LG 800g now on Net10; LG 800g review video

LG 800g on Net10.com

After being released for TracFone last week, the touch-screen LG 800g is for sale on Net10.com today.

Picture of LG 800g from Net10's available phones pageIt is priced at $49.99, with NO airtime card bundled. The phone will only activate with 10 starter minutes and 60 days of service, so you’ll need to buy an airtime card right away. Considering that, maybe it would be a good idea to also order one of the free phone bundles (Motorola EM326g, Samsung t201g, or LG 300g), so you’ll have an airtime card and a back-up phone when you receive the 800g shipment.

Here’s a hint – the LG 800g is not currently showing in all zip codes, so if you don’t see it right away you might want to try 76825. This will get you a phone that will activate with coverage from AT&T, so only use this zip if you have AT&T coverage in your area.

Don’t forget, Save $5 on your order by entering promotional code GI2011 when you check out.

Click here to visit Net10.com and order yours.

——– Video Below ——–

LG 800g Review Video – Unobxing

I received my LG 800g shipment yesterday, and took the time to put together an “unoboxing” and preliminary LG 800g review video. It doesn’t go into much detail since I have had no time to look at the phone, but it does give you a quick first look at the phone.  Here it is:

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  1. A little confusion on how large a microSD card this phone can support? One site says supports up to a 4g so I bought one, now another site says it will support up to an 8g card? I havent received the phone yet to test it out, but I’ll prob end up keeping the card if it will work an get a larger one later!

  2. It should be able to handle up to 16gb sd card. I know the lg900g can, and the lg800g is along the same generation of phone. It should be able to do it.

    • i read you need to have a memory card for your apps. also for your music- if you like lots of songs. plus it’s good if you want to save old messages without cluttering your main message box-emails, texts, voice, etc…you may also want to store videos on your card to take with.

  3. Impressed thus far. Hey please tell me your TRICK TO OPENING THOSE BLISTER PACS WITHOUT A BOXCUTTER. You were a pro at that!

    • Chuck, those blister packs have an “easy access” tear open panel now. To get to the accessories inside, simply grab the white insert and yank it out of the way. No Scissors needed!

  4. Can’t wait for the full write up. I’m wondering about video playback it would be nice to be able to load some tv shows or movies on this for long commutes.

  5. Have you heard anything about why TracFone pulled the LG800G off their website. I ordered and received one and was considering one for my wife, but they pulled it a couple of days ago. Have you heard about any problems with the phone. Several items will not save. Can’t get it to recognize external memory. Dialog box tells me to enter a number, but no keypad is present. I have run into several things that just don’t seem to be right. Bluetooth transfers seem to work great. Do you know where we can find complete manual, usb cable and accessories……..thanks……jerry

  6. How come the Tracfone LG800g was offered at my zip code for a few days but then it was removed from the list of phones available in my area? At HSN it says that there is coverage for that phone in my area – What’s the Deal?!!!

    • I was just on the tracfone forum and a rep said some areas are sold out. So that is why it is not available in all areas right now. Just keep checking back every day.

  7. Jerry M, Maybee they sold out of them. I have heard of some people that had to wait to get there phone because there ship date was not for a week yet. I got mine from HSN cause I needed time anyway. Knock on wood mine so far seems to be working good. I had a old micro sd 1gb card that I am using now. It has a sd adapter so I just put it in my laptop and put some mps on it and it worked fine. I even took a pic with the phone and put it on the micro sd card then put it on the laptop and worked fine. Try calling tracfone to see if they can solve your problem.

  8. The LG800G is available for Tracfone with DMFL and a 60 minute card for 49.99 in gsm markets online. However, it may or may not be available in your market. Please keep checking. It was in my market a few days back and still is.

    I think this phone is going to be Tracfone’s hottest phone in years.

  9. I ordered mine from HSN and like it a lot. The only problem – when it was activated, I was given a 216 area code. I live in the 440 area code. Three different tech support people tried to change it to 440 without success. Finally, a supervisor told me I would have to live with it. He told me it didn’t matter since I would not incur long distance charges calling people in my own area. The problem is, anyone calling ME from their landline WILL incur long distance charges. So I think it’s safe to say people in my own area are not going to want to call me. Has anyone else had a problem with Trafcne being unable (or unwilling) to assign them a number in their own area code?

