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If you are looking for an LG 800g review, this is the place to start. Here, I’ve compiled all the information I’ve been able to find so far. Please see the links above for more information. What follows below is thr original post I put up for the LG 800g review index page.

Photo for LG 800g phone reviewAs with all TracFone / Net10 / Straight Talk phone releases, very little information has been available pre-release with this model. However, the big news is that it is going to be a touch-screen device, and there are also some signs that it will be available on TracFone as well.

It looks like this will be a “feature” phone rather than a “smart” phone, and it will be able to use only Java apps. I think it’s safe to say at this point that we can expect a price tag somewhere in the $75-$150 range, and most likely at the lower end of that spectrum.

Beyond that, it is a GSM device with a host of features you’d expect:

  • 2.0 Mega-pixel Camera
  • Camcorder
  • Mobile Web
  • Mp3 player
  • Calendar
  • Voice recorder
  • MicroSD card slot

Further, it looks like the Bluetooth on this device will allow a lot more functionality than in many America Movil handsets, with the ability to transfer files, connect to auto navigation systems, and provide stereo audio output.

Also, with this phone America Movil is giving a better idea than usual about when we can expect to see it for sale. On Net10’s Facebook page, there was reference to it coming out at the end of this week, around April 21st, 2011. Obviously this comment would apply to the Net10 version. It remains to be seen whether it will be available on the other two carriers. TracFone may be more doubtful, but I think it’s a safe bet that a Straight Talk version will definitely be forthcoming, and most likely at or near the same time as the Net10 release.

When it is released, I’ll do my best to get my hands on it quickly and write up a full LG 800g review as thoroughly as I do all America Movil phones.



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  1. Net10 has always come up with the best deal for its customers. I am wanting to get a new phone but need to know whether this phone can do what a smart phone can do?

    • has good smart phone feature but had issues with receiving text, system went down for a while, could sent text but not receive, net10 sent me a motorola but not as good as the lg, just before receiving the Motorola the lg started receiving txt, I am trying to find out now if was a intermitten problem and did they fix it, i would like to switch back if possible

  2. It appears that the LG 800g is available on the home shopping network. It must be on the Tracfone brand because it shows that it comes with double minutes for life and 1 years service 200 bonus minutes for atotal of 1000 mins. check it out on the HSN website it typed in tracfone on the search bar on there site.

  3. You cannot use that code on this phone. I called cause the code would not work for me as a first time customer. I called and it says it cannot be used on electronics or todays deals.

  4. I’m wondering if you will be able to install java apps and games without haveing to download them from tracfone. Also if it is capable of playing videos if you put them on there.

  5. The Tracfone website indicates the LG800G has an MP3 player, but the cable is not included. Where do you get the cable? It also says it can run apps. Where do you get the apps, how much are they, and what is the airtime deduction for getting them? Thanks.

    • You can get apps at a variety of places – google “java apps” or “java mobile apps.” Umnet.com and getjar.com are two that I have used in the past. And you can download the java files to your computer, then transfer them to your phone via bluetooth or USB cable, so it won’t cost any airtime if you do it that way.

      • how did you set up the MP3 to download music. i have XP and Removable disk comes up but I cant download music to the LG800.

        • Hi Jbennet
          When you connect the phone to the computer via USB, the phone should show you the option to connect as “mass storage mode.” select that option on the phone, and then on the computer you should be able to view the contents of the sd card in windows explorer. From there, simply drag-and-drop your desired mp3 files from the computer to the music folder on the sd card.

          Alternatively, you could use an adapter of some kind to plug the sd card directly into your pc. Exactly what kind of adapter you’d need depends on what types of ports are available on your pc. You’d use either a microSD to Sd card adapter if you’re computer has an sd card reader built in, or some type of USB adapter if not.

  6. On Tracfone is this going to deduct from your minutes for the dat you download or for the time you spend on a web page? I always dislike tracfone for charging me for the time spent on a page rather than the data downloaded.

    • It will deduct from your minutes, as has always been the practice whenever using mobile web, texting, or sending/receiving email.

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  8. The LG 800G is now available at the TracFone website for $49.99 including DMFL and a 60 min card with free shipping. I’ve just ordered one. TracFone confirms that I will be able to transfer all the minutes from my current TracFone to the new one, as well keep the old number (standard). I’m really looking forward to this touch-screen phone with mobile web access and all the nice features.

    BTW, you say you consider this to be more of a “feature phone” rather than a “smart phone”–what’s the distinction in your assessment? Since it’s got a browser, downloadable apps, etc., to me that seems to put it in the general class of Android, iPhone, etc., even though it may not be as fancy. Thanks for the info.

  9. I first bought a Tracfone when high school students stole my iPhone. I went back to basics and have not been disappointed with a Motorola dumb-but inexpensive, reliable, good coverage phone. However, there are some things to be said for access to the web and certain apps. I know this is not an iPhone but is it somewhat close. What hidden surprises in performance and costs are there if I stay with Tracfone and buy an LG 800g.

    Remember…. the downfall and poor performance students in the United States is my fault….I am a math/science teacher.


  10. Please note in the comment just submitted that I also can’t write grammatically correct english sentences…………


  11. I would like to know what type of MicroSD cards people try with this. Also any MicroSDHC cards people try with this.

    I want to use this on my motorcycle, I have been waiting for a phone I could play music on and receive phone calls on. If someone knows does this automatically PAUSE the MP3 that is playing so I can answer the phone easily? If not I will let you know in a couple of days as I have one on the way.

    • Last week I ordered a SanDisk 8GB microSDHC for $12.99 from cellphoneshop.net. I’ve ordered batteries from them in the past–they have good prices and ship quickly. You can use code ‘cell7’ to get an additional 7% off. The card should be here in the next few days, so I’ll let you know the results once I install it.

    • Installed Sandisk 4GB microSDHC card and it works great. Based on my experience with the 8GB card and other reports, as well as the specs page for the similar LG T310, it’s safe to say that the 800G will NOT support cards larger than 4GB.

      • I had exactly the same experience – 8 gig microSDHC would not work. As soon as I tried a 4 gig microSDHC, it showed up immediatly in the menu. Also, if anyone needs a USB cable for this phone, I got one that works from the CellPhoneShop.com for 5.99 plus shipping.

  12. @Hawki….

    “hidden surprises in performance” I’ve been researching the LG T310 which is very similar to the LG 800G. On one site, the reviewer indicates that you will be browsing at EDGE speeds because the phone lacks 3G capability.

    YouTube review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds6h3yNHq8U

    Related review: http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/LG-Cookie-Style-Review_id2568

    I was thinking about buying the phone from Net10 for the data consumption, but at EDGE speed I don’t think I’ll be consuming as much data as I had hoped. I may just stick with Tracfone.

  13. @Pbushx2…

    Can you tell us about your web browsing experience with this phone? Also, can you tell us about the E-mail app and how it works? Can you configure the E-mail app to access your email account from another service provider? Thanks!

    • Forgot one other request. Unless it’s available via the Tracfone or Net10 site, can you provide a link to a PDF version of the user manual if one exists? Thanks again!

    • You access email via the Mobile Web app. There are preset links for Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, Twitter, and My Space. However, using the Mobile Web browser, you could just as easily access any Webmail interface. I had no problem getting into my private business web mail this way. The Gmail interface is designed as a mobile app, so everything displays fine on the LG800G’s screen.

      There is no built-in mail app, however. So if you’re counting on accessing your mail via POP or IMAP, this phone, at least as it ships, won’t do that. Anyone know if there’s a Java app for this?

    • There’s no automatic screen orientation flipping like the iPhone. In the SMS app, as soon as you start to compose a message, the Qwerty kb opens in Landscape mode. You can also switch to phone keypad entry in Portrait mode and it has the T9 option that figures out what word you’re typing as you go. It works great. Handwriting recognition is also offered, but it doesn’t work very well.

      In the web browser, you can only enter text via the keypad layout. The Qwerty kb isn’t available here, which makes some sense, since it takes up so much of the screen that you wouldn’t see much of the web page you’re on.

      • Can you use the QWERTY touch keyboard to enter names and numbers to Contacts or do you you have to use T9 on the regular phone keypad?

      • I don’t mean to be mean, but I think the handwriting works just fine, that is, if you write well, and well, legibly!! haha!!! But actually, I’m still trying to figure out how to change a word when using the T9 and the wrong word pops up. Any help out there? I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts, very helpful!! J

  14. Great discussions, waiting to hear your feedback prior to jumping in for the buy. I’m a tracfone gal from way back, looking to upgrade without a monthly anchor around my neck. 😀

  15. Anybody here actually using this lg 800g yet? Seems like there is a mad rush of people trying to get their hands on tracfone’s first smartphone! If you’ve got one, share and tell us what you think so far.
    This lg is going to have to live up to a LOT of expectations! LOL

    • Have the phone now for several days. Like it. Sent text messages, talked, surfed the web, just plain explored the phone. First charge is down to 2 bars of 3. Blue Tooth links to my Vista computer great, have transfered pictures, music fine. Blue Tooth linked to my LG600g phone also, transfered contacts, no problem. Using a 4 Gb SD card, no problems there either, set storage to external source(the SD card), no problems. To my surprise was the phone has HAC M3/T3 and it works. Sound quality to my old ears sounds good, R355c is better but LG800 is easier to text on, so I changed. I’m totally happy with the phone at this point. For a case I use a old belt holster that was for my Razr V3m, slips right in nice. Only problem I’ve had with the phone is handling, it’s a slippery sucker, needs a gell case to hang onto well. Thought of using acetone to etch a small area or like pin stripes down the sides of the phone for better gripping. Otherwise I think the phone is a winner. Like it!

      • Howie,
        When you transferred your contacts, what file format did you use? Did you put them in a separate directory? I am new at this and I had a Motorola phone that software that took MS Office Contacts and put them in my phone. Another person on this blog suggested .VCF entries but I am not sure that is the best way to go.

  16. Received the lg800g phone from tracfone on April 30. Fedex took only one day. Compared to the basic motorola 376g, this phone is absolutely fantastic. It has both a regular key board PLUS a Qwerty keyboard, and the ease of typing a text message on a touch screen is a real improvement over the usual basic phones that tracfone sold previously. Sound quality is excellent, and sending a picture by email to another phone or to a computer is easy and problem free. Sending a video to a computer doesn’t seem to work, but I may be doing something wrong. A real winner to me, and no problems switching over the phone number and your air time to this new phone. Screen is bright, nice selection of ringtones, and a much better camera. Get this phone. You will love it!

    • All right, all right! You sold me. I ordered mine today. Thanks for the info. I’m currently using the W376g and wanted to be sure the LG800 has comparable sound quality. Sounds like I will really like this phone.

  17. Well, I ordered this phone from Tracfone and received it two days ago. I am not sure I am going to keep it. I have worked all weekend trying to set it up and the backlight will only stay on for about 5 seconds – then the phone shuts down. Can’t even enter all the information on my contacts. There was no user guide included and I contacted Tracfone. They e-mailed me a user guide which I downloaded and have printed out, but there are no instructions in the guide to correct this problem. It is very frustrating. Tracfone advised me to go to Tracfone.com for further information. However, the phone has now been removed from the Tracfone website. I also tried to find a user guide on the LG website they don’t even show this particular phone on their site. Am disappointed so far.

    • Cindy, this link covers a lot of detail about operating the LG 800G: http://tinyurl.com/6zzj3su It’s the same page mentioned above by ‘Tracfancier’, but with a short URL. Try these steps to adjust the time to keep the display on longer:

      1. From the home page, tap the blue icon with four dots, lower right.
      2. Tap Settings icon, lower right.
      3. Tap Phone.
      4. Tap Auto-Lock.
      5. Tap the time delay of your choice. Longer delay is more convenient, but will also use up your battery faster.

      Don’t give up on this phone yet! I think once you’ve checked out the functions in the manual, you’ll figure it out. It’s got a lot of great features.

      • You may have turned on the power saving feature, same place Chas told you to go, instead of picking “auto-lock” turn off “power save”

    • The LG 800G has NOT been removed from the TracFone site. The same offer is still available until May 9: LG 800G with double-min-for-life, a 60-min card, and free FedEx overnight shipping. I ordered mine late in the day last Weds 4/27 and it was delivered on Friday 4/29 (you need to be there to sign for it). Also, this promo code still works for an extra $5.00 off the purchase: GI2011.

      It’s a great deal: net price for the phone after deducting the value of the 60-min card and the $5.00 promo discount is $25.00 plus sales tax, shipping included.

      A note about Mobile Web access: when you use the browser, you are charged for normal airtime PLUS 0.5 units per minute for Web access. So total charge when using Mobile Web is 1.5 units per minute you are connected. This is still pretty reasonable.

      I’m continuing to explore and test features and will post updates on my experience soon.

      • I have an lg800 g from net10 which is the same phone as tracfone. It will show you the minutes not increments you have to figure out the increments yourself on how much you are using. Tracfone use to charge 25 cents for the first 10 minutes you use everytime you make a phone call. Net10 is 10 cents a minute all the time and when you check you time info it will tell you the exact minutes not increments. I bought my little phone at a family dollar.

    • I am also suffering frustration due to the failure to include a users manual for this phone. I have searched everywhere and I too was somewhat alarmed when I couldn’t find this model on the LG website.

      • For instructions, use this link: http://tinyurl.com/6zzj3su
        It’s better than a manual, it has actual interactive tutorials. I don’t know whether LG created it or what, but it’s the best manual I’ve seen for any device I’ve ever bought.

        I’ve posted this link several times at other places in this thread (originally posted by ‘tracfancier’ thanks). Sorry if you’re reading my repeats, but so many people have complained about lack of a manual, I think they just have not read the other posts.

  18. I just checked the Tracfone site for my zip code and the LG 800G is no longer listed. I’m glad I ordered mine on Friday. I was checking to see if they were listing the Moto feature phone yet.

    • i was trying to get this phone couple days ago but now has been taken out from tracfone website and found out that is not available in my zip code i hope that tracfone will put it back because it s a great phone and i like to stay with tracfone

      • this is not a reply but its a question that i need to ask about the units being deducted when you get a message they always change on this phone they go from 30 to 90 units it is different all the time i have just read two messages the first one took 0.30 units the second one took 0.90 and the third one 0.60 my previous phone i had was an lg 600g and only took 0.30 for sms and 1.00 for mms DOES ANYBODY HAS ANY IDEA OR HAD THE SAME PROBLEM ?

  19. Just used the 800G’s Mobile Web browser for the first time and was able to check my Gmail account. Response is a bit slow when clicking on links. You definitely wouldn’t want to use this for graphics-heavy websites. Probably best for those websites (and there are many) that can detect that you’re connecting from a mobile device and have a separate interface that fits a small screen, as well as being optimized for browsing speed (i.e. minimal graphics).

