BIG New Phone News – LG 500g, LG 800g, Motorola EX124g, and Samsung t404g

LG 500g, LG 800g, Motorola EX124g, and Samsung t404g

A lot of new phone news has been cropping up on various message boards like, and I had to share some with you. I’ll start with the least interesting, then move on to the really big news.

Samsung T404g

The Samsung t404g, apparently the successor to the Samsung t401g, is now available for Straight Talk. It doesn’t appear to offer too much in teh way of upgrades, with the exception of improving the camera from 1.3 mp to 2.0. Click here for more info.

Now, the more exciting info: It appears that both Net10 and TracFone will be getting both a new QWERTY handset and a new touch-screen phone. I always get asked when TracFone will have a QWERTY or touch-screen device, or when Net10 will get a touch screen, so I know this will be interesting to people.

LG 500g

The LG 500g is appears to be a QWERTY phone, and is showing up on both TracFone and Net10’s web sites – not currently for sale, but under various “support” pages. This model appears to be related to the LG C105, which came out last year and includes Bluetooth, 1.3 mp camera, video recorder, mp3 player, and microSD card slot, to name a few features.

The LG 800g is a touch screen device, also showing up in support pages on Net10 and TracFone’s sites. This one seems to be very similar to the LG C310, aka Cookie Style, aka Wink Style. Based on that connection, it appears that we can expect a quad-band GSM device with a 2.8-inch, 240×320 resistive touchscreen, Bluetooth, 2.0 mp camera, video recorder, mp3 player, video playback and microSD card slot.

LG 800g

Another touch screen phone, the Motorola EX124g (below) has also appeared in some advanced Net10 marketing material. I don’t have much info at all about this one, other than it is a touch-screen device, and I assume that based on the model number that it’s a GSM handset.

Unfortunately, I don’t know when any of these devices will be available (with the exception of the t404g, which is already on Straight Talk). Because the LG’s are already on parts of Net10 and Trac’s site, while the Motorola is not, I think we might see the LG’s first.

Historically, these companies have all released some new phones in the mid-spring, so I hope to see these for sale by May. I’ll be watching closely, and of course I’ll update you with more info when they are available.

Motorola EX124g

One other note for email and RSS subscribers – you might notice I published two other posts earlier today, to serve as index pages for upcoming reviews. In addition to the LG 231c and the LG 900g, I’ve still got work to do on the Nokia E71 and Motorola w408g. After that, I’ll be ready to begin on the models listed in the title of this post. Stay plugged in to the feed; I’ll have a lot of reviews coming at you in the next few months!

In the mean time, you can check in at TracFone, Net10, or Straight Talk to see if you can find any new deals for yourself.

70 thoughts on “BIG New Phone News – LG 500g, LG 800g, Motorola EX124g, and Samsung t404g

    • It still says coming soon-for a long time now-don’t know what the problem is but I wish it would get available for sale.

      • I see that Tracfone is currently overhauling its website. New look, new phones, including the two new LG “smart” phones mentioned above (500G & 800G). But guess what? I just found both for sale on eBay and a few dollars cheaper.
        The LG 500G is listed at $29.99 on the Tracfone site but I just bought one for $21.99 on eBay, so I will have it in a couple days! The 800G is listed at $49.99 but can be had for under $40 on eBay.
        One thing is fishy – I can’t seem to find a user manual for the 500G anywhere online. Tracfone has the 800G manual available. but I am still trying to determine what size microSD card these phones will handle. It doesn’t say in the 800G manual. Strange… hopefully this info will be in the package when it comes!!!

  1. General question here…. So, if I want to switch from Tracfone to Net10, do I need to go through the same “transfer” process that I would have to do if I were switching from a conventional cell phone company? (I want to keep my current cell phone number.) I’m having reception problems in the Golden, CO area with my GSM phone (Moto W376g) and I’m optimistic that CDMA would be better.

    • Hi Emily
      Net10 has step-by-step instructions for porting your number in, regardless of which carrier it’s from. Coming from TracFone should make it even easier than if it was from an outside carrier. However, be warned that going GSM to CDMA will slow it down a little – I think you should definitely count on being without service for at least 24-48 hours, and up to a week is possible (though not common, in my experience).

      Also, as far as coverage – if you have friends in the area with VZW phones, ask them what coverage they get. I was on vacation in CO last summer with two friends. I had a GSM net10 phone, one friend had Sprint, and the other had VZW contract service. Coverage for all of use dropped off pretty much instantly as soon as we got outside the city of Golden (headed out toward Golden Gate Canyon State Park). So if you’re talking about some of the more rural areas, in my experience most carriers are pretty weak. Actually, if I remember correctly, I actually had service at the tops of some foothills driving out to the park, while my contract-paying buddies did not.

