LG 800g Review Part 1

LG 800g Review

This is the first installment of my in-depth review of the LG 800g from TracFone and Net10. I’ve already had quite a few posts on this, including a youtube video and a “first impressions” quick review. For links to those posts, check out my LG 800g Review Index.

General Overview

TracFone and Net10’s first long-awaited touch-screen is the LG 800g, a slab-style device on the GSM network. It offers a resistive touch-screen, and does NOT have a hardware QWERTY keyboard (although a virtual QWERTY keyboard is available when composing text messages). It is surprisingly light weight at 3.05 ounces, and measures 4.05″ high, 2.24″ wide, and .47″ thick. The screen is pretty large and takes up a good percentage of the front of the phone, at 1.7″ by 2.2″ for a 2.8″ diagonal measurement. The only physical keys on the phone are “send,” “back,” and “end” keys on the front of the phone, the power button on the top of device, and a volume rocker switch along the right side.

There are many features to list when discussing this model. Of course the most-desired feature is the touch screen, but there’s also a 2.0 megapixel camera, video recorder, mp3 player, micro SD card slot, full bluetooth, 3.5mm headset jack, and voice recorder. You’ll also be able to add applications to this device, in the form of java programs. These apps are not available from a central location like with the iPhone or Android devices, but from a variety of sources on the web such as getjar.com, and MobileHeart.com. Most apps are free.


LG 800g Touch Screen Phone

LG 800g for TracFone and Net10

In  terms of appearance, this one is really set apart from all previous Net10 and TracFone handsets by its touch screen form. In my opinion, it looks quite modern and will blend in nicely with most other expensive contract phones on the market today. The phone feels good to me as far as build quality and ease of handling. The screen is, obviously, very glossy, but the sides and back cover are not. This, along with the rounded edges and small size make for a very comfortable, sure-handed grip. It also slides easily in or out of a pants pocket.

My only complaint is that the touch screen already shows signs of wear after I carried it around for a little over a month. I think the bulk of that happened when I had the phone in the same pocket as my keys, though. You can see the scratches in the picture, although they look much worse in that picture than when I actually use the phone. I really don’t notice them when looking at the screen. That said, I would advice a cheap adhesive screen protector to keep your screen sharp.

General Phone Function

Signal reception so far has been very good for me, and I have no concerns about it. I was a little worried about voice quality at first. I thought it sounded muddy and static-y, but after further review I’m not so worried about those. I did compare this model side-by-side with the LG 900g from Net10, and they were quite comparable. However, I did notice slightly more background hissing noise on this touch screen. Based on that, I would rate the 800g at 7 out of 10 for audio quality. On the plus side, audio quality didn’t suffer much when I used the phone in a noisy car at highway speeds. The other party commented that I sounded VERY loud, and clear, so it seems that this model must have some technology designed to zero in on the voice and block out background noise.

Audio volume has been quite impressive in all facets, including standard voice calls, speaker phone, and ringtone. I did not have a problem hearing the phone in any situation. The ringtones also allow for a nice variety. You can use mp3 files for ringtones, although the mp3 file must not exceed a certain size (approximately 30 seconds in length, I believe, although this may depend on bit rate). You can also create specific rintones for individual contacts or groups. One area that disappointed me was the lack of flexibility with regard to message tones – although you can use any short mp3 for the text message alert, you must use the same text message sound for all contacts and groups.

I haven’t had a chance to do too much testing of the battery life yet, so I’ll have to update as I continue to work on the review. However, it seems to me that when I wasn’t using the phone much at all, I got over a week of life on a single charge. I’m sure that number will go down as I use the screen more, but so far it seems reasonable.

Internal display/keypad

The performance of the display has been satisfactory, even in direct sunlight situations. I somewhat expected to be disappointed because of the low price of this phone, but thankfully everything lived up to my expectations.

One area where I’ve heard a handful of complaints is that the menu looks “childish” or “cartoon-y.” In fact, this is accurate, when you first start up the phone. However, there is an option buried within the settings menu (Menu>settings>display>theme), that allows you to switch between to themes: Cartoon or Black. The “Black” settings offers a more refined look on the menu icons.

Text messaging offers three different input methods – virtual qwerty keyboard, virtual T9 keypad, or handwriting input. You can choose from among these three methods manually by pressing the menu button in the text composition screen. The phone will also default to the most recently used method the next time you compose a text. The qwerty and the T9 both require you to tap virtual “keys”on the screen, while the handwriting input method allows you to draw letters on the screen, which the phone then decodes and puts into digitized text.

Either method will take a little getting used to – using the keyboard or keypad will take some practice to get the correct amount of pressure to strike the keys. I’m an avid iPod touch user, and the experience with the LG 800g was very different from the iPod, which makes sense since they are two different types of touch-screen technology.

The LG 800g uses “resistive” technology, which requires the users to press hard enough on the screen two connect to parallel layers of the screen, thus changing the electrical circuit. On the other hand, iPod uses “capacitive” technology, which basically means that your finger, since it can conduct electricity, is itself changing the flow of electrical current on the screen. The resistive technology of the 800g requires a firmer touch.

All this is a long way of saying, you’ll have to press quite a bit harder on the 800g screen than on an iPod, iPhone, or other capacitive touch screen. If you’re used to one of those more expensive devices, the LG 800g will definitely take some getting used to, but really the pressure required is no more than you’d need to apply in order to press physical hardware buttons on a standard phone. The phone does, however, provide a slight “haptic feedback,” which simply means that the phone produces either a slight vibration, a sound, or both after each touch, to let the user know that the phone registered your command. Both the sound and the vibration can be customized by type and volume, and can be turned off completely if you prefer.

As I said above, the 800g screen is not as sensitive as some more expensive devices, but the flip side of this is that I like handwriting input better on the LG 800g than on those expensive screens, including my iPod touch. Due to the resistive technology of the 800g, it is possible to use a slim non-conductive device such as a stylus or fingernail to operate the touch screen. I found it quite simple to enter a text message in handwriting mode while using the fingernail on my index finger, and I actually preferred this method to the virtual keyboards. I also had luck using the blunt end of a pen, which is handy for me since I almost always carry a pen in my pocket. Now this might strike you as unappealing to think of pulling out a pen to compose a text message, but I think it could be helpful for writing longer messages.