    I’m also just getting used to the touch screen’s sensitivity level in the browser. Sometimes when tapping a link, I get audible feedback even when my tap/click hasn’t really registered. When I tap more firmly, there is both audible and visual feedback (the link changes color), and then the target page loads.

  20. Here’s another review of the 800G: http://saveonprepaidphones.com/net10_lg800g_touchscreen

    This mentions that the 800G will run Java apps and suggests http://www.getjar.com for downloads. However, the 800G is not in their list of phones. Anyone have more info on how to determine which apps will run? Is Java already part of this phone’s OS? Or do you have to download and install it?

    For the record, the only apps available directly via the phone’s interface are games.

    I plugged the phone into a USB port on my Windows 7 PC and it starts charging, but Windows doesn’t recognize that it’s connected. (I just happened to have the right USB cable on hand; it doesn’t come in the package.)

  21. Update on my last note: apparently, I need to have a microSD card installed for the PC-to-phone connection to work. Ordering this now and will let you know results once it’s installed.

      • Here’s what I ordered:


        I couldn’t find anything about whether the phone supports microSDHC or only microSD, so I’m taking a chance and may have to exchange it. Will let you know once it’s installed.

        I had the cable left over from an old PDA, and I don’t actually know the size of the plug. It’s standard USB on the computer end and micro/mini/pico, who knows what, on the other.

        “Never throw anything away…”

    • Apparently a PC cannot see the internal memory. Without a card installed there is nothing for the PC to see and connect with.

      • Right. With the 4GB card installed, everything’s fine for me now. I installed my first app successfully, the Opera-Mini browser. At http://www.GetJar.com, I entered the LG T310 as my phone, but it said Opera-Mini was not compatible and wouldn’t let me download it. So I wound up going to http://www.mobileheart.com/ where they are not so overly protective! The app installed easily and Opera-Mini works great so far.

  22. You’ve probably noticed in the pictures of the LG 800G that the icons look a bit like children’s drawings. If you don’t like this look (the theme is called “Cartoon”) there’s another theme called “Black” that gives a crisper appearance to the icons.

    About the manual that comes with the phone: it covers most of the features, but then says the following on page 3.13:

    “For additional information about your phone, you can view or download the manufacturer’s manual at TracFone.com.”

    Don’t bother looking for it, it’s not there. I spent time with TracFone’s tech support, including two supervisors, and in the end they were not able to find any manual. They finally sent me the same link that was provided above by ‘Tracfancier’ and here it is again in short form: http://tinyurl.com/6zzj3su .

    As of right now, this is the best, most complete manual (actually, a series of great tutorials with screen shots) you’ll find for this phone.

    • You said there was another theme called black.

      Is this theme already on the phone? If so, Where do we find it?
      Or if not, how do we get it on our phones?

      I can live with this theme if I have to, but if I have another option I would probably take it.


    • The ‘toonish’ icons is my only complaint,so far.When I go to the themes page,it has an arrow on the left side screen..on the right side,there is a sliver of what appears to be another choice…but I have done everything to access it…No luck..glitch,maybe? Any thoughts or tricks? Let me know.

      • Touch and keep touching the right side of the screen, like dragging and dropping in windows using a mouse. Then move your finger to the left

      • As Chris said, on the Theme screen, just press on the visible Cartoon theme image and drag it to the left. The Black theme will slide into view. I’ve been using my phone for about two days now, and the lower sensitivity of the 800G touch screen (compared to my iPod Touch) is something that I’ve had to adjust to. You need to use a firmer touch to get things to respond.

      • use your finger to swipe across the page and it should show the reg icon option. I tried to hit the arrows as well and it didn’t work, i hope this helps.

  23. Do additional apps have to be purchased from Tracfone? How much are they? Is there a way to download free apps from somewhere else to your PC and then move them to the phone with a USB cord (avoiding both app cost and using Tracfone minutes)?

    • The only downloads available directly from TracFone are ringtones and images. From the phone’s Mobile Web function, you can also download some games. I’ve read elsewhere that you can add Java apps, but don’t know details. I’m hoping that Pbush can shed some light on this.

  24. Anyone know how to change the PIN and SECURITY codes? I’d like to enable it such that you have to enter a code before you can use the phone after turning it back on, and possibly when it’s gone to sleep.

    Also any sight of a true full blown manual for this thing? not just the online “tutorial” site?

  25. So since Mother’s Day is around the corner and myself and my boyfriend work around the clock to update our Mother’s into the 21st Century I recently pruchased two of these but CAN NOT seem to find if they is QWERTY keyboard available for tracfone users.

    Not having the phone in hand until tommorrow – I’m wondering if I should cancel the order or let it ride.

      • Mrzeek, I have not heard of shopmos before. Did your purchase go smoothly? And have you added minutes yet to confirm that the TFML is actually working? I’ve heard from a couple people that bought supposedly TMFL phones from lesser-known retailers, and for some reason the TMFL didn’t work correctly.

  26. I’ve had my LG 800g for a week now. I like it a lot better than my old W376g. It definitely isn’t my wife’s’ HTC Incredible, but I have 85% of that performance/usability for 25% of the price for the phone. And a lot cheaper on the service. You cannot beat 3000 minutes (double minutes 4 life) @ $200.I do wish it had navigation, though.

    There are several of these on eBay. is feedback is decent. He has sold 107 of the LG 800G phones already. They are priced at $42 with free shipping. Here’s the link.


  27. This is my second reply to this phone. YES, there is a Qwerty key pad and the regular one that is used on the basic phones such as the motorola w376g. Picture quality good, sound is excellent, choice between the cartoonish or black style icons, and texting is fast and simple. However, I do not know how to get a smart card to use the bluetooth features, or to connect the phone to the pc for mpg3player. Question: when I want to delete the data volumes of incoming and outgoing calls, I am asked for a security number. I have no idea what this number is. I need to read the pdf file a bit more, but overall, this phone is excellent, a real improvemement over all the previous tracfones we had to deal with. I’m happy with it.

    • Keep reading the other posts in this thread. All these questions have been answered. And here for the nth time is the best way to learn the 800G’s features:


      Phone ships with security code 0000. You can change it from Menu > Settings > Phone > Security > Change Codes.

    • Thanks, John. I have yet to find where the PINs are required. So far I’ve only been prompted for the security code, in several different places, but never for a PIN. Where are PINs used?

  28. Anyone got an 8gb sdhc card to work? I tried an 8GB one I got at Target and it does not work. I put in a 4gb sdhc card and it worked fine.

    • Chris, when you connect via USB cable to your computer does it recognize it? Does it get a drive letter assigned? Have you been able to transfer files? Have you tried installing any Java apps?

      I also installed an 8GB microSDHC card and it’s not recognized. Or rather, it shows up as a little icon on the home screen top line with a red “X” on it. Before I exchange this for a 4GB card, I’d like to know if yours is fully working now.

      More about memory: if I check under Menu > Settings > Phone > Memory Info, I see the following memory areas, capacities, and data categories:

      Internal common memory: used KB / 20,400 KB total
      Pictures, sounds, videos, flash content, multi. msg, Java, documents, others (each category displays KB used for it)

      Internal used memory: used KB / 4,122 KB total
      Text msg, contacts, calendar, tasks, memo, alarm, call history, bookmarks, misc (each category displays current # and max # items. Examples: you can have max 1,000 contacts, 500 text msgs, etc. Most of the limits seem adequate with exception of browser bookmarks, with a max of 50.

      SIM memory: used KB / 188 KB total
      Contacts (250 max), text msg (30 max)
      On my phone, this is currently unused. Perhaps it is an overflow area that automatically accommodates extra contacts and text msgs when you hit your limits in the internal mem area.

      External memory: currently grayed out, but this will show the microSD card once installed.

      Primary storage setting:
      Handset memory and External memory are the choices.

      One interesting point is that the “Internal common memory” includes a Java category, which shows 166KB in use. However, if you check the file info for the two Java games that come preinstalled, they total 1,313KB. This number doesn’t show up in any of the memory areas above, so maybe the games are in the SIM card ROM. I wonder what the 166KB of Java is being used for?

      • Chris, when you connect via USB cable to your computer does it recognize it? Yes

        Does it get a drive letter assigned? Yes
        Have you been able to transfer files? Yes
        Have you tried installing any Java apps? Yes

        I also installed an 8GB microSDHC card and it’s not recognized. Or rather, it shows up as a little icon on the home screen top line with a red “X” on it. (Same here)

        Before I exchange this for a 4GB card, I’d like to know if yours is fully working now. Yes it is the 4GB works fine the 8GB does not.

  29. I’ve had the LG 800G for more than a week and the more I use it, the more I like it. Great battery life, bright screen, external volume control. The only thing that takes some getting used to is the touch screen, since it’s not as responsive as an iPhone or iPod Touch. You’ve got to press a bit to get your entries to register. But the interface and menus are easy to navigate, everything works great so far.

  30. I received my LG800G on Thursday last week and picked it up on Friday. I played around with the phone a little over the weekend. While the LG800G is a vast improvement over previous phones offered by Tracfone, I still long for a Droid or iPhone.

    I played around with mobile web last night. The speed is fairly slow and some sights will not load, something about not having enough memory. I went to the National Weather Service site, punched in my zip code, and hit GO and got the previously mentioned error. Perhaps a microSD card would resolve this issue.

    One disappointment with mobile web browsing on this phone is that you cannot browse in landscape mode, which would allow you to see more of a site’s page. The portrait mode requires a lot of scrolling, especially for sites not optimized for mobile phones.

    I also encountered some freezes when entering contacts and accessing menus, but nothing that an additional press of the finger didn’t resolve.

    I’m also concerned about how long the screen will hold up. Mine appears to have some kind of film on it and you can see anomalies where the film does not quite adhere to the screen. The film is not the protective film placed on the phone during shipment. I already removed the protective shipping film.

    • Forgot some other observations. The phone can easily slip from your grasp. I’ve already dropped it a couple of times, luckily on a desk. I’m definitely thinking about buying a case for the phone or applying something to the phone to provide a more secure grip.

      The phone is a also a finger print magnet.

  31. The following is the latter part of e-communications w/ TF: Maybe you have better information than that I’ve received from TF.


    I will be succinct:

    -After much searching, with no luck, I phoned your 888-251-8164 number on Monday at around 4:15pm. After about a half-hour with a woman, I was transferred to an “accessories manager” who, after coaxing (and another half hour), finally suggested I go to a Best Buy or Radio Shack and buy a USB 2.0 cable and a MicroSDHC card for the phone.
    -After having bought the aforementioned at Radio Shack, I had the salesperson insert the chip into the phone.
    -Upon returning home, I plugged the cable into my computer and the phone. Eureka… a message says “Connect to mass storage.” I pressed “yes” and the phone indicated that I was “Connected.”
    -And that is where it ends. My PC does not recognize the phone. There is no “Removable Disk” that appears on the PC as per instructions. I have followed the instructions, as well as the instructions from your specialist on the phone TO NO AVAIL.

    Have I, again, been misinformed by your customer service reps? This has become increasingly irksome. I can’t get the parts, service or directions from the company from whom I’ve bought this devise. I know I’m small potatoes compared to your potato plantation, but this is simply, and totally UNFAIR. After spending the time, gas, phone time and accessory money (the microSDHC card cost $29.99 + tax), I’m still in the same place I was in a week ago.

    • Thanks for this post, Chip. TracFone is clearly clueless about this phone. Maybe they just haven’t figured out that the more features a phone has, the better prepared they have to be to support it. Most of the other phones they sell are relatively simple in design compared to the LG 800G, and have similar generic features across models, so their reps don’t have to know so much about each one.

    • In case any is discouraged reading Chip’s experience here, the problem was he had a card larger than 4GB. See his later post where he got a 4GB card to work fine.

  32. My 800g arrived today. I can’t enter my contacts. Every time I try to type in a name, the first letter shows up on the screen… after that it won’t let me add the letter I want… a word appears. Help?

    Also, where is the setting fro QWERTY keyboard? I looked through all the icons and can’t find it. Help?

    • Sounds like you’re in T9 mode. Look at the buttons on the right side of the keypad when you’re entering a contact. If there’s a green circle on the T9 button, then it’s in interpretive mode, where it tries to guess the word you want. Try this:

      1. To type the name George, type the keys 43674. Each time you press a key it displays a new word.
      2. After typing 5 letters, it displays George and you can press OK.
      3. Now try Hamilton: type 42645 … and that’s enough for it to guess the whole name, so just press OK.
      4. If you want to get out of T9 mode, just press the button above it until you see the character set you need, whether letters, numbers, or symbols. It cycles through the sets with each tap.
      5. The red C button is your backspace key.

      Hope that helps.

      • Chas,

        The t9 function is one of the problems I am having with this phone and I’m hoping since you seem to be familiar with this function you might have some insight. Frankly I am already considering a different phone and sending this one back as the Internet functionality is close to useless, and I don’t plan to use it now anyway.

        When in T9 mode, if I type in for example 269, the word “any” comes up. It is my understanding that t9 should offer alternate choices, such as”box” for those numbers. I tried pressing the space key which is what I read online for t9 mode is supposed to present alternate word options. This did not work on the 800g.

        The virtual qwerty keyboard is too small to accurately type for me and I would rarely text anything anyway. Seems the T9 mode would be useful for me if it actually functioned as it should.

        Another thing I’d like to be able to do is remove the Internet globe icon from the home screen as I have accidentally hit it a few times. Don’t know if you know how to do this or if it is even possible.

        If I can resolve these 2 issues I might consider keeping this model. After I buy some grip tape to put on the back because it’s too slippery, that’s one thing I can solve. I’m a little pissed to have spent $50 on this phone when I could have paid less (and still may) for a lower model phone.

        Thanks for any input, it is appreciated.

    • QWERTY keyboard is only available in certain modes, such as SMS (texting). It’s not available on the contact entry screen. Search for ‘QWERTY’ on this page to see other posts about this.

    • Mothers day bundle, no longer available. Sorry you waited. BE AWARE: At this time the phone is only available in T-Mobile markets, NOT AT&T.

    • That deal from TracFone ended on Mother’s Day. 800G is still available in some areas, but I’m not seeing it in my zip code anymore. When you type in your zip, whatever models you see are what TracFone will sell you that day. But it changes frequently.

  33. luckily I never expected tracfone to be clued in on supporting the phone. :)

    mostly all I cared about was getting my number ported over to it quickly and reliably, which did happen via the online system… took maybe 3 hours? part of that was me not bothering to check my junk mail folder and seeing an email from them got filtered.

    otherwise I’ll just muddle through figuring out everything else as I go along. contacts import was done first night. this morning i’ll figure out how to get the angry birds java game on there. :)

    • What are the steps for importing contacts? What file format did you start with? Would love to know how to do this, thanks. And keep us posted on Java apps. Thanks! This is definitely a DIY phone, so sharing info helps.

