LG 290c Review Part 3

This is the third installment in my series of posts reviewing the LG 290c, a slider phone with bluetooth and 1.3 megapixel camera. You can find my index of all information related to this phone on my LG 290c Review Index Page. The 290c is available for TracFone at $49.99, Net10 at $59.99, and Straight Talk for $79.99.


The display on the 290c is fantastic – very large, crisp, and bright. It’s much larger than the screen on any other TracFone model. On the Net10 side, only the r451c compares in terms of screen size, although the 290c is still a little larger. And among Straight Talk handsets, the Samsung Finesse is obviously quite a bit bigger, but the LG 290c ranks second in screen size, and at a much lower cost.

I really like the feel of this phone in the hand as far as navigating menus – the keys are very comfortable to me – a good size, and perfect amount of pressure needed to press the keys, in my opinion. I did at first have a bit of a problem with texting, however. When the phone is completely slid open to reveal the keypad, I found it to be a little top-heavy. At first I was very worried that this would cause the phone to tip out of my hand as I was texting, but I got used to it as time went on. It’s still not quite as comfortable as I would like for texting, but it’s acceptable. The T9 predictive text worked great for me.


I found a USB cable on eBay that fits this model, but could not find an appropriate driver to get the phone connected with my computer. The USB cable did allow the phone to charge up from the computer’s power, but that’s all it did (other than causing my computer to search for the appropriate driver, which it did not find).

As usual, I have not tested this model with any GPS systems, as I don’t own any, but my bluetooth headset worked great – even for voice commands. At first glance, it appears that the LG 290c bluetooth settings will not allow for data transfer. However, after a little searching on the internet I found a way around this. On Howardforums.com, I found this helpful bit of advice on unlocking bluetooth for data transfer:

“From the main screen go to Menu>Settings>Bluetooth>Power>Off>OK. Press End to return to the main screen. Dial ##7764726290 and press send. Enter 000000 press OK. Scroll down to Bluetooth Setting and press OK. FTP Server is highlighted press OK. Yes is highlighted press OK. Highlight On and press OK (NOTE: Even if there is a check mark next to On already select it again. You will have to do this every time you want to transfer files).”

I followed these steps, and was able to make it work using a Windows PC and a free download of Bluesoleil software. I was able to copy and paste both an mp3 file and a picture file to the phone using the “file transfer” function in Bluesoleil. The method also works to transfer pictures off the phone to your computer.

Further, the 290c can both send and receive contact lists via bluetooth, making it much easier to set up your address book if you’re upgrading to this model. I recently wrote a post about this, and you can read that post here.


The LG 290c camera takes pictures at a resolution of 1.3 megapixels (1280×960), and does a very nice job of it. The camera offers options of fine, normal, and economy quality settings; 2x zoom; white balance and brightness manual adjustment; night mode; self timer; choice of several color settings such as sepia or black and white; multi-shot mode; and 18 silly (optional) graphic frames. The 290c does NOT have a video recording feature.

The camera takes excellent, sharp photos for a 1.3 megapixel device, as you can see below in these pictures taken by and published with the permission of “Mosaic,” who occasionally comments on the pages of this blog (Many thanks to Mosaic for sharing the pictures!):

Sample picture taken with LG 290c

Sample picture taken with LG 290c

Example of picture taken with LG 290c

Sample picture taken with LG 290c

LG 290c - sample picture

Sample picture taken with LG 290c


In my experience, the browser is NOT restricted only to the TracFone/Net10 ‘mobile web.’ I opened the web browser and selected “options,” then entered the url of my choice to go to that site’s wap version, a site designed to be viewed on smaller devices. I was able to view the mobile versions of espn.com and facebook, among others. I should note, however, that it’s not cheap. Using the net10 version of the 290c, it cost me six airtime units in the short time (less than ten minutes) necessary to load espn.com, browse the headlines, and read an article.

Another nice feature about the browser is that the user can actually lock it to prevent accidental activation of the browser. Go to Menu>Settings>Security, and you will be prompted to enter the lock code – it should be either “0000,” or the last four digits of your phone number. Then go to the restrictions menu option, enter the lock code again and hit Data>Lock. Now when you try to access the browser, you should see a message telling you that “Data is now locked.” Of course, if you DO want to use the web in the future, you’ll need to go through the same steps to unlock the data.

The rest of the extras on this model are the same as on the 220c, and I’ve already published my review of that model. Rather than duplicating that effort, I’ll simply repost here what I’ve already written about the 220c, as it all applies to the 290c as well:

The alarm function can store up to 5 alarms at once. The tone can be customized from any of the available ringtones, but unfortunately these alarms cannot be labeled with reminders (such as wake up, feed the dog, take medicine, etc). For those functions, the calendar is a better bet. In fact, there’s really not much difference between the calendar and the alarm clock.

The only differences I noted were that the calendar allows for labels to be assigned to appointments, but only allows for single entry, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly repeats. The alarm allows for single entry, daily, M-Fri, and weekend only repeat. Both the calendar and the alarm functions have a snooze option, with the choice of a 5, 10, 30, or 60 minute snooze. The downside to this is that it requires a couple of key strokes to “press snooze” – first, right soft key for the snooze, then one or more arrow keys to settle on the duration of the snooze, then “ok” to finalize it.

Another function on this model that I love is the voice command. It works well, except it takes a minimum of four keystrokes to activate the voice command function. From there, you can speak the name of the person you wish to call if they’re on your contact list, or you can simply state the number you want to dial. This is pretty handy in certain situations, especially in states that require it by law for people who need to talk while driving. There are also several other handy shortcuts you can set up, such as voicemail, a readout of missed calls, or a playback of the current time and date. Interestingly, the voice commands also work with a bluetooth headset, further enhancing the hands-free aspect of the function.

Here’s a brief summary of the other extras on this model:

  • Notepad (limited to 150 characters, so not very helpful)
  • Tip Calculator
  • Calculator
  • World Clock
  • Stopwatch
  • Unit Converter

That’s all I’ve got for the 290c right now, but I will wrap it up soon in a future post, summarizing the pros and cons of this model and offering my final recommendation.

You can find my index of all information related to this phone on my LG 290c Review Index Page.

Please click on one of the following links to find this phone for sale:TracFone at $49.99, Net10 at $59.99, and Straight Talk for $79.99.
Note: I have a material relationship with one or more of the brands mentioned in this post.

204 thoughts on “LG 290c Review Part 3

  1. Thanks for this review.

    I don’t know who’s LG 290C you are using.

    My big question is will the Straight Talk version
    of this phone be able to access the internet. I am mostly interested in Wikipedia which is probably a quicker download than ESPN.

    I would also ask the same question of the Straight Talk Samsung R451C.

    I’m planning on purchasing the Straight Talk LG220C but if purchasing a larger more expensive phone will give me access to Wikipedia, then it would be worth the extra price and weight.
    Thanks again
    John H

    • Hi John
      I hope Mosaic’s reply was helpful – one other thing to think about is that 290c has a larger screen than the 220c, so wikipedia access would probably be more convenient with a larger screen. But as far as I know, each of these models can access the same sites as the other.

    • Hi,

      I am considering buying the LG 290C on Straight Talk but of all that I have read I cannot find if the phone has a slot for a Micro SD card… Any know if it does or not?


      • The LG 290C does NOT have the Micro SD slot available. You have to get the phones that are the next step up from this one to get the MicroSD

      • I see that the lg 290C has no SM Card..Is that important/or must have with any cell phone???Also Is Their A differ/between the Lg LX-290C vs The Lg 290C?? if so may I ask what they are?? And I need to know if I where to purchase a Lg LX-290C if of course their is in fact more to the Lg LX290C which I have been doing a lot of reading on Three Trachfone’s One is The Lg LX290C/Lg 290C..or the ..Samsung T301C..and The ..lg 600G.It has to be Tracfone because of the carrier I have..I am just looking or a easy going good camera phone with features and important to have a good speaker phone since I don’t hear so well in my right ear..and a phone with the volume control button’s or sliders on side of the phone..and also I was reading on speaker phone’s that it is good to have a full “Duplex” over a “Half Duplex” if you or someone can answer my question’s I would truly be grateful..Since it is my first camera phone,I would like to treat myself to one for my B-Day..Thank you

    • I just wanted to know if you knew how I can transfer these files when the phone tells me that it is not a supported profile for file transfer. That would be awesome if you could help me out. I think the phone is just programmed incorrectly. Thank you!!

  2. Like your phone, mine also has full internet access, not just Tracfone’s limited list of sites. Mine is on Tracfone, which charges half a unit per minute of airtime, one slight advantage of Tracfone over Net10. I feel this is easily the best phone Tracfone offers.

  3. I have several questions, which involve 290c connectivity to my iMac computer, using system v. 10.4. Your comments in Review Part 3 indicate that it is possible to transfer pictures to a computer using either USB cable or Bluetooth. This raises several questions for me, which I have been unable to answer:

    1. Which USB cable will work?
    2. What driver will be appropriate, and where can I obtain one for my Mac computer.
    3. Will a 290c connect to the Bluetooth 1.9.5f4 on my Mac?
    4. I have been unable to find Bluesoleil which supports a Mac system. Any suggestions?

    I can’t expect you to address all of these questions since you use a Windows PC, but perhaps someone can suggest answers.

    • Rollie –
      I’ll do my best:
      1. Try looking on eBay for LG 290c USB cable – that’s what I did, and it worked fine.
      2. I can’t answer that, but on my Vista PC the correct driver for charging downloaded automatically. I don’t have a driver for file transfer, as I don’t think this model is capable of htat.
      3. bluetooth should work, but you’ll have to use the workaround I mentioned in the article above.
      4. I think I’ve read about something called “forklift” that works for mac. Google it, or try to follow the comments of “mosaic,” who comments on this blog from time to time – I think that’s where I heard about forklift.

      • pbushx2-
        Your response was very helpful. It satisfactorily answered my concerns, so I ordered the LG 290c this evening. Many thanks from another of your fans!

      • I tried using your workaround for setting up to transfer via bluetooth and after dialing the #777 etc I just got a message from Verizon and nothing happened….
        Any suggestions?

  4. Today I went to the web browser on my Tracfone, and saw that there was some new options, namely email, social networking (Twitter, Myspace, etc. which are just the standard mobile websites, like m.twitter.com) eBay, and a good bit of other sites. Is this relatively new, as I have not been on the web browser since Christmas, and this wasn’t an option then.

    I thank you for your time.

