Motorola EX124g now available for TracFone

After much anticipation, TracFone is now selling the Motorola EX124g. The_Sweeper, TracFancier, and AmericanMutt all noticed this and posted it in the comments on various posts of this blog after TracFone put it up on their site earlier today.

Motorola EX124g is available from TracFone.comIt is listed at $79.99, and of course includes double minutes for life as well as all the other features we’ve been waiting for (touch screen, 3.0 mp camera, and mp3 player, to name a few). Use code GI2011 when you check out to save $5 off the list price. Click here to check it out now on

Don’t forget, as I pointed out in my most recent post, that TracFone is sending out free EX124g’s to 800g owners that are having problems with text messaging. So you might be eligible to get upgraded to this one for free if you already bought the 800g recently.

Also, I don’t have any official word on when we’ll see this model for Net10 (or possibly Straight Talk as well), but I have to believe that it will be very soon, at least for Net10, based on a couple of things I’ve seen around the web.

I’ll be ordering this phone and putting it through my review process as I do with all phones, and I can assure you that this time it won’t take as long as it took me to get going with the 800g . Stay tuned for more. In the mean time, you can check out the Motorola EX124g review index page to see what others are saying about this phone in the comments, or check the TracFone site for more phone specs:



Straight Talk

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    • Page 20 of the manual I linked above implies that you can send a single message to multiple recipients.

      “When you finish composing the message, tap Options > Send to to enter phone numbers or select message recipients from your contact list.”

      Note the use of the plural “numbers” and “recipients.”

  1. I got one coming to replace my LG 800 I just hope I don’t have to use the stylus for everything and I can add some java apps without having to buy them from tracfone.

    • If this phone has the same battery as the w376g, then IMHO that is not too good. I had three batteries for my w376g, and battery life was probably the single biggest negative I had with my w376g. I was a very light user (no internet, 30 – 50 min/month of voice, light texting) of that phone, and still had to fully charge that phone about every 3 days. I hope things are better with this setup – I would advise getting an extra battery, though. Seems like a very nice phone…

  2. Wait, I see in the tutorial, it does have a QWERTY, sorry.

    Wondering now if you can sweep the screen clean and just have time, date over background pic. I like that the LG800 lets you do that.

    Anyone having the text issue that was mentioned with the LG800? Does it start right away or after you’ve had the phone awhile?

    • I “have” an LG800. Had it up and running for two weeks. Than a day ago noticed I hadn’t received any txt msgs in awhile, including responses to ones I’d sent. Sent a txt msg to a friend of mine instructing him to reply by txt, wait 5 minutes, and then to phone me on the LG. Never got the txt, but got the phone call. Then last night at work I stood next to a colleague, txt them, they got it, txt me back, I never got theirs. Called TracFone by landline this morning, sat on ignore (“Your call is very important to us…”) for 20+ minutes before a tech came on line. He acknowledged they were having problems with “some” of the LG800’s for several weeks and would send me a Motorola EX124g. I asked him why they were selling the model if they were having problems with it. He said it was with just “some” of the LG800’s. Suggest the following. Test your text function with someone near you to make sure you can still receive messages. Do it at least once a day! Also, you might as well hand copy all the contacts you have in the LG800, because you’ll have to manually put them into any new phone you get.

      • Just backup the contacts to a VCF file on the SD Card and transfer them that way. Go to Contacts, then settings, and scroll down to backuo contacts.

        My LG500G also has a “Send all contact via Bluetooth” option.

    • I had my LG800 for about a month and then I started getting error texts every few hours. Before that the phone worked as would be expected. So I called Tracfone twice the first time they told me they could fix the issue (60 or so error texts later) on the second call they offered to send me the Motorola replacement out.

  3. The EX124g just vanished off of Tracfones website. I hope this doesn’t mean there’s trouble with them too.

  4. It`s been over two hours now that the EX124G has been missing from the Tracfone website in all markets.

    It`s still showing in all Net10 GSM markets.

  5. Tracfancier, that is what I’ve encountered – I can find it on Net10, but not on Tracfone. I’ve been with Net10 for 3 years now and can’t complain, but was thinking of switching to Tracfone for the double minutes for life.
    Can anyone tell me: if you stay with your current provider, how do you go about switching phones and keeping the same phone number? Is there a delay?

