Samsung t528g review

[EDIT 7/08/11: This phone is now available from Straight Talk.]

The Samsung t528g is another new phone for Straight Talk. In the past we’ve seen phones from the same manufacturer released together, such as

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Samsung t528g

with the LG 100c, 220c, and 290c in the fall of 2009, Nokia E71 and 6790 in November 2010, and LG 800g and 500g last month (for TracFone and Net10). Following this pattern and coming on the heals of the Samsung t340g, the Samsung t528g is also now available for Straight Talk.

And thankfully, it’s another touch screen. I consistently get questions from people about where they can buy the Samsung Finesse, which was a touch-screen device that came out from Straight Talk in the fall of 2009. Unfortunately, that model went out of stock in early 2010 and for some reason Straight Talk never came up with more stock. This always surprised me since it seemed to be a popular model, even for the $300 price point.

Perhaps Straight Talk has finally heeded the call of thousands of users asking for a touch-screen device. The Samsung t528g (also referred to as the Samsung SGH-t528g) is finally available. It has been very popular since its release, with many people jumping at the opportunity to own a touch-screen prepaid phone for around $100.

I’ll soon be publishing a full, in-depth review, but for now here is a run-down of the feature list along with a few comments on those features:

  • Style: Touch-screen, no slider
  • Network: GSM (uses AT&T and T-Mobile Networks)
  • WiFi – this way you can save on your web access when you are within range of hotspots
  • Size: 4.3 x 2.0 x 0.5 inches, 3.24 ounces (pretty light-weight)
  • 2.0 megapixel camera with video recorder
  • Capable of add-on applications – hopefully the same type of Java programs people have been able to add to the Samsung t401g and t404g as well as the LG 900g, 800g, and 500g.
  • Mp3 player
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Bluetooth
  • Phonebook with capacity for 2000 entries (huge capacity here!)
  • Voice Command*

* Straight Talk’s site indicates that the 528g will support voice commands, although I have to say “I’ll believe it when I see it” with this model. I have yet to see a GSM model from Straight Talk, or sister companies TracFone and Net10, that supports voice commands. Hopefully, though, there’s a first time for everything!

All in all, I think this looks like a very promising phone from Straight Talk. People have waited a long time for another touchscreen, and hopefully they won’t be disappointed.

To check whether this model is available now, click here.

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  1. What… mention of the Stainless Steel Toothpick (stylus) like the Motorola EX124g Touchscreen Phone? Hope this one is available at a reasonable price from Net 10 too!

    • Hi Ben
      Please accept my apologies. I’m working on info on both the 800g and the 500g. Expect something on the 500g early next week. I’ve been busy moving into a new house lately, and with the blog I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

  2. Hi: You mention in this review that this phone is a GSM that operates on AT&T.

    In your reviews I think that many would be intrested in searching for phones by Carrier’s that are available on the phones under a seprate Guide.

    I mention this as I live in a rual area and can only recieve
    Verizon and have found it to be a better provider in Northern California.

  3. Strange how long TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk take to finally release their new Phones once they are given FCC approval. The time lapse makes the newly released models basically obsolete almost immediately due to the fact that were originally introduced to the market place a year and a half earlier by the Manufacturer. By the time they are launched, they are being discontinued by other Cell Phone Providers.

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  5. My dad has this phone and I have played around with it for a long time. Point blank: THIS PHONE BLOWS!!!!!!!!!

    Every thing about this phone is crap, the interface is super clunky and the menu system is confusing and unintuitive. It took me(28 male) who is super computer and tech literate way to long to locate simple options in the menu, theres way to many sub menus. The widgets are very clunky as well moving them around and placing different ones on different pages. You get 3 pages to put stuff on and the widget icons are way to large for the display. Its a pain in the arse to do ANYTHING with this phone. Im fairly tolerant with phones but this one annoys me to no end!

    Avoid this phone at all costs. If they try to sell this for 200$ run and run fast I wold get this phone for no more than 50$

    Again ST punishes us with a junk phone, I hope they know that we are willing to fork the cash over for a phone that is comparable to other carriers offerings. I hate this dilemma, you can go for the crappier network like boost and get a nice phone that is a pleasure to use but get not so good coverage or you can get a great plan with great coverage with ST but get to pick from these craptastic phones. GET WITH THE PROGRAM ST!!!

