LG 800g Review – Important Info

Apparently there is a “known issue” with the LG 800g and how it handles text messaging. I haven’t experienced this personally, but I’ve seen problems mentioned in the comments on this blog, as well as on some other forums.

Problem with texting on the LG 800gThe most common complaint that I’ve seen is that people are getting the same message in their inbox many multiple times, while others have said that there messaging has stopped working altogether. Whatever the case, there is apparently some faulty programming in this phone. I haven’t figured out whether there’s any particular event that will trigger this problem but the bottom line is that this issue is, apparently, impossible to fix.

A couple of people have reported that TracFone has offered to replace their LG 800g free of charge … drumroll please … with a Motorola EX124g. There are a couple of significant conclusions to be drawn here, not necessarily in order of importance:

1. The problem with the 800g must be really bad if TracFone is replacing them with a differnt model. I think this is especially true with the 124g, which is expected to be a more expensive phone than the $50 800g.

2. If you already have an 800g, I would suggest that you relentlessly test the text messaging function to make sure it’s working properly and, if it’s not, call TracFone ASAP and hopefully you’ll get a replacement sent to you.

3. The Motorola EX124g will likely be available soon. While it’s possible that TracFone will send out the replacement handsets prior to the retail release of the EX124, I believe it is very unlikely considering that, in all my years of following TracFone, I’ve never heard of anyone getting their hands on a phone prior to its general release. And since I’m sure Tracfone won’t want to keep valued customers waiting (actually, I’m not sure on that, but it would be very rude!), I think they will probably be shipping those replacements pretty soon. So I think it’s a safe bet that the 800g will be available for sale.

4. The Motorola EX124g will be available on TracFone. I was previously uncertain as to whether it would be reserved only for the higher-volume plans of Straight Talk and Net10, but now TracFone users who have been holding out for the motorola can rejoice.

Further, the 800g has been pulled off the TracFone and Net10 sites for over a week now. Considering all this, I will probably pull back on my LG 800g review and related Q&A until the issue is cleared up, one way or another.

Finally, if you’ve had problems with texting on your LG 800g phone, please share your experience in the comments below this post.

Tomorrow, I’ll give a little more info about the Motorola EX124g.


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    • i bought a new LG800G touch screen on july 4th at meijer. it was on clearence for 39.99, then i had a $5.00 off coupon. the phone worked great for the first day. the very next day it suddenly quit excepting text messeges! i called customer support and they told me they are sending me the new motorola ex124g touchscreen. i will have it in 3-5 days. kinda sucks because i really like the LG800. but customer support said that theres a lot of problems with text messeges with the LG800G cell phone. the reviews for the ex124G are great! the phone its self really seem awsome as well. guess we’ll find out in 3 days!

  1. Welp, it looks like theyre sending me that free motorola. My 800 doesnt recieve half the texts that people send to me.

  2. The purpose of this reply is simply to inform those who are having text messaging issues Tracfone is replacing the 800g with the Motorola EX124g as stated earlier starting today. I called corporate this morning and they initiated a replacement ticket. I should have it by the end of next week. It looks to be a terrific phone and can’t wait to get it. For those of you who purchased a micro SD card for the 800 will be able to use it on the Motorola. From what I’ve been reading the EX124g has a 32GB capacity which is huge. That’s a lot of multimedia storage space. I hope they’re right on the numbers. I thank Pbushx2 for the heads up on the new phone.

  3. I forgot to mention there is no cost to the recipient for this replacement and a air bill envelope will be sent along with the EX124g to facilitate the return of your 800.

    • Make sure that you receive an airbill envelope. When I received the replacement EX124G, all I had was the phone, charger, battery – no air bill, no letter or instructions on how or where to send the 800G back. Tracfone rep told me that I would have to pay the postage to return which is not right (for a defective phone). Finally, after 3 days, I got to someone who was willing to help me.

      • Ha, me too. I called the special number and got a rep in the US, perfect English and everything. She asked me what was in the box, I said nothing but the phone, battery, charger, and a recycling envelope addressed to Motorola. So she told me to put the phone in that US Mail Prepaid Postage envelope that was in the box addressed to Motorola Recycling Center. That didn’t make a bit of sense to me because initially they expected me to send back an LG phone – why would I ship that to Motorola to be recycled. Oh, she said, mark out Motorola’s address and write in the address of the Tracfone warehouse from the box you received the phone in. I said “but it is a US postage paid envelope, FedEx can’t accept that.” Oh, she said, don’t take it into a FedEx office, just drop it into one of the FedEx boxes, then they’ll have to ship it. ??!?

        Well, that had me so worried I couldn’t get to sleep that night. Called back about 11pm as they told me they were open until 11:30 PM, a different rep immediately said, “Oh, you must be one of those who was sent a phone directly from the warehouse without the return airbill envelope – I’ll send you a prepaid return airbill envelope.” And that was after less than 1 miute on the phone. So he took my info to send me one. I wonder how many people the first rep screwed up bad by telling them to do what she told me? In fact, I’m pretty sure altering the address on a Prepaid Postage envelope is illegal anyway, what kind of bull was that?

  4. Now we know why Tracfone and HSN had that “Triple Minutes for Life” deal. At the time, I figured they must have determined the phone had a short life expectancy and wanted to clear them out. But I couldn’t help myself and got one anyway. All has been OK with mine so far, but I only send and receive about 4 texts a month…

    For those of you whose LG800g is being replaced with the Motorola, are they giving you at least Double Minutes for Life?

    • Actually, I did have a text malfunction the day I activated my phone; I just hadn’t noticed until I went back and checked my Inbox. I received the “Port In Complete – Welcome…” message 18 times at 3:05 AM. But since then I have received 17other texts from people without any apparent problem. At least, I HOPE I aqm receiving all my texts, and may call Tracfone to report the multiple Welcome texts.

    • I too purchased the HSN triple minutes deal and got the LG800g. It worked for about one month and then the screen went black with only the lg symbol blinking off and one. Twice I called service, which took at a minimum of 45 minutes before anyone answered. WHen they did, they were in the Phillipines and spoke very bad english. They said they could replace by phone with the motorola ex124g but instead I got another lg800g but it only had double minutes. I bought the additional warrant thru HSN. Tracfone told me to call the wireless people and they would put the triple minutes back on the phone. The man at wireless laughed at me and said I had been had by tracfone, like a lot of other people. I finaly send the phone back to the warrant people at HSN and returned the replacement phone back to tracfone with a note that it was being returned due to their lying to me. HSN could not send me a replacement as the phone was no longer available. Hopefully I will get my refund within the next 10 days. Don’t know where to go now for a reliable phone that works. Any ideas??