  5. Has anyone gotten the ‘Name Match for Dialing’ setting to work (Settings->Display->Name Match for Dialing)? It seems to work when composing text messages, but not when actually dialing a phone number. (I have the Straight Talk version of this; for comparison, the r451c did this just fine)

    On the other hand, I love the 99-entry speed-dial; if I can’t get NMfD working, I might just assign a bunch of 2-digit speed-dials based on contact names. It’s just a bit more work.

    And a useful tip about ##7764726290: if you want to actually remember it, think ##PROGRAM290. :-)

  6. WOW, this phone takes some amazing pictures for a 1.3 MP Prepaid Cell Phone. The quality is decent even if you zoom in 1 or 2 times from the normal view. It’s much better then the picture quality of the Samsung t401g and maybe as good or slightly better then my $300 (Price without 2 year contract) LG 8360 from Verizon.

    Too bad it dodes not have a QWERTY Keyboard or MP3 player.

    • By FTP, do you mean the same work-around that I used to open bluetooth on the 290c? If so, I haven’t been able to test that – my 220c is now inactive, and I think that the phone must be active in order for the ##7764726 to work.

      • I just found your article when searching for ways to download pics and phone number list from my 290c…if I could get it to work, it would be awesome, but your article said to dial ##7764726290…this produces a busy signal.
        “From the main screen go to Menu>Settings>Bluetooth>Power>Off>OK. Press End to return to the main screen. Dial ##7764726290 and press send. Enter 000000 press OK…”

    • If you have the 220c, and it’s active, try it. From the home screen, enter ##7764726220 and press [send]. From there, follow the instructions above as they pertain to the 290c.

      • I just switched my phone number to a new cell from my lg290c now i cant send my pics or ringtones to my new cell via bluetooth my lg is cut off so i bought a transfer cable but cant find the software for the lg290c

      • Michael –
        Did you try the tip in the article above to unlock your bluetooth? If that didn’t work, I think you might be out of luck. You’ll have to send the pics via MMS, which will of course cost you minutes.

  7. I ordered the LG290c from the website ( Also ordered an R451c )
    3 days later, Today, and both were delivered via FedEx.
    I did the Activation thing – for both phones – online, and it was flawless .. 5 minutes and Both were activated – making calls and Texting .. accessing the web, etc.

    I was a bit worried, after hearing all the horror stories, But all I can say is .. Wow .. Great phones – Great service ( at least so far ), and .. Yaaaay .. didn’t have to go to tech-support-Hell ….. ( At least not yet ) .. LOL

    Note: I will post a followup, when I play with all the options, and get a good feel for the phone and the service.

  8. how do you enter the url on the 290c?how do you get to the symbols like .//??Noone at howard forums could provide an answer.T.I.A. Mark

  9. Are you saying if I want to make a .(dot) like .com to just use the 1 key?I know the 1 will work when in symbols but when I am typeing url the left arrow will not get me to symbols.Phone is charging in car,will try when I get a chance.

  10. I have a question regarding the straight talk 290C.

    I have followed the bluetooth ##7 instructions above and although some of my menu choices are in a different place i.e. FTP, I was able to get the Bluesoleil software to recognize my phone. However, my problem is on my phone I have an option #3 under Bluetooth named visibility. When I press that key, I have to take visibility off hidden in order for my computer to recognize my phone…then it only remains visible for 1 minute therefore losing connectivity with my phone.

    Any suggestions? My phone is new purchased Jan 13, 2010.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    • I have Lg 290C with Tracfone and have a Igo gear blue tooth instal on my pc XP Srv Pac 3. And the blue tooth recognize my at&t Nokia 6126. Now do i still need a software like bluesolil or something to work exchange files wth my 290C or will it work wth the donge software ? I know i had to install Nokia Pc Suit to work wth my 6126.

      Can some help me with which software i need and from where ? Seems like Judy had experience in this.


  11. I just received my 290C and have the same problem as Judy. I
    didn’t see this mentioned in the FTP instructions on Howard Forums but the PC will definitely not see the phone without making it visible- which only lasts for 1 minute.

    Can someone out there with older 290C firmware please check to see if they have this setting? If not, it seems like they changed this specifically to plug this workaround.

  12. I have it working now…what I did was purchase a new IOGear USB Bluetooth device with software. I have Windows XP SP3. However, I loaded the software that came with the device and now it is working. Once I got the pictures off the camera the only place I could put them was in my Bluetooth exchange folder even though they were .jpg pictures. But that’s ok at least I was able to get the pictures off the phone. Hope this may help someone else.

  13. The FTP does not automatically highlight after dialing ##77 on the Straight Talk LG290c. After dialing the number, putting in the 00’s, don’t hit ok but scroll down to bluetooth settings then hit ok then the FTP Server option #1 appears, hit ok, the ftp server screen will open and hit on then ok. After that go back to the main bluetooth screen, go to option #3 – visibility and hit visible…it will only be on for one minute for your bluetooth device to recognize your phone so I keep it open and continually hit visible until I’m finished transfering files. My IOGear found both my photos and audio files…

  14. As soon as I turned the phone off and a back on again I got it to work immediately with OBEX Commander. I noticed that once it was connected, it stayed connected, even after the one minute visibility timeout.

    With OBEX Commander on XP Pro SP2 I was able to drag a photo to the phone. The photo I took with the phone wouldn’t drag/drop to my PC but did transfer when I highlighted it and clicked the “get” button (I think that’s what it was called anyway).

    I’d like to set up contacts using Outlook and drag them as vCards over to the phone. Not sure what folder they go in though.

    • I’m using Widcomm Bluetooth software. I double clicked on the icon for business cards and the software automatically found my outlook email addresses. I then clicked on one at a time and said add…with my phone on it told me and showed me each business card I added. Hopefully, yours should be similar.

  15. Which Bluesoleil software do you use to transfer photo & ring tones from a Windoz PC to the LG 290c?

    BlueSoleil 6?
    BlueSoliel cPhoneTool?

    Thanks, Alan

  16. I followed your procedure for the LG290C Bluetooth connect for FTP’ing pictures from the phone to the computer. I am using Blue Soleil v6, it sees my LG290C (Straight Talk) and when I double click on the File Transfer folder icon I get and empty directory on the phone. (Bluetooth PlacesJames LG290CBluetooth File Transfer). I have nearly 100 photos on the phone, I really don’t want to think about sending 100 eMails to myself. Any ideas why I don’t see the photos on my phone? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    • James, I had the same problem with Blue Soleil v6 using a generic bluetooth device; it didn’t have anything in the file transfer folder icon. My suggestion is to use the widcomm bluetooth drivers. Google widcomm bluetooth drivers and you will find several sites where you can download the software free. Be sure to run an update after you download the driver as I found an updated version than the one that was on the CD that came with my IOGear USB Bluetooth device.

  17. Judy, I found version and tried that. I can pair my PC with my LG290C but still nothing shows up in the Bluetooth Network places. I read several comments on the web about with widcomm drivers and one stated that was the last update that would communicate with the Cambridge Silicon Radio hardware which is what my Azio adapter has. So far I have not found an active link to download the version. Any other thoughts? Thanks for you assistance.

  18. James, it appears as though none of the links work for me either for the version you are looking for. Although, I doubt that it would make a difference. If you can pair your PC with your phone then it should work. But, what I do know is that you cannot use a different software than the chip set you have on your dongle.

    I believe the Azio adapter has Toshiba Bluetooth software…here is the download website for Toshiba:
    You might try that and see if that works for you. The widcomm software came with my IOGear dongle.

    This is where I got the link from (above) under the discussion tab:

    What I found with the widcomm software is that I had to make sure I had dialed the ##7 number and had the visibility on my phone. Then I choose my bluetooth places. There I get the object push icon. Next I choose (left side of screen) view devices in range and I get the LC290c phone. Next I right click the phone icon and choose explore…make sure you phone is still on visible..then the OBEX File transfer folder should show up…Next right click on the OBEX file folder and then you should see the image folder and the audio folder. Double click on your picture folder and your .jpg pictures should appear. Now, as I stated above…I had to move them to the bluetooth exchange folder but haven’t done anything with them once I got them off my phone.

    Hope this helps a little bit.

  19. Thanks Judy.
    The OBEX Commander program isn’t that smart- it’s basically just a Windows Explorer interface with my PC’s folders on the left and the phone’s folders on the right. None of the existing phone contacts show up in Explorer. I can read/write to “Phone_My_Adios” and “Phone_My_Images” folders on the phone but that’s all.

    I’m not on Straight Talk- don’t know if that makes a difference.

    Might try the s/w you’re using and see if it works. Obviously don’t wanna put a .vcf file in the wrong place if it’ll screw up the phone.

  20. Thanks to Judy for her comments in pbush’s 290c Review, Part 3, dated Feb 17, which enabled me to successfully transfer pictures from my new LG 290c to an iMac, using Bluetooth.

    I had contacted Tracfone CS prior to purchasing this phone, informing them of the location where I would be activating the phone, and inquired about how I could download pictures from the 290c phone to my computer. Their reply was:

    “Please be informed that pictures cannot be downloaded or transferred directly from your phone to your computer or vice versa. However, you may transfer the photos within your Tracfone handset to your computer by sending it to your email via MMS. This would only work with picture content.”

    After activating my Tracfone last week, I soon learned that I would get the message “Data Service Not Available” whenever I tried to send a Picture Message and also when I tried to access the Internet using the browser key. I was able to send text messages to and from my computer using email. But, it was impossible to transfer my photos by sending them to my email address since MMS would not function. This left me with only one other possibility of getting pictures from my camera – using Bluetooth & Forklift (Bluesoil will not work on a Mac).

    I downloaded Forklift 1.1, on a free 15-day trial. A later version of Forklift is not compatible with my iMac, system 10.4.11. I attempted numerous times to make a successful transfer, following advice found in Pbush’s blog and also in Howardforums.com, all without success. This was probably because most of the instructions were based on PC’s and Bluesoleil, which are not compatible with Macs. I looked for comments based on Mac computers but was not able to successfully navigate through them. I then I tried Judy’s instructions even though she was using a PC. They worked like a charm with every step functioning exactly according to script, and now my phone with the formerly useless camera has become a great device. Thanks again Judy!!

    I have contacted Tracfone technical support about the nonfunctioning of MMS messages and the Browser key.

  21. After a few days with the LG 290c phone I like it. Great menu. Good voice quality. Nice speakerphone. Nice little phone.

    I do, however, find the bettery life is short at just over two hours talk time. I was disappointed by this since the review said battery life was impressive. I came to Straight Talk after being with AT&T for many years. GSM phones seem to have endless battery life. 4-5 hours or more. I fear the battery life will be too short when the battery gets older.