One other thing I’d like to comment on here is the home screen. This can be customized with a handful of icons. Actually, there are two home screens – one for menu options, and one for contacts. The contacts screen, as the name implies, allows you place shortcuts to your favorite contacts on the homescreen. The icon then shows the picture you have assigned to that contact, if you have one. Once your contact is added, tapping on the icon brings up three options – call, sms, or edit.

The menu home screen allows the user to add shortcuts to their favorite menu options. I can see how this would be handy, and in fact I use the music player and camera shortcuts. But my complaint here is that TracFone has placed a shortcut to the “prepaid” menu on the home screen, and there is no way to remove this icon. However, the rest of the icons are easy to customize quickly.

Well, that’s all I’ll cover in this portion. I’ll continue learning more about the LG 800g and return with another installment of the review early next week.

If you want to purchase this phone now, you can save $5 (from either TracFone or Net10) by using code GI2011 when you check out from their sales pages. Click on one of the following links to use this code now:



122 thoughts on “LG 800g Review Part 1

  1. Thanks Pat for the longly awaited 1st comprehensive review of the LG800g Touchscreen Phone. Sounds like its a reasonable low cost entry for someone like myself who wants to try switching to a Touchscreen (Dumb) Phone. Looking forward to future updates before I “pull the trigger” and still wondering if it might be wise to wait a bit longer for the release of Net10 & Straight Talks launch of their Samsung T528g Touchscreen Phone which a previous Poster gave very negative feedback to based on his fathers phone linked to a different carrier, or the highly anticipated Motorola EX124g Touchscreen that is supposed to come with a (stylus) and now allegations that it may or may not have a separate pull out physical QWERTY keyboard instead of the virtual Touchscreen keyboard. Time will tell but TracFone and its off shoot NT and ST certainly take forever it seems bringing their new phones to market. It makes it all the more apparent that its contract carriers, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile put pressure on Tracfone (not) to release these so called “new phones” until those Major Carrier`s are about to phase them out as being old news and obsolete. They don`t want head to head competition with another carrier that they (wholesale) air time minutes to that are selling the (same) phones. At least, thats how I see it.

    • Phil, I agree that the major carriers might have something to say about TracFone’s phone selection. There are a lot of potential reasons why Trac won’t ever have the latest and greatest, or really not even last year’s latest and greatest. Most Trac/Net10 users have just accepted this as one of the tradeoffs of having the flexibility of prepaid.

      I really hope the 124g will be out before the end of summer – that’s my bet. But I would be shocked if it’s not available before Thanksgiving, in case Trac/Net10 are holding something back for the Holiday season.

  2. Thanks for the review. I was going to wait for the Motorola EX124 but finally gave up and bought this today–via your Tracfone link. With the $5 code and free shipping and excluding the cost of a 60 minute card the phone itself ends up at $30 which is awesome. Can’t thank you enough for the information you provide–it’s saved me money and given me lots of bonus minutes.

  3. Pbushx2
    My experience on the reception has been somewhat different from yours. I switched from the T301g to the Lg800g, both with AT&T sims, and have been receiving “No Service” messages in certain areas of my home zipcode. If I try to make a call it shows “Emergency Service Only”. If I can make an emergency call, why not a regular call. While this is in a reduced signal area the T301g always worked and I never once saw these messages. I have called Tracfone CS, ERD, emailed Elston and posted on the Tracfone forum asking if this is a phone setup problem or if it indicates poor reception. So far no answer other than maybe a gap in coverage. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Larry
      Perhaps further testing is in order. Certainly, since you are in the same area and both phones used ATT SIMs, I would expect the coverage with the 800g to be at least as good as the t301g. I will need to re-evaluate this, but first I need to find some fringe reception area again (last time I tested when I was traveling).
      Out of curiosity, what happens when the phone says “emergency service only” and you try to place a non-emergency call?

      • pbushx2
        I can”t make a call when I get the “Emergency Service Only” message because the phone quickly returns to the home screen. One of the areas where this occurs is indicated on the AT&T coverage map as moderate coverage and another is good coverage. It seems to me that if I have the tower symbol, even with 3 bars, the phone doesn’t work. I’ve also read that if you are on roam you can’t use the browser which makes it useless when traveling for the Google maps app. I’ve only seen roam one time and I didn’t try the browser or a call. Larry

  4. “I think the bulk of that happened when I had the phone in the same pocket as my keys, though. You can see the scratches in the picture,”

    I was wondering why it was so scratched up, I thought maybe you used it as a hockey puck:)

    • haha, yes, I was stupid about it. Not “hockey puck” stupid, but stupid just the same.

      What phones are you using these days, Dallas?

      • Pbushx2-
        I had the same problem with my screen. I thought about a screen protector originally but now it’s probably too late. The biggest culprit, as you was having the phone in the same pocket as the car keys. Do you have any suggestions for screen protectors?

        My battery life has been excellent, with a full charge; it will last 4 to 5 days. I was charging my old W376G once a day towards the end of its useful life.

  5. Thanks Pat for the informative review of the features of LG 800G cellphone. We bought two of these recently: one from Tracfone to roll over from an existing family account, and another from Net10 to take advantage of their 750 minute per month plan. I have a couple of questions: I bought two of the Samsung 8GB micro SDHC memory cards frequently promoted on the KG 800G forums, and neither was recognized by the phones upon installation. Apparently this is a formatting issue. Is there a way to do this while installed in the cellphone (I did not see a “Format” command within Settings), or does it have to be done remotely from a PC via a micro SDHC adapter? If so, do you do it in FAT32 or which format? Also, is there a better operations manual out there than the little green pamphlet that came in the blister pack. I’ve looked on LG’s webiste and cannot find the LG 800G cellphone listed. Thanks for your advice and recommendations.

