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  2. I purchased an LG290 from the tracfone website– it indicated that the phone would work in my area (northern CA, 95453). Well, the phone works fine but I can’t access the web browser or send pics taken with the camera phone. After several phone calls to customer support I was advised that the web browser/data service is not available in my area.
    The phone is a big improvement over my old Motorola V60i, but I’m really disappointed that I can’t access all of the phone’s features.
    Does anyone know if I will be able to access the web browser if I am in a more urban area?

    • I have been with straight talk for nearly a year and i just down graded to the 290c because my phone would not work any more in my area. this is one of the best phones i have ever had and to answer the question about web browser in urban areas, I live in a town with a population of 1,250 people and i am able to use every function my phone offers i am also near two large cities and it works great there as well.

  3. I’ve been using this phone (LG 290c) now from Straight Talk for about a week. Great sound quality. Battery life, like wow, better than any phone I’ve used to date (13). Signal strength runs 4 to 5 bars in my area. Besides call quality, run right up on the net with no problems, txt messaging, while std phone keys, was simple, direct, “WORKED”. Outside keys lockup,very good thing for pockets, when you open the phone, everything works. I’ve been using the heck out of it. Love the phone. Finally found my phone! Thanks for the heads up!

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      • Dollar General advertises the LG290c for $20 ($30 less than Tracfone), but no stores in Greater Cincinnati have it.
        Is this a regional shortage, or just a “Dollar General” shortage?

        • The availability of these phones varies by area. It’s hard to say if or when DG will get any more in your area. Have you previously seen other CDMA phones there? If not, then you’ll probably not find this one either. FWIW, the 290c is now $30 from TracFone, and you can get free shipping, plus get a $5 discount with a promotional code, to make the phone a total of $25. Might be easier than driving around to various stores looking for it. Here’s how to use the discount code:

          Also keep in mind that you might need to use an alternate ZIP code other than your own in order to get this phone. As long as you have Verizon service in your area, it will work fine, though. So when you get to the “enter the zip code of where you will use this phone the most,” use zip 54747 to find the 290c.

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  6. I have had my LG290C for almost two months now, but have not been able to figure out how to transfer my photos to my Mac via bluetooth.

    Any ideas? I tried your solution for windows but it didn’t work.

  7. Hi I have ST 290c and can not get the auto delete on tex messages to work and sound cuts in and out while using are there CODEC that helps with sound. Thanks (verizon always worked fine, don’t think it is area)

    • Debbie, I haven’t had either of these problems myself, so I’m afraid I can’t help with them. My 290c sounds great, and I haven’t had any problem with sound cutting out. Does this happen on all of your calls?

      Also, I don’t understand what you mean by text message auto-delete? Could you tell me what you mean by this?

  8. Hi, has anyone found a driver to use to connect the LG290C ‘Straight Talk’ to a WindowsXP Pro? I don’t seem to have bluetooth capability. Thanks

  9. Hi pbushX2,
    Thank you for all the helpful info. I purchased a LG290c and was able to transfer picture files from the LG290c to an aging XP computer with only a little trial and error using the Widcomm software and the ## trick you mentioned here. However I have not been successfull at all on my Vista laptop computer. Has anyone been successful on Vista with the ##etc. trick? The phone is recognized by the computer but it refuses to transfer files. I also downloaded and tried Obex Commander on my Vista machine and that would also not work on Vista (it loaded fine, recognized the phone but would not transfer files or show files on the phone) pbush, have you used Blue Soleil on a Vista computer or only on XP? I hate to think when the old desktop conks out I won’t be able to copy pictures anymore… Thank you for any help.

  10. Hello, I recently got a new LG290c it is a great phone. One of the best Tracphones I have ever used. The only problem is when I try to send a picture or audio message, or use the Web Browser it says “Check Data Restrictions -36” I have gone into securit and unlocked it but it still does this.

  11. My son just upgraded to the LG290C and wanted to know if it includes a browsing history.
    Is there a menu where you can see how many minutes it has been browsing?

  12. Hi i was thinking of purchasing this phone for when i go to college, it’s the nicest one that will work in my zipcode, and i would like to finally have picture messaging and a camera. however something i really hate about my tracfone motorola w175g is that you get charged .3 units for incoming texts as well as outgoing. my first cellphone was a motorola tracfone that only charged me for outgoing, so i was really hoping to find another one that would do the same… does this charge for incoming texts too?

