LG 290c, LG 220c, and LG 100c. I’m going to be doing it a little differently than normal, though. Since these phones share many common characteristics, I will be combining portions of the review. I’ll start with an overview of each model individually throughout this week. Toward the end of the week or into the weekend,

Picture of the LG 220cLG 220c

I’ll post my review of the features the three models have in common. Next week, I’ll begin wrapping it all up with summaries for each individual phone. Here’ the first part of the

LG 220c review:

General Overview

The LG 220c is a clamshell phone using the CDMA network, which provides very good coverage and especially outperforms the GSM network in many rural areas. It is available for TracFone at $19.99, Net10 at $39.99, and Straight Talk for $39.99.

I really like the compact size and light weight of this model – it weighs in at a super-light 2.9 oz., which feels especially light in comparison to the Samsung QWERTY phones I’ve reviewed recently. It measures 3.5 x 1.8 x .75 inches, making it more compact than any other flip phone I’ve ever used. It scores very high on that “how does it slide in and out of your pocket” metric that many people seemed to be concerned with. On the other hand, I guess it could be easy to lose, for you ladies with a lot of stuff in your purse.

Part of the reason the 220c is so compact is that it does not have an mp3 player, memory card slot or camera. However, it does have bluetooth, speaker phone, and a nice color external display. For you TracFone users considering this phone, keep in mind that most versions do NOT include Double Minutes for Life. However, some Walmart stores in CDMA territory offer specially-marked packages including the LG 220c, an accessory kit, and DMFL for about the same price as the phone alone at other locations.


The external appearance is, in my opinion, very clean and sleek. It reminds me a lot of the LG 600g, except the 220c is even sleeker looking. The metallic trim on the 220c might not appeal to everyone, but I think it’s minimal enough to be attractive without being too much.

As I mentioned above, the external display is quite nice. The color screen is fairly large as far as external screens go, measuring about one inch diagonally. On this display, you can get a lot of information at a glance, including current time and date, signal meter, text and voicemail message indicators, ringer volume setting (silent, alarm only, vibrate only, or regular ringer), and battery meter.

Some people don’t like light-weight phones because they think the phones feel cheap or flimsy, but that was definitely NOT the impression I got from this model. It seems to be durable and relatively high-quality. The hinge has enough “give” to it that there’s not much worry of accidentally breaking the hinge, but not so much that it’s wobbly or flimsy during use.


I still have more to say about this model, obviously, but if you’re looking for my first impression, I really like it. I think it’s a nice update on the reliable but somewhat outdated LG 3280 and LG 200c CDMA models previously available for TracFone, Net10 and Straight Talk. If you don’t need a camera or mp3 player, I think the LG 220c is a bargain at the relatively low prices being asked.

In my review of the common features shared by these three LG models, I’ll go into more specifics on why I think this is such a valuable little device.

Note: I have a material relationship with one or more of the brands mentioned in this post.

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  1. Currently on the Net10 website you can purchase the em326g for $49.99. They have dropped the price on the phone $10. If you take advantage of the 3 promo codes you can purchase the phone, get free shipping and free accessory kit for $41.99. I know it works because I just did it and with tax my total was $43 and some change. Thanks for the info and the codes!!

  2. I purchased a LG220 at Walmart a couple of weeks ago with the double minute feature for less that $24.00. This is my 3rd Tracfone and I agree with all of the comments above. I really like this phone, easy to set up phone listings, easy to make calls from the phone listings. The only problem that took some time to figure out so far is that the phone has to be on to have the alarm work.

    If you need a nice an easy to use phone with few extra features, this is the one to check out.

    • Larry – what location did you buy the phone with double minutes? I am looking to gift this to someone in S Dakota (hence need the CDMA) but in my area (Iowa) DMFL is not available on this phone? I wonder if I can order it from elsewhere?

      • I purchased my lg 220c at local Walmart about 2 to 3 weeks before Thanksgiving. I am in Northwestern IL. It came with double minutes, carrying case, ear phone and 2 chargers.

  3. I bought the LG220C as part of the Straight Talk program a few weeks ago, and so far I’m very happy with it! Everything stated in the review is spot on! Comfortable, lightweight, easy to handle, good sound quality (less so, of course, with speaker phone).

