TracFone Deals and Triple Minutes

I’ll soon have some unboxing videos to share with you, and I’ve started reviews for these phones, but I’ve also got some timely info this week. Two different TracFone handsets are on sale right now.

The first is the TracFone LG 500g QWERTY from Target (brick and mortar store only, not available online). There you can get this phone for $20, which is $5 cheaper than you’d pay at after using the discount code. For the LG 500g review, click here. This deal is available through Saturday.

Next, the LG 290c, a CDMA slider, is at There they are offering it with TRIPLE minutes for life. The deal includes 1200 (total) minutes with the phone, for a total of $129.99. If you need a CDMA phone and don’t care about a QWERTY keyboard, the 290c is a good way to go in my opinion, especially if you plan to stay with TracFone for a while and can take advantage of that Triple Minutes deal. Click here and search for “LG 290c.” (Thanks to TracFancier for taking the time to point this one out to me!)

As I looked for the LG 290c, I also noticed that the LG 800g is still being sold at HSN with triple minutes for life as well. They had offered this deal previously, but those always sold out so fast that I never got chance to share the deal on the blog, or buy one for myself. Now after learning about the texting issues, I don’t want one. I’m a little surprised that they are still selling this phone when TracFone and Net10 themselves have stopped, and I would advise being cautious with this deal as well. With all the problems with texting, and the replacement EX124g phones causing people some headaches as well, it might not be worth the hassle to grab the 800g at this time.

However, the fact that there are now two TMFL phones raises the question of when TMFL will become widely available. Hopefully it won’t be long before we see it as a standard feature on new phones and as an upgrade card you can buy from TracFone for existing phones, as we previously saw with DMFL. If the roll-out sequence of DMFL is any indication, I would think that we’ll continue to see more of the most expensive TracFones come with TMFL standard, then over time we’ll see more and eventually all of their lineup including TMFL. Considering this, it might be worth waiting, if you can, before you buy another TracFone handset.

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  1. 2? There’s a seller on eBay that has the LG500g with triple minutes. It’s been listed for few weeks.

    So that would make 3 phones.

    Sadly I had just nought my phone before that showed up, so I cannot verify that it works or how it works. I assume it’s like the HSN deal though, requiring a secondary activation.

  2. LG 220C – 3 PACK – $14.99/delivered.
    K-mart has the Senior Value 3 pack of these phones
    WITH free shipping until 7/16.
    BUT…Do they activate with DMFL ????

    Shop at home is now offering a special event 10% cash back on K-MART orders (remember that all CB sites have minimum amounts to cash out)

  3. Was at Target today & they’re still selling the LG 800g. So much for a recall. If it ain’t broke, sell it :(

  4. I wonder if this HSN triple minutes deal on the LG290c is using a third party supplier of the triple minutes, as HSN’s recent offer of the LG800g did. As I understand it, triple minutes phones offered by the eBay seller “ShopCellDeals” don’t involve a third party. Instead, you simply enter a 15-digit PIN supplied by the seller at Tracfone’s site and receive 1200 minutes for 1 year and TMFL. RKS

  5. Oh goody. I bought the LG290c with double minutes HSN special (1,000 mins for 1 year) about 2 months before I bought the LG800c with triple minutes HSN special (1,200 mins for 1 year). I gotta stop this. Have almost 3,000 mins thru 2015, really gotta stop this. Pat’s gonna have to start a TFA group…

    This triple minutes LG290c special costs $30 more than the double minute LG290c special I bought. Which works out to the cost of the old double minutes for life card. So maybe Tracfone will start selling cards to upgrade any double minute phone to triple minutes like you were speculating.

  6. A note about the LG290c text messaging. Like other Tracfone’s, you can’t SEE who the text is from until you open it. But with the 290c, you can HEAR who it is from, in that you can assign a different ring tone for each contact for calls and another one for texts. You can know instantly if the text is from one of your contacts, and which contact if you assign a unique one to a person. I’ve noticed Tracfone’s been careful not to do that again!

    Unless – I wonder if the LG501c will let you do that? I’ve looked thru the manual online and it reads like it has the same menus and functions as my old 290C. I couldn’t find the detail in the manual or the online tutorial about setting specific ringtones for contacts. Pat, is this something you could check on the 501c when you do you review on it, if you can assign a unique text ringtone for each contact??

    • Yes, for folks in your contacts the 501c can do individual ringtones for calls and even a different tone for texts. I personally confirmed this. The menu is tricky for tones though, Select your contact in contacts > options > edit.> scroll down to Message Tone > Options > Record Voice > Sounds > Right button for Default List. It’s almost as if they tried to hide it. At Record voice you can apparently just record a clip saying who is calling (haven’t played with the recorder). Still a great way to ignore junk texts, by setting personal ringtones to everyone in contacts then have the default ringtone set to something else.

  7. Hi,
    I recall something being said when the recent HSN deal on the LG800 was offered that the triple minutes would be “exclusive” to HSN for a period – I think just a few months. So the implication was that tracfone would eventually offer TMFL directly.