      • I created an excel spreadsheet that generates the needed multi-entry VCF file that the phone uses for import/export/backup. obviously I had to manually populate the data in the spreadsheet since my old phone (w376g) couldn’t export my contacts. I’ll post up a “naked” version of it as soon as I clean mine out and find a place to dump it. Does this blog allow links to places like filedump?

  34. http://misc.pcsi.ws/browse/Empty%20cell%20phone%20contacts.zip

    * download
    * populate however you choose to (those of you with excel skills should be able to translate whatever dumps you get from other phones/contact DBs into something to populate these columns with)
    * copy the entire ‘vCard’ column
    * paste into a standard textfile in Notepad
    * replace all quotation marks with NOTHING
    * save file to ‘Other’s folder’ on SD card in phone, with a ‘.VCF’ extension
    * open Contacts…
    ** click the menu icon
    ** click ‘Settings’
    ** scroll down and click ‘Restore Contacts’
    ** click on the VCF you created
    ** the restore will complete on it’s own

    NOTE: I STRONGLY recommend you clear your current contacts out first. if you don’t and you same named items you WILL get duplicates. if you don’t believe me try restoring again after a restore and see the mess it creates. :)

    • Fantastic, this is a great help. I can’t get my contacts off my old phone (a VERY old LG), but I can easily export from my Outlook contacts and get them into your template. Really appreciate your sharing this.

    • Your Excel file worked perfectly. For those using Outlook, best way to do this is to export contacts from Outlook to an Excel file. You’ll need to do some editing to get the data into the format that John’s SS requires, e.g. create a formula to combine first and last name fields, strip extra characters from phone fields, etc. Then copy and paste relevant columns into John’s SS. Some other tips:

      1. You don’t need to use all the fields if you don’t want to.
      2. If you want the company name to show up in the 800G’s main list, copy it to the Name field in the SS using the format ;companyname (this will put it in the last name field on the 800G). Otherwise the 800G will show ‘no name’ in the main list.
      3. De sure to do a ‘Copy down’ in the SS vCard column to extend the formula to the last contact entry. I didn’t do this at first and only got 50 of my contacts transferred!

      Thanks again, John, this was a real time-saver.

  35. Installing JAVA apps…
    NOTE: alot of phone java app sites don’t list the LG800g yet, so use LG T310 (Cookie Style, if it asks)… it’s apparently the same or very similar phone.
    * download the JAR file to your phone’s SD card, into the ‘Others’ folder.
    * go to ‘My Stuff’
    * pick the SD card tab
    * browse into ‘Others’
    * click the ‘.jar’ file for the app/game you want to install
    * follow the on-screen instructions

    That pretty much does it.
    After the install you can delete the JAR file from ‘Others’ if you want, since it makes a copy of it in the ‘Games & Applications’ folder with a different name and a custom JAD.

  36. Got the 4gb card. Works perfectly. Of course, finding out all of the machinations of TF’s phone via their customer service was of no help whatsoever. This blog and some common sense have made the phone work as I expected (of course, I’m still irked that there was supposed to be an FM radio, but what the hell. I have Hendrix. And, well, there is still TV to hear baseball games…).

  37. Just wanted to say thanks for all the links and info posted here. Its far better than try to under the Tracfone reps.
    I’ve had my lg800g for about 10 days and love it. I’ve been able to access my CU acct and gotten driving directions on Google Maps. Slowimg figuring it all out with your help. Ordered Sandisk 4 gig sdhc, data cable and usb bluetooth dongle for my desktop.
    In the user manual (link posted above) page 9,Setting up your email, it states “touch E-mail in menu. Does anyone know where this is? I was able to send an email from my desktop to the phone by using my phone number xxxxxxxxxx@mms.att.net.
    I’m 67 years old, enjoying playing but not very “tech savy” Thanks again Larry

    • Larry – it doesn’t have an email application. I guess Tracfone disabled this feature. But I believe you can install an email application – I’m still looking for one for the phone.

  38. The USB 2.0 connection is available at Radio Shack as is the 4gb card for storage of MP3s, photos, etc.. I’m sure these items are available in many other places. At Radio Shack, thet will actually install the card and see if it works. Bring the phone with you wherever you go.

    Any idea about the FM radio?

  39. Anyone try to find a firmware update or verify the firmware required for a 8GB card. Just put my 8GB card in with same results you folks have gotten.

    The LG 800g is advertized in all documentation to take 8 GB. So I figure it has to be a software/firmware problem.

    If I find anything, I’ll post. Mean time, off to Radio Shack for a 4 GB card. I am not waiting for Amazon again! :-) Too impatient!

    • I’ve seen the 8GB spec posted on some “unofficial” sites, but on the LG site neither the 800G nor the similar T310 are even listed, and TracTone, Net10, & StraightTalk don’t mention microSD capacity limit, as far as I can tell.

      It would be great if there was something from one of these sources that mentions 8GB because then I could make a case for them to reimburse me for the 8GB card I bought.

      Looking forward to hearing the response you get from LG.

  40. I sent this to LG customer support: Will post with my answer.

    MY PRODUCT IS NOT AN LG830. The message system would not let me go further w/out model number

    I have a Tracfone LG 800g. I loaded 8GB of external memory and the phone doesn’t recognize it. When connected to my computer, the phone is recognized as an external drive. The phone asks me if I want to connect to the “Mass Storage”. Computer sees it in device manager. Shows up in Explorer as “Removable Device” with a drive letter. Properties shows “LGE Mobile USB Device”. But no disk space. If I put in 4 Gig, it is fine.

    All the documentation for this phone refers to 8Gig as the maximum, not 4 Gig.

    Maybe it just needs a driver? Is there a firmware or software update for the LG 800g that will enable it to see the capacity?
    Here’s my phone info:
    Model #: LG800GHL
    S/W Version: V10d
    H/W Version: Rev1.0

    I really hope you can help. There are a lot of people with 8 GB cards waiting to be installed into their LG 800G! :-)

    Thank you very much for your time.


  41. I’ve installed my sandisk 4gig sdhc card in my lg800g, snapped a few pictures with the exterior memory picked and downloaded them to my desktop with the data cable. Also transfered one mp3 back to the phone and it played fine, not the best sound but it plays. I then downloaded a freecell game from GetJar to the desktop, 36kb executable jar file for the LG T310, copied it and pasted to the games & apps folder on my G drive which is what shows up when I plug in the data cable. Unplugged the phone, went to games & apps and couldn’t find the game. Tried to download again and the File was already on my desktop, plugged the phone back in, did the copy and paste again, the file was already there in the games & apps folder according to the desktop. Does anyone know what I’ve done wrong or why I can’t find the file on the phone.

    • Larry, it seems you may have skipped a step. Go to the My Stuff folder, which is on the second screen of installed items–i.e. where you see Games & Apps and the Settings icons, scroll left to the next screen. In My Stuff, you’ll see the same folders that you see when you’ve got the 800G connected to your computer. Open the folder where you saved the .jar file and then tap it to install it. Depending on the app, you may see other messages, but once it’s installed, you should now find it and be able to launch it under Games & Apps. Hope this helps.

    • 12 posts above this one (currently) you’ll find a post by me detailing how to do it. clifs notes are: you put it in the wrong folder to start. :)

    • Larry – the file that you download from GetJar – you need to put that in a folder on your phone like the Documents folder. Do NOT put it in the Games and Apps folder. When you do that (put it in Documents) then disconnect from the computer, go to your phone, then go to the Documents folder and find that file you just loaded up. You might have to click on the microSD tab and then click on Documents to see the file. Then click on the file to install the app – that is what will install it onto the Games and Applications folder of your phone. After you do this, then you will see the app appear in the menu of the Games and Apps.

    • Larry – the file that you download from GetJar – you need to put that in a folder on your phone like the Documents folder. Do NOT put it in the Games and Apps folder. When you do that (put it in Documents) then disconnect from the computer, go to your phone, then go to the Documents folder and find that file you just loaded up. You might have to click on the microSD tab and then click on Documents to see the file. Then click on the file to install the app – that is what will install it onto the Games and Applications folder of your phone. After you do this, then you will see the app appear in the menu of the Games and Apps.

  42. Is the LG T310 comparable to the LG800G in that it can download apps, etc. from the sites mentioned? I’ve spent too much time trying to optimize this phone but, I must say, it’s a cool devise.

  43. Hmmmm…
    So the calendar… it can backup and restore from .VCS files, although they’re lacking the memo field from the calendar entry. There’s also a function of pushing the calendar out via bluetooth. not having bluetooth on my netbook right now (an oversight I might be remedying very shortly…) I can’t test this functionality but I have a feeling if it can go one way it should be possible to go the opposite way somehow. That would be quite interesting if I could come up with some reasonable method syncing my outlook calendar with the phone, even if only when near my netbook. Very interesting…

  44. Those of you worry about the horrible Cartoon Theme don’t worry. It is possible to change it. Here a person who changed theres. And they had some nice games on theres too.

    • Did you download the movie and family guy via internet with your phone, or hook up to a computer and transfer it?

      What format is it in?Take up much space?

  45. With this phone, if I download an app, how much does it charge to download an app? also does it charge to use apps?

    (i have never had a smartphone before, so those may have been dumb questions as i know NOTHING about apps!)

    • DucksRule – If you use the phone to download the app, it will cost .5 min per minute while you are connected to the internet downloading the app. But app files are very small, so it won’t take long to download. But I download the app files (.jar files) to my computer, then transfer to the phone via USB data cable. If the app accesses the internet (ie a web browser app like Opera), then yes it will cost .5 per minute to use the app. But if the app is a game that does not access the internet, then no, it does not charge anything to use it.

    • I connected my phone the my PC and downloaded all my apps. No charge for going on line with your phone. There are a lot of apps, too.

  46. While traveling (in rural Kansas) I’ve noticed three different symbols next to the signal bars on the Lg800g; the letter E which may may indicate the Edge speed this phone is capable of according to another blog, the letter G (no clue) and the antenna or T, also no clue. While the latter was showing I tried a call and the screen showed “emergency calls only”. I have an AT&T sim which I also had on my previous Samsung T301G. It made calls from the same exact location without this message.
    Can anyone tell me what the symbols mean and does this indicate a coverage problem with the Lg800g? If I can make an emergency call, why couldn,t I make the regular call. I had 2 or 3 bars. Do some carriers limit tracfone to emergency use on this phone?

  47. FYI — for anyone who cares, the lg800g will NOT let you download attachments from email messages. I had the Samsung t401g before and I had the option of selecting basic HTML when going into Gmail. Under basic HTML I was able to download attachments in email messages.
    With lg800g there is NO basic HTML option so you’re stuck with gmail just showing you the attachment names instead of letting you actually download them.

    Ironically, the lg800g’s java support allows you to install more feature-rich mobile browsers like Opera Mini and UCWEB and both allow basic HTML options in gmail. BUT when you attempt to download attachments you get the message ‘Failed! Suggest to modify the permissions of the files’. I contacted Net 10 and they said this model DOES NOT allow for downloading message attachments.
    So there you have it — if being able to download email attachments is important to you, stay away…and wait for Samsung or Motorola to come out with a Net 10/Tracfone/Straight Talk touchscreen phone of their own.

    • jakobkraft – I have had no problem downloading pic files (.jpg) that I emailed to myself from my Hotmail account to my phone. Maybe you are trying to send some other format of file that the phone does not recognize (?) but I have done this several times with no issues. It cost on average 1.5 minutes to receive and send pics to/from this phone.

  48. I have had this phone for about a month now on the Tracfone service and I love it. About time Tracfone has come up with more dated phones. I have double minutes for life on this phone. I dont use my cell phone much, but I surely love this one. Thank you Tracfone.

  49. I cannot get apps to install on the phone. I visited GetJar.com and MobileHeart.com and have downloaded 20+ apps for the LG T310 cookie phone from both sites. Once downloaded I transferred all 20 using BlueTooth without incident. They download to my ‘Other Files’ folder on my external 4GB card. They are all visible in that folder. But click on any .jar file and I get the warning message ‘Manifest is invalid or content file corrupted’. Has anyone had this same issue? Answers would be gratefully accepted. All jar files are associated with JAVA.

    • Richard – I’m not sure why you are having issues. I have downloaded about a dozen apps from Getjar and I have never gotten that error message that you describe. The apps I have been installing include things like Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, a few games (Blackjack and bowling games), and a couple of email apps (they install, but I don’t think I have figured out how to use them correctly yet). However, my method of installing was to download the .jar file to my computer, then transfer to the phone’s micro SD card via a USB cable that is hooked up between phone and computer. I put the .jar files in the “Documents” folder on the micro SD card. Then I disconnected the phone from the computer and then from the phone navigated to that folder and proceeded to install the .jar file by selecting it. It always installed. I too picked the “LG T310 cookie style” phone on the Getjar site. What apps are you trying to install? I can try my method on the apps you are trying to install and see if my method works for the apps you are trying to install. Or you can try my method…

      • Thanks for replying,
        I’ll start off by saying I do not have a USB 2.0 to micro USB B (5 pin) cable presently but have one on the way. Here’s what I can tell you. I have tried to get the apps to work through two methods. The first is by downloading the jar files from GetJar, MobileHeart, and recently MobileRated directly onto my computer drive. I then inserted my 4GB microSD card into the computer’s memory card reader and transferred the files that way. I put the card into the phone and I got the error message. The second way was to transfer the files from my computer to the phone using Bluetooth which worked flawlessly. The transfer that is. Unfortunately I got the error message once again. So now I’m not sure what to think. So I give Tracfone corporate a call in Miami and following a lengthy call to tech, the representative spoke with other reps and came back with this message. They said I needed to use a USB transfer cable as it influences the correct format of the jar files. My last phone was the LG 200C. It’s not what you would call sophisticated by any means with todays handsets out there. I’m new to phones having apps. So I’m trying to learn here. On MobileRated’s site I have the LG 800G phone listed as my phone of choice. I chose to download their 8 most popular software. They give you two methods of downloading their apps. 1) To Mobile: or 2) To PC. Under PC they suggest you transfer the files to the phone either via a data cable or WiFi or Bluetooth. Since I used Bluetooth as a method I’m totally confused as to why I’m still having this issue. I’m willing to give the data cable a try when I get it. It just seems to me I’m not getting the whole picture. I would just like to know if anyone else has transferred apps using my two methods and had success. That would at least tell me if my phone is the problem.

      • Richard – I just can’t believe that you get that message for ALL apps you try to install. I haven’t gotten it even once. Give me the specific name of at least one app you are trying to install and I’ll try to install it and see if I get the same error message you do. Like I say, I have already installed about a dozen apps – some of the email apps I haven’t figured out how they work, but they installed just fine. All he other apps installed and work just fine.