    However, I don’t know why certain calls come through and others don’t. (Volume of ringers, locations… all the same!) Another puzzler: a friend (in my contact list) called numerous times yesterday, but only one call came through and it came up as “Restricted”! Anyone have any clue as to what that’s about?

  4. Does anyone know if the LG220C can send email to a contact, store a contact’s email address in phone book, do instant messaging on aol ,and facebook account? Thanks.

    • I am not sure if it can send emails to a recipient’s contact. It can store a contact’s email address in the phone book, under the “Email 1” box (in that case, sending email might be possible, but if not, just send a text to the party you are communicating with. As for instant messaging on AOL and posting on Facebook, I don’t think the phone would be capable of doing that.

  5. I purchased a LG220c about a week ago. As I remember from some of your previous reviews, you do not have a car with bluetooth to test that compatibility.

    But I do. I have a 2010 Ford product with Microsoft SYNC (bluetooth). Following instructions in the Services Guide included with the phone, the LG was able to find the car and noted it as SYNC. So I entered the security code, and everything worked. My car SYNC screen does not indicate with text when the phone is connected/disconnected, but my LG does. I have sent and received several calls via the SYNC/phone, and it all seems to work.

    My car has a setting which automatically tries to download the LG phonebook every time they connect. I enabled that feature, and the car downloads the LG phonebook just fine. In an earlier message on your forum, a Prius owner said this featured did not work with his car.

    I also procured the Universal Accessory Kit from Tracfone, using the promotion number you have posted. However, be warned that the kit does NOT contain an adapter for the LG220c. I called Tracfone, and they confirmed this. Apparently if one tries to BUY the Accessory Kit with an LG220c, it will be rejected by Tracfone’s computer. The saleslady surmised that because I used the promo code, that is why it was not rejected on my order. Walmart bundles an Accessory Kit with the LG220c that they sell. The saleslady thought it might be different, but she was not sure. CDMA phones are not available at our local stores, so I have no way to check this. Perhaps one of your readers that bought this phone at a retail store can check on that.

    I have only had the phone for a week, and this is the first bluetooth phone that I have owned. But it APPEARS that the battery needs charging much more frequently than my LG3280c (which does not have bluetooth). This is based on having the phone connected to the car via bluetooth, but not being used for a call. I don’t know if battery life is something you check in your reviews of bluetooth phones or not.

    The Services Guide provided by Tracfone is of limited value, and the Quick Start guide available on the Tracfone website is not of much value either. I used the complete User Guide that came with my LG3280c to help me set this new one up—but of course there are features on the LG220c not on the LG3280c. So if you could find a “real” user guide, it would be much appreciated (the LG website does not even list the 220c.)

    For the lady who asked if the LG220c could store a contact’s email address in it’s phone book, the answer is yes. I do not use the web browser portion of the phone (I wish there was some way to disconnect it), so I do not know the answers to her other questions.

    Thanks for all your great investigative work. It was your articles that led me to the CGMA phones, which I use successfully when I travel to areas where my old GSM phone would not work.

      • Thanks so much for the user manual link. It will be a tremendous help to my 80-year-old dad in using his new 220C. I wish Tracfone appreciated that many of its users are low-tech people who need a real manual when they buy a phone. And the print in the quick-start version on their website is truly microscopic.

      • I just found a draft version of the phone’s user manual and printed it out. When I bought this phone last weekend, it didn’t come with this manual; all it had was the charger, the color glossy services and steps guide, and the activation card. I had a hell of a time trying to locate where I could find a manual for me to print out. The TracFone site had one, but printing it out from there would have been a hassle (as well as a waste of paper and ink). Another interesting thing is when I bought the phone, the packaging had a sticker saying it had unlimited double minutes for life in it. That was so cool, and I knew that I wouldn’t have to spend $25.00 for a Double Minutes card. With everything, this phone costs about $20.00 at Wal-Mart. You can’t beat that!!! 😉

    • Harry wrote: “I do not use the web browser portion of the phone (I wish there was some way to disconnect it) … ”

      To lock (not disconnect) the LG220C’s web browser, do the following:

      Navigate thru menus “Settings > Security > Restrictions > Data” (9 > 3 > 2 > 5). (At the “Security” screen, you’ll need to enter your phone’s lock code in order to unlock it. If you never used the code before or changed it, the default code is probably the last four digits of your phone number.)