    I’m wondering if the text messaging problem had anything to do with the activation process, which was one royal pain. I tried to do it several times using tracfone’s automated line, and they recited so many long number sequences so quickly I ended up making errors, not knowing how to make quick changes (heck, hadn’t even used the phone yet), so finally waited until I could talk to a real human and forced them to go slowly. Ok, so I’m getting old. But when I called the second number HSN gave me to get the triple minutes activated, it went very fast and smoothly, and my minutes came up within a few hours. And I have to say I’ve not had any texting problems with my phone. But then I don’t know anything about the guts of these little machines. Almost hate to say it but I’m kind of getting attached to the little devil! It’ll never be an iphone, but for the price for someone like me who mainly does texting and pix to friends, it may work out just fine.

  8. I forgot to mention the HSN deal, in addition to including home/car charges, black case and a couple of other things, also included a book filled with pretty decent coupons – generally 2 for each month that could be used in either 2011 or 2012 – i.e., 2 coupons for June; one for 120 minutes, with 20 bonus minutes, and one for 200 minutes with 40 bonus minutes. Could be used either in June 2011 or June 2012. As a previous tracfone user I can tell you the bonus minutes won’t be tripled, but the 120 or 200 will turn into 360 or 600, respectively. I don’t know if this booklet is included with the current HSN deals but it’s worth checking out. Plus a few other assorted coupon deals in the same booklet.

  9. I want a CDMA tracfone but I don’t want a bajillion minutes as with the hsn “deal”. The LG500g is an attractive price at $20. What is the CDMA equivalent?

    * I do not care for texting… that’s what jabber is for
    * I do not care for interweb access from the phone.. that’s what my laptop is for

    I live in verizon wireless territory. Friends GSM phone signal is less than awesome here

      • the LG501c lists at $40 on tracfone (DMFL)

        Is this 24% back “deal” from crumbs legit?

        It seems sketchy that they’d pay out with $1 minimum balance. One upon a time I tried those junction type sites. They profited.. I got jacked: no money for me. Always “mysterious” problems: always resulting in my balance never making into my hands.

        I HATE affiliate urls; I would only use this for cashback on my own purchases.

        bigcrumbs dot com
        search for: tracfone

        Also is there a refer a friend tracfone program (so I can refer myself as my own friend)?

      • Even if the TMFL phone has a balance of 300 minutes?

        The idea being use the “Triple” to buy lower cost minutes for another “Double” phone.. but keeping both active

        (both tracfone)

        what would it cost to reactivate the other phone ABOVE buying another minute card

      • It wouldn’t cost anything extra to reactivate the Triple Minute phone. But if it uses a SIM card, you would probably have to wait for a new SIM card each time.

        Also, since Triple minutes are a new special deal at this time, it’s not clear that they will still be in affect for a phone that has been reactivated. The double minutes “for life” do survive deactivation and reactivation (at least on my LG290c), so the triple minutes should too, unless there is a pesky asterisk somewhere in the triple minutes terms of use.

        And repeated reactivations, purchases and transfers might flag something in Tracfone’s system, although if you did it on a yearly card once a year, it probably wouldn’t show up as an abuse of their system, or if it did, it would take a few years.

        If you try it, let us know how it works out!

  10. I got a question not regarding this post but as a comparison to AT&T.
    AT&T Pay As You Go offers $0.01 per 5 Kbps on the Internet while
    Net 10 Pay As You Go offers $0.10 per Minute (Regardless of whether you use a whole minute or not) for Internet.

    I figured that 1MB with the AT&T would equal to about 2 Dollars (of your plan total).
    1000Kbs = 1MB | $0.01 = 5kbsp | 5kbs X 200 = 1000 / $0.01 X 200 = $2

    I trying to figure out which would be cheaper far as internet if both phones worked on Edge.

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  12. FYI: I just received an e-mail from HSN (Home Shopping Network) promoting their next Today’s Special (I think starting at midnight 7/30) of a Tracfone with triple minutes for life. Deal includes an LG500 phone with 1300 minutes for $99. Those of you inquiring about the triple minutes deals may want to check this out.

    • Thanks Chris. I just wrote a blog post about this. Thanks to you taking the time to let me know about the deal, hundreds of others will also learn about it.
      Thank you!

  13. You’re most welcome! I checked in at midnight and yes, the deal is on but good only for today (or until it sells out). Includes 1 year of services plus the triple minutes for life. Same deal I got about a month ago on the LG800 (which I kept) except this is the LG500. Hope some people get to take advantage of it!

  14. On the subject of triple minute for life cards you can add to your phone possibly being available in the future, I just found this in the Terms of Service fine print on Tracfone’s website:

    “Double and Triple Minutes for Life of Phone: Some TRACFONE phones and Airtime Cards include a Double or Triple Minutes for Life feature. The double or triple minutes feature applies to the life of a single TRACFONE phone.”

    I haven’t seen any cards yet that do this, but this makes it sound like they may actually happen!

    Now, here is some more to add some confusion:

    “You may not add a Double or Triple Minute card to a TRACFONE that already has a Double or Triple minute feature or card. Doing so will not result in any additional doubling or tripling of purchased airtime.”

    This could mean that you won’t be able to upgrade a double minute phone to triple minutes at all. But with all their new phones coming with at least double minutes now, what would be the purpose of having the triple minute cards if you couldn’t add them to double minute phones? OR, it could just mean that you won’t get any additional benefit by adding a double minute card to a double minute phone, or a triple minute card to a triple minute phone, leaving open the possibilty that adding a triple minute card to a double minute phone might do something. Should be interesting, to say the least…

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