      • ortizmo,
        Here is a list of the apps I’ve tried installing:
        binu_forex.jar 33KB
        BluCop.jar 34KB
        classic_solitaire.jar 32KB
        crystalball.jar 33KB
        ExpenseManager.jar 34KB
        Footballs.jar 33KB
        Freebie.jar 33KB
        GetJar_Apps.jar 34KB
        GSM_Localization.jar 33KB
        idea_widgets.jar 19KB
        IMDb_mobile_website 35KB
        IQ_Light_English.jar 33KB
        Javas.jar 33KB
        jawbreaker.jar 22KB
        JM2PC_Client.jar 33KB
        midlet.jar 32KB
        MobileDiet.jar 33KB
        opera_mini.jar 21KB
        shopping.jar 20KB
        Simon.jar 21KB
        snaptu.jar 22KB
        SpiderSolitaire.jar 32KB
        Touchscreen.jar 33KB
        WapAlta.jar 33KB
        Yahoo_Finance.jar 37KB
        zelda.jar 39KB

        Do you know if you can install those apps you’ve installed in the past using the two methods of mine? Either through Bluetooth or downloading them onto the microSD card using a card reader on your computer. That would give me a definitive answer.

    • Update to Apps that wouldn’t install. Turns out that everyone of those apps I tried installing are NOT compatible with this phone. I’ve since gone to MobileHeart.com and downloaded only apps specific to the LG T310. Those apps installed without incident. I’ll be more careful with my choices in the future. By the way, in addition to using a USB->microUSB cable to capture and install apps on the phone, Bluetooth or a card reader work equally well.

      • Richard – if you were getting those apps from MobileRated, and you used LG800G as the phone type, the apps should work. I didn’t try them all, but I have installed Opera mini, Classic solitaire, Simon, and Minesweeper, all from MobileRated, all these installed with no problem. These I listed are definitely compatible with the LG800G. Some others I did not try because they were ad-supported – those will access the internet and gobble up minutes.

        Glad you found a site that had apps that work to your satisfaction.

  50. For those of you with gmail you can easily transfer your gmail contacts to your LG800g phone contacts file. Go to your gmail contacts; more actions tab; export in vCard format; save the exported file to your micro SD card; place card in phone; go to contacts, menu, settings, restore contacts; then highlight you “contacts.vcf” file

  51. I just questioned an Ebay listing for the Lg800g as to if it had an AT&T sim card and explaned the P4 and P5 code on the bottom of the package. His reply was “Ours use the AT&T towers.” Several listing by “Shopcelldeals”. The one that caught my eye was A “Buy it Now” for the Lg800g with a 400 min. 1 year card for $94.99 with free expedited shipping. This makes the phone free and discounts the card.

    • Larry – could be a good deal if it hasn’t been activated. I bet they got that phone from the HSN deal that was $99.95 – they didn’t charge shipping or tax on that deal (that’s how I got my LG800G). Be aware that some people with LG800Gs on AT&T have been reporting issues with them – specifically problems with sending/receiving text messages. I believe the phone is not even listed in most if not any areas at the Tracfone site as of today (May 26, 2011). Don’t know if that is because they sold out or because they pulled them because they are working out the issues with the phones. However, I have an LG800G on AT&T and mine actually works great! But on several forums (this one, HowardForums, Tracfoneforum.com, and Tracfone’s Facebook page) there are reports of people having this issue. Just making you aware – you might read up on this if you haven’t already….

      • Ortizmro This Ebay vendor (Shopcelldeals) has three listings for these phones, has sold over 350, and has a 99.7% positive feedback rating. All three adds state “new sealed in package”. One is for the phone alone for $39.89, one for the phone & 200 min card for $56.99 and the phone & 1 year, 400 min card mentioned above for $94.99. Again, he stated “Ours use the AT&T towers”.
        I also have this phone which was purchased directly from Tracfone, AT&T sim, and it too works great. I made the post above so people looking for this phone on AT&T could check it out after it was no longer available from Tracfone. I see that it is now not on the Tracfone website even with T-Mobile sim card. I am in no way connected to the Ebay vendor, just thought the prices looked right.

      • I picked one of these up from shopcelldeals and it was perfect! with bonus code for minutes I ended up with 1120 minutes and over 400 days of service! Great deal, I think Im going to pick up a second to upgrade my wife. Now if I could find a silicone case from a USA seller on ebay Id be set.

  52. Was thinking about getting LG800G for my husband. All he really cares about is games. he has a G1 android right now. After using the LG800G Does anyone know how it may compare? and it seems downloading games is a task compared to downloading from a app market. any advice?

    • The G1 is a far superior phone mainly due to the access to a MUCH larger library of apps via Android. the 800g does not support Android apps.

  53. I just received the phone from the eBay seller who is selling the LG 800g with a 400 min. 1 year card for $94.99 with free expedited shipping. The part # is TFLG800GP4DM, so it’s a AT&T SIM card!

  54. I’ve noticed several posts on blogs inquiring about GPS apps. A mobile version of Google Maps is available through the browser for the LG800g which at least gives you a satelite view. Open your browser, select search, then google and then maps. A screen appears asking if you want to install now. It will install in the games and apps area. This will put you online directly to the mobil version. This allows for point to point driving directions, street and satelite views.

  55. I just purchased the LG 800g a few days ago and basically like it. If anyone can figure out how to get the qwerty keyboard to appear when using the web browser for sites like hotmail, yahoo mail, etc. please post. It’s a major setback for this phone if it can only go qwerty for phone text messages as no one wants to use a ridiculous and tedious phone keypad setup when writing an email. Thanks and appreciate the good info on this website!

    • Mike – the sound is OK, it does have an equalizer, but I wouldn’t call it great. I am glad it has an mp3 player, but it won’t blow you away by any means…. (IMHO of course)

  56. Pretty new to forums and etc, hope I do this ok…..

    Does anyone know if this phone will be able to do apps like Weight Watchers, SparkPeople, Amazon, ebay, Blog sites and other such apps that are connected to online sites?

    Also, I am confused….
    It seems that some folks say that there is a virtual qwerty keyboard and some don’t… which is it?

    I HATE the set ups where you have to punch one key repeatedly to get a letter.. really hard on arthritic hands!

    How about an app that would give us a virtual keyboard?

    Anyone know if the font for texting and in general can be enlarged?

    Since it only does Java apps am I right to assume Pogo.com is not going to be using Java anymore?

    Can you download or whatever.. movies or etc and then watch them on this phone? (Yes I know, I am asking alot for a phone that isn’t an Iphone..lol)

    I am new to prepaid phones, is it common for these companies to seem so far behind phone wise compared to like what Verizon offers… IE speech to text and etc??

    Sorry for all the questions, just trying to learn and understand, and so far all the manuals and sites have not answered my particular questions. That is sooooo frustrating !! lol

    Thanks for all answers and help…

    ps..what is “Edge Speed”?

    • JC – As for what specific apps this phone will be able to execute, you will just have to try and see (trial and error). Go to sites like GetJar.com (set the phone type to LG T310 cookie style since they don’t have LG 800G yet and this one is basically just like the LG800G) or MobileRated.com (set the phone to LG800G) and browse the apps there. And as for other sites that you may look at, you will just have experiment. You need to make sure the app is compatible for the phone type )LG800G or LG T310 cookie style). Then install it and try it. I have had pretty good success with most that I have tried but some things have not worked.

      Yes, I hate the numeric keypad as well – unfortunately sometimes you have to use it – such as for entering new contacts and searching for contacts. However, you have the QWERTY virtual keypad for typing text messages. You do have to cause the phone to display the QWERTY virtual keypad – it is not displayed by default – but once you do this, it will be displayed as the new default from now on. And if you download and install the Opera mini web browser, you can also have the QWERTY virtual keypad for url, search and text entry as well. I provided instructions on how to get this a few posts above this one.

      Movies – you can’t just watch “any” movies – they have to be a specific format. I don’t have any experience in this area – so I can’t tell you what does or doesn’t work. I don’t want to use up minutes so I don’t even think about trying to do anything like this on-line. I know some people have converted some videos to a format that can be viewed on this phone and then transferred them to the phone. Discussion of that is at the following link (at post #57 or so):


      Yes, the prepaid phone companies typically offer phones that are several models behind the current offerings of the “big boys” that offer the latest state of the art technology. But you get what you pay for – if you want the latest and greatest, you are going to have to pay for it. NOTE: you can get better technology with other prepaid companies like Virgin Mobile (LG Optimus V is a neat phone) and Page Plus (a wide variety of phones) – just depends on your needs and budget. If you want to have a better phone, you might want to look into those other companies.

      EDGE is a data transmission technology for cell phones that precedes the 3G – I won’t try to describe but here is some info on it:


      Hope this helps.

  57. I have the LG800g with Net10. I love it. I switched from Sprint with my number.. i was able to up save my contacts on a micro 4gb card and “restore” them on the lg800g.

    DO NOT TURN ON THE PIN CODE THING… otherwise, you have to call Net10 and have them give you a code to get out of it. Turning the PIN code on causes your phone to go into Emergency access only. (911 calls only)… so do not hit it…

    Can anyone tell me how you get rid of the “locking” part when you receive calls or make calls.. I can understand holding your thumb on it when your phone is locked but when i dial a number and hit call it wont allow me to hit speaker on or dial pad unless i hold the unlock button… and then if you have to wait and listen to prompts, it locks again and I just want it to stop.. LOL

    It is very slippery… i am going to get a gel case cover.. I seen them on Ebay for 10 bucks…

    As for mp3… I am not too happy with this feature as my music on my card is not reading on this phone… some of it does and some doesn’t.. very strange… going to try and resave music and do it again… and it seemed slow to load…

    I love the phone overall… Net10 is very easy to deal with over straighttalk.. which sucks… do not get straighttalk… the phones are much lower in price and that is a good thing since I tend to break them. This one is probably their more expensive one at 50.00. so not bad… They have a blackberry style LG and its only 30 bucks and you can get them at Walmart with a bonus package of 4gb microcard, car charger, headset.. or get a reconditioned phone for 25 bucks and it includes the 25.00 card for 750 minutes 30 days… basically the phone is free with that…

    Hope this helps… I am a shopper… I would rather pay alittle more for service then deal with an expensive phone replacement.


    I got this phone today after my parents picked one up and showed me the box….which, because of a screenshot showing Twitter, Google and Facebook app icons on an iPhone-esque homescreen, led me to believe this phone actually had some type of app support.

    It doesn’t.

    It’s a lie. The most you can do is wade through the crap sites like GetJar.com and find glorified shortcuts to mobile versions of sites. There is NO native support in this. The only REAL apps I got to work that was of any use was Opera Mini and Google Maps (although Google Maps constantly asked about staying online and didn’t work very well).

    Not only that, but the “QWERTY” layout workaround is inconsistent and unpredictable (and not even an option BEFORE you install Opera Mini from what I can tell) and the phone includes assanine things like PIN CODES (pin code 1 is “1111” and 2 is “2222”) & SECURITY CODE is “0000.” This is NOT printed anywhere except on sites like this, hidden in the comments.

    The camera is largely useless because you must use an on screen button (that must be tapped JUST right) to take a picture and stop/start recording. My Samsung T401 was fairly painless in its picture taking. It wasn’t great quality……but it works fairly easily.

    And then there’s no way of getting the apps you download on to the home screen. As far as I can tell, you will always need to go into “Games & Apps” and then find your App. Ugggghhhh.

    I didn’t expect this to be a wonderful, iPhone or Android-quality device…but c’mon folks. It’s 2011. Net10 is getting (and offering) $50 for Unlimited DATA plans. This device is borderline useless for anything BUT making phone calls and doing at most ridiculously basic mobile web surfing (which can be done on the cheapest of cheap phones).

    BTW – I transferred from one Net10 phone (the Samsung T401) to this one and upon realizing I didn’t like this LG phone, wanted to switch back. So, I give Net10 a call (because their website is soooooo friggin’ useless) and I discover that I CAN’T because when you transfer a phone number, the OLD SIM card you had is KILLED by Net10. So that mean, if I ever want to use that old phone again (for anything! Even to use with a NEW number!) I can’t. Because the SIM card is useless. Oh, Net10 said they’ll send a new one in 3-5 business days….but that is just retarded beyond belief.

    This whole experience has made me question how much longer I want to continue using Net10. :/

    • I had a an old phone with a cracked screen. A friend gave me a Nokia 1100 without the SIM. Tracfone sent me a new SIM for the Nokia which took a few days but it was free. Then they helped me set up the new SIM and helped transfer the residual minutes and months from the old phone to the Nokia. Yeah it took a few days to get the SIM, but they did it all for free, and spend over 30 minutes doing it. When the LG800 finally became “available” in my zip code I jumped on it. They then helped set up the transfer again, because my son was hogging the bandwidth on DSL and the screen froze at the last bit of transferring time and phone number. With service I have no complaints.
      The LG800 gets better reception than the Nokia 1100, is easier to text, and generally a smoother phone. I do not like that QWERTY is only on messaging and not on text input for contacts.
      Sure it is not an iPhone, but it is $1000 a year cheaper. I got it for a phone and to try texting. Not a bad deal. Elsewhere this has been described as a first generation touch screen. I was willing to go with it. I like it better so far than my wife’s LG500 with hardware keypad and tiny tiny number pad which is difficult for number entry.

  59. I’ve found a belt case that fits the LG800G perfectly. It’s Case Logic’s CLP 144V3B. I got mine at Office Depot.

    I’m still looking for a silicone skin – that little thing is slippy!

  60. LG 800g for NET10 is available and on sale this week at Best Buy stores and online at bestbuy.com for $39.99! Sale price good through 6/4/11. Get them while they last!

  61. Got the LG800g on Friday and am impressed so far. Learning curve was not too steep and pretty intuitive. Just one question: There are 2 little icons at the top of the scteen: one red and has what looks like a keyhole in white and the other is grey and looks like a square superimposed on the lower left quadrant of a circle. Anyone know what these are?

    • It is an indicator of which home screen you are on, as if you cannot tell. When one is blue/red the other is greyed out. Notice the blue/red color matches the color of the button right above the green call icon, bottom left.

  62. has anyone worked out a method of getting calendar data in and out of the phone? I don’t need it necessarily to be real-time, I can tether to my laptop occasionally to get things synched up, but need a method to do so.

  63. I’m with Lora. Going to the lock screen when I make calls is annoying. Many of my calls are to my answering service and I’m constantly fighting the auto lock to get at the dial pad so I can enter commands to the service. I tried putting Auto-lock in Settings to Never, but that doesn’t affect calls.

    Any ideas?

    • Try a quick press of the on/off key on top of the phone. This isn`t a complete solution to the problem, but it is quicker than the unlock button which requires a brief hold. Varify how it functions from various screens before doing it with something important going on.

  64. When you pick up the phone from non use do a quick press of the on/off key and you will go directly to the home screen, by-passing the lock screen.

    • This is like the power key on a laptop…
      With the LG800 powered up pressing the power key
      will put the machine into sleep mode. When the
      machine is in sleep mode, pressing the power
      key wakes the phone up. Not that surprising…:-)

  65. Tracfone now has them back in stock, apparently. I was able to place an order today, where previously it said it was unavailable for my zip code. When it was there before, and then disappeared, I was not able to get a straight answer from Support as to why it disappeared. I had guessed it was out of stock, but they could never confirm my suspicions. Only kept repeating that if it doesn’t appear for my zip code, it is not available.

