LG 501c Review

LG 501c Review

EDIT: My LG 501c review is now posted for you to read. Here are links to the portions of that review:

LG 501c Review Part 1

LG 501c Review Part 2

LG 501c Review Part 3

LG 501c Interactive Tutorial

LG 501c Instruction Manual (PDF)

If you’re looking for a complete LG 501c review, this is the place to start. I’ll be doing a thorough review as soon as this model is available, and this page will be the index of all the info I can find regarding this handset. Right now, though, it hasn’t been released yet, so most of the info I have is somewhat speculative (based on some info from TracFone’s site as well as what I’ve deduced based on the specs of similar phones).

At this time, it appears this phone will be available for:LG 501c Review PictureTracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk

Most notably, this appears to be a CDMA device (based on the “c” included in the name of the model), so it will work on Verizon’s coverage. And, obviously, it has a hardware (as opposed to “virtual” touch-screen) QWERTY keyboard. If you’re a CDMA TracFone user, this could be a very big deal for you as many people in this category have been waiting for such a phone for a long time.

From what I can tell, it seems that this 501c will be nearly identical to the just-released 500g, which in turn looks like a scaled-down version of the popular LG 900g for Net10.

Below is what I was able to come up with for a feature list:

  • Qwerty
  • VGA Camera
  • Bluetooth Capable
  • Support for downloaded games *
  • Voice Commands
  • Handsfree Speaker
  • Mobile Web
  • Phone Book with up to 1,000 Entries
  • Light weight at just 2.82 ounces

* It is unclear at this point whether the “downloadable games” I’ve seen referenced in several versions of TracFone’s materials refers to games downloaded directly from TracFone (at a cost), or Java apps such as those supported on the LG 900g, 800g and, presumably, 500g. In either case, it would be a pleasant surprise if this CDMA device does indeed downloadable apps. In the past, CDMA phones have not included any games. It is my understanding that this is somehow related to a very restrictive patent held by Qualcomm, who produces the hardware used in CDMA handsets.

It is also unclear at this point whether all three AMerica Movil brands will support this handset, though as I stated at the beginning of this article I am  increasingly optimistic that TracFone users will have the opportunity to use this model. Of course, Tracfone, Straight Talk and Net10 alike are very tight-lipped about upcoming phones, so only time will tell.

Regardless of which carriers it is sold by, I’ll put together a full LG 501c review as soon as I can when it is finally available for purchase.



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34 thoughts on “LG 501c Review

  1. Gave the wife the LG500G phone as a Mother’s Day gift. She dislikes the calendar format because Monday is shown as the first day of the week. Is there a way to change the calendar so Sunday is shown as the beginning of the week?

    • how do I get rid of the HOME that is in the middle of the screen, I figured out how to get rid of the balance and time remaining banners but how do I get rid of the HOME banner?

  2. I bought a cdma phone because of where I live but I work in a gsm area and when I use the cdma phone there is a delay in my words reaching the other party and vice versa.
    Any thoughts on what is going on.


  3. When I lookup phones available for purchase in my area. the 501C now shows up in the available phones. it says ship in two weeks though.

  4. In looking at the specs, it seems to have a weaker battery than it’s GSM cousin the 500G which has a talk time of 5 hours while the 501C only has a talk time of 2.5…I wonder if this is true or if it is some sort of typo…

  5. I just tried to move mins from one TF to another, something I have done 6 times in the past. I was told its not possible and that the only option was to transfer # and mins to the 2nd phone. Very disapointed, as this was something I used to find very handy (transfer mins from one light user to another heavy user) sux.

    • That is disappointing. I would suggest calling again to see if another customer service rep will allow you to do what you want to do. I haven’t done it in a while (maybe 6 months), but I also used to do it quite a bit.

    • I know this reply is many months after your post but many people might see it in the future. If you want to transfer minutes from one Tracfone to another Tracfone, you should call to Tracfones customer service. They can assist. The customer service is not the best in the field but, it is better than nothing.

    • i just spoke to tracfone and they say you cant take the word home off the screen!! thinkin of sending this phone back!!

    • Because you are connected to your Home network. It will change to Roam if you get on another network (though I’m not sure how that works with the current CDMA phones)

  6. I purchased this phone before a three-week vacation. It performed perfectly and the battery life is unbelievable. The only time I experienced no service was driving through the mountains and the service was somewhat sporadic. Upon returning, I purchased a second phone for my husband. It’s truly a treat to be like the others in our lives with more “up-top-date” phones instead of the flip phones we had been carrying.

  7. I bought a micro usb cable so I could connect to my computer and update my calendar from my keyboard, but cannot figure out how to sync/connect the two. Does anyone know how to do this?

    • I’m not sure it’s possible, but this sounds like a question you may want to ask at howardforums:

    • You are having difficulties because the Tracfone proprietary will not allow you to. You can connect to communicate with the SD card if you have one. The LG501C is CDMA technology and does not have provisions for an external memory card. The LG500G does have provisions for a Micro SD card. I am using an 8GB card in my LG500G and have not problems. I choose the LG500G because I can transfer my images and videos to and from my computer via my USB cable. (I use the USB from my Kodak camera). So what all this is saying, in the short version, is you are not able to transfer with the CDMA. You have to use your bluetooth to transfer or send each of your images by MMS.

  8. I recently dropped my smartphone coverage, I live at the foot of the rocky montains paying close to 70 bucks a month. When someone with a tracfone can get 100% coverage and I only get 40%, nuff said. I bought the 501c tracfone (not many available in my area, 3 models), I find it is a hassle to always manually have to put the key guard in place, so not to accidently power the browser, nor can I pause playback recordings. The qwerty is a huge PLUS and the announcement of caller by name if you have them in your contacts or not, then announcement of the number itself. Blue tooth does not work to transfer data to a computer, but a headset allows you to access the voice commands with a push of the button on the headset as you can call a number or name while driving, holdind down the button on the headset will call last number dialed and will also give you a listing of numbers dialed previously. On other tracfone models you can list callers on a banned list, have a set number of rings before the handset/headset answers, or have the numbers read aloud as you press them a plus in lowlight conditions. Like I said the qwerty is a PLUS, other than that it would be a super fone if it incorporated some of the latter tracfone features.

    • Thanks for your input, Roger. You made some excellent points about this model that definitely meets the needs of many users.

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