    • Hi Craig
      I’m afraid I have to admit defeat on this issue; the formatting stuff is beyond my understanding. To my knowledge, though, no one has been able to get anything bigger than a 4gb card to work in this model. I was under the impression it was a hardware issue of some kind, but as I said, it’s somewhat beyond me. Try as I might to udnerstand the difference between FAT32, NFTS, and all the others, whatever I learn evaporates within minutes of me reading any info about it.

      • Actually Formatting is a rather easy thing to understand 😀 It’s simply the way data is written onto the medium (hard drive, thumb drive, what have you). The two things to remember are: the formats don’t work with one another, and some formats use storage space more efficiently than others.
        Thats about it in a nutshell. For more geeky explanations visit any computer hardware site. 😀

      • Go with FAT32 or let the phone format the SD card. Tried to use a 4GB card with music copied from NFTS files. No deal. Went back to the computer and converted the files to FAT NS and copied them to an identical card, then inserted into the phone. The LG800 recognized the content immediately.

      • ChicagoWriter, don’t use NTFS on flash memory cards.
        #1, It performs a lot of extra write operations and reduces the life of the flash.

        #2, practically no devices can access NTFS. Not MP3 players, phones, or cameras. The only thing that will is a Windows NT/XP (or newer) computer.

    • It’s not a fiesystem (format) issue. It’s a hardware configuration. 4GB is the max card size. The LG800G is the TF firmware version of the LG Cookie Style T310 which has the same limitation.
      (Shame we only get the one color, and I wish they’d used the Wink version with WiFi)

      I don’t know where you got info saying 8GB cards would work.

      • Here are copies of two applicable documents on this topic. One is a response from Tracfone to my e-mail inquiring about the maximum size of SDHC memory cards that will work with the LG 800G. Below that is a copy of my order of two 8GB Class 6 SDHC cards from AccessoryWiz that are specifically marketed as being suitable for LG 800G cellphones. Please see their website (link: http://www.accessorywiz.com/samsung/samsung-8-gb-8-gigabyte-micro-sdhc-memory-card-for-tracfone-lg-800g.html) for details:

        Thank you for your interest in TracFone Wireless. We are responding to
        your recent inquiry.

        The maximum size micro SDHC card that can be installed on your phone is

        If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact one of our
        customer care representatives at 1-888-251-8164. For your convenience,
        our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 10:45 PM

        Thank you for being a TracFone Wireless customer. We appreciate your


        TracFone Wireless

        —– Original Message —–

        Dear Craig,

        Your order has been processed successfully.


        [Image]      AccessoryWiz
        172 Amity Rd
        New Haven, Connecticut 06515
        United States
        Cust. Service: cs@accessorywiz.com
        Web site: http://www.accessorywiz.com
        E-mail: cs@accessorywiz.com

        Order:  #8406
        Status:   Processed
        Date:  06/02/2011, 03:21 PM
        Payment method:  PayPal
        Shipping method:  USPS First Class Mail

        Contact information—————–
        First name:  Craig
        Last name:  Bledsoe
        E-mail:  craig_bledsoe@ak-prepared.com
        Phone:  xxx-xxx-xxxx

        CODE Product Amount Unit price Subtotal
        G78—-1z….eyr Samsung 8-GB (8 Gigabyte) Micro SDHC Memory Card for Tracfone LG 800G 2 $17.99 $35.98 
        Subtotal:  $35.98
        Discount (Free shipping)
        Shipping cost:  $6.98
        Total cost:  $35.98

        Thanks for the two 8GB Class 6 micro SDHC cards for our LG800G cellphones.

        Thank you for using our shopping cart.

      • That site if just wrong.
        I just looked and they show a 16GB card for the 800G too, and I know that’s wrong.
        Thew show the same stuff for the 600G and I know it cannot take 8+ GB cards.
        Looks like they just show all the micro SDHC cards they stock.

        I hope they refund your purchase and shipping.

      • It’s now a year later, & I bought the LG 800G thru Amazon for $100 with 1200 minutes (400 tripled). I also ordered a 4GB microSD card, installed & formatted it in the phone, and set the external memory as the primary storage site. Then I had to take some pictures of a dog before he was euthanized. The phone took the pics OK, but didn’t store them to the memory card. LG’s datasheet says that 4GB is the maximum capacity of card the 800G takes. But supervisor-level telecos with Tracfone revealed that only 2GB cards will work. My new 2GB card won’t be here till tomorrow, so I don’t know yet if it will work. But I couldn’t get the phone to even recognize the 4GB card–even with help from both LG & Tracfone. Would like to hear how others coped with this.

        Also, data cables pop up as suggested accessories for the LG 800G. I bought an OEM one, connected it to the phone and my PC, got a “New Hardware Found” message, but no software or drivers are apparently available to enable to the phone. If anyone knows if there is software available that will allow one to transfer pictures, contacts, music files, etc. from this phone to a PC via a data cable (USB to microUSB), I’d surely like to know. All the data cable vendors indicate that software is needed, but I can’t locate anyone who knows what software it is or where it can be obtained. LG’s Mobile Support Tool doesn’t include this phone in its library. You can find this tool by going to the Support link on lg.com, putting the phone model (LG 800G) in the search box, and pulling up the only page that matches.

        • Some people claim that any late model computer will recognize the SD card in the phone without any special program. If not – here is a USB driver on the LG site. Seems to be generic to all phones used by Tracfone, and many other LG models.


          1. Click on any of the three categories on the bottom of the page.
          2. Click on Cell Phones in Categories.
          3. Click on Other in Sub Category (Tracfone does not work).
          4. Click on your phone in Model Number.
          5. Click on Go.
          6. Click on the Software Update tab.

          The first item is the Windows driver. The second item is the LG Mobile Support Tool used for software/firmware upgrades. I would be leery of using this on a late model phone. Just load the USB driver.

          Can’t find the PC Sync program they mention anywhere. It is part of the LG PC Suite program. This can be had from other mobile sites, and don’t know useful it is. The latest Version 4 seems to be for later smartphones, but Version 3 is available free.



    • I chatted with an LG rep who could not explain why the LG 800G is not on the LG website. Also, I just inserted an 8G micro SD card and it is not recognized. And the Tracfone manual that comes with the LG 800G is downright pitiful.