  5. Well now I’m excited. I’ve had my 800g phone for 5 days and received 200 text mess. actually only 6 text that still are coming thru as I write you. net-10 said I would get my new motorola ex124g within 5 working days. So by 7/11/11 I will have my new phone. I was mad until I went to look up what I’m getting and found out all this stuff. The 800g is a really nice and easy to use phone, but it makes me feel good to know, things are looking good me not them. So good luck to all of you and if your not having a problem with your 800g- tell them you are and get a new phone anyway! HA!!!!

  6. I haven’t had any repetitive text message problems (recieving same text 10 times), but I’m not recieving texts that I’m expecting, which is suspicisious, Does this apply to net10 as well?

  7. I have no problems with this phone including the send and receive texting. Also I am not getthing those same message multiple times. I guess I am one of the lucky ones because I waited for Target to have this phone in stock and I love this phone!

  8. dont do a lot of texting, but you can bet I’m going to do a bunch in the next couple days. i like the phone, but not that much. I, like JLL above, bought the phone from HSN w/ triple minutes. the only way I would exchange is if I am given the same deal.

    thanks for the info, PB

  9. I have had a significant issue with the 800G’s ability to receive signals. On a five bar scale, it is two bars less than my 600G.

    For this reason, I did not activate it. Is there a number to call to get the 800G swapped for the Motorola (English speaking)?

  10. I bought the 800 from HSN when the $99 was offered. A week after activation, I had one text received over 50 times. From the response or lack of understanding from Tracfone, I must have been one of the first to have this issue. After various attempts at fixes, the issue was “resolved” by giving me a new phone number. With the new phone number, I have not had an issue, so I thought it was a software issue outside the firmware on the phone. I like the phone. I am not a heavy text user.

    • Hi Teresa W,

      I, too, purchased the 800 from HSN and love the phone — I think! I don’t do a lot of text messaging so the reviews of that application don’t bother me. HOWEVER, where do we get a data cable? I want to transfer music, photos, etc. from phone to computer and vice versa. Obviously, the charger (or any model thereof) doesn’t work to transfer data. I have contacted TracFone who told me Radio Shack & Family $ had them. None in my area have them or ever heard of such a thing. When I contacted LG directly I was told to go to Radio Shack and search for one that would fit the 800 — they don’t know anything other than that! Can you or anyone answer this question for me? HELP!


    • You pathetic dweebs 😉 – the other party is probably hitting ‘send again’ and not realizing it. Trying to figure out what’s going on. Getting lost in the menu system. I’m just betting my McDonald’s Big-league Score Card.

  11. I also have the LG800 and if I receive a text message at all, it can take up to 3 days to reach me. We’ve contacted Tracfone, so hopefully we can get this issue resolved.

  12. Nevermind what I said above, as of now, my 800 is recieving all the texts, and sending successfully as well. I’ll post here if I encounter any problems.

  13. I have /had 2 800Gs. My wife’s phone started getting spam text message which I could not stop. This went on for about 2 days with about 200 messages. I turned off text messaging and of course it stopped. I made SEVERAL calls and email to Trac and got nowhere. On my 800G, I have never had the problem. In my wife’s case, she refused to use the phone, so I just reactivated her old phone and the 800G sets unused and full of messages. I have been very happy with my 800…. wife not so much!!

  14. I bought the lg 800g from Hsn and the receive text did not work the the start. I contacted tracfone and they put in a replacement ticket a week ago. Still have not received. When I asked tracfone if I would receievd the triple minurtes they said no, but I called HSN and they said I would receive triple minutes for life and to contact simply wireless. We will see what happens. If Im am not satisfied I will definately returne the Motorola.

    • I hope you have better luck than I had. The wireless people laughed at me when I asked for the triple minutes to be put on the phone. the triple minutes was a special promo with hsn and when the phone did not work, i lost the triple minutes. Hope you have better luck than I did, but I doubt it. Good luck. Please post if you get the triple minutes on the phone replaced by tracfone.

  15. Here is a Motorola EX124G report from Turk forum posted 7/3 that does not specify Net10 or Tracfone. Others report its not at every WalMart:

    rotryrkt – Today, 12:46 PM
    Just wanted to let you all know it’s here!!! I picked one up at Walmart yesterday. Got it activated and so far am very satisfied. Price is $79.88. Went in to buy an LG800g and the manager was just unpacking the first shipment of Moto EX124g’s. I’ll post again when I have checked it out more.

  16. I had to return my lg 800 due to the texting problems I could send them out but couldn’t recieve them.
    Will be getting replacement next week also I asked that they honor the triple the minutes for life,they tried to tell me I had a phone that only had double the minutes until I emailed them the flyer I got with my phone from hsn.
    Hopefully they will now honor the triple the minutes

    • Okay non-nerds, here is a general problem to double check, ESPECIALLY on this semi-smart LG OS (like the LG 800g) THAT WILL SELECTIVELY KEEP MESSAGES FROM BEING DELIVERED: Whoever is sending non-delivered, or delayed delivered messages, CHECK THE PROBLEM PHONE NUMBER TO BE SURE YOU HAVE NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN THERE – like “*” (asterisk). For some reason this OS does not have a dash key on the number input screen and people (like me) used what was available – which meant (for instance) 1*805*999*2323. WRONG! That should be input as 18059992323. It will appear in the contact list with dashes magically in place, put there by the LG fairy.

      When an error did show up, I went back and fixed that number – but forgot to fix another number THAT DIALED VOICE FINE – but this would sure as hell FLUB UP messaging. AND DID. Still got charged for the sends though. :-(

  17. Trade a $50 phone for an $80 one? Maybe no double or triple minutes, Hmmm – what to do? What to do? On the one hand, I don’t have any problems with texting. On the other hand, maybe something much better for what I have, and no questions asked.

    • i got my LG800 phone from HSN with triple minutes for life; paid 99$. i am also having issues with texts not working, and receiving multiple texts which is very annoying. does anyone think getting a substitute phone is the answer? thx..

      • Kelly, I think a replacement is your only option. You’ll have to remain insistent, though, that they transfer the TMFL feature to your new phone if you do get a replacement. And after the transfer is complete and everything is moved over to your new phone, call back a few days later and confirm with customer service that the new phone does indeed have the TMFL assigned to it.



  19. When I first activated my LG800g, I got about 200 welcome texts even while speaking on the phone with TF. After awhile they stopped and I haven’t had a problem texting since that I know of. I like my LG800g (as long as it keeps on working). Maybe they should just recall them all and replace with the Moto.

  20. The messaging quit working altogether on my phone after i sent 3 and received 2 messages. The last text I tried to send just sits in the Outbox with a “Waiting…” message.

    I called Executive Solutions in Miami (1-800-876-5753) and they are sending a new Motorola EX124G in 3-5 business days.

