Motorola EX124g Review

Amid all the hype surrounding the new LG 800g touch screen phone, many users have been asking me when I will have a Motorola EX124g Review ready to publish. Unfortunately, I don’t know, but trust that I’ll be on top of it as soon as the phone is released. I don’t have a timeline for the release of this model yet, as usual, and Net10 isn’t tipping its hand either.

Further, I don’t know whether it will be Net10 only, or if we might also see the EX124g also for TracFone and/or Straight Talk. As I’ve said in other places, though, I am surprised that Straight Talk has waited this long to release another touch-screen device after the Samsung Finesse proved to be so very popular. Perhaps the Motorola EX124g is that touch-screen device people will be looking for on Straight Talk.

I was pleasantly surprised by the low cost of the LG 800g, and I am hopeful that the EX 124g will be similarly priced – hopefully well under $100. Also, here a list of expected features based on FCC filings and other information:

  • 3.2-inch touch screen display
  • 3.0 megapixel camera with video recording
  • Music player (as well as Mpeg4 video playback)
  • FM Radio
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Bluetooth

Just like the LG 800g, this will be a GSM-based device, operating on network coverage provided by AT&T and T-Mobile. At this point, the big differences between the two touch-screens, based on the tech specs alone, are a higher-resolution camera and FM radio on the Motorola. Another big question mark is how easy it might be to add Java apps to the Moto, as I’ve already heard of people adding a handful of useful apps to the 800g.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but rest assured that I’ll get to work on a full Motorola EX124g review as soon as the phone comes out. When I do, I’ll publish the reviews on my blog, and also update this page with links to any further info I find about this phone.



Straight Talk

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  1. What about earlier reports that the Motorola EX124g had a “Stylus”? Personally, I don`t need a stainless steel toothpick to get lost. I would hope my finger tips would be adequate.

  2. What about the new Touch Screen Samsung Phone that was approved by the FCC for Tracfone/Net 10/ Straight Talk about the same time as the LG800g and the Motorola EX124g. Any news on that phone?

    • Personally, I have the LG900. Thinking about getting my dad a touch screen and there have been a lot of reports on the LG800 of not being able to receive texts


      • I’ve had the new LG900 for 5 days now and have received the same text more than 25 times since last night. I can’t get any other texts to come through. I just got off the phone with Tracfone and they know there are issues and are sending me the EX124 (Motorola) as a replacement phone. I am not impressed at all it is already faulty after only 5 days…

    • Nancy,
      It’s a software/hardware bug in the LG800G.
      It can take a few days to trigger it,. Some hit it in hours, some still haven’t after weeks.

    • I dont think the Samsung Phone is for tracefone or net10 just Straight Talk but it is 3G/WiFi Connectivity.
      samsung t528g

  3. Hi PBush

    Are you going to do the LG 500g review? Alot of people seems to be having text-not-receiving problem for the LG 800g. I have not heard any complaints about the 500g yet though.

    If possible, please also include the camera review, is there a big difference since 800g is 2mp whereas 500g is 1.3mp.


    • I have an LG800, and I repeatedly get the same message over and over again. After about 24 hours all of my previous messages finally come in. I called Net10. and they are replacing my LG800 with the Moto-EX124, for free.

  4. Heard 1 of the difference between this phone and tthe LG 800G is the Keyboard. The 800 ony alouds Full Virtual Keyboard during Text but not Browsing and this one has it for both.

    • They stagger the releases so that they can sell a lot of each model, and then offer an upgrade that you just cannot resist.

      • I wish I was still young enough to get all that excited about a pre-paid Cell Phone! For some of us, just a simple device to both make and receive occasional phones calls is sufficient. After you`ve turned 50, you really don`t have much use for a “smart phone”. All this uploading, downloading, texting, tweeting,ring tone capacity,micro chip memory storage, etc is just not necessary. Battery life, 4 bars reception, and easy functionality is pretty much all thats required. Otherwise, just break down, buy an iPhone and get a contract for a $100. plus a month from either Verizon or AT&T. You pay…you get, you (don`t) pay…you don`t get, very simple!

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  6. The only touchscreen device that I have is my Zune HD which is capacitative.

    I’m hoping that the Motorola EX124g touchscreen works well just using your fingertips. I don’t think that I would purchase a phone that required a stylus to operate, so please address this issue in your review. thanks

    • Jack, perhaps the new Motorola EX124g can be used with (either) the Stylus “or” ones fingertips. If so, no problem. The stainless steel Stylus would then become a handy reusable “toothpick” until it is eventually lost or misplaced.

      • I had the Palm Centro (which has a stylus), and I did not need to use the stylus, and I do have “big” hands. I only keep the stylus in case I decide to sell the phone online (as I am with net10 now)…

  7. Looks to me that the Samsung T528g will be the best bet for a soon to be released Net 10 or Straight Talk Touchscreen Phone whenever that happens, perhaps later this summer. I`m going to wait it out.

  8. I`m simply going out of my mind waiting for TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk to release both the Motorola EX124g and the Samsung T528g. I just don`t know how much longer I can endure this. I might go crazy or just go see Tech & Talk over at the Metro PCS Store and eat some Curry!

    • Curry… hmm…
      I am feelin the same way phil!
      It’s almost June, though, and supposedly, mid-June is our magic “date” :)

  9. I have to say I haven`t had a good night`s sleep in months awaiting these new Phones. Its simply “horrible”! I just wish I could “fast forward” the Calendar to mid-June already. And then what happens if those (rumors) don`t come true and we must wait until July or August, then what? I might have to have my fingers amputated due to the blistering on the tips caused by all my Texting! I wonder if those Touch Screens wear out after you Text or Tweet a million times? I know I`ve worn the buttons off lots of my old phones or they simply fell out and were no longer legible.

  10. I was afraid of that. I’m just looking for something a little more friendly for my large thumbs than my R355c from straight talk. The video play back sounded nice too… ANY other cdma models have that feature? or is tracfone fasing the cdma out completely?

  11. I`m leaning a bit more towards the Samsung T528g over the Motorola EX124g both being similar Touch Screen Phones depending on their performance and reception. I don`t think the Samsung comes with the Stylus. But, if the Motorola proves to be a better phone then the Samsung and can be used (without) the Stylus, I will use the Stainless Steel Toothpick to floss after eating Chicken Wings.

    • You made the comment, so what else is new? By the time pbush Posts the information, the Phone will be discontinued, LOL

      • What?
        I guess that person who said that in a forum was confused… it’s obviously not out.
        Stupid person.

  12. Colleen, now lets be Nice! The phone will be released eventually when it has been declared obsolete by both AT&T and T-Mobile, Not Before. Mid June is almost here. Maybe that so called “magic date” will arrive. If not, I`m sure it will be Mid July, or Mid Aug, or Mid Sept, or… get the idea.

    • I am sorry.
      I don’t remember writing “stupid person”, so I was obviously distracted. That was very rude of me.
      Thanks Phil :)

    • They can’t be right?
      ST’s deviceanywhere tutorials sure make it look like it’s only touch… I wish it did have a side slide though…

  13. I hope the phone does (not) have a slide out slide out QWERTY key board. It will make the phone both thinner and lighter. Most iPhone users that I know have no complaints that they don`t have a pull out key board.

    • I just used an iPhone this pass weekend. I hated it to tell the truth. Not the features of course but the way the keyboard. Of course if I was to use it for a full month I would get the hang of it but when you first get it. O_O

  14. Colleen, I too viewed the Tutorial Page and in fact it does indicate a virtual keyboard. I can`t fathom how they would be able to make such a significant change to the same model phone. Time will tell but I trust that the ST page is correct and the other posting is incorrect.

    • *phew!*
      I was kinda excited and kinda worried.
      I love the look of side-sliders, but that would change everything I knew/was ready for about the phone.

      It’s almost here, riiiight?????
      I’m so excited- I have over $100 saved up solely for this phone (and stuff for it- hopefully it won’t be that expensive)

    • Well you have to realize when the LG 800 review was up it on ST it had a Keypad Keyboard to Text not a Virtual Keyboard. So that’s not exactly being wrong if there not admitting it has a QWERTY Slider that just omiting the truth a little.

  15. If the phone gets launched in July or August I plan on putting aside enough funds from my Social Security Cheque to purchase this phone too. I might even have enough money left over to purchase a cute case or sleeve protector/screen saver.

      • I really hope it comes out soooooooon!!!
        I am so tired of not having a cell phone.
        For communication purposes. I have no way of contacting my bus besides email. Which is irritating.

