Add Minutes to Your TracFone

Add airtime and/or put your TracFone on autopilot

Once your phone is activated and you’ve determined that you want to keep it, you’ll need to add minutes. The most obvious way to add airtime is to airtime is to buy an actual a card, whether from or from a retail store, then scratch the PIN # and input the PIN # into the phone’s “add airtime” menu. This is what you will do if you purchased a phone bundle that included the phone and a separate airtime card. In this case, it is also helpful to remember to use Bonus Codes when adding airtime. For more info about TracFone Bonus Codes, click here.

Another way to keep your phone supplied with minutes, and one that is simpler, is to enroll in a value plan with TracFone. There are a couple of different levels of these plans. The first is a “maintenance only” plan that, for $6 per month, will ensure that your phone remains active should you forget to add an airtime card prior to the due date. It is free to enroll, and you will be charged the $6 ONLY when your service is about to expire. The service will then be extended another 30 days. If you plan on using airtime cards to keep your service active, this is a nice back-up plan to make sure you don’t forget and end up getting your phone deactivated.

The other plan, which is actually a pretty good value, is the “50 Minutes” value plan. Under this plan, you will be charged $10 (plus tax) EVERY month, and you will automatically get 50 minutes and 30 days of service added to your phone. The very nice thing about this plan is that if you have Double Minutes for Life on your phone, you will receive 100 minutes every month. This works out to just ten cents per minute. If you want a trouble-free way to keep the phone active, this is a great way to do it, and I HIGHLY recommend this plan if you have double minutes for life. To be sure, there are ways to pay less than 10 cents per minute for TracFone service. But, they all require more thought and more frequent monitoring. This plan will allow you to eliminate all those headaches and just “set it and forget it!”

Okay, that’s pretty much the whole story. I know it probably seemed long. But, hopefully you don’t come away with the feeling that it’s just too much work to set it all up. I’ve done my best to cover all the details in one place, so you won’t have to spend any more time worrying about it. And, if you follow my advice about the value plans, you won’t have to worry about it ever again!

I would appreciate any comments you have on any of this. Please enter them in the “comments” box below, and I’ll take them into consideration and, if necessary, get back to you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far – I hope it’s been helpful to you. If you want to learn more money-saving tricks for TracFone, please check out my blog here.

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