LG 800g Now From TracFone.com

The LG 800g is available from TracFone.com today.

[EDIT 4/27/11: Note that the LG 800g is also now on Net10.com. I’ll be posting about that later today.]

TracFone is bundling it with a 60-minute card, for a total price of $49.99. Subtract the regular price of the airtime card ($19.99), and you’re getting the phone for $29.99. Click here to check it out.

Don’t forget to use promotional code GI2011 when you check out to save another $5. Additionally, through Mothers’ Day, TracFone is offering free overnight shipping on all orders over $19.99. Add it all up and you can get hte phone the next business day for about $25, assuming you’ll use the card anyway.

I think this is a pretty good way to get this touch-screen device. Frankly, I’m shocked at the low price of this phone, considering that just a few years ago the LG 600g debuted with a retail price of $80.

One caveat here is that this bundle is not offered in all areas. You must have coverage from AT&T to get this particular device to work (although I suspect it will work on T-Mobile’s network soon, once they package it with the proper SIM card).

If you are certain that you have AT&T coverage in your area, but don’t see the 800g when you enter your ZIP at TracFone.com, you can try ZIP 53701. You will then see the 800g offered to you, and you’ll simply have to override the ZIP code on the delivery address before you check out.

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  1. I cannot find a reference to a microSD card anywhere in the specs or the Quick Start Guide. Is it possible that this phone does not have one?

    • Some one correct me if I’m wrong, but this phone DOES have a microSD slot! Tracfone just doesn’t come right out and say it but they hint around. On the site under features it says “MP3 Player (cable and microSD Card not included)” and “APP Capable (App download requires purchase of additional memory).” To me that sounds like it’s possible, also on the HSN site for this phone under more features it states “microSD memory card slot for cards up to 4GB (sold separately).” I also seen that on the HSN site it says it has radio under Additional Specs!! Hope that’s true!!

      • The micro SD card slot is by the battery after the battery has been removed.Looks like a small SIM card slot The card lies flat and is clipped in by a small metal cage just like the SIM card.

        Sorry no radio on lg800g mp3 player yes.
        Radio is on the lg900g Work’s very well thank you.

        Can not get my phone to connect to a computer LG800G

    • If you have AT&T coverage in your area, this phone will work there. Use 53701 to get a phone with an AT&T-based sim.

    • I just bought a LG 800G from eBay because every time I put my zip code in the LG phone was not available so I called Tracfone and the same thing happened to customer service. I was told I could buy one at Walmart and they could activate it. So I got mine today from eBay and I am all set up now. Not sure why Tracfone doesn’t sell to all zips but the good thing is you can buy one anywhere and activate it. Good Luck Arlene

  2. Hey-
    I tried to get this on the tracfone site, but it doesn’t show up, except for an ad… It only works with the zip code you gave me, does that mean it won’t work here?
    And what is this I’ve heard about another touch screen phone coming? A Motorola phone? Is it coming to tracfone, also?

    • Hi Amy,
      Do you have AT&T coverage in your area? If so, see my response to Richard Chang above.
      The Moto touch screen you are talking about is the EX124g. At this point, I think I’ve seen solid evidence that it will be on Net10, and I think Straight Talk is a safe bet too, but I’m not sure about TracFone. Of course, seeing the 800g on TracFone gives me more hope that the EX124g will show up there too.

  3. I just ordered one from tracfone.com. It said “will ship within 2 weeks”. So hopefully it doesn’t get backordered too long.
    It will be my first LG phone, and will replace my beat up W376G if I like it. I am hoping the service area will be better, my W376G is kind of iffy in some spots, especially in my building at work and as soon as I leave work there is no signal on the phone for about 10-12 minutes.

    • Hi Tim
      If I were you, I wouldn’t get your hopes up about ‘better service area.’ The 800g will use the same network as the w376g, and the w376g is the strongest ‘signal magnet’ I’ve ever seen from Trac, Net10, or Straight Talk.

      • I’ll find out tomorrow how well it works. My new LG 800G was delivered today. I may activate and try it out before transferring my minutes and number over from the W376G.

        Pbushx2 – Any idea when you will be doing your review on the 800G?
        You always do a good job with the phone reviews.


      • Tim – I’m trying to get to it this weekend. I’ve been insanely busy lately, but I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as possible this weekend.

      • My service with the AT&T sim card is way better.
        I’m still waiting for my activation to complete so I
        can have a cell phone back. Why does it really take
        up to 72hours!

  4. I’m excited about this phone, but waiting until pbushx2 actually has it in hand and can review it. When you break it down and say that it’s going to be ~$30 phone it makes you wonder if the touch screen will hold up etc. I think the HSN deal is a good one. Case, car charger and all those minutes are usually extra at Target or wherever. BTW, it does work w/ my zip 48187 (MI).

    • I also have been wondering about that. I’m thinking, if you think the Motorola phone will come out soon, I will wait for that. Hopefully it will be a good phone…

      And sorry about it saying my name was Amy above, I’m not sure how that happened.

  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Motorola’s EX124g will be available on Tracfone. My experience with Motorola phones has been excellent so I’m willing to wait for a Motorola touch on Tracfone.

    • Well, that was a short wait. I just stumbled onto the EX124g on Tracfone’s site on the Activate Phone page. If anyone knows how to buy one, please post.

      • I was looking at the EX124g on Tracfone’s site. In the directions for downloading it says “use your stylus”….?! Do you think you can also use your finger? I thought the stylus was way outdated?? It’s a very cool phone other than that.

  6. Keep in mind that this Sunday is Easter and two Sundays later is Mothers day. They have lumped both holidays and the phones introduction into into a special promotion bundle, with free next day delivery. Putting a pencil to it; $50 -$5 (code GI20011) -15% Fatwallet cashback -$20 airtime = $18.25 for a nice new toy to play with.

    • I just ordered it through FatWallet using promo code GI2011 and it did not give the $5 off. Now I see you said the code is GI20011. Is there any way I can go back and get the $5?

  7. I just ordered one through HSN. I was able to choose the flex pay so I won’t have to pay the $100 right away. They have the option of dividing into 2, 3, or 4 payments. My thinking on it is that if I don’t like the phone I can just transfer back to my old one. I would have bought the minutes anyways. I also talked my husband into upgrading from his 5 year old phone.

  8. I just finished ordering the LG800G. Didn’t get free shipping. I sure hope it works at my home. I’m in an AT&T Zip code but my last Trac AT&T phone, I couldn’t dial out or receive calls inside/outside the house unless I walked about 3 blocks on either side of my house. I’ve been using CDMA fones every since.

  9. How much trouble is it to tranfer minutes and your old phone number? Do you do that at time you activate the phone or can you just exchange the sim card with your old phone??

  10. Saw this morning on Best Buy’s site that the 800G for Net10 is “Coming Soon”. Price is listed as $50 as well.

  11. wow, this Tracfone LG800G looks like a totally snazzy phone. Does anyone know how fast the web browsing is on this phone? is it almost 3G speed? Not only do I think the phone looks good but I think the price on the Tracfone website is a bargain at $49.99 because the free double minutes for the life of the phone is valued at $19.99 and in addition the free 60 minutes card is also valued at $19.99, so you only end up paying $10.01 for the phone. This phone is the nicest one I’ve ever seen on the Tracfone website.

  12. I’m a little concerned about the touchscreen as well. I’m waiting for some reviews.

    It’s available for my zip code 89501 (Reno, NV)

  13. Anyone knows how much does it cost to surf the web with this LG800G?

    Also, is it possible to transfer picture from the LG800G to a computer? I have heard previously that tracphone camera phone cannot transfer picture to computer.


    • Web use costs .5 unit per 1 minute of surfing.
      I was able to transfer the picture using bluetooth to another phone, so I’m guessing that will work for a computer as well.