    Thanks Pbushx2 for publicizing this issue.

  21. my wife purchased the 800g a month ago. Net10 replaced it last week with a 124g. its pretty close to the same operation as the LG but it has 3 front app screens and no way to add apps to them. You can add jar apps to the phone via usb cable.

  22. Here is a noob question showing my little knowledge of Trac phone. I have heard that Net Ten uses the Verizon network but what does Trac Phone use for a network? please dont say Sprint. TU

  23. I to had the same problem with messages.
    I got my LG800 from HSN and wondered if if would make a difference for getting a replacement.
    It did not. I am waiting for the Motorola EX124G to arrive.
    I wonder if the “normal” Tracphone 800 number would have been as helpful
    Finding the .”Executive Solutions in Miami” was the key.
    I have been a Tracphone customer for 14 years, and happy with their service.

    • If you need AT&T service you must look at the URL and see GSM4 when ordering. They are changing zips over to GSM5 and GSM5AT in order to push T-Mobile service ahead of AT&T. There have been reports of ordering from COGSM4 and receiving T-Mobile. Make sure there is NO T-Mobile service for the Zip Code you use (look at coverage maps).

  24. I purchased this phone from Net10, not Tracfone, two days ago and I’m having this text messaging problem. Will Net10 replace my phone if I call them?

  25. Well, after getting a phone call from a friend who thought I was mad at her because I was ignoring her texts, I found out that my LG 800g had stopped receiving texts. I went to the Tracfone website to Technical Support and went thru the process to check text messaging by sending myself a text. I never got it. So I filled out a ticket online thinking I would call one day when I had a few hours to work on it. About 30mins later Tracfone called me explaining the phone had to be replaced with the Motorola EX-124g, and in about 10 mins they took all the info they needed to send me one. So if you are having texting problems, that is another way to get help is to fill out an online ticket and wait for a call! It was really a pleasant surprise to have it taken care of so quickly and easily.

    I really like the LG 800g and everything about it worked well except for the texting glitch. I have several bluetooth devices I connect with (my car, an old cordless phone adapter, other cell phones, headset, dongle, a newer computer with built-in bluetooth) and the 800g was the first phone I had that worked with ALL of them with no problems. Hope the Motorola will do the same!

    A big question for me will be the reception and voice quality of the Motorola. GSM is marginal at home and I switched to CDMA a few years ago but got tired of the CDMA phones at Tracfone, and when the LG 501c came out with only a VGA camera I got tired of waiting for a good CDMA phone and decided to try the 800g. And the LG 800g worked well enough on voice calls to stick with GSM. Some reviews online aren’t too kind about the Motorola, but a few people who received it as a replacement for the 800g like the Motorola better. I’ll post my thoughts when it gets here.

    If the Motorola doesn’t work out, I may fall back to my old LG 290C, a bit boring compared to the newer phones but still a solid performer that I have switched back to more than once!

  26. Use the Tracfone facebook support page and avoid waiting on the phone. I may take a couple of hours for them to reply. Just keep an eye on your email from time to time. Resolved my problem in a few hours.

  27. ok, hadnt had a texting problem as I reported on July 2… but today all a sudden I am getting multiple messages…. not gonna put up with this.

    The real killer about the multiple messages is: we have to pay to read each one. So how do we know what’s in each message and not to read it? calling tracfone : )

    I so appreciate PB’s heads up emails and everyone else here. thanks guys !

  28. I’ve had my LG 800G for two months. A few weeks ago I noticed that some texts were being delivered to my phone up to two days after they were sent. Then I recieved a spam email “having trouble paying your mortgage” from 1-951-588-4293, and it kept repeating & repeating & repeating. In the last 24 hours this spam text has repeated over 100 times & still counting! When I called Tracfone tech support, they immediately advised they would be sending me a new Motorola EX124G to swap for my LG 800G – free of charge. Hurray, I haven’t really liked the 800G anyways. My old Motorola 376G was much easier to use, just didn’t have a qwerty keyboard.

  29. I bought 2 LG 800’s, 2 days apart, directly from Tracfone. First phone went to wifey, and it has NEVER had a problem in almost a month. Mine, on the other hand, has had the “Multiple text message” problem 3 times. First time a call to Miami CS resulted in a phone number change, and the problem went away—-for a while. It occurred again, about a week later, then went away by itself in 3 days. Third occurrence, same experience–the problem went away in 3 days by itself.

    After noting this to Tracfone, I was sent a replacement Motorola EX124G, which I just received a couple of days ago. I haven’t accomplished the switch yet, as I’m not impressed with the Moto over the LG. If I only have to bear this text problem 3 days at a time, every week or so, I might go with it, because the LG is a much more user-friendly phone.

    However, TF is pushing me to make a choice, and I sent them a question: “Does Tracfone intend to pull the LG from its product line?” Waiting now for an answer, which will guide me as what to do.

    Oh, incidentally, both phones originally came with T-Mobile SIM’s, and had problems. Got both phones changed to AT&T SIM’s quickly. Wifey’s STILL works like a champ, though mine hiccups every so often. The claim that AT&T SIM’s are the problem simply doesn’t hold water.

    • Just received an answer back from Tracfone: they will continue to offer the LG800 in Tracfone’s product line. And, significantly, they acknowledge that users have had problems, both NET10 and TF. However, they say “We are continuing to work for a fix for this problem.” That being said, I think I will hang in there with my LG 800 and send the Motorola back.

      • Jim, could you let us know what you found about the Motorola that wasn’t as user friendly? When you get a chance. Got my Motorola today but after reading your post and the one that mentions the loss of the Triple Minutes deal if you switch to it, now I’m wondering what to do. The Motorola needs to be way better for me to throw away triple minutes!

        Seems if the problem goes away in 3 days (that happened to me, too), they could figure out a way to make it go away in 3 minutes. I could live with that!

      • JLL: Probably I should preface my remarks with a “your opinion may differ”/ Anyway, I specifically did NOT like the fact that the Qwerty keyboard during SMS composition goes across the narrow dimension of the screen. On the positive side, when entering Contacts you ARE presented with Qwerty keyboard. Next, I thought the ringtones on the Moto were absolutely cheesy, and the sound is very tinny. Next, the calculator on the LG has a Degree/Radian mode and memory; the calculator on the Moto is straight decimal–not sure about memory. I also thought the profile setup on the Moto was nearly as easy to set up as the LG. But, those are just my opinions.

        To James F: The LG DOES have a vibrate capability. You can set it by going to “Profiles” in the second screen after hitting the Menu button. On each profile, you can set Vibrate on or off for each specific profile. Also, in Ring Styles, you can set it ON.