    Another issue I have is there is no provision for storing the voicemail password in the #1 speed dial slot. Thus I have to open the slider when prompted to enter the password and the # sign manually. I did create a new contact with the password and assign it to the #2 speed dial key, but I still have to open the slider when prompted with the new voicemail message.

  22. As a follow up to my Feb 22 comment relating my experience with the newly activated 290c, I wrote Tracfone CS about its inability to send picture messages or connect to the Internet using the browser key and received the response, below:

    “Concerning the “Data Service Not Available” message you are continuously getting, although your phone has browsing capabilities, please be informed that the network service provider in your local calling area does not provide data services that is why you cannot access your browser and your phone does not have internet connectivity.

    Moreover, regarding your effort to transfer pictures contained in your phone, please be informed that as stipulated in our terms and conditions designated on our website at http://www.tracfone.com, data services (ring tones, graphics, wallpapers, games, and other subscriptions) you purchase and download may only be used or viewed on the phone for which they were purchased and cannot be transferred to any other device, including a new or replacement phone. Concerning the “Data Service Not Available” message you are continuously getting, although your phone has browsing capabilities, please be informed that the network service provider in your local calling area does not provide data services that is why you cannot access your browser and your phone does not have internet connectivity.”

    Apparently, their inability to provide the MMS and browsing features, which they list for this phone, can be blamed on the network service provider. This is In spite of the fact that before purchase, I told them where I would be using the phone, and was assured that I would have MMS capability. Note how they dance around the real issues in their response. This should be a warning to prospective customers of Tracfone.

    • Rollie, that’s really a bummer. If I were you, I’d suggest calling back, preferably to executive resolutions, and tell them that you absolutely want MMS and browsing abilities. They should be able to port your number over to Verizon, assuming they cover your area. We know that Verizon supports MMS/browsing.

      I would also suggest that you file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (or at least threaten to do so when you’re talking to Exec Resolutions), since this phone does not offer the service advertised on the website or on the packaging. I’ve heard many times that TracFone is very quick to respond to BBB complaints.

  23. Judy, I was not able to get the AZIO bluetooth to access the pictures on my LG290C. I called Newegg (where I purchased the device) and they refunded my money and did not require me to return the device. I then ordered an IOGear device. I also have a USB device cable but I am unable to find drivers for it so that approach has not worked either.

    • James, I don’t believe there are drivers for the USB cable on the Straight Talk LG290C..it appears as though Straight Talk, along with their counter parts Tracfone and Net10 don’t allow the phones open for updates…I know if we had the Sprint LG XL290 (which is the same phone) you can update the USB software from the LG mobile software updater agent (I’m not sure how old this program is) but not the LG 290c’s from Straight Talk or their other two companies. The only thing the USB cable does for my phone is charge it from my computer.

      Newegg has great customer service, glad to hear they gave you a refund. Hopefully, the new IOGear should work for you.

  24. Judy,

    Which model I/O Gear bluetooth dongle do you use? Bluesol in my Sony Vaio SZ series (XP w/sp 3, integrated Toshiba Bluetooth) doesn’t work for me. My phone is Net10, and it has the 1 minute timeout.



  25. First of all I want to say this is a great review.

    Now, I want to say I tried the ##7764726290 and when I press send I get a “number cannot be dialed” error.

    I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this?


  26. ss2cire-
    Are you dialing the ##77— number after you selected Blueooth under menu 9.6, and pair the devices. I had to do this to get the Service Code screen where you enter the six zeros, etc.

  27. I got my Net10 LC290c phone and it is exactly like the straight talk LC290c…what I did find when I bought the Net10 phone; I found three working coupons…34567=$3, 44477=$5 and 88121 for a free accessory kit. The accessory kit that fit my phone was $14.95.

    I saved $8 plus $14.95 plus free shipping (which is deducted during checkout $4.95 approx)and received 300 free minutes plus 60 days of service all for a total cost of $51.99 plus tax, if I deduct the $30 for the free minutes the phone cost a little more than $25…what a deal for a phone, web and bluetooth which would have cost $79.89 plus tax without the coupons and free minutes…be sure to search Google for coupons before you make your purchase final…

    I am charging the blue tooth wireless hands free then will pair the device…take some pictures then do the ##77 thing to see if the picture transfer works…it should but will report on it.

    • Judy, none of the connector adaptors I got with the “free” accessory kit that came with my LC290C actually fit the phone!!!

      I got what I paid for….Alan

      • Alan, you’re right none of the adapters work with the car charger…strange because you would think that one of the connections would fit. Anyway, the cell holder and the hands free item fits. I will email these guys and find out what is up…although the item is free, they should at least provide the correct adapter or take the reference to the LC 290c out of the models this universal adapter fits. Thanks for the heads up because I hadn’t checked the package as I didn’t need the charger.

      • Judy, thanks for confirming that you got the same package as I did. Actually, I’ve got a couple of them now as & also got one for my now-retired LG 600G phone. Please let me know how Net10 replys to your inquiry. Maybe they have a stash of adaptors for this phone. I’d sure like one for the car, & it would be great to avoid spending another $15 for a car charger. I’d prefer to use that towards my IOGear BT dongle once you confirm it works with Net10 LC 290C’s.


      • Judy, thanks for confirming that you got the same package as I did. Actually, I’ve got a couple of them now as & also got one for my now-retired LG 600G phone. Please let me know how Net10 replys to your inquiry. Maybe they have a stash of adaptors for this phone. I’d sure like one for the car, & it would be great to avoid spending another $15 for a car charger. I’d prefer to use that towards my IOGear BT dongle once you confirm it works with Net10 LC 290C’s.


      • Alan, I had to call the 1-800-323-2366 number and speak with someone about this problem. They had to put me on hold several times and speak to another department…but…the bottom line is I believe someone ordered the wrong accessory kits…now CS needs to speak with someone in corporate to resolve the problem. Whoever is ordering isn’t doing it correct. The number on the back of my universal kit is AUSK003. I also gave that number to the customer service person.

        After looking at the back of the universal accessory kit I received, it doesn’t list the LG290c as being a compatible phone. There is definitely a problem they need to resolve.

        I will let you know when I hear more…at least it is now reported to the right department.

      • Alan,

        I received a new Accessory Kit via FedEx today that has the correct adapters. This kit looks just like the other kit but it lists the LG 290c as a compatible phone on the back of the package. They didn’t ask for the incorrect kit back. Perhaps they have it right now…

      • Hi Judy,

        Glad you got the corrected accessory kit. So far I’ve run into the usual Net10/Tracfone support brick wall. I’ve emailed them about the problem, & they replied that I should call it in, which I did. I was told on the first call they would get back to me in two days, & of course they never got back to me. Two weeks later I call again & managed to get it escalated to a supervisor (who wouldn’t/couldn’t transfer my call to the US as I requested) and was again told they would get back to me in two days — and that was three days ago.

        B.T.W., were you ever able to compile the step-by-step using the I/OGear dongle? Mine is on order.

        Thanks, Alan

  28. Judy,
    Today I received my IOGear adapter. I followed the install instructions. I plugged in the adapter and it was discovered fine. Then I installed the latest BlueSoleil software v6. I followed your procedure for activating the FTP server, paired with my LG290C, but could not see any pictures (over 100 in the phone). Infact I received a message “Operation is not successful try again”. I am able to send a vCard from the phone to the computer so I know it is connected and BlueSoliel finds the phone, but no file transfer. I don’t know what I am doing wrong? I looked in the phone settings under Bluetooth and checked the “Supported Profiles”, only HeadSet, Handsfree, Object Push and Phonebook access are shown. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks…..

    • Did the IOGear bluetooth dongle come with the Blue Soleil software or did it come with any software? My IOGear dongle came with a small disk with the Widcomm bluetooth software on it..that is what I installed and works with my IOGear…I could not get the Blue Soleil to work at all for me…only showed the same thing as it’s showing for you. You need the widcomm software…Can you give me any more info?

  29. Alan and Judy,
    I was able to locate a car charger for my LG290C from a Crickett cell sales person in a large shopping mall in Memphis, Tn. it works great and cost $14.95 + tax.

  30. Alan,

    Yes, the Net10 LC290C works with my IOGear Dongle (I am using widcomm drivers). However, don’t follow my instructions to upload your pictures for the Straight Talk LC290C phone BUT follow the instructions that Pbushx2 has shown above for the Net10 LC290C..There are less steps on the NET10 and the Straight Talk instructions won’t work on the NET10…

    “From the main screen go to Menu>Settings>Bluetooth>Power>Off>OK. Press End to return to the main screen. Dial ##7764726290 and press send. Enter 000000 press OK. Scroll down to Bluetooth Setting and press OK. FTP Server is highlighted press OK. Yes is highlighted press OK. Highlight On and press OK (NOTE: Even if there is a check mark next to On already select it again. You will have to do this every time you want to transfer files).”

    I was also able to transfer my pictures to my picture folder on my computer by right clicking the picture…I moved them all over at one time by using select all…

    Be sure to make your phone visible several times until the software program finds your pictures.

  31. Alan, when all else fails I have purchased two car chargers from eBay for under $6 plus free shipping…I made sure they were an OEM charger and not a generic. Right now I am using a Verizon LC290c Car Charger and an Alltel LC290c Car Charger and they both fit and work great..This is the search words I use: Car charger for LG 290C. I haven’t heard back from NET10 on the adapter will let you know as soon as I do…Judy

  32. Judy,
    My IOGear came with the Wincomm software. I uninstalled the BlueSoleil and installed the Wincomm. I am able to pair with the LG290C and send a vCard, but when I click on the Bluetooth places NOTHING happens, it never opens a dialogue to the Bluetooth places. I right click on the Bluetooth icon in the task bar and select File Transfer and still nothing happens. I am at a loss. Thanks.

    • James –

      What is the operating system you’re using?

      Are you saying that the Bluetooth places screen doesn’t open at all? or if it does open what does it say? Did you go through activating the FTP server?

      Can you tell me the steps you took after you installed the software?

      Sorry for all the questions but I am trying to figure out why this problem is happening on your computer.

      Thanks, Judy

  33. Judy,
    My O/S is WinXP SP3 (fully patched). That’s correct the Bluetooth places does not open at all. Yes, I followed the turning on the the FTP server using the ##77… code. After turning on the FTP server in the LG290C I went to the Bluetooth settings in the phone and verified that Bluetooth was on, then put the phone in discover mode (only lasts 1 min.) and then paired the LG290C with my PC. All this went ok, and I CAN send a vCard so I know the phone and computer are communicating, but when I try to get into the File Transfer the computer does not see any files on the phone. It should be working but not????? Sorry for all the problems. Thanks for you patients and assistance.