      I tried (very briefly) connecting by USB cable to my computer, and my Vista PC didn’t recognize the phone off the bat, though it did charge the 800g. I will have to look around for a driver to make it work by USB.

      Also, there is the removable microSD card, so you could save your pics to the card and then remove the card in order to get pics to your computer.

  14. I ordered it from the Tracfone site, but I don’t see that you get a car charger in that deal. Anyone know where else I can buy a car charger for the LG800? Also, can it really browse the web? or just check weather and do Facebook like my Samsung slide??

    • I usually just buy the connectors for the new phone and put them on my old chargers for the car. It looks from the pictures that the 800G has a small usb connector. I’ll know more tomorrow when i get home and check out my new phone.

      • Yes, it is a microUSB connector, which is becoming the universal standard among many major cell phone producers. So it shouldn’t be hard to find one. Check Amazon or eBay for microUSB. Should be less than $5.

        And yes, it can really browse the web. In addition to the built-in browser, you can also download some other browsers that are faster and, perhaps, easier to use. Specifically, people like Opera Mini or Bolt.

  15. It sorta looks like a crappy phone because of how the icons on the screen look like they were made in 1900’s…Is it just me? lol

    • I completely agree- that is one of the reasons I am not getting it. It looks… childish and cartoony. I do not like that about it.

    • Oh.
      Does it bother you that it is not expensive at all? Does it make you wonder if it will last at all?
      I’m still thinking the Moto phone is the one for me… :)
      Thanks for answering though! I’m still considering this phone!

      • Hi Colleen.

        No the low price does not bother me. I have the Net10 LG900, only $30, and it is a beauty. ATT just put out an Android for $49. Do not take price as an ironclad indicator of quality.

        Also, do not get your hopes up for the Moto EX124. I had a Moto W376 for 2 1/2 years which I loved. Then I got the Moto EM 326. The USB cable that shipped with it fell apart the first time I used it, the microSD card had to be held in place with Scotch tape in order for the phone to read it, and the headset kept falling out so the FM radio kept turning itself off.

        Then I got the Moto W408g. Another disappointment. Things falling off and falling out.

        I am getting the LG800 for now and when the EX124 comes out, which may never happen, I will decide at that time if I would like to try that too.

        No more waitinf around for Tracfone to catch up. The LG800 is here now. I am going to grab it and enjoy it.

  16. I purchased this phone because I’m tired of carrying around my phone AND my mp3 at the gym. It’s a Tracfone, so yeah, it probably doesn’t look like an iPhone, but LG makes good products and I don’t want to spend $400 on a phone and have a contract. Getting 1000 mins at HSN is a great deal and if the phone turns out to be crappy I’m sure another phone is on the horizon and I’ll just trade up. I also wanted a true touchscreen and not a phone I had to use a stylus with, I’d lose that the first day! I’ll be sure to write a review whenever I get it and after I’ve used it for awhile. I hope I like it, but if not, I didn’t make a huge investment in it.

    • THAT is the answer I was looking for. Thanks, Lisa.
      And I can’t wait for your review…
      You had a great point that LG makes good phones. But I’ve come to like and respect Motorola too…

    • Annepani,
      You have a great point about the prices. I hope that the Moto phone is good, I am going to wait a little longer before making any choices, especially with all these other phones coming out.
      I have owned two moto phones, and both lasted until
      a) a friend put a cookie in the phone and accidentally closed it
      b) it was thrown out a window onto cement.
      I also had the tracfone samsung t301g, but i dropped that on a bike ride… it will never be the same.

      Every one is making great points, definitely helping me see the new phones in new a light!

  17. Colleen, I got it cuz it was a touch phone and I hope it will allow me to browse the web a bit. I love my T103g however, even tho it can only check weather and update Facebook (sometimes). You’re right the phone icons are a little dorky looking, if it turns out to be a disappointment, I’ll have 30 days to return it and go back to my Samsung. Keeping fingers crossed. STILL no shipping confirmation from Tracfone, so I keep on waiting.

    • I just ordered the LG 800g as well! And concerning ur comment about the phone being shipped out, I believe that since this is the highest-end phone that Tracfone has EVER offered, there must be loads of ppl buying away, and Tracfone is probably desperatly trying to keep up with all the orders! It’s free shipping either way, but pray our orders are fulfilled soon!!

      • I ordered my 800G last thursday afternoon and it shipped
        on Monday and was delivered yesterday. Even though it said
        “ships within 2 weeks” when I ordered. Yesterday on tracfone.com they were saying “ships next day” for the 800G.

  18. Ok, is it just me, or is the Lg500G on tracfone’s site?
    And it looks kinda boring… it’s only new and exciting because of the querty keyboard, right?

    • Yes… I just ordered the 800g and the 500g was right beside it, ready for order! It’s also new and exciting because of some of its features, not normally associated with Tracfone like 1.3mp camera (instead of VGA), video recorder, app capable, and of course MP3 player with microSD slot! (I already purchased a card the last time I was at Wal-Mart because I knew I would def be purchasing an LG 800g, now I’m gonna load it up with songs an wait to try it out!!!)

      • And yes, ur right, I think it is kinda boring aside from all the new features. I prefer the touch screen design more than a qwerty one, but for anyone who is the other way around, this is the Tracfone for them!

  19. I received my 800G from Fedex yesterday. My total was $48.59. That was with the GI2011 discount, and free next day shipping. I have not activated it yet but may do it today.

    So far I am impressed with the 800G. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get it on an AT&T sim or the T-mobile sim since my W376G had some issues in my area (mostly at work) with signal reception (we have alot of concrete and steel here, but my office is near a window and I used to get signal at my desk with the 376G which was nice. Within the last few months I started to get no signal at my desk and could not make/receive calls or texts as I used to be able to.

    This morning with the W376G side by side with the 800G in my office, 0 signal bars on the W376G and 5 signal bars on the 800G. So far I am pleased.

  20. The lg800 is on net 10 this morning. I seen it for zip 13502. Just to let everybody know. Its cost is $49.99. It didnt say it comes with any min.

  21. On hold with tracfone now, they got the minutes transferred from my old W376G and have activated the new 800G, i’m just waiting for the confirmation on the new phone, she said it could take up to 72hours.

    My only other question after going thru the manual and all the menus on the phone is i could not find out where to set the time and date. I asked her on the phone and have been on hold for 10 minutes now while they look thru their manuals to figure out how to do it. Hopefully they figure this one out or it could be looking pretty bad from the get go.

    • still on hold….she’s hard to hear and keep telling me to do the same thing in these menus….i keep telling her there is no obvious way of setting the CURRENT time and date on the phone.
      It has this world clock, that lets you choose a city, and from that i think you can set a second city (in different time zone) to see current times in different city’s.

      I really think they may have messed up and not provided a way thru software to change the current time and date.

      • How annoying! You might be better off calling LG and talk to their customer service. You’d think at least some of the phones would be the same as the 800. Good luck!

      • It’s actually kind of entertaining listening to the CS rep stumble over simple american words as she asks questions. I’m wondering if it may be something to do with the fact the activation signals havent been sent thru yet.

        She did confirm that it may take longer because my old W376G phone is a t-mobile sim card and the new 800G phone has an AT&T sim card (which is probably the reason why I get 5 bars of signal on the 800G here at work versus 0 bars of signal on the 376G).

        I am being patient for now, it’s not a real big deal yet to be able to set the date/time, just seems like it would be in the “initial settings” or “settings” menu like all my previous tracfones were.

        So far I am really happy with the 800G. I just ordered some micro usb cables off ebay for 0.99each; probably take a few weeks to get them from Hong Kong. Purchasing the microSD card is next.