    • You get charged for incoming and outgoing texts but, when you receive a text you can read 15 characters without opening the text just read it and delete and you will not be charged.

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  14. I have been waiting for tracfone to come out with better phones for a long time now. Now that they have the 290c, it sounds perfect for me. However, I live in a gsm area and when I enter my zip code on their website, the 290c does not show up. If I were to purchase one elsewhere, or use a different zip code, do you think they would/could activate it? I know my area is covered with CDMA, but I read somewhere that tracfone is charged more for that coverage so they limit it to people that cannot use gsm. I understand if you don’t know the answer, but I thought I’d give it a shot. I really want a nicer phone without paying monthly. My 376g has finally fallen apart and I want to upgrade.

    • I have the same question you posted — did you find the answer? Will Tracfone activate the phone in my area (which has excellent Verizon reception) even though they don’t list this phone on their website for this area?

      • Hi Alan
        I have activated CDMA TracFones many times in areas where TracFone sells only GSM phones on their site. They still sell CDMA phones in some retail stores in the area, and based on that plus the fact that I know Verizon works in my area, I know that the phone will activate and work fine wherever there is Verizon coverage.

      • Alan,

        I am not sure whether Tracfone is changing their policy about activating CDMA phones in GSM zip codes, but I note that when you go to either the Tracfone or Net10 sites and enter a zip code, there is now an onscreen message querying if you intend to ACTIVATE and USE the phone in the city whose zip you entered. This is new, and I don’t know whether it means there will be difficulty for those of us who would like to activate and use a 290c in a GSM area.

        Does anyone know? RKS

  15. I got the LG290c for straight talk not too long ago and i honestly can’t seem to figure out how to remove ‘Home’ from the top of my main screen. Has anyone else had this problem? It’s really bugging me. If anyone knows how please let me know. But other than that the phone is great. I switched from boost mobile which was just terrible. Especially for texting. I live in a valley and this phone has great service even where most other carriers dont. Very impressed. Internet works great and i’ve had no problems browsing. Great phone, especially for a prepaid.

  16. I’m considering a LG 290C to replace my old tracfone. I understand you can connect to the internet, but what are its limitations? Can I connect to any website, is special software necessary, what is the download/upload speed, and what does it cost? Does anyone have the answers to these questions?

  17. I’m so impressed with your blog. Thanks so much for all you have done here. I was anxious about getting a new phone and making everything work, and after reading the three phone reviews here (with all the helpful comments, too)I actually feel like an informed consumer.

    Thank you!!

  18. My LG 290c has stopped allowing me to view caller ID items. IF someone calls me and I do not see it, I will not know unless they leave a message. Can anyone tell me what I can do to change this?

    • Meka, that’s very odd that it used to work, and now does not. I haven’t heard of that problem before. I’d suggest getting in touch with TracFone (or net10, or Straight Talk) and getting a replacement. It should still be under warranty.

      • My Straight Talk LG 290C is doing it to. First one quit displaying missed calls & received calls after 10 months just enough that Walmart would not stand behind it,so we bought another one that worked for 5 days before it quit. Took it in to Walmart and the geniuses there couldn’t even figure who I needed to talk to about. Phone is a piece of junk. I had my Motorola for 5 years trouble free. I hate to call Straight Talk because their customer service isn’t in the US and hard to understand. Wish I’d stayed with Cricket.

  19. I would like to input contact info and calendar info into the phone from the computer, but I guess that is too much to ask for a phone I paid $30 for. It’s the most expensive phone offered by tracfone in my area. Our Wal-mart doesn’t even sell the LG-290c. I had to buy it from Tracfone directly. What would happen if I bought a more expensive tracfone for other areas. I know there are different phone formats but I would suspect that the more expensive phones can dumb down to the format that we have in my rural area.

  20. Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for all the great info, as usual. Just wanted to ask if you know if the ##7764726290 trick works with the LG 2220c model as well? Thanks. Stay well.

    • Otis, I am not certain but I don’t think it does work. I tried it myself with no success. It could be that someone else has found a similar work-around for that model though.