  2. Pbushx2-

    The assumption that Tracfone will soon come out with an LG 800G model appears to be accurate since Tracfone has posted some instructions with images of this phone. They can be viewed at:

    and also,

    GSM Arena posted Specs for the LG Cookie Style T310 at:

    and I also found the LG 800G Quick Start Guide at:

    None of the above indicates whether or not the phones have virtual QWERTY keypads. (GSM Arena describes the LG Cookie Lite T300, LG Cookie T310, LG Cookie 3G T320.)

    However, a Video clip of the LG Cookie Style T310 shows a VIRTUAL QWERTY keypad. This clip can be viewed at:

    My main question is: “Will the Tracfone LG 800G phone have a virtual QWERTY keypad?”

      • I just spoke with a customer service rep with tracfone, and was informed that the LG 800G phone does NOT have a virtual QWERTY keypad. Bummer…

      • DOES anyone know what the maximum size microSD card the new LG 500G and/or 800G will take? I saw a video on youtube – a guy claims his took a 4GB card, but there is NOTHING in the manual that tells you anything on this subject. This would be very nice to know since I just ordered a 500G. Pretty LAME, imho! Thanks!

  3. I can’t wait to see the new touch screen that’s going to be released in April for Net10, it’s going to have APS, 3G speed, a much bigger screen and it’s going to cost $49.99. Since Net10 doesn’t have a 3G speed phone at the moment I’m definitely interested in getting this phone as I think the Net10 plans are a perfect size and price for my families needs.
    The Great things about Net10 is that you can phone overseas for 15c (cheaper than Tracfones price per minute overseas) and you can phone Mexico and Canada for the same price as a local call.
    On the Straight Talk plans though you can’t phone overseas, which is a pity and why we didn’t use them in the end.
    The Net10 reception and coast to coast coverage is really good as we travel allot and haven’t had any dropped calls or crackly calls.

  4. I should have added in my previous comment that clicking the link which I provided, takes you to LG Cookie Style Video Clips at and you should then select the video clip titled “LG Cookie 3G Review” which is 3:54 minutes long. The view of the virtual QWERTY keypad appears after 3:13 minutes.

    Also, in the YouTube video clip at titled: “LG T300 Cookie Lite Touch Phone (LG T300 Wink)” the virtual QWERTY keyboard appears after 4:38 minutes in the 9:57 clip.

    I also was encouraged to find an announcement distributed by LG on August 3, 2010 that all three versions of the Wink series of phones, namely LG T300 Wink, T310 Wink style and T320 Wink 3G phones, feature virtual QWERTY keypads.

    Even though the terms Wink and Cookie seem to be used interchangeably, it is not clear if that is the case when it comes to features. Also, no conclusions can be drawn relative to their relationship with the LG 800G

    Pbushx2 said it best in his comment “only time will tell”!!

  5. Could Chrissie be referring to the Samsung R810C? I notice that Straight Talk is now listing this touch screen phone but does not indicate the price or provide any details other than a tutorial.

    • Hi Rollie
      The finesse is the only touch-screen Straight Talk phone that I’m aware of, but ST stopped selling it in Mid-2010. Prior to that time, it was $319.99, I believe.

  6. If Tracfone gets a qwerty and Net10 gets a touchscreen, that means the whole prepaid market is going to stand on its ear. Times they are a’ changin’.

  7. I’m so excited about the Motorola EX124G!
    Does anyone know when it’s coming out?
    Is that the one Chrissie was talking about? I’m so excited!
    I’m buying it was soon as it comes out!
    Please keep me updated on it, pbushx2!!!! I can’t wait to hear about this fantastic phone… :)

    • p.s.
      a question about the Mtrla EX124G, what kind of touchscreen is it? I don’t know any of the technical terms, but is it more like basic touch screen, or droid?

      You probably don’t know that all yet, but I’m dying to learn about it… and fyi, I always look for your review on phones before i think about buying them. you’re great pbushx2!

    • Hi Colleen
      I don’t know too much about this model, other than what we can see in the picture. Have you found some details about it?
      Also, I don’t want to get your hopes up too much. Just for example, I believe the 900g first was rumored for Net10 as much as 10 months before it was actually available. I think that’s the extreme, but just worth keeping mind.

    • So you already have the LG 800g. On what carrier? It looks like you might be in Germany (based on the .de email address). I don’t know whether the 800g there will be the same device as the 800g here, once it is finally released here. What don’t you like about yours? Could you possibly post a picture of it?

