Samsung r355c now available for Net10!

I was just checking around the Net10 website today and noticed that the Samsung r355c for Net10 is available for sale NOW. I, of course, ordered one immediately so I can review it for this blog.

Here’s a screen shot showing the Samsung r355c available on the order page:

Samsung r355c shopping cart imageNet10 Samsung r355c

Keep in mind that you’ll need to enter a CDMA-only zip code if you want to order it from Net10. An example of a CDMA only ZIP is 54747. Click here to get to Net10’s order page, and enter zip 54747 to see this phone. (Using this ZIP to order will NOT affect how your phone functions in your own area, since Net10 uses the same hardware for all CDMA models, regardless of the local area.)

If you order from Net10, don’t forget to use promotional codes 44477 and 34567 for $5 and $3 off your order, respectively. You can use both for a total of $8 off. You could also try code 88121 for a free accessory kit, although I don’t think the accessories in that kit are compatible with this phone.

And, Net10 still has their usual free shipping offer for FedEx ground shipment. This method requires someone to sign for the package or pick it up at a FedEx station, so you may consider using UPS for $6.95 if you won’t be home at the time of delivery and want the package left on your doorstep.

I have not yet seen the r355c in any stores, but I haven’t looked in a few days either. I also have not heard reports on any forums I frequent reporting an in-store spotting of the Net10 Samsung r355c. If anyone happens to see this model, in a Net10 version, available for sale, please share it here. For now, though, it looks like it’s only available from Net10 directly.

I’ll be putting up a review early next week, as soon as the phone is delivered to me and I have some time to play around with it. I’m very excited to get this phone!

47 thoughts on “Samsung r355c now available for Net10!

    • CB – Yes, as long as you have verizon coverage in your area, you can get this phone. You just have to use the zip code of an area that has ONLY CDMA (verzion) coverage, but no gsm (att). The zip code I provided (54747) is just such an area.

  1. If you click on “Details” you will notice that text messaging is 2.5 cents each, meaning you can send and receive 2 on the R355c for the same cost as one text on the older models, and a half a cent cheaper than the R451C.

    I have to be out and about this weekend, so I will hit every store that I think would sell it. I’m gonna find it somehwere!

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Sweeper! That makes this model even more interesting. Mine should be delivered by FedEx by tomorrow at this time, and hopefully I can get a short video up before I head out for the weekend. I should have more to report Monday.

  2. The LG 420G is now available in the Tracfone GSM markets for $19.99. A mid level Tracfone with Bluetooth and also mobile web access, but NO DMFL.

    • I just ordered this one too, so I’ll report on it when I get done with the other reviews. At this point, though, I can’t see why you’d pick the 420g over the 600g, which is why it’s a low priority review for me.

  3. I can’t wait to get to get this phone! I already love the service and savings that I get with Net10 and this phone will cap it all of very nicely:)

  4. I LOVE the samsung phones. Whenever I get a new plan, I try to ALWAYS go Samsung. The fact the TracFone is offering this phone with their Net10 plans is surprising since its a higher end phone and Net10 is normally with the more basic phones. But that’s what Net10 typically is, an economical value with practical phones. Nothing too fancy normally, but this Samsung is pretty cool. My philosophy is, if it has a QWERTY keyboard, it’s not your basic phone. Definitely want to check out this phone since I am trying out different prepaid providers.


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  6. Looks like I found my Net10 phone upgrade :) I’m very happy with Net10 and can’t wait to try out the new phone!

  7. So if it is possible to get this phone in a gsm area using the zip code you provided,could i use my same phone number ive got
    here in ohio.the zip code you provided is in independence WI,my big issue is having a number from wisconsin.

    • Timbo – the number that will be assigned to your phone is NOT determined by the zip code you use to order the phone. The number will be determined by the zip code you use when you ACTIVATE the phone. These are two separate interactions with Net10’s site, and you can enter a different zip each time. The point I’m trying to make is that the zip code you use to ORDER the phone has no bearing on how it will function once you activate it. A phone ordered through the ZIP code I recommend will be exactly the same as a phone ordered with any other ZIP code, or purchased off the shelf at a local store. The difference is that since the r355c is a CDMA model, it’s harder to find both online and in stores. That’s why I provided the zip code for you to use when ordering.

      • I ordered the R355C with my zipcode of 44515 and received the phone. When I switched over my existing Net10 number it took a couple hours and so far the only drawback is that the browser is not available in this area. My brother has one of the slide models from Net10 and the service was not available for him at first either but is now. So I’m holding out the possiblility that it will be available in time.

        • Greg – do you have US Cellular in your area? What about Verizon? In some areas Net10/ TracFone work with both Verizon and USCell. Unfortunately USCell doesn’t support data services (web and mms messages) on Trac/Net10. If you can get your number switched to Verizon, I think your web should start working. Of course, convincing them to switch the number for you is the hard part. If it’s at all important to you to have web access, I would suggest you pursue it by calling them. If they refuse, I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Trac/Net10 has been known to respond very swiftly to a BBB complaint. And since the packaging and web page state that the phone has a browser and MMS messaging, you have a legitimate complaint to file with the BBB. Net10 is not delivering on it’s promised features.