  21. How can I get the location icon off the display screen? I have had these phone for 2 weeks and it is driving me nuts. Ive emailed straighttalk and the instructions they gave me were bogus. No where in the menu is there an option of off. It’s either location for emergency only or all. PLease tell me it is an option to get it off and how. Thank you.

  22. I’m experiencing horrible battery life with my LG 290C (Tracfone). The phone seems to work fine, can transfer photos, access web, etc., but the first battery would require recharge in a single day without making calls – just standing by with full bars. I am not roaming at all.

    I contacted CS and was sent a new battery. At first it acted the same, then was able to go at least 6 days on standby, but recently it started to require a recharge within a day. I’ve charged overnite using 110v charger as well as 12V car charger and both provide a full charge, but the battery drains within 24 hours.

    I plan to call CS again, but not sure if I am missing something. I live in GSM territory but travel to CDMA areas all the time therefore the reason for getting this phone.

    Any suggestions?

    • go thru you phone setting and change everything to the shortest amount of time that helped me out i get about 6-9 days of battery life on standby

  23. Just bought mine today & haven’t opened the plastic
    bubble-pack yet. I am anxious to activate the LG 290C
    and see how it works in my area. My former cell phone
    would drop text messages often, when I texted Logan, UT
    from Aztec, NM. I hope the LG 290C will be a big im-
    provement & think it probably will be.

  24. I also would love to find out how to remove “HOME” from the main screen, but there seems to be no way to do that. I LOVE the service, we also transferred from boost. Had a few probs with porting my hubby’s number, but finally got it resolved, it was a simple error on their side entering the account number. I also had a few probs getting it set up on PhoneZoo but got that worked out today. My prob with boost was paying 50 bucks a month for unlimited, but couldn’t keep a call on the line, dropped every call I made or received after the first few mins, and boost saisd “it must be a bad service area, yet I wasn’t loosing siognal strength, just dropping calls for no reason. BOOST is a RIP OFF!!! Thank heavens that doesn’t seem to be a prob with StraightTalk. We also have the 290’s and if ANYONE can figure out how to remove “HOME” from the screen, email me at ajcrum79@comcast.net. Also, if anyone has problems with calling customer service for Straight Talk, I found if, as soon as a rep comes on the line, you ask to speak with a supervisor (you gotta be kinda pushy with em) the super will work out the prob with no hassle.

    • I spoke with customer service this morning, I couldnt understand anything she was saying. I asked where she was located, and she said columbia. Asked to speak with a supervisor, who spoke very good english, and answered my questions with no problems.

  25. My TracFone LG 290C will not send or receive photos. When attempting to send. Photo by text message it displays “Data – Restriction 36”. TracFone CS LEVEL 1 and 2 were unable to resolve and said they’d elevate to executive attention w/i 48 hours. I’ve heard nothing. Is there a trick to clearing this restriction?

  26. My son has the LG 290C and is looking for a cover for it as he has dropped it several times. Any suggestions as to where he can get one? We have looking on ebay and they don’t fit the extended LG290C. Help please.

  27. Just bought the phone and so far so good. Love the wallpapers, Ring tones eh you could do worse. CS polite, about 25 min, lots of repeating on my part. Number ported in about 20-30 minutes. Voice mail…a nightmare. What is with the constant beep every ten seconds? It took me 30 minutes to record voice mail because I kept getting frustrated and had to shorten it, regain my patience and go through it in 8 seconds.

  28. Hello and good day to you all i have a few questions to ask every one about my lg290c my screen is busted i have the data cable and blue tooth for my laptop but before my screen busted i did not have a chance to turn on my blue tooth I’m buying a new lg290 in about a week but i would like to get my pics off of my old one to my lap top any help would be nice on this also if some one can talk me thru screen buy screen to do i would be grateful
    thank you for your help I hope!! You can contact me thru my email or on yahoo messenger wmrfleshmaniv@yahoo.com

  29. I have been usinq the LG290c from straiqht talk and I love it but it does have some flaws.But maybe its just mine because my mom has the same phone and it works fine for her.
    My Cons are–
    phone shuts off in the middle of internet& txt msq usinq
    phone frezzes when on a call
    talk botton stopped workin
    7 button works when it wants to
    I have to press the menu botton several times to qet to the menu.
    people send me rinqtones and I download rinqtones but they nvr wrk instead one of the ones programed on my phone is the one that rinqs..

    excelent phone connection
    qood quality
    pic/and txt msq
    I can recieve Videos
    I love the phone but ready to swith to the Samsonq r451c
    from straiqht Talk wish me luck(:

  30. Question, is email the only way to get pictures off the phone?

    If so, HOW exactly do I enter an email address on the phone? I can’t see any way to type the needed @ symbol for a proper email address. Shift gives me letters in various cases and numbers, but where’s symbols?