      • Thanks for the info, Jim. Yes, I had found some of those limitations of the Motorola, and many more, I definitely see what you mean about “not as user friendly”. However, if you turn the phone sideways, the landscape SMS QWERTY seems to work pretty well, although there are no word suggestions. But the other limitations and the quesition of keeping the triple minutes promo still have me undecided what to do. Still hoping to find out how the reception and voice quality compare to the LG800. If the Motorola functions well as a phone and I can get a guarantee of triple minutes documented, then I might consider keeping the Motorola. But I don’t really like it as much as the LG.

  30. You are all right…..the LG800g is a dead sole. I JUST bought mine last wk, spent countless $$$$ on accessories only to receive 130 of the same text messages overnight. The Motorola replacement has higher mem. capacity, supports MP4 and has vibration……..features that the LG does NOT have. I, like most of u, see this as a waste of a great product. RIP LG800G.

  31. update: bought my LG from HSN w/ triple minutes. This past weekend started getting multiple text messages. Knowing this was an unfixable problem, I called Tracfone. They will replace my LG w/ a Motorola but I wont get the TRIPLE MINUTES. I called HSN…. very sympathetic, and yet…. no, they wont give the TRIPLE minutes if I replace it with a Moto. They sent me to LG’s cust. service. Can they send me a replacement phone? “NO CAN DO” we dont do that here. You need to call TRACFONE…. LOL…. I hate giving up the TRIPLE minutes for LIfe but what if the phone only lasts a year? I’ll be stuck with a messed up phone.

    I’m not sure what I will do… But …. Its always someone elses problem. ; )

    The thng is: I didnt want a new phone, could have cared less about a touchscreen, I just wanted the TRIPLE minutes for life deal that came with the phone. I’m not impressed w/ this phone at all.

    • Maybe we need to start reporting this to BBB, or someone. If enough of us do it, we might get to keep our triple minutes. Otherwise, it becomes obvious that the triple minutes deal was a way to unload defective phones that they knew they would immediately be replacing anyway, which sounds like it could be considered an illegal scam to me. Maybe we need to report Tracfone and HSN. Especially since HSN is still selling this phone with Triple Minutes. I just got my Motorola today and will have to weigh this new info carefully before I activate it and lose my triple minutes.

  32. Does anyone know if Tracfone is going to issue a general product recall on the 800G ? I have not had the texting problem yet as I don’t text often but I am having problem accessing the key pad , for numbers, during service calls. I can use the keypad button once, then it vanishes not to return, than I lose my call for not responding quick enough. There is also a problem setting ringtones. When you find a ringtone that you want to sellect and to push the “set as” button, you have less then a second to make your choice, and it usually doesn’t work. I still have not been able to select a ringtone for my incoming messages. It may seem minor now, but I would hate to have something worst happen to the phone, I like it. And you only have so long to get it replaced before you are out of luck. I have only had my 800g for acouple of week now.

    • Ken, I have posted this elsewhere, but this is what Tracfone had to say to me:

      “Just received an answer back from Tracfone: they will continue to offer the LG800 in Tracfone’s product line. And, significantly, they acknowledge that users have had problems, both NET10 and TF. However, they say “We are continuing to work for a fix for this problem.” That being said, I think I will hang in there .”

      So, they know they have the problem and they’re trying to fix it, but if you don’t want to wait out the solution, they will send you a Moto EX124G direct exchange for your LG. However, I found most of the things I wanted to set on the LG very easily. Here is a tutorial that I believe Tracfancier posted a link to at some point:


      • Thanks JIm. I went to the site , but after clicking on some of the tutorials, I could not get any of them to open up for me. They went into a loading cycle that never stopped. My system fast enough where that should not happen. Oh well, another roadblock. Any other ideas ? Thanks for your help.

  33. Omg, I see what John means. The LG is MUCH more customizable and user friendly than the Motorola. Here are my limited observations after an hour exploring the Motorola.


    -Larger screen.

    -“Real” button for camera shutter. Most of my pics were blurry on the LG800g trying to press the button on the touch screen.

    -Text message entry, screen turns sideways if you turn the phone sideways, and QWERTY expands. Sideways QWERTY seems easier to hit the right key than on the LG800, but no word suggestions available – I had grown to really like the word suggestions using the QWERTY on the LG800.


    – To Unlock screen: 1 button only. Tiny recessed power button on side of phone. Press it with a fingernail or stylus. Then poke the LOCK icon on the screen and drag it into the circle and drop it in there, and the screen will unlock. If you are not too fast or too slow, and your aim is good. You have to go through this everytime you pick up the phone. My power button doesn’t move much and barely clicks – I hope it holds up to being pressed 40 times a day.

    -Larger screen, but phone uses mult-layer menus for about everything, with tiny font that will force me to wear my glasses. And the fonts are not adjustable.

    – There are 3 home screens you can put a few widgets on. But the same 5 unchangeable shortcut icons appear at the bottom of each home screen, one of which is a BROWSER shortcut. So not only is a non-removable browser button back on the home screen, it is there on ALL 3 of your homescreens.

    -You have to access most frequently used items thru multi-layered tedious menus. For example, I use the calendar a LOT. But to get to it I have to
    1. Hit “APPS” shortcut to bring up apps screen.
    2. Hit “TOOLS” icon.
    3. Select “Calendar” from menu list.
    4. Tap date on monthly calendar I want to see.
    5. Select “Options” menu at bottom left (or tap the SAME date a second time)
    6. Select “VIEW” menu.
    7. Events for that day are finally displayed.

    To edit each event takes a similar multi-layered journey, and again, its not as user friendly as the LG800. Like to edit the date for an event, you have to type in the date; there is not calendar you can select to tap the date. Also, I haven’t figured out how to delete one event in a series even though you can put in dates you want to delete.

    If I had never had the LG800, I might be OK with the Motorola, although it certainly acts like a menu driven phone that doesn’t take advantage of the touchscreen as much as it should. If anyone else has the Motorola and sees something I posted that isn’t accurate, please correct me, I don’t mind! I’ve only played with it for an hour and I hope there are some great features I haven’t found yet!

    Now its time to test the bluetooth as much as possible with all my devices without activating the phone. And I hope to hear some opinions on voice quality before I decide whether to activate this thing.

    I received a phone, battery, charger. Period. No instructions on how to return the LG800g, no quick start guide, no activation guide, no 70 page instruction manual, all things they said would be shipped with it. There was a foil envelope to send recyclable parts to Motorola. But I doubt that is where I’m supposed to send my LG phone. Looks like its time for another phone call…

    • Oh, one more thing. The back is really thin and flimsy, and doesn’t slide on an off. You press it on and pry it off, with several snaps and clicks to get it on and off. It’s like taking something apart you are not supposed to take apart. Not going to last.