    • James,

      Thank you for your reply..I have the same configuration on my computer so that helped me do a little bit of researching.

      First of all, The Bluetooth Places is a Windows system program. And isn’t part of the Widcomm Bluetooth software. To check to see what you have; go to the control panel and you should see two Bluetooth icons. One should say Bluetooth Devices and the other one should be Bluetooth configuration. Right click the Bluetooth devices under options the instructions (find them by searching your help and support section)tell you to turn discovery on. There are a couple other items below that box you can also turn on, which is recommended.

      Second, right click or double click Bluetooth configuration. Widcomm software should open and show the software version. I updated to version after I installed the software.
      This is the software program to be used with the IOGear Dongle. The first page should show the name of your computer and the type i.e laptop, PC, etc. Each tab gives you the services available to the dongle…that doesn’t mean your phone has this capability only that you may have equipment that needs one of these options.

      Another mention; You must keep discovery open on your phone (make sure you check often that visibility is on) until the bluetooth software recognizes you phone. And, again each time you want to transfer files/audio files.

      I hope the steps I have outlined will help us check to see just what your computer shows..

      Again, when you have time be sure to check out the bluetooth section in the Windows help section as the information is quite good.

      Let me know,

      • Hi Judy,

        I’m following this thread as I’ve now got my 290C activated, configured, contact phone numbers transfered, etc. (FYI, it took three calls to Net10 to get my phone number & remaining minutes ported from my old GSM Net10 phone to my new CDMA phone. So far, I’m very happy with it.)

        I’m off for a couple of weeks so I’ll wait until I return to order my IOGear BT dongle so I can transfer pictures from the phone. I did, however, go to the Broadcomm web site & downloaded the latest Widcomm software. What downloaded was version which appears to be a later version that what you use. Any idea if the version could be complicating matters for those havig xfer problems?

  34. Alan

    According to Widcomm, my version is up to date. Did you do any research on the I believe that different versions may apply to various operating systems but am not positive, my PC is made by HP, operating system XP SP3.I did find a reference to the driver you downloaded and according to the information I read, it was a fix for Widcomm 6.1 on Vista SP2 operating system.

    This is the Google search I am referring to:

    Will look forward hearing back from you.

    • Judy, you are probably correct that the various incarnations of rev 6.xx are for newer operating systems than XP. Often the newer versions also support older operating systems as well. On the Broadcom site, I couldn’t find 5.xx, only 6.xx so I just assumed this would be the version I should download. Since I’m running XP with service pack 3 like you, I’ll probabaly just wait & see what comes with my dongle when I order it in a couple of weeks.

      I’m hoping you & James are able to sort out his problems — are they software, hardward, or usability (procedure) issue?

      Perhaps a step by step procedure that not only includes the 290C instructions (turn BT off, enter ##77…etc) but goes start to finish including computer keystrokes such as:

      1) Plug in IOGear dongle
      2) launch Widcomm software
      3) hit XXX, then YYY, select ZZZ
      4) on the 290C, make sure BT is off
      5) key stroks to do the transfer
      6) etc.

      Since you’ve got everything working, it would be a valuable service to all if you might expand your instructions!

      Thanks for all your contributions,


      • Alan,

        I didn’t download the software update until I loaded the software that came with the IOGear Dongle…However, it could very well be we have different Bluetooth versions on the Dongle. Under the diagnostics tab on the Bluetooth config,, the name listed is: Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1 USB UHE Dongle.

        Thanks for the suggestions…I will put the steps in order.


  35. If I’m being blind, I apologize… But, does anyone know the storage space available on any of the Straight Talk LG phones for ringtones, pics, etc?

    • Justinius, I am using a LG 290C. Go to Menu, Settings, scroll down to Phone memory (8)and click OK. There you will find reserved memory for Messages, Contacts, Calendar and Notepad. Click Exit and then press Multimedia. My phone has a total of 42.0 MB, then you should see used & free. I hope this helps.

      • It does help, thank you. Now to try to double check if I can transfer my own of town area code to a new phone before I buy it…

  36. I just received an email from HSN (Home Shopping Network)who is running a special TODAY ONLY 3/11/2010 for TracFone Motorola Motorola W376g, with 800 minutes…go to HSN and find all of the particulars on this phone…be sure to check your zip code as this phone is NOT offered in my zip code area…Price $79.90 free shipping/handling. They say this phone has almost everything on it…bluetooth, camera, FM radio, etc…check it out.

    this is what the accessory part says:

    Accessories Include:

    1-Year Airtime Minute card with 400 minutes (upon activation, minutes will double to 800 with the Double Minutes for Life; also includes up to 20 minutes of starter airtime for a total of 820 minutes)
    Car charger
    Wall charger
    Earbud headset
    Rechargeable battery
    Magnetic adhesive pad
    TracFone savings book
    Data services quick guide
    TracFone guide
    TracFone Prepaid Service Features:

    Double Minutes for Life – get 1 free minute with every minute you buy and add for the life of the phone
    Buy 60, 120, 200 and 450 Minute Airtime cards – upon activation all minutes will double and add 90 days to your service end date; this also keeps your service active.
    For the easiest and quickest activation – register online at http://www.TracFone.com
    Customers can move their existing phone number to this phone.

  37. Im having a problem with my new LG 290c. When I try to bluetooth with another phone and send a music file from my other phone to my net10 lg290c phone it says transfer failed media type not supported. I have tried this several times with ringtones and graphics. Cant understand why it will not bluetooth. Does anyone know how to make the lg bluetooth with any other phone without getting an error message?
    Please help!!

  38. Marinda, I tried to bluetooth a picture from my cell to my wife’s cell (both are identical LG290C) and I received the same message you did. Never could get it to work.

    Judy, I have tried and tried to get the FTP from my Straight Talk LG290C to work but no go. I am able to pair with the computer and send vCard, but never see any of my photos. I have begun the long slow process of sending the photos one at a time to my eMail. Thanks for all you help. I tried my wife’s LG290C and have the same no go with her cell. Maybe ours have a different version of software running on the phone?

    • James, I thought you left the country..I’m sorry to hear you still can’t get the pictures off your phone via the bluetooth software. I’m not sure if you read my March 3 reply…but let me know on my questions when you have the time.

      I was able to pair my LC290c to my Magellan GPS Maestro 3140 and the Magellan recognizes my phone but so far I can’t do anything else between the two. When I have time I will see is the ##77 number works for that one.


  39. I just received my new LG290c and had the number and minutes transferred from my old LG200c TracFone to the LG290c. I am in a Verizon and AT&T area with Verizon being the stronger of the two carriers (Twin Cities, MN).
    I cannot get the browser to work. I have not tried to send a text or mms email yet or anything else yet.

    What do I need to do to get the browser to work? Maybe I should have activated this phone with a new number rather than moving my old number to this phone (I love my old number, though). Now that the minutes and number have been moved to this phone, is there a way I could get a Verizon number so the browser would work? Or am I screwed?
    Thanks in advance for any help and insights to this problem,

    • Mike,

      Don’t sweat it. I have the LG290c ST has worked fine for me for three months. Decent company for the money. Obviously not AT&T or Verizon, but better than most MNVO’ s. I moved my old number from AT&T after 8 years. You may have to wait a few minutes or hours for the browser to work. It’s (1X) not that great anyway. I use it to check email or weather. That’s about it. To cumbersome and slow…BUT you can’t beat it for the money!

  40. Thanks,LB!

    I just sent my phone an email with a photo attached and the photo was stripped off of the email. My phone is on Verizon because I used @vtext.com to send the email and I got the email on my phone.

    OK, it’s good to hear you transferred a number from AT&T and the browser works. I’ll keep trying every couple of days.
    Thanks again,

  41. Mike,

    I never had a problem with them broswer. Call Customer Service tomorrow if the browser doesn’t work. Try to be patient. they’re hard to communicate with because they’re in Guatemala or somewhere, but they have good intentions. They will usually have you speak to a supervisor if the can’t resolve the issue. After you get going you don’t usually have to deal with them.

    Obviously, you can’t expect the best customer service for less than half the money of Verizon or AT&T. But the coverage is hard to beat for the money.

    You have to use (yournumber)@mypixmessages.com to send photos or ringtones to your phone. Vtext is for text only.


  42. Hi LB,
    Thanks for the info.

    I tried using the @mypixmessages.com, but I got an undeliverable message back as soon as I sent the email. Do I have to sign up to use the @mypixmessages.com extension?

    My phone is a TracFone LG290c and not a ST 290c. I hope that does not make any difference!

    When I was activating the phone the TracFone CS said I would not be able to get the web or download ring tones. I am hoping he was wrong. ST is sold here and those features are used, so I’m hoping my phone will be able to use them also. I know I’ve read where other people have had problems with the browser initially, but it did start to work after a while. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

    Thanks again,

    • Mike, refer to Rollie’s post on February 24th. He has the same problem with the web services as you. If TracFone says they don’t have mobile web services, most likely they don’t and web services isn’t listed for the LC290c on their web site. Also, it could be the area you are in.

      I have both a Net10 LC290c and Straight Talk LC290c and both phones access the internet from my area. I am in a Verizon area. Although the Net10 LC290c didn’t have web services listed for this phone on their website, I was surprised to find this phone has web services too.

      I believe that TracFone will allow you to return your phone within 30 days for a refund or exchange…you might try that and get one of the other phones…all the same company..

      Good luck, Judy

  43. Mike,

    Sorry, I was thinking you had a Straight Talk phone. I don’t know much about the Tracfone LG 290c. The Tracfone version maybe more locked down than the Straight Talk model. That would be real inconvenient if it was but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Which plan are you on with Trafone? You may want to consider Straight Talk if you use more than $30 a month. So far I’m happy with them.

  44. Hi Judy,
    Thanks. I may do that. I never noticed that the TracFone site did not list web services. Drat. I have 900 minutes on the phone so I can’t change carriers right now. 900 minutes is too many to lose. I really like this phone! Hmmm… what to do, what to do?

    I don’t use many minutes a month so ST wouldn’t be a good fit right now. Maybe in the future, but I need to use some of the minutes I have before I switch plans/providers.

    I may just keep the phone since it was only $24.99 and the other phones that could take its place are not as nice. I transferred the minutes from an LG200c.

    Thanks again for the help. I may go to Walmart to see if they carry any ST phones.

