Samsung t245g review

Samsung T245g review

There’s yet another new phone showing up on parts of America Movil’s site. “TracFancier” has discovered a tutorial page for a new device, the Samsung t245g (also sometimes referred to as the Samsung SGH-T245g). I’m not sure at this time which of the three brands (TracFone, Net10, or Straight Talk) will carry this phone.

Based on the look of the phone and by comparing the features and model number to previous Net10 and TracFone devices, I don’t believe there’s much reason for excitement around this model. The Samsung t201g on Net10 was one of the worst models I ever tested, and this one doesn’t look all that much different. My biggest complaint about the t201g, as well as the t101g that came out around the same time, was horrible audio quality. Those models also lacked any other redeeming qualities, so I ended up recommending just about any other phone over them.

The Samsung t105g and t155g came out about a year after those first two, with little improvement. The Samsung t255g is also already available from Straight Talk, and I’m having a hard time figuring out the difference between the new t245 and the older t255. Perhaps the t245 will be on Trac and/or Net10, and the t255g will remain with Straight Talk only. I haven’t actually tested the t255 because I was so turned off by my previous experiences with similar modelsthat I didn’t even bother with the t255g.

Hopefully the Samsung t245g is an improvement, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s a clamshell-style phone, with a .3 megapixel camera as it’s only noteworthy “feature.” And in this case it’s noteworthy because of how bad it is. There are already several other very inexpensive Straight Talk devices with 1.3 or 2.0 mp cameras, all of which do a fine job with call quality.

The t245g lacks an mp3 player and java app support as well. All in all, it’s just a very basic phone. If that’s all you need, perhaps this will fit the bill. But I would not be at all surprised if an LG (like the LG 420g or 231c) or Motorola accomplishes the basic necessities better than the Samsung t245g. Maybe this time I’ll have to give it a closer look just to be sure, though. And when I do, I’ll post a full Samsung t245g review, with links to the review on this page.



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4 thoughts on “Samsung t245g review

  1. If Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk insist on introducing these poor quality cheap phones to their Network, not only should they be priced very low or better yet, given away for free to new subscribers with the purchase of airtime minutes and opening up a new account. Otherwise, it just perpetuates the stereotype of a Sub-Tier Cellular Carrier. Thats not smart Public Relations.

  2. It would seem reasonable to expect that if a review is written about a product, that the reviewer has actually tested the item. This is the most useless review. It is poorly written, but most substantially a total waste of time.

    • Hey Ken, why don’t you let us know how you really feel? :)
      Seriously, though, I expect that the phone is even worse than the “review,” and since there was so little interest in this model (as evidenced by the single user comment over the past 12 months), I decided to focus my time elsewhere. I would, however, gladly post your review of the t245g, if you own that model.

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