      • Concerning setting the time and date, my LG 600g was the same way. You cannot manually change the time. What u do is select one of those cities that has the same time as you, and when ur phone is activated and within service, it is updated atomically!

    • Got mine today and powered up and the date was off by a day. Within 2-3 hours the time/date had reset itself to the current.

  22. Looks like the 800G may have an auto-update feature, and it won’t do anything about setting current date/time until after it is fully activated. So I guess i just have to wait for them to do their thing and send the activation signal/data.

    So psyched that I have switched to an AT&T sim card. The 376G would not get signal (or re-connect) to the network for about 10 minutes after I left work. When going to lunch earlier today I had 5 bars on the 800G about 10seconds after stepping out the door.

    Just one more reason to push for the SIM card swap people have done here or just buy a new phone with the AT&T SIM to get better signal.

    • I got Bolt Browser and Snaptu to run on the 800G (both are signed versions), and I made a short video of some of the things it can do. I stink at it, but here it is.

      • Thanks for the video. Can’t wait until I get mine. Did you try anything w/ facebook or do you know how easy it is to download mp3’s to the sd card? I think it looks like a great phone for the money.

      • 😮 that looks like a nice phone, actually! It looks better in this video than in any of the pics online…
        Should I get my next phone with net10 or Tracfone? Does anyone know which is actually better for a heavy minute user (specifically texting)?

      • I saw when you went to use weather there was a facebook option. Does this work, and if so does it work quickly enough to actually be usable? Thank you!

      • I tried both Snaptu and Bolt. Never could get Bolt to work. Tried about all the version they had. I did get “Getjar Apps” which I beleave is Snaptu running. I have had the phone up and running now for several days and like it. I had a 600G before. Also have the 800 working with the bluetooth in the car. The bluetooth overall seem to work much better than the older 600 I had. I have ordered a USB cable and hope to get it work with the phone.. never had much luck with that on the 600. So far all in all seems to be a great phone and takees good pixs too.

  23. Tim, please let me know how to get those usb things or where to get a car charger. I don’t know exactly what to ask for and I can’t seem to find anything online that says it will work for LG 800g.

  24. I am looking to buy this phone and I was wondering if it shows a QWERTY style keyboard when you text, or is it just the normal style?

    • I’m curious on this too, i think the hsn and tracfone websites listed it as 4gb maximum. The manual received in my book mentions nothing about the SD card or what size is supported.

      It seems everything 4gb and greater are micro SDHC and 2gb and smaller are micro SD. The card is installed underneath the battery and the logo where it goes only says SD, not SDHC.

      I am planning to order a 4gb SDHC tomorrow from amazon.com (about
      $6 or $7) and gonna try that.

  25. How do you turn off the screen? Is there a button on the side or top? Or is it the good ol’ red button on the bottom left?

  26. Hi PBush

    Does the LG800g have silent vibrate? Also how long of video does it record, and what is the quality? Can you upload mp3 and import contacts using a sdcard, or data cable? How big a sdcard will it hold, and is there an internal memory, how big is it? Where do I get a data cable for this phone and how much would it roughly run in price? Is there an extended life battery that can be purchased? For photo’s what is the quality and sizes? Is there a flash on it, or low light settings?

    Watched the youtube starter, looking forward to the next installment.
    Thank you

    • It is supposed too, but i still haven’t found out how to turn it on. i think the max video size is about 9 minutes. Not sure if you can store it to the external SD slot or not.

      • Silent vibrate: press the phone icon, lower left, press and hold the # (pound)button. To have the ringtone repeat this.

  27. How about web browsing, can you go to Google and look up a recipe if you are in a store and need to remember ingredients, maybe??

  28. Anyone get their voicemail to work? The *555 number it takes you to for set-up is an invalid number. Dialing your phone’s number as with other tracfones gets you to a recording but when you press numbers as per instructions nothing happens.

    • I got mine all set up, just dialed “1” and it went right thru
      the info for setup, message, password etc etc. I have a new number to call since i’m on an AT&T sim now, 1-315-935-9999.
      I can call that from any phone, enter mailbox number and password to listen to voicemails without costing minutes!

  29. Tracfone confirms they have shipped my phone and it will be at my house on Friday.
    What a big help it is to see all of your suggestions here, thanks.

  30. Okay, I called tracfone this morning and was able to complete the activation and number/minutes transfer on my 800G.
    The clock/date is set once the phone is activated so don’t worry about it before that, there is no way to set it on the phone manually.
    So far I am really loving this phone. The battery life is good, been on over over 2 days straight and only went down 1 bar.
    I was able to set up my voicemail this morning, the audio was loud and clear.
    I also set up the bluetooth and paired it easily with my Motorola H350 headset.

    I ordered a 4GB micro SDHC card, ~$8 shipped from Amazon.

    • Yes you can. This is my 3rd style of tracfone. I started out with the V170, then W376G and now the 800G. The 800G is by far the most powerful and easiest tracfone I have used. I also think that pictures can be transferred to a computer via bluetooth. I don’t have a bluetooth enabled computer yet, but that will be a nice feature as before It cost minutes to message them from the phone.

  31. I need to check if I can activate my voicemail yet. Again.

    I picked up a 4GB micro SDHC yesterday and put it in the phone and it works great. Transferred some tunes to the phone from the computer and after manually transferring all my contacts from the old phone to the 800, backed up all my contacts from the phone to the computer.

    Working good so far.

    • Excellent to hear that the SDHC card works. I just ordered one today, Sandisk 4GB model with SD reader. less than $8 shipped, from amazon.com!

    • Now the question is can it support card larger than 4GB I am thinking 8 or 16 GB price is not that much more from places like Newegg or Amazon

  32. I bought myself an LG 800G very late last night/very early this morning. When I checked in today to purchase an LG 500G for my daughter, there was white space where the LG 800G had been displayed a few hours ago. I’m saying a big “Whew!” for my decision to keep researching last night and go ahead and buy instead of sleeping on it!

  33. My phone arrived today from HSN, Got it charging now. Does anyone know the maximum sdhc card that the phone will use? I would like to get a 8 gig.

    • I got mine from HSN today also. Seems like a great phone so far. Super easy to set up……number transfered and phone activated in about 20 mins from getting it out of the box! It’s very sleek and slim and has a nice heavier/quality feel to it.
      Frank….from everything I’ve read it takes up to a 4gb sd card. I’ll get that and the usb tomorrow and then set up my mp3.
      Did you use the new phone to call for your 1000 minutes or a different phone? I haven’t done that yet either.
      So far so good w/ this phone. I’m liking it!

      • Hey Lisa, you need to call on the phone that you listed on the shipping address. I just finished up and I’m just waiting for the 1000 minutes to kick in. It says to allow 24 hrs so I’ll see what happens.

  34. Lisa, My phone is still charging. I haven’t turned it on yet. Later tonight. But it does look like a real nice phone.

  35. Questions for those of you have the phone. What is the screen made of, glass or plastic? What is the case made of? How responsive is the screen to touch input?

  36. Will this phone work in NYC? It doesn’t come up when I use my zip, and before I use a different zip, I just wanted to be sure it will work in New York. Thanx.

  37. Just got mine yesterday. Need to call yet to port my number as I am having trouble doing it on the website. Keeps sending me back to contact page. Hate calling them. LOL.

    Anyhoo, when you open up to send a text message, if you swipe your finger across the screen it will switch it over to qwerty landscape keyboard. Nice shortcut.

  38. For those that have the phone and have already put in the micro sd…did anyone have problems with it? Tried mine and it won’t recognize any external memory. Now even off the charger and w/o the card in the phone keeps saying “battery full, please unplug from charger to save energy”. Frustrating! Not sure what screwed it up? I got the Lexar 4gb mico sd and a Gigaware usb cord (usb-a male to micro usb b male cable).
    Anyone have any ideas? I’m thinking the slot for the sd card is damaged, but who knows? Who could I even take this to for repair or to look at to see if it is damaged?
    Thanks for any help or ideas.

