LG 500g QWERTY For Sale on TracFone.com

The LG 500g is available from TracFone.com today.

[EDIT: Note that the LG 800g is also now on Net10.com. I’ll be posting about that later today.

I’ll also be posting on youtube – very shortly – a quick “unboxing” review of the LG 800g. Once that video is up, I’ll put up another post on this blog. By the time you read this, the video should be available at http://www.youtube.com/prepaiddeals.]

If you’re a TracFone customer looking for a QWERTY phone rather than the 800g touch-screen that came out last week, you’re in luck. The 500g is listed at $29.99, but you can get a $5 discount using the code GI2011.

Enter promotional code GI2011 on the checkout page to save $5. Also, TracFone is giving free FedEx overnight shipping on orders totaling at least $19.99 (now through Mothers’ Day).

I’m a little surprised that the price tag on this phone is the same as the LG 800g – I expected it to be a little cheaper. Still, $25 for a QWERTY phone is a pretty good deal. And if, like I expect, this one is very similar to the LG 900g from Net10, I think you’ll be happy with this device at this price.

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  1. COOL! Wonder what the voice quality is for this one?

    I have a Moto W376g, love the phone for calls but not for texting!

    Now I can transfer my existing minutes and days from my Moto to this new gsm phone and try it out and the price is also pretty good.

    I had gotten a used qwerty phone off ebay and using it right now with another prepaid provider for texting, would be easier to go back to just one phone, lol.

  2. Is it possible that Net 10 or ST won’t get these 2 since they already have the LG 900G which is kinda the same phone but will get the Motorola X124 and Tracfone won’t. I know there under all 3 sights but that’s what I think. I don’t think Tracfone gon get the Motorola X124 at least if they do not yet. As you said yourself. Tracfone is way behind. So this is my opinion.

  3. I just saw you open the LG 800 and it looks great but it shows that it’s $49.00 on the Tracfone site and the lg 500 is only $19.99.

    so now I don’t know which one to buy. They both look pretty much the same except the 800 has a touch screen.

    Others say the price is less but I don’t know where. I already have my phone with Tracfone with 2,600 minutes so don’t want to lose that.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you


    • Lynn, I can not say for sure because I haven’t received my new phone yet (just ordered today) but when I called tracfone’s customer service they told me I could port my old tracfone’s # AND unused minutes to my new tracfone. I’ll post again once this is done to let you know if it worked.

  4. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see a qwerty keyboard phone in the Tracfone selection of phones. It’s about time Tracfone jazzed up their phone range because I love their cheap plans like the $19.99/90 days/120 min (if you have the double minutes for the life of the phone plan) and I find their reception and coverage have never failed me.
    Does anyone know how fast the web browsing is on this phone?. I know that the Net10 LG900g phone was nearly 3G speed browsing. Please let me know.

    • Thanks. I’m not short of minutes and don’t use my phone too much so it’s the decision between the touch phone qwerty (lg 800) and the regular qwerty (lg 500)……. what to do???

      Thanks for getting back to me though. I’m not very techy so any help I can get is appreciated.


  5. I’m anxiously waiting for your report on the quality of the LG-500G phone! My fear, with almost 2000 minutes on my Moto 376G, do I try and switch phones now, or wait until I have used up more of these minutes in case there should be a problem in the transfer. I understand that going from a GSM to GSM phone shouldn’t be a problem.

  6. Does anyone know if the LG500G comes with an AT&T sim card or a T-mobile sim card? AT&T coverage blows in our area and I’ve had Tracfone send cards with AT&T cards. We always have to request a t-mobile card which can be a chore.

    • Does anyone know a zipcode thet only works with T-Mobile (someone out here must know one!)? If you enter that zip code as the “area the phone will be used” when ordering, you will always get a T-Mobile Card.

    • Finally ordered the LG500G and it did, in fact, come with a t-mobile card. Transferred minutes and phone number without an issue last night. Looking forward to figuring it out.

  7. Wish I could help Ken still haven’t got mine there was no mention on site that it was a pre order item not sure what’s taking so long this is my first time ordering from them and maybe my last i’ll just wait till new phones are available in stores!

  8. Dang! I wish I had seen this post before ordering my LG 500g! I missed the $5 coupon. My bad. I haven’t received it yet but am thrilled to finally have a QWERTY keyboard. I’ve been very pleased with tacfone’s coverage in my area (Connecticut).