      One plus – even though the sd card does go under the back cover, it isn’t under the battery. So it’s a little easier to get to than the LG800, if you don’t break the back cover doing it.

      PLEASE, someone, post something to make me like this phone. PLEASE tell me I’m just having a bad day and it’s a good phone!

      • I am having a bad day. The “John” I referred to in my first post was supposed to be “Jim”, referring to the post by “Jim Bocus”. Sorry, Jim!

  34. JLL: its the lg800… its driving us all nuts ; ) thanks for all the info. I think I will keep my messed up phone w/ the triple minutes…

    HAS ANYONE added minutes yet and actually gotten the TRIPLE MINUTES???
    I wont need minutes for a long time and I’m wondering if that was a scam too.

  35. Another question: if people DO get the Motorola in an exchange, will Tracfone transfer the remaining minutes left on the phone with the triple minute deal even if they wont transfer the trip. mins?

  36. Received the Motorola from TF and had them activate it today. Unfortunately, this phone is even worse than the LG. The touch screen simply will not function as it should. “Tap” on the prepaid icon. Nothing. I was able to open up the icon for sending test messages.

    If you try to send a text, only the outer layer of the screen was working. i.e. roughly half of the alphabet was functional. Dead center of the keyboard was just that. Dead.

    Not angry but extremely disappointed. I sent a message to TF Customer Service Support and asked for their mailing address. Sending both the LG and the Motorola back.

    Will obtain service/phone thru another provider. 2 poor phone’s leave me no other choice.

    I wish everyone else here the very best of luck.

    • Janie: Ive had TF for years and NEVER EVER had a problem with any phone or getting my minutes or Cust. Service. This is the first time Ive had problems and I believe it is due to the TOUCHSCREEN phones not being properly tested for prepaid use. ( not sure) Totally understand you sending both phones back because to be honest, I MIGHT TOO.

  37. I’ve dealt with Tracfone for my first cell and haven’t had any problems since joining the club in April, 2009.

    I decided to try the LG 800g and received it on June 10. I played around with it sparingly until I read the comments on this site. Then I decided to text my daughter. I had no problem with it. I then visited Canton, Ohio about 25 miles south of Akron and had no problem texting at that time either. However, today, Monday, Jujly 11, the phone suddenly froze. I contacted Tracfone and was informed my case may well be the battery; actually I felt it was time to charge the battery but could see no indication it was low. The 3 green indicators were all full. After waiting 30 minutes to be connected to a technician my problems were solved. She evidently ran a few tests and in fact determined it was the battery. Once she did that (the tests), everything started working as it did the first day I received it. She then recommended I charge the battery.

    That said, I informed the technician that the batter indicator was showing full even though it was exhausted. She offered no information as to whether I should visit another screen to see what the actual charged state was. I’m sure there is but I didn’t really look. I simply placed a lot of confidence in the indicator on the main screen.

    I tried to connect to Yahoo mail but wasn’t successful; I had to type in the necessary information twice but to no avail.

    As I don’t require much at all in a phone (and I don’t have a need for all the features), this LG 800 fits the bill perfectly for me. The sound quality on a call from Indianapolis to Akron, Ohio was great.

  38. The Motorola EX124g comes with 20 ringtones, and you can add 5 more. That’s it. You can’t get rid of any of the 20 it came with to make more room for yours. You add 5 and it says “list full”. I finally found the list to try to edit it, but it will only let you change the last 5. When you edit a contact or group, that one list is the only one it will scroll through to pick a ringtone from, and I have found no way to change to a different folder or list. So what’s the use of all the ways you can get ringtones and using them for customization if you can only add 5?

  39. I had the same multiple text problem with the 800G. Called customer service. Was sent a replacement EX124G. The EX124G was sent without a service guide, or a stylus pen. I have small fingers and the keyboard is a source of frustration. It took me a hour just to try to input 3 contacts! There are no instructions on sending the 800G back (I am not paying postage to send the phone back). I am not happy with the replacement. There has to be a better user friendly phone. This phone has only added to my frustration level.

  40. I received the replacement Motor ex124 for the defective LG800 last week that I purchased from HSN. I contacted Tracfone to active and was able to transfer the 1200 minutes and keep the same phone #. Also the nice rep also let me keep my triple minutes. Yeh……I like the new phone. The only thing I dont like is the sleep mode.

    • jm, how does signal reception and voice quality compare on the Motorola vs the LG? I haven’t activated my Motorola yet and am still undecided what to do. BTW, if you turn the Motorola’s Auto Lock mode to OFF, it still auto locks, but it wakes up like the LG with just a push of the power button, no screen swipe necessary.

  41. I haven’t had any txt problems on my phone yet.. I don’t text a whole lot though..

    Are all lg800g’s affected? Or just some? Or is there something you do on the phone that sets off the string of problems.. I’m just really worried if I’m affected or not. I like this phone..but not if I’m gonna hit problems later

    • Andrew, Can’t really say about something setting the phone off. The 3 times it has happened to me, it just starts from a text I receive–once from a family member and another time from a friend. The only “pattern” I have experienced is that it seems to clear up in three days: goes bonkers on Sunday, then Wednesday morning it’s fine. If that’s all it does, I’ll hang in there until Tracfone gets it solved, because I REALLY LIKE this phone! I think they have a computer/server problem, else why would just some phones be affected.

  42. I recieved mine today, but can’t activate because the serial number is listed as ‘StraightTalk’ instead of ‘Tracfone’ CS said they’ll attempt to fix within 24-48 hours. If they can’t fix it on their end I’ll need a new phone.

    You can turn off the annoying ‘Unlock’ on the EX124g.
    Settings>Security Settings>Auto Keypad Lock.

    Once you turn that off all you have to do to wake up the phone is press the power button and then tap the screen.

    I’ve noticed the auto portrait-landscape orientation doesn’t always work if I turn the phone too fast.

    It’s far from perfect, but decent for a Tracfone (if I can get it activated). This could be a good upgrade for my old W376g.

  43. You can add several Widgets to the EX124g home screen by tap and holding on the home screen for a couple seconds. They include clock, date, memo, and calendar. It looks like the calendar widget will show your events, but doesn’t function as a shortcut to the calendar app.

    I found this in the manual downloaded here:

    I think it’s a bit more helpful than the interactive one on the Tracfone site:

    I also noticed that the volume keys work in some menus for certain things.

    There’s lots of things that aren’t well documented or explained about this phone.

    Word is that Tracfone is honoring triple minutes for LG800 users with EX124g replacements. Make certain you tell CS, and save all documentation just in case.

    I don’t think the snap on back is all that bad. It’s got a fairly flexible rubbery texture so I think it’ll hold up OK. It’s no worse (and possibly better) than some of the expensive Verizon phone backs I’ve seen.