    • Just to be a little clearer, the battery icon keeps blinking like it’s charging when it’s off the charger. Weird. What started so easy and nice is quickly becoming stressful.

      • The only thing I can thing of is try opening the back with the phone on and take the battery out then the sim card. put everything back in and turn it on. That is what a tracfone rep had me do when the phone was activated all the way. I had the right time and date and my phone number I ported over but could not make a call yet. If that does not work try calling tracfone I called 800-876-5753 instead of the other number they give you on the card.

  39. pbush
    Can I stull recive new posts to this particular thread automatically to my email inbox?
    Thank you…

  40. My phone also didn’t recognize the card.

    After the micro sd card is installed, plug the cord into the computer then the phone. Open ‘My Computer’ and the phone should be listed as a storage device ‘Disk G’ in my case. Copy some tunes to it, disconnect the phone, open to ‘my music’ and it should be there.

    Even after wards when you plug the phone into the computer, it goes to an auto-charge mode. Just open up the disk on your computer and whatever you slide onto the sd card should automatically be there when you disconnect. Easy as pie.

    And to whomever about the cords, I ran down to Radio Shack and picked up a 3′ usb/micro usb and a generic micro usb car charger cord for 25 bucks. All the micro usb car chargers are 6v.

  41. Cindy, Thanks for the Tracfone number, I may need it to get a replacement phone. I’ve taken the battery and sd card in and out and it still won’t recognize it. The SIM card is fine and I can make calls. Everything was super easy up to the point of trying to download music for the mp3.

    Buzzmeister, I tried what you told me. When the phone is connected to the computer it shows 4 removable disks (G,H,I & J) in the “my computer” area. None of them open and they won’t take any files, I click on it and it says “please insert disk”.

    Other than that, I really like the phone, but the main reason I got a new one was so that I’d have a phone/mp3 in one. So for now I’m disappointed.

    Frank, I could swear I read somewhere also that this phone had an fm radio. Not sure where I read it though. I can’t find it either if it does.
    If anyone has noticed, the phone is now off of the HSN and the Tracfone web site. Sold out I guess.

  42. So, Pbushx2…….you’ve had the phone for awhile now. Will you be doing a review soon? How do you like it so far?

  43. I now have this phone – was a long time w376g user and have now converted to this one. I wasn’t really unhappy with the w376g but I couldn’t resist the HSN deal – I was needing more airtime and so I took advantage of this deal. I don’t yet have a memory card – intend to get that in a day or so. Calls sound decent to me – but I can’t yet tell how I sound to someone else. I find it very fast! But that’s compared to my w376g – I sent a pic to it from my hotmail account and the pic downloads very fast! I like that you can display pics in portrait or landscape – then you can swipe or click on the little arrows to go to the next pics that you have stored.

    I accidentally discovered that you can store shortcuts to your contacts on your home screen. Just swipe your home screen – you will get a blank screen. Then click on the little arrow at the bottom to add icons, and you will see 9 icons that all look the same – click on one to put in your home screen, then click on the arrow again. Now click on the icon you just put here and it takes you to your contacts – select the contact you want this linked and it’s done. Then just swipe this screen to get back to your main home screen.

    I have accidentally hit the internet button twice – so I took the internet icon out of my home screen. Guess until I get used to handling my phone, I will get to the internet by hitting the Settings icon, then internet.

    I tuned off the sound it makes when I tap the screen – and it seems to be more responsive. Can’t remember exactly how but when I remember how I’ll post it here.

    Will post more when I mess with it some more.

    • Quick question, do you constantly see the green battery icon on your home screen to the left of the time? I see mine always and it blinks like it’s charging(when it’s not). Is this normal?

      • I have the green battery icon there but it does not blink all the time just when it needs to be charged.

        I downloaded some music to a old 1gb micro sd card I had when I had a krazor. It had a sd adapter to it and it was easy to do on my laptop that had a sd slot in it. The phone plays music great I think but I have never had a ipod or anything like that to compare it to.

        One question. can you use mp3 as ring tones?
        that would be great if you can.

    • Mine recorded a video just as it indicates in the tutorial. Getting the button to slide down was kind of tricky, but it should have worked for you. You then click on the button to start/stop recording.

      • I agree – when in the camera mode, getting the button to slide down to record a video sometimes is tricky. I don’t know if it’s a touch screen calibration thing or what. That may be the problem here.

      • The ring around the camera/video button turns “blue” when you touch it, then i kind of use a little flick to slide it down and up.

        Did you take the clear membrane off the phone screen? I had mine on for a few days to protect it but it started to peel off so I removed it. Not sure if there are gonna be replacements ( i know for iphones and such they have screen protectors you can get )

        Maybe that is causing you some trouble.

  44. I just activated my new phone yesterday (05/01). I can make calls, receive calls, send texts/pictures but I can’t receive any texts. I used my brother & moms phone to send texts to mine but they never go through. Has anyone else come across this problem or have an idea to fix it? Thanks!

  45. Cindy~ Thanks for the direct tracfone ## I called them just now and they’re sending me a new replacement phone. SD card slot is damaged and the phone goes to charging mode off of the charger! :( Very helpful and easy call to their customer service though. New phone in a week and I can keep using this one until it arrives.

    I think you can use part of an mp3….has to be a short clip as a ringtone.I think you put it in a file in “my stuff” and then assign it to the ring you want. I’m not that techie, so I might be wrong.

    Anywy, I’m happy w/ the customer service so far and the phone too.

  46. The phone was available for my zip code last week on Tracfone’s website but was gone this last Sunday when I was going to order it. I called customer service and he gave me a zip code about 90 miles from here. I asked him why the different zip codes and he said something about low inventory. It doesn’t make sense. I was then able to order the phone using the given zip code.

    How long does it take for them to ship?

    • When i ordered mine, it said “ships within two weeks” It shipped out within 2 days or so. If the phone was instock when you ordered it, it should ship out the next day, and you should have gotten free next day delivery by fedex cause that promo is running thru mothers day i think.

  47. Got two LG800G phones for my daughters from HSN. Both work great so far. Got the 1000 minutes from HSN, you call from the phone number you specified on your original order. They confirm the order number (I had two, since two phones), they then ask for the phone number assigned to the LG800G when it was activated. The 1000 minutes and 365 days are sent directly to the LG800G (no codes to type in the prepaid section). Requesting the minutes was really quick and easy (all automated, no human contact), and the minutes were added to the LG800G within 60 minutes after the request was made.

  48. When you’re in a menu, can you swipe the screen and have it fly past you…?
    Like with a droid? Or do you have to do it little by little?

    • My menu has two pages and when you swipe from page to page it flies by you don’t have to drag it all the way to the next page. I don’t know what a droid does.

  49. Hi All!
    I got my LG800G on April 30th through the HSN promo. I have been siamese twining it ever since! So much yet to explore. Thank you ALL for your helpful comments and input here. As always all are a big help. I am LOVING this phone!

    I haven’t gotten a Mirco USB cable yet but I did follow what someone wrote here (thanks so much) and transferred music directly to the SD card via PC. Worked very well! Not sure I will “need” the usb cable?

    Can anyone recommend a good compatible Bluetooth device? I have never used one so it would also be helpful to know what all the benifits of having one would be to help me decide if I do infact want/need one. :) thanks.
    Last but most importantly can someone tell me how to go about downloading/adding to the LG800G: Bolt, Snaptu and Opera Mini?
    SPECIAL thanks to The Sweeper for a fantastic video, it was most helpful in seeing how these add-ons look and function. VERY well done. :)
    thanks again to you all.. any input greatly appreciated.