  8. PBush2 – I love your blog – keep the good stuff coming. I was at the Walmart this weekend and did see this phone for sale. for $99.99 Meijer (St. Charles, IL) also had the Samsung GSM t401g under the Net10 brand. So how did the r355c perform? I’m chomping at the bit as I’m buying my wife this phone or the t401g.

    Here is how I see advantages / disadvantages

    t401g is GSM, and can roam more easily in Mexico and Europe
    t401G uses EDGE for data transfer, this is faster than 1xRTT which is used by the r355c; so web access could be faster in an good AT&T coverage area
    t401G is slightly cheaper – not much – $20.

    r355c is CDMA on Verizon for most markets – good coverage
    r355c has QWERTY on the phone – no slide-out – more like using the keyboard on a blackberry
    r355c has an true audio jack I believe; not the goofy micro-USB one you detailed on your review of the t401g




    • Looks like Net10 now has the CDMA version of the t401g on it’s website (the slider) if you use that WI Zipcode – it’s the Samsung R451C. $80 with $.03/text – just like the t401g.


      Mike L.

    • Hi Mike – I don’t think you’ll have much luck using any Net10 phone outside of the US, since you can’t put a non-Net10 SIM in your phone, so I think you can throw out that factor as you’re weighing the pros and cons. One big difference I’ve noticed is the weight of the two phones – 4.4 ounces on the t401g, vs. 3.7 on the r355c. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you think about it percentage-wise, it’s a noticeable difference.
      On the r355c, the keys are obviously smaller, but I haven’t had a problem with it. I have been surprised by how quickly I can type on the tiny keys, in fact. But it might be more of a problem for someone who has trouble reading small print.
      Audio quality call is a little better on the t401g.
      Rural coverage, as you noted, is probably a little better with Verizon, on a nation-wide basis. Of course this could vary locally.
      The r355c does indeed take a standard headphone plug, which is nice. The audio quality for music playback is very good, but the controls are limited vs. dedicated mp3 players, and I’ll get into this more in my upcoming reviews.

      • Good point on the weight/bulk difference. Have you run any non-scientific speed comparisons using the web services on the on the t401g (GSM/Edge) vs the r355c (1xRTT). Since 1xRTT has a theoretical maximum of 144 Kbps (like ISDN) and EDGE is 60% faster (max at 235Kps) – you may see a difference.



        • Mike, I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for calling it to my attention. I’ll post my results when I get the section of my review where I cover the browser.

  9. So if you are a current Net10 customer in a non-CDMA zip code, you can use the WI zip code to order then phone, then transfer your current Net10 number in to the new phone, correct?

  10. First, I’d like to say that I love your blog. I’ve had Net10 for years, and I switch phones… a lot. For my past two phones, I’ve decided on them because of your in-depth reviews, and I’ve been so happy with them both.

    I can’t figure out whether I would get better service with this CDMA-supported model than I get with my GSM-supported t401g. I’ve had that one for a while, and I sometimes lose service completely in some areas (to where it will say “emergency calls only” when I try to make a call). Everyone I ask in my city tells me, “Verizon gets service everywhere. Switch to Verizon.” Does this indicate that I will likely get a better signal if the phone I’m using from Net10 is a CDMA phone, or is that just a general ‘probably’? I can’t really afford to buy it if I’m not going to notice a difference in connectivity or if there’s only a slight chance that I’ll see a difference. However, if switching is going to give me the signal of a Verizon phone, I would switch in a heartbeat.

    • Hi Stephanie
      This phone will give you Verizon coverage, although if there’s also US Cellular in your area you will want to be positive that you’re getting Verizon as your underlying carrier when you switch. Also, I have no experience porting a number from GSM to CDMA, but I’ve heard it can take a few days. (This assumes you do indeed plan on keeping your old number when you switch.)

      Here’s a tutorial that covers the transfer process when going GSM to CDMA, for TracFone, but I’m not sure how old it is. At the time it was created, the process was the same for Net10 as for Trac.

      One other thought – maybe you could buy a cheap CDMA model like the LG 100c or 220c for either Trac (phone will be cheaper) or Net10 (comes with 300 minutes), and carry that with you for a few days to compare service to your t401g. Your coverage should be about the same with the r355c as with the LG 100 or 220, although the reception on the r355c might even be a little better than the LG models. But they will be very close.

      • Thanks for the tips. Really helpful.

        I will probably go with a new number entirely just to simplify matters. I had some issues with my current phone and getting everything set up, so I’d like to just start fresh.

        I have one more question for you: How can I ensure that Verizon will be my underlying carrier, and will I have to activate through customer support in order to do that?

  11. Thanks, your video and review has been incredibly helpful! I just placed an order for mine. The discount codes worked and kept the total price under $100. There are several nice skins/cases on ebay right now for people who want to protect or personalize their phones a bit more. Some of them even cover the TF swirl for people who aren’t keen on having the logo visible on the phone. I look forward to getting the phone and having an easier way to text now!

