LG 511c Review – Straight Talk

LG 511c Review

Straight Talk has added yet another new phone to the “upcoming devices” pipleine, and this time they are focused on the CDMA side of things. As always, it’s hard to tell when this handset will launch for Straight Talk, but here’s a brief list of features as a prelude to an upcoming LG 511c review:

LG 511c for Straight TalkFirst, the basic form factor is a touch-screen, with a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. It also offers EVDO data, according to the user guide. In many ways, it appears to be very similar to the LG Rumor Touch, which came out approximately a year ago.  At this time, it looks like this device will be Straight Talk, but of course there’s always the possibility that it might show up on Net10 and TracFone as well.

Here are some more of the features Straight Talk users can look forward to:

  • 2.0 mp Camera
  • Video Recorder
  • MP3 Player
  • MicroSD Card Slot
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bluetooth Capable
  • HAC Compatible
  • Handsfree Speaker
  • Mobile Web
  • Phone Book with up to 1,000 Entries
  • Ringtones Download
  • Text/Picture Messaging
  • Touch Screen
  • Vibration Alert
  • Voice Command
  • Voicemail

As always, please check back on this page for links to more info about this phone as it becomes available.


56 thoughts on “LG 511c Review – Straight Talk

  1. any idea what ballpark the price will be in for this phone when it releases. Looks like it has most everything I wanted with the LG800g and will work with my cdma network. :)

      • What do you think of that price? It is awfully high – I wonder whether it will be worth that much. The android Precedent phone is only $150, and this one isn’t even a smart phone!

          • Hi Tim
            You are correct with your reasoning. I’m still disappointed, though, with the comparison of features between these two devices.

        • this is the hanger for me. i bought the samsun precedent in the next town over from me but found out straight talk wouldnt activate in my area cause “there is not enough sprint towers to activate the phone in my area.” even though i had full bars untill i got on the phone and tried to activate it. not to mention the walmart in my town sells sprint phones as does the radioshack in my town(radioshack sells boost phones which are on the cdma part of sprint). doing my own research my town shows it has signal on the coverage maps they still refuse to activate the phone. i got the samsung t528g and not liking it the more i own it. the “press and hold to unlock” loves to unlock itself in my pocket and start deleting contacts since the contacts button stats on all screens. lord only know how many ppl i have “butt dialed” very poor design and i cant upgrade to an android phone so im stuck =:-\

  2. Would someone please explain to me why a Touchscreen Phone needs a pull out QWERTY Keyboard? Why not just incorporate the Touchscreen to do All functions? The Phone would be considerably thinner I would imagine and lighter as well.

    • Makes caling easier. You can use the touchscreen to dial a call and then slide out the keyboard to text. Its easier to use the screen to dial than the QWERTY keypad.

      • I had a Motorola Rival a few years back, with a touch screen and slide-out keyboard. I absolutely loved that phone & this one (from all that I’ve read) seems quite similar. I am hoping it works just as well as the Rival, because my current straight talk phone (that I’ve had for 3 yrs) is really starting to show its age.

    • A 3-inch screen? That’s diagonally. Tiny little screen. Also probably isn’t the best quality of screen and may not be calibrated perfectly. You can also easily text without glasses, because you can feel where everything is. Also, iPhones can have physical extentions…look it up 😉

  3. Sweep, Thanks for the explanation, I guess? So, it would allow you to use the Touchscreen to (dial) a phone number AND free up the screen so you could begin Texting at the same time. But, since your not likely going to talking and texting to the same # at the same time, what difference would it make. One would either be placing a call or sending a message, not doing (both) simultaneously at the same time, right? Guess I`m not to adept at too much multi-tasking. Someone better contact Steve Jobs and make sure the next generation of the iPhone has the pull out QWERTY key pad!

      • This phone looks exactly like the LG Banter Touch, which I have had from us Cellular for several months now. For teens the feature of being able to talk to one person and text to another is a huge thing. My son has this feature on his phone which is a different model and I hear him talking on the phone and his friend and he will say one minute….slide out the keyboard and reply to a text or ask someone else a question having to do with the current conversation etc. Kind of like conference calling teen style. I even use this feature sometimes. If I am talking to someone and they ask me if i can be somewhere at a certain time I might text my husband and ask him if he is cool with that and then I can answer the person right then and there apposed to waiting hours if not days. On the Banter you can also play music on it while texting. While you read the text the music shuts off, but replying it turns back on. AWESOME phone!
        Since this has the old style on screen dialing/texting pad you can text on it, but not like a qwerty for the touch part (unless it is different from the banter touch this way). So for one handed text it is good on the touch screen, but two handed it’s faster with the slide out qwerty.
        For me having strictly touch is nerve racking. What if something happens to the screen type thing…what do i do then? So having the slide out qwerty board is less wear and tear on the screen.

  4. any idea if this has the mpeg4 video playback that the Motorolla phone is supposed to have? This would be a great phone if it’s in the same price range as the 800G.