  50. If anyone is interested this phone is back on HSN w/ 1000 minutes for $129.95.
    In the specs it says it has a radio?? Anyone find it yet? :)…….I haven’t found it on mine!

  51. well, it took a bit of doing but I came up with a method of getting my contacts imported into the phone.

    also MP3 playback is at least as good (or bad) as my usual micro-MP3 player I usually carry around.

    • I’m assuming since i transferred my contacts to the microSD card, that I could use some type of program on my PC to edit the contact list. I know there is a function to restore contacts on the phone to update them.

  52. I just got done installing my Sandisk 4GB Micro SDHC card I got from Amazon.com for $8. It works great with the phone. I was able to store a picture to it, and back up all my phone contacts to the external memory.

    Tracfone has done a good job with this phone at a great price.
    We are finally getting some of the convenience features of contract phones that we have wanted for so long from Tracfone.

    I am just waiting for my usb cables to come so I can get some mp3’s downloaded to it!!!

  53. In the camera and video settings you can select “storage” and change it from the phone internal memory to the external card slot
    if you want to.

  54. Tim~ If you have a micro sd card adapter. A regular size sd card that the micro fits into, and have a laptop with a sd card slot. You can insert it to your laptop and drag and drop mp3s into it and take pic off it and put them on your laptop. That is what I did and it was super easy. I took a test pic with my phone and put the memmory card in the laptop. Took the pic off the card and put it on my laptop. It looked pretty good.

    • Thanks Cindy, I know i can do that, not sure if my laptop has an SD card reader. I do have the adapter though. I know i work with a guy that has one i can borrow too when i need it. I’m not really worried about it for now, just happy to be enjoying the new phone and all the features.

  55. annepani~ The little silver thing that covers the micro sd card slides and pops up. Not sure if you new that. Makes it a lot more easier to remove it. I know its can be a pain though.

  56. @Cindy

    Yes I know that. The silver cage is in the LG500 too. I have them both.

    Removing the battery cover and in some cases the battery itself is a pain compared to just inserting the microcard directly from a side slot as with the LG900 and the Sam T401g which I also have.

  57. pbushx2

    any other updates on LG 800G? will you be rviewing LG 500G.

    i want to read more about this two model review before i decide which one i want to buy.

    anyone who has the LG 500G mind to share some updates?



  58. Does this look like the correct cable? I can use this for laptop and also goes into car charger thingy with usb port? Someone said it was short, but I can’t tell, I would buy a more expensive one if this is so short it wouldn’t work in the car. How can I tell. Thanks again for all the great tips, I’m lovin’ the phone so far.
    Also, is someone could post a link to the right kind os sd card please :-)

  59. Hey Colleen-

    In response to some of your comments:

    In the settings of the LG 800g you can change the theme of the icons from “Cartoon” to “Black”. I think you will have no problem with their appearance in this mode.

    I recently received my LG 800g and am totally pleased with it. It has exceeded all of my expectations, especially its touch screen and virtual keyboard. Its performance and appearance have all the characteristics of a quality LG product. I can’t believe I purchased such a fine touch phone at such a low price. (I ordered mine from HSN’s first offer with the 1,000 minutes and one year.)

    • Really?
      So the menus looks like “normal” ones, just plain old icons?
      And there is a qwerty keyboard, right? I thought I saw one, but I’m not quite sure…
      How many minutes does it cost for texting (both kinds), internet (browser?), and calling?

      And can you explain to me how the cards for net10 work, or did you get this phone with tracfone?

  60. Anyone figure out how to disable the “unlock” key from appearing when using the voice mail feature??? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

    • Cynthia,

      Did you ever get any replies about setting up voice mail? The same thing keeps happening to me–“unlock” key appears and it won’t let me enter a password. I keep wasting minutes trying to figure it out.



  61. Here’s the link to what I was thinking of, somehow it never got posted, oops

    USB Data / Charging Cable (Micro USB) for Motorola Droid X

  62. oops again, Still didn’t do it right


  63. I got my phone yesterday. I assume when I activate the phone, I’ll get the 60 + 60 minutes? What about transfering the time and minutes? Will I the 90 days PLUS my current 75 days on top of that too?

    • Call Tracfone to transfer your old number and minutes (yes, the time, your present 75 days, transfers too). You do not have to activate the new phone first…just call them. You do not have to use the 60 minutes card right away if you don’t want to. You can use the card later. But if you do use the 60 minute card now, it extends the 90 days on it out. I usually wait until I need more minutes or time to use the minutes card. Sometimes I have more than one minutes card for the future. When you are talking to Tracfone, after the transfer process, they will ask you if you want to add more minutes. You can either do it with them with your card on the phone, or tell them no (then use your minutes card later on your own, either on the cell phone or at Tracfone’s website–which is what I do).

      • Claudine,

        Is there a 60 minute card in the package? I did not find one. I thought it was part of the activation process. I would rather add the minutes when my time expires.

        I tried to activate the phone last night but they were closed and will not re-open till Monday.

        I then tried to do it online but after entering the new esn number for the new phone, it could not find the serial of my current phone. It gave me two boxes to fill in. I entered my current serial and it said invalid phone number. So, I entered the serial in the top box and phone in the bottom box. I got the same message. After several tries, it would not allow me to try anymore.

  64. I just got one of these and look forward to actually being able to use it. I called tracfone and asked for my number and minutes to be transferred from my old tracfone to this one. How long does that usually take? It’s been over 24 hours now. Should I have activated the new one first?

    • You did not need to activate the new phone first, the Tracfone rep did that in the process. Has your phone started since you wrote your question? I read somewhere about pressing 555 for pending minutes to start. Try that.

    • I found this since my last post, a post from another user:

      The next morning, the minutes still showed as zero, so I tried going to Add Airtime on the Prepaid menu and put in 555 in the Airtime PIN block. This is a special code to retrieve pending minutes. It worked almost immediately, and all the 1620 minutes showed up on the display. I think if I had tried this the night before, it would have taken effect then.

      Hope this helps

  65. I emailed my LG800g a picture I’d like to set as caller ID for a contact. Duh me, I can’t figure out the steps to do it. All I can do is move it from my Inbox to My Folder and from there I can’t do anything with it. Please help, I know it’s probbly simple but I’m getting frustrated :-(

    • Cynthia, you might want to start by adding the contact over again and then scroll down to where there is a smiley face icon and go from there…click the icon and then it says images?? I haven’t done this yet, but think that might work. I haven’t emailed my phone yet…..still working on that….lol. Good luck!

  66. No, there is a My Folders in the Messages menu and that or Drafts is the only choice for saving email (I emailed the pix to my phone). I’d like to move the picture to My Gallery or My Stuff, but I don’t know how.

  67. @Cynthia

    I see my folders in the messages menu but I havent activated the LG800 yet. No messages in the inbox so it doesnt go any farther than that.


  68. @Norm

    They were closed for the weekend because you were calling Executive Resolutions. Call the regular Cust Svc number. It is open 7 days a week and they can easily handle a transfer.

    The LG800 ordered from the tracfone site comes with a 60 minute card. At least mine did.

    • @annepani

      A separate 60 minute card? I did not find one and I did order directly from TracFone. Was the card separate and inside the plastic package or in the shipping box?

      I’ll call the regular cust svc. I had called the number on the activation card.

  69. @Norm

    It was the standard green plasticized card that you see for sale in Target, Walgreens, etc. It was not in the plastic. It was just loose in the FedEx box.

    • @annepani

      I found the card under the bottom flap of the shipping box. I had to go to my outside recycle bin to retrieve the box. Good thing it was not recycle pickup day yesterday. Whew!!!!