    • Kalin, Thanks for the “Heads-Up” on this yet to be release Samsung T528g Touchscreen Phone. It seems Pat has stopped doing reviews due to his busy schedule and moving etc. I was waiting for Net10 or Straight Talk to release either this Samsung T528g or the Motorola EX124g. I`m an old aging dinosaur and am (not) tech literate and certainly don`t want any aggravation using a make believe “smart phone”. I just want to upgrade to a Touchscreen “dumb” Phone. Was leaning towards the Samsung cause I heard that the Motorola had a stylus and I prefer wooden “toothpicks”. Guess I`ll stick with my clam shell LG with Metro PCS until TracFone and Companies bring out a decent Touchscreen Phone thats affordable and simple to use. Maybe I should just jump on the LG800g when and if Pat ever has the time to Post a comprehensive review. Anyone heard anything about the new $50 @ Month unlimited Plan by Unleashed powered by Verizon?

      • I bought this phone 3 weeks ago i paid for overnight shipping the phone came a week later……go figure and the guy is right it is crap the screen gets clooged up with widget stuff and the key board is too small very hard to txt. But its only 99 bucks on st website. It also has wifi and 3 g coverage its on att net work and you can also take the sim card out and put it in an unlocked phone I think that is my next move I want my 99 bucks back ST close but no cigar with this phone…

    • gotta love a review that uses terms like “craptastic”. i thought i was the only one who used such words. lol

  6. Funny, after Kalin posted his review on the upcoming SamsungT528g, folks have avoided chiming in on the topic like it was Typhoid Mary, LOL!

    • Well kids I have the lg optimus v and going to buy this phone I to know computers as i build custom rigs for gameing and such I think this little phone is just what pay as you go needs I have heard so many people say bad things about this phone just like with many others but there only bad if you dont know how to use them gs for gameing and such I think this little phone is just what pay as you go needs I have heard so many people say bad things about this phone just like with many others but there only bad if you dont know how to use them

  7. Does anyone know which Samsung model the T528g represents? For example the LG800g is the LG T310. The LG900g is the LG GW300. And the Motorola EX124g is the Motorola EX128.
    Any insight is appreciated.

  8. Didn’t know Kalin was the resident expert. Perhaps Kalin can infom us how his dad got hold of this phone when no one else has been able to. Furthermore, I am not going to make a decision based off just one bad review, which may or may not be credible. Like any product, though, you’re going to get a mixed bag of reviews. If they’re are more positve or negative then I’ll tend to rely on the majority.

    So if the T528g is a rebranded phone I would like to know so I can actually research it.


    • Never mentioned that Kalin was a Expert Phone reviewer. He stated also that it was his Father`s Phone and obviously it was activated with another Cellular Carrier that was (not) connected with the TracFone Network. The problems though he encountered who have been the same I would figure regardless of who the Carrier was.

  9. There are features listed on the T528g that I find interesting and would likely make use of. Unfortuanately there aren’t any actual reviews of this phone so I will ask once again…does anyone know which model the T528g is a remake of? With this information I can hopefully gain more insight into the pros & cons. I do not see a need to post again so I will thank any useful replies now.

    If your name is Phil, please don’t respond as you’ve already proven yourself most useless. To my original inquiry you replied, “Who cares?” That tells me you are not interested in this phone anymore. After all, you site the one (and only) negative review as your basis for your most useless reply. At this point we still don’t know for sure if that review actually referes to the same type of phone as the T528g.

    Next, if my assumption is correct that you are no longer interested in this phone, why are you coming back to this site to read up on it? You’ve accepted one bad review and decided that this phone is not for you, so please move on. Unfortunately, you linger here and contribute nothing. In fact, you have not posted one useful word throughout this entire “review” page…and you’ve posted 6 times so far! How much more gibberish do you plan to leave behind.

    Speaking of gibberish, Phil, before you post next time please be sure to proof-read what you’ve written. The last sentence of your last post is a garbled mess. I was able to decipher your incoherant jumble, but reading it word for word makes you sound like a useless two year old.

    Unless you can provide an answer to my original question, Phil, I don’t want to waste anymore time with you.

    • Sorry to have annoyed you so much, I truly apologize. That said, “Eat Me”! Not sure your aware that this Blog does (not) have an (edit) option, not that I need one with this Post. Have a “Nice Day”.

    • nice job NK. couldn’t have said it better myself. there is no way that i am going to drop this phone from consideration because of one bad review. i wish i could give you the information you are looking for but i simply don’t know. good luck.