    • Josh~ I would call them and have them send you a new sim card. Then change the number. Explain to them that friends would incur long distance charges. Try this #800-876-5753. That is the number I called when my phone was only half the way activated.

    • yes i did when i first got mine too.i did not get off the phone with support until they fixed it.finally after arguing with the superviser hey finally said he would send me another sim card in the mail and when i get it activated i will be changed, just have to make them do there job.they always act like nothing can be done but they can be broken..lol

  10. Tried 8GB card, but could not get it to work. Tried 2GB and it works fine. Looks like 4GB may be limit.

  11. I just saw this other Touchscreen phone broswing thru Straight Talk Tutorial Guide. Have you heard anything about it.

    Samsung SGH-T528G

  12. I successfully transferred number & minutes in the 908 area code updated from a LG600 to the LG800G. This was the first time I didn’t have to spend time trouble shooting with customer service so I’m pleased on that count.

    The phone is thinner and more compact than I anticipated.

    The only issue I’ve found so far: I purchased an 8GB microSD card which is not recognized.

    I really like the phone so far.

  13. We just bought the LG800 thru HSN – no problems so far and seems to be a greeat little phone! The hubby sure likes the uograde from his old Tracfone!

    I’m just trying to figure out the exact specifications for the SD Card and USB cord that it uses. I can’t seem to find it anywhere and need to know to ensure I buy the correct one. We bought a SD Card but it was too big. : (

    Please help – any suggestions on where to purchase these items?


  14. They will not be able to assign you a local phone number is there none available. Getting a new SIM might only help if you switch from AT&T to T-Mobile or visa versa (because each has a different pool of numbers).

      • Josh – with TracFone and Net10 phones, you cannot swap the sims. Each sim, once activated, is tied to the phone in which it was activated, and each phone, once activated, is locked to the SIM it came with unless you talk to tech support and get THEM to send you a new SIM.

  15. What they hell difference does it make if your Sim card is attached to At&T or T-Mobile? I have switched my phone number in the same area code from CDMA to GSM and back to CDMA phones and gone from Net 10 to Straight Talk and now with Metro PCS, they have all “Ported” or transfered the same phone number to 4 different phones with three different carriers and switching back and forth from Verizon (CDMA) to GSM with either AT&T or T-Mobile?

    • Not all carriers have good coverage in ALL areas. At the moment I have an LG800g and cannot use it because Tracfone shipped it with a T-Mobile sim card. T-Mobile’s signal is unobtainable from my residence … period. Its taken five phone calls over two days to finally get a Tracfone stupidvisior to understand this. Ant attempt at making a phone call gets me one of two messages, “emergency calls only” or “network unavailable”.

  16. Well I was going to wait for the review before I bought one but I’ve had good luck with Tracfones and I’m only in it for 25bux if it don’t work out. Had to use the zip code above cause they pulled it from my zip code but oh well. Tracfone doesn’t even list the 376g that I’m using now on the site and it’s been the best phone I ever had. Oh well fingers crossed.

  17. Wow get this – I asked Tracfone (through an email message to their technical support) what type/size micro SD card would fit into the LG800G phone. Here’s the answer they gave me:

    Thank you for your interest in TracFone Wireless. We are responding to your recent inquiry.

    As of the moment, TracFone Wireless does not support this kind of
    service as of this time. Nevertheless, be assured that we are continually working on improving and expanding our products and services. You have option to insert a Micro SD card but we cannot assure you that it will work because it still depends on your phone capacity and memory. You may check the phone’s feature by visiting the website at http://www.lg.com and search for the phone model.

    Of course that model doesn’t show up at that site. And the details for the LG800G at Tracfone’s web site eve state (3rd bullet in their details): APP Capable (App download requires purchase of additional memory) – additional memory means micro SD card!

    Go figure….

  18. I seen on the tracfone support forum that the most it will support is 4gb. I would go with that to be sure you don’t waist your money on a 8gb and have it not work.