    I would like to see replacement backs and stylus available just in case. After all, these are $80 a pop (for now).

  44. Still haven’t heard back from TF to return the Motorola, This phone is garbage. Exchanged a few text messages and now it is locked up. Tried to power off/back on. Nothing. Also, when it did work the touch screen will only function using the stylus pen. This unit is simply not worth the frustration.

  45. My LG800 phone is okay but does not always receive texts when i need them. i got this phone thru HSN and am not happy it had no user manual with it.. i would not buy this phone again.

  46. next chapter in my story: I’m not working so i had time to sit and wait on the phone. My son texted me 5 x’s from another state on the 9th, i got his texts this a.m the 13th. 4 days later…. grrrr…. was gonna keep the phone, but decided to switch to the motorola… I was on the phone for probably 45 minutes ( poor CSR) and she told me: MY TRIPLE MINUTES WILL TRANSFER TO THE MOTOROLA. I stayed on that with her for five minutes… and she said YES, they will transfer… ( cant wait)

    Now I dont even want the motorola now after reading the posts. I should have kept my flip phone from before and not been tempted by those dang Triple Minutes…. Ive never had a problem with TF before…. they have been really good and they ARE working hard to fix this situation.

    @kelly, i got mine thru HSN too and I hate the phone and would not buy it again either.

  47. Well, after playing with the Motorola EX124g for a few days, fixing contacts, testing what I could, getting used to it; today I ran into the last problem I am going to have with it. It is not completely compatible with the Bluetooth on my 2010 car. It has the same compatability problem as my old Motorola W376g had – the address book will not sync with the cars bluetooth. The car tries to get the address book and the Motorola sends it but it never gets there. So I cannot call out using my car’s bluetooth, and if a call comes in my car can’t announce who it is.

    I found out I could send the contacts one at the time from the Motorola to my car and that worked, but when it tries to send them all at once it puts them into a single file that my car rejects. Probably related to the problem of how the Motorola won’t accept the address book file from the LG.

    After manually sending 3 contacts from the Motorola to my car, I decided I’d had enough. I’m going to return the Motorola and hang on to the LG300g. I’ve tried to overcome all the disappointments with the Motorola and had actually found a few things I liked, but this last problem was the last straw.

    When I called Tracfone to find out how to send the Motorola back, found out that they had deactivated my LG800g in their system on the day they sent me the Motorola. Although it was still working. So they had to reactivate it. Which made my minutes disappear and assigned a different phone number. But my original number still worked. So he gave me codes to put in to give me my minutes back and my old phone number.

    So now I am wondering: DID I LOSE MY TRIPLE MINUTES when Tracfone deactivated then reactivated the phone?? More @#$%! phone calls tomorrow…

    • Couldn’t get a firm answer on if my LG800g lost the triple minute promo when they reactivated it, so I took ortizmro’s advice and spent $9.99 to find out for sure (purchased the 30 minute card online). Good thing I did. I didn’t get triple minutes. I didn’t get double minutes. I got single minutes. 30 minutes, period.

      So I called back for about the sixth time. I was relieved that the rep never argued about whether or not I should have the triple minutes, but they were having trouble figuring out why I didn’t get them. They finally figured it out, but couldn’t fix it, and had to escalate the case to another department for a possible solution someday.

      He did send the other 60 mins I was supposed to get. He had no idea how long it would take for them to find a solution to the problem. So he said for now, they will have to add the triple minutes manually everytime I add minutes until they come up with a solution for this.

      What happened is that when Tracfone’s famous “system” ships you a Motorola replacement phone, it strips the triple minutes promo off your LG as soon as the Motorola is shipped, and attaches it to the Motorola even before you get it (the system knows the serial # of the phone being shipped to you).

      This is an automatic process; it’s the only case in which double or triple minutes get transferred to another phone. Unfortunately, whoever set up this system made no provision for switching the promo back the other way, because surely no one would reject their offer of the more expensive Motorola to replace the LG…

      It’s ironic, we all feared that switching to the Motorola would cause us to lose the triple minutes. But NOT switching to the Motorola once it has been shipped to you will lose the triple minutes. At least for now.

      I’ll post an update if and when they get the triple minutes put back on my LG.

      Figured out a great deal for these triple minute phones if you need more minutes than airtime. It’s the monthly value plans. For example, for $19.99 you get 125 mins tripled to 375 mins, which comes out to 5.3 cents per minute. No codes to worry about. Even the $9.99 plan would give 50 mins tripled to 150 for 6.7 cents per minute. But this adds 30 days of service, not 90, so it depends on which you need more of, airtime or minutes.

  48. With the EX124G – don’t forget to calibrate the phone. This might help with the touch screen. Most of you may already know this but thought I would pass along for those who don’t. Go to Settings-then select PEN – then follow the messages to click for calibration. Hope you find this helpful. I am beginning to get use to the phone once I use it more and figure out the functions.

  49. I have a hunch that the texting problem with the LG800g is due to a software change in the phone that Tracfone did (or had LG do for them). Wouldn’t it be pure justice if the problem was caused by the part of the software that hides who the sender of the text is until you pay to open it? I could see how messing with that might mess up text delivery. If that is the problem, SERVES THEM RIGHT – HA HA !!

  50. @Jim Brocus: regarding what you said: ” goes bonkers on Sunday, then Wednesday morning it’s fine”…. thats exactly what happened to my son texting me early sunday a.m. after midnight… his texts came thru to me on wednesday morning. what gives on that glitch?

    • How can the phone hold on to the text`s and then send them all at one time? Sounds like a problem after they leave the phone.

      • Trac, What do you think about my idea about Tracfone’s servers, which I posted as an answer to Teresa’s message of 7/15, 7:10 AM?

    • Teresa, I’m a computer software trouble shooter by avocation; and, my feeling is that this is a software glitch in Tracfone’s servers. Text message notifications for you are sent to your phone by their servers; and, when you then READ the message, the message itself is sent to your phone. YOUR PHONE is strictly the receiver in this case; it doesn’t make sense that YOUR PHONE would be originating those duplicate texts, as some have claimed (including Tracfone). It could be a glitch in which Tracfone’s servers fail to acknowledge that you have opened and read the message. Now, as to why that affects some phones and not others, I don’t have a clue. I have two identical LG800’s; one fails, the other does not. Same model, same version, same firmware version. THAT’s why I think it is a software bug in Tracfone’s servers.