  66. I installed SanDisk 4 GB microSDHC card. I plugged my phone with A USB to my computer. All it does is charge the battery. No ‘Connect to mass storage? I’m new to all this, so would appreciate some help with this. I have followed all of your very helpful suggestions, but this one has me stumped.

  67. I have the Net10 lg900ghl ( the one that came out b4 this newest one) I love it & hav no problems w it or net10 ( had net10 for like 6 yrs and almost every phone they hav marketed) I hav wanted a touch screen phone and figured eventually Net10 would release one.

    My question to anyone out there who can help… Is moving to the new phone worth it? Does it do all that this one I hav do? I hav found a phone I enjoy but the touch screen is callin…I hav tried surfing the net to find a comparison or a blog where there are people w the sane questions.

    Any advice good or bad is welcomed… Feel free to leave a post here or email me at wvudaltongurl@aol.com

    I am caught in a pickle….HELP…

    • You might try comparing the two phones features as listed on the Net10 site. There are links under the phones listings on the buy phones page or on the listing of phones, which also has a link to the user manuals.

      The 800 is a more current looking phone and smaller/slimmer than the 900. It is really difficult to tell what would please anyone asking for help in selecting. Neither model is universally loved by all.

    • It has a “virtual” qwerty keyboard that pops up during text entry mode if that’s what you choose. It does NOT have a “hardware” keyboard.

    • I think so. I just bought mine this week. So far I like it. It’s not totally like the Iphones, but for a prepaid and for the price, it is the biggest step in Tracfone history.

  68. I just received this phone and like it a lot so far. II haven’t added Micro SDHC or bluetooth yet but are irdered. The one thing I can’t get to work, or even access, is QWERTY keyboard. How do you access this option-can’t find it anywhere.

    • Hi Kim
      Sorry for the delay, I was gone for a long weekend. The QWERTY keyboard option comes up only when you are composing a text.

  69. I just bought my LG800g. I see that it has the “voice call” app. I thought that I would be able to voice dial using my Bluetooth. Is there something I’m missing here, or does this phone not have voice dialing capabilities?

    • Bad wording on LG`s part. That is “voice” type call VS “text” type call. Sorry no voice dialing option.

  70. back on HSN today as a special value for $99.95 plus tax (shipping free) with 1200 mins good for a year and triple minutes for life on tracfone. lists microsd up to 4G . Bought it before I read these reviews but currently have tracfone phone and am satisfied with service. Am moving to another part of country and may start using text message along with phone, so need new phone for move besides moving states. Hope it works okay for me. They also are selling a set of 3 gel covers that fit the phone for $25 plus shipping and handling. Didn’t get those

  71. LG800G WITH TRIPLE MINUTES FOR LIFE – The “Today’s Special” for June 11, 2011 at HSN.com is an LG800G with TRIPLE minutes for life! It comes with 1200 minutes (400 minutes tripled) and one year of service for $99.95, so the phone is basically FREE. I use CDMA because my service with GSM phones is marginal where I live, but triple minutes for life sure makes it tempting to try it anyway. Here is a link to HSN’s page for this order:

    • Thank you for the info! I purchased the Triple Minutes phone to replace my current Double minutes LG 800g. This is a good deal.

      Will be selling my double minutes LG800g cheap after transferring all my info to the new phone.

  72. Hello Everyone;

    I received a response from LG about the 8 GB card for the LG800g:


    Thank you for contacting LG Electronics

    ——Reply to Your Inquiry——-

    Good Day Mr. Griffith;

    First, let me apologize for the gross delay in response to your email. I am able to confirm that the maximum SD card size that the LG 800G can handle is 4GB and not 8GB. If possible please let me know what documentation references 8GB as the maximum; is it the user manual, quick start guide, internet source, ETC. I sincerely apologize at this inconvenience and I assure a prompt response to any follow up emails. Thank you for choosing LG!

    Jerome M
    E-Mail Administrator
    Customer Interactive Center
    LG Electronics USA (800) 793-8896

    Reply Options:

    Reply by Live Chat
    Click here to chat live with LG Customer Service
    (Weekdays, 8am-8pm CST)

    Reply by email

    ———–Original Customer Inquiry————
    Received Date : 05/13/2011 00:25 15
    The type of inquiry : Software/Hardware updates
    Product/Model No. : GSM/LG830

    MY PRODUCT IS NOT AN LG830. The message system would not let me go further w/out model number.

    I have a Tracfone LG 800g. I loaded 8GB of external memory and the phone doesn’t recognize it. When connected to my computer, the phone is recognized as an external drive. The phone asks me if I want to connect to the “Mass Storage”. Computer sees it in device manager. Shows up in Explorer as “Removable Device” with a drive letter. Properties shows “LGE Mobile USB Device”. But no disk space. If I put in 4 Gig, it is fine.

    All the documentation for this phone refers to 8Gig as the maximum, not 4 Gig.

    Maybe it just needs a driver? Is there a firmware or software update for the LG 800g that will enable it to see the capacity?
    Here’s my phone info:
    Model #: LG800GHL
    S/W Version: V10d
    H/W Version: Rev1.0

    I really hope you can help. There are a lot of people with 8 GB cards waiting to be installed into their LG 800G! :-)

    Thank you very much for your time.


  73. Day 4 with my Tracfone LG800g, and I like it very much! A lot of features for a Tracfone! And loving the virtual QWERTY option for texting!

  74. What is with the Qwerty for messaging but only T9 for input of names and numbers of contacts? Seems a little lame. Mine came from Tracfone for $49 and free shipping. No memory card.

  75. Quick question: Do text messages on the tracfone LG800 deduct 0.3 units or 0.5 units? Thanks! (And apologies in advance if this has already been posted and I missed it.)

    • Sorry, Jeff, I’m not sure it has been mentioned, but I should have been clearer about it. Texts cost .3 units each, which is a first for a TracFone. It’s a nice benefit if you text a lot.

  76. I just got my new LG 800G yesterday and I am loving it! One drawback. With my old Motorola I was able to send texts all the way to my family in Denmark. With the new LG 800G I can’t. When I tried it said to see SMS restrictions – 45. What does this mean and is there anything I can do about it?

    • Anita, I just got my LG 800g today and while reading the Terms and Conditions of Service I found this…TRACFONE does not allow international text messages. Attempting to send international messages could result in service deactivation.

  77. Have a question: I already have a Tracfone LG800g. I bought another one from HSN for the triple minutes.

    Can I just add the triple minute for life to my existing LG 800g? Has anyone tried this yet?

    • Trying to change the original from double to triple minutes could create a mess. The CSR`s can barely figure out a simple problem. I would not attempt it. Activate the new phone and check it out for any problems and then transfer airtime Min/days from the old to the new phone. Never transfer the free 10/20 starter minutes (remainder of the 60 days OK). Also airtime should have been added before the transfer. One advantage is being able to use the same bonus code twice (once on each phone)

    • I wouldn’t mess w/ the triple minutes for life benefit. That is tied to that specific phone (the triple min deal is not on a card – it’s already programmed into the phone). Better to transfer everything from your other phone to the Triple min for Life LG800G and use it – that’s a real sweet deal!!

      • The phone I received from HSN is just a normal Tracfone packaged LG800g that has never been opened. There is no way HSN was able to program the phone. How would HSN know it is the phone they sent to me?

      • HSN probably bought a bulk “package” that consists of 100’s of reprogrammed
        phones that met their criteria. Criteria based on demographics that they
        determined would move fast, and at a price point that maximizes it’s profits.
        Actually, they may have just had a number of SIM card serial numbers banked into
        a database that will register as triple points for life. No need to even
        program the SIM card itself. That gets done when you register the phone.
        Just a guess on my part… Eh!


    Hello, I shot several 1 minute videos of my grandchild and when I try to send them I get the message “Maximum Size Exceeded”. It stops me at that point. Regular still photos transfer fine and they re-size automatically which is a nice feature. Can anyone tell me how to transfer these videos to my computer. The main reason I switched from tracfone LG 290 C to the LG 800 was so I could shoot shot video clips and put them on the computer to share. If the LG 800 does not let you download video clips then why even have a video camera feature? THANK YOU for any technical help. I have looked at all the above tutorials but haven’t found anything to help me.

    • Hi Heath
      I haven’t been able to duplicate your issue, so I’m not sure what to say. Are you trying to send the picture over bluetooth, USB, or MMS?
      Here are a couple of tips:
      1. Make sure your camera is set to store the videos to the external memory (microSD card).
      2. Whatever method you’ve tried to send the vid to your PC, try an alternative method. My order of preference would be first USB, then Bluetooth. MMS is a definite last resort.
      3. Try removing the card from the phone and reading it directly on the computer, if USB and Bluetooth fail.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more to add about what has or has not worked for you.

  79. I have had the phone for a day and so far I am quite happy. The only thing, so far, that I say is bad is that it is a real battery hog. I needed a phone I could see and use easily, and with the keypad and qwerty on the touch screen is sooo much better. If anyone has trouble with tiny buttons, you will love this phone. I set the font to large and it is so much easier. I think it is well worth the 50 dollars.

  80. Just got mine in the mail today. Ordered it from HSN for 99.95 as a special. The package came with the phone, full instruction manual, wall charger, battery,back for phone, two cases for the phone as well as a car charger and best of all, 1200 minutes, a year of time and triple minutes for the life of the phone. Haven’t activated it yet, but playing around with putting my contacts and such in, seems to easy. Does anyone know if you can buy screen protectors for this phone yet?

    • Hi Dee
      I’m not sure if there are any accessories specifically for htis model, but you might want to look for a screen protector for the LG Cookie WiFi T310i, which is a very similar model. If that doesn’t help, you could also just buy a screen protector mean for a larger screen, then cut it to the size you need.

  81. HSN’s Triple Minutes for Life: Last night I transferred my phone # and minutes from old LG800g to the HSN’s 800. Had to call Tracfone twice. By this morning, my new 800 still hadn’t activated. Tracfone’s customer service is better than it used to be years ago, but they still have folks that do not know what they are doing. It is hit and miss when you call. At least I could understand the guy I talked to this morning and he was competent.

    Then I activated the triple minutes program online. I had my 1 year and 1200 minutes within 30 minutes from HSN.

    Now I need to sell my old LG 800g. It has a silicon case, car charger, and supplied wall charger. Wall charger and car charger are new. The phone is in excellent shape with no scratches. Could use another screen protector if you want it perfect. Anyone interested, let me know. I want $30 + shipping.

  82. I think it is terrible so soon after I bought my HSN 800 that they come out with one with triple minutes. Bogus!!!!

  83. THIS PHONE HAS PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot send text messages! Start reading the reviews people, it is a BAD BAD DEAL until this problem is fixed! BUYERS B E W A R E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Rowdy
      I haven’t had any problem sending texts. Could you be more specific about what is causing you problems? Or point out links to examples of other people with the same problem?

      • Quite a few people having issues with SMS. Read the posts on Tracfone’s Facebook page. I bought two phones, received them 2 days apart. First one works perfectly. Second one has had the same issue twice, about a week a half apart: suddenly start receiving multiple copies of the same message, as many as 70/day. When that happens, I cannot receive any other SMS messages. I can send SMS, and make and receive calls; just can’t stop the repetitive messages nor receive others. As a result of a Support ticket for this issue, Tracfone admitted that there is apparently no solution anticipated for those having SMS issues.

    • No problems for me. This is my second LG 800g. Bought a different one only for triple minutes. Both work fine for me for sending text.

    • Been using mine for over a month without any issue texting (SMS or MMS). Before getting the MicroSD card, I sent my custom ringers from my PC via email to the phone. No issues. Hopefully you can resolve.

  84. Hi… I had read the HF material on signed versions of Opera, etc. My question is: Where and how do I get a version to download directly to my PC – not phone – so that I can install it into the phone at a later date and, thereby, without phone charges? Thanks for a very good site…

    • Chip – it won’t work if you do anything other than go to the sites using your phone’s web browser, and install it directly like that. Believe me, I tried it the way you want to, because I wanted to save on minutes as well, but it just doesn’t work – all you will get is unsigned versions. If you don’t mind unsigned versions, then you can do it this way, but otherwise, you got to do it the “hard way.” Save yourself grief and use the methods shown in the link I posted. It doesn’t take long, and you will be very happy with the signed versions of these applications.

  85. I have looked everywhere, here, tutorials, guide, and search. How do I change the time and date, and change calendar so that it stays? Unless the calendar is depended upon the time and date being correct. Thanks!

    • Hi Tom
      Is your phone active yet? This phone should pull the correct date and time from the network, but that only works after you activate the phone.

      • HI!

        No, it is not. I did not want to activate it until I learned everything, lolol. What a dummy. Never thought of that. I did not want to transfer number and minutes from old TracFone and be caught off guard, not knowing how to use it.

        Thanks so much for the heads up. I appreciate it.

  86. Last month I bought my wife an LG800 off the Tracfone site and it came as a T-Mobile (I’m in a T-Mobile area). While they were sold out, I bought mine off eBay and it was an AT&T. I just bought another LG800 from Tracfone and they sent me an AT&T instead even though I’m in a T-Mobile area. I can see a T-Mobile tower from my kitchen window, the nearest AT&T tower is not near me. I have 5 full bars and ‘No Service’ on my phone at all times in my neighborhood. My wife of course has great coverage. All of the stores in my area sell AT&T and from what I’ve gathered, all HSN phones were also AT&T. Looks like I’ll take this LG800 and put it up on eBay and call Tracfone to see what they can do to change me over with my existing – unless anyone has an unopened LG800 with T-Mobile and want to trade for an unopened AT&T.

    • You may prefer to call Tracfones Customer escualtions Miami number, 800-876-5753, and explain you have to return the phone if they will not send you a T-Mobile SIM. Mention you and your wifes phone comparison experience. I cannot imagine them not wanting you with the cheaper cost to them T-Mobile service. The AT&T SIM`ed phone may need codes to change it over to T-Mobile so call the Miami number when you activate with the T-Mobile SIM. Regular CS just does not have the training to do this, or even know that there is a difference.

  87. I am having trouble with one thing on this phone, I want to receive a call from people with their picture coming up when they call me, but it does not work, I have tried several different ways to do it and it still doesnt work, I can get the picture on each callers area but it does not work … Maybe you can help me please. Thanks, Debra

  88. HI!

    I am trying to find out how to stop the beep when you do some things. Namely; When I write a message and go send it, It BEEPS. When it deducts the minutes it BEEPS. Then finally when it sends the message it BEEPS. My wife finds it annoying, when I send messages (Wish I could stop that beep) heehee. Is there anyway that those verification beeps can be stopped??

    Thanks so much, Tom!