  16. Patience is a virtue. Perhaps you can stay calm through practicing Yoga. I`ve heard that good things come in small packages, sorta like these cute new phones, but a wise old man once told me, “so does poison”. I`m sure these new devises will be released sometime this summer, certainly before school opens.

    • Lol
      I have decided that when the phone comes out, it does. For now, I am working on getting my summer work done.

  17. Hi!

    Ok, it is time to review the EX124g! My LG 800G only 5 days old, stopped receiving text messages. I contacted Customer Service and was told that the 800G has an Internal Technical Programming Error and it can not be fixed. So they are sending me the EX 124G as a replacement.

    Your reviews and tweeks are so appreciated, and have helped me so much on the 800G. I had gotten to really like the 800G. Unfortunately the 800G has not done well for me.

    Reading your 800G review and the people in there have not said a word about this, but rather have had their for weeks. Oh well, woe is me.

    Thanks so much, Tom!

    • They are sending you a Moto Ex124g?
      Meaning it is out? I don’t understand what the last paragraph says…

      • Oh- wait.
        Does the last paragraph mean that no one else seems to have had any problems with the 800g?
        (I like understanding what people are saying even if it is completely irrelevant to me)

  18. Yes Colleen!

    They are replacing my LG 800G with the Motorola EX124G, so I think it would be out for TracFone, then.

    The last paragraph, apparently I did not explain myself clearly, that I have not heard of the problem of not receiving texts in 800G weblog from just the people that have commented in there.

    • I checked TracFone and Net10’s sites, and neither have it up as a new phone or for sale.
      Maybe it is about to come out, so they are sending it to you?
      Let us know how you like it!
      Thanks for responding so quickly!

    • Tom, do you have an expected arrival date on that EX124g yet? I wonder if they’d send me that one as well – my 800g hasn’t had issues with text messages yet, but I’m beginning to think it will…

      Do you know if there’s any particular action with the 800g that causes the error to present itself?

      • Hi pbushx2!

        I expect some time later this week. No, I do not know why it just stopped receiving text messages, or any particular action that may have caused it. May it was because I touched it, lol.

        Thanks, Tom!

      • This was posted today (6/28 on HOFO):

        “Posted on another TracFone Blog recently, this Texting problem with the LG800g phone has become a serious issue. One Poster was told by TracFone that that there (is) a glitch with some electronic component of this particular phone. It was serious enough for TracFone to exchange the LG800g Phone with a NEW Motorola EX124g Phone at (no extra charge) despite the fact that its a new Phone not even available yet and has a suggested retail price of $100, double the cost of the LG800g. For TracFone to make that kind of offer, you know that there definitely is a problem with this (LG800g) Phone. If I had these issues, I`d call TracFone right now and have my Phone exchanged with the new Motorola EX124g, right away!”

  19. Hey!
    Best Buy says it’s coming soon for Net10!
    I don’t understand why they haven’t said anything about it…
    For the Lg800g, stores didn’t say a thing about it until after many had it from tracfone…
    I hope this is really it!

    • Thanks for the heads-up, guys. This is exciting!
      And – no “stylus” is listed on the “what’s included” section!

      • Do you think it’s going to be worth $100?
        It makes me nervous that the Lg800g has problems and was set at $50 for best buy at first.
        My bf said I shouldn’t, but I am still getting it (through him lol)

    • Holy Crap!

      It is a $100. I only paid $36 for my 800G. I sure hope it is as good as the 800G, obviously before the problem I had. I was really getting to like the 800G. One thing I found out from Customer Service about the 124G, is that it has a 70 page owners manual that comes with it, so maybe it will not be so hard to find things out about it, like the 800G.

      Thanks, Tom!

  20. Why does BestBuy have it on their site but TracFone and Net10 don’t?
    Could this be a sneaky way of releasing the phone without having it sell out immediately?

  21. Colleen. TracFone, Net 10, and Straight Talk only hope they can sell out their entire Inventory quickly! Business`s are not interested in (saving) supplies of merchandise but rather sell out and re-order if an item proves to be popular. If a few feelings get hurt due to (back order) and temporary supply issues, so be it. They want to sell, sell, sell! Keep yourself posted for a QVC or HSN Special within the next few days. I would not be surprised if they ran a Special offering this new Phone with a package of accessories and minutes to jump start its release.

  22. I’ve have had problems with my Lg 800g as well, I was receiving spam texts of the exact same text and at the same time I could not receive any other texts. So I contacted tech. support, to make a long story short, 6 hours and one week later I called them again and spent another 3 hours on the phone with them, tech. support said they would have to send me a new phone. I asked if it would be the same phone and they replied that there are so many problems with the Lg 800g that they would not send me another for fear of it not working properly; the replacement phone I am receiving is the Motorola Ex124g. I will receive the phone in 3-5 business days. Hopefully by the end of the week. :)

    • I just had the same talk with Net10 customer service. I have a Lg 800g also, and I am not being able to receive msgs, I am now receiveing old msgs from last week over and over again. I just don’t read them. They are replacing my phone with a Motorola Ex124g. But I don’t see that phone on their website yet. Maybe it’s about to come out. I can’t wait!

  23. The texting problem on the 800g is a well known issue according to the net 10 and tracfone facebook pages. Not all of them do it but they should recall it. I can’t believe this new phone is going to cost twice as much as the 800g! On the Best Buy site is just says coming soon–it is not available to order. I am really looking forward to getting it–hope there are no problems with it.

  24. Tracfone is in the process of re-doing their site, hopefully they will also re-do their offerings and pricing.

    If you would like to Google and gain some background on the “parent” model of the 124, it is the Motorola Model EX128. You will find the 124 is missing features found on the 128.

    • Well, for one, it won`t have the quad-band / duel SIM Card to allow 2 different phone numbers to be forwarded to the same phone. I do hope it will have that (cute) stylus. Besides looking very important “ticking” off your inputs on the TouchScreen, (until you loose or misplace it), it eliminates the need to ask your server in a Restaurant to provide you with a Toothpick which are getting more difficult to obtain nowadays. The “stylus” makes (flossing) fun!

  25. Hey Pbush,
    I have been seeing so many comments and reviews from people saying that they hated the phone, it sucked, and they are getting (or have gotten) the Ex124G as replacement…
    And that the Lg800G is being discontinued?
    is this all true? Really sucks for the 800g, eh?

    • I love my Lg800g phone, besides the issues with receiving txt msgs, I love that phone. Too bad I need to give up on it. Getting it replaced with motorola ex124g by NET10, since lg800g is having lots of issues with txts. I hope the new phone is the same or better than my lg.

  26. Since LG is a major supplier of Phones to the TracFone Wireless Corporation along with Samsung, they (LG) are very concerned that they released an obvious defective product. It may force TracFone to reconsider purchasing more new Phones from other Manufacturers like Motorola and Nokia who have never been major suppliers to TracFone. Needless to say, LG is (very) nervous and their TracFone dedicated Sales Manager is not sleeping well these nights. On a positive note, Tracfone users may soon find a whole new line of Phones offered from new Manufacturers. Colleen, be happy you held off and waited for your upcoming Motorola EX124g which hopefully won`t have all these issues. Whether it`s a Car purchase or a Cell Phone, “Buyers Regret Sucks”.

    • I am glad!
      I’m just jealous of all those people who have their moto’s already…
      Maybe it will come out for the rest of us this week.
      Would it be a good or bad move to release a phone on a holiday weekend?
      Thank you, Phil, for your ceaseless knowledge on all of this :)

    • Never? You must be (Relatively) new to Tracfone. Back when they started most of the phones were Nokias.
      I still have 3 different Nokias at the house including my 5165, a 2285, and anotner that I don’t remeber the model.

      I’ve also had several Motorolas, including the V170 that I just replaced.

  27. There are reports from Tracfone that the EX124G would be avalable to purchase if they did not have to use their stock to replace defective LG 800G`s. It is speculated that all 800`s are affected, but you won`t know it till you do whatever it is thet sets off the multiple text received problem.

    But what if you learn to use this function in the future and then the phone is no longer under warrenty? Should you not now request the free swap for the MUCH more expensive 124? It`s like getting the 124 for half price or even less (plus: the free activation minutes/days added to the 800`s remaining airtime – the abality to reuse a bonus code).

  28. Pbush should be receiving FREE phones from Tracfone to review. Reviews benefit Tracfone sales. Why not try for a replacement of the 800 with the 124 and get a headstart on a review for everyones benefit?

