Net10 Promotional Discount Codes

Here’s how to make the most of your next Net10 order:

Click Here to find the phone of your choice at Net10’s site.

Any order of $29.99 or more (before any discount) will      automatically qualify for Net10’s free shipping promotion.

1. When you are ready to check out, look for the promotional     code box, and – enter code 44477 (and click submit) to save $5, and

2. then enter 34567 and click submit again to save another $3 off your order.

3. Finally, enter code 88121 to get a free universal accessory kit added to your order. (This might not be working at the moment, and may not work with all phones.)

4. Select the cheapest shipping option (3-day ground), and your shipping will be free.

That’s the cheapest way to order from Net10’s site, saving $8 and getting a free accessory kit added to every order.

36 thoughts on “Net10 Promotional Discount Codes

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  2. Thank you for those codes!!!! I was looking for an accessory kit, and here I find these codes PLUS the kit….really helped alot! Currently promotion code 1999 will give you free shipping!

      • Er, I guess to sell them on Ebay or something? But can you get the free kit without buying a phone? XD
        I’m thinking about buying a phone from amazon or Ebay, but I still want the free kit. I know, I’m being cheap…

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  4. Thanks for the codes and tips. Walmart advertised the phone for 59.99, but of course was out of them. I was able to use your codes and get the same phone for $79.99. Not a bad deal. Thanks again.

  5. I was just on the Net10 site and the EM326 now comes with the USB cable, a 2GB card, and an accessory kit for $49.99. No codes needed.

    • Very good point. This model does go on sale from time to time for about $60, but Kmart doesn’t have many stores any more, so some people can’t get to a kmart easily. And the Net10 site also offers the free accessory kit, which some people need. Thanks for sharing your discovery of the sale, though. Hopefully it will help some others save a few bucks.

      • BestBuy is also offering the Samsung T401G on sale for 59.99. I took the ad with me to Walmart and they matched the price (for those of you with a Walmart nearby but no BestBuy. Great advice on this webpage. Thanks for everyone’s efforts!!!

    • Yesterday I ordered the T401G! I cant wait for it to come! Thank you so much for the codes! I was able to save money and at the same time get a free accessory kit! It was great! Thanks Again!

  6. Worked for me. I bought Net 10, Samsung 401G. Based on the codes published here, got $ 5+3 discount plus free accessories, and free shipping as indicated. Great!

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  8. is there a sale on mothers day or indepence day or even easter if there is please let me know i really want this phone

  9. I’ve been ordering phones from Net10 for awhile, getting the refurb’d phones with free phone cards dropping my cost/minute to 5 cents. Now with these codes it’s about 3.5 cents/min. SWEET!! Nice post/thanks.

  10. I ordered a Net10 LG 400 and was able to use the promo codes for $5, $3 & Universal Accessory Kit. I was unable to get free USPS shipping regardless of the order ammount. I removed the $3 discount to make the total less than $19.99 but still no free shipping. FYI sometimes—as I tried re-entering data to remove the shipping charge—I found that I had to enter the promo code more than once to get it to take. I still came out WAY ahead of where I would have been thx to your promo codes—in spite of the $6.96 shipping charge.

  11. There is no longer a way to combine the $5 off, $3 off and free accessory codes anymore. You can get one of the three but not two or three of them together.

    It was fun while it lasted.

    They are no longer offering 200/300 cards extra either but the LG1500 deal for $25 has 300 minutes included and a 750 minute card bonus. Almost as good. I just wish the 750 minute plan rolled over and lasted 60 days.

  12. Has anyone bought a phone from Net10’s website that included a $10 or $20 gift card certificate? Is this a Visa gift card, or a rebate that I will get several weeks later, or is it a gift card which only can be used on Net10’s website?

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