    • Thanks MK, Phil needed that, and frankly I think that Kalin is the real idiot hear. The fact that he is a twenty eight year old who still lives at home playing with his dads phone while taking breaks from video games definately does not make him a reliable source on anything except the fact that he does (not) know how to spell. BTW those quotation marks were for you Phil

      • Not that its any of your business which it isnt, I was living out in Vail, CO. and my school called me and told me that my credits would start to deteriorate if i didnt come back to school so my dad graciously told me if I wanted to come back to CT to go back to school I could live with him that way all my money would go towards school, ASSHOLE. I was living in a fantasy world out west with snowmobiles and going to snowboard competitions riding 150+ days a year living in paradise, what loser life do you have? How can you make such asinine comments? Your a jerk plain and simple. And as far as spelling, who cares? is your life so pathetic that you can only speculate on something I posted to warm people of this phone and spew this garbage, who gives a flying FUCK that i spelled some things wrong, your such a loser get a life.

  10. I noticed most 3g phones require the 45 dollar unlimited plan and spells it out for you in bold print. However the t528g phone seems to work with both ST plans. I called ST to verify but hung up after being informed of a 10 minute wait to talk with someone. I went to the ST website selected the phone and both plans appeared with option to select one either 30 or 45. on the e71 one option the 45.00 plan.

    • I just bought the Sam T528G today (July 8) from Walmart. It will take either the $30 or $45 cards. So far I really like it. I’m just using wifi for right now. That was really easy to set up, has good signal strength. I’ve been to quite a few websites on the phone. The qwerty keyboard is easy to use. I prefer physical keyboards but this one is one of the best virtual keyboards that I’ve used. The phone is a good size, a little on the small size and slim in design. I also have the LG800G and LG500G (both trac.) I like these too but am looking for a better web browsing phone and something with wifi. The Nokia E71’s screen is too small for me although it has wifi. I really like the style, keyboard, and size of the LG900G (my current ST phone) but want a better web browser so the Sam T528G is the best so far.

      • Wow Phyliss…you answered all of my questions that I had about this phone…I too have the Nokia E71 and the LG800 but find that I don’t like the Nokia’s web brower nor the screen size..The LG800 is not user friendly with the hard to tap touch screen…I’m scared to break a nail on that thing so I use an object to text with…It’s just temporary until I receive my New Samsung T528G.

        Thanks again

      • Wow! Thanks for the info – thought I would have to go up to the $45 plan for the T528G. Glad I don’t and since no phone is perfect and all models have ‘lemons’ I plan on purchasing this one on payday.

  11. I got this phone tonight. the interface isnt clunky at all the menu pages are easy to read. lots of built in social site widgets. easy to move them around, remove them from screens. One notable problem is I tried to add both jad and jar files and both types said unsupported. I was noticing it does have flash for the browser…. maybe it uses flash apps?

    • @William, Thanks. Is there any more detail you would like to share. Is it easy to navigate. How about the features on the camera/camcorder? One last thing. Now that you have it or you well please or wish you would have made another choice?

      • William, have you tryed any more apps for the phone?
        does it run on flash apps only?
        Im trying to compare the 124 and the 528, as my lg800 is defective.
        That 528 with 3G seems to be a better phone.

    • indeed it does william. it can only use java apps, which is a much smaller and more scattered network of online vendors and marketplaces, but this isnt going to deter me in the least. i’m buying this phone in about an hour and a half and i’m counting on loving it!

  12. I like this phone. Wife has the ex124g and shes pissed cause this phone has more features. like the wi-fi separate wallpapers. easier and more widgets etc.

    • Oh, if I could only find Life`s Happiness contained in a new TouchScreen cell Phone that has wi-fi, separate wallpapers, and loads of widgets. I`m so damn envious. Guess I have to curb my unbridled enthusiasm, is it showing?

  13. well, I got this phone tonight- actually I got two of them. I really like it. I don’t find it clunky at all. The camcorder works well and has different modes, the microphone is suprisingly sensitive, the camera works great, it pretty much has everything I want except for gps. they idiot at the store told me it was a smart phone. it’s not. i really wanted the gps. I don’t know what these ‘widgets’ are, but hopefully there’s one with maps or something.

  14. shes on net10 and side by side the 528 has better signal in 3g then her 124g in gsm. and they are both on att/tmobile towers. If she swaps i cant be getting the shit end lol. divorce party!!!!