    • I just got my phone there. But for some reason the staff said I had to register my phone with them AND buy at least $10 dollars worth of airtime.
      I needed airtime anyway, so that was not a problem but to have to call up Tracfone for a new SIM card because I could not transfer my current number to my new phone sucked. I had to wait three days.

    • Shawn – well that sux. Sort a defeats the purpose of finally having a QWERTY keyboard, now doesn’t it?

  9. Gave the wife the LG500G phone as a Mother’s Day gift. She dislikes the calendar format because Monday is shown as the first day of the week. Is there a way to change the calendar so Sunday is shown as the beginning of the week?

    • In the Tools menu, you will see the last option to be Settings. In Settings, select Calendar and select which day you want on the Week Starts On option.

    • Has anyone answered RGS’ question? I really hate it when the calendar shows Sunday as the last day of the week…why do they choose that format?! It is so annoying….

      • Yes, ytorr answered it. I followed those instructions and it worked perfectly. Now my calendar starts with Monday! TM – See post just above yours.

  10. just ordered the LG500g and successfully used your $5 coupon code; should receive the phone tomorrow with free overnight Fedex shipping through May 8th; also I shared the coupon code at retailmenot, which always has the latest tracfone bonus minute codes

  11. I’m a little peeved at Tracfone for two reasons …
    1) I ordered the LG500g on Saturday and took advantage of the free fedex overnight shipping. For some reason the order showed as “in process” for 4 days and didn’t ship until Wednesday.
    2) It’s now Thursday and I am now sitting at home (taking a day off from work!) waiting for my fedex package to arrive. Without giving me the option, Tracfone shipped it “direct signature required” which means I HAVE to sign for it. I can not print out a permission from the fedex site and leave it for the driver. I have to be here in person. Oh joy. It’s a $30 phone – not a bar of solid gold. I live in the sticks (rural area) and am NOT concerned about packages left on my porch. I called fedex and there is no way around it. Uggg.

  12. I have been using a LG500g on Tracfone for two days now. I changed from a LG600G that got wet and will not hold a charge well. I bought it with the discount code listed above. Ordered on Thursday late at night phone arrived Monday. The sound om my end is comparable to the LG600G. The other receiving parties have not complained, but I did not ask. My Motorola 376g had better sound but lousy battery life.

    When the phone arrived I tried to activate and transfer my minutes via web using my Tracfone account. The website gave an error and said call Tracfone. I said , well I will not type what I said. I got a comfortable chair, land line phone, clear written copies of both phones serial numbers and SIM numbers, Pink Floyd on the computer and called Tracfone. I was activated and my minutes were transferred in less than half an hour, including the 14 minute on hold time at start of call. I got a few more minutes and 30 more days. Calling Tracfone is always risky, I suggest you always have written copies of the SIM, serial numbers, time of service and available units. I wish you the same luck.

    I went to Radio Shack to buy a cord and a micro SD card. The cord was over twenty dollars so I did not buy it. Also; the clerk said that the cord would not work. The RS clerk said to transfer files by a card reader. I bought an 8 GB micro SD card for $16, brought it home and tried all sorts of ways to get it to work. The phone said card not ready. I could read and write the card from my computer. I took it back to RS and they fiddled with it. The clerk finally said my phone will not read an 8 GB card. They sold me a 4 GB card for a dollar more! It works fine. THE MAX SD CARD IS 4GB! At least for my model number LG500GHL software version LG500GHL_V10h. I could not find that fact anywhere.
    The mp3 player has a crude interface compared to my iPod touch. It lists all the songs and plays them. Here is the big news, I will have to do some more comparisons, your mileage may vary, and this information is only as good as what you paid for it, BUT , I think the sound from the LG500g into my Sony MC60 headphones is better than my iPod touch into same headphones. The iPod touch cost over ten times more.

    I used freeware program called super@ to convert a 6 minute 64meg MPG file of a belly dancer into a 3GP file of 6.8 meg size. Then moved the file onto the microSD card using a card reader. It plays well on the phone, but has a beep about every minute. Bottom line, poor pun, you can play any video on your $25 dollar tracfone using free software and a card reader.

    I use Windows XP with all the update junk MS throws at me. I leave a two dollar Bluetooth USB dongle from Hong Kong via eBay in my computer. I can easily transfer videos and picture from the phone using Windows Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard. It is under accessories on the XP start menu. No other drivers or software were needed. I made a twelve minute video of riding home and sent it to my computer via Bluetooth. I cannot send a file from my computer to the phone via Bluetooth, but phone to computer works fast and easy.

