Jitterbug Review Part 2 – Disadvantages

Jitterbug disadvantages

Alright, so let’s get to what I don’t like about the offerings from Jitterbug:

  1. The only phone offered by the company is incredibly expensive – $147.
  2. Jitterbug charges a $35 setup fee before you are even able to start talking on the phone. So before you ever make your first call, you’ll have paid almost $200.
  3. The minutes are very expensive. You’ll pay $10 per month for “emergency only” service. Here’s an important detail you may not know: ANY old cell phone, whether or not it is currently included on an active plan, can make a 911 call. If all you need is a phone for a possible 911 call, you can just ask for any old inactive cell phone to keep handy in case an emergency comes up.

To be fair, the top end of Jitterbug’s pricing structure ($80 per month for 800 minutes, or 10 cents per minute) is not bad. But let’s be honest – anyone talking on a cell phone 800 minutes per month is going to much better off on a post paid plan, and is clearly comfortable with the concept of talking on a cell phone. I don’t understand why Jitterbug would even offer this pricing tier! By definition, it does not fit their target market.

  1. So, to sum it up, if you haven’t picked up on it yet, Jitterbug is WAY too expensive!

Ok, so what exactly DO I recommend if Jitterbug is not the answer? TracFone. For over a decade now, TracFone has been the largest U.S. provider in the prepaid wireless category. They have a phone and a price point to match a wide variety of needs – including all of those reasonably addressed by Jitterbug. And best of all, the phones are frequently available FOR FREE directly from the company (more on this a little later in the article.

To continue to Page 3 of this article where I compare Jitterbug and TracFone costs, click here.

5 thoughts on “Jitterbug Review Part 2 – Disadvantages

  1. You indicated that ANY old cell phone, whether or not it is currently included on an active plan can make a 911 call. I am presently on a plan with Verizon and is planning to cancel my account with them because I am paying almost $45 a month and hardly use the service. Thus, I bought a tracfone to try it out first and if the signal is fine, then I will cancel Verizon. I asked Verizon if my phone with them, LG VX6100, can make 911 calls after I canceled and he said that certain phones are not capable to do it and that my LG VX6100 is one of them that can not make 911 calls once I inactivate the plan. Is that true or he just don’t know?

  2. pbushx2
    Thank you very much for your response. I would not have known about the ability of inactive cell phones to dial 911 if not for this particular blog which I ended up reading because of my interest on Tracfone. Also, the link you gave provided valuable information particularly the part that inactive cell phones are not trackable which I will keep in mind in case I call 911 using my old phone once it is inactivated. I have been reading all your blogs of different subjects and I made a decision now to cancel my Verizon account and stay with Tracfone. It will definitely save me a lot of money. I also ended up with Motorola W376g based on all your reviews and I think I will be happy with it. It is amazing though how you were able to get all those information on different subject matters and share them with us through those links. Thanks for providing this particular link about 911 calls from inactive cell phones.

  3. When I was looking at a phone service in the first place, I was looking at ATT prepaid at $50 a month, sprint prepaid at $69.00, and verizon which i still have not figured it out. some of the other services are around any wheres from 30 to 60.. the bottom line comes down to usage, in case only emergencies, then the only choice would be tracfone, if I were to use it a little more than I would probably go to net10 or one of the other prepaid services that at least have a better phone, cuz tracfone doesn’t have really good phones. My only gripe so far is the poor customer service and poor phone choice. for about a $100 a year you cannot go wrong, it is a bit of rip off but not as big as some of the other contracts and prepaid phone happen to be. you probably would be paying a lot of money for a service. you would get about 3 1/2 stars out of 5 cuz of the two problems mentioned above.

  4. I am also a strong believer that LESS IS MORE!!! when it comes to cell phones you don’t really need all those features anyways, and sometimes it makes it easier knowing it is less, cuz if you didn’t can you imagine “HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST????” WOWWWW!!!
    funny. I wanted to share with your readers. why i chose tracfone.

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