      In the “Data” screen, select “Lock” (2). “Data” is now locked, and you won’t be able to use your phone’s web browser.

      And of course, you unlock “Data” again by selecting “Unlock” (1) in the the “Data” Screen.

  6. On LG220C: Is clock ALWAYS displayed externally when phone is on?
    Is there a side button to light ext. display like on the LG600?

    Why didn’t Patrick tell us this > To disable browser !
    (CAUTION: This MIGHT disable txt messaging too, but probably NOT!)

    Push the “Menu” button, then “Settings”, then “Security”.
    “Lock Code” will appear on the screen.
    Enter the last four digits of your phone number, then press the “OK” button.
    Choose “Restrictions”, then “Data”.
    Under “Data” you will have the choice “Lock”. “Unlock” is already checked. When you either move your cursor to “Lock” or push the #2 key, you will get the message “Data is restricted”.


  7. My LG220C’s external display does not stay on all the time when my phone is on. I want to know if it’s the way this phone’s supposed to be. Can I make the external display stays on all the time like the LG225G I used to have?

    • To answer your question, yes, it is the way the phone’s supposed to be. This is not a defect of the phone; it is just to help save battery power. There is no way for you to make the external display stay lit while the phone is on. It will light back up when you have an incoming call (showing the caller’s info), and when you flip open the phone. Hope this info helps!

  8. I am very interested in the LG290c, but the fact that the browser can be inadvertently activated in my purse is obviously a deal-breaker. Has anyone tried the mentioned method to disable the browser(which I never use) and did it NOT affect the text (which I use often)??

  9. Hey, hey, hey, (Patrick, Mia, & MJ),

    Above Mia posted a link for a LG220C Manual,
    AWESOME ! Well, if you read it, go to 9.3.2 for
    Restrictions. It seems you have 3 distinct choices.
    (This PROBABLY applies to the LG290C as well).
    Restrict Calls?, Messaging, or DATA. So Mia & MJ,
    although I haven’t personally tried it yet, it
    looks like the Data choice won’t affect the
    MJ you should be able to disable all keys on
    your 290C, for when it’s in your purse, etc. Most
    “bar” style phones (that is those with constantly
    exposed keys) have a total keyboard lock or keylock
    function. When enabled, it requires a certain
    sequence of keys to be pressed in order to enable
    it again. The chances of those keys being randomly
    pressed in the correct order, while bouncing around
    in your pocket or purse would be small. :)
    I ordered the 220C and should get it Monday. I’m
    not so excited though, because it looks like the
    external display MIGHT BE as USELESS as the one on
    the Samsung T201G, which SOMEONE (Ahemmmmm…)
    so nicely warned us about.
    Hey PB, did you know this one? If you get a
    random text message, you don’t want to open and
    waste minutes, instead of hitting view, push the
    send key, the number that sent it will temporarily
    display, then QUICKLY HANGUP or you will be charged
    a call(text). Then if you recognize the number, at
    least you’ll know who the text message was from,
    and consequently if you really want to read it or
    NOT. :)
    Anywho,,,, Happy New Year everybody !!!

    • That’s a great tip on the “reply” technique of identifying text message senders – I’ll have to keep that in mind and share it with the readers. Seems like it could be dangerous, though, as you could end up getting charged and still not getting to read the message, meanwhile your friend has a weird blank message.

  10. I am going to stick with the LG 200c. No external buttons to get clicked in my pocket. I will do my browsing on my computer.

  11. Hi i recieved the lg220c for christmas and im very pleased with it other than the fact that it will not support downloadable ringtones, i have straight talk.

    is there anyway you know of how my phone can support them?


  12. I have a problem with my LG220C if I leave the phone on after about 5 hours it gives an alarm that the battery needs to be charged. Trac phone sent me a new phone to replace this one. But this phone does the same thing am I doing something wrong are is there a defect in some of these phones or am I just getting phones with a defective battery. The package the phone came in states that the phone should last 2 and 12 hours talk time and 10 days in stand by. Any one have an idea about this.