    Also, will emailing a picture even work if the web browser doesn’t?

    CS told me that the browser would not work in my area (mostly rural eastern OR). That’s sort of OK. I’d have liked it, but probably wouldn’t have used it much. Will it work if I was near a large city?

    Appreciate help, my last Tracfone was a Nokia 5180, much less complicated. I’ve not been able to find a user manual online for the new LG290C.

    • Hi Cynthia
      If the browser doesn’t work, sending picture messages probably won’t either, in my experience. I suspect that you are on a USCellular number, rather than Verizon, which would explain why the data services don’t work. In my opinion, this is basically fraud on the part of TracFone, to sell a phone based on claims that it offers web browsing and MMS messaging, then AFTER you activate it and have problems, tell you “oops, it doesn’t work in your area.” The true reason for this is that TracFone COULD activate the phone on a Verizon line, but they save money by going with USCellular. So they profit from this fraud. That’s just my opinion, of course – it’s never been proven in court, nor have I heard it discussed elsewhere, frankly.

      Anyway, there is still a way to get pictures off the phone, by bluetooth. It gets a little technical, but it’s possible. Check out the details here:

  31. Whoops, never mind about how to enter the @ symbol, I did finally and rather accidentally figure that out! Certainly not intuitive! But I suppose given it’s my second cell phone ever, I’ve not done badly to figure that out, LOL!

    OK, so with an email and no web browser service, would I be able to email a picture to myself or not? And can pictures be deleted off the phone?

    Any ideas where I might find a user manual online?

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi Wes
      Unfortunately, due to a very strict QualComm patent issue, it is expensive to get games on these CDMA handsets. Therefore, there are no good options for games on the 290c.

  32. Question: do you know of a universal USB cord that will allow us to download photos from our LG 290C Tracfone? Your discussion above did not provide a description of this type of cord. Neither the TracFone customer service nor local Radio Shack, etc. has such a cord. We do not want to blindly buy any off the Internet that will not have drivers that work with our PC. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Dennis and Kathy
      I have not found a way to download photos by USB cable, but I did discover a way to use bluetooth to send the photos from the phone to a computer. The computer must have bluetooth, and if yours doesn’t have built-in bluetooth you can pick up a USB “bluetooth dongle” from ebay or a site like dealextreme.com for $5 or less. I discussed how to do the bluetooth picture transfer in part 3 of the review.

  33. Hi My name is Bobbi And I have a LG290 that no longer has service. I have pictures of my children whom I havn’t gotten to see in over a year. How can I get them onto my computer.PLEASE help

  34. When trying to send a picture to either an Email or to another phone,Using tracfone LG290C I receive a message “Invalid destination address” is there anywhere I can get information on how to send pictures to either other phones and to an Email. Interestingly they make sure they deduct the time before saying invalid destination.

    • Hmm, I’ haven’t heard of this one before. Are you able to use other data services, like receiving picture messages or using the web browser?

      • Yes I have been able to receive picture messages, and the browser does work. I have sent a picture to another phone in the past with no problems. I havent tried much, but the problem seems to have originated when I joined a value plan, which in itself was a hassle to accomplish. I have tried email support, and have gotten either directions on how to do the things I have already tried, or menus to access that my phone doesnt have. Everything works from deducting the airtime to the progress bar, and then a box opens up and says “Invalid destination address!”
        Thank You for your response, and any ideas you have.

        • Hi Terry
          Have you tried Elston in TracFone’s support department? He helped me with a similar problem last summer, and many others since. You’ll find his info on this page:
          I’d also suggest that you try to get some of those minutes back, for the messages that cost you minutes but were never sent. But Elston should have some idea how to get the MMS working.

