LG 800g News; TracFone Promo Code Update

LG 800g is Back

UPDATE 8/12/2011: TracFone and Net10 have apparently corrected this issue. For more, read this post.

First, some news about the LG 800g. As I previously reported, this phone has suffered from a major issue with text messaging, basically rendering the device unusable in many cases. Because of that shortcoming, I advised against buying the LG 800g in all cases. At the same time, the phone was not available from either TracFone’s or Net10’s website.

Now, however, it appears they have fixed the problem, and the phone is back on both sites. After reading through some blog comments about this issue, it seems there is an updated software version for the LG 800g. The flawed software was version V10d, while the newest is V10e. Some people with problematic 800g’s were given replacements that had the newer software, and it also seems that devices purchased directly from TracFone or Net10 now include V10e as well.

One thing the watch out for on this is that other people have reported buying the LG 800g in stores (Target, Walmart, etc), and getting the old software. As far as I can tell at this point, there’s no way to determine the software version based on the packaging. So if you buy from a store, before you activate the phone you’ll probably want to check the software in the phone’s settings menu. Go to Menu>Settings>Phone>Information>Device Information and look for “S/W Version.”

And of course if you have a device with the old software, do not hesitate to call TracFone or Net10 and request a replacement device if you’ve had even a hint of problems with receiving text messages.

Finally, the fact that this phone is now being sold again means that I’ll revisit my LG 800g review and finish it up (though I’m currently also working with the LG 501c, Samsung t528g, and Motorola EX124g, with the Nokia E5 also around the corner). For now, though, I think it’s safe to say that as a general rule, I think the $50 800g is a better value than the $80 EX124g. In fact, even ignoring the price difference, I think the 800g might be a better phone in many important respects.

Updated TracFone bonus codes

I updated the list near the end of last week, and made a few changes. I didn’t find a lot of changes, but I think that it’s safe to say at this point that code 65901, which had previously given 100 bonus minutes on 60, 120, and 200-minute cards, is no longer valid. I had left it up simply because it was such a large bonus, but a sufficient number people have found it to be invalid that I have now marked it as such on the main list.

There were also just a handful of new codes to add to the list, and none are very exciting:

  • 83118 for 20 bonus minutes on a 60-minute card
  • 86380 for 30 bonus minutes on a 120-minute card
  • 40305 for 50 bonus minutes on a 450-minute card

Here’s a link to my TracFone Promo Code list.

Upcoming Posts

As I mentioned above, I have a lot on my plate in terms of reviewing phones, and I’m still struggling to find time to address all of those. Once school is back in session, though, I should be able to take care of them in rapid succession.

Coming up this week, I’ll have some news about a new handset in the America Movil lineup, and this time it’s a touch-screen CDMA phone. I’ll also post more on the LG 501c review, and later this week or early next I’ll continue with the t528g review.



36 thoughts on “LG 800g News; TracFone Promo Code Update

  1. My wife and I both have the lg800g that we purchased from HSN. Both phones are working perfectly so far with the V10d software. Can we update to the V10e software online? Is this possible?

  2. Interesting post about messaging and software ver. I have 2 800gs and one had the messaging problem and one did not. Trac replaced the bad with another 800g and assured me it was fixed and frankly I was very doubtful, however it turned out to be true. Both seem to work fine and have no messaging problems. Both have software ver 10d… interesting

  3. I’m glad you’re going to continue with your LG800 review, since I’ve got one and while I can do the basics, I’d like to learn a little more. I also checked and have the ver 10d software; it’s the phone I got a couple of months back with the hsn special and I’ve had no texting problems at all. Hope it stays that way, but if it doesn’t I will call tracfone for sure.

    Thanks for the update!

    • I agree, Chris. I’m very happy we’ll get more info on how this phone works. I downloaded Opera Mini but apparently not correctly. I didn’t understand the instructions someone on Howard Forums gave so I’ll be interested to see the Part 3 review.

  4. I suspect a marginal hardware issue that the new software works around. The fact that not all V10d users have problems implies more than just a software glitch. It would also explain how it made it through QA.The early replacements with the EX124g was TF scrambling to keep customers happy until the issue was resolved. Much easier to flash a software fix than to change hardware.

    • I also have a LG800G version V10D and no texting problems, I don’t send or receive a log of texts but all okay so far.

  5. Wasn’t there a number given to type into the Code Entry Mode that checks for updates? I remember typing it in and having my phone updated when I had that e-mail issue in the beginning and since then it works fine. Anybody remember what was typed in?

    • Kim,
      I don’t know anything about all the tech stuff, but it did seem like an endless number of codes needed to be entered to activate the phone. Was so frustrating with the voice prompts that went too fast for me, so I had to wait until I could get a human being to go slower. But maybe you’re onto something here? I’ll leave the answer to bigger minds than mine!

  6. Hw do I disable the web browser on tracfone lg800? Is there full web access with no parental control? Tracfone says it cannot access porn sites but there’s plenty of non porn sites that give a child quite an eyeful. I’d like to just disable it.

  7. Sorry, The Straight Talk LG900 is a “G”. Same question though, what about it?

    ALSO: a reconditioned Nokia E71 without G or C is listed on Straight Talk.

    AND ALSO: a refurbished Nokia 6790, again, no G or C, listed at Straight Talk.

    Any and all comments and reviews/comparisons greatly welcome for all three, the LG900G Nokia recondition E71, and Nokia recondition 6790.