    • Hey Roger,
      Maybe there’s some bad batch of batteries, or some glitch in your phones that is burning up battery life. I’ve
      been using an old battery from my LG600G, which is the same,
      and it seems to last quite awhile.

      Hey Everyone,
      The Data Restriction mentioned above disables the browser perfectly, without any known side effects. I live in a GSM zipcode, consequently transferring my phone number took
      about 10 days to get it working on CDMA/Verizon’s network. The
      220C has a tiny, dual side button to check time externally,
      without having to open the phone, yeah! If you get the busy
      signal or an unanswered ring, it seems you must hang up fast,
      or you will be charged a minute/unit or even 2, if you let it
      ring too long. I don’t know how many seconds before you’re
      charged. PBush, do you know? btw, my phone is a Net10.
      I haven’t tried the bluetooth yet, however I hear it’s limited,
      I don’t have a PC cable for it, and I haven’t tried the
      accessory kit, which I got with the order code, because people
      say it won’t work anyway. I wish there was a shortcut key to
      the alarm clocks, a quicker way to shut off an alarm
      externally without going into snooze mode, and a way to change
      my default sound. Everytime I set a new alarm, I have to
      change the sound. All rings default to “Surf in the Groove”,
      which isn’t loud enough for me. I like a louder distinctive,
      ring, which gets my attention. I GUESS I COULD READ THE MANUAL,
      EHH? :) I hope it gives me options for the things I’ve


      • Donno, the default on all TracFone and CDMA phones is to charge a minute 15 seconds after a call is started, even if the other party does not answer. This can be annoying. However, it can also work to your advantage, such as if you call someone and it immediately goes to voicemail. If you don’t care to leave a message, you can hang up right away and not get charged.

  13. Hello,

    I bought a phone from Walmart (Straight Talk lg220c).

    Is there a way I can block out numbers that call me that I do not want calling me? Would this be under “restrictions” menu 93?

    thanks much!

  14. My old tracfone lg (not sure of model #… 4 years old, the first of the lg cdma flip phones–maybe 3280?) has expried, and rather that reactivate an old battery and a phone that went through the washer and has had a problem with the number 1 since then (I have 911 on speed dial…duh….) I thought I’d get another basic and inexpensive lg. The 220C seems to fit the bill.

    Does anyone know if the charger port is the same? Or am I going to have to get new accessories for the car charger, etc?

  15. Hi Patrice –
    Unfortunately, the charger port is not the same. The good news is that LG tends to use the same charger port on most, if not all, of their recent phones, so you can find accessories readily on eBay, Amazon, etc. If you had a headset for your 3280, that port is the same on the 220c as well.

    • thanks, pb. I found that out last night when I bought a 290C and a 220C (for a friend–great starter phone, and I knew I’d know how to walk him through it after having had a similar LG before.)

      Both were deals at Walmart — currently at tracfone.com the 220c is 19.99 and comes with some accessories, and the double minute card is on sale for 19.99 (so 40 bucks for both)– but at my eastern WA wally-world I got a package with the phone, accesoories and DMforLife for just 19.98. And the 290 at TF is 49.99 and has DMforLife, but accessories are extra–at Walmart the accessories were included with DM and phone for this price. Sweet.

      Have not had a chance to make calls yet (no cell coverage for 40 miles around here in my rural area), but sound quality of ringtones, etc are what I’d expect so far.

      And I expect to be pleased, as your review of the last lg tracfone I bought 3-4 yrs ago was right on the money…if I hadn’t sent it through the washer it would still be my phone (it actually went through washer a few days after purchase, and I dried it with a hairdryer after taking apart as much as I could and it’s been ok–just the #1 sticks some and for under 50 bucks I might as well replace it while I have no minutes to transfer and before the battery needs replacing 😉

  16. I have LG220c and LG-LX290 and would like to transfer the ringtones from 220c to LX290. Have the usb cable to transfer to pc then to LX290. How?

