Activate your TracFone

Tips for Activating Your TracFone

Finally, once you receive your phone, you’ll need to activate it. First, go to, then click on the green “Activate Phone, Add or Buy Airtime” button near the top right of the screen. On the next page, click the blue “Activate / Reactivate Phone.” Then click the “New TracFone Customer” button on the left, and from there follow the instructions on the screen.

Just a couple of items to note here – in a couple of steps, TracFone will ask for information, but you are not required to give it. Specifically, you may choose NOT to give your contact info, and you may also choose NOT to add an airtime card during the activation process.

Unless you have specific privacy concerns, I recommend that you do give your contact info, including an email address, but NOT a home phone number. This information is not absolutely necessary, but may save you some headaches should you need to contact TracFone for assistance in the future. The reason I suggest not submitting a home phone number is that TracFone will call (with an automated message) occasionally to remind you of upcoming due dates or other offers. My assumption is that most people would prefer not to be bothered with such calls. On the other hand, if you would like the reminders to keep your service active, you may choose to register your home phone number with TracFone.

The other piece of information that you are not required to submit is an airtime card number. I usually skip that step during the registration process. The reason is that I prefer to make sure that everything is working correctly with the phone, and that I actually like the phone, before I add any airtime.

Finally, one other little tip here: write down the phone number, serial number (also called ESN or IMEI), and SIM serial number. You can find these items in the phone’s “prepaid” menu. This information is especially helpful if someone other than the owner is managing the phone, or if the phone would happen to get lost or stolen.

Now that your phone is active, you might also be interested in my tips for adding airtime to your TracFone.

6 thoughts on “Activate your TracFone

  1. I can’t get beyond the webpage where I am required to register or login to my account. I see no way to NOT divulge personal information that I have no intention of giving to tracfone. I’m returning the phone. I haven’t opened the package yet. I wanted to see if I could activate it without giving up personal information before I opened the package and charged the phone. I see no way to NOT register as that appears to be required. I would never have bothered to buy a tracfone if I had known that I could not have any privacy if I had one. The entire point of getting a tracfone is for privacy that you cannot have if you have prepaid plan with one of the big providers.

  2. When I go to activate my tracfone it asks me how i want to activate it, i choose give me a new number, and it takes me back to the log-in page.

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