  19. Net10 currently has the lg800g available for 49.95 and if u can find a promo code online it gives u $5 off!!! and if u buy it now u get free overnight shipping i would hurry up and get it, that is if u dont mind staying on the phone with net 10s tech support for an hour to transfer your old number to your new one… other than that i love this phone!!! especially for the price!!!

  20. Have had the LG800g for 6 days from HSN – had no problem porting my number or adding the minutes. I have a Tracfone Motorola W376g (gsm) that I need to reactivate to transfer minutes off of that to the new phone, but will save that for another time. I couldn’t wait for TF to come up with a qwerty phone, as I had such a hard time texting with T9, so about 8 months ago I switched to their Net10 service with the qwerty Samsung R355c (cdma), which worked better in the dungeon I work out of. Because of LG800G, I’m back to gsm and very few bars in the dungeon – cdma definitely works better for me at work, although certain dead zones with my W376g (gsm) are no longer dead with the LG800g – yeah!

    As for the LG800g phone itself, since I have an iPod touch, I am used to a touch screen, and although not as responsive as the iPod, it is still a nice touch – usually do not have to pound very hard to get a response. The icons were changed to the dark nicer version, as opposed to the cartoon version. My Net10 Samsung already used a 4g micro sd card, so I just put my card in and used what I had already saved on it. Although, one version of ringtone I made myself had to be cut down because it was too big for this phone to handle (but not on the Samsung). It read my card immediately and everything I had stored on there came up. You can find micro sd cards and cables everywhere – they will work on this phone. Even the Samsung charger works on this phone.

    I have yet to add apps, as I’m not sure how to do it or what I want to put on this phone and am still researching what is available. I have used the camera and did a short video and downloaded them onto my computer using micro sd cable and used a picture taken from the phone for wallpaper. Works fine. I have called, answered calls and texted, and all works fine on this phone. Texting using qwerty was what I was looking for in a TF and one of the reason I have come back and this one is nice to use – much easier. I have found the touch during texting to be harder than my easier iPod touch texting. I’ve used my MP3 player with music saved on my micro sd card, but there is no radio on this phone that I can find. MP3 works beautifully for me while working out.

    This phone is lightweight, easy to see and use. For the amount of time that I use it to call and text, this phone is perfect for me to come back to Tracfone with a 1 year card. Not sure how it would be for someone looking for a smart phone who would use it a lot, as this is not it…but at least they are going in the right direction. Bottom line is, I was waiting for a qwerty phone from Tracfone to move back and this exceeded my hopes.

  21. Ok, pbush. Its ben a week since up did you unboxing video. About time now to post your first review and impressions of the new LG800g. How much longer for Straight Talk to offer this phone or the similar phones they are supposed to offer from both Motorola and Samsung?

  22. My Net10 Motorola EMG slider needs a new battery and I figured I’d just get a new phone instead. Touchscreen sounds very nice, i want a qwerty keyboard for texting. This LG phone looks nice but I think I’m going to wait and get the Motorola ex124g. It looks more polished. Thanks for the info pb. I’ll be looking for your EX124g review !

  23. Tracfone is sending a new SIM card for my LG800G. Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the back of the phone without breaking it? Does it slide off or do you have to pry it off?

  24. Tracfone is sending a new SIM card for my LG800G. Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the back cover of the phone without breaking it? Does it slide off or do you have to pry it off?

    • The back does slide a little. Don’t pry it off. Once you get the hang of it, it is not that hard. It took me a few times to get the hang off getting the back cover off. Hope that helps

  25. Two weeks after you pried open the clam shell blister pack box in recording breaking time and we have yet to hear a word about the phone? Lots of us are awaiting review before we order the phone. No word yet from Straight Talk on when they will release their first “Touch Screen” Phone either.

  26. Just got mine activated and so far I’m loveing it except for one problem. It doesnt get no where near as good a signal as my old 376G did. Sitting right next to each other the 376g has 5 bars and the 800g has 2. I’m in love with all the features of the 800g and I can tell once I get useta the touch screen which I’ve never owned a touch screen anything before that it’s really gonna work for me I just hope it gets a better signal in town where I use my phone the most.

