New TracFone and Net10 Models – LG 231C, 320G, 420G, 620G and 900G, Samsung T105G and T155G

A few days ago I got a hot tip from a reader, Steven, who found evidence of new models coming soon to TracFone and/or Net10. He was looking at the website of the FCC, which must approve new handsets before they are released to the public. On that site, Steven has found seven different models that all appear to be headed for Tracfone or Net10.

Five of these new models are from LG, and all but one are GSM models. There are also two new Samsung models awaiting FCC approval, both GSM. Below is Steven’s summary of the upcoming models, with some of my notes in brackets:

The LG 231C is a CDMA 1x phone with a camera, bluetooth, and GPS (note that all new phones must have GPS to comply with E911 laws). [Note that the GPS capability doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone will support GPS applications for navigation, just that the phone can report its location back to the nearest cell tower.] It is the successor to the LG 220C.
The LG 320G is a GSM phone and is most likely a candybar style.
The LG 420G is a GSM phone with a camera and bluetooth. Based on the model number it is the successor to the LG 410G so most likely it is the same form factor (flip).
The LG 620G is a GSM phone with camera, bluetooth, MP3 player, and FM radio.
The LG 900G is a GSM phone and that is all I know about it. Based on the model number I assume it is a higher-end model.
Two new Samsung models also appear. The Samsung T105G and the Samsung T155G. I’m not sure what to make of the model numbers. What I do know about them is that they are GSM phones and will have SMS text messaging capability.

Steven went on to say that he is not aware of a release schedule for these models, but most likely the Samsungs will precede the LG’s. It also seems possible, based on previous experience, that the Samsungs will be released simultaneously, and all of the LG’s will come out at approximately the same time as well.

If you want to see all of what Steven had to say, including how to look up new phone details for yourself, you can read his comments starting here.

31 thoughts on “New TracFone and Net10 Models – LG 231C, 320G, 420G, 620G and 900G, Samsung T105G and T155G

  1. If you look at file patents on these phones on the FCC page, you’ll see that the LG phones were tested in October 2009, while the Samsung phones were tested in September 2009. Now I looked at the file patent of the Samsung T401g, and it was tested in May 2009 then released in October 2009, that’s a 5 month difference. That means if we copy that to these phones, the release time could be some where around March 2010, or to give a broader range, Spring 2010, and news on these phones could be right around the corner. This is just a guess, so take with a grain of salt.

    • how do you find those phones through FCC? i’ve entered the names of the phones in the site’s search feature (ex: samsung t105g) and it didn’t give me any results. but, anyway, i can’t wait to possibly see these phones by March! (or sometime soon)

    • Thanks Sweeper! Looks like it won’t be long until we can buy these. I know phone hunting is an every-day thing for you, but for me it seems like just yesterday that I was driving all over the nearest three counties looking for the LG CDMA phones and Samsung Sliders. Here we go again…

  2. This is starting to annoy me net 10 comes out with another nice phone thats a cdma phone thats not available in my area the samsung r355c.Hopefully they will have some nice gsm phones comming out.

    • Well even though this phone is not available for Net10 (yet), once it is you can in fact purchase it, activate it, and use it in your area. Type in your zip code when it prompts you on the buy phones page, then confirm your city. In the URL there will be something that says “GSM4”, “GSM5”, “GSM5AT”, “COGSM4”, or “COGSM5”. This is the type of service that is used by TracFone where you live (4 is AT&T, 5 is T-mobile, 5AT is both). Delete it and type in just “CO” (without quotes). This will show you all of the CDMA devices that are currently available which you can then purchase. As long as Verizon/Alltel have good service where you live, it should work fine (I live in a GSM5AT market, but Verizon’s network is far superior where I live). If you’re not sure, you should probably ask people you know who do have the network where you live.

  3. I am a little upset that I am having trouble downloading a manual for the samsung slider i301G. When did companies stop putting manuals in the packaging? The so called manual that is said to be on tracfone’s website is very hard to read and I couldn’t get it to download properly, even with pdf format.

  4. Thanks, Pbushx2 for this informative site – I found you through the Net10 site’s NewCenter page.

    I’m comparing the Samsung R451C and T401G, looking at the manuals side-by-side as well.

    As far as Net10’s description of each phone, it seems the R451C: CMDA, no SIM card, has voice dial and command functions. The T401G: GSM, SIM card, no voice dial or command, 500 extra Phonebook entries. Slight differences in weight and battery life…

    Looking at the QUERTY keyboards, I noticed the R451C has arrow keys, but the T401G – doesn’t (?). So… when one is composing a text message, I can’t figure out how to navigate around (in all directions to edit different words on different lines).

    Aside from that the keyboard functionality of the T401G seems to have a more “traditional” layout, but fewer extra function keys (?).

    Do you find one QWERTY board functions more intuitively than another? Thanks.

    PS. Walmart seems to be selling the T401 bundle for significantly less than the net10 site (walmart lists it’s carrier as AT&T), and Samsung only specifies Tracfone as carrying this phone. Could the phone be already discontinued? Not sure what the discrepancies mean (if anything).

    Thanks again – great info here! : )

  5. My predition (which I hope isn’t the case) will be the the higher priced & more feature rich phones will end up on net10. However, if the price of each service is about the same– the only difference being that tracphone users can be on a longer expiration of their minutes which cost more why not let customers choose instead of forcing their hand?