    • Tom – I believe the beep you are referring to is the system alert. You can turn this off – from the main menu (or go to Settings, second screen, Profiles) – select that. Then tap the Normal profile. Scroll down to System Alert, and simply slide that control to the right to turn it off, then save your setting. That should do it.

  89. Hey ortizmro – where do I go to get a signed copy of Opera mini? The one I downloaded was from getjar but I get that warning note when I try to use it. I understand I will download it directly from the LG800’s browser…but what site should I download it from and use the posted directions you gave?

  90. Slightly off topic.
    I just wanted to thank Pbushx2 and all the posters here for all the great info. I just got an 800g and am liking it, though I’m still in the “tweaking in” stage. I’ve been with TracFone for 10+ years now and I never thought they’d introduce a “smart” phone.

  91. Help!

    All of sudden my LG 800G has stopped receiving text messages. I can send them ok, but just cannot receive any??

    I must have done something, but at the time of the last message, I have made any changes that I know of.

    Any ideas??

    Thanks so much, Tom!

    • Hi Again!

      I called the Miami Customer Service number 800-876-5753, with my problem in not receiving text messages any longer.

      They told me that the LG 800G has an Internal Technical Programming Error and it cannot be fixed. They are sending immediately a replacement for it. A Motorola EX 124G. It supposedly has a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard as well. I have not researched it at all yet. I wanted to get this out to all of you.

      I am really bummed out. I really got to like the 800G. In fact, I found another one for $99.99 with 1200 minutes and Triple Minutes for life, and ordered it of course, to make matters worse.

      I am guessing that no one else has had this problem?? I swear I am a jinx when it comes to things like this.

      I sure hope you all do not have this problem as well, but maybe the Motorola will be a nice phone too.

      Thanks, Tom!

      • Tom,

        I bought two LG 800G’s and received them only two days apart. The first one I activated, and it works perfectly–no text message or call issues at all. The second one has had problems from the start: can’t send SMS messages, and twice in less than two weeks I started receiving MANY duplicate copies of the same message (as many as 80 a day). I started a support ticket, and Tracfone said they would exchange this one for the Motorola EX124G. They only said the SMS issue was “not resolved”, but didn’t say the same as they told you. But, now I see the light, based on what you reported. I LIKE the LG, and because there seems to be no live experience with the Motorola, I have been reluctant to accept the exchange. However, based on what they told you, I guess I’d better accept it.

  92. I have this phone and it is awesome! I like it a lot. For the record, if you have a micro sd card that comes with an adapter and your computer or laptop has a card reader that supports sd cards and sd adapters, you don’t need to get a separate cable! Just put the things you need on the card and then put it back into your phone. It will work. I’ve tried playing youtube video’s but it wont work? Any ideas anyone on why that is like that?

  93. Just bought this phone yesterday – everything was working fine, but as of last night cannot get online – connection failed – have tried to get help – can anybody got any suggestions? thanks Susan

    • Susan – First, turn off phone, take battery out, re-insert, and then turn back on. Is the problem when visiting a particular web site, or all web sites? I assume you are using the default Tracfone web browser. If so, go to Settings, Browser, enter address, and enter an address here (m.google.com or something simple to test it).

      It would be better to install opera mini or bolt and use one of those browsers if yo haven’t already – they operate a lot more efficiently – take a look at the thread for instructions on how to do so:


      Good luck.

  94. Hi debra95!

    No, my 800G will not receive texts, but as far as I know it sends them ok??
    Yours could be a result of the same Internal Programming Error, as well??


  95. Wow!! After reading these comments I thought I was the only one having troubles.. One weird thing happen a friend sent me a text I read it and deleted it. It came back 25 times over and over wouldn’t stop. I called him he deleted everything he had ever sent me and it stopped after 3 days.

    • sounds like you have a stalker and i think that only tracfones are the ones who have issues with texts try net10 i haven’t had any issues

  96. JOHN — I just want to thank you for your instructions (and spreadsheet) for how to import contacts into the LG800g 800g. If someone is looking for them in these lengthy comments, use Find to look for

    populate however

    and you’ll get to John’s instructions and Excel template.

    Thanks pbushx2, too, for establishing this mighty useful forum.

  97. Hi Susan!

    Hopefully you got through by now, and was taken care of.

    I called the Miami Customer Service number 800-876-5753, with my problem in not receiving text messages any longer. They answered right away and was done in 10 minutes.

    Hope you did well,


  98. If you call the Miami number and get the automated message answer, then Miami was overly busy and your call was forewarded to regular CS. Try again later.

    • Thanks for all your help!! They got it to work last night!! Everything is working great for me!! I appreciate this site!!

      • >Thanks for all your help!! They got it to work last night!! Everything is >working great for me!! I appreciate this site!!

        How? Can you give some insight on what they had you do
        to solve the problem? Thanks!

  99. Sure, I can’t remember it all, but – I had to go to settings then to phone and then not sure which thing – and he had me push in a code – hope that helps a little!

  100. when u get a text message, does it tell u who its from? my tracfone now doesnt tell me, it just says new message, and it gets frustrating.

    • Kristine – Unfortunately no – the LG800G does not tell you who a message is from until you open it. I don’t like this either – one of the biggest negatives of the phone for me.

      • Not knowing the sender seems to be a common problem voiced by many Tracfone users of many models. Tracfone seems to care more about minutes being used.

      • If you dont open it from the notification window and go into the text message list it shows you the sender before you open it. I have mine linked with Google Voice so I actually receive and respond to most texts with my PC. I then just go into the list and delete the ones Ive already received without ever opening them on the phone. Also I was able to tie the voicemail to Google Voice as well, works great!

  101. I like the LG800G phone, but browsing the internet at EDGE speed doesn’t cut it for me. I was just reading comments to a post on Lifehacker about Verizon ending their unlimited data plan and saw some favorable comments about Virgin Mobile. They offer two nice phones with 3.2-inch screens that operate at 3G speed on Sprint’s network. The rates are favorable as well. The cheapest plan is $25/month for unlimited data, text, and email, and 300 anytime voice minutes. I’m seriously considering switching over to Virgin Mobile.

    • I just read some reviews about the Virgin Mobile service and came across a possible major negative for me. According to one review, calls cannot be forwarded to Virgin Mobile phones, so their phones will not work with Google Voice which I use extensively.

      • Another major consideration is coverage – have you looked at Virgin Mobile’s coverage map? Virgin Mobile’s coverage map:


        I don’t know but to me that map seems to show a lot of white unshaded (non-covered) area for voice – unless I am reading or displaying that incorrectly. This coverage (especially in my area of Okla) is a major reason why I haven’t seriously considered Virgin Mobile. Tracfone has always had excellent coverage in my area as long as I can get AT&T service.

      • Yes, I did view the coverage map. In the areas where I would use a cellphone the most at this time, I don’t think less coverage would be an issue.

        I like Tracfone’s service, but again, surfing the web at EDGE speed is for the birds.

    • More good news….

      In mid July, Virgin Mobile is supposed to release the Motorola Triumph, a 4.1-inch Android smartphone. Search YouTube to see some demos of the phone. I’m salivating!

  102. You folks here are all very knowledgable about this LG 800G phone. Seems to be heaven sent, even though the barebones manual means you have to seek out forums like this whenever difficulty arises. So, all you LG 800G lovers out there, here’s my query:

    I formatted a 4 gb sd card on my computer. I put that sd card into the appropo slot. On the main page, up top in the row where the signal bar, speaker, and battery icons are located, there appears an sd card icon, which has a red “x” on it. When I follow the correct path to the external memory, it can’t be activated, and is gray in color compared to the other, active options. Anyone familiar with this scenario? Any detailed instructions you could post would be greatly appreciated, as the opportunity costs of contacting net10 concerning this matter are simply too high. Thanks for any guidance you might provide.

    • abe porter – not sure why you formatted that card – you shouldn’t have had to do that. Maybe that has to do with this issue – exactly how did you format it? I didn’t have to do a thing to mine when I got it – just inserted it into the phone and it worked right out of the package. Did you try taking it out and trying again?

      • I formatted the card to FAT32 because when I took the card out of the package and just inserted it into the LG 800G, the same thing happened: the sd card icon appeared with that puzzling little red”x” on it. I was hoping that the card not having been formatted was the problem, just as I hoped taking the unformatted card out and reinserting it into the LG 800G would cure whatever was causing the sd card icon bearing the little red “x” to appear. My hopes were dashed! In light of revelations surrounding the text messaging feedback loop that looks to be the fatal flaw to this otherwise fun phone, I’m starting to wonder if my handset, too, is defective. Thanks for the suggestion on taking it out and retrying it, but that’s a no go. Any other suggestions?

  103. Abe… just get a new card. If you go to a Radio Shack, the folks will insert the card (4; nothing larger) for you and see that it works. It’s a few bucks more but it will erradicate all of the stress of trying to make the phone work…

    • Thanks for the suggestion Chip, I’m convinced its the now fatally flawed LG 800G phone (that looked to become the envy of the prepaid world) is the culprit and not the sd card; it works fine in computer or camera. Maybe I’m going to jump on the Motorola E 124G bandwagon, and this is not the thread to wax about all the promise that model offers. Especially since TF/Net10 seems willing to switch these now tarnished LG-800Gs out for one of those dynamite new Motorola E124Gs sold in India as the Motorola E-128.

  104. Anyone know how to get to your voice mail messages from the LG800G? Once the indicator is off the screen, I don’t see how to get back to where I can access VM.

    Also, I have an envelope with an exclamation point up by my battery indicator. That wasn’t there a couple days ago.

    Even the LG manual doesn’t explain these things.

    • To access VM pull up the dial screen and push and hold number 1. This is standard pre-set one button VM dialing. I would think the envelop is an indication of a text message waiting in your in-box.

    • You may have one of the problem phones. Do some testing of sending and receiving regular and picture texts.

  105. This phone really stinks…my daughter has had nothing but trouble out of it. She will get the same message over and over againg. And alot of the time she won’t even receive messages. Tracfone is replacing it with a Motorolla EX 124g. Hopefully that phone will work alot better.

  106. Hi… great blog! Questions: (1) the MP3 player seems to store and play album cuts alphabetically (which sucks if you listen to “Sgt. Pepper). The music has been input to the 800g by direct PC-to-phone via cable. (2) When connecting to the 800g, I get the common 7 folders: Docs, G&A, Images, Music, Others, Sounds, Videos. I’d like to export or import photos to the PC from the phone. How? (3) In the Games & Applications folder, nothing is titled by name, but are named as “026” and “026.jad.” Is there any way to discern these names? Thanks. Again, great blog… very well done!

    • Hi Chip
      1) I don’t know of a way to change the playback order, but I believe you can set up playlists, so that is one option. Another option is to use your computer to modify the file names and add the track number at the beginning of the file name, e.g. 04 – Getting Better.
      2) Don’t your photos show up in the “Images” folder? It should be a matter of drag-and-drop.
      3) I have just dealt with questions like this by trial and error, sort of; in other words, I keep track of what files I’ve put in the apps folder, and deduce from there which files belong with which apps. sorry, that’s not very helpful, but it’s all I’ve got.


      • ChipB – Re: 2), when connecting to the LG800G via USB cable, you indeed see a set of folders, but what you are looking at is the microSD card contents – you cannot see the phone’s internal memory. So if you have pics stored on the phone’s internal memory (and you might if you took pics with the camera), you will not see them thru the PC/USB connection. You can, however, move pics from the phone’s memory to the microSD card. See post #3 in the following link for the procedure for doing so:


        To export/import images between the phone and PC, just drag/drop photos to the Images folder. However, I have found that there is a file size limitation – I have had to keep files to under 500 kb in size to make sure they display correctly on my phone. When first putting pics from my camera (taken at 7 megapixel setting, so pics were between 1 and 2 megabytes in size) onto the phone, they wouldn’t display. So I used a program called IrfanView to reduce the resolution (and file size) to 500 kb or less and the pics finally displayed fine.

  107. Anyone have a problem with their LG800g Tracfone, turning off and on when texting?Love the phone otherwise

  108. Still struggling with my LG 800! I have gotten the dreaded messages now three times in three weeks. Also, when this happens, I cannot receive any text messages. When I had the second occurence, I requested Tech Support via the TF Facebook page. Got a very helpful CSR who arranged to send me a Motorola EX124G as a replacement. Meanwhile, my LG 800 straightened itself out—-for a while. Got the Moto yesterday, and was almost ready to send IT back and keep the LG, when the LG started getting those messages again. Last time this happened, the LG cleared itself up after three days. Will wait until Monday to see what happens. If the LG is still on the fritz, will keep the Moto and send the LG back. I STILL think this is a TF computer problem, else why would SOME LG 800s continue to work (such as wifeys) and others not? Will post a separate txn with my thoughts about the LG800 vs the Moto EX124G.

    • OOPS! Should have read dreaded multiple duplicate messages in the first sentence. In the second sentence, it should read cannot receive any NORMAL text messages. Sorry bout that!

  109. Now, my initial observations on the LG 800G vs. the Motorola EX124G. Disclaimer: my Moto is NOT activated yet. I have made these observations just playing around with the various settings and options. The Moto is heavier than the LG; and, although the screen is taller by about 5/8 inch, it is just a small bit narrower. Menu items on the screen are similar. Touch screen doesn’t seem as sensitive as the LG. The Moto comes with a stylus, I think mainly for texting. When composing an SMS message, a Qwerty keyboard comes up (havent found an alternate choice yet) and displays in Portrait Mode, across the narrow dimension of the screen. No way my big, fat fingers can hit those little buttons. GOTTA have that stylus. The ring tones (in my estimation) SUCK! They are all tunes of one kind or another–no telephone bell as on the LG. And, the speaker makes them all sound terribly tinny. All in all, I don’t think the Moto comes anywhere near the LG in usability. But, TF seems to be abandoning the LG. Interetingly, they are charging $80 for the Moto and only $50 for the LG. I WANT MY LG TO WORK!!!!!

    • One bit of good news, Jim. When composing an SMS message, hold the Motorola vertically in front of you then turn it sideways. The screen will change to Landscape mode and you’ll have a nice wide QWERTY that works pretty well. However, there are other screens with the Portrait QWERTY where it will NOT change to landscape mode (like when editing contacts, calendar, etc).

      • Thanks, JLL. I wondered about that, as I had read that turning the phone sideways changed the display, but guess I never tested that. Anyway, I decided to hang in there with my LG. Sent the Moto back already.

      • Jim, so far I am undecided, but leaning towards sending the Motorola back. They sent me no info on how to return it – was it a pain, or did you have to pay for postage or insurance? I know I’ll need to call them to arrange it, but just wanna know what to expect so if I get a rep who doesn’t know and starts making things up, I’ll know better!

  110. So much for memos. I use several memos on my LG800g at work for data and other notes. The Motorola has one memo Widget available that you can put a few words on and that is it.

    I wonder if Java apps can overcome some of the shortcomings of the Motorola, like more memos, more ringtones, etc?