  29. tracfancier, your absolutely right, but until or if Pat becomes a “paid” TracFone Reviewer, there would always appear to be a conflict of interest if the Phones were provided for Free or even before they were launched for retail sale. Just as Consumer Reports (always) purchases their vehicles “retail” at different Dealerships so that the cars are not “specifically prepared or selected” for favorable review, and afterwards, resold, regardless of the outcome of the testing. Pat remains completely Independent by buying his TracFone, Net10 and Straight Talk Phones through ordinary channels and then disposing them as he sees fit. This allows for a much more “fair and balanced review”, unlike Fox News Network. At least, thats what Karl Rove told me….LOL

  30. I just wanted to add that I got the LG 800g and also had a problem with texting. My phone isn’t able to receive texts at all. I should have my EX124g by the middle of the week! I can’t wait for it. I really loved the 800g and was so disappointed when I found out it was defective.

  31. Here is a report from Turk forum posted 7/3 that does not specify Net10 or Tracfone. Others report its not at every WalMart:

    rotryrkt – Today, 12:46 PM
    Just wanted to let you all know it’s here!!! I picked one up at Walmart yesterday. Got it activated and so far am very satisfied. Price is $79.88. Went in to buy an LG800g and the manager was just unpacking the first shipment of Moto EX124g’s. I’ll post again when I have checked it out more.

  32. Hooray! Can you imagine, the new Motorola EX 124g TouchScreen Phone has finally landed at Walmart for (only) $79.95, WOW! And on July 4 th, too. Is it a co-incidence or what? Independence Day and a Brand New Phone. I need to go out an Celebrate! Now, lets get some quick Feedbacks and see what issues and problems present themselves before we all have an orgasm. Ohh, I`m so damn excited. I do believe that very soon we will replace Religious Worship with Cell Phone Worship. It has a Stylus too, OMG! What more can one ask for. At least thats what the TracFone Tutorial shows, thank God for that.

  33. PBush2
    I have two LG 800g phones and I don’t do that much text messaging. So what I, and others like me, need to know is are there any other issues with the LG 800g? That is have you found or heard of any other things that would cause trouble with making and receiving calls? I really like the LG 800g and will keep them if the texting is the only problem. I have seen on some reviews of stylus type phones that you need, or have to use, the stylus on the smaller keys. That would be a “NO SALE” for me Thanks JMC

    • I have been having a very limited problem with my LG800 dialing Voice Mail on its own. It seems to do this somehow when I am using the mp3 player, near the end of use. I cannot tie down exactlky what I am doing when it happens.

    • Not sure I trust the Wontek “review” as it’s dated March. So, did they actually have one?
      I can’t watch YouTube at work ti check the video.

      But it would appear to contridict what you say in the next post.

      I’ve used resistive touch screens far more than others. They have been the norm for decades. Like the pads at the register in stores, and a lot of ATMs, even the touch pads on laptops. Oh, and the MP3 player (which included a stylus) I just replaced with a LG500G

      Some take a heavier touch than others but none have been that bad. Certainly not as much force as actual keys take on my PC keyboards or even the LG500G. They do take some getting used to, and if you are comming form a light touch (or worse, a cap-sense screen) it may be frustraton at first.

      If I had not just got the LG500G, I’d certainly try the EX124g. (Even better get a LG800G with triple minutes from eBay and then get it replaced with the EX124g)

      • I am 58 and although I usually check alas, I didn’t and just got the HSN triple minute lg800 from EBay. I have used my tracfone moto 376w for years. Without one issue. I am a casual user looking for an easier way to text. Not T9. So I bought this. I was looking for manual and found this site. I have not activated the phone yet. Do I have to go through all that and port my number to get a different phone and get the text problem or just ask for a different phone? One without the texting issues?

      • Donna, I would activate it and get the triple minutes going. Maybe you’ll be lucky an not have a bad LG800G? I don’t know that everyone is bad.

        But, even if bad I think it’s worth the hassle to activate and then get a replacement just for the triple minutes. That a sweet deal. Not sure the details but you should be able to get the triple minutes swapped to the replacement.

        I’m real tempted to get the LG500G w/ triple minutes from eBay and I just got my current LG500 for father’s day.

  34. I am so confused. I looked at the Motorola 124G on the tracfone website yesterday and decided I would wait till today whether to purchase it or not. I get back on the website today using the same zip code as yesterday and the phone isn’t even shown anymore. I am quite frustrated. Was it discontinued after being out for such a short time? And when I want to try to contact Tracfone about it you have to enter your phones serial number which I can’t do since I ran over my previous phone with a lawn mower.

  35. I too called Tracfone and they will be sending me the EX124G replacement. One thing to think about is a strong ball pen ,with a clicker to retract the pen, should work as a stylus. I don’t see a problem there. Also yesterday for my zip code the 124 was available. Today it is not in the list of phones. I think they are in the replacement mode and have to use what they have in stock for replacement. I look forward to getting my 124.

    • I have never used the phone it’s self so only thing I can do is take someone else’s opinion of the phone. Yea different people are going to have differnt aspect of what tthey like or don’t but it’s really gon come down to you. The thing is whether people did or didn’t point out the stylus thing the point is the phone has one so the Manufacture most of build the phone to be more accessible wiith it then with out it. I used Androids, iPod/Phone Touch and really don’t think I’ll be happy going that far backwards with this phone. Still gon check out his Review though but as of now I’m stixking with my LG 900.

      • Coming from cap-sense devices like the Droids and iPhone you’re unlikely to like the older resistive touch.

        Doesn’t mean they are bad, just different. I have a resistive TS on my MP3 player and never had an issue with the screen. It came with a stylus too, but I never needed it. I have several laptops with resistive touch pads, and my son’s Nintendo DS has a resistive touch pad.

  36. Correct me if I`m wrong, but don`t (non) TouchScreen Phones that utilize push buttons, operate on a finger tip resistance system of pressure being applied to make data entries? Duh…………

  37. Just recd my replacement for tthe LG800. Zero problem w/ touchscreen. Actually, lighter touch than the 800. No need to use the stylus. And I have a big hand…

  38. Received my EX124G replacement phone from Tracfone yesterday and activated it last night. It’s a nice phone. You can use both fingers and the included stylus on the keys. It’s easier to use the stylus on the QWERTY key pad but my fat fingers do work. The signal strength is much better than my defective LG800G. Excellent sound and voice quality. The camera is fantastic for a cell phone. Excellent resolution and very good highlight to shadow dynamic range. The one “feature” that anoys me most is having to hit the power button and drag the dot into the circle to take the phone out of hibernation. A pain !!

    More as I learn how to operate it,


    • Got mine too,,
      I like it better than the LG800.
      I find it quicker coming out of hibernation than “press and hold to un-lock”
      Good sound quality.
      I have a 32 gb sd card in, and it brings up my pics. quickly.
      Picture quality is a lot better as well.
      I download them to laptop bluetooth, and compared the two different phone images.
      I don’t think most will use the stylist.
      A great Tracfone!

    • Don, I accidently found out how to get rid of having to drag the dot into the circle to unlock the phone. Go to Settings / Security / Auto Keypad Lock and set it to OFF. It still goes black and auto locks just like it did before, but all you have to do to wake it up on your home screen (or the last screen you were on) is hit the power button. Makes it wake up just like the LG800g did.

  39. One needs to “press and hold to un-lock” to awake a TouchScreen Phone out of (hibernation)? WTF, I thought only Rip Van Winkle and Bear`s went into “hibernation”? I hope they always make available simple to use “Dumb” Cell Phones for idiots like myself…damn! I`m calling AT&T and see if I can special order a land line (Dial Telephone). You know, on the other hand, you probably don`t……….click……click………click!

  40. Does anyone know the rate for normal text messaging on the EX124g with Tracfone? I currently have the W376g which is 0.3 min to send or to receive a text. I’m in a noisy work enviroment … I tend to text more than talk, so texting rates are important to me. Thanx.

  41. tracfancier, LOL, good point, how could I have forgotten! It appears that there is a similarity between Punxsutawney Phil (the Ground Hog) seeing his shadow being a good indicator if Spring is on its way or more harsh Winter ahead. Much like seeing the shadow of the next generation of a “Feature/Smart Phone” and wondering how much aggravation and glitches will be in store for the lucky purchasers of those new devices. I guess thats what makes life (interesting). I`m awaiting my activation and “porting” of my phone number from Metro PCS in a few weeks once my automatic pre-paid $40 subscription runs down to week #3 on this months commitment and then anticipate my new Summer love affair with my TracFone LG 290c. Since I do enjoy “Slider Hamburgers, both White Castle and Krystal`s” ,I feel this “Slider Phone” may be just as enjoyable. I`m almost giddy with excitement and don`t know who I want to call or Text first! After my 10 year affair with TracFone, Net 10, and Straight Talk, I`m looking forward to continuing our “relationship”. Hopefully neither of us will require, counseling.