    • Hi Fairiemom
      Unfortunately, these models cannot be connected to a computer by USB (that function is blocked by the phone’s software). You MAY be able to do this with bluetooth, but I”m not positive it will work with the 220. Check out the following page, as well as the comments, for more info on opening up the bluetooth on the 290c:
      I’m not sure, but the 220c might follow the same pattern except use 220 at the end of the program code, instead of 290.

  17. OK, I came in today looking for USB info, as well– but not for data transfer–I want a USB Charger, so I don’t have to carry around all sorts of Ac & auto charging devices for both my mini netbook AND my LG 290c phone. I’m not finding anything…do you happen to know the ‘name’ of the lg290’s charger port for more specific searching? (or have a link to a charging device?)

  18. @Patrice: I just exchanged my TracFone LG290c that had a broken pixel at a very cool smaller town franchise-owned Radio Shack (Hanson’s). They are well-versed and only sell Qualcomm 3G CDMA TracFones that run well on the (semi-rural) U.S. Cellular network here – that is, south-central WI. For my trouble, they threw in a free LG-branded Travel Adapter with a detachable USB-to-Micro-USB cable. It charges my new 290c equally well from my PC USB port, or from AC Mains with the USB cable plugged into the AC Travel Adapter. The LG Travel Adapter part number is: STA-U12WS; Input: 100-270 Vac @ 50/60Hz, Output: 5.1 Vdc. (Part of the USB definition is the availability of DC power and power reference, a.k.a. ground, on at least two (2) pins.)

    Hope this helps. I read this forum and decided on the LG 290c based on the well-written reviews and comments here – thanks pbushx2, et. al. It replaces a Moto 376g (nice camera – too bad they forgot the antenna – hey, it’s a PHONE folks…)! Already the 290c gets 5 or 6 bars vs. 1 or maybe 2 on the 376g here, I so cannot wait for my # port to complete.

    p.s. When I use my USB port (WinXP Pro SP2) to charge my 290c, I get, and immediately cancel, a ‘Found New Hardware Wizard – LG CDMA USB modem’ pop-up.

    • Thanks much, Kevin. So, is the LG 290c’s charging port a “micro USB”? That seems a standard size (I’ve seen other usb-to-micro-usb” cables/adapters here and there.) It’s hard to believe it could be–I mean, with all the hundreds of adapter tips for different models that used to come with universal chargers for my last lg….

  19. Kevin,
    The Moto 376g pulls a signal out of nowhere, or so it seems, at least my 376g does.

    The Moto 376g and the LG290c are not using the same towers or technology. The Moto 376g is a GSM phone, probably running on AT&T or T-Mobile. The LG290c is a CDMA phone and is probably running on Verizon’s network.

    In your area, the Verizon signal is just that much stronger and that’s why you are getting a better signal (more bars) on the LG290c.

    You cannot really compare the bars that each phone is getting since they are not using the same towers.

    I would bet that if you took another GSM phone to your same area, that GSM phone may get no bars at all. The one or two bars the 376g was getting is because it is very good at finding and holding onto a signal.

    I’m sure you probably already know this, but I wasn’t sure, due to your comment above.
    (you seem to know what you’re talking about) (:o)

  20. I bought an LG220c at Wal Mart. I got Straight Talk since it seems to fit exactly what i need. There are a few occasions where I miss having a camera but the Straight Talk terms of service are reasonable, and the phone is nice. I get good reception in the mountains of Northern Arizona which is a feat that not every phone can achieve up here.

    I picked the phone because it gives mobile web and a caller ID screen – two convenient features for me. I do sort of wish for GPS service but Straight Talk doesn’t offer it anyway.

    So as long as you don’t need the camera or PC sync functions this phone is a good choice. I get about 3 to 4 days of mixed standby and talk time.

    Not a huge selection of wall papers or ring tones but this is a phone, not an iPod. I can reliably talk, text, and occasionally google or 411 some information for about 35 bucks a month. This makes me happy. :)

  21. is there any way to download ringtones for my 220c without paying 2.99 on the straighttalk website? ive tried evrything i can think of it keeps saying file not supported??? HELP!!!!!

  22. Can anyone say from experience which phone is the best in pulling in a good signal: LG220c, LG 290 or the Samsung r451 slider? I have missed so many calls for so long with T Mobile due to dead zones or whatever. I want to be sure I receive all calls if this is possible.