    • You can transfer your phone number/minutes/days over to the new phone at the very same time that you activate the new phone. It can take 15 minutes if all goes well or longer if there is a problem. The transfer can be done online or by phone. If you start online and have a problem you can then phone and finish the transfer.

    • Jennifer,
      As a former Tracfone user, stay with NET10. While they are essentially the same company, NET10 offers a better plan for the money than tracfone could ever offer. I use the 750 min/30day plan for $25 mo. How can you beat that! They also have a $50 unlimited plan which as a Net 10 user, I am sure you have seen. Check the website again as I saw it listed online this evening. Good luck.

      • That all depends on you usage.
        Yearly cards offer
        91.6 min for $8.33/mo
        166.6 min for $13.33/mo
        250 min for $16.67/mo

        Monthly plan with 100 min for $10/mo

        As I seldom use 100 minutes/mo I don’t see where Net10 beats $8.33-10/mo

      • Thanks for the advice, TvTechie – I’ve been happy with Net10. I usually buy the 300 minute plan that gets me 2 months of use. Since I have a upper-middle-basic Motorola phone I don’t use it all that often, so the minutes are fine, but with the possibility of email, etc I’ll find the 750 minute plan suits me better, I’ll bet.
        I’m looking forward to a new phone, but have no complaints about the Motorola EM326g that I have had for a couple of years. Think I’ll keep it on hand in case of New Phone Failure!

  6. For those that want their new Motorola EX124g to operate on a AT&T SIM, check your Zip-Code Locator Bar before placing the order. ALL, SO FL Zips show GSM5AT which is T-Mobile. If you want AT&T, use a Zip Code that will assure you get the right SIM the first time.

  7. Motorola EX124g listed for sale on NET10 website approx 5pm on 7/6/11! What are you waiting for. Also hear rumors of it being on sale at Wal-Mart stores, although haven’t seen it on as of yet.

  8. I just purchased an EX124G from Wal-Mart tonight. The camera is the most important feature for me. I just took some photos in my living room and compared them to photos from my LG900G.

    Even in Night Mode, the EX124G photos are grainy and blotchy, the blacks are a mottle of various other colors. The contrast range is very poor. It almost looks like the shots were taken in poster mode.

    I tried this in the 3MP mode on Fine, with and without night mode.

    I took the same shots with my LG900G, The LG900G shoots at 2MP. The LG has a much greater contrast range than the Moto camera. The blacks are black, the only blotchy areas being in gradient or transition areas.

    I took a bunch of photos with my friends 5MP I-phone camera over the weekend which included difficult sunset shots. I have to say that the LG900G were just as good if not better as far as saturation and contrast range. The I-phone is 5MP, The LG900G is 2MP of very high quality pixels.

    I will try more photos in the daylight tomorrow but so far, the poor photo ability is a deal breaker for me as I use this LG 900 for engineering technical photos instead of my old Sony Cybershot.

    Other observations …
    It does have a stylus tucked into the top right hand corner. It makes the touch screen faster and more responsive. It is in no way close to the responsiveness of my friends I-phone screen. At this point I would rather have a comfortable responsive keypad than a half baked touch screen that requires a stylus for best performance.

    There is no memo pad included in the phone. This is a major feature for me. The task list is incredibly awkward to use, having to select the “Options” menu to select the done command after completing an entry field.
    And there are many entry fields for each to do item.

    Motorola has not a clue!

    Maybe there are better Java apps but I wasted an afternoon trying Apps for my LG 900 and only ended up installing Bolt and Chrome. I do not have the time to waste searching through half baked Apps for another phone.

    The EX124 will be returned to Wal-Mart to get my $89 back. I would suggest that those wishing for a touch device save up another $135 for an Ipod that does everything right and just get the cheapest Net10 phone that suites your needs.

    The LG900G is still an extraordinary phone with an outstanding camera.

    • I also am sticking with my LG 900. MEMO pad on a phone is one of the thibgs I like most about my LG 900. But one thing I can say is that instead of getting an iPod for 135 go get an Pad off eBay for that price. Maybe if that Samsung phone come to Net 10 then I’ll upgrade but till then I’m good. I can now LOL at all those that said that the LG 900 sucked.