  42. the new Motorola EX124g is now available on Tracfone…..okay now waiting for the reviews to come. Hopefully they will be better than the LG800g. Before I get a new phone I’ll wait for all the reviews to come in and the dust has settled (went back to my old LG600g from the LG800g)

  43. I`m starting to worder how Tracfone is going to weather all these problems they have incurred with this latest attempt to modernize their phone offerings. So few seem happy with the phones or their experience. This seems like an unusual amount of discontent.

  44. Received my EX124g 3 days ago as the replacement of LG800g. Both phones are using AT&T service. EX124g has much worse signal reception than LG800g, contrary to reports by others. My EX124g arrived from Tracfone with no retail packaging, just a plain cardboard box and no manual/sheet of any kind. The screen is bigger than LG800g and seems to have higher resolution too. Camera and camcorder are both better. I was not able to transfer contact list from LG800g. I finally ended up transferring 1 contact at a time using bluetooth. Phone is bigger and thicker. Nice non-slip surface to hold when compared to LG800g’s slick (bad) surface. Stylus often is necessary because the virtual keyboard and many icons are much smaller than those on LG800g – that is a pain. Touch screen required hard presses to operate at the beginning but got easier soon. “Flicking” does not work as well as LG800g, and often mistakenly selects the choice under your finger tip. EX124g’s screen does not vibrate with your touch (LG800g does to give good tactile feedback). Overall, both phones are about equal. When more reviews are available and If the consensus is that EX124g should have better signal reception, then I must have a lemon. I will ask Tracfone for an exchange.

  45. I had the same problem with the 800G – tracfone sent me a replacement of the motorola EX124G. This phone did not come with the “stylus” or service guide – only in a cardboard box. No instructions on how to send back the defective 800G. I have small fingers and find the keyboard very hard to use. I think perhaps if I used a q-tip – maybe that would work. Not too happy with this phone. I will be sending both back. I would not purchase this phone. Especially if you have to use the stylus to text.

  46. Personally, I would not consider this phone if you are a “texter”. The keyboard is extremely tiny. The smallest of fingers would have a difficult time. Seriously, It is not a practical phone for texting. I am a texting person as well and this phone has me thinking that I need to take it to the driveway and run over it! Not happy with this phone at all. And yes, you could use the “stylus” pen but is that really practical to carry it everywhere?? I received this phone as a replacement to tracfone’s 800G – Please note that this replacement phone (EX124G) comes WITHOUT the manual & stylus.

    • Hi Michelle
      I agree that texting is difficult, although it is certainly made easier by turning the phone sideways to a horizontal position. And the stylus is included, but tucked neatly into the upper right-hand corner of the phone. So far I’m not a big fan of the EX124g, but I think that it might please some people.

      • Okay, so I agree. Yes, if you turn the phone sideways, it is much easier if you use (the keyboard) with the stylus (thanks on the infor where to locate btw). I have decided to keep this phone until TF comes out with something else more like the 800G (or a fix). I liked the 800G – it is a shame they did not “test” it before it was released.

  47. Just talked to Tracfone, they actually called me. I have been having tons of issues with my LG800G regarding texting. I wanted this phone the very first time I layed eyes on it just to find out it’s a piece of crap.
    Well Tracfone is sending me the New MotoEX124G to replace my LG800G. I sure hope it does a better job. At least it has a FM radio, and I like that it’s a tilt/shake phone also.
    We will see how much of an improvement this touchscreen Tracfone is..

  48. I think tracfone did the best it could under the cercumstances. I am with tracfone because i dont want to spend the that much money for a cell phone. I don’t exspect an ipone or what ever.

    I paid 37.00 shipped for my 800g from ebay so that tells you my price range. So it was a great value, until i could not text.

    It only took a few days to get my ex124g, which i appreciated.


    I have to say after having this phone for 2 days i am a little disappointed. It is an ok phone. I would give it a 7 out of 10. I dont know why they made the widgets so hard to use. I dont want to use a stylus to work a phone. I love having a mp3 player, but why are the widgets for the player control on the home screen soooooo small.

    The 800g was a great little phone for me. The widgets were big, easy to use, and i liked the way it looked.

    It was an one process operation to unlock the phone. Press and hold the unlock button. Now on the 124g i have to press the power button on the side then swipe the screen.

    no big deal unless you are using it as an mp3 player in the car. I dont know. i guess i am satisfied. I prob will see if i can get them send me another 800g when or if they get the issue fixed.

    Just my 2 cents.

  49. I have been a TracFone user for the past 6 years and I must admit that I still have my original Nokia 1100. It was time to move up to bigger and better so I ordered the Motorola EX124g this weekend. Looking at the various entries on this site, the phone seems to have mixed reviews. Nonetheless, this site has been very helpful to me in learning about the EX124g before it arrives. I am expecting it on Thursday of this week. Please keep the reviews and tips coming. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    • DAG, if the Motorola EX124g is a major upgrade for you, and your first Tracfone touchscreen, then you will probably really like it! Most of my complaints are comparing it to the LG800g which I really liked, and which (to me) seems more user configurable and user friendly than the Motorola. But the Motorola does seem to be a quality phone, and compared to the LG, has a better camera, better video, and an FM radio. I still haven’t decided which one to keep, and each time I play with the Motorola I get the feeling it is a better quality phone than the LG, but then each time I pick up the LG, I just like it better than the Motorola. The deciding factors for me will be if I am definitely able to keep the triple minutes, and if the Motorola works as well or better than the LG800g in regards to reception and voice quality. BUT if Tracfone told me today the LG texting flaw had been fixed, I would just keep my LG.

      On the other hand, I do really miss that flashlight on my old Nokia 1100…

  50. Colleen, there is no reason you have to go without a phone until some of these new ones come out.

    Do you have an old Verizon phone? If so you can activate it on H20 cdma and get free 100 min upon activation. Enough maybe to tie you over?

    Also some of the bundles on Tracfone site are $20 with free airtime card and there is a $5 coupon also (GI2011). So you could get a phone for $15 and up to 5 mos service.

    • M, I’ve been hearing more about h20 lately, but I’ve never used them because I live in a roaming area based on their coverage map. What is your experience with their roaming areas? Have you tried Page Plus? I wonder how Page Plus and H20 compare, as I am planning to activate an Android phone on Page Plus very soon to try it out.

      Based on what I’ve read on H20’s site, they don’t offer data (or if they do, it is very expensive), and texting is expensive.

      All that being said, I think you have a good point that H20 might be a good stop-gap solution for a few weeks or a month with there 100 free minutes.

      • Hi pbushx2, I have tried Page Plus and also H20 cdma for Verizon mvnos and I have home coverage with both of them where I live.

        PP offers roaming at least for calls AFAIK, albeit at a higher rate.
        Lots of people use androids and such on PP but they are not officially supported by PP. Some people disable data or put apps on it to control data usage and use wifi if possible.
        Their TNT plan is a good deal with 1200 min, 2000 txt and 100 MB data at $30 a month.

        H20 cdma does not offer data AFAIK, but MMS are possible.

        I have activated two old Verizon phones (on their website) and got the 100 free minutes but not sure how long the expiration date is on that.

        If you need data I would definitely go with PP.

  51. Here is more on my failed attempt to transfer contact list from LG800g to EX124g. I first backed up my contact list on LG800g to a micro SD card as a VCF file. Then I put the card into the EX124g. Under “My Folder”, then “Memory Card”, then “Others”, the VCF file should be there. I clicked on it and it asked if you want it to be used as contact. Confirmed and the phone loaded the file. So far so good, I thought. Then I clicked on the contact list. Only the first contact of the VCF file was imported. Finally, I had to pair up the 2 phones using bluetooth. Then chose contacts on LG800g one at a time, and used “Send Business Card via”, then chose “bluetooth”. EX124g then asked for confirmation for the transfer. That was a slow process but better (and more accurate) then manually keying in the contacts. If anyone has successfully used a quicker method, please share for the benefit of others.

    • Fred, does the Moto have and option to backup/restore the contact list?
      Or maybe send the whole list via BT (The LG500G does).

      I’d play with the Moto’s options and see what I could find, and then look at the format it uses when backing up the contacts.

      That’s how I figured out the LG. I manually entered a few contacts then did a backup and looked at the resulting file on a computer.

    • fredf, after a lot of trial and error, here is the process for transferring contacts that I stumbled upon before you posted your info. At least, the parts I can remember after my late night success. I remember selecting all of the contacts from a list on the LG800g, then transferring them via bluetooth to the Motorola. Then I went to the My Folder / Phone / Received folder, selected each contact one at the time and selected Use As Contact from a menu. Still tedious, but they were all transferred to the Motorola in one bluetooth transfer, so it might be a little easier.