    When I formatted the RS 4 GB card on the phone it made some directories. One of them is called DB. It MAY be possible write and edit calendar entries on the phone from the computer using a card reader. I have not tried yet.

    The cord from the computer to the phone is USB to micro USB. ( over twenty dollars at Radio Shack) I have one coming from Hong Kong via eBay for two dollars, it will be here in a couple weeks. Possibly from same factory. I will post if I learn anything.

    The Qwerty keyboard is nice but limited. Many of my sms messages have numbers in them. On my old LG600g you push the # key to change between letters and numbers. On the new LG500g best I can tell, you have to jump through a multi-push drop down menu sequence. The key board is tiny. I used the edge of my thumb nail. There is no T9 like predictive feature so all my spelling errors are returning. The convoluted number entry and tiny size limit the advantages of a qwerty. Did I mention it was tiny?

    I did not like the two included games and I had a few extra minutes so I thought I would buy a game. I connected to buy games and sudoko was priced at $4.99 or 15 minutes. I punched some buttons and got the game. It has been on the phone now for half a day and I played one set. The minute sucking browser got eight minutes, but downloading the game did not seem to take more than the connect time. No more minutes have left my phone. I never have authorized trackphone to bill me automatically for anything and never will. If tracfone tries to foreclose on me to collect the $4.99 I will post something to this website.

    The part I hate about the LG500g . The hot key between the select key and power button is used to exit all menus except to enter the browser. If you are anywhere in the menu structure pushing that key will exit to main screen. If you push it one time more it opens the browsers and sucks minutes. It is the return of the evil automatic minute sucking featureless browser. Some owners of other Tracfones surgically remove the evil browser key. This one is worse than normal since you have to use the key all the time to exit menus. Push it at the wrong time and you are in the evil minute sucking browser. I am to the point I will pay extra for a Tracfone that has browser lockout.

    This tracfone does support google sms. If you want the weather forecast text the word weather then your zip code to 466453 and Google will text back the forecast. You are charged the 1/3 minute in and out text. You can get airline arrival times, stock quotes, short web searches same way. Use a computer and go to google sms and try it out before using minutes on your phone.

    Another thing I dislike about tracfone. I live in Chicago. Our bus service has a sms interface available. Normal people text the stop number to a special sms number 41411 and the service will text back arrival times of next bus. But, not tracfone users. If we text to the special number we are charged for the text then charged for the reply saying we cannot get the service. So I cannot tell when the next bus is coming on my LG500 but I can watch the ported x rated belly dancer video or listen to Pink Floyd while I wait.

    stay connected,

    • Elwood, can I ask your help on using Google SMS? I went to the site, clicked “send to my phone now”, entered my tracfone # and recieved a text message from google. Is there something I need to do to “download” or “activate” the app? I notice when I open the text from google, “play” is an option and it shows a 5 second clock when I play it (although it looks just like a regular text message other than that). I couldn’t find anything to do so I tried texting a search request and didn’t receive a response. Hmmmm. What am I missing? Thanks, Liza

      • the key under the A switches from numbers to leters without going in the settings. shift is under the Z key also…

      • Lisa,
        Write a text message on your phone with the single word
        send that to 466453 ,yes it is a six digit number. It is Google on your keypad. Google will send you a message back how to use the service. Tracfone does not support many sms services like vote by text, Chicago bus tracking by text but they do support google sms.

        Also lowest button on left side can lock the keyboard. I use it now because I heard a beep and my phone had called the browser in my pocket and stole some minutes.

    • Forgot to add, I had a 24 hr wait for a tranfser to my new phone. I have had good and not so good luck with txfers. I got my LG500g for $20 at Target on sale. So far I think it’s a great buy.

  13. Elwood just want to say thanks for the long, BUT awesome review. Also if you look at page 3.11 of the “services guide” that you get with the phone, it says you can use only put to a 4gb mini sd card.
    Oh and I had to do the same thing with the transfer of my minutes and air time, so I think everyone is having that problem. I was switching from a Samsung T301G.

    Note: if you have a kindle… the cable will work for this phone as well.

    Just thought to add a few things I noticed, Overall I am very happy with my new phone and as for something that is $30 this is most likely the best straight up $30 phone ever.

    • js35wake,

      You are correct the user guide does confirm 4gb max for the micro SD.

      I took my phone traveling in Portsmouth, Ohio it listed had no services. Everybody else in our group had working phones. I think it was an ATT / Tmobile thing, but maybe a LG500g has low sensitivity.

      The alarm on the alarm clock feature is noticeably louder on the LG600 than my new LG500g.