    I don’t know if this is true, but someone with a “sort of smart phone” told me that they cram all that technology in there at the expense of the call quality or the call reception. Wish i knew if this is true.

    • if the phone model ends in a ‘c’ it is cdma network, (verizon towers) and if the phone model ends in a ‘g’ it is gsm. (i’m told that’s at&t) cdma is better and larger coverage than gsm. i have 2 friends that both bought straight talk phones… the guy with the lg220c is verizon towers (i know cos i was still on verizon and his messages to me from straight talk always included ‘to reply to this message, press 8’ as a choice at the end… which i thought was only available to verizon accounts calling other verizon accounts. my other friend bought the samsung slider phone and his phone (somewhere) says ‘at&t)

      anyway i did a bit of research and this is what i discovered. i’m for cdma, myself.

    • I have the same question – is there a way to reduce the # of rings before voice mail picks up??? Some people give up when it takes 8 rings and some of my calls are forwarded from my land phone where it has already rung 3 times.

      Did you receive an answer or learn how to alter the #?


  23. I’ve had a LG600g since August 2009. No one could understand me but I could hear so clearly. They just sent me a 200c to replace 2 replacementsm but it’s reconditioned and registered in Missouri.. so I’m constanstly roaming. They said that couldn’t be helped.
    I loved the style of the 600g. Hated the problems. My Motorola v120 was such a good little fella, too bad his buttons wore out.
    I am seriously considering this phone. I just want to be able to hear and have people hear me! (I am in a rural area with extensive Verizon coverage.)

  24. Anyone wanting to use a generic micro-USB cable as a charger just need to install the downloadable driver from LG into Windows. I’ve only tested on Win XP, but looks like the drivers are also for Vista/Win7. Without the driver the phone threw up an error saying USB Drivers Required for Charging.

    I was NOT able to use the cable with a USB wall charger that I have that works fine on an IPod and its cable. So I know the charger is fine, but the phone didn’t error but also didn’t appear to charge. No further testing done for this.

  25. My lg220C ‘s speakers are permanently “disabled” since plugging in the earpiece. Anyone else had this problem? When you plug in headphones it normally disables speakers, but unplugging should make them reactivate automatically…the sound level is up and mute is off, and tech support had me restore factory defaults–and this worked once…then I tried the earpiece again and the problem reoccurred–and resetting defaults wouldn’t fix it again…and I have been on the road so getting a replacement by mail is impossible (until I go home, and then I don’t need the phone–I bought it for being on the road…there’s no cell reception in my rural area)

    It’s been a HUGE pain in the !@# having to keep that earpiece in and untangle it in my handbag every time the phone rings…arg.

      • I didn’t get Elston–I got about 8 people over 3 days and 7 hours of phone calls that would get disconnected after an hour of troubleshooting and explanations and then require we start ALLLLL OVERRRRRR again.

        Replacement is en route (I hope…first replacement that was confirmed a couple weeks ago went into the ether…) now –now that I am home from the annual trip I needed the phone for, home in a place with no cell reception (have to drive 40 miles to test the new phone– if it gets here this time, of course)

  26. I have had my LG220c for about a month now.. Bought it as a replacement for my r355 that got crushed… Will be getting another r355 in time as funds become available for a new phone. Had no problem switching my phone number online.. Total time it took for the changed was about 30 mins. I like it very much and if it had a camera I would have no real need to replace it. Signal quality is outstanding.. even better then the r355 had. I live out in the sticks and Straight Talk and Verizon are the only two carriers that get decent signals out here. There is one dead area that I drive thru a few times a week that I notice I lose a signal at, but everyone loses a signal there so its not a big deal. I am thinking that when I get another r355 I will sell this one on E-bay.. Just to defray some of the cost of the new phone. So if anyone is interested in a back-up phone I will let you all know when it is listed… Thanks again for all the outstanding information that this blog has provided… Tell me.. Does Straight Talk have any rewards program if you refer new customers? So far 2 people I know have switched to ST from AT&T. If they dont it would be a great way to get new customers… Just an idea…

    Thanks again.. Bits

  27. I bought a LG220c cellphone for my wife and cannot seem to get the email feature going. We cannot get the user ID # from anyone and we are lost sadly to say. Can anyone help us get going in the right direction to set up a Yahoo account for email?