  12. Just got my phone and tried to transfer my number in. When I called Net10 to try and transfer my number in, they said that the web services for this phone are not available in my area based on my zip code. I’m sending it back. Bummer.

  13. I just bought the Samsung r355c and had my straight talk number switched to it. I assume it had a verizon number because when i would try to get ringtones at a certain site it said verizon wasnt participating but my question is does it take awhile for the browser and mms to start working? I just activated it. I live in one of the areas they weren’t selling the phone on the site but i did purchase it at a best buy here in ohio. Thank you :)

  14. I’m trying to figure out whether this phone will work in Alaska. It appears that we have Verizon coverage here according to the coverage maps on the Verizon site. However, I’m nervous to order this phone and have it not work. I currently have a Motorola em326g which works great here (Juneau — 99801), but I would really like to switch to this phone. PBush, do you have any thoughts on this? PS — Thank you so much for your site, which I have consulted many, many times!


  15. Hi pbushx2,
    Thank you for this website and all the great info you provide.

    I am getting a Net10 phone for my 11-year old daughter’s birthday. I have narrowed it down to either the r355c or the T401G or the R451C. We live in San Diego. Which phone would you suggest?

    Thank you!


    • The short answer is “it’s complicated.” But that’s not much help, is it?
      I would rule out the r451c off the bat, as both of the other two have advantages over that one. The next thing to consider is network. I’m guessing in a major city like San Diego, coverage isn’t an issue regardless of the network. However, it’s worth noting that the r355c and r451c use the CDMA network, which means Verizon and, if it’s available in your area, US Cellular, will provide the coverage. The t401g is a GSM phone, so coverage is provided by AT&T and T-Mobile. So if any of those networks are far better in your area, it might sway your decision.

      Assuming the networks are equal, I like the r355c. It’s light-weight and has excellent signal reception and battery life, as well as a standard headset plug if you’ll be using the mp3 player. However, it does not record video or allow for java games to be installed, like the t401g does. However, the t401g is heavier and bulkier. Another thing to consider is the r355c has slightly cheaper text messaging at .25 units per text. The t401g is supposed to charge only .3 units per text, though many, if not most, people report that their phone deducted .5 units at first and required a call to customer service to get the correct rate applied.

      If you haven’t already done so, please check out my full reviews. You can find links to those here:

  16. pbushx2,
    Thank you for the thorough reply. I have since read the reviews for all the phones and it looks like the r355c makes the most sense for her since Verizon has the best coverage in our neighborhood. She prefers the hideaway keyboard but I know she will be fine with the smaller exposed keyboard on the r355c. And the lower bulk on r355 will suit her too.

    Thank you again,

  17. I was on vacation in Branson, Missouri last week and my family and I stopped at the Best Buy and they had the Samsung R355c and it was being sold from Net10, not StraightTalk. If you ever get any info about the Samsung R355c or the samsung T401G ( Both of Net10) I would like to know. I was also wonmdering if the Net10 service is nice or not…

    Thank you,
    Christa M.

  18. I want to know if both T401g and R355c would let me access google maps? I do not live in the 54747 area but in 66045 where they do not offer the R355c. Will I still be able to order the R355c? I plan to use my cell phone in NYC. Which one of the two would be better for internet access esp. google maps?

  19. Just ordered the R355C and I’m excited to get it. I live in a rural area and my current provider is US Cellular (which works well, but their plans are high.)

    I have read all of the posts above and I want to make sure I understand this correctly. If I get placed on the US Cellular network, my web will not work????

    If that is the case, I do not mind having an out of town, out of state, long distance area code. If I activate this phone under a different zip code than my actual zip code, am I more likely to get placed on Verizon? If so, can you suggest a zip?

    My primary concern is that I am able to access the web. If I can’t, I just wasted my money!

    Thanks for any and all help!!!

    • Hi James
      I really really really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid you probably won’t be able to use the web. I’m not positive, but I think that even if you have a Verizon-based number, you might be out of luck for web access if you connect to US Cellular’s towers.
      I guess it’s up to you as to whether it’s worth a shot or not. If you do decide to try it out and the web doesn’t work, you should be able to return the phone. In my opinion, it is a significant flaw if the web doesn’t work as advertised. Actually, I believe it is flat-out fraudulent of Net10/Straight Talk to allow this situation to exist.

    • Hi Charlie
      No Net10 phones offer GPS. I believe you can watch videos from some sites on the r355c, but NOT youtube. You will need to watch videos on sites that are specifically designed for mobile phone viewing (without flash video). Anyway, I would think that loading videos would be a very slow process on this phone due to slower connection speeds. It works fine for basic browsing, but I don’t think I’d want to sit and wait for a video to load.

  20. Is there a way to disable the browser on this phone? Or do you know of any other prepaid phone that has a way to lock of disable the browser?

    • I’m not sure if there’s a way to lock out the browser on this phone, but I’m pretty sure someone figure out how to do it on the LG 220c. You might want to try googling for more information on that.

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