LG 231c Review Part 3

Below is part 3 of the LG 231c Review, including the conclusion. If you are looking for previous parts of the review, consult the LG 231c index page, here.


This phone does have a web browser, which you can access from the main menu via the right soft key. You can also go into the menu and #6 will open the browser. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the browser access on this phone as there was on the LG100c, 220c, or 290c. On the bright side, you do have several seconds, before any units are deducted, to close the phone or hit ‘end’.

LG 231c for TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk

I’ve already gone over the capacities of the organizer features and as for ease of use, they are typical of what are available on most Tracfone LG handsets. You’ll find the alarm clock, calendar and notepad features here in the ‘Tools’ menu, instead of the ‘My Schedule’ menu as on the LG220c.

There is a voice recording option where you may record up to 1-minute memos, ringtones, ect. I assume the number is only limited by the amount of the 30 mb internal memory remaining. There is also a ‘voice command’ feature that allows you to speak one of six different commands into the phone, such as, ‘call …’ or ‘time and date’, ‘missed calls’, ‘messages’, ‘voicemail’, and ‘help’, and it will give you that information verbally.

Additional ringtones may be purchased on line through the Tracfone website via this handset as well. There is no mp3 player here.


To conclude, the LG231c is a nice little entry level CDMA handset that I feel many people would enjoy owning and using. Its compact size and weight, along with its basic features should suit the average Tracfone customer well.

But, if you were hoping for a model that was a step up from the LG220c, I’m afraid this phone will probably disappoint you. Rather than an improvement on the 220, I think the 231 is about its equal. The photos taken with the vga camera cannot be retrieved through any means other than MMS messaging, so it will cost you minutes (which means, money) to get any pictures off your phone.

The bluetooth functionality is almost completely disabled by Tracfone, and you are unable to disable the browser function as you were on the earlier LG models. Unless someone comes up with an FTP workaround, as happened for the LG290c, I feel the LG600g with full bluetooth capabilities and a vga camera would be a better choice.

If you need CDMA service, then the LG290c would still be my first choice from Tracfone.

We need to remember here that Tracfone is and will most likely remain the low cost alternative in the America Movil family. For folks like me, who require less than 200-300 min a month. It is the most cost effective choice, but it will probably never have handsets with as many bells and whistles as Net 10, and especially Straight Talk, which seems to be getting as expensive as many post-paid providers. At least it’s good to still have a choice. I’d like to thank Patrick for again giving me an opportunity to review this Tracfone selection for his blog.

Editor’s note: I’d like to once again thank Otis 226 for sharing his valuable time to write this review. To sum it up in my own words, I guess I’d have to say that the LG 231c is basically a 220c with a camera, but it’s costly to get pictures off the phone. If you need a basic handset, this is a safe choice and a decent value for the money.

Also note that this model SHOULD have Double Minutes for Life included at activation. If you add a minutes card and don’t receive the bonus minutes for the doubling, call TracFone executive resolutions department at 1-800-876-5753. You ARE entitled to DMFL, and they have the power to fix it.

Finally, Otis 226 took a little more time to carefully explain what to do if your CDMA TracFone (or Net10 or Straight Talk device) is having issues with connecting to the web or sending MMS. That article will be posted later today.



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7 thoughts on “LG 231c Review Part 3

  1. Otis:

    You said:

    >>Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the browser access on this phone [231c] as there was on the LG100c, 220c, or 290c.<<

    I have a 220c. How do I disable the browser access? I have not been able to find a way.

    Thanks for a great review. I'll stick with my 220c.


  2. Thanks for this informative review. As you said, tracfone is the lowcost side of the business. Straight Talk is still low cost and is coming out with some excellent smartphones such as the Nokia E71. They are certainly moving in on the post paid operators.

  3. ya tell me about it. that $45 unlimited deal is amazing. that is half of what you can rack up on a contract each month. must be so nice not to get anymore surprise bills at the end of each month

  4. My husband seems to have to charge his Lg 231c alot, every few days, they are in a very spotty cell coverage area, is that the reason?

    He makes occasional calls and texts on it, but turns it off at night usually. During the day he has it on standby in case someone from work needs to call him.

    • M – spotty coverage would be my guess as to why battery life is poor. I am not aware of battery life being a problem with this model, but I could be wrong.

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