New QWERTY phones to Net10 – LG 500g and LG 501c

Perhaps is not such big news for Net10 users as it was for TracFone customers, but Net10 has added two more QWERTY phones to its lineup. Both are NOW AVAILABLE on The first is the GSM LG 500g, which has been available for TracFone for over a month now. On the CDMA side, there’s the LG 501c. These two devices appear to be very similar in design, but the CDMA version unfortunately lacks an mp3 player and has only a VGA (0.3 megapixel) camera, whereas 1.3 mp has become the norm for TracFone and Net10.

As I said, this news isn’t as exciting as when the LG 800g and the 500g launched for TracFone, as those two devices were the first touch-screen and QWERTY handsets, respectively, for Trac users. On the other hand, Net10 already had several QWERTY phones in the form of the Samsung r355c and r451c (now sold out) on the CDMA side, and the Samsung t401g and t404g as well as the newer LG 900g on GSM. So the introduction of the QWERTY phones will make less of a splash in the Net10 world.



Still, these phones might fill a gap in Net10’s offering. The 500g is a little more compact than the LG 900g and, at $29.99,  $10 cheaper . And the $39.99 LG 501c is significantly cheaper ( by a whopping $60) than the r355c, the only other CDMA QWERTY option on Net10.

If you’ve been looking for a low-priced Net10 QWERTY phone, one of these models might be the one that you’ve been waiting for. Click here to check them out at If you do it soon, you’ll be able to take advantage of free overnight shipping. And most people seem to have luck getting a $5 discount with the promo code “GI2011.”

One last note, I haven’t found any concrete confirmation at this time that the LG 501c will be available on TracFone, but I’m optimistic that it will be sometime soon. That would be welcomed as it would give TracFone CDMA users a QWERTY option. If I learn more about this, of course I will post it on this blog.

Tomorrow, I’ll have part 2 of the LG 500g review.

14 thoughts on “New QWERTY phones to Net10 – LG 500g and LG 501c

  1. Perhaps I missed it? Kindly correct me if I`m wrong. Since unpacking the LG800g in late April in record breaking speed from a Plastic Bubble Wrap, there has been (no) comprehensive review of that phone. Is one to assume that its the Best Phone (touchscreen) that TF or NT has offered ( and the only one that is currently available) or are you awaiting the Samsung T528g and Motorola EX124g and plan on cross comparison all 3 phones at the same time?

  2. 97 Page User Guide? Holy Crap! Its only a Damn Phone! Way too much information to comprehend for a devise to make or receive phones calls and text messages, IMO

  3. I got it to work a couple of times, maybe hit refresh. It did indeed say ships in two weeks…..How did you get it to show that?

  4. You mention that the Net10 Samsung r451c is sold out, but currently has them on sale for $29.99 with free shipping. I ordered one today, so they are definitely in stock at RS. I think that’s a better deal than the 501c.

  5. Funny how the tutorials for new models come out (months) before the phones are ever released. Perhaps they feel that makes up for not including a real owner guide with the phones they sell but instead, they give you a tri-fold pamphlet with a quick start brochure. For further Customer Support you can download a ream of paper, use up an ink jet cartridge or stand by for phone support from Bangladesh or Malaysia.

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