    • Mike, the Net10 phone is a good deal because my hubby also doesn’t use many minutes and I can add 150 minutes for $15 a month on an automatic basis. On the Net10 you get 300 minutes plus 60 days with the purchase so that only makes the LC290c around $25 too. Anyway, you have a lot of minutes to use so you can always buy another phone (Net10) after you have used up your minutes…

      Good Luck,

  45. Approximately a week ago, I wrote the message, below, to Tracfone Executive Resolutions, and have not received a response or experienced any change in my MMS or browser non functioning:


    I will report later what response I receive from Executive Resolutions and what, if any action, was taken to resolve the MMS and browser problems.

  46. Umm..i have a question i tried that blue tooth thing sooo can you break it down on exactly how to do that? Like does it have to be plugged into a usb cord or can this be done from phone to phone. Cause i tried it and i’m confused it didn’t work. So please help thanks!!

  47. I have now realized I can receive emails with ringtones to my LG 290c. I havent tried pictures yet. I have sent 2 at a time with success. I havent tried more than that. The sound quality wasnt that great though the songs was fuzzy sounding. Is that normal, or should they sound clear? I used myxer.com to create the ringtone in a qcp format, and then emailed it to my phone. Is there another program to edit ringtones and send them through email? Also does anyone know if you can save the ringtone in a mp3 format and send it to your phone. My phone doesnt havent a mp3 player so I didnt know if it could still play mp3’s Thats a big question I have!!! I figured out why I cannot bluetooth ringtones to my phone. When I went to bluetooth information on my phone it states that it only supports bluetooth transfer with calenders, contacts and object push whatever that means. Net10 has ringtones not included in the available content to bluetooth!

  48. Miranda,

    I think all my ringtones are MP3 and the seem to work fine. I’ve used Myxer to create a couple too. I’ve found most of them for free on different sites.

  49. how do I unsuscribe to this forum with out unsuscribing to all the Pbushx2 forums?
    The only way I know of is to post a comment and check mark
    Notify me of follow-up comments via email.
    Notify me of new posts via email.
    and then when I get a reply to that I can select which forums to unsubscribe or subscribe to.

  50. Dallas,

    Click on Manage Subscriptions at the bottom of any comments you have received from this blog. At the top of the page there will be 3 sections; blogs, comments and settings.

    Click on comments and scroll down until you find this blog, then you can delete this particular blog…

    Hope this helps,

  51. Alan, it took approximately 11 days for the Universal Kit to show up at my door after I called CS at Net10. In fact, I never heard back from customer service at Net10 at all…the correct Universal Kit just showed up at my door via 2 day FedEx express. I suggest that you give them time to get the correct kit ordered for you and it will show up as mine did…unexpectedly…Let me know your status.

    I will get on the list just as soon as I can….


    • Hi Judy,

      After not hearing from Net10, or receiving the Universal Kit with the LG290C adaptor after talking with TWO of the so-called “support” folks, I called the Executive Resolutions department last Thursday. Today I received the kit with the correct adaptor. Hooray!


  52. thanks for all the great info, it has been very helpful. i too bought a USB cable in hopes of being able to transfer files between my computer and lg290c. just as you experienced i could not find a driver when one was requested by the hardware. today 3/29/10 i called straight talk and their technician said that all straight talk phones are not capable of doing these types of transfers at this time. it is being worked and when available they will notify everyone. they did not have any idea as to how long it will take to make this change. until then i guess the bluetooth workaround is the only option

  53. “From the main screen go to enu>Settings>Bluetooth>Power>Off>OK. Press End to return to the main screen. Dial ##7764726290 and press send. Enter 000000 press OK. Scroll down to Bluetooth Setting and press OK. FTP Server is highlighted press OK. Yes is highlighted press OK. Highlight On and press OK (NOTE: Even if there is a check mark next to On already select it again. You will have to do this every time you want to transfer files).”

    I followed these steps, and was able to make it work using a Windows PC and a free download of Bluesoleil software. I was able to copy and paste both an mp3 file and a picture file to the phone using the “file transfer” function in Bluesoleil. The method also works to transfer pictures off the phone to your computer.

    My desktop computer does not have bluetooth capability. Is that a requirement for this procedure to happen? After I installed Bluesoleil, I couldn’t transfer pictures. How does Bluesoleil connect to my computer? I did see a ‘Local Area Connection 2’ listed in Network connections, but unplugged was it’s status. All I want to do is transfer pictures to my computer.

    • Richard, if your computer does not have bluetooth you need to buy a bluetooth dongle. I have had the best results with IO Gear dongle but you can choose what you want. Make sure you follow the correct steps for your phone…i.e. Net10 or Straight Talk as for the LC 290c the steps to connect to your computer are just a little bit different.

      Those steps are also listed on this blog..you just need to search for them.

      I know I am leaving some steps out but if you need help after you have purchased your dongle, make another post.

  54. Does anyone know how to bluetooth ringtones from phone to phone? Is that just something this phone will not do? Every time I try it says media type not supported. And when I email ringtones to my phone even if I send them as MP3 the phone will overwrite them to .qcp format. And that makes the ringtones sound fuzzy. I also tried converting the files to .qcp before I sent them to my phone, and I got the same fuzzy sounding ringtone result. Does anyone know if there is a way around this? Or do I just need to buy a bluetooth dongle?

  55. The easiest way I’ve found to transfer files to the LG290c is to send them by email. I wish I could! All I get when I try to send is “Data Services Not Available”

  56. Hi!
    I recently purchased a TF LG290C hoping to utilize the camera. I had not read anything on site this prior. My mistake.

    My area is covered by US Cellular. The browser function does not work as “Data Services Unavailable”. Also I cannot send a picture message for the same reason.

    I have a BT dongle (rocketfish) and the Widcomm software (ver. installed. I can transfer vcards both ways but when I attempt to activate the FTP option via ##77…, and I try to enter the 000000 I get “Warning! Wrong Service Code” before I can do anything else. The phone BT info screen has only the following as supported profiles: Headset, Handsfree, Object Push & Phonebook Access.

    I have not used *228 (unless it was mixed in with the codes the SR had me key in just to get the phone activated in my local area). I did not keep track of those codes.

    Any suggestions on a different code to activate FTP, or did USC permanently block my phone? I have not yet called TF on this as the posts I have now read seem to indicate they will say it is a carrier problem and not a TF problem.


    • Bill,

      1) When the Widcomm software was installed, did you activate all options i.e., printers, etc.?

      2) What phone brand (tracPhone or Net10/ST steps did you follow before you dialed ##77?

      3) There are two different phone procedures on this blog…a) one for Straight Talk/TracPhone and b)one for Net10.

      4) I have Straight Talk and Net 10 Lc290c’s and each phone takes a different procedure to transfer pictures.

      5) In Rollie’s comments on Feb 22nd, he couldn’t get web browsing on his Tracphone, which sounds like the same problem you have but he was able to follow the Straight Talk instructions to transfer the photos from his camers, which I made 2 postings on Feb, 17th. Be sure to follow these instructions closely and see what happens.

      Good Luck, Judy

      • Judy, thanks for all you do.
        1) Yes. All 10 except printer (which is off) state automatic startup.

        2) Installed software & activated services, paired phone and PC, turned BT off, dialed ##77…, entered 000000 and got the Warning message before I even had the chance for an OK. It returns to the Enter Code ?????? screen.

        4) I believe the steps up to the 6 zeros are the same?

        5) BTW in My BT Places I only have Object Push & HSP Audio Gateway.


  57. I have the Tracfone version of the LG 290c. While this forum was helpful it took me quite a few steps to get the Bluetooth FTP working. In the end it was Judy’s information that actually got it running for me. (thanks Judy!)

    The key seemed to be the updated Widcomm drivers.

    I used the IOGear Bluetooth USB adapter model GBU421. This can be picked up from Walmart or from sites around the web.

    Next I installed the IOGear Bluetooth adapter Before I plugged it in.

    Then I downloaded and installed the updated Widcomm drivers found here http://www.broadcom.com/products/bluetooth_update.php

    Then use the normal Bluetooth menu to synchronize your Tracfone with your PC. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on in the phone and make sure the menu option for the phone is set to VISIBLE.

    Now you need to go into your Bluetooth icon on your PC and search for and link your PC with your Phone. The phone will ask you if you want to always connect or not when it senses this connection. I chose Always Connect.

    Now go back to the main screen of your phone by pressing the End button on your phones keypad.

    Dial ##7764726290 and press send. Enter 000000 press OK. Scroll down to Bluetooth Setting and press OK. FTP Server is highlighted press OK. Yes is highlighted press OK. Highlight On and press OK.
    (the above note was copy and pasted directly from Judy above *thanks again Judy!*)

    Now you should be able to go back into your bluetooth menu and set up the FTP service.

    Again the most important step here for me were the updated Widcomm drivers. Before I installed those I was able to get an FTP connection but I could NOT see the Phone_My_Images or Phone_My_Audios folders. I can not stress enough how important it is to get these drivers installed before you even do the rest of this stuff. Without them you will be floundering around hopelessly.

    I did not need to use Bluesoleil (save your money and don’t bother with that software!) OBEX Commander works or you can just set up an OBEX File Transfer directly through the Widcomm drivers using the windows toolset.

    Also if you play around in the ##77… menu for anything other than the Bluetooth FTP settings be careful. I would suggest not bothering with anything else in there. Right now there is no way to unlock the USB link without the 16 digit code. And as of today (april 7th, 2010) there is nowhere to find the proper code on the internet. On Tracfone’s you only get ONE chance to enter the USB unlock code correctly in the ##77… Menu then it will lock you out permanently. So I strongly suggest you do not even try till we have the right codes.

    • Meemo, good instructions.

      It looks like the Net10 instructions to transfer photos works with the Tracphone…that makes me wrong on that point because I thought the Straight Talk instructions worked for the TracPhone. I have the Straight Talk and the Net10 phones but the straight talk phone took some additional steps, which I did post above.


    • Bill,

      Yes the steps are the same including entering the zeros.

      Let’s see if the following works: Perhaps the software has already read your phone contents…supposing you have already entered the ##77 number.

      1) Right click the BT Icon on the taskbar
      2) Highlight BT Config and the configuration screen will appear. On the first page, you should see the Widcomm software version. It should be Then click on the accessibility tab, and make sure to check the box “Let other B/T devices discover this computer.

      3) Right click the BlueTooth Icon on the taskbar.
      4) Highlight My bluttooth places.
      5) Under Bluetooth tasks click on devices in range. You should see a phone icon with your phone listed. i.e. LC290c. Double click on the phone icon, next double click on the OBEX File Transfer icon, you should see 2 folders:

      1) phone_my_audios and phone_my_images.