      I bought a cable from an eBay supplier for $1.25 with free postage. I ordered a micro USB cable. I will be glad when it comes so I can load and erase mp3 without opening up the phone battery compartment.

      • How has the cable worked work for you? I am curious as I just bought and recieved my LG 500 today…I bought 2 phones one for hubby so am very interested in seeing if the cable would be a worthy investment..even if it’s pocket change…

  14. That’s what I like about ATT gophone, you can edit your connection settings on the phone and if you don’t want to use your browser you can make a “dummy” internet connection and thereby disable browser use unless you want it.

    With Tracfone that is not possible on most phones.

    With the Moto W376g I just got used to not pressing the browser button and I think on the LG 220g you can disable browser access, but if you need that button for the menu like with the Lg500g that is not nice…

  15. Finally received my LG500g via Fed Ex Thursday. I called Tracfone customer service to get my existing tracfone # and unused minutes transferred from my old Motorola C139 (which has served me well for MANY years) to my new LG500g. I was on hold less than a minute and the whole process took all of 2 minutes once I got through. They just needed my phone # and the serial # of the new phone. They said the new phone should be activated within a few hours, but it could take as long as 2 business days. In reality it took less than an hour. Nice! The unused minutes and days came through AOK.
    My thoughts on the 500g so far…
    1) Sadly, I now get charged for both incoming and outgoing texts (the old C139 featured free incoming texts).
    2) The new 500g has only one ringtone (no choices) so I had to go online and buy a new one ($2.99) immediately. But I’m happy with it (Frank Sinatra sings to me with each incoming call – woo! hoo!)
    3) I’m liking the qwerty keyboard very much, it has a good feel to it. Entering in my many contacts was a joy compared with the old process.
    4) I do NOT enjoy the fact that it is FAR too easy to accidentally hit the “browser” button which is all too prominantly positioned on the phone. By the time I am able to cancel it out, I’m usually dinged a 1/2 minute – even though it never fully loaded – scam!

    All in all, so far so good.

    Does anyone here know if and how I can change how my name appears on caller id’s when I call from this phone???

  16. I just got my LG 500G and am interested in downloading apps. I don’t know what apps can be used on the phone. Somewhere I saw a recommendation for a browser other than the one that comes with the phone, but (darn!) can’t find it. The info that comes with the phone is so limited. By the way, my service is Tracfone as well. Been using them for years (back in the day of the Nokia 1100). Their service has greatly improved. This time I was able to transfer an old number and 800+ minutes in one sitting :)

  17. I received the phone on Thursday. Looking it over, I decided to send it back, because the keys seem much too small for me to use comfortably. Cost me about $5 postage to send it back. I couldn’t see it before hand at Radio Shack because none of the 2 local branches had it in stock.

  18. Ok after getting text thing fixed I really love this phone and think it’s one of the best phones they’ve ever offered!

  19. Just got my new LG500G to replace an old Motorola W376G.

    What I like:
    – the keyboard, easy enough to use; I was initially concerned about the size but it proved to not be a problem
    – can add multiple numbers for a single contact without it appearing twice like the Motorola did

    What I don’t like:
    – expensive texting; send and receive was .3 units, now it’s .6!!!
    – contact groups seem worthless; contacts appear in phonebook and in group; doesn’t really help you find someone
    – some settings are difficult to find and are under profiles but now I know where to look
    – previous phone was T-Mobile, now I’m on AT&T network. We’ll see how that goes

  20. Just got the Lg 500 from Tracfone as a birthday present for my daughter. So far I like it, the phone she is using atm is a Samsung. First thing i did was charge it, load a bunch of mp3 ringtones on it, and put in some Hello Kitty GIFS. I have a Motorola click and used ringdroid to make the ringtones out of songs i already had. you need to make sure the ringtones are under 400kbp, otherwise when u try to use ringtone it will say the file is too large. so u have about 15 seconds worth of a song as a ringtone. it still beats the annoying noises her other phone makes. The key pad is perfect i had no problems typing on the phone. The only thing so far that i think is annoying is that contacts and groups are listed under contacts. other then that i havent seen many cons. oh yeah her package included double mins for life.

  21. I see on here someone said they are able to send pictures from their phone to their computer, but not from the computer to the phone. My problem is just the opposite. With my Bluetooth dongle, I can send anything I want to the phone, but I can not send anything from the phone to the computer. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? LOL

  22. Not even my kids are going to be happy with a regular candy bar phone anymore, with the LG500G Tracfone phone selling for $29.99 with DMFL, web browsing, blue tooth, APPS, MMS, 1.3mp camera & a $5 discount this phone is ‘manna’ from heaven. You can’t miss out on an opportunity to buy a couple of these phones for gifts as they are virtually been given away by Tracfone.

