LG 501c now on TracFone

For those CDMA TracFone users who have been waiting for a QWERTY phone, your wait is over. The LG 501c went on sale on TracFone.com earlier this week, for a price of $39.99, with the Double Minutes for Life included as a standard feature on this model.

LG 501c on TracFone.com

It looks a lot like the GSM LG 500g that launched in late April, but the 501c is missing a few key features that might be important to some. Namely, the LG 500g can record video and also has an mp3 player. The 501c, unfortunately, lacks both of these features. Further, it appears that it will not support java-based applications. I discussed more about the LG 501c in this review intro post.

But if you need a CDMA device to get the best coverage for your area, and want a QWERTY keyboard for easier texting, this is your only option with TracFone.

Don’t forget you can still use promo code GI2011 when you check out, and you’ll save $5. And free overnight shipping from the Father’s Day promotion is over, but you can still get free Fedex 3-day shipping. Click here to check it out on TracFone.com.


18 thoughts on “LG 501c now on TracFone

  1. it also appears that the battery life is not as good either. I think I posted this in the review intro post, but I will be interested to see what you find when you get a chance.

    Thanks so very much for all of your time and work helping us. I know I am not the only one who appreciates it!

  2. Interesting. Wonder what those who claim the TF is eliminating CDMA coverage will say now.

    Well, regardless, this just reinforces the high value that they offer and the seamless service they provide. Nice!

  3. I’m actually very disappointed about there being no mp3 player on this phone. I’ve long time wondered why it is that tracfone, a wireless provider intent on selling phones, and service to kids, don’t have any phones with simple music players. So the LG 500 comes out, and there’s small amount of rejoicing amongst the the two elder teens, who have held onto their LG220’s for long enough, and then the news about this CDMA version without music….drat!

    • I called 12 Dollar Generals today in a 30 mile radius and not one store in my area got the 500g nor the 501c. Bummer

  4. The Good News is at the $20. price point, if you loose the damn phone or it it falls into liquid and dies, a replacement does`nt hurt very much. Same thing happens to a iPhone or a Blackberry/Android and watch the tears.

  5. Well “annepani”, TracFone does own Straight Talk, so my question is germane to this article, even if slightly off topic. Oh, sorry, you probably don’t know what that word means.

    • Chris, I unfortunately don’t have any details about that phone other than what’s posted on the page Tracfancier pointed out. I don’t know when it will be released, and Trac/Net10/ST are notoriously unpredictable when it comes to the timing of new phone releases.

  6. Has anyone been able to download games or buy games from Tracfone for the 501c? Can you transfer files to and from the 501c with bluetooth?

    • Bluetooth is locked down. I’m unable to transfer pics to or from the 501C, but I actually figured that they would cripple it.

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