    • I’ve had the same problem for several months now. Everything worked OK ay first, then sometime around the beginning of the year (2011) I lost the ability to send pics from phone. I keep getting the “Invalid destinatiom address” the same as you. Browser and texts are OK. Have you found a way to resolve this issue? (CS was no help)

  35. I love my phone and it has great service in the small town I’m in. I was wondering if I could use my Tracfone with the Straight Talk service. Anyone know?

  36. I tried to purchase this LG 290C using the zip code 54747 but it is no longer listed as an available phone (only the 231C is listed). Is there another zip code I should enter to find this phone?

  37. I attempted to purchase this LG 290C using the zip code 54747 but it is no longer listed as an available phone (only the LG 231C is listed). Is there another zip code I should enter to find this phone?

    • Alan,
      I have tried entering several CDMA-only zip codes, and TracFone only offers the LG 100c, 220c, 3280, and 231c. I emailed their customer service about this, and got the following response:
      “Thank you for your interest in TracFone Wireless. We are responding to your recent inquiry. In order to get a list of the phone models that TracFone offers, please click on the following link:

      If you follow this link, TracFone shows the 290c @$49.99. So why doesn’t it show up when you try to order one for a CDMA zip? RKS

      • I was able to order an LG 290c from Net10 last week using zip code 04988, which is for Unity, Maine. (I knew there was no GSM coverage there at the MOFGA fairgrounds) Net10 had it for $59.99 and I used promotional code 44477 for $5 off. I’ve used Net10 for several years now and have been happy with their service on the whole. I have just been frustrated with the spotty GSM coverage in rural parts of Maine and New Hampshire, which would be true for any GSM phone regardless of the cellular provider.

  38. I only have one little problem with this phone. And it really bothers others more than me.
    When someone calls and trys to leave a message it says that my inbox or mailbox (I have never called myself so don’t know for sure) is full. But yet I have gone in and emptied out everything I could find. But it has said that for a long time. I don’t use voicemail, most of the time when I got them I just deleted them anyway. But it really gets some people irate that they can’t leave me message.
    Is this a bug or my area (68735)? Since my phone works where others don’t and it sounds like a real phone and not something out of a tin can who cares about the inbox….I guess everyone but me.Can I fix this so people can leave me a message that I am not going delete anyway? LOL….Thank You…….

  39. When I go to TracFone’s website and enter a CDMA-only zip, TracFone only offers me the LG 100c, 220c, 3280, or 231c– not the desirable 290c. Why? RKS

    • Hi Robert
      I guess it looks like they must have run out of that model. I don’t know if or when it will come back in stock, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it does. Or maybe it is headed for the “refurbished” deal sometime soon.

      Have you considered the 231c? I haven’t reviewed that one yet, but I know a few people that own it and really like it. That one currently comes with a free $10 gift card to further increase the value offered (though I’m not sure on the specifics of this gift card).

    • I had the same problem — but then found that I could order the 290C directly from Radio Shack online at $29.99

      It is exactly the same phone in the same “Tracfone” packaging with DMFL — and I activated it in my own zipcode area through tracfone customer service and everything works perfectly — including web browser (after activation it takes about 3 days to be recognized by Verizon after I transferred my phone number and minutes from my previous tracfone).

  40. Pat, when it comes to recieving text messages I push the “later” option. When I go back into the menu to “messages” I can see either a name ( if in my contacts ) or a number. This is using the 290c on ST. My old Tracfone on the other hand always kept me guessing.


  41. I forgot to mention if you activate voice announce from the tools menu, it will tell you who just texted you as well as long as they are in your contacts. Kinda awkward when the girlfriend calls and your having dinner with your wife tho !! :-) Just kidding!


  42. Just wanted to post that the LG290C from Straight Talk has apparently had bluetooth file transfer disabled – when I try to enter that code from part 3 of your review, it just tried to dial the number. The only way I’ve been able to get anything on or off the phone is via e-mail using @mypixmessages.com, ensuring the attachment is small enough to fit under the ~350KB limit.

  43. Hello. I have a question and want to know if anyone can help. I saved a picture on my phone from facebook when I was accessing it through my phone. It saved in my file under images which is fine, however, I can not do anything with it, like the image effects or anything like that. It tells me resolution is not supported. I also can not delete it. It says remove error. Is there anyway that anyone can think of that I can delete the picture. Thank you.