  27. should i get this fone im debating wether or not to buy it for 50 dollars is it reliable, my friend has an older version and loves it im confused

  28. I have been trying to port my Verizon # to my 800g from Net 10. I was told that they could not port it because they are different technologies. I used the zip from 76825 to get this phone to use in 57702. When I tried to at least get a local area code I was told that this phone is not compatible with this area, although AT&T has great service here and the one my daughter has works fine with the 76825 area code. Does anyone have any experience with this problem & how I can get my number ported at least? Would a different SIM card do any good? Thanks in advance for any help anyone may provide.

    • You can’t, Doug. They use different technologies (Verizon uses CDMA while AT&T, T-Mobile, Net10, and various others use GSM/TDMA).

      I doubt that you would be able to get the number on a different SIM card, especially one on Net10. You’ll just have to settle for a different number.

  29. where can i get the usb cable? what is the specific name of this cable is that for LG800 only? is this any LG model cable that is compatible with this? thanks

    • Isabela – If you happen to have a digital device (such as an Amazon Kindle or a digital camera) that has a USB data cable you might take a look at it and see if it has the right mini USB connection to connect to your phone. I know the Kindle does. I successfully used the USB cable from a Kindle and a Kodak digital camera to connect my LG800G to my computer.

      Otherwise, you can order from:


      They are available on Ebay from time to time as well for an even cheaper price.

    • Isabela you can buy one off amazon.com just go to phone/Accessories then type in Lg800g into the search box and it should show you the cable phone and all there good luck.

  30. Doug, I have been trying for almost two weeks to get a phone number with my area code. I have spoken with numerous Tracfone techs and they all begin by telling me my area code is 216. It isn’t – but that’s what their system tells them, so that’s the way it is. They live in Ghana and the Philippines so I guess they know more about my area code than I do. They have tried to change it to the correct one but all attempts failed. My actual Tracfone number still has a 216 area code but when I touch the “my phone number” icon on my touchscreen, a 440 number shows up. That’s the last number they tried to assign me before the SIM card stopped accepting changes. I called that number from my landline and it belngs to someone else. I called Tracfone’s CORPORATE number in Florida and told another young lady the last number they tried to assign to me is already in use. She said, “that is in the moment.” I said, “Please listen carefully. The last number you tried to assign to me has already been assigned to someone else. If you dial that number, a real, live person answers. “That is in the moment,” she said. When you get your new SIM card (I still don’t have it) that will be your number. I tried again to make her understand the number is already being used by another person. “That is in the moment” she said. “According to my system it has been assigned to you.”

    So, that’s where I am after two weeks. My LG800g works, with an out-of-town area code, but my “official number,” according to Tracfone, the number assigned to me, the number that shows up when I press “my phone number” on my Tracfone, belongs to someone else.

    When I call the 216 number, my Tracfone rings. When I call my landline with my Tracfone, the 216 number shows up. But, according to the young lady at Tracfone, that is only “in the moment.” According to her, my actual phone number is the 440 number that is already in use by someone else.

    Another SIM card is allegedly in the mail, although I am skeptical it will do any good – other than give me the pleasure of being placed on hold many more times while Tracfone techs make more unsuccessful attempts to give me a 440 area code. In the meantime, I am “in the moment.”

  31. Anyone know how to make this phone go into qwerty mode. It does not do it automatically like Pat shows in his video. The phone is not activated yet.

    I have noticed that the signal strength is much worse on the LG-800G as compared to the LG-600G. By about 2-3 bars on my AT&T signal.

  32. Found how to change the input to “Keyboard” by reading the manual. This shifts it to qwerty mode.


  33. I called LG tech support about the max size of the SD/SDHC card, and was told the maximum is 16GB and the minimum (recommended?) is 4GB.

    • Well, I ordered a 8GB card, and the phone did not recognize it. Finally found someone at Tracfone that knew what they were talking about and was told that the maximum external memory for their version of this LG phone (the LG800g) is 4GB. I now have a 4GB micro SDHC card in the phone and everything works fine, no problems.

