Nokia E5 review (for Straight Talk)

Nokia E5 Review

[EDIT July 21, 2011 – The Nokia E5 is available NOW at Straight]

It appears that Straight Talk is preparing to release a follow-up to their very popular Nokia E71. The Nokia E5 just recently cropped up on the Straight Talk “activate phone” page. That’s generally (but not always) a sign that it will be coming soon.

Nokia E5 coming soon to Straight Talk

Nokia E5

I’m really anxious to get start a Nokia E5 review, as I want to see how it measures up to the Nokia E71, which I really like. The early indications are that there will be many similarities.

Among the similarities are that both models have the same form factor (candy bar-style with QWERTY keyboard), screen resolution (320px by 240 px), and approximate size. They also each offer WiFi, downloadable apps via the Nokia Ovi Store, MP3 player, FM radio, microSD card slot, and video recording.

The odd thing is when you look at where the two phones are different. You would expect the E5 to be better in the areas where the two are different. While that’s true in some cases, the Nokia E5 isn’t necessarily an upgrade across the board.

For example, the E5 has a faster processor (600 MHz vs 379 MHz), twice as much ram, more than twice as much internal memory (250 mb vs. 110 mb), a higher-resolution camera (5.0 mp vs. 3.15 mp), and a slightly newer operating system (symbian 9.3 vs. 9.2). As you can see, these are all fairly significant improvements when it comes to how well the phone will function.

However, the E5 is also 25% thicker (.5″ vs. .39″), lower color contrast on the display (256K vs. 16M), and less talk time when it comes to battery life (rated at 8.5 hours on the E5, vs. 10.5 on the E71). In my opinion all the “downgrades” of the Nokia E5 are not that big of a deal especially when compared to the “upgrades” from the E71. But I thought they were worth mentioning just the same.

With all that being said, I’m excited to get my hands on this and start an in-depth Nokia E5 review – Straight Talk will hopefully have another winner with the E5. As I assemble more information on this phone, I’ll be sure to update this page with links.

For now, keep an eye on to watch for the release of this model.

35 thoughts on “Nokia E5 review (for Straight Talk)

  1. Yeh if I could afford this phone I wouldn’t be on this forum. Most of us peons are just that. When you’re done with that could I buy it from you? Take into consideration I make next to nothing and get food stamps (the old term now it’s called SNAP). That thing probably costs more then my rent. OK end of rant.

  2. I currently have a Nokia E5 that I’m using on T-Mobile pre-paid service. I was looking for a smart phone with WIFI since I won’t pay for mobile data when I have access to WIFI at home and work. Nokia won me over with the free for life OVI GPS navigation that uses a GPS receiver for positioning and does not require mobile data.

    The E5 is nice phone though it is a much less expensive phone than the E71. The E5 is only a year old (released Apr-10) and new unlocked phone sells for $189 on Amazon. That compares to the 3 year old E71(released June-08) that still sells for $250 on Amazon.

    The major features Nokia cut costs on are:
    Lower resolution display
    Shorter battery life
    Plastic body
    Fixed focus camera

  3. well the problem alone is not just the price of the phone, the E71 is only available with the $45 a month plan, all of our phones together don’t cost that much…

  4. I’m sorry if this is totally the wrong place to ask this, but I couldn’t fined a blog post or review on the Nokia E71 and I have a quick question about it…
    I know that the Nokia E71 gets full mobile web access, but I was wondering does it get full web access not just the mobile web? on the $45 a month straight talk plan.

    • Yes its full access. Since the Nokias both possess the only unlocked SIM cards that Trac offers, the SIM`s (with the ST service on them)can be moved to other smart phones, such as the Iphone 4. MMS and web require a slight mod. for other phones, easily done with simple instructions found on HOFO.

  5. Read your review of the Nokia E5g and was curious if you think a Nokia 8 could be used on Straight Talk? If yes, what would be required?


    • Hi Richard. It’s technically possible, but costly and not strictly ‘allowed’ by Straight Talk’s terms. But you would need to buy a Nokia E71, activate it, then use the SIM from that Nokia E71 in a separate unlocked Nokia E8. And you need to keep the E71 – if any ever tries to reactivate it, that would render your transplanted SIM inactive, since Straight Talk keeps a record of which phone is associated with each account.

      Further, the whole time you have the E8 running on Straight Talk, you run the risk of Straight Talk shutting you down. After all, you would be violating their Terms of Service.

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  8. on the e 5 or any phone for straighttalk thats supposebly is better than the e71 what are they and do they have internet radio like e71 built in app

  9. How do I unsubscribe from the StraightTalk blog? I want to stay subscribed to Tracfone but drop StraightTalk. Thanks

  10. On using the SIM card from an Nokia EG5 and tranfering it to an IPhone 4, Does itr matter whether its a ATT or Verizon IPhone 4 ?

    • Verizon/CDMA does not use SIM cards. You need a phone that was meant to be used with AT&T/GSM service (not T-Mobile/GSM).

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  12. Does the $200. price tag include accessories and an unlimited service card like the first ones did?

    Thank you very much.

    • Smart Phone
      Full QWERTY Keyboard
      Mobile Web Services
      Real-Time Push Email
      IM Instant Messaging
      Free Voice-guided Navigation
      5.0 Megapixel Camera and Video Recorder
      Music Player
      Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
      Multiple Email Accounts including Microsoft Outlook, Mail for Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL & MSN
      Download over 10,000 Apps from Nokia Ovi Store
      3G/WIFI Enabled

      LCD Color Display
      Screen Image Simulated
      FM Radio (Headset Included)
      Hands-free Speaker
      Voice/Sound Recorder
      Voicemail and Call Waiting
      Caller/Picture/Ringtone ID
      Key Pad Lock and Alarm Clock
      Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Rating: M3/T3
      Battery Talk Time up to 4.4 hours
      Standby Time up to 19.5 days
      Includes Battery, Charger, Headset, Silicone Cover, 4GB microSDTM Memory Card and Services Guide

  13. In my area. the e71 cost $169 ( Wal Mart online store price) …and Im hearing ( although I haven’t found one yet) that the E5 cost $200… the E5 worth paying the extra $30 or ……what do you think?

  14. Thx for all the feedback on this I am curious myself..I have been comparing the E5 to E71 the only drawbacks I gather was the camera does not auto adjust,the screen isn’t great in sunlight,and made of heavy plastic not metal was wondering if anyone found that true and that big of a deal..I have seen ppl with the E71 all of them love it except 1 so that was the phone I set off to Wal Mart to buy they had none but they had the E5 so they threw a monkey wrench in my now I am overloaded with search and would love some real feedback..thank you for your time

  15. I have a Straight Talk Nokia e5 and I am not able to send MMS messages. Specifically I am trying to send a photo that I took with the Nokia e5 in a mms message and all it does is go to the out box and continually tries to resend with no success. Please Thx

  16. straighttalk is a good deal for people that like to go with prepaid and save money i have been with them for two years but all i have used are the dumb phones that have verizon service – tried one with at&t service and did not work worth a crap in my area. Now i am a straighttalk fan but what i really want to see now is them have the smartphones with verizon service and they will stay awesome in my book!!! lol Comon straighttalk git r done!!!

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