  5. I need a slide-out keyboard. I just can’t text without it.
    I wonder if it will be 3G or X1? Guess we’ll find out eventually.

  6. just talked with straight talk representative online and stated this phone is released in some areas….anyone know where that might be?

  7. does anyone know if this phone is app capable? i know it says apps on that little screen in the display pic, but a lot of phones have that, and all it means is music, or whatever. so, i guess to sum it to a few words (even though this is long lol), can you download apps?

      • Hi Smith
        It actually is “capable;” it’s just that there aren’t many apps availalbel for it. I put a few different apps on it – facebook and Gmail, for starters, and I think Google Maps as well. I definitely installed Jolt browser. There are a couple of different places to get them from. The big ones are available from the sites of the people the make the apps – Facebook, Gmail, Google. There’s also umnet.com and getjar.com to name a few sites that offer java apps.

  8. i just want to know where can i get this phone? off of what website? from what store? i heard that this phone is better than the samsung t528g

  9. Good news. Any info on which company will be providing towers? I’m hoping this is VZW and not Sprint, like the new android. Was so disappointed by that. Either way, I’ll be looking forward to this.

      • Of course they will put their smart phones on Sprint. Verizon was probably going to charge Straighttalk an arm and a leg for data since they can barely keep their own data customers supported, and with Sprint’s potential data market being so much smaller than Verizon’s, the data charges through Sprint would be minimal at best compared to Verizon. Simple business, go with the CHEAPEST product or service, no matter what.

  10. This looks to be a great phone. I just took back my T528g from Samsung. GSM coverage has WAY TOO MAY DEAD SPOTS!!!!
    And yes this will be Verizon towers. It is avail in at least some of the IA WalMarts.
    Looking at the boxs, this one shows CDMA and the Androids say CDMA-S which I assume means Sprint and the coverage maps are SEVERLY RESTRICTED for the Android models!! I do know that LG has always had much better reception than Samsung and Motorola phones in all areas that I have traveled, so I am looking forward to getting one of these as a replacement for my T528g whose coverage SUCKED!!!

  11. I take it this is not a smart phone. Not had a smart phone yet but have heard that you need to download some security apps to protect your phone. Any info out there on security on this phone.

    • HI Roy
      This is definitely not a smart phone. You might be able to add a few apps, but that would be only for the very tech-savvy out there and the apps will be pretty limited. Nothing like you can do on an iPhone or even the most basic Android phone.

      As for security, I haven’t heard anything about that (and I’ve been listening!). Can you provide a link to where you’ve been hearing about the necessity for adding security?

  12. i purchased the lg 511 c almost a month ago, love the fetures, great on the internet, it was spendy at 200. but willing to pay the extra for cdma. much better signal than sprint or at&t networks. most of the apps i can find for it are games, but have found a few usefull ones as well. i havent used it for a full month yet but already am quite happy with what i have seen so far.

    • Hey Kev, thanks for taking the time to comment. I just activated my 511c, and I’m really curious what apps you got (and where you got them). Care to elaborate?

  13. I have just purchaced this phone n like what i see so far. I have been looking for months 4 a review or most of all a video to help me make the decision to purchase this phone with this such a high cost. If ur like me n live n a small town and cant get the droids or other smart phones, then this phone is 4 u! Im still trying to learn all the little ins and outs so please give me some room to try n give a good review. Like i said Ive been lookn for months trying to find a good video on how the phone works or some kind of reviews that would help me make my decision. I will be making my 1st video ever with in the next couple days n hope to help u make the answer on if this phone is for u or not. Yes its a high price but if ur n a area where the droids or other touch screen phones will not work then i will try n help as much as i can. So far im enjoying what i have seen n hope i can figure out more about this phone. If anyone would like to contact me i will try n answer any questions u may have. I wanted to hear something about this phone 4 months n have found no good reviews or videos so i will try n do both. In fact with so little info im willing to give my # out so u can text me with any questions or u may also email me and i will be more then happy to answer any questions i can as this phone is new to me. u can reach me @ jamesgallegos1978@yahoo.com or by texting me @ 719-469-8688. Feel free to contact me if needed. Plz be looking for a video on utube withn the next day or 2. Hope i can help n help u deside if this phone is for u or not. Like i said i know how hard it is to find any info on this phone n there is alot of questions with no answers out there yet just alot of guessing. If needed get ahold of me n i hope i can help n be looking for the 1st utube video on this phone as i wanna make sure i can help people since there is not 1 video on this phone out there yet. hope i can help n once again feel free to contact me by email or texting my number i left above.

    • talked with person in above txt and had alot of questions answered for me about the phone and alot of the uses of it and possible apps. has been very helpful about alot of the questions i had. if anyone needs or has questions about this phone they shud really txt or email al they need to.

    • Just wanted to say thank you for your help and the info you gave me about your experience with this phone. There are no reviews out there on this phone which makes it complicated to want to spend the money. For everyone who reads this , I texted this person and recieved a response right away when I asked about his/her experience with the phone. Its nice to hear from someone who already owns it, when there is no where else to find the info. Thanks Again!!