      This is what you should see if your phone has talked to your computer.

      I have no idea why the Tracphone would give you the error when you try to enter the zeros, as the Straight talk and the Net10 (phones)do not give the error. However, perhaps someone else on this blog could shed some light on this question.

  58. oh as another note: after you have done all the rest of that and gotten it working once, you will need to turn on the FTP option in the Bluetooth section of the ##77… menu every time you want to transfer files.

    When you are not using the Bluetooth I also suggest you turn the power off to it on your phone. It uses a lot of power and will run your battery down much faster than normal if you leave it running constantly.

  59. Thanks Meemo and Judy,
    I did an unstall of the BT software & reboot, then:

    1) I installed drivers (without inserting dongle) with a reboot

    2) I ran the driver update to go from to (I had done this previously except I had the dongle in as I did the first install per instructions that came with the rocketfish dongle). Update requested dongle be inserted so I did. & reboot.

    3)Right click on BT in systray and selected “start using bluetooth” – the only option. This brought up the configuration wizard.

    4A) I selected each item in turn and adjusted properties. I took defaults on BT imaging, printer, headset, audio gateway, BT serial port, dial up networking & network access.
    4B) I selected to allow remote users to access hidden files & folders and to modify read only files & folders.
    4C) PIM Sync – I selected to not sync for all types
    4D) PIM transfer – I selected save to folder for all

    5) I added device to computer and paired it successfully

    6) Dialed ##7764726290>send>000000 and still got the “Warning! Wrong Service Code” upon entering the last 0.

    7) Yes, it is ver. and the “Let other B/T devices discover… box is checked.

    8) When I dbl-click the phone icon I get A) Audio Gateway & B)Object Push.

    9) A right click on Object Push gives me A) Send business card B) Status C) Coopy D)Paste(greyed) & E) Properties.

    10) A double click on Object Push brings up the select a B/T business card to send to the phone screen.

    I am still not getting it to work. As I stated earlier, maybe one of the codes the TF service rep had me enter froze me out. At least it looks like I am.

    FYI the rocketfish RF-FLBTAD dongle is a 2.1+EDR which matches the phone’s B/T & my phone’s S/W ver. is T29TFV05 & H/W ver. is 1.1, Browser, AVR mVoice 2.36.2, MMS ver. L12.39R_07
    I couldn’t find an IOGear dongle locally which is why I tried this one. Could the dongle be causing this as well?

    When I do a discover services on the phone, I see the computer has:
    1) Headset Audio G/W
    2) OBEX Object push
    3) OBEX File Transfer
    4) Serial Port
    5) Dial UP Networking
    6) Advanced audio distribution
    7) PAN user
    8) PAN Group Networks
    9) Basic Imaging

    I seem to be rambling, but I thought I’d throw out all the info at once. I hope someone comes up with the codes needed to unlock the file transfer. Thanks to all in advance.


    • ahh Bill.. . I see your problem. it is right here

      —–> 6) Dialed ##7764726290>send>000000 and still got the “Warning! Wrong Service Code” upon entering the last 0.

      Did you ever type in a *228 code into the phone?
      The *228 code is normally entered to reset your roaming lists for your local area. However it has a bad side effect too. I have been reading that this code *228 will change your service code in the ##77… menu from all zeros to something else. Unfortunately if you have entered this code it makes it impossible to get into the service menu to turn on the FTP. =/

      It sounds like you have everything else right. Sadly, once that all zero’s code is changed it can not be changed back unless you have the new code. And since tracfone will not give out that code you are probably stuck =/.

      I suggest going into walmart, buying a new phone and swapping it for the old one. You will have to re-activate and everything to get the new phone working. But it should have the basic all zero’s service code when you get it. (just don’t enter the *288 code for anything!)

      Now I have not entered the *288 code myself, so I can not say for certain this is what has happened. But if you can’t get into your phones #77… menu by using the all zero’s passcode then you are stuck.

      Sorry =/

  60. Meemo,

    I have not used *228 myself, unless it was mixed in with the codes the TF service rep had me key in to activate the phone. As I stated in my first post.

    • kk regardless though if the all zero service passcode will not let you in, then you are stuck because you can’t turn the ftp on. You can still try the walmart thing I suggested. Tracfone however will not let you do returns without a major hassle directly though. Walmart is much nicer about returns though.

  61. Hi, I have an LG 290c tracphone. I followed the instructions to turn on the ftp on the phone, but once I do the ##numbers, send and 000000 stuff and press ok on file transfer, then I go back to main menu/bluetooth/services, I cannot see Obex File Transfer as a service. Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Art,

      What dongle and software are you using? That will make a difference when following directions on this blog. I have posted two different methods one for Straight Talk and one for Tracphone and Net10.But they apply only to the IOGear Dongle and Widcomm software using the updated drivers…

      Check out the above instructions…Meemo
      April 7, 2010 at 2:59 pm. Meemo has done a great job in describing the steps to follow.

      Best of luck,

      • I received my IOGear dongle earlier in the week. (FYI, I’m running XP with service pack 3, & my phone is the Net10 version.)

        Rather than mess with the driver that came on the disk with the dongle, I went to the IOGear web site & downloaded the latest driver directly from them — the one for XP.

        I’m now able to transfer pictures from my phone to my computer. Thanks to Judy & Meemo!!


    • Hi Art! Sorry that part of my walkthrough is not terribly clear. . when I said the part about the obex file transfer that part is done on your computer. After you activate the FTP transfer service in your phone then go back on your computer and use the bluetooth menus there to detect your services for your phone. OBEX should show up as one of the options. Everything pretty much after turning on your phones bluetooth FTP is done on your computer.

      Keep in mind that you will only have maybe 4 or 5 minutes tops once you turn on the FTP in your phone to do any detecting of services or transferring of files using your PC. I have never bothered to time exactly how long the phone keeps the FTP service active but I do know that after about 4 or 5 minutes it will stop working. Then you must go back into your phones ##77… menu and re-activate the FTP in the Bluetooth menu. That should give you another 4 or 5 minutes to detect and do file transfers. I hope that helps! =)

  62. Hello Art,
    I have the same LG290c from Straighttalk and experienced the same problem. I never did get the file transfer to work, I ended up eMailing all the photos from the phone to my eMail account. Sorry for the bad news.

  63. Pbusch-
    As a follow up to your suggestion, dtd March 2, I emailed Tracfone Executive Resolutions concerning the nonfunctioning of MMS and browsing on my LG 290c. In my email I informed them – I absolutely want MMS and browsing abilities. Therefore, I request that you port my number over to Verizon network service provider, which does provide data services and supports MMS/browsing.

    I received a prompt response and follow up from them during which they changed my phone to a Verizon number. However, with this newly assigned number, I then received a new message – Check Data Restrictions -36 whenever I attempted to send an MMS picture message or access the browser. Also the word Roam appeared on the main screen when the phone was in use.

    I then sent a new email to ERDManagement@tracfone.com requesting their assistance in solving this new problem so that I could send picture messages by email and thus have the capability of transferring photos from my LG 290c phone to my computer. ERD called me by phone several days later and inquired if these services were now functioning. I tested my phone and found that both services were functioning perfectly. I asked them about the cause of the problem and was told it apparently was a matter of their updating my accounts among the providers.

    Again, Pbuschx2’s Weblog has come to my assistance by providing me with information that enabled me to have a happy resolution to all my phone difficulties. Thank you!!

  64. Can you tell me if the LG220 is as good as the LG290 as far as signal strength. I have been with tracfone for over 9 years and currently have a old Motorola V120C. I was assigned a US Cellular number and have the best in reception. Hopefully if I change phones I will be able to keep same number.

  65. Pat…forgot I was on YOUR page what with all the techies on here…lol.Just wanted to say ‘thanks ,again ‘ for all your help , and also, the TF lg 290 as well as the Samsung t301 are available in the 49xxx zip for $19.99 this week! Chek your pamida store if you have one nearby.
    I’m assuming that the LG 290 and the LG290C are one and the same, as long as they are tracfone??

    • Hi Gene
      Thanks for sharing that tip on the Pamida sale. Definitely a good deal. You are correct that the 290 and 290c are one and the same.
      Be careful on that, though; in my experience many retailers advertise both CDMA and GSM phones in their sales fliers, but only really offer one or the other at any given store, depending on which service TracFone prefers to push in that area.

  66. pbushx2, I’m a big fan of your website and appreciate all the info you share.
    I’m confused about batteries. Some, I understand, are supposed to be discharged completely at regular intervals, some not. What about the battery in my LG290C?

    • Hi Doc
      I’m not positive, but as far as I know most batteries now-a-days don’t have that “memory effect.” I’m not an expert on this area of cell phone use, however. Maybe you’d be better off asking someone at a battery specialty-shop or something if it’s a big concern for you.

  67. pbushx2,read your reviews and decided to purchase(2)LG290c.One for my wife and one for myself. Your review of this phone was right on the money. Everything was perfect till I tried to send a mms picture. I called tracfone and they told me that US cellular in this area did not support data transfer. All our friend have the same carrier and they all have data transfer. Can you suggest a way to get tracfone to resolve this problem? Thanks,

    • Hi Richard
      That is a problem. I would suggest dealing with Elston, who I mentioned in a previous post: http://pbush14.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/tracphone-support/

      If he can’t help, then I’d file a complaint with the better business bureau, as TracFone is not fulfilling it’s end of the promised “MMS picture messaging” capability as stated on the website and the phone packaging.

      In my opinion, this is unacceptable for them to advertise that, then put you on US Cellular just because it saves them a few pennies vs. putting you on Verizon, which CAN do MMS. I would INSIST on getting switched to a Verizon-based number if I were you, and don’t accept any claim that your number can’t be moved to Verizon – number portability is a federal law.

  68. I just got a Straight Talk LG 290c, and I used the instructions in the main post to get the Bluetooth working and transfer a file (using my Mac’s built-in Bluetooth utility under System Preferences). Then I turned the Bluetooth off. When I tried to use the same trick to reconnect later, it wouldn’t work. I’ve tried turning the phone on and off, un-pairing and re-pairing the phone and computer, and pretty much everything else I can think of, but nothing makes a difference. Does anyone have any idea why this would happen? To me it seems like the weirdest part is that it did work, but only once.

    In case it helps, here’s what’s displayed under my phone’s Version information:
    SW Version: T29TFV06
    PRL Version: PRL 59147
    Browser Version:
    AVR Version: mVoice 2.36.2
    MMS Version: L12.39R_07
    Bluetooth Version: 2.1+EDR
    HW Version: 1.1

    • Elizabeth, that is really strange and unfortunately I don’t have any more guesses as to why it might be doing that. I would have suggested exactly what you tried – turning bluetooth on/off, then turning the phone on/off. Maybe someone else reading this will be able to help.