  28. Can anyone tell me if this LG220c has an external antenna jack on the back of the phone or in the battery compartment like the LG600g has? I want to get this CDMA version but need the antenna jack when out of town at my cabin.

  29. does anyone know about the LG 220c’s browser capabilities? is it able to get on myspace, facebook, google, yahoo, etc?

    • Hey 602birdcityy, georgeforman, and All,
      The browser function must work on the LG220C for somethings. I don’t want to waste my minutes, BUT
      I’m pretty sure you can use these mobile sites
      that follow, for a primarily TEXT based version
      of the websites:
      then click on the mail link? for YahooMail;
      http://m.google.com -or- http://m.gmail.com
      and lastly? http://m.myspace.com
      I’m NOT sure if the m for mobile (replacing the www)
      trick works for Facebook.

      As for an external antenna connector, I have NOT
      seen anything regarding it in the full user’s manual mentioned above. I also looked under my battery and
      did NOT see any kind of connector.

      Good Luck.

  30. I hsve had the lg 220c from straight talk for about a month now. It was good at first but it wouldnt vibrate. The the pound (#) button started to go. Then some of the pixels on the front screen were broken. Also, when i first bought the phone, i could get around 2 1/2 days of battery life with texting, light talking, and web browsing. Now i can only get around a day or a day and a half. Has anyone else had these problems?

  31. This is for those of you who want more ringtones. With my LG600, I couldn’t use my favorite rooster crowing ring, so I played the wmv file on my computer and recorded it on the phone. Voila. Long live the rooster!
    Now for my newbie-type question. How do I know if I’m getting a CDMA version, or the G-whatever? I live in a rural area and would love any signal boost I can get.
    Thank you

    • Hi Tinker
      All of the most recent phones for Trac and Net10 have either a “g” or “c” at the end of the model number. For example, LG 220c and Samsung t301g. The “c” is for CDMA, the “g” is for GSM.

    • sometimes yes and sometimes no… i don’t think that the number of bars really mean anything when it comes to cdma vs gsm phones it uses different technology and even when i had 1 or 2 bars i had perfect signal and made a phone call where i had 5 bars and couuldn’t. you can not compare phones from different phone signals like gsm vs cdma. totally different phones.

  32. the same as some of those phones that don’t support mms, you would have to play a 30 second file on your computer, and tell the phone to record voice, or go into the browser and purchase a ringtone for about 1.50 each, or do it yourself on your computer for free.

    also works on all phones that have the record voice option on their phone. kinda cute and cheap. if your computer supports mp3, or wave or music files you can use about anything you want to. you can at least experiment, and get it right.


  33. Recently, got LG220C through straight talk; great value but customer service sucks. I wish they hired people whose 1st language is English. I had trouble understanding reps.

    My phone did not receive texts at first, now it does but will not receive photo texts. Reps said it will not (receive photo texts) because phone does not have a camera. Can this really be the case?

      • i think tracfone has disabled that feature on the phones (picture mms). 3 times out of 6 i recieved chinese people, and other 3 i got a it seems that it was a 16 year old year old girl that answered my questions, and the problem was solved. I end up calling some number which number eludes me that is an usa number which i no longer have. what a shame.

  34. my LG220c quality of sound is terrible. Rarely can I understand anyone, though they say I am coming through clearly.How do I determine if it is the phone or the network at fault or perhaps both? (by the way my hearing checks out good)

    • i have the same problem. ive had the phone for about 3 weeks now and its driving me crazy. i love the phone but it is sooo hard to understand the person i am talking with. i did call the tech support and they had me turn the volume down to 2. um, ok, so now i’m straining to hear as well as straining to understand what tey are saying. ive wondered if maybe its a verizon network thing.

  35. I have a new LG290c. I intentionally did not set up voicemail. Don’t want it, do not need it, do not like it….well, you get the idea.
    Suddenly a text message of sorts flashes on the screen to check voicemail..and indicating 1 message.