      • Norm, I read your reply to me and then your posts after that. Good thing a 60 minutes card was talked about or you would have lost it to the recycle center! That’s why this bundle was a such a good deal. Pay 50 bucks but deduct 20 bucks for purchasing the 60 minutes card and it brings the cost of purchasing the cell phone to $30. I used a discount code that pbush talked about here and got $5 off, so the cost of the phone was only $25……… good deal for a touch screen phone. You had a happy ending about your 60 minute card. Glad to hear.

      • @annepani

        Thanks for letting me know the card was in the shipping box. They should staple the card to the receipt.

  70. I’ve had my LG 800g for a week now. I like it a lot better than my old W376g. It definitely isn’t my wife’s’ HTC Incredible, but I have 85% of that performance/usability for 25% of the price for the phone. And a lot cheaper on the service. You cannot beat 3000 minutes (double minutes 4 life) @ $200. I do wish it had navigation, though.

    There are several of these on eBay. His feedback is decent. He has sold 107 of the LG 800G phones already. They are priced at $42 with free shipping. Here’s the link.


    • annepani;

      Thanks for the info. Don’t normally like to suggest sellers unless I’ve had personal experience.

      Have you been able to access your LG 800G with USB? My memory isn’t installed yet. But I connected my 800 to the computer and only thing the phone did was start charging. Computer didn’t respond. Not even a pop up showing an unrecognizable device.

      I am curious about loading apps, importing outlook contacts, accessing the onboard memory for the pictures, etc.

      Any info on this? I haven’t had time to do extensive research for accessing the phone in this manner.



      • Tony, Go to page 3.11, additional features in the blue service guide booklet that came with your phone & read about transferring files (they state music). Yes, you need a memory card in the phone….it becomes one of your removable disks (not necessarily E: as example in booklet, depends on your own computer). The key would be the memory card is a “disk”.

        Have fun with it. I still have yet to purchase a memory card.

        Not asking but I’m curious …. I wonder how this eBay seller got so many LG 800’s. Hummmm

  71. @Tony

    I havent tried a USB datas transfer. I have been doing Bluetooth. Are you sure you are using a data/charging cable and not just a charging cable?

    I have done USB file transfers with my Trac Samsung T301g. That requires software called PC Suite, by Samsung I believe. At least I downloaded it from the Samsung site. It installs on the pc (XP Pro) and the file transfer is controlled from the pc. The phone never shows up in Windows Explorer.

    Perhaps it is the same with the LG800. I do have a USB data cable for the LG. When I dig it out I can give it a try.

    • What have you been able to access on your LG800 wirelessly (BT)? I am going to try BT with my laptop when I make time. (Doing tile!) See what I can access.

      Do you use any software to access your phone via BT, or just Windows Explorer?

      Yes, the it is a data cable. Just bought a cheap adapter kit from Walmart that has a micro USB. It has one of those retractable cables in the kit. First thing I thought was that maybe the cable or adapter is bad. Will have to troubleshoot and see.Think I will go ahead and get another cable, too.


  72. @Tony

    On the LG800 I did BT transfer directly from phone to phone, no pc involved. Photos only, no music or contact info (phone book entries).

    On the LG420 I did photos BTing pc to LG420. Then I did one phonebook entry phone to phone, no pc involved (just as a test). The sending phone asked if I wanted to allow the LG420 to access the phone book, I said yes, the LG420 received it and automatically stored it in my Folder Other Files. It came through with a .vcf file extension.

    I then selected Options > Save to Contact to get it into the phonebook.

    This was on the LG420. I havent done it on the LG800 yet because I havent activated it, havent decided if I am going to keep it.

    I wish Trac would hurry up and say yea or nay about the EX124 for Trac. Ditto the Sam T528.

  73. @Claudine

    The ebay seller got them the same way HSN got them — he is a dealer. He has an ebay store and sells phones and airtime cards for a number of carriers, not just Tracfone.

  74. @Claudine

    If you hadn’t mention using the minutes card at a later time, I would not have known about it. I thought it was in the activation process. Thanks.

    It is a great deal with free shipping, discount code, and 60 min. card. I believe there is a Fatwallet cash back too.

    The phone is now activated and minutes transferred.

  75. Regarding the micro SD card. I read on the LG site that up to 8 GB could be used. I read this too late as I had already ordered a 4 GB from Amazon.

  76. I wonder why they didn’t apply the qwerty board to contacts entry, memo, etc. So, it’s still a pain to for everything else except for texting.

    Possible for a future software upgrade?

    • That would be nice to QWERTY for all functions.

      Did you try the hand writing recognition function? You can change the width of the pen too. I have to write proper for it to work good.I think it is slower than the keyboard.

  77. So, who is storing their contacts into Sim and who is storing them into internal memory? Internal memory allows more info to be inputted.

    Are there pluses/minuses to either one?

  78. I also read that 8 GB SD cards doesn’t seem to work (LG has wrong info on their site). 4 GB cards work fine.

  79. Received 2 today for my kids, got both of them activated. One of them is a day off on the date. can anyone help with correcting this? Thanks.

  80. On May 4 John said, “well, it took a bit of doing but I came up with a method of getting my contacts imported into the phone”

    I’d appreciate someone advising how to do this. Thanks

  81. I have had MAJOR problems with this phone.
    I have been on the phone with tech support for about 2 hours and no resolution to the text issue.

  82. I have had my phone for 2 weeks and love it. Much better than my w376g.

    Only change I would make is qwert keyboard for all data entry. But even when not texting it is much faster than my old phone.

    I do have one question that I can not find an answer to.

    Is there a index that explains what the tiny icons are across the top of the screen.

    I know some of them but there is one near the battery that I do not know what it is and then one that is blue on the 2nd row.


  83. Norm-
    Try swiping your finger across the memo page and “presto”, up appears the virtual QWERTY screen. Touch “Add” after touching the “Memo” icon produces the same screen. This also works when touching the “Message” icon followed by touching “Create New Messages.” and then swiping across the message page.

      • @Cynthia

        Open Memo
        you should have the keypad
        press the pref(?) icon (to the left of Save icon
        press Input method icon
        press Keyboard

        Does this help?

      • QWERTY is only available for messages and memos (If you install opera that qwerty will be available there also). There are three ways to open messages and two ways to open memos (some paths use different key strokes). If you can reach the key pad display then tap the “white square with the three hortizontal lines”, then tap “input method” then tap “keyboard”. You will have to make this change for both messages and memos. but it will be be saved, even after power off.

  84. 1) The LG 800G has disappeaqred from the TracFone order page for my Zip code (Pennsylvania). Wondering what this portends?

    2) Does anyone know if any GPS features can be accessed on this phone, say with additional software?

  85. can anyone verify that 8GB Micro SDHC will -or- will not work for “external” memory upgrade as originally indicated by the typically clueless Tracfone?

  86. Has anyone had any restrictions on how many texts/calls you can have?
    One of the things that really bugged me about my old phone (may it rest in pieces) was that I could only have 20 calls each- missed, received and made. And I could only have around 200 texts total.

  87. Just to let everybody know I found a usb cable at the Doller store. I live in upstate NY. It is a blue and white with purple on the package and the middle is clear. It says “60 in. usb cable Type A male to micro 5 pin. I tried it with a mp3 and a pic and transfered fine on my comp. and to the phone.