    Thanks awfully, all! Marco

    • The Nokia`s are true GSM smartphones running on AT&T. But your probably too late, the E71 sold out quickly at 50% off the regular price and the 6790 won`t be far behind..

      The LG900G is a very good phone. When ordering change the market area code in the URL If necessary to get the service provider you want, AT&T = GSM4 and T-Mobile = GSM5, then refresh. Varify the URL has changed/updated, because the pages will look identical.

  8. I have had my LG 800G for two months now, and only had one problem with it…when accessing voice mail or computerized answering systems, I couldn’t move through the menus simply because the LG’s number tones were’nt recognized, even though I could hear them! Finally after restarting (shut down..remove battery..wait a few minutes and restart) it worked. I checked my OS version and it is the older one, V10D, that is supposed to have the problem, so I found LG’s support website and found downloadable drivers and a utility to update the OS. Only problem is that the LG 800 G is not on the list!! Hopefully soon they will update the system and provide us with a way to do our own updates instead of sending the phones back to Net 10 or TracFone.


  10. I would first trying to send it to your PC via Bluetooth…it’s FREE!
    If you really want to send it as a MMS Text attachment try this:
    Open up the camera app, select the video option, (it looks like a camcorder) tap the screen to bring up the other menu icons, then tap on the gear looking icon (settings) and choose a smaller resolution for the video by tapping on the “quality” icon on the bottom, left row. Select a lower resolution, like “normal”. You can also select the “duration” button (bottom right). When you see the envelopes (not the hourglass) it will limit the length of the recording to a size file that can be sent. By the way, when you select the “quality” icon, it will also bring up a “help ? mark that explains all this!)

    • Do not understand how to send photo via Bluetooth to the PC. My PC does not have Bluetooth enabled. I do have a bluetooth earpiece that I use with the 800G, but don’t think that is what you meant.

  11. P.S.: another easy (and FREE) way is to buy a micro USB cable and transfer ALL your files using the Windows file transfer program that will come up automatically when you plug in the phone.

    • This window doesn’t pop up when I attach my LG880GHL (S//W version V10d) to my Toshiba laptop. The laptop doesn’t seem to recognize it whatsoever. How can I get that window to pop up? I’d like to be able to transfer my photos off my phone onto my computer, and my music from my computer onto my phone, which is why I am perusing this forum (thanks for the head’s up re: the S/W issue, too). Any suggestions, please?

  12. Well, the LG800 survived the washer and dryer and still worked. The battery was shot though. I took it apart and blew it dry then put it back together and inserted a new battery. It powered up, albeit with a splotchy white screen. The MicroSD card was still accessible so I was able to export everything to it, then get the Parameter 30 and 00 out of it and activate the new LG800 that I had as a spare. Back up and running in under a half hour. Suprising to say the least…I figured my contacts, ringers, music and pictures were gone.

  13. I can’t find a promo code to get $3 – $5 off purchase of new/refurb phone. I Tried GI2011 and 23444 but they did not work. Could we put “purchase” promo codes on the promo code page?

    Thanks Chazz was here

    • Chazz, that’s a good idea, I’ll do that when I find new codes. Unfortunately, the two that you mentioned are the only ones that I know of at the moment, so if those don’t work I’m afraid you’re out of luck – at least as far as I know.

  14. IS there any way to record a phone conversation on the LG 700G? I don’t see any option to pull up the icons or get to any of the apps while on a call.

    • Hmm, I haven’t had an issue like that with the 800g. This phone is supposed to update the clock automatically via the network, so I would try turning it off and then on again.

      Also, it’s worth noting that sometimes the network gets “confused” as to where exactly you are, if you happen to be close to a time zone line. I’ve had it happen before (with other phones) that I was traveling or otherwise very near a timeline, and the clock was off by one hour.

  15. HI
    I am total new to all the technology regarding any sort of cell phone/web/bluetooth or what ever they are called, and have no clue how to text and even voicemail. I have a Tracfone with camera, but only use the phone for emergency calls, or to link up with my husband when away from home. I am interested in learning more and perhaps get this new LG 800G touch screen phone. I like the idea of being able to use it to surf the web and keep up with shopping on eBay when away from home, but have no idea of the facts around this. Is it very expensive to use surfing the web, and does internet access come with the phone/minutes?? Could it be used to check email etc. when overseas??

    • I’ll do my best here:
      First, this phone deducts half a minute of airtime for each minute you spend surfing the web. Actually, it charges for the time that you have the browser open – regardless of how much data you are drawing over the network. In other words, if you spend one minute to load a long news article on the phone and then spend the next 7 minutes reading that aritcle, you’ll be charged a total of 4 minutes of airtime. (1 minute loading the article, plus 7 minutes reading it = 8 total minutes using the browser, multiplied by .5 units of airtime per minute of browser time).
      Next, this model will NOT work overseas.
      Hope this helps!

  16. Anyone know of a limit on the SD card size? I put my 16G in and it shows card with an X on it. When checking memory it does not show any external.

  17. I’ve just received a Tracfone LG800G purchased on Amazon. It has the buggy 10d software version. Is there anyway to update the firmware version on the phone myself or must I fight the good fight with Tracfone in an attempt to get a replacement phone?

  18. I just added a 60 minutes card to my Tracfone double-minutes-for-life Motorola W376g and used the 83118 20 bonus minutes promo code. DIDN’T WORK! :-(

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