    I hope there is a way to disable the voicemail…which I did not enable, to begin with …please advise!!!
    I have business voicemail on anothe number and I will loose my sanity if I my personal calls go to voice mail on the LG290c.
    I do not use facebook, so cannot get advise that way and would rather not wrestle with tel. CS…Thanks in advance.

  36. What kind of charging port does it have? Is it a Micro USB or that non standard port like on the LG 600g or the older LG Phones?

  37. i Just got this phone as a temporary thing until Christmas and honestly I don’t like it. There is no camera, you can’t receive ringtones or pictures, and for some reason when I’m talking on the phone, it beeps every 51 seconds. It really annoys me. Straight talk’s plans are amazing but I’m not too crazy about their phones..

  38. the lg 220c uses .qcp file extension for ringtones. also, they can only be about 70k or about 18 seconds long. anything else is too big. use myxer to make the ringtone, save it to your pc, not your phone. then open up davidpye.com, upload the ringtone after you change the file extension to .qcp, browse to the address given to you by davidpye and download the ringtone you just made. this works for pics as well. enjoy

  39. I want to buy a LG220c but I haven’t made up my mind yet. Some things I would like to know about this phone is
    Can you block numbers/block list and Can you do call forwarding? Thanx!

  40. Hi Siearra
    I don’t have a 220c active right now, so I’m not sure about your questions. I think that the answer is “no” to both of them, but…

    For blocking calls, you can set specific contacts to have a silent ringtone, effectively sending it straight to voicemail.

    For forwarding, you might want to try whatever forwarding options are available on Verizon’s network, though I don’t think the odds of this working are very good.

    • Also, you might want to look into google voice. There you can get a number, or now I think you can port your number in as well. The Google Voice service then acts as kind of a filter or master switchboard – you can forward the calls to different phones, block specific numbers, send specific numbers to specific phones, and even use it for voicemail. and you can control it all by logging into the website.

  41. Any idea how to disable voicemail on LG220C Tracfone?
    What about this Elston guy, the cs rep for TF, I tried to send an email, it said it was redirect to the corporate cs in florida? Thanks.

    • j, I had the same problem with voicemail, and was left with a choice between a frequently vibrating phone or a ringing phone. You cannot find an answer for this problem in tracfone’s FAQs. However I emailed tracfone and got a satisfactory answer. You need to call tracfone at 1-888-251-8164 and ask them to reset your voicemail. Once reset you will have no problems as long as you do not reactivate voicemail.

    • (2 days after asking tracfone to reset my voicemail). Well, that didn’t work out too well. I had less than 24 hours of peace and quiet–after my voicemail was “reset” by tracfone–before my phone started vibrating again. So I called my voicemail. Guess what the message was? It was tracfone wanting me to set up my voicemail account! So every time I turn on my phone I am getting badgered to set up a voicemail account. So I called my voicemail and set a password, and haven’t gotten any more voicemails today. Could it be I have placated the voicemail demons? Now if you have a lot of people trying to call you and they end up leaving voicemails, this is not going to help you much. But what you won’t get after you set up your voicemail is these robocall voicemails. I was getting them EVERY TIME I turned on my phone, and frequently while the phone was on. I’ll comment again in a few days if this is continues to work for me.

    • j, I have had no more problems with incessant voicemail notifications since I went ahead and set up voicemail service. What it does is stop the robo-badgering from tracfone to set up voicemail service. Once you set up the service, obviously, the robo-calls cease.

  42. Tracfone cannot disable voice mail on your phone since they don’t provide the actual cellular service (Tracfone is simply a reseller of minutes that they purchase from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon wholesale. No matter how many people you talk to at Tracfone, you will not get your voice mail disabled on your phone.)

    To eliminate voice mail, you will need to purchase a new phone and get a new phone number and then not setup voice mail on that phone. Sorry, there is no way to get rid of voice mail once it is setup on a phone.

    • thanks for the reply, funny thing is – the phone is new, i just got it a week ago, and i never did set up the voicemail. someone was able to still leave a voicemail though….stupid.

  43. I have a lg phone walmart,,, loved my phone but now I tried TO ACTIVATE BLUETOOTH. THAT DIDNT WORK….And now facebook states “file not supported” when logging on..or when going to m sites.. help?!

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