      But in the Motorola, you can only assign 3 phone numbers to a contact instead of 4, you cannot set a default number, and there is no memo field. So you will have quite a bit of editing to do on some contacts and will have to add some new ones and manually entered the numbers that got “lost” on contacts with 4 phone numbers…

      • Thanks, Jill. Looks like LG800g is doing things right. It is just the EX124g that is “defective” and can only add one contact at a time.

      • Those who are going to use phones with sim cards, there is on the net a number available sim card copiers. Just type “simcardreader” in a search engine and you shuuld be able to find a sim card reader to copy all contacts for 10-20 dollars. GOOD LUCK.

  52. Thomas: I checked the vcf file on the card. It contained the full contact list. I did not find any other way to access the file from the EX124g other than from “My folder”.

    • I’m sure the file you copied form the LG was correct.

      What I mean is look on the Moto and see what options it has for backing up contacts and what file format it creates.
      Also look for optu=ions to sync contacs as that might be a solution.

      The manuals are light on info, so it may take some playing around/experimenting.

  53. Just found a neat trick on the Motorola EX124g that makes the small portrait qwerty quite usable, even with a fingernail (vs the stylus). When you hit a letter, it shows you a preview of which letter you are on, but the letter isn’t inserted into what you are editing until you lift your finger. So if you see the letter preview is not the letter you intended to hit, you can drag your finger until you see the correct letter previewed, then release it, and get the letter you wanted. Makes the small qwerty very functional once you get used to watching the preview before you lift your finger!

    On the larger landscape qwerty, however, this only works if you hit a letter on the top row; you can drag your finger to any letter on any row and it inserts it when you lift your finger. On the other 2 rows, if you see the preview is not the letter you wanted, you can still drag your finger off of the letter before you release it, and nothing will be inserted, then you can try again to get the right one.

    Also noticed the pressure it takes to use the touchscreen varies with the size of the object you touch it with. If you use your finger it takes more pressure, especially to swipe something. But if you use your fingernail, you have to just barely touch it. This is very helpful once you get used to it, especially for the qwertys and for dragging something.

    Still like the LG better, but at least this is something about the Motorola I do like!

    • Hi!

      No need to use your finger nail. The 124G has a stylus hidden in the phone. It is in the top right corner.,Look hard it is there and there is a little gap where you can catch on it, and pull it out. It is collapsible, so that it fits in the phone.


  54. To all with this phone (EX124G) – how is the battery life? How long before you have to put it on the charger?

  55. Well, after playing with the Motorola EX124g for a few days, fixing contacts, testing what I could, getting used to it; today I ran into the last problem I am going to have with it. It is not completely compatible with the Bluetooth on my 2010 car. It has the same compatability problem as my old Motorola W376g had – the address book will not sync with the cars bluetooth. The car tries to get the address book and the Motorola sends it but it never gets there. So I cannot call out using my car’s bluetooth, and if a call comes in my car can’t announce who it is.

    I found out I could send the contacts one at the time from the Motorola to my car and that worked, but when it tries to send them all at once it puts them into a single file that my car rejects. Probably related to the problem of how the Motorola won’t accept the address book file from the LG.

    After manually sending 3 contacts from the Motorola to my car, I decided I’d had enough. I’m going to return the Motorola and hang on to the LG300g. I’ve tried to overcome all the disappointments with the Motorola and had actually found a few things I liked, but this last problem was the last straw.

    When I called Tracfone to find out how to send the Motorola back, found out that they had deactivated my LG800g in their system on the day they sent me the Motorola. Although it was still working. So they had to reactivate it. Which made my minutes disappear and assigned a different phone number. But my original number still worked. So he gave me codes to put in to give me my minutes back and my old phone number.

    So now I am wondering: DID I LOSE MY TRIPLE MINUTES when Tracfone deactivated then reactivated the phone?? More @#$%! phone calls tomorrow…

    • Wow, that stinks. TracFone (and Net10) have a real problem on their hands with this fiasco. The real bummer is, the 800g seemed like as nice of a phone as the Moto, if not better, except for the texting issue of course.

      Were you able to get your lg 800g to play nice with the bluetooth in your car?

      • Oh yeah, the LG800g linked to my car’s bluetooth and uploaded the address book as soon as I paired it the first time. And the LG800g works with my 5 year old home phone-to-cell bluetooth adapter, two bluetooth dongles, a netbook with built-in bluetooth, a bluetooth headset, and a no-namebrand MP3 player from Walgreens with bluetooth file transfer. The only other phone to work with ALL my varied devices was the LG290C. The Motorola would link with everything but the netbook (the newest device) and the oldest dongle. It would link with the car but not transfer the address book in a format anything could use, which was critical to getting most of the features of the car’s bluetooth to work. Never tried it with the music player, however.

  56. Well my new Motorola EX124g arrived today. The transfer of my number and services went well. I started using the phone and tried all the various features. Suddenly, the screen went blank. I pressed the power button to turn the phone off and on. Still a blank screen. I removed the battery and replaced it. Still a totally blank screen. I can call the phone. It rings and I can answer, but the screen remains blank. Looks like I need to call TracFone unless anyone here has a suggestion. A bit frustated to say the least.

    • Wow, that stinks, I really feel for you. So far I’m not loving the EX124g. I think the LG did some things better, or perhaps many things better. Anyway, I think you are correct about needing to call TracFone. That is a real bummer!

  57. All the waiting and anticipation and now this………….! Once LG puts the (patch) on their defective LG800g Phones, it may well end up being the “darling” after all. Until then, guess the Jury is at rest.

    • Add together all the comments made on the LG 800G and compare that comment count to any other model current or past. Remember that old commercials line, “I`d rather fight than switch” ???

      • Or in the immortial words of Charlton Heston—a past president of the National Rifle Association, who was given to waving a cell phone over his head while declaiming, “You can have my LG 800G, when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers”—

  58. Here is a link for anyone who received the 124G without a user manual. I found it very helpful:

    Also, I spent several days trying to get tracfone to pay for the postage to send back the 800G (there were no instructions, or letter on how to return after receiving the replacement 124G) Finally, I spoke to someone who is sending an airbill (overnight) for me to return the phone (otherwise I was told that they could disable my replacement for not sending back the defective 800G).

  59. Looking for some help. The screen on my EX124 is working again. I downloaded Opera Mini browser. However, I can not find any icon on the phone to use it as my browser. I know it’s loaded but every time I press the browser button, it goes to the default browser. Any ideas on how to get to Opera Mini. The EX124 default browser is very slow and uses a limit screen. When I downloaded Opera Mini it worked once and was much faster, but now I can get back to it.

    Any ideas would be great.

    • DAG: I don’t have the phone with me. I did install Opera Mini. I think it is under “Games and Apllications”, then click on Java, then click on Opera Mini.

    • Hi DAG!

      Where did you go to download Opera Mini Browser and how did you do it. I tried everything, thru the computer, thru the phone, but it just will not do it.

      Thanks, Tom!

      • Tom,

        Below is the website for Opera Mini Browser.

        I would try it on our computer so you can see the steps involved before you load it on your EX124g.

        On the website click on “Read More” under the “Quick Install”. On the next screen, click on “Download Opera for Phones and Tablets”. That should get you rolling.

        Let me know if it works for you.

        Take care.

      • Well, my EX124g has officially died only two days after it arrived. The deadly black screen took over. I am not sure if it was a faulty phone or the Opera Mini browser I dowloaded. Either way, it is going back to TracFone and I am going back to my old phone. Disappointed! I had high hopes for the EX.

      • Tom,

        I would think twice about downloading Opera Mini. I believed it may have caused a black screen on my EX that could not be resolved. I had to send the phone back.

      • DAG,

        I don’t think Opera was the problem. It’s not the sort of fault software causes.

        If the problem survives the battery being pulled while the phone is on, then it’s a hardware fault.

  60. Thanks JLL for the screensaver tip. Makes life a lot easier. Also was able to change the display options in Settings-Phone-Display-Screen Saver-Waiting. For those buying a case, I found out the phone is the same size as the Blackberry Torch 9800 and Curve 3G and the Motorola Bravo Flipside. For those having trouble “fingering” the text messages, you might want to try to calibrate the touchscreen with the stylus. I normally carry a pen in my shirt pocket so I found a gell retractable pen with a smooth, rounded barrel that works well as a stylus with the pen retracted.

