Discount Promotional Code and New Bundles

Last week I published a discount code for TracFone. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that code will also work for Net10.

That Promotional Code is GI2011. (Note that the character after the “G” is the letter “I” and not the number “1.”)

Further, Net10 has a couple of nice bundle deals available right now. Both the LG 900g and the 620g are included in packages with an unlimited monthly airtime card, a $20 restaurant certificate, and the phone (new, not reconditioned).

Here are the images you are looking for on Net10’s site:

When you subtract the value of the unlimited card ($50), the certificate ($20), and the discount code ($5), the phones end up costing around $5 for the 900g and $15 for the 620g. I like both of these phones a lot, so these are pretty good deals in my opinion.

Click here to buy one for yourself and don’t forget to use code GI2011 in the “promotional code” box on Net10 Discount Codethe shopping cart page.

10 thoughts on “ Discount Promotional Code and New Bundles

  1. I just switched to this phone from the Tracfone Motorola 326g and I love mine.

    WalMart has a special bundle for $29.99 with a micro sd card, a car charger, and wall charger.

    If you want to use the micro sd card to transfer files to and from your computer, you’ll need an adapter.
    I bought an extra card with an adapter – the phone was such a great price, I couldn’t go wrong.

    I found the WalMart deal in the store, I didn’t see it when I searched online.
    It was on a stand alone display near the electronics register, not in the regular prepaid phone aisle.

    Radio Shack is also running a sale for $29.99 through 3/26 but with the wall charger only.

    I found the Radio Shack sale online, there’s also an in stock store search feature.

    Thanks for your GREAT blog – you’ve been an enormous help :))

  2. Hi, how much of a discount is the code supposed to give? I put it into my cart, entered the discount code and it was only $5 off. The bundle for the LG900G is $109.99 on the website (using my zip code), so why does your screen cap show it at $79.99?

    • Holy buckets, you are right!!!

      I just logged that screen capture about 2.5 hours prior to your comment – they must have revised the price during that short time. I’m really sorry for that! Maybe it was just a deal that was too good to be true.
      But I KNOW that the price was $79.99 at the time I posted. In fact, I took a picture!

  3. Hey, I KNOW that you are not lying! I went to the Net10 website after posting this and there on the front page was an ad for this bundle at $79.99. Again, I put in my zip code and it increased by $30. I even called Net10’s sales department and they said that it probably was an old promo that had not been removed from the site’s front page yet. I see that it is not there anymore and the price is still $109.99. Bummer!

  4. Hey this LG620G is great value for money, the phone ends up costing $19.99 for all these functions.
    I always take advantage of the Net10 specials so that I can give the phones as gifts later on in the year.
    I’ve always seen peoples faces light up when I give them a new Net10 phone.
    The coverage is brilliant on Net10 because they use the networks of Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile, so reception is great.

  5. Hello pbushx2. Thank you so much for posting that coupon code. I used it to get $5 off my order of an LG 600G. It came with 600 minutes (which will last me forever and a day). Plus, Net10 just started a promo for free overnight shipping. All of that for about $37 with tax. Good deal.

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