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  35. Just checked out all of TracFone’s companies. They all show tutorials for the Motorola EX124G. Looking forward to its release and hope the receiver is better than the LG800.

  36. I had an lg900g with the unlimited plan on it. I bought the lg800g thinking that I could just swap the sim cards, but I quickly found out that this is not the case. Only problem is, the sim card that came with the phone isn’t working now, either. No matter which one I put in, I keep getting “sim card rejected” and I’m locked out of the phone. I called customer service to get my number and airtime swapped to the new sim, but I’m still getting the “sim card rejected” message. Any ideas on how to get it up and running?

    • Darian – swapping SIMs is a no-no in TracFone/Net10’s world. In order to switch phones, you need to follow the instructions on the Net10 site, otherwise you are liable to mess up your SIM. You will need a replacement SIM, which Net10 should be able to send you via overnight mail if you call and explain the situation.

  37. heyy does anyone know how to set the phone on vibrate mode? o_o cuz i tried and the only thing i could get is silent. -_-

    also does anyone know how to change the sound that’s made when a text is received? :/

  38. I need your help please as I can see youtube videos on my phone lg800g or transferring them to my micro sd for viewing on my phone to do or how to make movies for viewing or thanks for your help

  39. Okay khriz here are some of the steps to play a video on your LG800g.

    1. Get a video, you can buy a video, use one of the web-based youtube downloaders or linux based hulu downloader , or download a movie from a pirate site. While you are at the pirate site you likely will get a free hidden copy of credit card purchase stealer for your computer. Somehow, somewhere acquire a video.

    2. Reformat the video into the type of video used by LG800g. You want a .3gp file that is 176:144 at 15fps. I use a fantastic freeware Windows program called super@ by eRightSoft. It is free but it is webmazeware. Google them and be prepare to go through a HTML maze avoid downloading free trails for other products. It is free and it is called super@. Using that program simply set the output for 3GP Nokia and drop your video in the input box and push Encode. The process is also good to bench mark your system. My desktop is okay, but my laptops are slow and 1 GB or less. My laptops seem to take longer to reformat a video than they do to play it. When properly reformatted a 90 minute movie will be around 100 meg. I have six feature movies on my phone currently.

    3. Prepare a place to put your video. Buy a 4 GB microSD card for your phone. Somewhere in the phone menus you can format the card, do that for a new blank card.

    4. Transfer the reformatted video from your computer to the phone card. You can take the card back out of the phone , after you formatted it and put in a USB card reader. I prefer to connect a cable from the phone to my computer. It is a microUSB cable from ebay for less than two dollars delivered. Either way the card will show up as a temp drive in windows MyComputer screen, just like a USB flash drive. Open up the tempdrive and find the subdirectory called videos. If there is not such a subdirectory, go back to step 3 and reformat your card using the phone you plan to use it with. Paste your video in the video subdirectory (folder).

    5. Play the video on the phone. Select menu, my folder, videos, play.

    Side feature, the same program, super@ , can take any mp3 file and output it to a MMF file. Paste the resulting MMF file in the sounds / ringtone subdirectory . That process can make about any mp3 file into a ringtone for free. I have not bothered with a ringtone but I did put a file called atomic siren in sounds and use it for my alarm clock , The stock beep beep was too high pitched for me to hear well.

  40. I just ordered 2 of the LG 800’s and haven’t received them yet. I was told my phone numbers would port from my Verizon phones to these. The numbers ported just fine a few years back from Nextel to Verizon. Now, i’m reading in some posts that it really doesn’t work. Also, what would be the easiest way to move the contact lists from the Verizon (motorola) phones to the new 800’s…….if the phone numbers do indeed port over. Thanks for your help!!!! and hey, if these questions are all answered in the manual that hopefully comes with the phones…….i’ll just read!!! :)

    • Hi DRL
      I’d suggest trying bluetooth to move your contact list from the old phone to the new, if your old phones have BT. The exact steps to accomplish this will vary depending on the model of your old phone, but basically you want to pair the old and the new phone, then on the old phone open the contact list and find an option that allows you to “send via bluetooth” the contact list. You might need to do it one-by-one, but hopefully you can do the whole list at one time.
      As far as porting, it should work fine. Start the process at the TracFone activation page. It could take few days, but stay on top of the situation to make sure it’s going through and you’ll be fine.
      Where have you seen that it’s not working?