      • Looks like the 800G has been deleted from the Tracfone website! wtf? Just got one of the 500G phones today. Got it on ebay with 1200 minutes and triple, YES TRIPLE, minutes for life – all for $103.39 including shipping! This looks like a nice phone, still waiting on the 4GB card coming in mail, as I think the agreement is these phones will accept nothing larger than 4GBm correct???

  6. Hi, Did you know they were on sale last week on HSN with the accessories,+1200 minutes, triple for life. I got 1 for my husband, but it hasn’t shipped yet, & was wondering if I should cancel it. He’s not too much into very complicated phones. I don’t know if the face is super sensitive to touch? Is it? I had a pantech for at&t with a touch screen, and it was a little too sensitive. I guess I’m used to hitting the keys. That one had a slide out

    • Hi sas55
      I was aware of that deal, but I was out of town and didn’t get back until after it was sold out. I don’t know if or when it will come back, though I certainly hope the TMFL is an indicator of things to come for TracFone.
      As far as the keyboard sensitivity, in my opinion it’s NOT too sensitive; certainly less so than my iPod touch.

  7. i believe this phone was just featured on HSN and sold about 35,000 units. The phone came with lifetime TRIPLE MINUTES and also 1200 minutes to start which were good for one year.

    The phone was $99.00 total, but if someone was upgrading their tracfone to a newer model and TRIPLE minutes… this was a great deal. Tracfone is selling 1000 minutes on their site for $159.00 so this was quite the deal on HSN.

    thanks for all the info PBush… especially the codes.

      • Do not call Tracfone to get the promotional minutes, only
        call to activate your phone.

        Must call 1-888-281-8444 to get the minutes, only after you have activated your hone with Tracfone. Allow up to 24 hrs for your triple min. to be added and it must be done 60 days from the order date.

  8. I posted earlier but I don’t see it. So, since I saw your reply, thats what I posted about. For 99.00, it was a great deal. I bought 2. 1 wwa for my husband, I don’t know if he will like it, since he a a very cheapy tracfone. His and mine are the keyed panel. I had a pantech for at&t, & I found the touch screen too sensitive. I was constantly having to erase and start. So, I don’t know how this one wiil be. They haven’t shipped yet, don’t know if they were sold out and had to get more. It was suppose to be a present for fathers day.

  9. Just got mine today. Waiting for activation. Can’t find the SD slot. Am I blind? Any direction appreciated. Thanks for your review.

    • Hi Deb
      It’s under the battery. I wish you could access it without removing the battery, but unfortunately, it’s tucked away.

      • Another note on the SD card slot: it is under the battery and parallel to the SIM mount, so the card lies down flat on the bottom of the battery well.

        I can’t talk about how to insert the card: mine is a refurb, and the plastic upper plate is missing entirely: I just have the bottom plate with the contacts. Everything looked good, so I tried a 2GB card, just laying it in the slot. It wasn’t read. Then I put 8 pieces of scotch tape cut slightly smaller than the printed area on top of the SD card, put the battery back, and voila! 2GB external memory.

        Since it’s difficult to use an SD card with tape on the top in my SD reader (to fill it with music directly from my PC or tablet) I just took 8 pieces of tape in a similarly-sized stack and placed it on the bottom of the battery. It goes on the B side, over the big LG block letters next to the round face-like symbol. Works exactly the same, and now I can swap out 2GB cards at will. (I don’t have any 4GB SD micros yet.)

        Just thought I’d pass that along.

  10. For those who use the browser, I use Opera Mini and the settings can be set in the browser for landscape and you get more of a viewable area. The default browser also has this setting and you can select a small font and higher quality images which made brosing more enjoyable.

  11. The triple min. offer was after the first time they had the 99. $ deal cause my phone that I bought from HSN has double min. but my husband got it from there with triple min on it. It was a little over a week ago when they had that deal. He just got his phone in the mail on friday.

  12. They say, “he who hesitates loses”, in this case however, they win! Perhaps the next HSN offering will be quadruple minutes for life, LOL. I hope they offer the deal with a Net10 phone. But of course, Net 10 does not play the multiple units gimmick game, I guess in that case, unless you (live) on your phone and Text yourself to sleep, the TracFone deal would be best. BestBuy has the LG800g from Net10 for only $39.95

  13. Hi, So glad I found this site ~ so helpful! I ordered 2 of the lg 800g phones from Tracfone. Can you link me to a specific memory card you would suggest? Thank you.

    • Hi Selena
      There’s really not too much variation on this type of item. I’d give this one a try if you shop much on Amazon and can get the free shipping threshold with other items:
      The only thing I would advise is to be careful when ordering something like this on eBay, as I believe there may be something of a problem with counterfeit memory cards. I usually try to stick with a name brand I recognize such as Sandisk or Kingston.
      Also, specifically for this model, remember to keep it to 4gb or less. The lg 800g will not recognize cards larger than 4gb.

      • Thanks! That’s the one I had in my cart on Amazon’s website, but I wasn’t entirely sure about it. Some of the titles for the 4 gb memory card say class 2, class 4 or class 6. Some say *flash* and some don’t. Others say adapter, others don’t. I’m not up on all of this stuff like many of you are. But I’m learning. =)

      • RadioShack has had 4GB SandDisk cards (with adapter) on sale for $10 for a while.
        A few weeks ago they were marked $8.

      • Tracfone tech support told me in late May 2012 that the LG 800G will only work with a microSD memory card that is no larger than 2GB. LG’s datasheet shows that the maximum capacity is 4GB. However, I tried a 4GB card and couldn’t get it to work. It was properly formatted in the phone, and the phone’s primary storage was set to the external memory card. But pictures I had to take to preserve some memories of a dying pet only stored to the phone’s internal memory. The 2GB card I ordered as a replacement is not here yet, so I don’t know if it will work. I couldn’t get a 4GB card to work. If someone has, I’d appreciate hearing about it.

  14. Well I tried to activate my phone (moving phone number and minutes from an old Tracfone to the new one) via Tracfone’s website last night but they were only going to give me 1,100 minutes and I actually have over 1,200 so I called CS this morning and within minutes the whole thing was done! Very impressive. My new phone is up and running and texting on it is much easier than the W376g it replaces–and that’s using old-style entry. I haven’t tried the QWERTY feature yet.