    • John at The Falls,, Thanks for your early observations. I too was awaiting this Motorola EX125g Phone for simple calling and a few texting messages. Those short coming you mentioned I would never have used nor noticed, EXCEPT, the unresponsive TouchScreen that needs the assistance and pressure of a “stylus” applied to make it function. Guess I made the right decision by just upgrading my old Motorola EM326g with the LG290c Slider with TracFone with Double the Minutes for Life included. Not only did I save over $50. that included a free 200 min refill card (doubled to 400 min) plus bonus code min added, but saved hours of aggravation too. Thanks for the Posting that assured me that I made the right decision for myself.

  9. My phone use varies so widely that Tracfone works best for me. I have actually had great luck with the LG 800G and when I go out of town the web connection is the best out of any Trac/Net 10 phone yet. But sometimes I just don’t need 750 minutes because I actually have one of those ancient outdated things called a landline phone for local calls.

  10. Available again from Tracfone site (still with Net10)
    BUT – Not with a T-Mobile SIM.

    Not available from GSM5 and COGSM5 markets – Tracfone nor Net10 sites.
    Will they ship AT&T from the GSM5AT market (has been T-Mobile SIM`s)

  11. Sounds like ya gotta choose between the decent screen on the LG 800 or being able to text on the EX124. Great now I don’t know if I even wanna bother making the switch.

  12. I ordered the lg800g for tracfone from amazon about a week ago (still waiting for it) and I guess I should have checked these forums first…

    If I run into the same problem with the texts, what number did you guys call to get a EX124 as a replacement?

    Also, not sure on this, but I think the Samsung t528g is also coming to tracphone (its currently only on straight talk). Does anyone know anything about the release date? That looks to be a far superior phone to both lg800g and the EX124 (bigger touchscreen, 3g, WIFI, no stylus, etc)

    • The Samsung T528 coming to Tracfone is wishful thinking, isn`t going to happen. A phone that advanced needs one of the 30 day plans to fully utalize its features.

      Miami number is 800-876-5753. Don`t try to swap a working LG800 for a Moto124 till the verdict is in.


    I might have been a bit harsh about my experience with the touch screen on the EX124. A lot depends on what you want and how demanding you are. I have an HP tx2 touchscreen tablet notebook and had been using an I-Phone over the past weekend. Not even my tx2 tablet computer is as responsive as the I-Phone though my tx2 tablet is only a bit more responsive than the EX124. But the problem with the EX124 comes in with my large fingers and small, crowded on screen buttons. I would say that if you have small fingers or more patience than myself, give the EX124 a try. For the few text messages I send I would not mind using the stylus. I actually found the stylus on the EX124 to be faster for me than using the keypad on my LG900. The EX124 also senses when you turn the device horizontal and rotates the screen which gives you a larger keypad. I found that you can use anything plastic to use as a stylus.

    The screen is responsive enough for using general functions as they are not crowded together.

    I did take some photos today out in bright sunlight. The camera is still really bad as far as contrast range but may be be OK for small Facebook photos but not for sending pictures of the kids to the Grandparents. Still this is a a deal breaker for me.

    If someone could tell me how to get better pictures with this phone, I might consider keeping this.

    I tried a few downloads from get jar dot com and none worked on this phone. Has anyone actually had a good experience with get jar?

    I would say give this phone a try if you want and remember that Wal-Mart has a 15 day return policy.

    • I’ve used several apps from getjar on my LG500G.
      Mostly games for my wife (on her LG500G),

      Sorry, I can’t help with the camera. I know my LG doesn’t like fluorescent lights and has a slow shutter so easily blurs (compared to my Rebel XT).

  14. Anybody figure out how to convert videos so they can be viewed on the EX124g. I’m trying everything and can’t figure out what combination works.

  15. I have had my lg 800 for a while now. Have not had any problems yet. Except for my daughter sent me a few texts that did not come so I sent her one and then she replyed to that one and I got it that time. Since then I have had no problems yet.

  16. The video on YouTube shows that the Samsung IS a Tracfone. I got SCREWED royally with the LG800G and will be receiving the EX124G. I ma getting bogus text msg as I am typing…..*&^%&. My question : Can LG really take such a financial hit with replacing all of these bad phones or do they just have no real value from the rip ? Makes one wonder…………..hmmmmm.

  17. I absolutely loved the LG800G. It’s a damn shame it was defective.

    The Moto EX124G has the least intuitive OS I’ve ever seen on a phone. Can anyone tell me how to listen to MP3’s & FM radio without the audio turning off when the screen saver kicks in? I’ve got the screen saver turned off. I cannot figure this out for the life of me.