      • Hmm, if that’s the case, Jim, I wonder if deleting a text without opening it might be the trigger that sets off repeated texts? Or maybe only if you delete it while the phone is in a no-signal position? Anybody with a working LG800 wanna try it? :-)

      • I don`t know what to think about the servers, there is so much I don`t know about the process. Sounds like you have the background to corerectly guess at the problem. Questions come up such as is the phone repedly asking for the same text to be sent. Also, seems Tracfone could come up with a fix, unless it was in the phone. I had a Professional Cassette recorder/player that would lock up if I accidently pressed two function buttons too quickly, one after the other. You never know with electronics.

      • I delete text messages without opening them all the time in my LG800G. I use message alerts – I have my Hotmail send alerts to my phone when certain addresses email me to Hotmail (cause I don’t keep Hotmail open on my computer). I recognize what these messages look like on the phone – don’t have to open them – I just delete them. I do this several times a day. Hasn’t caused any issues at all with the phone.

  51. Still haven’t heard back from TF on sending this Motorola back. I got it to work for 1 day. Someone just sent me a text and the phone is locked up tighter than a drum. It will power up but all of the icons are inoperable. I doubt this is worth the postage to return.

  52. Ken, couldn’t seem to locate your message of 7/15, 5:43 PM, but I’ll respond to it here. I’m not sure which site you are talking about, but I remember posting links to a couple of tutorials for someone. I messed up the first one and posted the Motorola instead of the LG 800, then corrected that. Anyway, I’ve noticed a lot of sites lately are VERY slow, thought maybe it might be my connection (Comcast). Anyway, here is a link to the tutorials on the LG 800:


    I just went to it and clicked on one item, and it seemed to be working OK now (2:23 PM EDT, 7/16). Let me know if you wanted the Moto link.

  53. I bought the LG800G as soon as they had it on Net10 website. The phone looks good for $50 and despite having very few apps, I thought the phone was ok. Then I activated it! At first I had problems with getting service and network connection and I figured I’d wait a day or two for the phone to resolve the issue. Then the texting problem came up. I was getting multiple text message when I should be getting just one text from somebody. I figured, ok maybe the network is resolving some issues so I waited a couple of more days. Still I had bad connections and frequent dropped calls, I mean lose connection while I’m talking on the phone. It got to the point that I use land line phone rather than the LG800G.That never happens with other of my Net10 phones. So the problems persisted and I called tech support hoping to resolve the issues but the customer support in India said there’s nothing wrong with the network or my phone. I said, would I be calling you if I didn’t have problems with my phone? So I’m waiting for my replacement which is suppose to come within 5 business days. I’m surprised that LG would have so much issues with this cell phone when they manufacture millions of this thing for over a decade. You’d think they would have mastered making cell phone by now. It could just be bad programming or substandard parts, after all, for $50 bucks, I doubt they would put more expensive chips like they do with LG Revolution VS910.

    • Do you know if you where on the AT&T network or the T-Mobile network? Have no problems with numerious LG800s on the AT&T network.

  54. Has anyone determined if this is a problem with both AT&T and T-mobile networks, or if it is isolated to only phones on one of the networks. I got phones on the AT&T network and have had no problems.

    • I `m not sure about the LG800g, but since the EX124g was released it has NEVER been available from a T-Mobile market.

      • Both the LG 800’s I bought were activated on T-Mobile, then I got AT&T replacement SIM’s for both. One phone has had the text problem, while the other has not. Tracfancier, I think it was you that mentioned that it seems that only LONG messages cause the problem. Guess wifey’s phone has never gotten a long message, so good for her!

  55. It is really a shame that the LG800g is having these issues. I was hoping to hang on to this Tracfone for at least two years (my past tracfones were kept for 3 to 4 years each). I am a failry light texter. I send out 6 to 8 plain texts a week, and receive about the same number, plus I receive another dozen or so CNN breaking news text alerts per week. I receive the occasional photo message from relatives.

    I have had no confirmed texting problems, but I will do some major testing this coming weekend. I will send and receive multiple long messages and photo messages when around some other family members. I would rather trigger a problem now than to get more settled with this phone. Hopefully, I will remain one of the fortunate ones.

      • Russ, and Texter: I, too, am interested in your results. I have two LG800’s, which I’ve had for a bit over a month. The first one became my wife’s phone, and she has had NO problems whatsoever. The second became mine, and I have had the mulitiple text message problem 3 times since mid-June. Each time, however, it went away by itself after 3 days. If my OLD, failing memory serves me, each incident was sparked by a fairly long incoming text message. Since then, I have made sure that my few correspondents send me short messages (no incidents in almost 3 weeks); and, my wife NEVER receives long messages. Tracfancier (I believe) posted something that he felt the problem was caused by long messages. My experience seems to bear that out. The LG800 is a fine phone, and I, too, plan to hang in there with my two, in the hopes that Tracfone will find the bug and fix it, either by a fix to their server software (since the messages MUST originate in their server) or the phone’s firmware (the phone just might not be acknowledging to the server that it received the header).

      • When I send a long text, the LG800 gives me the option of sending it as multiple text messages or one mms message. I select the multiple message option. The person I text to sees the one long text message put back into one message even though their phone actually received it split into 2 or 3 texts. Wonder if, like you suspect, the LG800 goes flaky when it RECEIVES a long text, due to a bug in the process of reassembling them into one message? Especially with the change Tracfone had done so we can’t see who sent a text until we open it?

  56. Has anyone loaded up their LG800G with a bunch of .mp3 files on the memory card (say 3.2 gig – 600 or so songs)? If so, how is the performance once you have those songs on the phone? I did this, and it takes literally several minutes to display the songs on the phone to choose one to play, and browsing the pictures I’ve taken (stored on the memory card) take just as long to show the thumbnails. Wondering if I did something wrong, or if if the phone is getting info from each of the 600 songs each time it tries to display a listing of songs.


    • I’ve had it. Today my LG800g started freezing on the unlock screen. 3 times. Pulling battery, removing SD card (in case it might be causing it); nothing would make it stop. It would work for a while, then I would walk by and see the lock screen had come up and the phone would not respond to anything. It would show all signal bars (which I definitely don’t have) and all the little icons across the top would be lit up. Would have to pull the battery to bring it back up.

      Triple minutes isn’t worth all this. I’m transferring service back to my old LG290C for now. I have airtime for over 3 years and enough minutes to last almost that long, and I doubt a touch screen would have lasted that long anyway, so I would have probably never used the triple minutes bonus again.

      Anyway, I probably won’t be able to help myself, and I’ll buy another triple minute deal before I need minutes again. But I don’t feel like spending another penny on Tracfone (or another minute on the phone with them) until I HAVE to.

      If I had known this would be the outcome, I would have kept the Motorola EM124g. I could have sold it.

      At least for my $99 I got 1200 minutes, 1 year of service, and 2 months of hell. And a fancy paper weight complete with accessory kit.

      • Oh yeah, my paperweight uses the same battery as my LG290c, so I gained a battery and can even use the paperweight as a spare battery charger. I feel much better now.