    • Have you or anyone else had problems activating the 800G? Reason I ask is – Tracfone does not list the 800G for sale anymore so there is no way to tell if they are compatible in your area code & prefix. What is wierd is that if you go in to port your number to a new tracfone the 800G IS listed as an option for selecting your new phone.
      It is now coming down to: do I take a chance? I would really like to hear about peoples’ experiences on activating this model and in what locality. Thanks!

      • Dave, it’s a GSM phone, so if you are in an area served by GSM carriers then you can activate it. Depending on the source of the device you may need TF to send you a different SIM, but it can be activated. You’re not really taking a chance if you’re in a GSM area. Now, if they only show CDMA phones for your area (models ending C instead of G) then you’d have trouble.

        There are lots of older GSM phones that you can still activate even though they are no longer listed for sale. Like the Motorola and Nokia phones.

      • There is a problem with the LG 800 that not everyone experiences. It might be set off with receipt of a picture message. Then text are resent to you multiple times. Most people have not experienced this problem with their 800`s. It is said Tractone/Net10 are replacing ther problem ones with the much more expensive Moto EX124G and delaying the Moto`s release.

        The 800 is still available through Walmart, etc. Normally a retailer will have it with an AT&T SIM for the service provider. You are the best person to research/determine which service providers are acceptable for your area.

      • Well, that is good I think. AT&T has very good coverage and service in my area, but I guess I will see what happens when my 800G arrives. The 500G I got for the girlfriend seems to work great here so I am optimistic that the 800 will also. Besides, their merge with T-Mobile it should get better, eh?

      • ps. I paid $120 + free shipping on ebay for the new 800G, 1 year/1200 minutes, plus triple minutes for life. I thought that was pretty good. Then I got a 4GB card, car charger, USB cable, and front/back protective covers – cost me another $25 or so for all that on ebay. Not a bad start for under $150 total.

      • tracfancier,
        I wouldn’t consider that a problem with activation. Instead it’s a bug in the phone. And It’s got to be a corner case in the software as not everyone is having the problem.

  15. I don`t understand what limitations the LG800g phone would have (without) the addition of the 4GB microSDHC Class4 Flash Memory Card SDC4/4GBET, but if its necessary, why was it not included due to its minimal cost?

    • The only limitation is memory for storing songs, pictures, games, apps, messages, etc.

      The phone has 20MB built-in which will quickly fill up if you use the camera or MP3player.

      • Thanks Thomas, if I can`t wait it out for the Motorol Ex124g and I end up getting this LG800g, thats very helpful information. Since I would not being storing songs, games, apps, pictures, messages, etc but simply making an occasional phone call now and then or perhaps receiving one or even less likely, returning a text mesage, I guess I would`nt miss not having the extra (storage). Like I stated earlier, for the minute cost of the Micro Memory Chip, they should have included it.

      • Do not fill internal memory all the way. To operate the phone has to have access to some unused internal memory.

  16. Love this phone so far. I’ve been fidgeting with it for about 5 days. It certainly is different. I’ve ordered a silicon skin, USB cable and screen protector for it. They should be in by the end of the week or so. Wish the QWERTY keyboard was available is all areas where input is needed, thought the handwriting recognition is pretty good. Will order an sd card soon. It would be awesome if blog readers posted any other cool features they discover since tf seems to like to hide features deep in the menus. Thanks for the great blog, Patrick. It’s really quite helpful!

  17. I wouldn’t expect the Lg 800g to be that complicated from what I’ve seen so far on reviews.

    It kind of depends on what you want in a phone.

    You should be able to touch a contacts icon and then dial that person’s number, touch a message icon and type in a message and touch an icon to get to the camera, or to listen to music, etc.

    If I’d known Tracfone would come out with these phones I’d have waited.

    I have been with Tracfone since 2000 and used an analog Nokia for 6 years, then when you had to get a digital model we got a Nokia 2126. In 2009 we “upgraded” to the Moto 376 which had DMFL and a camera. But I don’t like to text on that phone and having a teenager it’s easier to send a quick text to find out when she needs picked up, etc.

    So I got a used Verizon Palm Centro on Ebay for $27 and use it on Page Plus Cellular’s standard plan at $10 for 120 days. I have a qwerty keyboard, touchscreen, camera.
    The screen is not that big and the phone is kind of thick, but I carry it in my purse anyway. I love the calendar to keep track of things and it reminds me of appointments.

    I thought about getting the Lg 500g when Radioshack had it for $20, but Tracfone won’t work in Europe and neither does a cdma phone so for the times we want to visit my family in Germany I got a refurb Pantech link which is quadband and I got it unlocked by ATT and if I want I can use it with H20 wireless gsm service for $5 a month or less.

    So Tracfone is not your only choice to get the phones you want and service for under $10 a month as I have found out recently.

    • M – thanks for the very interesting information. something I have always wondered about Page Plus plans – the $10 plan (and the $25 plan for that matter) which I believe are the Voice plans – are they just that – voice only? Or can you use them for text and data, like you can do with Tracfone? In other words, that $25 card on Page Plus gets you 400 minutes for 120 days, but is it only for voice, or can you use it for voice, text and data?

  18. Every time I get a call on this phone the screen locks and I have to hold the unlock key for a couple seconds to access the phone. Is there any way to turn this off? I tried turning unlock off in several places in settings but it did not help.

    • Dante – Unfortunately no. Instead of pressing the unlock key, you can tap the power button – I think it’s easier than pressing that unlock button…

    • You can change the time it takes till it locks:
      press blue dice menu key>settings>phone>auto-lock> (your choice of; never-10-20-30 or 60 seconds)

      • I’ve had the same problem as Dante had. I purposely had set the Auto-Lock feature to “Never”, but every time I either made or received a call ( as opposed to a text message), the blue Unlock button appeared. The first time this happened I didn’t know how to turn the Speaker on, and had the phone up to my ear for the call and didn’t see that it was locking up. Tracfone has agreed to replace the first phone I bought with another LG 800G. It’s not activated yet, since this just happened about 10 days ago, so I don’t know if the new phone will act the same way. Just wanted to let you know that ensuring that the Auto-Lock function was set to Never had no effect on this problem. It occurred no matter what setting Auto-Lock was on.