  23. im wondering what the heck someone had mentioned about each txt being .6!?!?!?!?!? im about to get the LG500 but i want to know forsure from someone with experience exactly how much it costs to open and send txts????

        • As soon as I got a Tracfone LG800 activated, I received a spam message (I think it was from AT&T, but deleted it right away without reading because I was so annoyed). They charged .6 minutes just to read the message (I didn’t reply) and was worried the phone was double charging for messages. My daughter (who lives to text) says long messages cost more and regular messages are still .3 minutes.

    • I think he just meant the .6 was one inbound plus one reply. It’s certainly only .3 on mine.

  24. Can anyone here help me? My hubby’s blackberry cable fits and charges my LG 500g fine but doesn’t seem to work for data transfer. Aren’t these cables supposed to do both? Or am I doing something wrong? When I plug it in to my usb port my pc doesn’t recognize/acknowledge it at all (yet it charges the batteries just fine).

  25. Does anyone know what size Micro SD LG500g accepts, is it 2gb, 4gb, or higher…. what is the limit of SD card and which one will work if I need to dump Mp3 or Jpgs from my PC or Laptop to that Micro Card, any advice as to which make and GBs to buy.

  26. Does anyone know what size Micro SD LG500g accepts, is it 2gb, 4gb, or higher…. what is the limit of SD card and which one will work if I need to dump Mp3 or Jpgs from my PC or Laptop to that Micro Card, any advice as to which make and GBs to buy.

    • 4gb max. I bought a 4gb SD BY Sandisk at Walmart for $12.99 last week. It works, I got the MP3 songs on it and can play them on the phone – but I have yet to figure out how to get my MP3s on it in any meaningful way. So far they all show up as unknown artist and unknown album. The song titles, however are the filenames so I can usually figure it out. I must be missing something.

      • I had the same problem at first. I had a bunch of itunes songs that i converting to mp3 using itunes. I then had a song file that said the track number followed by the song name. I deleted the track number and then re transferred it to the phone and it works fine. I dont know why this works but it does. It even showed the album cover.

  27. if i get the phone and my zip code was not listed for working in my area will it still work though.i use a regular trac fone now???

  28. I spent an hour today trying to get an 8GB microSD card to work before I read on this forum than 4GB is the max size.

    I found a posting on another site and am copying it to here.

    I have not yet used the instructions below because I don’t yet have a microSD card in my LG500g. So, I don’t know if they work or not.

    [5-11-2011 Kevin Cruz post]
    Sorry mods/admins if this is against the rules/tos, please delete if it is.

    How To Download Games And Apps:

    I just got this phone today, been playing around with it. The games that it comes with isn’t the best for my taste so I looked some up online. I went to this site and most of the apps they have under the LG section works great for my LG500G. This is the website I downloaded it from: http://www.mobileheart.com/cell-phone-games/LG-Series-games-31.aspx

    – Save the game .jar file onto your microSD card
    – Pop the card in your LG500G
    – Go to MENU
    – Then go to MY FOLDERS
    – After that, go to MY MEMORY CARD
    – Look for the game file, and then install/run
    – The game file will automatically save to your internal memory (your phone)
    – Go to games&apps menu and WALA! You got yourself a new game

    WARNING: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The apps that I have downloaded works fine for me and I believe are safe, but since these are UNTRUSTED .jar files, be careful. I have not tried using other series besides the LG series in the website provided above.

  29. Has anyone elsed noticed this phone gets really lousy signal strength? I’ve been caught in three dead-spots so far with NO SERVICE on this phone in places where I used to get service with my old candy-bar motorolla. I also saw others using their phones AOK where I was getting no service. They said they were using AT&T which is, I believe, what Tracfone uses in my area. What gives???

  30. If you had a gsm (with sim card) Tracfone before and got good reception and now get “no service” often it might be that your current phone has Tmobile service instead of AT&T.