  88. I’ve read some of the TracFores web site forum, and there are a lot of people being locked out of their LG800G. Thje phone asks for a PUK CODE. TracFones Manual for the LG800G doesn’t have info on how to get out of this situation. Really nice! I’d like to get the LG800G from TracFone, but I’ve gone through hours and hours on the phone with them for many situations, from my TracFone saying no service – unregistered sim for no reason and loosing my phone number that I had for 3 years. How can TracFone just give my phone number away. They said it wasn’t avail. any more. GREAT. I had to contact everybody and their brother that I had a new phone number. The same thing happen to my wifes tracfone. Hours and hours of talking to people over seas that can hardly speak the English language and they keep putting you on hold for 2-3 minutes. It takes 1 to 1 1/2 hrs to get thing working, and sometimes it’s not fixed, so you have to waste another 1 1/2 hrs trying to straighten things out and then find out you can’t have your original phone number. It’s a big crapin mess with TracFone. They really need to get their stuff together. I like TracFone except for their customer service and that you just can’t transfer your old TracFone number and minutes easyly to a new and updated TracFone. Love to buy a new LG800G, but it scares me when I think I’ll have to spend hours on the phone with people that can hardly speak English or hard to understand and are inept on what they are doing to solve a problem.

    • I encountered the PUK code when I was in the security screen trying to enter a PIN number. I was locked out.

      I had to call TracFone and they had me enter some codes to unlock it.

      I haven’t messed around with the security screen since.

    • Here, Here! Phone isn’t bad at all except for their inept Customer Service constantly putting you on holds. “Can you please hold for 2-3 minutes more” almost always turns out to be HOURS and HOURS and HOURS. Are they helping us or are we helping to school them?
      Did someone say previously that you can speak to LG directly instead? Oh please! Save Me

  89. I’ve not been asked for a PUK CODE but if I had the type of problems you’ve apparently had, Trackfone would definitely not be on my radar at all.

  90. In a world that is becoming more and more complicated Technically, the only way not to have problems is to become an expert on every product. Unfortunently there is not enough time for hard working people to accomplish this. It`s only going to get worse.

  91. For those of you with gmail you can easily transfer your gmail contacts to your LG800g phone contacts file. Go to your gmail contacts; more actions tab; export in vCard format; save the exported file to your micro SD card; place card in phone; go to contacts, menu, settings, restore contacts; then highlight you “contacts.vcf” file

  92. I’m going to buy a 4gb sd card, hope that’s the right kind. Anyone tried loading their iTunes onto card to play on the phone?
    btw, thanx for all the help with contacts, qwerty and cable info :-)

  93. 800G problem continues. I had pull the battery last night and left it out until this morning. Since that time I have got the same message both time and date about 45 times today plus about 25 times last night. I call tech support and they told me it “Was not their problem” and that should contact the sender. I ask to speak with a supervisor which I did. She said she would turn off text messaging which I had already done at the phone. Still getting text messages from that source!! The problem is the sender is not sending the message over and over, they sent it once. I keep trying to tell Tracfone it’s in the system some place since I had this problem before with the Tracfone “welcome” message. If it were a computer, I would say it’s a virus. The only thing is I don’t use the web or text on the phone , so where would have come from. Maybe the phone is just bad. They were able to fix it before but I can’t seem to get that across to anyone. I have been a Trac customer for several years and would think someone would take some interest in fixing this! The phone is pretty useless at this point since you spend all your time deleting messages!!

    • Richard – I am guessing your phone is on AT&T service. There have been reports of problems of LG800Gs on AT&T with issues like you describe – on HowardForums.com, at Tracfone’s Facebook page, and even at Tracfone’s own support forum. So they know very well that there is a problem with this phone – in fact, it is my theory that this may be why they pulled the AT&T version of the phone from their web site (just try and find this phone at Tracfone’s web site by using an “AT&T-only” zip code such as 65046). You’ll only find it at zip codes that are T-Mobile only, or T-Mobile and AT&T.

      So you have a legitimate problem, and it is on their end. Keep pursuing it, or exchange it, or get rid of it. It is possible for an AT&T version of this phone to work properly. I know, because I have one, and I have checked all the data services. Mine (so far) is working great. I live in SW Okla.


    Was happy with my LG800 G (AT&T) here in Pennsylvania until after 1 week the power button would bring only a blank screen.

    Called tech support, they suggested removing/replacing battery multiple times. No change so they promised a replacemant in the mail.

    While waiting, I reseated the SIM and all appears normal for now.

    As noted elsewhere, the 800 has not appeared for my zip code since Mother’s Day, glad I orderd mine in time.

  95. I want to get a new phone soon and I’m having a hard time picking which one I want. What one do you think is better lg800g or lg500g?

    • Ana – that is a matter of user preference. Of course, the main difference between these phones is that the LG800G is a touch screen. Have you ever used a touch screen phone – they are a bit different – if you have a chance to use one, try it out. The LG500G has a QWERTY keyboard similar to the LG900G – if you want to get a feel for what that’s like, you could go to a Radio Shack – my local one has a LG900G on display and I was able to “type” on it and get a good feel for the QWERTY keyboard (it is similar to the one on the LG500G).

      I have the LG800G and like it – it is my first touch screen cellphone. It does take getting used to. But I really like the large screen, and the virtual QWERTY keypad is good. I like the fact that the keypad is there when I need it, but not there when I don’t need it, and the LG800G does not have the problem of accidentally activating the internet (a famous problem on Tracfones) because there is no button that activates the internet on its face.

      But both of these phones are actually nice phones – whichever you get, you will have fun installing apps. I’m sure others will chime in with additional opinions.

  96. Can I use the car charger that came with my Tracfone LG 220C to charge a Tracfone LG 800G? Battery voltages are both 3.7 volts, li-ion.

  97. on my phone i can not see who texts me till i open the message does anyone know how to change it so i see the sender when i get the text? i have a LG800GHL!

      • Pbush,

        Do you know if Net10 does that? I hate it.
        My old Moto w376g did not do that and I had it from tracfone (although my samsung t301g did).

        A while ago I saw that you said that the .30 units per text was new for tracfone? Maybe I read it wrong. It has always been .30 for tracfone, at least for me. Were you talking about net10? I was confused by that.

        Thanks for all the great work you do with reviews and answering questions!

      • Hi Colleen
        It used to be somehwat dependent on the model you were using, but now, to my knowledge, all Net10 and Trac handsets do that. The cost per text also depends on the model, but .3 is most common among the newer devices.

    • ChipB, I believe the way to do this for opera is to go to opera.com rather than a third party, but I’m not sure about Bolt.


    On my previous Tracfone I retrieved voice mail by dialing the number assigned to the cell phone and entering my password. I used a similar process to retrieve voice messages using my landline to save Tracfone minutes.
    On the 800, I dial a 724 number and apparently need no password. This was a surprise for me as I didn’t realize what all the 724 activity was for. When I call that number from my landline I am asked for the “mailbox # specified by my system manager”. Who the x%$# is this? I have tried the cell #, my old password, and the 724 #, again. And I suppose 724 is a long distance call from 814?

    So many questions, so little time…

    1) Can I retrieve my voicemail from my landline (Verizon)
    2) How can I make the main cell screen show that voicemail is waiting?
    3) Is there a chart explaining the small icons at the top of the home screen”

    PS I found both the included Service Guide and LG’s pdf leave a lot to be desired.

  99. mapletrail – You should be able to check your voicemail via landline. I turn off my cell phone (makes it faster), then dial my cell phone # and and when I hear the message I hit the * (star) key. It asks me to enter my password, then I can hear my messages. There is an icon that shows you there is voicemail waiting – looks like a little cassette tape displayed at the top.

    Not sure exactly which icons you mean so I’ll explain them all.

    E is Edge that indicates the data speed for the phone which is about 2.5G. Not as good as 3G but better than many other Tracfones.

    There are two little icons – (maybe these are the ones you mean) one grayed out one w/ a white pawn in it, and another blue circle one with square and circle in it. These are screen icons – they indicate which of your two main screens are displayed/active. The blue icon indicates your main screen w/ the application widgets (air time, camera, calendar, internet, etc) is displayed. However, if you “swipe” this display and go to the second page of the main screen, the blue one becomes grayed out and the other one becomes active, and now you are looking at the contacts screen. This one displays Contacts widgets – shortcuts to your contacts. You can swipe this screen to go back to the other main screen.

