LG 505c Review

LG 505c Review

[NOTE: At this time the LG 505c has not yet been released, but I’ve set up this page to serve as the LG 505c Review Index Page, so as I gather more info about this model I will continue to update this post. Of course, eventually I will post a full LG 505c review, and that info will also be linked from this page]
EDIT 5/30/2012 – The LG 505c is finally now available from both Straight Talk and TracFone (no Net10 version yet, but I’m not sure why). To keep up with my full review of this new phone, head over to www.LG505c.com.
LG 505c Review PhotoAnother new phone is apparently headed in our direction. Thanks to The_Sweeper and TracFancier, both of whom pointed out that a tutorial is up for the new LG 505c. The big news here is that it’s a CDMA touch-screen phone, something that Net10, Straight Talk, and especially TracFone users have been waiting on for a long time now.
First, I need to be clear that I am not sure if it will be TracFone, Net10, or Straight Talk, or some combination of those three. The tutorial itself doesn’t say which brands will get this phone, and because the site is used to host tutorials for phones from all three brands, it’s not possible to tell for certain which will get this phone. However, there are a couple of clues pointing to the LG 505c being included on Net10 and TracFone. The tutorial shows directions to “Get Pending Minutes” and an option to add a promo code when redeeming airtime.
Further, some of the other specs seem to indicate that it will go toward the lower end of the price spectrum. Namely, it will support 1xRTT (“2.5G”) data rather than the newer, faster EVDO (“3G”).
The big, good news about this phone is that includes a couple of things people have been looking for from the TracFone and Net10 brands. First, it has a touch screen. But beyond that, it also has a slide-out physical qwerty keyboard. So you’ll be able to take your pick on input methods.
It will also be the first CDMA device for TracFone to include an mp3 player and microSD card slot. The bluetooth appears to support file transfer, making for an easy way to get pictures off the phone. Speaking of pictures, though, the camera specs are a slight disappointment. The max resolution is just 1.3 megapixels, and there appears to be no video recording function.
One other notable feature on this model is voice command, and you’ll also find the usual list of organization tools like alarm clock, calendar, and calculator. It’s impossible to tell for sure at this time whether you’ll be able to add java apps on this device, but based on what I’ve read so far it seems unlikely.
That’s about all I’ve got for now. But I will definitely be interested in taking a look at this phone as soon as it is available, and when I get my LG 505c review underway I’ll update this post with links to more info.

32 thoughts on “LG 505c Review

  1. There`s doubt doubt about it, It certainly appears that LG has become TracFone`s preferred Vendor of choice. It was a huge embarrassment for both parties with the complete “melt down” of the LG800g Texting problem that appears to now be fixed with a new software (patch). There was too much at stake for both TracFone and LG not to find a solution to that problem and it did`nt take long before the remedy was made. LG did not want to see its market share of Phones sold through TracFone slip out of their hands to either one of their competitors, Motorola or Samsung.

    • Stephie, that’s the way I interpret it. I really like that feature on other phones that have it. Make it much safer if you must call while driving, or if you just want to dial without looking at the phone.

  2. Tracfone is now offering the Samsung T-404G with triple minutes for life for $60. The Motorola EX124G also comes with triple minutes now.

  3. I hope Tracfone could get this phone since I sent back LG800G to Tracfone after two days use as it won’t work in my area. I need CDMA phone and I can’t wait for this.

    • You may want to use the LG3280 DMFL bundle while you wait for the 505C to become available. It`s heavily discounted, plus cashback and discount ordering will give a final cost of about $12. Promo code 67861 gives a 60 minute bonus on the airtime. The phone can activate with 200M/5Months.

      • Hi Tracfancier,

        Thank you for the message and I forgot to mention I have LG290C with me before I had LG800G. Thus I went back to use LG290C and awaiting for LG505C to become available. Thank you for your help though. :o)

  4. The Big Question, WHEN , WHEN, WHEN! I NEED this phone. Slide out qwerty, MP3player and of course, CDMA.

    I just wish we had a better idea when.

  5. LG505c *** So which is it? No release date or 8-26?
    or are you saying it will be released for ST on 8-26 and no release date for tracfone?

      • Metro PCS has had the LG Beacon since late Sept. The Beacon looks a lot like the LG 505c — enough that it could be the same phone. Do you think the fact that they now have it makes it more or less likely that it will be coming to Tracfone soon?

        • Hmm, interesting theory. But in the past, even when Trac has released phones that are similar to models from other carriers, it has sometimes been a year or more after the other carriers had them out. But in this case, I really expect the 505c to show up soon.

  6. With the “c” in the model number it appears that this phone will be CDMA. I live in a GSM area, but Verizon also works well here. Will I be able to activate this phone in my GSM area if I purchase it using a CDMA zip code?

    • I have discovered that if you wait a while for the stores like walmart or family dollar to carry them the price is lower than what tracfone expects u to pay…. My current phone it cost me 50 thru the site and I saw the same phone on sale at Walmart for 20 dollars less….so Idk if it’s an huge savings but cheaper than spending 90 dollars plus shipping!

    • Renee –
      I’m trying to remember the differences between these two models – they are so similar that they blur together in my mind. The biggest thing I can think of is the camera – the 511 has 2.0 mp while the 505 has 1.2. Also, if you are looking at the TracFone version, the 505 has triple minutes for life, but I think the 511 has just double minutes. The 511c is also slightly bulkier and slightly heavier. Other than that, they are very comparable.

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