    And since when does a curved arrow pointing to the RIGHT mean “go back?” What country was the software for this phone developed in?

  111. Got the 1st one, and immediately ordered 2 more at $39.99 each and double minutes. Searched for triple minutes, but no go.

    Slowly learning it all, but don’t understand taking photos. Get them okay, but oriented sideways. I can change orientation, but don’t know how to save the change. They go back to sideways once I leave them.

    Also I see images on sites with the screen rotated like a smart phone does just by turning it, but can’t figure out how to do that on LG800G.

    Almost as good as a smart phone.

    Would really like to find out how to put Indy Channel 6 weather radar on it.

    • well there are rumors of it the reason why they are is because the phones are having issues texting I have mine with net10 and I havent had any issues what so ever so I would recommend you buy it with net10

      • I purchased an LG800G at a Kenosha, WI Target on 8/1/2011. It has an AT&T SIM (P4DM) and a V2 (version 2 ?) on the bottom sticker. If the first round of phones were version 1 maybe the problems have been resolved. I haven’t used it long enough to know if this phone will be problem free.


    • Debra, According to a reply I got from Tracfone when I asked this question (I think I may have posted a copy of that reply elsewhere in this blog), they WILL keep the LG800 as a Tracfone offering, and they are “continuing to find a fix” for the texting proglems many of us are having. Based on that response, I decided to return the Motorola EX124 they sent me, and I’m keeping my LG800.

    • in reply to tracfancier:
      The Tracfone LG800G purchased at a Kenosha, WI Target on 8/1/2011 has V2 in the package sticker. The device information in phone settings shows model LG800GHL, S/W Version V10e and H/W version Rev1.0, so I don’t know what the v2 in the sticker means. I’m hoping the S/W v10e is the fix. Version d is the latest I notice in the above posts.


  112. Hi

    Couple of things. I called tracphone about the texting issue and they sent a replacement lg 800. Apparently I am on a T Mobile tower and the issue with them has been resolved.

    Second, can anyone help. I text to my daughter and she states that what she is receiving is a picture file and not a text. As a result she cannot respond to the text. She is on Verizon and I believe currently using a Droid. Hope this makes sense.


  113. I have my phone with net 10. No problems other then getting it turned on, took 3 weeks.
    I almost never text so maybe I wont run into that problem.
    I got a few photos loaded after I resized them That looks like it works. But what kind of format or size does a video have to be to work? I have a couple of music videos on my computer I would like to put on the phone. Thanks

    • in order to put the vids on the phone

      you can buy a usb then connect that way or if you computer has a card converter you could do it that way

  114. Thanks ortizmro. Looks like a lot of work for someone that does not really know what their doing, but this weekend I will give it a shot.

  115. I’m another one with numerous unwanted TXT messages. Called support, and waited something like 5 minutes while the person “reset” the phone. Said if that didn’t work, call back. It didn’t work. Next call had a wait time of one hour. And they are only open 9-5 or something like that. I guess you get what you pay for. Just have to buy extra minutes for the unwanted TXT msgs you are going to get.

    Other than that, I really like the phone. Have 3 and this is the only one affected.

  116. I guess I just don’t get it .I can’t seem to figure out how to put Jad file or Jar file into my lg 800g.I have the usb hooked up, phne says connected and from there I’m lost.Please help.

    • This is a copy of a post from above. I used it and it works just fine.

      John May 11, 2011 at 8:30 am

      Installing JAVA apps…
      NOTE: alot of phone java app sites don’t list the LG800g yet, so use LG T310 (Cookie Style, if it asks)… it’s apparently the same or very similar phone.
      * download the JAR file to your phone’s SD card, into the ‘Others’ folder.
      * go to ‘My Stuff’
      * pick the SD card tab
      * browse into ‘Others’
      * click the ‘.jar’ file for the app/game you want to install
      * follow the on-screen instructions

      That pretty much does it.
      After the install you can delete the JAR file from ‘Others’ if you want, since it makes a copy of it in the ‘Games & Applications’ folder with a different name and a custom JAD.

  117. I’m waiting for Tracfone to send me my 3rd phone. (Second replacement) They claim that the problems have been resolved. We’ll see! This is the third Lg800g since June. Getting tired of having to call and waiting for the replacement to arrive.

  118. I purchased a Tracfone LG800G at a Kenosha, WI Target on 8/1/2011. Device information in phone settings shows LG800GHL, hardware version Rev1.0 and software version V10e. In above posts S/w version d is the latest I noticed.
    I’m hoping V10e is the fix. Not sure what the V2 on the package sticker means.


  119. Steve: Very interesting! I have the V10d S/W version, and it has the texting problem. That usually clears itself up after 3 days, so I’ve hung onto the phone. After reading your post, I submitted a Trouble Report to TF Support and asked if I could exchange my phone for the new version (mentioned the S/W version numbers). Their reply: “Sorry, we don’t have that available now.” Maybe they’re hanging onto all the new phones for new sales.

    • in reply to Jim Bocus: Could be a limited release to see how S/W V10e works? A store near me had 1 the day I bought mine, it was gone and another store had 3, I got one of those. I didn’t look at the package sticker on them but why mine has V2 is unknown since H/W is still Rev1.0.


      • Steve: I’m a bit reluctant (and too Scotch!!) to go out and spend yet another $50, only to find out I’m in the same boat! I think I’ll hang in there a while to see what happens with the V10e phones. On the other hand, I COULD post something on Tracfone’s Facebook page about the V10e holdout to try to embarass them a bit, asking why they are holding out on us patient and faithfull long-time customers! Are you going to have someone send you a LONG message on the new phone to see if it acts up? So far, that seems to be the kicker on my phone. Tried pulling the battery while the phone was still powered on, per Tracfancier’s suggestion. No joy, same problem afterward.

    • Why don’t you wait a bit. I’ll send a 2 page text to this phone and wait a bit for the problem. If the V10e did not address the problem you wouldn’t want this phone either. If this is an attempt to fix things not rushing it out too soon may be a good for us. You know, just in case.

      • I have 2 LG 800Gs, the first one has worked fine for a couple months now with no issues texting and I recently bought a 2nd one with triple minutes.

        I havent checked the code on my original yet (thats the one I gave the wife) but the new one is s/w v10d. Its been active about a week now and I just had some texts sent to me to test if it had the texting issue. After 3 seperate texts 1 page, 2 page, and 3 page all seems to be working fine.

        I will check what version my original is and let everyone know as well.

  120. Steve, Sounds like a winner to me. I didn’t know whether you planned to activate your new purchase or not. So, thank you for that update. Meanwhile, I think I’ll check our local Target stores to see if they have any of the “Version 2” phones on their rack.

    Jim B.

  121. Steve: More info. I just saw this post on the LG800 Review – Important Info blog (also a PBrush blog). Hope this link works:


    The gist of the post was that the particular poster reported his LG800 had the texting problem, and Tracfone sent him a replacement with the V10e software. You remember that they turned me down for a similar exchange. So, I copied the content of this post, and sent it to Tracfone, asking why they would do an exchange for one customer but not another. Haven’t got an answer yet. If they fail to respond, or repond in the negative, I’ll take my case to the court of the people, and post all the details on Tracfone’s Facebook page, for all to see.

    Now, yet another goodie: I got a LONG text message last Monday night, that sent my LG off into duplicate texting land. But, right on cue tonight, after 3 days of that, it broke loose and I got a couple of legitimate text messages. Go figure! Why 3 days?!?!?

    Jim B.

    • Jim Bocus: Jim, I did send a 2 page message to the 800G on Wed., 8/3. No problems by Thurs. afternoon so I deleted that message, leaving it on the sending phone. Fri. morning and still no problem. The 800G is back on Tracfone’s sales site for my zip code. The blog post you referenced supports this.

      When you asked them to replace your Ver10d with a Ver10e word had probably not filtered down through the ranks. I hope you can have replacements sent you without having to resort to additional time consuming measures.

      Good luck and be well.


  122. Do not buy this phone! Even a supervisor at Net10 said LG’s phone’s are of very low quality! I had the lg800 for a couple of weeks and very excited for a few days. After I got it activated it was still ok for just a few days, then almost everything went wrong. I think fate was telling me this phone was a piece of CRAP since when I opened the package, got into the phone – the sim card was already installed(obviously a pre-activated card and I had to order a new one). Then I had an all day nightmare of an activation process. Here were the 1st problems: even though it has Bluetooth, it will not connect to your Computer – the most important bluetooth function! Then I couldn’t Believe it wouldn’t take my songs – kept saying ‘file too large’. I had a Motorola 326g, a Much smaller phone – not any where Near a smart phone, but I Never had a problem with Any Bluetooth function whether it was pairing it to house phone OR computer – Ever. AND Never had a problem with my songs in full, no editing(resizing, though because of this ridiculous phone I found out how you’d have to). I Could pair the lg800 to my house phone, but even then it continously would connect/reconnect even within the 30ft range. Then it started to mess up with receiving texts. I wasn’t getting texts with a few people I was currently texting at the time for 2 days! One in particular, got in an insane loop and the damn phone kept sending me the same text over and over again, about 50 or more up until I took this stupid, crappy phone back, thank goodness within the time frame of returning it and got my money back!!! The day before I already purchased another phone – a Motorola – my last 3 or more phones have been Motorola – not going to have any other except maybe a Samsung! AGAIN: DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION

  123. Steve,

    I now have an exchange in the works. Sent TF all the info you, Tracfancier, and I have gathered. Preponderance of evidence prevails, you know. Thanks to you, Tracfancier, and all the other posters for your help.

    By the way, I’ve changed my E-mail address; had to get away from that blasted Yahoo!

    • Jim,
      Good news. I never had your e-mail address, must have been another Steve. My 800G has been working fine. I even transferred all remaining minutes to it from my old Motorola C130. It takes a while for me to answer posts, I’m tired much stabilizing my diabetic blind dog who needs cataract surgery. Walking him is like reining a horse.
      Good luck with your new phone and let me know how it goes. Life is good.
      Steve B.

  124. Does anyone know if you can split the minutes between your old phone and your newly purchased phone? I have over 2700 minutes on my LG600G. I am getting the LG800 and would like to put most of the minutes on it but still keep some on the LG600G as a backup. Can it be done online? I have heard some stories that people have lost their minutes doing a transfer – has anyone had that experience?

    • You have to transfer all or None, NO CSR will split it. 1100 is the limit that will transfer online, and you run the risk of loosing the balance when attempted online. You must call Miami, 800-876-5753. If the first CSR balks at transfering it all, stop right there, say you have changed your mind and hang up and call over again till you get a reasonable CSR. It may help to have a plasible reason prepared for your large balance.

      • I had a close call with losing my minutes due to an error code that halted the process and opened a ticket. Ever since then, I write down the Parameter 00 and Parameter 30 values, the number of minutes I have, the number of days, plus the service end date, for both the old and new phone, before I place the call. This has saved me once when another call to a CSR got disconnected right after she had me put in the codes to delete the minutes from my old phone, and when I called back they could not find any mention of how many minutes I had in what she had entered on her system. Luckily the new CSR took my word for it when I read back the old Parameter values and put the minutes on the new phone. So definitely write down those parameters before starting the process.

  125. Tracfancier and Jll thanks for your help. Another question – what are and where do I find the Parameter 00 and Parameter 30 values on the phone?

    • Pat – Click the dice-shaped icon (lower right at bottom of main screen), then Prepaid, then scroll to the bottom and select Code Entry Mode. Now enter *#30 (that’s literally the asterisk, pound sign, then 30) then click OK. You will see Parameter 30 at the top, and the parameter 30 value displayed in the middle of the screen – write this number down, then click OK. Repeat this procedure, entering *#00 (instead of *#30) to get your parameter 00 value, and write down that value.

  126. I figured out how to get the Parameter codes on my phone. I did a search on the net and actually came up with the information from this site in 2008. Here is the link in case anyone else needs the information. It has other good information too. http://pbush14.wordpress.com/2008/09/
    Short version: On your phone – In Prepaid, Code Entry Mode enter: *#0 for Parameter 00 and *#30 for Parameter 30

  127. I wanted to download apps from Getjar to my laptop and then transfer them to my cell as people have recommended. It won’t let me. When I click on the download button, I get the message to download to my phone and use a certain code. But the problem is as I am sure you experts know the LG800G is not listed on the site yet so it won’t recongize the phone. I entered the LG T310 as the phone I had when searching for apps as some have suggested. I can’t find an option to download to my laptop. Am I missing it somewhere? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Pat – You used to be able to do this (d/l to PC) at GetJar, but it seems they changed their website, and you can no longer do this. I suggest you try some other sites, such as Mobilerated.com. There are other sites, but I haven’t personally tried any recently (i.e., umnet.com is another I’ve heard of but I haven’t used it yet). A word of advice – if the app says “ad-suported,” I suggest you don’t get it – because it will attempt to connect to the internet as it runs, and therefore use up minutes.

  128. HELP! I was trying to determine the default PIN code for my LG800G and am now locked out of my phone. It is asking for the PUK code. How do I get the PUK code? Why does the phone have a PIN and PIN2 listed in the menu – what are they used for? By the way, what is the default PIN? I was trying to pair my laptop and phone with Bluetooth in Windows 7 and one step required a code so I thought it was the PIN on the phone. Am I right in assuming that? Just love trying to do something when you don’t know what the heck you are doing.

  129. For those looking for a micro SDHC card, Wal Mart has a 4 GB Class 4 SanDisk micro SDHC card WITH an SD adapter for $10.88, in many stores. I know that is more than a lot of on-line sites are selling them for; but, you can get this one NOW, without having to wait for mail order, AND it comes with a full size SD adapter, AND remember–for on-line sales you usually have to pay shipping and handling. That, and the immediate availability, may be worth the extra bucks.

  130. Need a tip on SD cards in the LG 800. Just bought one of the cards from Wal Mart, inserted it in the phone, and the icon shows up on the phone’s display. Also, everywhere external memory references used to be kind of shadowed out, they now appear. Also, when I go to Settings > Phone > Memory Info, it shows an “External Memory”, with 224 KB In Use, and 4,018,976 KB free. So, the phone seems to recognize the card. Now, bought one of those cables from Amazon that is called a “Blackberry” cable (that someone posted a link to), hooked it between the PC and the phone, and it charges the phone fine. However, the phone/card do not show up as a device in Windows Explorer (using XP Pro SP3). The device manager shows a new USB device as “USB Composite Device”, but I don’t know if that’s it. Should I use the phone’s “Format” option to format the card?

    • That Blackberry cable works. If another device is appearing on your computer it is the SD card. Disconnect the phone and see if it doesn`t dissapear (may have to refresh). If it`s not working then format the card.