    There is a speaker icon to indicate whether or not you have the sound on – if you have “silent” activated, the speaker icon will have a slash thru it. next to it, you could have a microSD card icon – if you have one installed in your phone. Next to that is the battery icon. Then next to that is the digital battery display.

    Please ask if you have other questions.

    • Thank you for the description of the icons at the top (and all the other information you share here). I downloaded the manual pdf from Tracfone for this phone but they really don’t tell you much that you wouldn’t already know if you’ve had a cell phone before. There are 16 pages of cursory information about the phone and 25 pages of “For Your Safety” information–very frustrating.

    • ortizmro –
      The landline retrieval did work as you described. Some mailbox setup options were also offered that I will have to explore. I still don’t quite grasp why the LG800 dials out to the 724 area code for normal retrieval tho.
      Thanks so much for the small icon tutorial. Starts to make sense now. Just wondering where you found this level of detail?

      • mapletrail – I am just curious about technology, and like you and everyone else I found information lacking in the available (unavailable?) manuals. So I explore myself – I actually discovered the second menu screen (for the Contacts widgets) by accident! I swiped the first main screen and then had a blank screen and thought I deleted all my widgets. Then I discovered it was just the second main screen. And it goes like that – I explore until I learn as much as I can. I burn a bunch of minutes learning about alternative browsers and the internet – still learning about that. But it’s worth it because Tracfones are still overall cheaper for me to use than those expensive paid phone plans. But another source of info is this and other forums – lots of other people are also exploring and figuring out what works and what doesn’t and posting it in the forums.

    • ortizmro, I tried the landline method also with success. Thanks very much. I wonder if you can figure out -being that you are pretty up on voicemail stuff- how I can get my voice-mail NOT to accept any voicemail recordings BUT, offer the caller the option only to PAGE with a callback number? If I could get a cellphone to do that, I would finally be able to throw away my dedicated pager. Has this option ever been offered by any cellphone company?

  100. Is there an mp player app that will sort and play album tracks by track number rather than alphabetically? Alphabetical sorting makes it tough to listen to a live album or an album like the Decembrist’s Hazards of Love where track sequence is important.

    • Bob, I have not found an mp3 player app, but in the past I’ve manually (using a computer) altered the tagging on the tracks to get them to play in the correct order. For example, add a 01 to the title of the first song, then 02, etc.

      If you find an app that works, please do share your experience with it.

      • If the addition of a number code doesn’t make the songs in the order you wish, try a variant of that procedure. Create a letter code, such as sequencing the songs with “AA”, “AB”, etc.and separated from the actual title by a space or hyphen. For some MP3 player software, either of the code procedures will work.

  101. Hi all,

    I’ve been a tracfone customer for a couple of years. I saw the LG 800G advertised on HSN with a triple minute for life option. This is a feature that would pay for itself over time, as I tend to keep phones a long while. My existing tracfone was a motorola clamshell with double minutes for life.

    The LG 800G arrived a few days later. Documentation seemed sparse. The phone came with the phone, wall charger, car charger, and a rubberized sleeve, along with the usual tracfone stuff.

    Activation was done on the internet. You need to read the documentation carefully, as activation from the tracfone site does not get you the triple minutes, I had to go to another site to get this.

    In looking to find out the maximum capacity for the SD card slot I found the following web sites;


    This website and another I found reported that the max capacity of the SD card was 8GB. Relying on this I purchased a USB A to USB micro cable and an 8GB micro SDHC class 6 card.

    These arrived today. I was able to successfully insert the SDHC card in its appropriate slot. However the phone does not recognize this. On the phone display, just to the left of the Battery charge indicator, there is a small icon of an SD card with a red X. In plugging the USB cable into the computer, I was successfull in having the drivers load on my Vista Ultimate machine. However I was not able to access either the external memory (SD card) nor the internal memory on the phone itself.

    I may have an unused 4GB micro SD card laying around at home. I will have to scrounge around and check. If not I will purchase a 4GB and see if that functions.

    I am rather disappointed that neither tracfone nor LG has the correct specs easily available online. You dropped the ball on this fellows.

    Because of this I have been unable to report on the MP3 player nor the data transfer ability. As I figure that out, I will try to let you know.

  102. Just trying to point out something that I just discovered today, after weeks of research: The web browser for the LG800 and 500 (I think?) will ONLY work in your home area. So for me, planning to finally get a “smart” phone because I’m starting a long bus commute to a different state, these phones do not actually offer web browsing since I’ll be out of my home area. Be aware: These are just phones if you move around a lot outside your home area.

  103. @ annepani
    I don’t know about them. But if you look at the updates on this blog, you’ll see that apparently the LG 800 is being pulled by Tracfone anyway, which kind of makes all this obsolete :)

    • If it’s being pulled, is it being replaced by something else like maybe the Motorola EX124G ? You’re the first update I heard of on this issue.

  104. Yes. Just read the home page of this blog! Folks with the 800g who have been complaining about the texting issues are apparently getting their phones replaced with the EX, for free.

  105. How do you download your music from the computer to the LG800??
    I tried doing via USB cable from my itunes library; it downloaded to my phone, but I accessed it on my phone, it said that the files were not supported! Anyone, Please advise! Thanks!

  106. Hi everyone! Thanks for the responses! I do have a 4GB card installed in my phone; and Thanks Lisa for the suggestion about putting the adapter in my computer….I will try that and let you know what happens! :)

  107. I need help! does anyone here know’s how to use the memory card in LG800,I put a 8GB Micro SD card into the LG800G and it shows at the top of the screen with a little red X on it.I already download music on it but i can’t see it in my phone.

    what could be the problem?

      • I know that “T9” was the older non-qwerty text keyboard. That’s not what I was referring to. On the T9 keyboard, there is a black function key that has “T9” and a little sphere printed on it. When you select this key, the little sphere turns a green color (which means that it has been activated). Once this key is activated, it changes every keystroke you make into some sort of suggestive vocabulary which it also highlights. I do not understand what it’s trying to do. Do you?

        • it does what you said, suggests words. after you’ve typed your full word, it’ll show what it thinks it is. if it’s not your word, press on the word, and it’ll come up with a list of words to choose. but i don’t use that input, i use the keyboard, by clicking the left menu button, then input method, then keyboard.

  108. in the upper left hand corner of my LG 800g, where the signal bars are, I have an E. On my wife’s LG 800g there is an antenna icon by the signal bars. Any idea what the E is about?

  109. Is there a way to for the name to appear for the caller id when the phone rings instead of just the phone number? ( I have my contacts filled out)

  110. Just got the 800g and 4gb micro card. Have small “x” left of battery icon, and on my PC music that I loaded shows up, but when I try to access on “My Music,” I get “no Items” after the ‘loading.’ What might I try?

  111. i’m at a loss here . i’ve spent aot of my mins trying to get on to yahoo to check mail , facebook , and photobucket. Granted i got on both photobucket and facebook . but i can’t figure out how to upload pictures from the phone to facebook or photobucket. I have the prepaid tracfone lg800g .. these were some the key items why i choose this phone is the abilty to upload pics from the phone .. idk . anyone got answers? The handbook that comes with the phone does not give alot of info at all . more like ha we got your money now figure out how to use it . I’m usually good at figuring things out without having to read owners manuals but this phone um no.

  112. I have an LG800 and want to get an SD card so I can download music from my computer onto it. By Googling it, it seems that the 8gb doesn’t seem to work for some people. But the 2gb, does, right? Does anyone know if the 4gb works? What should I get??

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