TracFone, Net10 or Straight Talk Browser or MMS not working

This is a guest post from contributor “Otis 226,” regarding his recent activation of a TracFone CDMA handset (specifically, the LG 231c, although this advice could apply to any Trac, Net10, or Straight Talk device with a model number that ends with “c”). I think it may be helpful to others in troubleshooting their phones:

When I first activated this handset online, I was given a local area code number, but the phone indicated it was roaming. Even after multiple attempts at updating the phones PRL, (preferred roaming list), it still indicated ‘ROAM’ at the top of the internal screen.

I decided to contact Tracfone customer service, to see if they’d correct this for me, since I needed to be able to access the MMS and browser in order to complete this review. Some people may be aware that with the phone in roaming mode you cannot usually access your browser.

Well, the person I spoke to assured me that since this handset was a single rate model, meaning I would only be charged 1 unit of time per minute used, even when the phone was roaming, I shouldn’t worry about it and just go ahead and use it the way it was. At any rate, I explained to this customer service representative that I needed the phone to not be roaming so I could use my MMS and browser functions. After this, he had me input 3 strands of codes into the phone, and I got the indication on my main screen, ‘HOME’, (this is the first Tracfone handset I’ve used that actually said HOME when in my local area code).

My point in relating this story is that if I hadn’t known I needed to get the phone out of ROAM mode in order to use the browser, I’d have no idea why it wasn’t working, and would probably be spending more time than I wanted to with other Tracfone CSR’s trying to figure out the problem.

9 thoughts on “TracFone, Net10 or Straight Talk Browser or MMS not working

  1. Wow what a pain. Sorry you had to go through all that. I never tried to roam with my straight talk phone so i have never experienced your hardships. I can however relate to you in the fact that i am really impatient and hate solving problems that take hours. After all there are onky so many hours in the day. Overall though i am happy with my particular straight talk experience as the rates i pay are way below the national average considering the service that i am getting.

  2. Straight talk is a great choice for someone who talks a lot on the phone and uses a lot of minutes. The phones are a great value for the price, and for $45 a month, you can get unlimited texts and unlimited minutes. The reception is on par with all the major cell phone companies and the phones are easy to use. Best part, though, is that you don’t have to deal with contracts. Makes life a lot easier and allows you to try without having to commit ever.

  3. I really like how affordable tracfone is. I picked up one of their phones for about $15 at walmart. I spent another $20 and I was able to buy some minutes to get me up and started. I dont think getting a cell has ever been any more simple wow.

  4. Just read the article. Seems like you went through quite a bit. I find that a little odd cuz out of all the prepaid phones i have used, Straight talk has given me the least grief and has been the easiest one to use. On top of being the cheapest, I have never had any issues with my handset. I guess either I am lucky, or you got the dud. Either way, I do hope you were able to figure it out. Straight talks service is so cheap I would def not want a bad experience with them to deter me from using such an affordable phone service.

  5. I have a Tracfone Samsung T301G and it has a browser on it. After wasting a lot of minutes trying to get onto the Browser, I am beginning the browser feature through Tracfone is only good for the few features they offer for it. I had thought it would be like the browser on my Computer but I think I was wrong.
    I have spoken to 3 technicians and each one had me doing different things to access the browser but I just ended uo nowhere. So, can I assume the only Internet features I can use on it are going to Amazon, or the few other options I am not interested in?

  6. I have had no problem using my E71 (nokia) and it’s web browser. I have the Straight Talk unlimited plan (the $45 one) which includes an unlimited data plan along with unlimited texts/ minutes. Haven’t tried calling customer service myself, because I have never had to. Hopefully you can figure it out. The data network is pretty legit.

  7. i purchesed a straight talk nokia e71 and the particular handset quite so i sent it to nokia to be fixed..they sent me and unlocked version of the e71 and i need the mms access point information because i am unable to send/recieve anything besides a normal sms

  8. that’s not true on the roaming opart I was roaming all through the US and was on the web browser without any problem they just do not know so it sounds like they can do an easy fix out of roam and thats all cause I was browsing without problems in roam for over 2 years

  9. I have a StraightTalk Samsung r335c phone. When I access facebook, none of the photos appear, also, no photos/graphics for the weather channel map, and I am unable to enter my zip code at that site. Photos that I’ve taken are fine, and able to save them and retrieve. Just none on facebook. I’ve contacted customer service twice, but the problem has not be resolved, and I’m growing frustrated. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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