  15. I`ve heard couples splitting up, separating and getting divorced over a host of different issues from In-laws, Pets, Finances,Previous Partners, Step-Children, Infidelity, Sexual Matters, etc. Guess having been stuck with an inferior TouchScreen Cell Phone might work as a valid reason regardless if your file for divorce in a “No Fault” State or not. Please, keep us posted. You can only stay focused so long on what`s happening with the “Kardashian`s”! All that really matters is that if your Male, you get 4 Bars strength when you need it! LOL 2G/3G/4G/ or LTE

    • My god Phil, if you are a male then you are also a hypocrit, because you seem to be more worried about all this stuff than anyone else. You obviously have been a victim of divorce or abandonment from most all of the reasons you listed earlier. I came to this site because I need a new phone and, this being the first time I have ever been to a site like this I will never be back simply because of what a rediculous loser you have made yourself look like. Why don’t you check out Xhamster, I think you will find more of what you need there.

  16. i had an inexpensive lg tracfone that dropped call all the time at home it had a sim card would the smart phones be more powerful or would the be the same

    • The 528 is not a true smart phone (see the next question). Some phones have better receivers/antennas than others. The service provider is a better indication of coverage/dropped calls. Plug your phone number in here and tell us your service provider (AT&T/T-Mobile) shown on the second page (go no further):
      It`s really up to you to find out which provider is best for your area (by asking LOTS of people), as Tracfone more or less guesses. Tracfone also goes by which provider gives them the best price for the minutes they sell to you. It`s all profit driven. You have to intervene to get what is best for yyou or just accept what they send you (which may mean dropped calls).

  17. I’m looking for a reasonable smart phone and have been looking at ST for a source and the 528 has caught my eye. Does this work on 3G & 4G? I have looked at the Nokia E71 & 6790. Does anyone have any sugestions? I would like an I-phone or Droid but plans or too expensive.

    • The 528 is really only a “feature phone” and is 3G. If you want a smart phone get the E71. Walmart online $169.00 – go through shop discover for 5% cashback, free ship to store, no hassle return to store in 15 days if not satisfied. Use the link below for information on moving the E71`s unlocked SIM card to any AT&T based I-phone or Droid (good prices used) and operated with the ST $45/month plan. Note that this is not totally legit, but ST is knowlingly looking the other way and letting it continue:

  18. I almost ended upon the floor laughing my ass off reading a review on the Nokia 6790 “Smart Phone” that (requires) you to access the pull out QWERTY Keyboard in order to punch in a phone number to make a call? Every call requires an effort to slip out the Keyboard to simply make a call? I`d rather use a “free” candy Bar style Phone that had push button number available for instant access to punch in necessary required buttons to make a phone call, thats progress? Scheeeesh! Call it what you want, “Feature Phone” or “Smart Phone”, with those inconveniences, are they either?

  19. Although I just bought the Sam T528G, I still love the shape, size, keyboard, many of the features, and ease of use of the LG900G (have it 4 ST and Net10). My almost perfect phone would be this one with wifi, a better camera, choice of plans, able to download apps, and being able to watch youtube videos. I read last nite that the Nokia E5 is coming to ST with wifi and a 5mg camera. It’s the same size as the LG900G, from what I can tell.
    The Sam T528G takes pretty good pics and videos, easy to transfer pics (sending and receiving) using bluetooth. A few web pages don’t load correctly (Print so small even an ant couldn’t read it!). I just go to a different sit. Screen width is 1¾ “. The LG900G has a 2” screen, just to give you an idea of size. The T518G connects really fast to wifi. I always have to reconnect when the phone goes into standby mode, but it’s instantaneous. The touchscreen is pretty responsive but does hesitate sometimes. But most touchscreens I’ve used do that.
    The good thing is that you have a month to try it from ST’s website and 2 weeks, if bought from Walmart. If the phone’s not for you, take it back or send it back. I’ve done this previously (with Wally & ST), and it was a fairly painless experience.

  20. can use jar apps just have to DL them directly from phone. cannot usb push them gives the unsupported file type msg.

    • No it does NOT. The G on the end of the part number means GSM = AT&T or T-Mobile service. A phone model nimber ending in C is CDMA = Verizon or US Cellular (US cellular does not provide data services so you want to activate where there is a Verizon signal).

  21. That’s good info, tracfancier, on the codes for AT&T v. Verizon. Unfortunately, AT&T has awful service where I live, so much as I am wanting to upgrade to one of these new touch screen phones, if it means changing to AT&T coverage, looks like I will have to wait. :(

    • Trac must pay more for the minutes they buy and resell from Verizon. Trac has never made their CDMA phones and bundles the least bit attractice. They push you to choose GSM. It`s a balancing act because they don`t want to loose customers to their competitors in areas where there is only a CDMA signal.