  19. I received my Tracfone LG800 over the week-end. I need to replace the sim card (long story, my fault). What is the secret of removing the back cover? I downloaded the instruction manual from your site. VERY HELPFUL!!! But trying to duplicate the drawing in real life didn’t work. Also, I need instructions for operating the phone on line. What do the symbols mean? What do I use for return (send) key? Thanks. I’m glad I discovered this site. Google should make it the top of the pile right after paid advertisors.

    • Gene – you should just be able to turn the phone upside down, and look above the camera lens – there is a little arrow – this is the way you want to slide the cover. I place the front (screen side) of the phone on my eight fingers (four on each side) then with my two thumbs, I press down gently but firmly on the back cover, and slide it in the direction of the arrow. If necessary, place your two index fingers at the lower lower part of the phone to hold it in place as you slide the cover off. This has worked for me.

      Be sure to have a soft towel beneath the phone in case you drop it – you don’t want to scratch the screen. Also be sure to wash your hands before handling the phone so you don’t scratch the screen.

      Not sure what you mean by “what do I use for return (send) key” – for what? Can you explain what you are trying to do?

  20. ortizmro, page plus standard plan can be used for talk, text and data.
    For example if I get the $10 refill I pay 10c min for calls, text are 8 cents and data I’m not sure about, since I can’t access data on my phone but it doesn’t bother me.

    They also have other plans too like Talk and text plan and unlimited plan which are similar to Straighttalk. You can find out more info on their website


  21. I saw the LG 800G on Tracfone’s website last week. When I typed in my zipcode it said it was not available in my area, but I saw in for sale in Target the very next day. The Target employee said they had just gotten them in. However, now the 800G is not showing on the Tracfone site at all so I’m wondering what is up. I was planning on buying one this weekend. I live in a suburb of DC so I would think I would be able to use it in this area. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks!

    • It seems to have been pulled by TracFone, possibly for an issue with the text messaging not working correctly. I’ll have a post about this either later today or tomorrow.

    • It’s been pulled from the sales pages, but it’s still on the activation pages.
      It has not been pulled from the store shelves though.
      It’s also still listed on the Net10 phone page, but then it’s not after entering a zipcode (GSM4 nor GSM5AT)

      There’s a glitch that seams to affect some phones but not all, where it get stuck in a loop and keeps receiving the same SMS/MMS message over and over.

      If you get one that does that, Trac and Net10 are sending replacements. I think all to date have been the new, unreleased Motorola EX124G (See the activation and manuals pages) though there’s no guaranty they won’t send a working LG800G once they fix the problem (or find a way to screen the existing stock).

      Of course you may get a phone that doesn’t have the problem. Certainly worth taking the chance.

  22. I have just purchased an LG800G. I have over 200 phone numbers in my old Motorola. Motorola has software that reads my MS Office contacts and updates the phone. After reading the manual, I don’t see any way of getting a list of phone numbers mechanically into the LG800G. Any suggestions?

    • Can you export the contacts to a vcf file?
      A vcf file can contain one or multiple contacts. I used a SIM reader to get all my contacts form my card.

      If so you can copy that to the LG800G and then “restore” from that file.
      It’s actually did a merge on my LG500G and I suspect yours would do the same.

  23. Hey folks, I received my 800G yesterday and it is now activated, ported my old number to it, etc. The SanDisk 4GB microSDHC card I installed is recognized by the phone, so that is a good omen for things to come. Still waiting for my USB cable (it requires the 8-pin micro USB connector) so that I can load some music on it, although playing samples it sounded good. Oh, and anyone who needs the full user manual for the 500G can get it by emailing tracfone’s tech support. If there was a way to post the PDF on here (is there?) I would do so.

  24. Thanks Thomas. Yes, I can build a VCF file. But then what? How do I get it into the phone? Throught the USB port? What is a SIM reader? I am really new to this.

    • Copy the VCF file to the phone. I just put it in the Other Files directory on the SD card (BT, USB, or card reader). Then in the contacts menu, under Settings is an option to restore cotact Chose that and navigate to the file you copied.,

      • Thomas, Your response has been very helpful. I was able to get the vCards onto the SD card. I exported them from Office by selecting the contacts I wanted and emailed them to myself. Then I stored them on my PC and transferred them to the LG800g SD via the USB port.

        The LG800g software does not recognize phone numbers in the format (AAA) EEE-NNNN. It wants them AAAEEENNNN. Office automatically formats them to the (AAA) EEE-NNNN. Microsoft gave me a workaround to stop the formatting but the whole effort has been a BIG pain.

        Also, I don’t see any way to pass all of the vCards in the SD to the SIM at one time. I have to handle each contact one by one. Is there another way?

      • Dick,
        I’ve only got the LG500G to go by, but they appear very similar in functionality (other then the input differences).

        If I backup my contacts on the LG500g (and when I used the SIM card reader) I get a single VCF file that has all the contacts.
        It’s just the single contact VCF files concatanated. There’s no special delimiters or anything to seperate one entry for the next.

        I had a similar problem with Micro$oft tools, so I didn’t use them.

        So, you’d need to take all the vCards from M$ tools and concatonate them it to a single VCF file. Copy that to the phone, then use it to restore/merge the contact list.

        Once the SIM reader worked for me, I never looked more for an app to generate the concatonated VCF file.
        I was going to use WordPad/NotePad and copy-n-patse or maybe the Windows PowerShell to do it (or install a version of the Unix/Linux shell command ‘cat’).

        I think “get-content -Path *.vcf | add-content -Path allcontacts.vcf” would do it in power shell but I’m not sure. I never tried it, and I haven’t used PowerShell much.

  25. I have an iMac computer about 3 and a half years old. Will I be able to download music from my Music Library to the mp3 player and load photos to the iMac from the LG800 phone using a micro USB cable? Purchased the phone from HSN with the triple minute for life deal and 1200 minutes for $99.95.