  131. having problem sending video from the lg800 to my pc says that message capacity is exceeded also tried via bluethoot same problem can anyone tell me what to do ? i can send pics with no problem but not videos does it have anything to do with tha format? i have no clue on what todo

  132. Want a Web browser that can save content like graphics and pdf’s to the file system. Opera 4 says it doesn’t have permission to access the file system. The built-in browser doesn’t. Just doesn’t. This is so I can avoid carrying around a cable and notebook all the time if possible. And btw, anyone able to d/l pdf’s without receiving “unrecognized file type” messages?

  133. Sorry Steve, it must have been another Steve who answered one of my posts. As for the E-mail address, I forgot–they DON’T show along with our posts. My mistake.

    Anyway, got my replacement LG 800g today–software version V10e!! Soon as it is charged up, I will transfer my minutes and service date, and I’ll be back in business.

    Do you have a micro SD card, and have you used it very much. I’m a bit puzzled, as mine will show on the phone, but when I hook the phone up via a data cable to my PC, I don’t see it in Windows Explorer. I don’t have anything on the card just yet. Wonder if I should let the phone format the card?

    J. B.

    • Have you clicked on “start” and then “computer” and then see it on that small screen under devices and removiable storage? I think you are seeing it but not by this method?

      • That sounds like Windows 7 or Vista talk! I’m old-fashioned–still using XP Pro SP3. In XP, I would go for My Computer—which is essentially what Windows Explorer shows: the contents of mass storage devices.

        Well, anyway, I got it! Guess the way I was trying to do it before was wrong–I forgot that USB devices can be plugged and unplugged anytime without harm–well, except if they are storage devices and are in use. Anyway, I started out with the phone off, connected the cable, then turned the phone on. No joy! Just now tried this: phone on, THEN connect cable, and Voila! There it was! So, then I successfully backed up my contacts to the card, and moved the card over to the my BRAND NEW replacement LG 800g I got just today (V10e software!), and restored the contacts to the new phone. Worked like a champ!

        Now, one more question: I thought I had seen something in this forum about downloading ringtones, but search doesn’t find it. I DO remember that they must be .MP3 files, and I think I remember reading that they cannot be longer than 30 seconds, but I don’t remember what the max file size should be. Also I remember that you can use Audacity to trim a file down to the proper size–just don’t remember exactly what that is.

        Thanks, Trac, for all your GREAT advice. I’ve used a lot of it without properly acknowledging or thanking you.

  134. Jim: I came so close to suggesting plugging and un-plugging the cable, but I went with the other suggestion. Oh well, made your day finding it all on your own.

  135. Want to buy this phone for my son’s 13 bday and have a couple of questions that I did not see addressed in the above comments ( I read them all, lol).

    Can FB be accessed on this phone. It was briefly mentioned by one person saying not to buy the phone but no one responded, so I don’t know if it is accurate or not.

    Also, my son – so not techy – which means that I will be the one stuck trying to deal with the phone issues. I don’t want to get him a phone that requires a lot of my time to program it. I want a phone that he can text, receive invasive mom calls on, easy access to FB, and ease of use for adding games to the phone.

    Does this phone qualify? I really don’t have the patience or time to spend on yet another phone that needs help.

    Thanks so much for your help and posts .

    • You will not have to spend much time programming the phone unless you want to install additional Java apps. However, you will need to spend a bit of time playing with the phone to learn all of its features.

      Texting should not be a problem. I’m not sure what you mean by “invasive mom calls”. If you’re referring to call volume, Tracfone is currently offering triple minutes for life for the LG800G phone. If that’s not enough, you might want to look at the plans offered by Net10, which cost more but you get a large amount of minutes and unlimited texts and data on a monthly basis.

      I would give up any glimmer of hope you have about surfing on the Tracfone, Net10, or Straight Talk networks. You’ll be surfing at EDGE speeds and it is Heinz ketchup slow and you can forget pulling up an graphics-intensive sites.

      Maybe when all of the major carriers use 4G for all of their service, Tracfone, Net10, and Straight Talk can update to 3G. Come on…we can hope can’t we?!

    • I was just checking out the phones on the Straight Talk site; http://www.straighttalk.com. They’re offering the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, an entry-level smartphone, running Android 2.2. Your son would undoubtedly prefer this phone over the LG800G. Only downside is that you said you didn’t want to spend a lot of time programming the phone and since the Samsung phone runs Android, there would be more programming involved. Also, you have to subscribe to the $45/month unlimited plan for the phone.

  136. Been kinda quiet on the blog for a while. Guess everyone has their LG 800 problems solved (or wound up with another phone). Both of my 800’s (V10d software) have been replaced by Tracfone with V10e versions, and they are both working perfectly. Great phone!

  137. Is it possible to connect the LG800g using the UBS port and the phone that I am transferring contact from to another UBS port and transfer directly? Thank you

  138. Anyone noticed the reduction in signal strength when held in your hand? Try this – place it on your desk in front of you and notice the number of reception bars. Now place your open hand palm up on the desk and place the phone in your palm. Keep your fingers open. On my 800G, the bards drop from 4 to 2, and then if I pick it up, they drop to 1!

    But then, I haven’t been able to actually use the phone for 3 days because TF can’t get their activation $#!+ together. Got it Fiday 10/7, did the on-line activation routine, my old TF was deactivated within minutes, butt… 48 hours later I have yet to be able to use the new one. Two phone calls, entered the codes twice, phone is activated, but still… “service unavailable.” Bah. They blame AT&T as having “service issues” in some parts of the country. I’m giving TF another 24 hrs and then it goes back, along with old, trusty Moto 376. I’m done with TF if this isn’t rectified soon.

    • Hi Pavlov
      I tried that myself and didn’t get the same results. It could be that I have a stronger signal to begin with, where I’m sitting now. I will keep an eye on it and try it in different locations as I travel.

      • Sorry ’bout that rant, it took 6 days before it was straightened out. Stupid Verizon SIM card when my old 376 number was on ATT.

        Still having the signal strength drop out issue when held in my hand, but not as bad on ATT as on Verizon. Never noticed this with the old 376.

        Only app that works reliably so far is Opera 6.1. Tried Google maps but it simply would not respond to any inputs. Getjar no longer recognizes this phone, but the LG T310 apps should work.

        Anyone know a good email client that works with Yahoo Mail?

  139. Kim, I don’t know of a way to block calls specifically. What I would do in this case is create a separate group in your contacts list for numbers to ignore. Then find a “silent” mp3 file, add it to your phone and set it as a ringtone for that group. Then you won’t hear it when they call.
    This doesn’t solve the problem of allowing them to leave a message, though, if that’s one of your concerns.
    Also, this would be a big pain in the butt, but if you really want to find a way then I know that you can block numbers using Google Voice. It will assign you a (free) new phone number when you sign up, or for a fee you can import your own number. It would get a little complicated, but if you really want to block numbers then Google voice gives you lots of ways to do so.

  140. This may seem like a silly question but I just got this phone and am having trouble figuring out the T9 word. I cannot seem to choose other words when typing! I type in “pay” which appears as “say”, but cannot scroll to choose next option. Is there something I’m missing. I didn’t see anything in the manual online. Thanks!

    • Hi Amy
      In T9 mode, you can tap the word after the T9 has filled it in, and it will give you a list of the other options. For example, type 7-2-9, and it will fill in “Pay,” but if you tap the word Pay you’ll also see Say, Saw, Raw, Ray, Paw, etc.

  141. For those of you who have the phone, what do you think of the size of the touch/virtual QWERTY keyboard? And is it possible to use Swype?

    • Hi Debbie
      I like the virtual keyboard better than that on the Moto EX124g (Net10 and TracFone), and better than the Samsung t528g (Straight Talk). It’s definitely not as responsive as on an iPod touch or iPhone. The inferiority relative to the Apple devices is due to the fact that this is a resistive touch screen compared to the capacitive touch screens on the Apple devices. To be honest, I haven’t used the 800g’s keyboard a lot, but at this point I would prefer to use a physical keyboard like on the LG 900g, LG 500g, or Samsung t404g. But I could probably benefit from some more practice with the 800g. Everybody seems to have their own preferences – some prefer the physical keyboard like me, others like the touch screen, some like to use the handwriting recognition on the 800g, and still others prefer the T9 using the numeric keypad, whether a physical keypad or a virtual keypad (the 800g can do this as well).
      As for Swype – i hadn’t heard of it, but I looked it up and it appears that it is currently only available for Android and Nokia devices, so it won’t work on this one.

      • How do you get the virtual keyboard to work? I cant find it on this phone and my 10 yr old (its her phone) hates trying to text with the darn keypad!

        • mrmolotov, when you are in the text composition screen, there is a little “menu” icon near the bottom left of the screen. It looks like a vertical rectangle with three white horizontal lines inside the rectangle. Touch that, and then a menu will pop up. From there, select input method, and then keyboard.

  142. Net10 has a couple of nice LG Droid phones up on their site now and both are 3G & WiFi capable. I’ve inquired about the coverage for the data service and what plans can be used on the phones. I’ll post back here when I get the info.

    Wow, Straight Talk and Net 10 both have Droid phones. Is it just a matter of time until Tracfone gets one or two?

    • Per an email reply from Net10, the Droid phones require the monthly unlimited plan ($50 per month). They said that the coverage was the same as the Sprint network. However, I asked which Sprint network as Sprint currently has three; Sprint, Sprint Direct Connect, and Nextel Direct Connect. They could not give me an answer. I’m willing to bet that the coverage is one of the Direct Connect networks and both are lousy.

  143. I set up lg800g blue tooth with my Malibu. But after i activate it, It connects and then disconnects at about 30-45 second intervals. Is this normal?

    • I haven’t had any similar problems. Have you tried connecting the phone to a different bluetooth device such as headset? Or tried connecting a different phone to the car?That might help narrow the problem.
      The next thing I would try is asking the dealer for help. They have a bigger “investment” in you as a customer than the company that sold you a $50 phone.

  144. Has anyone had luck installing an ereader of any type? I tried to do the Albrite Reader which is for java platforms and didn’t have any luck.

    Reading the posts, I’ve found answers to several of my questions while I learned my phone. It’s been a great phone the two weeks I’ve had it.

  145. Has anyone had any problems with the phone just turning off and then the only way to get it to come back on is to take out the battery? My daughter takes her phone to school and leaves it in her backpack and it turns itself off some time during the day. I dont know if a button is being pressed while in the pack or what but it never has turned itself off other than this situation (daily). When we go to turn it back on after school, it wont come back on and I have to take out the battery to get it to work. There is always at least two or three bars so I know its not out of power. Any help. Please dont direct me to any website listed earlier since none of them seem to have a section on problems.

  146. I set my phone up 1 week ago, since then I have tried to download ringtones and all I get is an error message, but I have minutes deducted every time I try. I just got off the phone with tracfone after 1 hr. and 45 minutes and I know no more now that when I started. I spoke with 5 different people and I still can’t get voicemail or downloads. Can any one help. Thank you

    • Maureen,
      Try going to (umnet.com) you can download ringtones and wallpaper to your computer and than to the LG800G that way you don’t use any minutes.

  147. I’m retiring and looking to reduce phone costs by eliminating my land line and just using cells. We have an old TracFone and have been pleased with it. My wife and I are considering each getting an LG800G from TracFone mainly because of the tripple minute offer. We’re not in to texting, so that feature doesn’t mean much to us. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on our particular situation.

    • Hi Bill
      This depends a lot on how much you talk each month. If it’s a lot, I’d suggest going instead with a Straight Talk $30 monthly plan (no contract), which will give you 1000 minutes a month.

  148. Hi,
    HSN has the LG800g on sale today for $99.95 with Triple Minutes for Life, 1500 minutes (400 tripled plus 300 bonus), 1-year service, car charger, stereo earbud headset, silicone gel skin, and free shipping. The minutes alone are worth more than this, and this deal works out to about 6.7 cents per minute. You can also pay in 3 monthly payments of $33.31 if you want to. Here is a link to it:

    • Hi Elaine,
      Could you be a little more specific about this? Are you having trouble finding videos to put on your phone, or do you already have the videos but can’t seem to get them on to your phone?

  149. I just purchased an LG 800g from TracFone and have some significant questions, in spite of assistance I have tried to get from previous posts. I am not even sure if this site is still active, but hope it is.
    First, I desperately want to transfer my contacts from my pc to the new phone. I saw a post where someone created a template from which contacts exported to Excel could be formatted and then transferred. Unfortunately, my pc doesnt even recognize my phone when I plug it in. I have seen various posts about this; some people needing SIM cards and others no needing them. If my phone doesnt register on my pc, does that mean I need a SIM card?
    Second, I would like to use the QWERTY keyboard for email and web browsing and understand that this feature needs to be “unlocked” by using Opera Mini. Unfortunately, when I tried to download Opera Mini to the phone, I received an error message from Opera Mini that it doesnt support T Mobile phones. It’s a TracFone that I know uses T Mobile towers for reception, but I still dont quite understand this. I appreciate any advice on either topic.

  150. How do you open a received mms message? I click on it, click on retrieve i see the little arrow on top as thou it’s attempting to retrieve it, then i get the message no response.

    • The original 800g’s had issues with messaging, so you may be due a free replacement to fix the problem if you have one of the first batch of this model. I’d suggest looking up the Facebook page for either tracfone or net10, and letting them know about your problem. They should be able to help you.

  151. All of the apps on my homescreen have disappeared. They were there and then the next time I looked at the phone they were missing. When I click on the little arrow thing on the bottom (that was what let me add the apps in the first place) all I see are blank gray contact buttons. What happened to my apps? How do I get them back?

    • Jenn, if I remember correctly, the 800g has two homescreens – one for widgets/app shortcuts, and another for contacts. It sounds to me like you accidentally slid over to the contacts homescreen. To get back, try swiping either left or right from the current home screen, and it should bring up the other homescreen.

  152. Has anyone beat Castle Defense on the LG 800g? I was playing the last level while my battery was dying. I beat the game and got to the win screen. There was no button to exit the win screen. Pushing the end key didn’t work either so I turned it off. It would not turn back on so I assumed the battery finally died. I put it on the charger and noticed that it didn’t do anything to indicate it was charging. The phone will not turn on or anything now. Plugging in the charger doesn’t do anything either. Tracfone sent me a replacement phone but now I wonder if playing Castle Defense will destroy the new phone. So, has anyone else out there beaten Castle Defense? Did your phone survive or were you rewarded with a new phone in the mail a week later (without contacts, private info, or old number)?

  153. Short battery life. I have had this phone for about a week, and the battery is going dead within two days (normal use) my old Nokia would last almost a week. Are you folks finding the LG800 to be a real battery hog also?

  154. taking the phone to other countries–a friend who travels a lot said to get “quad band”. Anybody have info on what bandwidths the tracfone uses and whether it works outside of USA? I know T mobile has prepaids that this friend uses, but nothing with a touch screen there, I think.

  155. Hi Dave
    Unfortunately, Tracfone handsets will work ONLY with TracFone service, due to the way they are programmed.You’ll be better off getting an inexpensive, unlocked quad band phone to use exclusively for international travel.

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