  22. I just got the T528G. The size of the touchscreen is too small for convenient text entry. The landscape mode QWERTY keyboard helps, but it is a chore entering text. The WIFI works well, but requires several touches to connect, rather than doing so automatically when in range of a previously connected SSID. Placement of the widgets on one of three screens is handy, but they are sometimes difficult to rearrange. Bluetooth file browser allows tranfer of photos and music; still looking for a way to sync the contacts with my iMac. It will be a real drag if I have to reenter all my contacts by hand on the phone.

  23. If you are connected to a WiFi network, the 3G is not used.
    There does not appear to be any way to “shut off” data connections;
    but your 30 Mbyte monthly data quota only gets tapped when you actually use a data application. There is no slow background trickle using up the quota.

  24. I just ordered this phone! Hope it was a good choice, I have been looking into it for a few weeks now, and I think I made a good decision. Anything that I should know about it, before I receive it tomorrow?

    • @Samantha once you get your phone don’t forget to keep us informed. I am still thinking about upgrading to this phone. Seem like ST is getting less service with the Verizon towel (phone that ends with C) and more phones with the AT&T) towel (ends with G).

    • The 528G is a GSM only phone (AT&T or T-Mobile). There is no CDMA version for ST. The LG 511C is due out soon for ST and is CDMA (Verizon).

  25. hello i have no clue about them touch phones, and need a lil help… im trying to figure out how to get yahoo messenger on my Samsung T528G
    and also i have some of them widges stuck on my screen and cant seem to move them back where they are suppost to go :)

    like i said i dont know much about phones so please dont be mean

    thx for your help

    i like the phone alot my first touch screen and im exited to learn about it

  26. I’ve owned the Samsung 451c from Straight talk for 2 years, it has voice commands and works fairly well, it sometimes doesn’t understand my accent: From California.
    Just wanted to pass that along, since you mentioned in the article you’d never witnessed such a thing. Oh, also perhaps the toughest slider on market, Have dropped 100’s if not 1000 times – off roofs, on the run, you name it. It’s being replaced because it had gotten wet and left in the sun, it’s schizoid now.
    What I want to know is is the 528G problematic or bulletproof? Anyone?

  27. I should be getting my phone in the mail today as I have been researching it for weeks now. I just realized from earlier post that I will have to sacrifice my verizon service for this phone. im not the ahppiest about but i will know better how this will effect me when its up and going.

    My question is if i do not like this and choose to go back to another phone which is supported by the verizon tower, will i be able to get that verizon service back?

    Also, I have been trying to find a hard case that will fit this phone. The closest I have come is the the Samsung Solstice case….just by internet searches. Anyone know if that will fit or one that will fit?

  28. Bought this phone….had to wait for ST to send a new sim card so I could transfer my # from my 451 phone. Today I noticed the camera doesn’t work (hadn’t tried it before). Customer service said to return it to walmart because it must be a refurbished phone…even though it doesn’t say that anywhere on package. I was told that ‘yes the refurbished ones are not marked & are sold with the new phones’…can this be right??? Also have trouble getting widgets off screen like Sally…anyone?

    • Hi Lyn
      What sort of problem are you having with the camera? I have never heard of a refurbished phone being sold through Walmart. If you do return it, I would suggest first buying a new one, then transferring your number from the old to the new, and THEN returning the one with the faulty camera. Just make sure that if you go this route, you’ll still be within Walmart’s allowable return time on the bad phone. That, or do an exchange, but make sure the new phone is set up (I think they should be able to do it for you in electronics) before you leave the store. The reason for this is that if you return the faulty phone, it will be deactivated and your old number could be lost in the process. In other words, your number needs to be assigned to an active phone in order for the number to stay “yours.”
      Also, as for removing widgets from the screen, first expand the widget tray by tapping the triangle on the lower left edge of the screen. Then tap and hold the widget you want to remove, then drag it over the widget tray.

  29. Thanks for replying pbushx2,

    Wow, I just tried the camera again (it was saying ‘camera failed’)& now it works! I didn’t understand why Walmart would be selling a refurbished phone either & especially since it wasn’t marked as such but it did have a # in the sim card when I bought it.
    Thanks for the info on removing widgets from screen…I’m ‘old school’ so I can use all the help I can get!

    • Was the package sealed when you bought it? How can they have refurbs this quickly??? Someone may have bought the phone from WalMart and returned it and then it was sold to you. Any sign of a return sticker having been on the box.

      ST CS have been known to come out with some outlandish statements. I believe their training to be very poor. Then there is the conversion of their Spanish thoughts into English.