  61. I am having trouble with the screen on my EX124g going black. It seems to occur when I have been using the Opera Mini browser for an extended period. It’s difficult to get the screen to display anything. Has anyone else had a black out problem on their EX124g. If so, any suggestions on how to correct it.

  62. I received the phone yesterday as a replacement for the LG800. Phone is nice enough, you don’t need the stylis if you don’t want to use it.
    I don’t like the contacts format. There is only room for one phone number per name. So if you want to list home and cell phones you have to make two entries. Maybe I’ll find out different after some more time to play around. Anyone know how? I haven’t figured out yet how to add e-mail addys.
    Understand I’m not a text, phone nut! I use my phone mainly for when I’m away from the home phone. So a game to pass time in Dr’s office or whatever was a nice diversion with the LG800. I liked “Slider” There are NO games in the Motorola.
    I loved my old Motorola 376g but wanted a better camera. Now I have a better camera, video and other stuff I probably won’t use. I have to get used to the smeary touch screen too. I hoped this Moto would have my favorite ring tone, “Dancer!” that was in the 376g. No such luck.. Does anyone know how to copy ring tones from one phone to another? Or How to move the Web icon from the corner where I’ve already started the web when I hit the back button on a previous screen. Argggghh!
    No teen here but trying to keep moderately current, Fran

    • Hi Fran,
      While on the contact list, just click “Options”, then “Edit”. You will see entries for everything under the sun: land line, cell phone, fax, e-mail, birthday……..

      • Thanks, Fredf, but when I press options I only get these choices: Edit, send message or call.
        At first I assumed there was somewhere I could add additional info. The edit choice only allows for editing the name or number already inputed.
        Wonder why you have those options and I don’t?

      • fran, are you saving your contacts on your SIM card or on the phone? I believe you get a lot more options for your contacts, including multiple numbers for each contact, if you save them to your phone.

  63. i recently purchased the LG800g , it was an okay phone , it did however had problems with its text messaging alot , for instance , someone would message me and i wouldnt get it until sometimes hours later . It also recently got water damaged and i asked for a replacement but instead of sending me an LG800g , Net10 is sending me an Motorola EX124g , What are the pros/cons of this phone?

  64. JLL, Yes that was what I was doing! I changed to save contacts to the phone and the whole list showed up! Thanks.
    However, before I read your post, I was so disgested with the whole thing I called and asked for an exchange to the LG500!
    After 2 hours on the phone do I dare call and say I made a mistake and want to keep the Motorola EX124g? ….I don’t think so. They would probably erase all my minutes, my account and possiblally repo my old well loved motorola 376g!

    • Has anyone received a EX124 as a replacement and thought it might be a refurb (or used)? There are reports on other forums of receiving used Ex124`s. Speculation is that Trac may be reshipping the EX124 returns without checking them out in an attempt to cut losses associated with their two touchscreens.

    • Glad to hear they’ll exchange the LG500 for the LG800! I’m sending the Motorola back and sticking with the LG800 for now – haven’t had any new texting issues in a couple of weeks. But if they flare back up, I may think about the LG500g. Touch screens are nice, but so are QWERTY keypads, especially if the phone works.

      Looking at the price difference between the LG500 and the Motorola, looks like they’d be glad to substitute the LG500!

  65. My Motorola EX124g came as if tossed in the box, no air bill for return, no manual/guide like you ususally get, and no return envelope. It was not in the green/blue cryovac type package I’ve always received before. The only other thing in the box with the phone was a charger and a plastic recycle envelope that was addressed to Motorola.
    In fact now that it has been mentioned, there wasn’t even any tracfone promo material. Like someone in a hurry tossed it in the box, sealed it and sent it off.

    • Mine (replacement for LG 800g) arrived exactly as describe by Fran. Anyone actually received one in normal retail packaging?

  66. I don’t think they are used or refurbs. I think they are removed from the retail packaging so they cannot be sold as new.

      • I received mine the same way you all are talking about and I am wondering the problems i am having with the phone if they get the LG800G situation software solved when they will issue me a swap because this x124 may have more features but the hassles and problems are not worth it.
        I was on the phone with tracfone about the x124 problems i was having and they said that the x124 would have to be troubleshooted or they could issue me another x124 but the problems i am having would just be the same on the same model they would send. Like another user said they are now trying to blame us with Tracfone’s problems of not quality control checking these phones before they put them on the market.
        No doubt we are their testers and now they want to blame us for the product’s infalabilities and arent willing bring another model aboard to address tracfone’s phone lineup issues. This is poor service. I just want a decent phone for the price that actually works the way it should. Should a customer ask for anything less? I welcome input from tracfone or others. thanks!

  67. Looking for some advice. I received the Motorola EX124g from TracFone a few days ago. After activating the phone and using it for a few hours, the screen went blank and it was rendered useless. I suspect, but am not certain, that it may have something to do with downloadinng Opera Mini to use instead of the default browser on the phone. The specs on the LG mentions Java ME, but Java is not mentioned for the Motorola. I am wondering if that could be the problem as Opera Mini uses Java to operate so Java is downloaded along with Opera Mini.

    TracFone is sending me a new Motorola EX124g this week. Does anyone have advice about downloading Opera Mini on a cell phone to use as a web browser before I download it onto my new EX124g?

    I should note that I had the LG800g and downloaded a signed version of Opera Mini. It worked fine. Perhaps I need to use the signed version on the EX124g.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  68. I loaded both versions of Opera Mini (4.3 and 6.1) on my EX124G. No problems except a rapidly shrinking minute total. The 6.1 seems to be the best version. I logged onto the site from Google in the Tracfone browser then followed the links to the download.

  69. I have the motorola and im elated. Its a pretty good phone. The vertical and horizontal qwerty keyboard is great.

  70. Why do you (those who are complaining so much) stick with Tracfone if you have so many issues with them?
    I decided (after reading all of these reviews and comments) that I’m done with Tracfone, Net10, etc, and their phones.
    I am waiting for my Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V. It’s only $25/month for unlimited text/data, and 300 other minutes. Perfect. Plus, the phone is only $150… think of all the money you could save, Net10 unlimited card users!
    I was so excited about this phone, as you all know, but I am so disappointed.
    I’ll see ya later, Tracfone!

    • Would if I could. Had Virgin Mobile years ago when I lived in a different area, and they are much more pleasant to deal with. And now with their $25 unlimited text and web with 300 voice minutes, they’re hard to beat if that’s what you need. Plus you can buy an android if you want to, or a $10 phone. But now I live in a area with zero signal from Virgin Mobile, so Tracfone will have to do. One big advantage Tracfone has is that between AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon (and whoever their CDMA roams on), you can usually get a signal. Plus since I don’t use a phone or mobile web that much, I could get by on $6.67 a month IF I didn’t keep upgrading my phone. Keeps life interesting, though, especially with Tracfone…

      • That’s the problem w/ Virgin Mobile – coverage. People need to take a good look at their coverage map and realize that Virgin Mobile does NOT use the regular Sprint network. In Oklahoma, there is a LOT of uncovered area, and thus Virgin Mobile is not a good choice for me. I have family in several areas throughout the state, and I travel from time to time out of town and I need to be able to count on having service. AT&T provides that (i.e., Tracfone on AT&T). Otherwise, yes, the Virgin Mobile plans do look like good options – was looking at it before they jack up the rates (beyond Talk plans) on July 20th. But the lack of coverage is the deal breaker….

    • Good luck to you, Colleen. Android on Virgin Mobile is VERY appealing to me, especially at that price point, but my big problem is that the VM coverage in my area is very poor. And looking at the coverage map, I think that’s why a lot of people stick with Trac or Net10. But if it works for you, yes, Virgin has some very interesting phones and plans.

    • hi Colleen: our problems are not really with TRACFONE at all. It’s this new model of touchscreen phones. The phones themselves are defective. I LOVE tracfone and I also have an emergency NET10 that works in a rural area that straight talk, sprint, verizon, at &t wont work in.

      Most of us have had tracfone for years without a problem. : ) I dont want to diss tracfone or net10 when it is the phone manufacturer. Even other pricey gadgets have glitches when they first come out and they cost hundreds of dollars.

  71. Lol
    I might not have service at my house, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take at this point. I broke my phone in the beginning of April and am getting downright sick of not having one anymore.
    So I’m taking the chance and if I don’t have signal at home, boohoo. I’ll use my friend’s phone at home…

      • yes.
        i know its a good phone, and i will have coverage everywhere except my house. literally. i just live between two huge hills in a tiny valley, so ill have to walk a mile to get coverage if im desperaate. i have coverage at my parents house and at work…

        • Colleen,
          Looks like the phone you are getting has Wi-Fi,
          If you have wireless set up for your computers at home, you can get service through the Wi-Fi connection at home.