  69. I don’t understand why all the effort to transfer over bluetooth when it is pretty well known fact that ST locks down their phones. Just transfer the files by email to your phone.

    • Hi labjr
      I think the effort is probably more important for people that have this phone with Net10 or TracFone, where they have to pay more for the data transfer of MMS.

  70. Hi sir, I just recently bought this phone (LG 290C for Straightalk), and honestly reading through these comments just seems to boggle my mind. So I do apologize if I am asking a question previously answered. What I am concerned with this phone is the ability to connect with Windows 7. My primary function for such a connection is to be able to transfer ringtones, wallpaper INTO the phone itself. Transferring files from the cell is really not my concern. Does the Cellphone have that capability?

  71. Hello,
    Just got this phone on straight talk and really like it so far. My question: is there anyway you can disable the voice message that tells you how many minutes you have left when you make a call? This is the first pre-paid phone I’ve used. Of course with a contract phone, which is what I’ve always had, you never hear that kind of information. I know this information would be helpful to many people, but not for me. I use this phone for personal as well as business and keep track of my usage in other ways. When making business calls it’s very annoying and it distracts my brain from why I was making the call, which is not good for business! Any tips or information would be most appreciated. Thanks!

  72. Hi, i have the same problem as ss2cire.

    i turned bluetooth off, pressed end to get back to the main screen, and dialed ##7764726290 and pressed send. All it did was dial the number and tell me that the call could not be completed as dialed. any help?

    BTW I’m currently using the Straighttalk lg290c.

  73. I am considering purchasing the LG 290c for use on Tracfone and have been following the bluetooth conversation but have seen nothing relating to the ability of LG 290c to work with a car kit.

    Has anyone tried that? I was hoping to hear that the LG 290c had similar bluetooth capabilities as the LG 600g. Can anyone provide any information on that? Thanks.

  74. I purchased an LG 290c after extensively reviewing and searching all over the internet for reviews of this phone so i could get away from the crapshoot LG600g. I have had it for almost four months now and i have yet to have any real problem with it.

    a lot of the concern i see from others reading PBushX2s review is the FTP function on the phone. the phone itself has FTP nativity in it BUT the windows bluetooth software doesnt handle it correctly. for some reason, the windows bluetooth software wants to use the phone as an audio gateway which disables the ftp ability. so in order to use the FTP you have to be able to selectively turn on services from the computer in which you are pairing. you cant do that with windows bluetooth software but bluesoleil can. go fig you have to use a third party Bluetooth software such as BlueSoleil to handle the bluetooth hardware on the computer.

    once you manage to set up the bluetooth FTP and you dont want to have to go through that big long number thing again, LEAVE BLUETOOTH ON and the FTP will remain engaged and available to your computer when the phone is in range. my 290c has been turned off twice since i got the phone and has a standard idle time of 10 days before it needs charging even with bluetooth enabled. there is no harm in leaving bluetooth on considering that you’ve already got a pocket full of radiation, whats a little more? 😛

    if your 290c isnt accepting the service code ## number then the phone itself has probably either been disabled more by tracfone OR the batch of phones has a different service code. i havent seen any out there other than the one above so im not much help there. sorry guys.

    also, for those that are wanting to set up custom background images for the phone, the screen is 240×320 (wide x tall). all images ive bt’d to the phone look great but the screen is not a true color screen so you do get a little color funkyness but not enough to complain about. :)

    and lastly, the price of this phone through tracfone has fallen yet again. it is now 30$ (regular price)! seriously if you have a LG600g UPGRADE you will be so happy you did.

    • I have been debating between the LG 600g and the LG 290c and am wondering about your strong negative comment re the LG 600g. What has attracted me to consider it is the more comprehensive PIM capacity (I am still using a PDA and would like to combine as much of those capabilities with a prepaid phone as possible) and the apparently non-crippled bluetooth on the 600g (I hope to be able to link it to a GPS or car kit voice calling system). So, I would l like to learn what turned you off to the LG 600g and your opinion of the extent to which the LG 290c might serve my needs.


      • the major thing that turned me away from the LG600g was the reception. I could not make a call from inside a building or inside a car without it dropping or being extremely broken to the point i couldnt be understood or understand who i was talking to.

        the other thing too, is if you are planning on using the camera in the LG600g, its a pretty grainy and doesnt have very good contrast inside or outside.

        I tried using the PIMs with the LG600g several times and regardless of how ‘sure’ i was when transferring the occurrence to the phone, it was never right.

        the LG290c however has never dropped a call and always sounds crystal clear (even inside the places i knew the other one would drop calls) and has a much better camera in it. but doesnt (as far as ive noticed) have a PIM ability BUT does have a calendaring application in it.

        so its either a phone with great reception or a phone that youll need to be redialing constantly with PIM capability. :3

        hope that helps! :)

  75. Learning the computer was easier than the phones…
    I can take pictures but bluetooth or not I can’t get them off…
    Trying to do that number thing then to add the 00s where was I supposed to scroll down to so I could put them in….when I dialed send that number it was a Verizon number that had been changed or disconnected..If I can’t get a cord put top them on the computer I will delete them and forget about the camera….
    And sending emails? Sending text messages? Forget about it…..lol
    I am one that needs not only step by step but I guess I need pictures too… Probably not worth it. I have a camera in my purse that is easyier to use..

  76. Just to inform….the 290c as well as the samsung 301 are again on sale at Pamida stores in Soutwest MI for $19.99.I assume that these both, as well as most phones from trac, have dmfl(??)

  77. I am having problems with Straight Talk phones.

    I activated my Straight Talk LG220c on February 01, 2010 with 1,000 minutes automatically charged to my Visa card. My zip code is 72744.

    The Straight Talk LG220c worked fine until the middle of July 2010. Suddenly I started to have to charge the battery twice a day and the phone would get very warm, even when not charging or being used for a call. Thinking the battery was defective I called Straight Talk to request a new battery but they sent me a Net10 LG220c phone. I used the Net10 phone’s battery in my Straight Talk phone but the new battery had to be charged twice a day also. I put my old battery into the Net10 LG220c phone and charged it. The Net10 LG220c phone held a charge with my old battery for over three days and never got warm. I gave the Net10 LG220c phone to Wal-Mart to be returned in its prepaid mailer.

    On August 09, 2010, Wal-Mart exchanged my Straight Talk LG220c phone for a new Straight Talk LG220c phone and activated it for me. The new straight talk phone immediately got very warm and had to be charged twice or more times each day.

    On August 16, 2010, I purchased a new Straight Talk LG290c and charged up its battery. I spent most of the day setting up my preferences (ringtone, etc) and learning how to use the features and options of the new phone. On August 16, 2010 at 9:00AM, with the battery fully charged I called Straight Talk and had my new LG290c phone activated using my old phone number and account information. This only took ten minutes or less, they were great. However by 7:30PM the battery on the new LG290c was in need of charging and the phone gets hot just like the LG220c phones I had. Since then I have to charge the battery two or three times per day. As per the user manual I charged each phone for at least four hours.

    Is it possible that Verizon has problems and is using analog instead of digital? Digital phones when used on an analog cell system draw far greater amounts of power. Or is possible that somehow a virus or malicious code/software is being installed onto the Straight Talk phones during activation??
    Any help or good feedback would be appreciated.

    • I can not say for sure what could be happening with your phone(s). It is hard to say just a case of bad luck because that is a lot of times that has happened to you. I purchased a LG290c back in December. It never got warm unless I was talking on it while it charged. It always held a charge all day which is awesome since im a heavy texter during the day and heavy talker at night. Its been about 8 months its now August and it was still in perfect condition. I just purchased a Samsung R355C a week ago and keeping my LG290c for back up since it still works great. The only time My LG290c would not charge is if my wall charger got wet. My dog liked to lick on the part that goes into the phone and wet it. That would turn it green (wet corrosion) and I would have to buy a new charger, but once I bought a new charger it would charge the phone like normally. My battery never had a problem, just the wall chargers. I have not used the LG290c since I got the SamsungR355c but miraculously the LG290c is still more than half charged after 6 days of non usage. From my experience I would recommend trying a new wall charger but that may not do you any help if the charger never got wet.

      Also my LG290 did get wet once back in may. I set it in a sprite puddle on the counter. I quickly took the battery out, wiped the phone down, didn’t use it for a day or so (to make sure it was dry, it was really wet), i put the battery back in after that day. Never had a problem with it.

      My boyfriend works at all-tech this is what he had to say: phones getting warm, even “really” warm is actually normal. But the phone getting so hot that you can not hold it, or burns you or smells burnt or actually smoking is a problem! The problem could be from one of these: the phone has liquid damage, overworked battery, blocked signal(so phone working so hard to find signal),leaking battery, short circuiting, connectors not working properly, you had your phone near metal or just poor phone design. He said more but this msg so long you may not read it. (:

  78. This was a good article for people who have not discovered how wonderful Bluetooth can be. I did not have to unlock my Bluetooth to start transferring files. When I bought my 290c back in December I simply went under Bluetooth and “checked on for visibility” if I wanted to send picture, ringtones, and phone book from my computer to my new phone. I just got the Samsung R355c and it has been a while so my phone book in my 290c has more contacts so i simply went to Bluetooth on my phone, then pair devices then searched for my laptop. Paired my phone to laptop to transfer my calendar, phone book, pictures from my 290c to my computer. After I transfered everything i transfered all my goodies from my computer to my new phone

  79. Hi, I tried the broadcom driver and installed. I let it search for bluetooth devices(it did this for 30 mins) then closed it. My Toshiba laptop, device manager says it has a Toshiba bluetooth adapter, not broadcom, so this is why I think it never finished searching for bluetooth devices. I have the TF 290c. When I try the ##7 number,press send,enter 0’s,press ok, the next screen is my phone info(eime number and other info) there is no bluetooth or FTP when I scroll down, only the phone info. Then when I press OK again, my phone resets(turns off and back on automatically) and nothing is different. Everything works as usual, but still no FTP with bluetooth. I bought this phone 3 mths ago from TF website. Do you think they have done something with the phones now to stop us from FTP with bluetooth? Any Ideas?

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  81. Ive had my slide phone for a while, and it is an awesome phone, but iv’e reached my picture limit of 375(which is killer as well) and i know that it doesn’t have a sim car or a sd card, so i got the usb cord, but now iv’e tried to plug in my phone and simply take the pictures off so i can take more, and it wont let me. I cant find it in my “computer” icon. I am slightly annoyed, and also kinda sad. Please help if you can!