  41. Hi guys,
    Kind of strange question. Want to switch to net10 for the savings. Live in California (510 area code) now, but still have my old phone number from Vermont (802). I want to keep my old number. Will NET10 let me do this? Thanks for any advice.

  42. I cant say enough good things about this phone. With the cost of contract plans these type of phone should become popular. Texting is not hard if you take your time and use the screen keyboard.

    For internet browsing I use Opera Mini it is a free download and is quicker than the installed browser. Call quality is good the ringer is not real loud but there are a decent selection of installed ring tones. It also operates as a MP3 player and downloading songs are a snap.
    I used a 8GBmicro SD card and downloaded about 300 songs and there are some neat features like repeat and shuffle. The only bad thing I can say about it is a very poor owners manual. I had to look almost everything on line setting things up were easy once you found what you were looking for.
    I also have a Blackberry Bold with T-mobile, but with the plan costing 90 dollars I will not renew my contract. I use the unlimited 50 dollar plan with this LG 800G phone and have no regrets

    • rick – you’d be the first ever to report that an 8 GB microSD card actually worked in the LG800G. Is this really true? Does your phone really access the entire card? If so, which specific card are you using? Did you do anything special to make this work?

    • Please let us know exactly which 8GBmicro SD you used. It should not be able to handle anything above 4GB. I hope you’re not mistaken.

  43. Purchased my daughter an LG800g – Purchased a gel case and few screen protectors but the 8GB Micro SD did not work for me. It was an ADATA Class 4. Although the link here provided by Adata –


    States that it should be able to use an 8GB. I have not had luck with this brand of MCSD. Adata did offer an RMA for the 8GB MicroSD since it did not work.

    I used the LG-T310 to purchase those other items mentioned up above. Most sellers are not ready to sell accessories for this 800g Model. I believe the LG T310 is the european version of the 800g.

    Maybe I will try a 4GB also, Unless someone posts a brandor link that definitely works that’s an 8GB.

  44. Hi i wanted to know if anybody had problems with thier texting yet, what websites can u or cant u get to and how do u know and how do u know if u got an at&t sim or t-mobile thank u …..sorry for no punch im not use to this

  45. Just purchased LG800g at eBay for $36.99 last week, including shipping. Came with 20 minutes time installed. Activation through Tracfone took less than 30 minutes this morning through their website. Heard Tracfones’s inventory was quickly depleted through their website. Our Target Super Stores (in the Tampa, Fla area) carry the phone for $49.99 but they appear to be going quickly, also.

    • Joyce, is your phone active? This phone should update the date automatically through its network connection, but this will not happen if the phone is inactive or in a no-service area.

      • Can someone tell me how to change the date on the LG800G?
        Yes, my phone was activated today. In fact, I just turned it on and found that the date corrected itself. It had been showing July 20, now it is showing July 19.

  46. When placing a call and you need to “press 1” for this or “press 2 for that, there is no keypad on the screen — so how do you do that ??

    • Don, I believe that if you have a microSD card installed, you can change the default recording location to ‘external storage’ and this will allow you to record longer segments. Is that the info you were looking for?

  47. Can someone please tell me how these profile type shadow images appeared on my homescreen and how to make them go away. Thanx. I’ve had the lg800 for several months now and I really like it. Not sure how these contact profile thingys got there, they just appeared, and they have numbers on them. If I swish my finger by, they go away and then a bunch of other icons appear. Up to now I’ve had a clean screen with just my home screen photo. Please help

    • Hi Cis
      I’m not positive, but it kind of sounds like maybe you have added some widgets (shortcuts) to your home screen. To remove them, tap the red arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen, and then drag the icons down to the bar at the bottom of the screen.

      Also, be aware that there are actually two home screens – one for menu items, and one for contacts. Perhaps you were used to seeing the menu home screen, and then slid over to the contact home screen. You can easily switch between the two screens by swiping a finger across the width of the touch screen when viewing the home sreen.

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