  8. A 28 ½ minute video, designed to promote Net10 phones, dated 2/7/11, lists both the LG 800G and the Motorola EX124G as two touch phones included in the Net10 family of phones. Side-by-side photos of these two phones appear at the 17:13 mark and also at the 17:25 mark of this video, which may be viewed, at:

    Perhaps this will provide encouragement to those waiting for the opportunity to purchase one of these phones on Net10 or possibly Tracfone.

  9. Can you tell me when YOU really think it’s coming out? This spring, like May? I have no idea how long I’m supposed to be waiting. I know the release isn’t set in stone, but do you have a good idea of when?

  10. Hey.
    It’s me again…
    I’ve been looking at the Motorola ex128, they look alike, but are they? I hope I’m not asking too many questions, I’m excited about this phone and hoping it comes out soon.

    • Rollie,
      that’s an awesome site. Thank you. It at least gives me hope that I’m not going phone-less for nothing :-/

  11. So I had this Samsung T301G, but I dropped while on a bike ride and it broke. As in, it would still work, except most of the screen is white. So, should I buy the Lg900G, or wait for the Motorola Ex124G? I’m fine without a phone, but it gets tricky sometimes… Do you think it’s worth risking it to wait?

    • Hi Anna
      Which service do you use? I thought the t301g was TracFone-only, while the 900g is only Net10 or Straight Talk. Are you planning to switch plans?
      If you are going to Net10, I really like the 900g for everything except talking. texting is easy, the browser is as good as any net10 phone, the mp3/fm radio is nice, and I like the look of it. Outgoing audio is crappy, though.
      Another thing, the LG 800g looks like it will come out next week for Net10. That’s going to be a touch-screen model. I’m working on putting together more details about that one.

      • Thank you for the quick reply.
        I an switching plans, because tracfone just doesn’t work for me. I will wait for the Lg800G then. Unless it is worth waiting for the Motorola Ex124G?

        • Anna, unfortunately, I don’t know what to tell you about that. I guess wait and see check the early reviews on the 800g, and see if you want that one. If not, wait.

        • Actually, I just thought of something if you want to get a temporary phone. You could by a bundle with a free phone and use that for a month, then buy a new phone when you decide what you want. Currently, if you know where to look, for $35 you can get an LG 600g and a 300-minute airtime card (incl. 60 days of service). The great thing about this deal is that the 600g will also come with 300 minutes and 60 days at activation. So you’ll get a total of 600 minutes and 120 days of service for $35. Here’s how to find the free 600g:
          1. Go to the Net10 “buy phones” page, here:

          2. Enter zip code 53532.
          3. On the next page, look in your browser’s address bar. In the funny text there, you’ll see a string that looks like this: view&market=COGSM4
          4. Delete the letters “CO” and hit enter.
          5. When the page reloads, there will be different phones listed. Scroll to the bottom to see the LG 600g bundle. Click “add to cart.” The price will say $39.99, but don’t worry about that.
          6. After you click “add to cart,” you’ll be taken to your shopping cart page. Right below the cart summary, you’ll see a text entry box followed by a “submit” button. Enter the code “GI2011” and click “submit.” This will give you a $5 discount.

          From there on out, continue with the checkout process as you normally would. The only tip is to carefully choose the shipping. Fedex 3-day is free, but will require someone to be there to sign for the package. UPS, on the other hand, will leave it on your doorstep if no one is home.

          If you’ll do this, you’ll have 120 days to decide which phone you want. And in the mean time, 600 minutes for $35 isn’t bad, either.

          **Note that this assumes you have decent GSM (AT&T) coverage in your area.

  12. I came across these today. No dates on when they will be out, no prices listed and when I asked about them on the Straight Talk Facebook page, they deleted my posts. So, I’m thinking there may be some validity to this… :) From what I read the 2nd Samsung is a 3G phone. Not sure if either of the touch screens have wi-fi.

  13. You haven’t heard anything more about the motorola ex124g coming out, right?
    I heard the lg800g is out for tracfone. At least they have a touch screen now, although it seems cheap…

  14. How long ago did they start posting stuff about the LG800G on the tracfone website?
    Since the Moto Ex124G is on the Net10 site now, I’m trying to figure out how long it will be until its release… yes, sorry, I am obsessing, this phone looks amazing.

    • Hi Colleen
      I don’t remember exactly, but I think the 800g and the EX124g showed up around the same time. My guess is that it won’t be long before we get the Moto, but I certainly could be wrong.