    • Hi Dalton
      The only way, without sending pictures via MMS, to get pictures off this phone is to use bluetooth. Scroll up to the top of the page, and read the article, specifically the heading of “Connectivity.” There I have explained exactly how to get the pictures off the phone.

  82. Your procedure for downloading and uploading files from and to the lg290c worked fine for a long time on Windows XP. But it totally does not work with Windows 7. Any new advice?

  83. Can I hook my Itouch to my LG290c using bluetooth? They both seem to have bluetooth, help please I am not a techy. I am trying to get photo from the 290c to the itouch. I would really be thankful for any help!

    • Hi Steve
      I have tried this, but was unable to do so. I’m not sure the iTouch even has the ability receive photos via bluetooth. I would suggest sending the photo from the 290c to your computer via bluetooth, then use iTunes to sync the photo from your computer to the iTouch.

      • Hi Pat,
        Sometimes when the phone is in my pocket I will accidentally dial a number. Is there any way to prevent the phone from dialing unless the phone is slid open?
        Thanks for all your info on this phone.

  84. Have had Tracfone a few days. Have yet to find all features, but am still looking. Am looking for case and cable for the LG 290c. Any suggestions, please. Have been to many web sites, and all I get is thousands of LG phones. HELP?

  85. I have the tracfone 290c and have been able to get the minutes and service date off my screen, but how do I get rid of “TracFone” off my screen? No matter what I do this word is on my kids’ faces and drives me crazy!

    BTW, this site is great! thanks for it!

    • Hi Dan
      I’m afraid I can’t help you with that one, I no longer have this phone. If I remember correctly, though, it’s not possible to get the “TracFone” off there – probably the most annoying feature of that phone, which I otherwise really liked!

  86. I’m very interested in using the 290c as a modem. Mine is through Straight Talk, and it needs a 16 digit USB unlock number. If we all put our heads to gather, isn’t there a way to scam the code out of the Straight Talk staff?

    • Hi Dani
      I don’t believe that will work. At least, no one that I know of has found a way to make it work, and I keep a pretty close eye on things like that on various forums and message boards on the internet.

  87. What version of the Bluesoleil software did you use when you were successfull in sending pictures and mp3’s from your computer to the LG290c. I am currently trying to do the exact thing described in your review and can’t get it to work. When trying to move files I keep getting a wireless security pin messsage and can’t get the phone to link via bluetooth to my computer. I’m using Bluesoliel 8.0 and have a bluetooth adapter on my PC. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Jim
      I don’t remember – I no longer have that computer that I used. But I think that it was probably an older version of BlueSoleil. I probably installed whatever was current in the spring/summer of 2009.

  88. I have been trying to get these pictures off the phone for about 4 months now and it is not working no matter what I do. I don’t have the file transfer option on my 290c under the bluetooth capabilities and I can’t send them through email or to another phone. Tracfone told me oh, well too bad, but we have some once in a lifetime pictures on here that we need to be able to save and print. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  89. Just wanted to post that the LG290C from Straight Talk has apparently had bluetooth file transfer disabled – when I try to enter that code from part 3 of your review, it just tried to dial the number. The only way I’ve been able to get anything on or off the phone is via e-mail using (phonenumber)@mypixmessages.com, ensuring the attachment is small enough to fit under the ~350KB limit.

  90. You can download photos from tracfone 290c to your computer (I have Win.XP)fairly easily.

    First you need to put your email into the phones ‘contact’ list. I set up a gmail, but works on any email account it seems. Uses MMS (multimedia services-need Quicktime or other program)

    To transfer photos on LG290c to pc:
    -Go to Images/my images/OK
    -Select photo/press ‘send’bar to left(not green ‘send’ below)
    -when you are to enter a number,press ‘options’/then ‘contacts’
    -scroll down to email address in contacts’press OK/then ‘Done’

    you’re back to the previous page and your email address is entered in the top space…press OK then press Send

    Open your E mail and download photos to chosen file.

    Works like a charm…it does use up one minute per item, but not too bad. No need to go online in browser, just use phone setting.

    Was about to toss the %*#!! phone until I figured this out–good luck!

    • I was already doing that and it works great for pics under the size limit, but we have several that aren’t and it won’t send them – can’t even tell how big the limit is (ignore my previous comment – had that # wrong). Pissing me off – I HATE cell phone companies! They purposely disable basic features of phones so they can nickel and dime you for their “services.”

  91. I have one of these phones on Tracfone, and it has no data service. If I try to use the Browser or try to send an image it says “Data Service Not Available”, no matter where I go. I’ve been trying to use a USB cable and BitPim to access the phone’s files so I could get the photos off and add my own ringtones, but it can’t find the phone. Mac OS X recognizes the phone as a CDMA modem, but the software does not. LG’s website doesn’t even list this phone as ever existing; it’s not even in the discontinued section.

    Anyway, THANK YOU so much for the info about unlocking bluetooth file transfer. Not only was I able to add a custom ringtone, but I was able to get back photos I took of my cat shortly before he died.

    • Hi Timerider
      Is it possible that your phone got activated on a network other than Verizon? Some people have this problem if they have USCellular coverage, and TracFone activates their handset on USCellular instead of Verizon. Executive resolutions might be able to help you with this.

      (1-800-876-5753) will reach the Executive Resolution Department, which is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.

      Just be careful, because the solution might be to assign a new phone number to your handset. For many people, this is unacceptable. You will want to make it clear that you don’t want that, if your number is important to you. If they refuse to help you, you might also try filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as TracFone has been known to respond swiftly to those complaints.

    • Would LOVE the specifics of how you got yer pics off the phone (unless you’ve had it for long enough that it was before they updated the firmware to eliminate this “loophole”).

  92. If the ##77 code isn’t working for you because it tells you that 000000 doesn’t work, you can still access the menu. Go to Menu > Settings > System and then hit 0. It should ask you for a code. Enter ##7764726 and you’ll be in the services menu.

    If you click on Service Prg. and keep clicking next until you have to hit More, you’ll eventually see a number labeled Service Code. This is the 6-digit number that replaced 000000. On my phone, it was changed to 829400.

    • SOLUTION HERE!!!!!!!
      SOLUTION HERE!!!!!!!
      SOLUTION HERE!!!!!!!

      Oh, THANK YOU! This gave me the clue I needed!

      I installed the Bluesoleil software that came with my BT adapter and once I did the Menu > Settings > System > “0” dance you mentioned above I got to a menu which contained a “* Bluetooth Setting” choice way at the bottom. Went into that menu and the first choice was for the FTP Server – fantastic!

      Tried to connect via the Bluesoleil program and wound up at a file browser (that had a grid which kinda made it look like a spreadsheet), but it was empty. ARRGGGHHHHH!!!! So close, yet so far!

      Long story short, I then downloaded the OBEX Commander everyone’s been raving about and it worked! I got ALL the Pics and sound files off the phone! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

      Hope this helps everyone else and thanks soooooo much, Timerider, for that valuable information on getting to that hidden menu!

      SOLUTION HERE!!!!!!!
      SOLUTION HERE!!!!!!!
      SOLUTION HERE!!!!!!!

    • Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! I used the ##7764726290 method for MY TF 290c, but for some reason my hubby’s phone (same model and carrier) would just try to dial out!! Your method worked tho :)

  93. I have this phone in Mpls and I don’t have access to the data plan because TracFone uses AT&T and T-Mobile here since those providers are cheaper to use than Verizon. Verizon has great coverage here and I had to use a Montana (I think it was Montana?) zip code to even be able to order the phone online.

    Did you buy this phone online using a zip code other than your own zip code? Even without the data plan available, it’s still a great phone and the coverage here is awesome.

    • Hi Mike
      I live in an area covered by both GSM and CDMA, and since Trac prefers to sell GSM devices, I always have to use a different ZIP when I order a CDMA phone. Some local stores sell both, though. Coverage is better on Verizon for me (around 100 miles east of Mpls.

  94. Here’s a puzzler…Just got this cool phone, went on Tracfone’s site to activate and was told that I had entered a ‘wrong’ phone number, (I did Not, since They automatically entered the numbers They have on file!) when trying to transfer my current one, and was advised to Call them….which I did….and got a message that I should try to activate the phone ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!



  95. And here we go again….finally actually spoke with someone at Tracfone, while I had the so-called activation screen on my computer, trying to get them to get my phone working. So…using both computer and house phone, she then told me to dial a number with the LG 290 to connect with yet another activation system…and That said to go online!!!!!!
    Now it is 5 days later, my number and minutes are in the new phone, which still does not work!



    • I should let it be known that I Finally got this phone working…after almost 3 weeks, thank you, Tracfone. Jeesh!
      Love it…much better reception than my previous Motorola model.
      Pity there are no games though!
      And…I bought a snap-on cover (red, so it matches my Tundra!) and the phone works beautifully. And Looks cool!


  96. Here are a few tips from a reader (Dex) for those of you having trouble getting data between your phone and your computer. If you can’t get the bluetooth trick to work, try these tips. Keep in mind that you will have to pay (wit airtime units) for the data transferred.

    Send Pix from Tracfone to PC

    Turn on Tracfone
    click Menu
    select messages
    new pic message
    type in your own e-mail address
    scroll down to image
    under gallery
    select photo
    then send. 

    P.S.  the mail will come from:

    To send Ringtones from PC to Tracfone:
    Use freeware program “Audacity” to shorten your mp3 audio file to around 13-14 seconds, it has to be a smaller file. Use freeware program “MP3 Gain” to boost the audio level to 105 db in the settings.
    Use this address:

    Attach ringtone to message


  97. i have tried the ## trick but all it say is “thank you for calling verizon wireless, your call can not be completed”(or something close) i want to transfer photos to my pc without burning mins and log into email and download. why doesn’t this trick work for me?

  98. I have on of the questions that just proves how non-techie I am…if I buy a faceplate or rubberized cover for my 290c will it affect the reception at all? I wasn’t sure if covering up the phone would cover up the antenna as well causing weaker signal reception.

    Thanks again!

    • My snap-on cover does not affect my phone. But then again, I always wear an aluminum foil hat, so maybe that is boosting my reception! Kidding!

      Go for some Color for your phone!


  99. My husband has the lg290c and the screen got cracked, well of course he has alot of pictures on it that we’d like to keep. We have another one of these phones so I’ve been referencing back in forth what button to push to send these pictures to my cell phone but there’s like 300. Is there a way to connect this phone via usb to upload the pics to my computer all at once?

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