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This page contains links to info about the Samsung r451c, which is currently available for Net10 and Straight Talk, and may become available for TracFone in the future. This is a very full-featured CDMA phone, which means that it operates on the Verizon network (Net10 and Straight Talk contract with Verizon to provide the service). So wherever there is Verizon (or Alltel) coverage, this phone will work.

It is currently offered for $99.99 from Straight Talk’s site.

It’s also on Net10’s site, where you can get it for $71.99 if you use the discounts I recommend here: Net10 Promotional Codes.

Here’s a page where I announced this new phone, as well as details on where to buy it.

Check out some details about this phone on my initial review here.

The in-depth review is started: Here’s part 1.

Click here for Part 2.

And part 3.

And finally, you can find my review summary here.

If you want to post comments or ask questions about the Samsung r451c, please do so on the review summary page.

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    • I’m looking to switch to Straight Talk within a month or two. I currently have AT&T with text plan, no data. I’m excited to get either of their plans with the data on it, but want to know, what is 30mb? I know I won’t be a surfer with ST phone, but I would love to check my email when I’m out for a few hours. How much space would I be using if I log onto email with my ST phone? I’m happy to do the $30 plan and if I go over, go to unlimited, but I’m just curious. Also, my Sony Ericsson phone which I LOVE, has a “Voice” text message on it too which I do use, but it looks like none of the ST phones have that, is this correct? I would love answers as I’ve searched the web and can’t find any…. what is 30mb, will checking email make me go over, plus are ST planning on adding any new phones in the future. I think I might buy the cheapest phone and so long as ST works for me, upgrade my phone later. Thanks.

      • Joanna – I’ve heard rumors about a touch screen coming out for ST in the future, but there is no indication of when that might happen (if at all), nor how much it might cost.
        To answer your question about data, I’ve used my r451c for a fair amount of browsing over the past two days, and I’ve used a total of less than 1 mb. I’ve checked email, looked at facebook, did a few google searches, and also looked a few picture websites to see how well the pictures displayed on the screen. I don’t think you’d have a problem going over 30mb just by checking email once or twice a day.
        There are also a couple of fail-safes to this: one, there’s a data counter function on the phone to keep track of how much data you’re using (though you might want to reset this counter every time you add a data card). Two, I believe that if you use up your allotted data for the month, Straight Talk will simply disable data on your phone until you add another 30 days of service. So you wouldn’t end up with some huge overage charges or something like that. Finally, there’s a feature on Straight Talk’s website that allows you to “check your balance.” That should tell you how much you have left. I haven’t yet figured out if there’s a way to do this from your phone.

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  2. AJ – I haven’t tried installing any software on the r451c, but the r451c for Straight Talk has unrestricted web access, so you can log in to your web-based email accounts (I was able to do this with GMail and Hotmail, but Yahoo gave me an error message).

    The T401g does NOT allow for java software to be installed.

    If you’re not considering Straight Talk, but just focusing on Net10, then the big difference between these two is that the T401g uses GSM, while the r451c uses CDMA. Here’s a post I wrote about the r451c where I spent a fair amount of time comparing the the two models:

  3. What is the service like with straight talk? I am thinking of switching as I now have boost mobile. I am tired of their crappy phones and service and am ready for a change. Whould you recommend straight talk?

    • Oh I’m thinking the same thing, boost is seriously getting on my nerves. Very crappy service for sure! Dropped calls, spotty coverage, text messaging problems…

      • I have had a pleasant experience so far with Straight Talk. Good coverage, no dropped calls. Their handset line added 4 new models recently, and there’s still talk of a touch-screen phone coming out soon, but they’re also rather limited in their phone selection. Still, 1000 minutes and texts per month is basically unlimited as far as my usage is concerned, and that’s a great bargain at $30 a month, especially for the Verizon network. I’d recommend it.

        Check out their phones here:

  4. Will StraightTalk let you activate other Verizon phones on their network, or do you have to purchase one of their phones?

    Thanks for this helpful site.

    • At this point you must purchase a “Straight Talk” branded phone. Hopefully in the future you will be able to bring your own device, but not right now.

    • Try Amazon or ebay and search for Samsung Car Charger. You probably won’t find any specifically for the r451c, but in my experience the same charger that works for something like the Samsung Blackjack will also work for the r451c.

  5. Is the Samsung T401g offered with straight talk service, or do we have to go with the R451c? Because I’d like to have the video recording option with the T401g. And if it’s not offered with straight talk, is it possible to buy the T401g separate and activate it with Straight talk instead? using the meid number from the phone? please let me know :)

    • The T401g is a GSM phone, but Straight Talk is a CDMA service. Therefore, you cannot use the t401g on Straight Talk. There is a rumor of a new Straight Talk touch-screen phone coming out soon, though. That phone will have a camcorder as well as many other advanced features.

  6. How do I set my calendar for recurring appointments? Right now I am inputting them month by month.

  7. @Roberto

    As I am aware you can currently only use Straight Talk phones. Using any other phone is not going to work. This is the way it will most likely stay, unless they have a dramatic change of heart in the future (not likely)

  8. Hey everyone, If you go to Net10’s website and look-up the R451C,
    They say it has a “1.3 Megapixel camera and video recorder.”

    I’ve been reading in several forums that the R451C doesn’t record video, and the T401G does.

    Who’s right?

    • I have an R451C, and it does NOT record video. But it does have the 1.3mega pixel camera as you said. However, the T401G DOES have video capability.. although the quality isn’t that great. But it’s there.

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  11. Just bought the phone two days ago, much to my suprise I cannot find a usb driver for the dang thing or the data cable that came with data pilot. Any ideas?

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