    • I agree with you, but then again I’m just a blogger and the owner of TracFone (among many other companies) is one of the top 5 richest men in the world.

  6. I recently purchase 2 of the LG231C phones from Tracfone online. One was to replace my phone that was broke. The other was a Christmas present for my husband. We use the CDMA phones because the GSM phones service is terrible in our area.
    Hopefully they get the problem corrected but if you purchase one with Unlimited Double Minutes for the life of the phone BEWARE….. The website, the package, my receipt all state double minutes. I DID NOT receive the double minutes when I activated and added time to my phone. After sending a e-mail about the problem and being told it wasn’t enrolled in double minutes I started making phone calls. First person stated the same thing. Talked to her supervisor had her go to the website entering my zip code and looking at the details on the phone they discovered I was right. I activated the second phone at the same time so I wouldn’t have to go through the same hassle again. So far problem corrected. Wanted to give everyone else a heads up.

    As far as my review of the phone itself… I have had a LG3280 and it is a rugged phone been dropped many times. The phone I broke a LG290C didn’t handle being dropped. This LG231C seems kind of cheesy but only had it about activated about 3 days so keep you posted.

    Thanks for all the information that gets passed along here it is a big help!

  7. I lost my manual i dont know where i can get one. I would like one mailed to me or i can get. I live in holley ny 14470 if you can tell me nearest place of my zipcode to get one

  8. Just bought a 9.95 Tracfone.Trying to replace that exspensive US cellular deal we have going.Have signal in house with US cellular but none with the new tracfone service.Phone i got with this cheap deal is a SamsungT105g.Just looking for advise on a phone that has great antenna that i might try i’m living very rural. Samsung works great when there is a signal, down the road.
    I have 3 LG phones available in my area LG 231c LG220c LG 3280 any suggestions? Maybe Bea can chine in. Thanks for a great site.

    • Hi Den
      If your US Cellular phone worked at your house, I would suggest sticking to one of those phones you listed. U.S. Cellular is a “CDMA” network, and “CDMA” TracFones will use this network as well so your coverage would be the same. The Samsung you bought is a “GSM” phone, which will use the AT&T or T-Mobile networks.

      If you had good coverage with USC, I’d say stick with a CDMA TracFone. Look for a model number ending in “C.” Specifically, I recommend the LG 290c, 231c, or 220c, depending on how many features you need.

      Check out this article for more info on GSM vs. CDMA:

      • Thanks for the response.I feel i have learned alot here on your site.I bought my fone at radio shack and got a gsm phone, not the best for my area, i didn’t know any better at the time.Question, would tracfone allow me to use my motorola phone that i use for my us celluar after cancellation of course.I’m thinking i can’t but had to ask.I see people speaking of unlocked phones what’s that about. Again Thanks and greetings from the Oregon Coast.

        • Hi Den
          Your suspicion is correct. unfortunately you will not be able to use your old phone on TracFone service. There are several reasons for this, and the most basic answer is that TracFone uses special software on the phone itself to track the usage of your minutes. Since your old phone doesn’t have this software, it won’t work with TracFone.

  9. Thank you all for information re zip cods where the LG 231C may be purchased.

    I have spent untold hours on the phone with Tracfone in attempt to purchase a LG 231C. Using every zip could you folks provided and t0 date have never completed an order either over the net or phone with Tracfone. I have had app. 25-30 Authorization Requests placed on three different credit cards. Each time they tried to purchase a phone for me it added an additional Authorization Request to a credit card and their computer picked it up as an additional phone and being that they have a two (2) phone limit and I already had two phones (LG 420Gs) it would not allow any more phones to be ordered.
    I will never actually know what the story was with the LG 231c but at this point I just don’t give a dam. I’m just hoping that some day soon they will make a phone available in my area that has all of the features of the LG 231c.

    If any of you come up with an idea of how I can get an LG 231c let me know?

    Thank you all again. Dutch

  10. I’m trying to log on to my facebook account on my phone but when im online I dont know how to turn the letters into numbers so how do I do that??

  11. Just purchased a LG500g and am wondering if it will hook up with Ford Sync? Also packaging says it has a speaker phone but can’t find any mention of it in the manual. Any tips???

    Great site!

  12. I’ve used your site a good number of times in the past, as it’s always been such an honest source of info-thank you. I can’t seem to find much here on the Samsung T155 though. I’m looking for a senior friendly phone for my mom, and it’s the senior phone (SVC) listed. There are so few senior options out there- basically Jitterbug, SVC and Doro, but this Samsung comes in way cheaper. Do you know much about it, and if so, 1. is it really as user friendly as advertised and 2. I see it’s hearing aid compatible, but is the sound quality good?
    Thanks for feedback and for a truly informative site.

    • Hi Gabbs
      I don’t know much about it. I bought one at one point and intended to review it, but not many people were interested in it so I didn’t bother. I don’t think I ever even activated it. I had tried the previous Samsung T201g, which is also a flip phone with similar specs, and I was NOT impressed with the audio quality on that. Have you taken a look at the Moto w376g? It’s older, but tried and true. It has the best audio quality and signal reception of any TracFone I’ve ever used.
      At tracfone’s site, you can currently get the w376g basically for free when you buy a 60-minute card (which you’d need anyway, right?). Try this link to find it:

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