    • Have you tried the bluetooth access explained in part 3 of the review? I wonder if there would be a way to delete it that way.

  44. This maybe a silly question, but I’ve tried to find an answer several places, but to no avail. I have an LG 290c. I really like the phone, but there is an LED light in the upper right hand corner of the face of the Phone. It is RED when it is charging an Green when it is done. However for no apparent reason, it flashes green, randomly when the phone is not in use but on standby. Why? Thank You in advance!!!

    • Hi Ruth, I remember something similar happening when I had my 290c active (it’s now inactive), but I never did figure out why this happened. My speculation is that it indicates when the phone is “checking in” with the network.

  45. i have an issue with the lg 290c that i cant seem to resolve. i have a call dated jan 6th that is listed as no id and i cant delete it. it seems to have locked the call list but nothing ever changes on it. i cant delete the list from my menu options but 10 seconds later it’s back just the way it was. sounds like a software issue to me. help!

    • This is a really strange problem, and I’ve never heard of anything like it. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I have any suggestions for you. I’m also not sure why it’s a big deal. Is it just the one old call that stays on your list, or is the entire call log now unusable?

  46. I think the cause of the green intermittent light on the right corner of the L290C is possibly a signal that an alert has gone off. If you turn the phone off and back on after an alert is sounded it goes away. I didn’t discover it. It was posted on one of the other sites. Thank You for your reply.

  47. I recently activated a 290c on Tracfone, and I find I can receive text messages, but can’t seem to send them successfully. When I examine the “Message Info”, my sent messages are always listed with the notation “Delivery Incomplete”. I am also able to use the phone to send emails which arrive carrying the sender’s address: (my phone number)@VTEXT.COM. This is a Verizon site, so I know that the phone is activated on Verizon’s network. Any ideas what is wrong, and how to fix? RKS

    • Hi Robert
      Have you tried calling customer support? It sounds like maybe you need to enter some of those mysterious “codes” to set everything straight. Try calling their executive resolutions department:
      (1-800-876-5753) will reach the Executive Resolution Department, which is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.

  48. I love this phone. But, the only annoyance is the “home” on the background banner that can not be removed, or even moved. I am a proud mama and when I want to display my pride and joy, the stupid words “home” goes right over her face or head. LOL I have seen questions but never answers. I tried calling Straight Talk but the woman didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about, and I couldn’t understand what she was saying anyway. Did anyone figure this out? what is the “home” for anyway? If I could at least move it, that would be fine but it is static in the Center of the freaking display.

  49. Just bought the lg 290c from tracfone, charged it up and then had my 2300 mins. transfered to the new phone. I was told to keep it on for at least 72hours. I had it sitting on my table over the weekend and finally decided to try the web.

    In doing so, the right side came off it’s “track” and after pressing on it to see if I could get it back, the left side came off. Looks like this phone is a piece of junk (to keep it clean).

    Has anyone put their’s back together? Couldn’t figure out what it holds it together.

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  51. I’m wondering if I can change my LG290c from Straight Talk to Tracfone service. I really don’t use it that much and would prefer to buy time from tracfone when needed. I’m paying $30.00/mo. now but would not pay that much with Tracfone. Had Tracfone service before Straight Talk but the phones I used with Tracfone didn’t pick up very well in my area. This LG290c picks up very well because it’s on Verizon Network but I could only get it through Straight Talk, not Tracfone.

    • Angie,

      I haven’t seen this phone on Tracfone’s site in a couple of weeks. I ended up getting mine on ebay, but I have seen others mention that Sears and Radio Shack offer them. Might be worth a try.

      • This LG290c TRACFONE is available now on HSN.com with TRIPLE MINUTES FOR LIFE, one year of service and 1200 minutes. I just got one on sale for $89.95 but it is now back up to $129.95, the regular price. It includes a very nice case, car charger, hands free cord, and, of course, the wall charger.

  52. so my phone keeps flashing the green light that it does for text messages and such, but it does it at random times for no reason. There is no incoming calls or texts, no schedule alarm or regular alarm, just a blank home page. Can anyone clue me in to what’s happening?