  72. Just because a few of us have had a problem with specific phones doesn’t t mean Tracfone is not a viable choice for us.

    The issue with the Motorola 124g was not a problem with the phone, but my displeasue with some of the feautues. One problem was that I had no manual. That was tracfones fault.
    I didn’t like having a touch screen. Not Tracfone’s problem. Poor choice on my part. Tracfone has agreed to replace the Morotorla with another phone.

    My costs are so reasonable, less that $9 per month. I don’t use the phone for internet, music or social contacts. But I have dependable service when I’m away from home. I’ve never had a dropped call, or other connection problems. So for my spending a bit of time getting set up is an acceptable trade-off for the savings.
    I tried another standard phone company provider for a cell phone and I wouldn’t do that again for anything! I spent as much time trying to get set up, but I had to do it in their office.
    W/TF I got to do it in my pjs. So I guess, it’s choices we weigh and make decisions.

  73. Phil, are you serious? Who wants another manual lying around. The PDF file is so easy to read on the computer. Just go to the page you want to know a specific subject about, and follow the instructions.

    TracFone attracted you somehow in the past, and for good reason. A lot of people are frustrated with the issues of the LG 800G and the EX 124G, but you do not have to attack me. I am not the enemy.

    I am also sure that without the manuals and other amenities, that they are able to keep the costs down, which has attracted all of us to TracFone.

    Thank you,


    • Tom, Don`t be so defensive! A small 3“x 4“ 30 page booklet does not take up much room and certainly is not a large cost factor. I`ve been a TracFone Net10,Straight Talk Customer for over a Decade now. I like their service and since I only use and need a basic “dumb” Phone, it serves my minimal needs. I did switch over to Metro PCS last year for a number of reasons, service, defective phone, urgency to get replacement and activation as well as the tempting $40 @ Month unlimited text,Talk, and Web, which I never used. I`m going back to TracFone in a few weeks because for my little cell phone usage, TracFone is even less expensive then the Metro PCS $40 Plan and Tracfone has MUCH Superior Coverage Nationwide compared to Metro PCS regardless if your using a CDMA or GSM TracFone. Sorry you took my comments as a personal attack, it was`nt meant to be so.

      • Hi Phil!

        Thanks, I apologize as well, for getting so fubar.

        Now, I am frustrated with the 124G. I can transfer music from my computer, but I cannot get them into the playlist. I even chatted with Motorola to no avail. They suggested to call TracFone for a replacement. GGGAAARRR. Of course, I think I must be missing a step, but I have 2 – 124G’s and they both do the same thing or rather do not do it.

        Thanks, Tom1

  74. I don’t know what the problem is with Tracfone customer service but I just received another EX124G phone. I now have two of them. The Fed Ex guy told me to refuse & they will send back to shipper. This is insane. There is nothing wrong with the one that they sent me to replace the 800G. I refuse to spend more time on the phone with customer service to tell them that they sent me 2 phones. Good grief they have a mess on their hands.

  75. Can I buy java powered apps on this phone like the lg800g cause I just got off the phone with net10 and they are sending me a Motorola now cause of text issues with the lg800g

  76. Anyone know how you can see number of who is texting before you open it? Someone has to know if this is possible. Thanks!

    • Yes, I have been wondering that too. When you get a reply, after you reply to the same person, the name shows up then, but not the first time.

      Thanks, Tom!

  77. I JUST bought the lg800 and noticed the same problems (can’t receive texts).I came across this page and read ALL the messages in hopes for a solution; but it seems that my only option is to call customer service and have it replaced. I really like the lg800. Is there any way to avoid replacing my phone with the EX 124g and keep my lg800?

    • If you like the LG800g, just send it back for a refund or credit. If you don`t want the suggested Motorola EX124g Phone, just get a Free or Cheap throw away TracFone until they repair or get a “Patch” Fix for the LG800g. I don`t see either TracFone or LG giving up and discarding tens of thousands of (new) Phones unless there is a fatal flaw that cannot be overcome. If you like the LG800g, once they are refurbished/repaired or new ones are issued with the flaw corrected, just “port” your phone number from your temporary phone back to your LG800g when its finally available.

  78. well had the 124 for about 2 weeks or so, and i like it. Got used to the features. The interfaces still seam a little small but its workable. All in all a good phone.

    I mean like i said before i am with tracphone for a reason. For the value of the service and the phone i am satisfied.

    Voice quality was good. Texting is not too bad. Camera takes good pics outdoors, indoors not that great. But like i said i just wanted something better than what i had for a good price. Are there things i would change prob. But for less than $50 bucks ($36 for the lg800 on ebay) i am satisfied.

    just my thoughts

  79. Any help on setting up email using AT&T on the EX124. I’ve tried alot of different combinations and keep getting a DNS error. Thanks

    • I don’t know what to put in incoming and outgoing. They both default, so I put pop and smtp in front of approperate ones. Default ports are 110 and 25.

      • And email account is not included with the phone, so you need one seperately.

        I don’t have an EX124g to experiment with, but you need to put in the SMTP and POP addresses (and the proper ports) of your email provider.
        Contact you email provider for the correct server setting.

        I’ll add that you may not be able to use some providers either. A lot of free, web based mail doesn’t allow POP or SMTP access.
        Others (like my BellSouth/AT&T/Yahoo account) requires encrypted logins to the server (SSL support) and I don’t know the the phone supports that.

        So, check with you mail provider for the setting. You want the info for setting up a 3rd part mail tool, like Thunderbird or OutlookExpress.
        For example, here are the settings for GMail
        Note the use of SSL for both and non-default ports.

      • That’s really strange because I can send email to the phone from any of my emails using or and get it. I just can’t send email from the phone, I get a DNS error. I can setup one of my exsiting emails and get the same error. Thanks for your input.

      • Bubba, the #@* is an email gateway. That is not an email to the phone, but an email to the at&t server that then converts it to an MMS or SMS message (depending on which one you use). When you reply to one of those it goes back through the gateway and the MMS or SMS message you sent from the phone is converted to an email.

        If you want to send a message to an email address that way you need to compose an MMS message, not an email.

        The EX124g also appears to support sending and receiving email directly, no gateways and such. Full support for CC and BCC fields etc.
        Outgoing messages go to an SMTP server which routes it to the recipient. Incoming mail is retrieved from your server using POP3.

        The Email setup wizard should configure everything needed. The different servers, return address, passwords etc.

      • (If you want to send a message to an email address that way you need to compose an MMS message)

        That worked, that’s all I wanted was to beable to send a picture to an email., don’t care about recieving email. 2.50 units to send email with a small picture. :>( UDAMAN Thanks Thomas

  80. You won’t believe this!
    Today I got the LG500g, with no airbill or return address for the two phones I have to return. the LG800 & Motorola 124g (current) just like before.
    I went to the website to activate the new LG500, and web says the current phone is inactive so I can’t activate the new one.
    On the last 2 hr call I was given a managers phone. I called and got the reconrding, “I’m sorry, your call cannot be completed a dialed.”
    This time, the phone was in regular retain packaging, complete with manual. I’m stunned, and feeling helpless as to how to deal with these people.

    • Unfortunately, Fran, I had no trouble believing every word of it!

      Have been waiting for the “return airbill” they were sending me. Received a large FedEx box today. Inside was an envelope. A large Priority Mail envelope. And the enclosed instructions on how to send the phone back – weren’t there. Nothing but a priority air envelope. No paperwork, nothing.

      They had told me to make sure to note the tracking number when I sent the phone back. Priority mail doesn’t even do tracking numbers unless you pay for extra services with it.

      I feel another dreaded phone call coming on…

    • Fran~you are dealing with the same issues that I’ve had with tracfone. When I finally got to a “manager”~he gave me a number of 866-806-1837 and when I tried to call that number, I received the same msg you got. The manager had asked that I call him when I received the airbill. When I didn’t call (within a few days), he called me. At that time he told me the number he gave me was right. I asked him to dial it and tell me if it worked for him. He said that he couldn’t explain why the number didn’t work (?) So….who knows.

