LG 800g – for TracFone – FR.EEEE.!!

– – – – EDITOR’S NOTE 4/26/2010  – – – –

I am no longer recommending the HSN deal for several reasons:

1. HSN has raised their price on this package to $129.95.

2. The 15% discount apparently doesn’t apply to electronics.

3. Customers have complained of slow shipping from HSN, while TracFone.com is currently offering free OVERNIGHT shipping.

Therefore, I recommend using the TracFone discount code in this post, and ordering from TracFone directly.

– – – – END EDITOR’S NOTE – – – –

As I speculated earlier this week, the LG 800g is now available. It’s not quite what I expected, however. It is currently available for TracFone, but not Net10 or Straight Talk. And it’s not at TracFone.com yet, but only on HSN.com.

And the most surprising news is the cost – nothing! HSN has this TracFone touch-screen device paired with a 400-minute, one-year card for $99.99. That means the airtime card is at its regular price, and the phone costs nothing.

I have no idea what the price on the 800g will be when it is available separately, but I was expecting anywhere in the range of $50-$100. So I am shocked by this current deal.

And to make it even sweeter, remember this HSN link I posted last week:

New customers get 15% off your first purchase with Coupon: C50842 only at HSN!

To find the 800g, click on the link above to get to their home page, then click on “Electronics,” then “cell phones,” then “prepaid cell phones.” The LG 800g bundle should be one of the first products listed. Don’t forget to use code C50842 when you check out to save 15% (if you’re a first-time customer).

I have ordered one of these bundles, and will get to work reviewing it as soon as I can. I’ll also continue to watch the main sites to see when this phone is available from Trac, Net10, or ST directly.

33 thoughts on “LG 800g – for TracFone – FR.EEEE.!!

  1. Hola,

    Greetings from the finder of the HSN deal.

    Nice find on the coupon. I was holding out for a Motorola ex124g but with that coupon code will need to rethink me holding out!


    • Hi Mark
      Sorry I didn’t give you credit specifically in the post. In my haste to get the post published, I didn’t take the time to thank those (yourself, hofo, and Fatwallet) who called it to my attention initially.
      But I sincerely THANK YOU for taking the time to share the deal so that I could help spread the word!

  2. It isn’t free. My current Tracfone already has close to 2000 minutes on it and plenty of days before expiration so I have no need of extra days or minutes. Actually they would get in the way.

    You do not get a separate 400 min/1 yr airtime card. You activate the phone as normal with Tracfone, then call a special HSN number and give some information from the HSN welcome letter and the 1000 minutes appear on the phone. So you can’t offset the cost of the phone by selling the card.

    I’m waiting for the phone to be available with no strings attached. I’m also waiting for the LG500g and EX124 to come out and then I’ll choose which one I want.

  3. Pat-
    Thanks for the heads-up on the HSN deal for purchase of the Tracfone LG800g and using the coupon code C50842 for an additional 15% off for first time customers. However, when I was checking out, HSN refused the 15% off because their fine print (which I did not find) says this code does not apply to electronics. Still, it is a good offer.

  4. Annepani,

    You wouldn’t happen to know if you can transfer your existing tracfone number over and any unused minutes/time?


    • I probably could but I don’t want to. That would give me 3000 minutes on the phone. I don’t need the time and it would be risky. If the phone is lost or stolen or damaged and has to be replaced, or even if I want to change out to some newer phone like the EX124, Tracfone gives a hard time about transferring large balances (over 1200 minutes). And since it is a SafeLink phone, the 1 year would be irrelevant because SafeLink renews for a year at a time anyway.

      Experienced Tracfoners and Net10ers are getting away from accumulating large balances. It invites scrutiny from Tracfone and the risk of loss is too great.

    • Yes you can transfer your minutes AND your existing tracfone number when you activate the new phone. It is simple to do on line.

      • I just got one of these at the tracfone site. i transferred my minutes, my service time, and my number without any problems, but I had to do it with a customer service rep on a different phone. VERY pleased with the phone, btw. :-)

  5. Shop Discover is offering 5% cashback.

    When you apply the minutes and days they ask for the phones phone number. Tracnet speculates that you may be able to apply the airtime to any Tracfone, not just this one, but it hasn`t been tested yet.