  53. Hi pbushx2,

    I have LG290C and it has been problem with browser since I bought the phone from Wal-Mart last summer. It kept saying “Network Connection lost”. I had been contacting Customer Service and they did try their best but they didn’t find the solution. They advised me to have a new phone replace with my current phone. I told them I don’t want other brand just only LG290C. They can’t keep promises. So I gave up and would like to know if there is a trick to override “Network Connection lost” message after pressing “Browser”. Thank you for reading my message and please help if you know.


    • Hi Kevin
      I had a similar problem and I just had to keep insisting that customer service fix the issue or I would no longer be a subscriber (even if that’s not necessarily true in your case). I would suggest calling executive resolutions and insisting that they help you. It may require that they send you a replacement phone (another 290c).
      1-800-876-5753 will reach the Executive Resolution Department, which is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.

      • Hi pbushx2,

        Really and thank you for your reply. Appreciated your help and I will try that number. However, I am thinking of getting LG800g soon. I am wondering if I could transfer minutes from old phone into new phone? I am deaf and I don’t make call. I only use text and browser. So that is why I am frustrating with browser that doesn’t work for a year.

        There is a problem that LG800g that is not available to my zip code, 52076. The zip code, 52057 (Manchester, IA), is only 16 miles south of where I am that have LG800g available to use. I am getting no matter what because I always drive to there and 1 hour further south which is Cedar Rapids, IA. I want QWERTY keyboard to make my text faster.

        Thank you again and I will figure it out.

        Kevin aka GeoMapster

        • Hi Kevin
          You will be able to transfer your remaining minutes and airtime, as well as your old number, to your new phone using the TracFone “activate phone” page. However, I can’t say for sure that you will be able to use the 800g in your area. It operates on AT*T coverage, so if you have AT&T (or t-mobile) in your area, the phone should work there. If you don’t, or if it’s very weak, you might not have much luck with this phone. Also, that could cause complications with transferring your old number. I don’t have much experience with this type of transfer, but I can tell you for sure that even if you have to get a new number assigned to your phone, you will still be able to transfer your minutes and service time.

          Also, there’s another TracFone/Net10/Prepaid enthusiast who comments here occasionally, who also happens to be deaf. It occurred to me that he might have a phone recommendation for you or maybe be able to share some tips/tricks related to Tracfone handsets. He goes by the name “The Sweeper” and recently commented here:

      • Hi pbushx2,

        Thank you for the words and I have friends living in this town have AT & T provider for their cellphones. They said they don’t have problems with this, however, I think they don’t use 4G or 3G smartphones. I checked the coverage map and my place is in fair, moderate and partner reception signals. The “no service” area is just 5 miles east of here due the rough terrian and it is described bluffs on way to Mississippi River.

        About the number, I understood that my cell carried 319 area code because I used to live in Independence, IA, area. Right now, I live in 563 area code. Do you think area code has affected my existing cell phone with 319 area code on my cell while I live in 563 area code? I have to agree with you about new number first before transferring service time and minutes if I bought new phone.

        Thank you for the link to where “The Sweeper” posted. Nice to know!

    • Hi Jim
      I don’t believe it’s possible to remove the “home” from the screen. At least, I won’t know of anyone yet who has found a way.

  54. Thanks for all your reviews on different phone. I truly value your opinion. SOUND alert reminder is very important to me. If I miss a call, voicemail or text message, will this phone beep or give a reminder SOUND alert very so often?

    Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in Advane, Edna

  55. My 290C occasionally has a little blue box with 1x inside it located at top left of phone. Any ideas as to whatthis means?

  56. I had a time trying to get my photos onto my computer, I never tried sending them to someone elses phone…. but one day I opened a photo and tried to send it by email…….I typed in my own email adress because it was shorter than gmail and yahoo……clicked send…….
    I was sure it wouldn’t work but IT DID…….That has just been in the last month I sent 4 of them…… I carry a camera with me so the phone camera is a pain……easy to take hard to get them off.
    I could get more gray hair trying to send them this way…..

  57. I just watched the video “LG Shine CU720 LCD Screen Replacement” on YouTube. The phone looks the same as my Straight TalkLG260C which I did a search for on YT with no result. Does anyone know if the process would be the same and where I could get the tools??

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