  14. I got this LG511C now from StraightTalk. Now I’m stuck trying to transfer all my contacts (900) from my old Samsung SCH-U460 phone (Verizon).

    The Samsung is supported well by all sorts of Software, so I have my contacts backed up in my Mac’s Address Book, in Susteen DataPilot 7, and (exported from DP 7) as an Excel CSV file.

    The LG511/ 511C is NOT supported by any of the three generic mobile device software suits known to me (either from inside the software or from the supported phones page on their web-site):
    – Susteen DataPilot 7
    – ITV BlueSoleil
    – Mobile Action Handset Manager

    None of the following helped, either:
    – in the phone itself:
    a) looking for a function to import contacts as bulk
    b) APPS/ Look for apps online: there is NO App for this phone at all, esp. no Contacts related (backup/ restore, export/ import) app, ONLY 8 games .. (so much about priorities ..)
    – reading the LG511C Pdf from StraightTalk’s web-site
    – Googling (LG511C transfer contacts/ LG 511 transfer contacts/ LG 511 import contacts etc. pp. …)

    This is really lame! Do they expect everybody who buys a new phone to retype every fr****g contact 1×1? A contact import function can be considered absolute basic in 2011. Shame on you, StraightTalk – disappointed .. !

    • Hi Jeremy
      Does your old Samsung have bluetooth? I was able to use bluetooth to transfer all my contacts from an LG 900g via bluetooth, and it worked very smoothly. The whole process took less than two minutes to transfer my contact list of about 100 contacts. Just pair the phones, then use the old phones contact menu to select “send by bluetooth.”
      Another option, if the old phone doesn’t have bluetooth, is to try a software called LG PC suite. I haven’t used this personally, but I’ve heard of others using it on different LG phones from Straight Talk and TracFone.

  15. wow Yanilea ur good, it worked :)!

    It took some clicking and tapping back and forth, so here’s the detailed rundown so others have it easier than I did:
    1. Make sure BT is enabled on both phones

    2. Pair booth devices.

    From what I know, with BT always only 1 pair is possible (new phones might be capable of multi-pairing, but I do not know). To pair the two phones, all other devices (headset etc.) should therefore (or even have to be) disconnected/ unpaired on BOTH phones.

    Some phones need to be put into ‘Discovery Mode’ to allow connection via BT. In the case of Samsung SCH-u460 –> LG511c, such mode had to be activated on the Samsung. BT Menu –> Options –> Discovery Mode –> Enable: message: “Enabled for one minute” –> hurry :)

    On the LG: BT Menu –> Search –> SCH-u460 found –> tap –> confrim the displayed #. The same # is displayed on the Samsung –> confirm there, too –> both phones are paired now :)

    3. Transfer the contacts
    On the source phone (here: Samsung): still in the BT menu, click into the name of the other phone (here: LG511c –> Send Name Card –> Mark All –> Done –> Confirm when asked if all selected Name Cards shall be transferred

    (you might have to confirm on the other phone to accept incoming contacts)

    4 Wait a while. When finished verify on the target phone if all contacts are there :)

    the other way around: pair both phones, but now send from 511c to old phone: BT Menu, tap into name of old phone, Send Name Card, Select All, etc ..

    (LG PC Suite IV: the 511c is NOT not compatible (Windows 7 32 bit: Driver not successfully installed: LG CDMA USB Modem). I didn’t expect to since it’s not even listed in the LG PC Suite ‘Compatible Phones’ list.)

  16. also I want to share how to send both, text messages (both short and long) and messages containing photos to this phone from any email client:

    To send a text email up to 140 chrs to somebody who’s with Verizon or StraightTalk: fullnumber@vtext.com, e.g. 8081237654@vtext.com

    To send a long (more than 140 chrs) text email or an email containing one or more images (in-line or as attachment) to somebody who’s with StraightTalk: fullnumber@mypixmessages.com>, e.g. 8081237654@mypixmessages.com>

    (paths differ here – the Verizon address extension for the picture msg service is #@vzwpix.com)

    Thought this might be of interest to some ..

  17. Im trying to figure out if you can change the resolution on the phone camera….im trying to set pics that i’ve taken as a wallpaper but they want cover the whole screen….

    • This is a problem with the network, not the phone, so you’ll need to either call customer service or post your question on the Straight Talk facebook page. They should be able to get it sorted out for you.

  18. The LG lg511c slider would be perfect if it had a FLASH PLAYER to watch vedios..For the price of it, it should have one. Now thats CHEAP. And also all the info on the phone’s box it came in, and online; says that you can drag MUSIC FROM YOU’R MUSIC FILES AND PUT THEM ON YOUR PHONE..Thats NOT TRUE..You have to purchase them…Realy thats so wrong….I think the phone would be one of the best phone’s from pre-paid on the market now if these two thing’s WAS ADDED…..

  19. How do I share photos to facebook with this phone (LG 511c)..Just got it and can’t get it to work…Almost no apps for this phone either!

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