TracFone, Net10 and Straight Talk Black Friday Sales

I’ve made a tradition of trying to organize all the “Black Friday” deals offered on the prepaid phone brands I discuss on this blog. I haven’t spent much time paying attention to the deals this year, but I’ll once again summarize the info if you will help me find the deals.

Here’s what I’d like to do: I’ll post the handful of deals that I know about in this post, and if you happen to know of other deals I’ll ask you to post them in the comments section. Next week I’ll review all the comments as well as any new info that I’ve found, and summarize it all into a single post. I’ll have this done hopefully by Wednesday but definitely not later than Thursday.

Here area couple deals that I know of:

  • TracFone Samsung t301g or LG 290c for $9.00 – Dollar General – Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday – (Both have double minutes, which one you can get depends on your area)
  • TracFone LG 420g for $6.99 – Meijer – Black Friday
  • Net10 Motorola w408g w/ BT headset for $14.99 – Kmart – Black Friday
  • Straight Talk Samsung t255g with one month of service for $45 – Walmart – Black Friday – I don’t know whether this one will include a separate card that can be applied to another phone, but at this price you’re effectively getting the phone for free.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. If you know of any more, please submit a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

13 thoughts on “TracFone, Net10 and Straight Talk Black Friday Sales

  1. hi. thanks for this. I have a few questions about the Samsung R451c phone and the Net10/Straight Talk services. I posted them on your Samsung R451c blog, but I am not sure if you monitor that blog. What is the best way to ask you my questions>

  2. General Information,

    I used Promo Code 65588 , with a one year card for 400 minutes,
    and got 250 minutes more, plus I have double minutes on my phone,
    so total minutes I got was 1050 minutes ,for $100. So now I am
    down to 10.5 cents per. minute.
    Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all the help you
    give. May it come back to you a hundred times over.

    May you have Happy Thanksgiving , and again thank you.


  3. By the looks for the Facebook pages, all three American Movil brands (Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk) will have Black Friday specials on their website. No details as of now, but all three do state that they will have Black Friday specials.

  4. Sears should price match (less an additional 10%) any of the retail location prices as well as the online ones (as detailed on page 46 of the Thanskgiving circular). Online they mention free shipping and a 5% discount for using your Sears Chg. card.

    • Hi Rich
      TracFone SIM cards cannot be swapped out to other phones, whether TracFones or phones on other services. And TracFone cannot accept SIM cards from other providers either. Basically, any TracFone (or Net10 or Straight Talk phone) will work only with the SIM card with which it was activated. And once activated, a Trac/Net10/ST SIM card will work ONLY in the phone in which it was activated.

    • I have straight talk plan and phone. I love it. You can use a phone from AT&T with you sim card from straight talk and it will work. Im currently using an AT&T phone with my straight talk sim card and it works just fine.

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