    • Joyce,
      I also have an older Mac and all I recall is somewhere (in the mass of info. I’ve been trying to read about this phone since getting it from HSN) reading about connecting with your “PC”. Mac’s weren’t mentioned and they usually are when something is compatible with both, so I’m not betting on being able to download from my Mac, but I don’t know for sure.

      • Chris, you won’t find out anything on this topic in your manual. These LG phones are sorely lacking in this dept. so it is by trial and error that I have achieved success. Again, I am no Mac expert so please accept this explanation for what it is worth!

        To clarify a bit, it is not the actual phone you are connecting to with the computer – it is the memory card itself, so you must think along those lines – really no different that plugging in a thumb drive, floppy disk, or other removable media, so if your computer can connect to one of those you should be able to do this as well. Note: Before attempting the USB connection make sure there are no apps running on the phone, as it is not great when it comes to multitasking. If you have a memory card installed you must also set it as the primary storage device. Do NOT attempt to format the memory card with the phone (there IS that option) – you will get nowhere fast! As long as your phone recognizes the card you should be fine.

        Once the USB cable is connected on both ends you will get a message on the phone’s screen that asks if you wish to connect to the “Mass Storage” device, yes or no. Once you select “yes” it will connect. Once the connection is made 2 things should happen. One, the phone will start charging, and two, your PC (or Mac?) will/should recognize the memory card and assign it a drive letter. From there you can use your file manager of choice to drag, drop, delete, etc the files you want to work with. Pretty simple once you get the hang of it…

    • Dave covered it well. The USB connection is only to the SD Card. One connected the system will treat it like any other USB drive.

  26. Joyce, you should be able to, providing you have installed a microSD memory card in the phone. I do know it works with my PC, but I am not a Mac person so I can’t say for sure. When I connect my 800G through the USB cable (which cost me a whole 99 cents on eBay) my PC recognizes and assigns a drive letter to the memory card. From there I can drag & drop files in either direction as well as delete, rename, etc.

  27. Dave:
    Thanks for information. I do have a microSD card in the phone. Will try the micro USB cable.


  28. Hi,
    I’m not a technie. Just ordered the LG 800 tracfone from HSN when they had the triple minutes special as my flip motorola tracfone is starting to need charging fairly often and I figured it was probably on its way out. I do enjoy taking pix with the motorola, and hoped to do even more of that with the LG. Thought a memory card would just have a slot like other phones. After reading all the comments here, plus other reviews, I am leaning toward returning this phone to HSN as I still have a few days left in the 30 day period. Haven’t received the multiple texts, but then haven’t received many return texts from friends (who usually text me right back) plus my first call was dropped so I’m wondering about the service. All seems more trouble than worth but I already filled the internal memory taking a few short videos and photos while watching the spacewalk on my computer and hate to lose those. The micro/macro USB cable I have that fit my motorola tracfone doesn’t fit the LG, and I wondered if anyone can tell me how I can retrieve the videos and photos before sending phone back. If I buy a memory card (haven’t yet and don’t want to unless it’s the only way) can I transfer the files from the internal memory to the external card? Or is there a way to send them to my computer (via e-mail) without a cable? I don’t know how to do either of these things and some basic guidance would sure be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Well, it can be done via Bluetooth connection but that is beyond my current know-how level, I suppose I will get there some day! You should be able to send the files in an email if you can do that with the phone’s browser, although that won’t be the easiest method by far. You also might be able to send them in a text message to another phone that does have a way to extract the files. I know that hindsight is 20-20, but the phone’s on-board memory is not adequate for anything but ringtones, text messages, wallpaper, etc. Anything like video or music will fill it up in a hurry as there is only around 20MB available. Like I said, the USB cable can be had for about 1 dollar with free shipping on eBay if you search for “micro USB cable” in all categories. If you search in just cell phone accessories you may not find it that cheap – I would suggest buying more than 1 since they are cheap, That way you have a spare if one goes bad. Oh and if all else fails the 4GB memory card is under 10 bucks so it’s not like you would have to spend a fortune.

    • Chris, the only way to get to the phone’s internal memory is bluetooth or stuff on the phone.

      Yes you can move the pics/vids to the memor card once you get one.

      You can send pics to an email address using MMS messages. It’ll use a lot of airtime though.Have to do one at a time (size limit on messages). And the phone may even resize the pics to fit the message.

      Best solution is get a microSD card, 4GB or less and move the files to External Storage.
      Then you can transfer with a USB cable that has a micro B connector, or you can take the card out and put in a card reader.
      The cable and card are both inexpensive and I’ve seen some inexpensive SD card readers.

      Since you don’t plan to keep the phone, you may want to see what the new phone supports before buying cards and cables.
      If you won’t have a future use for them, you may be able to borrow stuff. A lot of laptops have built in card readers.

    • Oh, Chris. you may want to send SMS/MMS messages to yourself through email. Then you can verify the phone is sending/recieving properly. MMS is often what triggers the multiple message problems.

      Note, the MMS gateway can be slow. Might be faster to send to a friend’s phone.

  29. Thanks Dave and Thomas! Very helpful. I have been texting and talking using the LG800 today with my cousin and even sent her a photo. All was working fine except I tried to send her a video and got a message that it was too big to send in a message – or something like that. Now that I’m getting a little more used to the phone, and it didn’t drop calls this afternoon plus texting worked fine, I’m more 50-50 about keeping it. If getting the 4G card will solve the memory problem, it might be worth the triple minutes. I did use the web function this morning – used the built in links to weather, CNN and MSNBC and other than being a small screen it worked fine. But trying to get to my e-mail seemed to take forever, so I just quit. The phone is really too small to use for those functions, IMHO. I think some of us may want it to be a tablet and it’s not ever going to be that! lol So I’ll continue to play with it over the weekend, maybe get a memory card and see what happens, but I need to return it to HSN early next week if I’m going to. Thanks again everyone!

    Glad I found this forum!

    • I suggest that after you get the SD card, install Opera Mini. It’ll be faster and use less of your minutes.

      Also, rotating the phone might help make it a little friendler. (You might need to find a setting in the browser to rotate the screen. I don’t have an 800G to verify).