  6. Just did the HSN deal. Had a couple of oddities starting out. The order went through to the point of the Review, when I placed the ‘discount code’ and it was rejected, as the preceding writer said claiming that electronics was not included. I then called and talked to a regular clerk that confirmed that my new logon and account with HSN was in effect and that the coupon was rejected because of electronics being excluded. I questioned if the new account might not be correct thinking that the wife may have used our charge card previously and she asked if I would like to be connected to the ‘Accounts division’, I said yes. After going thru the same info, she agreed that our name, address and card had never been used and said that the new account was valid and that the code should have worked. She said she could make it work, did some keystrokes on her end, told me to log out/ (but still in the 3rd step of 4) I asked if ok to close the browser, yes, then went back in with the new acct info and restarted the order, and found the previous order still there, cleared to leave one, then next screen… to find her magic credit on the New Review screen. This may be a little longer then one may want to endure, but it got me my $15.00 credit.

  7. The 15% off code didn’t work for me either, but I still ordered the phone. Thanks for the info.

    Rules for Coupon C50842

    Coupon C50842 is a one-time use coupon on a single item and is valid for new HSN customers only. This coupon is valid for 15% off your first purchase with a maximum savings of $75 from hsn.com. Coupon number is non-transferable and can only be used once. Coupons must be applied when order is placed. Excludes the Today’s Special and This Day Only and clearance items and can only be applied to the first shipment of AutoShip items. Coupon cannot be applied or combined with other coupons or offers. Coupon is not valid for items purchased through Shop by Remote or Shoebuy.com and cannot be used for Provo Craft, Sewing items or machines, Dyson, iRobot, electronics, toys, fitness, furniture or HSN Gift Cards. We reserve the right to cancel orders when unexpected coupon system errors occur. Offer is valid April 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011.

  8. For those who have ordered on HSN – how do you designate an alternate zip code from the one where you live – like you can at the Tracfone site? For example, if the phone is going to be used primarily at another location, or you want to designate an “AT&T only” zip code to ensure you get a phone w/ AT&T service? I can’t see how to make that happen at HSN… If I can’t designate that when ordering this phone, I will be stuck most likely with a T-Mobile SIM phone, and that’s worthless in my area….

  9. Now availabe throught Trafone’s website. You get the phone, DMFL, a 60 minute card and free overnight shipping for $50. Not bad. I ordered, of course.

  10. I tried to order a phone with the “new customer” 15% discount code. When doing so, I received a pop up window saying I had used an invalid code. The message states the code is invalid with electronics, among other other things. I guess the only thing the codes are good for is their overpriced clothes, jewerly and other junk.

  11. Hi everybody –
    I’m very sorry about providing the invalid coupon code/link! I didn’t use the coupon myself as I had already ordered from HSN in the past, so I was not a “new customer.” I was hoping it would save people some money, but I guess it didn’t work out.

  12. Hello Pbush. Will you get this phone anc cancel your current one? or use both?

    This phone has internet. But since it is pre paid there is no data plan like contract phones. So how many units/minutes does it cost to access internet,gps, etc?

    Thank You.

    • Hi Lilkunta
      I will buy this one and test it out for a while, but I’m going to wait to see how I like it before I decide which to keep.
      I’ll report on your other questions once I get a chance to test it out.

  13. Man, you guys waste no time! I also went thru the ‘invalid’ HSN discount, decided I had to eat it, as the exclusion was listed. Figured you all would want to know its on Tracfone site, you beat me to that also. Awaiting the phone, and will switch over to this, passing my other one to a shelter once it all works. Hope the ‘Net doesn’t chew up too much in the way of $$.

  14. This looks amazingly like an LG T310! Considering TracFone and Net10 model #s are always new but pair up with previously released phones, if you are looking for the manual or tech specs for these phones try http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_cookie_style_t310-3458.php

    As for a qwerty phone try the Net10 LG 900G which seems to be an LG GW300. http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_gw300-2918.php

    Even has a manual in English http://www.net10.com/static/common/images/phones/NTLG900G/manuals/manual_en.pdf

  15. looking for apps for tracfone, in particular a gps app and how does it work and how many mins can I expect to burn? Any help appreciated.

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