      • That’s great!

        dlshnn- Is the SGH-T528G coming out for Net10, or just ST? It looks a lot like the Moto phone, and I might go for that if it comes out for Net10 before the Moto phone…….

  15. I am a big fan of Motorola phones, but I don’t think I’ll be getting the Moto touchscreen when it comes to ST. I think I’ll go with the SGH-T528G. It’s got 3G and looks like it has WiFi.

    • I went through the tutorial that was posted on the Straight Talk link a while back and the phone was saying 3G and WiFi. So I am just going by the tutorial they had posted. Since the AT&T phones on Straight Talk are on the 3G network I think it would be safe to assume that this one will be as well. Well, the 3.5G network.

  16. Sweet!
    They probably know better than whoever did Wontek… unless _they_ know better…

    Great- now I have to figure out which one I want more. I think I want the Moto, cuz it has a 3mp camera, unless _that’s_ not true…

  17. I just purchased the lg800g from tracfone today. They have free overnight shipping until beginning of May. I’m excited to get a touch screen tracfone! Finally! I’m hoping it works for me. We mostly use verizon towers. Tech support told me it will work in my area. I still don’t understand the difference between the g and the c phones. Hope it works, we’ll see.

  18. If you need a cheap temporary phone Radioshack has the Lg 420g for $10.

    They also had the Lg500g for $20. But mine was out of stock.

    Also if you’re looking for deals on Tracfone airtime you can buy refills at Callingmart and they have a coupon for Mother’s day now where you save an extra 7% off. So your $20 refill will cost you $18.59 and no sales tax!!/callingmart

    • Calling mart is the best place to buy refills. Be careful on Ebay though, I bought some refills on there that turned out to be stolen and my phone got temporarily disabled by Net10. It was a disaster, but i finally got my money back. No problems with calling mart though.

  19. Yes, I agree, only buy refills at ebay from reputable sellers like callingmart or pinzoo (I sometimes get them through ebay when I have ebay bucks to spend). And sellers who will send you an actual pin.

    Most sellers on ebay that need your phone number to refill I’d be very wary of.

    Or if they say “if we have added airtime before don’t buy this auction”.

    Most likely they will use stolen CC numbers to refill your phone with and then the wireless company will shut off your phone if they find out about the fraud and another person will have to get fraudulent charges removed from their CC.

  20. Does anyone know where I can find either a case or skin for the LG500G? I’m rather clumsy at times and have dropped mine a couple of times and the back pops off. I’d like to have a cover so that didn’t happen. Thanks for any direction you can give me!

  21. Sandy, if you go to, they have skins for the LG500G, You can get 2 for around $10 compared to 1 at eBay for $9.99. I jut ordered & got 2 (green & purple) & am going to look at them in a little bit.
    I keep dropping my too.

    pbushx2, it looks like Tracfone is getting ready to come out with the SGH-T528G. It is all over the internet this week. I want this phone!


  22. I know I just said that I am done being impatient, but I suddenly really want this phone.
    Pbush, do you think it will come out in June still?
    I have been phoneless for almost three months now… it’s getting to me. I can wait til July at the latest. If it’s still not out, I’ll give in and get the Lg800g, although I personally think the Moto phone looks better and worth the wait :)

  23. I am so confused. I looked at the Motorola 124G on the tracfone website yesterday and decided I would wait till today whether to purchase it or not. I get back on the website today using the same zip code as yesterday and the phone isn’t even shown anymore. I am quite frustrated. Was it discontinued after being out for such a short time? And when I want to try to contact Tracfone about it you have to enter your phones serial number which I can’t do since I ran over my previous phone with a lawn mower.

  24. Since I already have a tracfone, I was considering the Motorola EX124G.
    My question is is whether Tracfone has opened up the internet with this model, or is it still restricted to the same crappy trac-net?? If I can surf unrestricted like I do at home, then I will buy this phone today !!

    Looking forward to an answer.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Victor, Yes you can surf the net unrestricted, I’d call it snailing the net. I put Opera mini on mine, looks almost like my computer screen but in real small scale. Snailing eats up minutes pretty quick, so I won’t be doing it much.

  25. Regarding the LG 500G- is there a way to set the volume for the alarm? Currently it goes off full voulme, even if I set the volume to 1 using the buttons on the side of the phone. Thanks.

  26. I recently purchased the Motorola ex124g from Tracfone and love it. Just one thing. Everytime I charge it, either with home or car charger, I get a warning tone. On the screen pops up a red triangle with a red exclamation point in the middle with the words below “bad connection with charger”. I have to pull out the charger and reinsert it. I have only had my battery complete it’s charge one time. Has anyone else had this problem?

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