      I’ve used my LG500G with Opera Mini to access my email and a few forums and it worked well.

  30. Hello. I wonder if anyone can advise me on this… My dad is in a nursing home. He is practically blind and cannot use a regular phone. he also has diabetes and his fingers are sort of numb.

    I wanted to find a phone that can make calls by voice… like press a button and say ” Call Carol”

    well it seems technology has DROPPED that feature for some reason and I can’t find a phone that does voice dial… (my dad is in zip code 65559)

    So I am looking at the LG800G wondering if dad knows the CONTACTS icon is a certain color and can see that well enough, he presses that and then?? what does the contacts list look like?

    I thought if I added just his main contacts… maybe 6 that he could see well enough to count down lines and call.

    Would he just need to press CONTACTS – a name CAROL and it would dial? or would he also have to press some tiny send button somewhere?

    or any ideas on a tracfone would help. I do not live near him and can only go help him once every 2 weeks.

    I had his current phone programmed to dial people with 3 touches but somehow that got erased… and he can rarely get to his current phone to answer it.

    Thanks any thoughts appreciated.

    • Hi, Stephie,
      I have the LG800 and am still playing around to learn how to use it, but I can make calls and text easily. But it’s also easy to get “lost” in that phone, so it’s not one I personally would recommend for your situation. Plus as you can see from this blog there have been reports of problems with this model, although I’ve not had them with my phone. This is just my opinion, but I’m hoping someone with more tech knowledge can help you out here.

      Personally, I’ve always had Mac computers and if I could afford an iphone, I’d have one! BUT I’d probably never leave an expensive phone with a parent in a nursing home (I’ve been in your shoes) because things get “misplaced” if you catch my drift. A more disposable product would be your best bet, so I think you’re on the right track.

      Good luck!

    • The CDMA phones that run on Verizon have voice dialing, but I`m guessing it will be too complicated reaching the point of speaking the name or phone number to make the call. Here is a corrected link so that you can look at the CDMA phones and order one if you wish after studing them.


      For more Information and access to owners manuals use this link:

      Put your pointer on a phone of interest and then move over to and click on “more details” and then look for the green rectangle with “download manual” and click on it.

      I`m sorry I don`t know the procedure, so you wouldn`t have so much hard work to find out on your own.

  31. Maybe it’s been discussed, but I can’t seem to find out anywhere how much it costs to send/receive text messages. Even though Tracfone offters this particular model, on their FAQS, where text messaging is discussed, costs are represented for other models, but not for this one. Again, do you know where I can find this out? Thanks

  32. My son has a cell phone, I think it is a Samsung android phone, and whenever he is near Wi-Fi hot spot, he can connect to the Internet using the Wi-Fi connection rather than using cell phone minutes in his Verizon plan. Is is possible to connect an LG800G to the Internet through Wi-Fi? Or can I connect the 800G to the Internet some other way such as using Bluetooth through another computer? Or using the micro USB cable through another computer? Is there any way at all to connect my LG800G to the Internet without using my Tracfone minutes??? John H.

    • Hi John
      What you are trying to do is not possible with the 800g. There are more expensive phones on more expensive plans from Straight Talk and Net10 that can do wifi, but at this time no Tracfone handsets have this capability.

  33. I got my LG800g about a week ago. I’ve mastered most of the basic functions, but am having a problem sending MMS via e-mail. Text and pics go through to GMail, and Excite, but only text to my local server and Yahoo. Tracfone IT is useless. When I complained and asked for a refund, they blamed my e-mail servers. When I told them my previous Tracfone, Moto EM326g worked fine with all of them, they said this phone was not compatible. In no case would they agree to a refund. I’m into this phone for $50 including triple minutes, so in for a penny, in for a pound. If anybody had info on this problem, please post.

  34. I have not seen any posts yet stating this so I will. The LG800G is a good phone and I found only 2 huge flaws with it. 1) It will NOT work on an analog tower. Digital only kiddies with this phone. I have two towers in my area a digital in town and an analog out side of town. Guess which one I live closer too. Yep the analog. 2) This flaw is and is not a biggy depending on your point of view. It can only handle a 4GB microSD card hidden under the battery. Oh FYI!!! : That little metal thing slides up and down to put in your microSD card. And a Fun fact for the kiddies, the alarms go off even with the phone turned off. So if you want it truly off take the batt. out.

  35. HI Folks, I just purchased a new LG 800 G Tracfone and am quite satisfied with the quality of the phone. Purchased Tracfones one year plan with 1200 minutes and then used a bonus coupon to bring my total minutes to somewhere over 1400! I purchased a 4g memory card data cable and the auto charger and skins for about $ 115 bucks. How can you beat that? My one question and i know its a simple question but have to ask. Can i download photos and music from my computer using the usb cable? I understand i can upload from my phone to computer but have not seen much on computer to phone. Right now, with the memory card installed and checked 4 or 5 times my phone shows the external memory grayed out. So my question is, can i download photos through USB to my phone? Thanks in advance.


    • Joe, I haven’t personally done so in a while, but my recollection is that you can “push” files from a computer to the phone via USB. You might need to go into the settings menu of the phone and make sure the USB mode setting is set to “mass storage,” or something along those lines.

      If that doesn’t work, another option would be to remove your microSD card from your phone and plug directly into your computer (depending on your phone, you might need an adapter of some kind). You could then load the files onto the memory card, and they should show up when you put the card back into the phone.

        • Well, my new memory card has arrived. Installed it and dragged my photos over from the computer to the phone and all is well! Now if i could just get the right touch and be able to touch and scroll efficently and correctly on this phone i would be quite satisfied with this LG 800!

  36. I just returned 2 of these LG800g Phones. Reception is very very poor, does not work in areas where my other phone would. There is no QWERTY available to put in contacts. Qwerty is only for text. The damn thing will only take a 4 gig memory card. What a joke. Save your money

  37. help??? How do I get the pics from my INternal memory on to my PC? I purchased a SUB cord and easily got my EXternal memory pics onto my PC, but I am stumped on how to get the INternal memory pics over…I am not tech savy in any way. Can anyone help me?

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