  18. Answered my own question – you have to turn off the auto keyboard lock:

    Settings > Security > Auto Keypad Lock > None


  19. Have received 124 to replace 800. So far MUCH prefer 800. Agree totally with ToWild 124 is not at all intuitive. No directions sent with phone and 70 page manual that is available online is not much help. So far I see NO features on 124 that I prefer over 800, except for the fact that it works. Tracfone has replaced two 800’s for me, both continued to receive text messages over and over. 124 was obviously designed for use with stylus and works better with it. You can use finger on some screens, but some of them I give up and break out stylus. Will go back to 800 if problem is corrected.

  20. help, i need an upgrade for my 2003 tracfone, the original model i believe, still works great but want a phone, pay as you go with internet access is the motorola EX124G the only one? i got the LG500G at target today for $20 but know if its a good one( i don’t think it gets internet access) how do the internet access pay as you go phones work? do they just deduct minutes for your webtime? any answers would be helpful, thanks D

    • The LG 500G does have internet access. Most people install Oprea Mini or bolt browsers to speed up the browsing and reduce minutes used up while on the internet.

    • The LG500G is a great little phone so far. Internet access is much improved by installing Opera Mini or Bolt as the built in browser is not great. But it does have full internet access.

      Net access on a TracFone is expensive though. Not something I’d recommend doing a lot.

  21. For anyone interested in a great web site for FREE apps, ringtones & more try

    I have downloaded several to my LG500 through cable & SD card.
    I have the KJV of the bible, NCIS game & Windows Media player just to mention a few. You may download the way I did or through your phone.
    They have a HUGE selection!

    For FREE MP3’s try

    Now if I could just find a decent antivirus.

  22. Is anyone else having problems with Motorola EX124g replacement phone?
    I am having all sorts of problems such as buttons not doing what they are supposed to do, not responding to contact, items that will not respond to end key and phone has to be turned off to clear item, send key will not answer phone but other keys have to be pressed, end key will not end call but phone has to be turned off to stop call. There are several items like these that do not work properly and I don’t know if they sent me a defective replacement phone or if there are problems with this phone also.
    Any comments would be appreciated.

    • The EX 124 did not strike me as a quality phone. It is only good if you want to pose with a touch screen phone rather than have one that works good. The screen works better if you use the stylus as it is a pressure sensitive screen. I did find my EX124 to be usable for basic functions but not anywhere near worth the price. I returned the EX124 and went back to using mt LG900 which is a very high quality phone.

      • The screen on the EX124g is the same type of screen as the LG800G and hundreds of others. It also used in thousands of laptops for the touchpad.

        Resistive touchscreens work buy connecting embedded wires, that run horizontally and vertically across the screen. All require a certain amount of pressure to make that connection.

  23. I see that you can link to your e-mail, but can you add a Facebook app similiar to what iPhone users have available?

  24. Hi there! I was in the market for an mp3 player and noticed that the ex124g has mp3 capability. How does this phone compare to a regular mp3 player? It would be nice to have a phone and mp3 all in one, but I am curious as to the capability of the phone on this…. any opinions or thoughts? thanks!

    • I put about 500 MP3’s on the phone on the SD card I installed. Plays them well with the media player widget. Only issue I have is that it radomly has the artitsts listed out of alpha order. Most are alpha but then many are mixed around. I put them all on the card at one time and can’t figure out how to fix that. There are no issues with the music files as the artists etc are listed properly in the file name and the file properties so it is something the phone is doing. Anyone have ideas on this? Any owners of this phone out here?

  25. There are many claims on up to date features available on the Motorolla EX124G however the MotoEX124G NET10/tracphone has very limited features and the packages sold by NET10 has only a user guide, and it also has additional data charges and are not allowed to purchase ringtones graphics and games from the handset. Therefore a $20 plan will not cover much if you use minutes texting and web.
    too good to be true. lol
    4.and to parents and/or gift buyers understand that there are no age restrictions to activate this Net10 packaged MotoEX124G and therefore viewing is what it is.
    5 anyone knows how a customer of the Net10 pkg can get a product guide? (not web guide that will use up minutes) as stated it comes with a user guide but not a product guide :(

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