    • I am having a problem with my camera also on my Samsung T528G Phone it keeps saying “Camera failed”and I have had the phone for about 4 months now and didn’t have a problem with the camera till now.. and I keep getting a box that pops up with the message login failed and I don’t know how to fix either of these problems ..can anyone please help me… PLEASE

  30. Can/does anyone respond/know the answer to my inquirey?

    My question is if i do not like this and choose to go back to another
    phone which is supported by the verizon tower, will i be able to get that verizon service back?

    Also, I have been trying to find a hard case that will fit this phone. The closest I have come is the the Samsung Solstice case….just by internet searches. Anyone know if that will fit or one that will fit?

    • Yes you can port everything back to your old phone, and the old CDMA phone doesn`t require wating on a new SIM. There is always the possibility of something going wrong during the process and taking a long time to completely sort out.

      Cannot help you on the case question.

  31. Hi tracfancier,
    Yes the package was sealed & there was no sign of a return. I thought it would be strange to have refurbished phones already & if I had called CS again another person probably would have told me something different.

    Has any one else gotten a 528 with a # already on the sim card?

  32. I’ve had this phone for a couple of weeks now and my experience has been mediocre. I bought the phone largely to be able to browse the web on the fly. ‘m not sure how to describe the browser…weak? underdeveloped? inflexible? I see a great deal of ‘website too large, content may not display properly’. I have not been able to try out the wifi yet, but am not able to view videos on youtube without being connected to wifi (a friend suggested this might be from using the $30 card vs $45). I live in a developed area yet the 3G is still weak and unstable, half of my attempts at loading webpages end with a ‘website not responding’ message.

  33. I purchase the 340G phone and returned it within 48 hrs. because it appeared on the screen that I had a text or voicemail but it did not give a beep for a reminder. I am sure they could not sell it as new so it had to be refurbish. I bought it when it first came out. Hope this help

  34. I just got this phone today, I’d have to say you get what you pay for! The phone is really slow at doing anything and you have to push stuff more then twice to get it to open, it’s like it freezes and is extremely slow!! But hey I’m not gonna complain it’s a 100 dollar touch screen!

  35. Can anyone direct me to sites that I can get free or paid apps on? The only apps I see that can be downloaded are 6 games from gameloft. Is that really the exstent of what apps you can download? Its supposed to be app capable!! Im really mad if thats all you can download!! Also can you take out the sim card and put it in a tmobile phone, would it work, and how do you get your number over or would it just be there?

  36. Don’t see my reply here, but I had complained that I could not get it to work with its incorporated Dolphin Browser on my Home WIFI (Opera mini worked), even though it would work on the Public Library WIFI. Well I upgraded to a new WIFI router as Fry’s had a sale. Now the T528G included browser works fine, and display will shift from profile to lanscape easily with phone rotation, as I am not good with non querty…! So I am happy with the T528G and it works well on both 3G and Home WIFI.
    Thanks, Pat

  37. I’m still trying to get ‘phone smart’….do I need virus protection for the 528 & if so what is the best (easiest)?

  38. I have already recieved my Samsung T528g,so far it seems tobe a good phone, except sometimes when you’re in certain areas it says emergency calls only, i haven’t figured out why it does that.My facebook seems to work really good, and I can connect to wifi, but I have a little difficulty texting, maybeI’m just not use toa touch, but Ilike the way it finishes your words when you’re texting,Ihave to take a ride in the areas that I know phones should work,then Iwilllet you know if it’s a good phone.Case haven’t came out yet

  39. i have a question……. does this particular phone work only on at&t towers or at&t and t-mobile towers? any replies would be helpful thanks

  40. This phone is shit. I have never dropped it or damaged it in anyway yet it shuts off randomly, freezes,and doesn’t ring half the time. Not to mention i’ve been having a problem lately where it won’t let me text and says “message initalizing”. I’ve only had this phone for five months. However I have had one of the older straight talk phones that slides for 2 1/2 years, and I have thrown it, dropped it (multiple times), lost it in the snow, my dog has chewed on it. and it has seen its share of water. This phone still works like I bought it yesterday and I only paid 50$. The customer service is no help because you can’t understand half of what they are telling you seeing how they barely speak english. I recommend NO ONE BUY THIS PHONE. It’s a complete waste of money.

    • I agree that this phone is not worth the money. I didn’t have the same problems with random freezes or shutdowns, but I hated the touch screen. What model is your old phone that still works 2.5 years later?
      And have you now upgraded to a new phone? What model?

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