      • We feel your pain JLL. I’m getting real ticked off too. I have the Motorola exchange, dont really care for it, LOVED my old cheapie flip phone and only got this one for the triple minutes. I, too, have much airtime on my account, two years worth. And I think you’re correct also: I think this touch screen wont last two years with alot of use. But it sure is pretty ; )

  57. Had the texting problem with my LG800G, Tracfone sent me a replacement with updated firmware (s/w version V10e, forgot what the original version but it’s different). Originally I was told that my phone would be replaced with the Motorola, but a subsequent email said that was an error and that the firmware had been upgraded. I hope the upgrade solves the problem. I like this phone, even though the world clock doesn’t recognize daylight savings time. :-)

  58. so… has anyone figured out how to send back the LG800’s to the right place? Over a week ago i talked w/ tracfone and they were to send me an “airbill” so I could send the defective phone back. Never got it.

    They told me if I didnt send it back in a MONTH, they would deactivate my replacement Motorola. I’m getting to the month mark about the 14th and want to know how to send the LG back? anyone? thanks.

  59. Hi Teresa
    Have you tried their Executive resolution department? There you’ll get a U.S.-based rep, who has more authority than the international employees you’ll reach if you use the regular 800 number. I would call them and explain the situation. And you might also subtly add that if they disconnect your phone, you’ll file a complaint with the BBB.

    1-800-876-5753 will reach the Executive Resolution Department, which is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST

  60. i would also like to exchange/return my LG800 phone.. it is defective where texting is concerned. i would like to know if anyone knows where to return this phone also… thanks

    • Kelly, You need to contact TracFone’s Customer Service. They will do that for you. Now, I know their regular 800 number is a real hassle, but if you call their Executive resolution department at 1-800-876-5753, you will (usually) get an English-speaking rep, and they are very sharp. Most of the time they can handle things like this in a matter of minutes.

  61. Hi, pbush: no, Ive never heard of that, but i most definitely will be calling them soon. THANK YOU. I was supposed to have recieved an “airbill” last week to return the LG800 and never got that. I called TF and talked to : Juicia ?, then Benajamol, then April the floor manager. Trying to get any higher up was impossible. However, I was told that there was in error with my airbill order. After much blah blah blah, it was shared that they had run out of “AIRBILL” stickers and had a backlog. They were going to send me one ASAP. ; )

    They assured me I was in the computer and I wouldnt be turned off.
    Ya know… I DO like TF, but my patience is wearing real thin….

    • Teresa: Had the same thing happen to me. They “forgot” to include any sort of return envelope, airbill, or whatever when they sent me a replacement phone. But, a quick note to the CSR’s via Facebook, and they sent me one. Turned out it was a Prepaid Priority Mail envelope. That’s OK; that works. BUT, there is no Delivery Confirmation, Tracking number, or whatever on those. So, be sure that the CSR opens a Support Ticket for sending you the airbill or whatever. That way you can follow up on the return to be sure the phone reaches them–when the Support Ticket is closed, they got the phone.

      (I’ve changed my E-mail address for anyone who is following my posts. Had to get away from that confounded Yahoo!

  62. Need some advice for micro SD card on LG 800g. I just bought a SanDisk 4 GB micro SDHC, put it in the phone, and the icon shows on the desktop as I expected. When I go to the various options where External Memory is available, that option now shows. I can even export contacts to the SD card, or at least that option shows bold. BUT, for some reason, my PC won’t see the phone/SD card. I’m using this cable ( http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001UC9NOQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER ), and it is a data AND charging cable, per Amazon. I don’t have any data yet on the SD card. Should I use the phone to format the card? Using Windows Vista Home Premium SP2.

  63. i sure do appreciate that info! will try them as soon as i get a free minute.. meantime, my LG8oo phone is sending me 76 text messages for every valid one i receive.. thank you again..

  64. How do I get the QWERTY keyboard option for messaging? I can’t find a menu option to select this. Can anyone help?

  65. Been kinda quiet on the blog as of late. Guess everyone has their LG 800 problems solved (or wound up with another phone). Both of my 800’s (V10d software) have been replaced by TracFone with V10e software phones, and they are working perfectly. Great phone!

  66. I’ve had my LG800g phone since June 2011, purchased from Target with V10d software and DMFL. I’ve never yet noticed a messaging problem and have enjoyed the features, functionality and price of service from Tracfone.
    I still think it’s the best choice of all the phones offered from TF. Also I have good reception with the AT&T service even when I go to small town rural areas in CA. My wifes LG420 with T-Mbl isn’t so good, with no service in one of the lake areas where we spend time.

  67. Just got the LG800G and it seems to have weaker signal strength than my LG225. I can’t use it in my rural home where I could the LG225. Tracfone apparently has me on T Mobil towers and is sending a new sim card to get me on ATT towers. Any one else with similar issue 800G weaker signal strength?

    • Hi David
      Sorry it took so long for me to respond. Did the new SIM card help? I haven’t heard of anyone that’s done a side-by-side comparison with the LG 225 and the 800g, but in my personal experience the reception on the 800g was fine and I haven’t heard too many complaints about it. Hopefully it was the just the SIM card that was your main problem, and the ATT card resolved that for you.

  68. I have been using the Wg376g for many years and I love it but I’ve always had trouble receiving photos from other cell phone users. For this reason I thought I might upgrade my phone and recently purchased the LG800g. First of all I’m not happy because I am used to a flip phone, but also I am wondering if there is an easy way to transfer my 100+ contacts from the 376g to the new LG800g? And once this is accomplished is there some way to save my contacts on a memory card so I can easily transfer them if I ever change again or loose them for any reason?
    Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

    • Hi Judy
      It’s been a while since I’ve used the w376g, but I believe that you can transfer contacts using bluetooth. First pair the two phones by putting them both in bluetooth “search for new devices” mode. Then go to the phone book on the w376g and look for an option to “send by bluetooth.” Then select the 800g, and it should receive the info which should then be saved into the new phone book.
      I’m not certain this will work, but I think it does.

  69. I read the postings with interest. I have an SMS email issue with my LG 800G. I can send a photo to an email address (10digitnum@mms.att.net), but attempts to send email to the LG 800G using 10digitnum@mms.att.net, @txt.att.net, @cingularme.com, or any other permutations, end up in a bounced email with the message 550 invalid recipient. Most recent development was the reply was sent to @mms.att.net, and the maildaemon called it @cingularme.com. TF dragged their heels for three weeks with me until simply saying that since the feature isn’t supported, tough luck, they won’t help, never mind fellow users have succeeded in doing this. All I want to do is have the work scheduling software send me software updates to the phone. Anyone else have this experience?

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