  81. Does anyone have the return addy for replacement phones going back?
    If so I’ll just pack up these two phones, use the lastest of three air bill numbers and send them back priority mail with delivery confirmation.
    I’ll include all my info, serial no.s of returned phones, cross my fingers and pray.
    I’m sick of sitting on hold and sweating it trying to understand the strong accents. Nerves are frazzled! :)

    • Fran I don’t know if you use Facebook, but there’s a support page. Maybe they could give you a address. just use the stuff you’ve typed on this page to copy paste your problem so you don’t have to type it all again. Atleast you would’nt be setting on hold, you could check their reply’s at you liesure.
      I feel for ya, I just went thru a week of BS with then too, I did have luck with that number I posted earlier thou. Good Luck

    • If you received an air bill, it should have the return address. And the tracking number is on the return address (on the envelope that you send the phone back in). I was told to call back with the tracking number but the number the “manager” gave me was not a working number (sound familiar). Post Net person that I took the air bill too said the tracking number is on the return label. The address that I have is:Tracfone Wireless 9700 NW 112 Ave., Miami FL 33178. I enclosed a letter with all the neccessary info. Hope this is helpful.

      • Michelle,
        I didn’t get an Air Bill or envelope or instructions. You are right if I had I’d have no need to ask for an address. Later today I got an e-mail from TF stating they saw that an air bill had been ordered. They assured me I’d get it and the rest withing 5-7 days. “Not to worry,” they said. (snort!)


    • I don’t think it’s fair to compare the Omnai2 to the EX124g or the LG800G.

      That Samsung has so many interface problems it not even funny, and that was 2.5 years ago.

      More importantly, different people have different expectations. And if you’ve been using cap-sense screens like iPhone and most Droids a resistive screen will take some getting used to.

      But, plenty of people have used both Tracfones and found them easy to use, at least the mechanical aspects. The UI on the Motorola looks to be lacking in many areas. Then again, if you were to use Windows 3.1 after years with XP or Vista, you’d wonder how it ever got popular (at least until you use DOS for a while).

      • I starting to get the hang of the Samsung. it’s not my phone personally but someone i know. It’s not the worse phone I played with. One of the good thing about it is it is in the class of a smartphone. if it wasn’t o probably wouldn’t have gave it a second look. But yea that’s what someone else told me, I think it was Tracfancier, that after using a Droid that this (Motorola EX124g) phone would even interest me. I thinking about just taking that $80 I would of spend on this and getting a Goggle Tablet or just switching to Virgin Mobile. There service isn’t that bad in my area (according to their Coverage Map).

  83. I was going to comment that 220 posts must mean the EX124 is a popular phone but then I found out how many are complaints.

  84. I was sent 2 Ex124G phones by Tracfone to replace 2 defective 800 models. However, I was not given any service manuals or accessories other than chargers for the new phones. I am looking for protective back covers for the phones. The old phones came with earbuds, screen protectors, and a back cover. Does anyone know where I can purchase a back cover to fit my EX124G phones?

  85. Has anyone had problems with adding minutes to this phone? Went online and bought 450 minute card (plus 50 bonus) ~ went to complete the transaction recvd msg to call customer service, which I did. Spent 45 minutes on the phone with customer service only to be told “she couldn’t remove the error code” and had to open a ticket to get it fixed within the next 24-48hrs.

  86. Just a quick update here, if you don’t want the Motorola 124g. I selected the LG500 in place of the LG800 and am very pleased.
    Remember I’m not a net surfer on the phone as I much prefer my computer and it’s larger screen and cheaper rate. But the LG500 is clear, fast and I love the keyboard. The camera takes pretty good photos so far. I haven’t tested it fully yet, but the ones I’ve taken are fine. I didn’t like the touch screen as it was always smeary with finger prints. (Hand lotion?)
    Anyway, once I get the other two phone send back I”ll be a happy TF camper once again.

    • Thanks for the update, fran, I was wondering how you were liking the LG500g. Sounds like Tracfone got it right when they chose it for their first QWERTY! Btw, I have worked on many TV remotes where hand lotion got in them and made keys stop working. Hope that doesn’t happen with your LG500! Although if you haven’t had that problem on previous phones, it probably won’t…

  87. tracfancier, Not sure if your a Prophet or just have good intuition, but thank you my fellow TracFoner from (saving me) from not only pulling every hair out of my Scalp, but perhaps suffering even more self harm had I not taken your advice. You warned me that if I thought I might have “learning issues” with the LG800g phone due to my complete lack of (Tech Knowledge) and even less patience to learn, that the yet to be released Motorola EX124g would certainly do me in and put me over the edge. Reading most of these Post`s,all I can say is once again, Thank You for the Warning.

    • Ryan, YouTube requires flash and neither the built-in browser nor Opera support flash.

      But Bolt does. So If you install bolt you should be able to view YouTube videos.
      However, given the slow data connection for EDGE (236 kbit/s at best, more likely less than half that) it would be quite expensive (uses a lot of minutes) to do so.

  88. Tracfone was going to release this phone but when they did it was only for a little while for it had many deefects and glitches so when customers got concerned they replaced the Motorola EX124G with the LG 800G so yea =)

  89. Anyone been able to convert a .avi movie to a format the EX124 will recognize? I tried iWisoft Free Video Converter and can’t find any format that it will recognize.

  90. TF is now apparently taking the position that the LG800 is not compatible with the 141 sim cards (ATT) but is ok with the 126 (T-Mobile) sim card. They told me they were replacing my last (3rd) LG800 with a EX124 but what arrived was another LG800. The above is what I was told when I called about it. I am still having problems with both LG800 and EX124.
    PBushx2, on your demo of 124 when you pressed “End” button from main menu, nothing happened since you were already at main menu. On mine, when I press it from main menu it activates web browerser. This has cost me no end of minutes. There are other problems with 124 but not as bad as 800.


    • The phone is too new for a lot of sites to mention it and even fewer apps to list it. Best to try apps for other JAVA phones.

      A good starting point is other similar phones, like the Motorola EX128.
      It’s in the list at
      Other sites will just list all JAVA apps, which my or may not work well on a given phone.

      That’s what I did for my LG500g, using the similar LG C105.

  92. I would like to get a holster for my LG500g. Does anyone know what the Model number is in the regular LG line?
    Most TFs have a number specific to TF but there ususally is another number that the maker uses for their branded model.

  93. Tried to find out how to save photos and videos directly to the microSD card. Went to the manual, Trackfone web help and customer service (who told me you had to copy the files manually to the microSD card). I found that you use the adjust camera pull down menu on the lower right of the camera screen. Scroll right to Advanced Settings (?) and select the memory card.

  94. I am returning my Motorola EX124g and getting my LG 800g back. I really wanted to like the EX124g. It has better screen, better camera, and better build quality. But in the end, it is just not a polished product. Basic things such as speed dialing a number is simply not possible (Mile’s question above). LG 800g is relatively easy using group (EX124g can use groups too, but much harder), or just put that number on the second page of the desktop. Numerous things in EX124g just bug me to no end. Signal reception is poorer too (both LG 800g and EX124g use AT&T). I called Tracfone for the exchange. They initially said that was not possible. I insisted that I took the EX124g as replacement for my defective LG 800g only because there was no alternative. Now that LG 800g has been fixed (w/ firmware 10e, I think), I want it back and not the inferior EX124g. The rep put me on hold for 1 minute to talk to his supervisor who allowed the exchange.

  95. I order the EX124g from walmart 69.99 on line, had it shipped to the store. [free site to store shipping] the phone was 10 dollars more in the store than online. It was time for an up grade form my old phone and so far I like it. This phone takes a little getting use to, reading the manual is a must. Wish it had some game apps. Phone looks and feels less like many cheap prepaid phones. Any one that gets this phone give more than a few days I think you might like it the more you use it.

  96. Can anyone tell me what the max is on the micro sd card is for this phone. There is conflicting info out there is it 16gb or32 gb. help

    • Thanks Tom, I had ordered a 32gb then stared to see conflicting reports. I’m glad that I will be able to use it. thanks again.

  97. I’d like to be able to use QR code boxes (you know, those boxes that are kind of like a bar code that you can show to your phone’s camera and go to a web site). But were can I get a good program like that for the EX128g? J2MEQRCode works but you need an activation code and the site to get one is offline. BeeTagg kind of works but just decodes without letting you go to a site and can’t open a file stored on the phone.

    That reminds me, this page has become a sort of de facto forum for discussion of the Motorola EX128g. What do you think of getting a real forum for the EX128g?

  98. Appreciate all the comments on the ex124g. Have been using for about a month. My questions/needs:
    1. “Add event” has disappeared from my calendar drop down menu. So can no longer schedule new events.
    2. When I purchased in July, the deal was double minutes. Now it is triple. How can I qualify for triple minutes?

  99. I am in a GSM area, but I don’t see this phone listed for my zip code on Tracfone’s website. Is it possible to buy the phone using another zip code and still use it in my home area? If so, what zip code (with an AT&T SIM card) could I use?

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