    A&T sim starts with (first 6 digits) 890141
    tmobile sim 890126

    to see sim card number without taking it out, go to prepaid menu on phone and select sim serial number

  31. My current Tracfone is an LG. Previous was a Motorola, before I decided to upgrade to one with a camera, and hubby still uses one. His ALWAYS gets more bars than mine. In fact, there is a local area where I’d always gotten rally good reception and now it’s a ‘dead zone’ for the LG and I’m talking a large city service area. Tracfone even walked me through a resetting of the phone but got the same results. My 2 cents? Motorola’s are much better phones. Now–if Tracfone would offer a Motorola similar to the LG’s, perhaps they’d sell a lot more. I know, I’d buy one in a heartbeat!

  32. My apologies. I forgot to my statement regarding the Motorolas.
    I wish to restate, “Now-if Tracfone would offer a Motorola with the same or similar features of the LG500G, perhaps they’d sell a lot more”. My experience has shown that Motorolas have more power.
    If I find a reliable, nationwide, ‘prepaid’ vendor that does so, I would very likely drop Tracfone whom I’ve been with for years.
    I use prepaid as I don’t use a lot of minutes. We still have a land line, live in a valley and my husbands Motorola always have several bars whereas my LG struggles to give me even two.

    • Sue, go to the box you want to clean up. Select options. Go to mark/unmark. Mark all. Then options again. Then delete. Enjoy!

  33. Is anyone else having the problem of when you receive a text message it doesn’t show who it’s from until after you read it??

  34. Sue not sure if you figured out how to delete all messages..here is how you do it
    go to inbox and hit select, then hit options…go down until it says mark/unmark then hit the right arrow key and select mark all, then hit options again and delete. It will delete all messages

  35. Is there a way to view who’s texting me before I read the texts, like caller ID for texts? I feel as if I have to see who’s texting me in case it’s important but I can’t without it taking my minutes.

    • Maya,

      I talked to tracfone. They said unfortunately that feature is not available on this phone. So looks like we will be wasting minutes on texts we don’t want to open. It’s a shame…because I really like this phone otherwise. Sorry for the bad news!

  36. Waited with baited breath all day, for Fed-X to deliver my new LG500g Tracfone. I really needed to upgrade from my little Nokia Tracfone, it has served me well these past 5-6 years.
    Anyway, charged, and tried to activate & transfer info. via Tracfone website, to the new LG500g, with no luck. So I prepaired to make that dreaded call to India…. The rep. & I where on the phone for about 50+ min. adding code entries, waiting, adding code entries, and waiting… waiting… waiting.. He was able to add my remaining mins. from my old phone, but I still do not have any service, or phone # “this may take up to 1-2 hrs for your new phone to “update ” he explains. Well it’s been over that still with no service. I checked the SIM card and it is an AT&T 890141. I never had any trouble getting service up here in the foothills of N.C., with my little Nokia, not sure if this old phone has a simms card. I can not find any sims # under the prepaid menu, on my old yet trustworthy Nokia.
    Not happy YET with this LG. Very Flustrated.

  37. Can anyone help me to use a voice recording as a ringtone? I checked out the tutorial page, but it won’t load anything other than the homepage.

  38. I ordered the LG500G tracfone from HSN this weekend and with that package I got 1300 free minutes and triples minutes for life. What a deal.. Hope to get the phone soon. can’t wait!!


  39. I paid $20 for the LG500g at Target about a month ago and saw the Triple Minutes for life offer and considered getting one but I passed on it. I DO LOVE the 500g though. The MP3 isn’t as good sound quality as my Ipod Shuffle but I believe the 500g holds more music. Reception and sound quality have been super. The video recorder is cool as is the voice recorder. The keyboard is easy to use too. I got an accessory set from eBay but as others have said the cable didn’t work and the seller is blaming everything else for the problem. I think my Kodak camera d/l cable will work though. if you’re thinking of this phone don’t hesitate.

  40. I love my LG500g phone! Had it about a month….BUT just recently, my button to power down/end call will not work. The battery JUST died on me and I have it plugged into the charger. I sure hope it will turn on? Anyone else having problems with theirs? One thing I didn’t like is that this phone wouldn’t charge for me unless it was turned off. So, this was my only option, unfortunately, to let it die. :( Any suggestions or if anyone else had this issue, would be happy to hear.

    • I had a similar problem. When saving a change, it would lock up, with “save” displayed and would not shut down. I removed and replaced the battery and it restarted okay.

  41. I like the calendar feature on the 500g, but would like to be able to transfer the backup file to my pc, but have not found a way to open the file. Does anybody know of a way to open the calendar on a computer?

  42. Does anyone know what “T9 o” (with the little orange ball) function on the right side of the keypad is supposed to turn on? It keeps populating my entries with a list of suggestions but this list doesn’t make any sense to me.

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